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I had the pleasure of watching the series premiere of Roswell, a very compelling new show that blends science fiction, modern high school life, and the timeless theme of risking everything for the person that you love. This show is set in the town of Roswell, New Mexico, which has gained considerable notoriety as the site of a supposed alien spacecraft crash in 1947. The crash was supposed to have been covered up by the United States government, which put out the story that a weather balloon had crashed on that day. The episode opened in a restaurant called the Crashdown Café that serves the tourists that flock to Roswell like pilgrims flock to Mecca to attend the annual Roswell Crash Site festival. In it, we meet best friends Liz Parker and Maria De Luca, who attend the local high school and work part time as waitresses at the restaurant. We also meet Max and Isabel Evans, who, along with their friend Michael Guerin, share a secret which, up until now, only they knew. The first thing we notice that is different about Max and Michael is that they consume bottles of Tabasco sauce as part of their diet. As we watch Liz and Maria talk, we can see that Max harbors strong feelings for Liz, but Liz is unaware of these feelings, despite Maria's wise observation of this fact to Liz. Suddenly, a fight breaks out between two patrons of the restaurant, and shots ring out, hitting Liz, seemingly fatally. Max rushes over and through the use of some type of mysterious power that he possesses, he heals Liz's wound, much to the chagrin of his friend, Michael. He then throws ketchup over where the wound was to cover up the blood, and he and Michael very quickly depart the premises, leaving an empty bottle of Tabasco sauce at the scene. It is at that point that we learn the true identity of Max , Michael and Isabel. It turns out that they are descendents of survivors of an alien space ship that had, indeed, crashed in New Mexico in 1947. We learn that they were born from incubation pods years after the crash, and that they are now living with local people who had adopted them knowing nothing about their origins. Max, by saving the life of Liz, has put his own life at great risk, by exposing his carefully guarded secret to outsiders.

We then meet other people that will play a role in the show. There's Kyle Valenti, Liz's boyfriend, whose father is the sheriff of the town, and who begins to suspect that something is amiss when Kyle spies a strange hand print on Liz's stomach, a hand print that the sheriff had seen once before on a dead body. The sheriff, it seems, is haunted by the ridicule that his father endured for believing that aliens did indeed exist, and when his investigation of the shooting at the diner turns up inconsistencies, he is determined to find out what really happened, and in doing so clear his father's name. We also meet Alex Manes, Maria and Liz's best friend, and the scenario is set for Liz to confront Max and learn the truth about how he was able to save her.

In the meantime, Maria, who realized that Liz, had, in fact, been shot during the altercation at the restaurant, confronts Liz, and Liz is forced to tell her the truth. This prompts Max, his sister, and their friend to consider leaving Roswell in place of a safe haven, but they soon conclude that running away will just draw further suspicion to them, so they decide to stay and take measures to draw suspicion away from them. We then joined Max and Michael on the road as they inform Isabel of what had happened. Isabel reacts angrily to this revelation, as she told Max that he had been the one who always admonished her and Michael not to use their powers. Max then commented that Isabel uses her powers all the time, but she said she uses her powers for "recreational" purposes. She then proceeds to play a CD without a CD player, and melts the cheese on the taco that she is eating, which I found to be a highly comical moment in the show. Max, Michael, and Isabel then get pulled over by Sheriff Valenti, who routinely harasses young people, and his suspicions are aroused when he sees an empty bottle of Tabasco sauce in their car, tying them to being in the diner at the time of the shooting. Isabel seems very nervous about the sheriff and is afraid of him. His suspicions aroused, the sheriff steals Liz's dress and turns it over to the government authorities, who greet his suspicions with great skepticism, but this sets the tone for future trouble from this obsessed sheriff, who later attempts to arrest Max until Liz and her friends foil his nefarious plans.

Max, as it turns out, has loved Liz from afar all his life, and when she asks him why he risked everything to save her, he simply states "because it was you". By this simple, but wonderfully evocative statement, Max summarizes the love that he has for Liz in a beautiful way. Later, Max uses his powers to let Liz see herself through his eyes and to feel what he is feeling about her, and in doing so, Liz realizes that in Max's eyes, she is beautiful. By "connecting" with Max in this special way, she starts seeing him in a different light, and she begins to fall in love with him. At the end, though, Max tells Liz that although he wants them to be together, he feels that he can't take that risk, as he feels that being in a relationship with her will put her in too much danger. These scenes touched my heart like no other scenes that I've seen on a television show in a very long time, and established the romantic mood for the series itself.

Overall, I found this series premiere to be a really wonderful show, and it seems to promise great things to come, as we become further drawn into the lives and stories of the characters in Roswell.


Tonight's episode continued the story of the characters of Roswell, and allowed us more of a glimpse into their lives. The show opened with Liz writing in her diary, musing on what Max Evans had meant when he said to her, "I'll see you in school." In a sweetly innocent way that reflected the feelings that she had for Max, she wondered if what he said was just his way of being polite, or that he meant that "he won't be able to breathe until he meets me again." I thought it was comically, but touchingly, amusing that while she was up at night unable to sleep because of her feelings for Max, Max was, in fact, sound asleep. Michael sneaks into Max's room, unable to sleep, and it is obvious that he has a burning desire to learn about his origins, a desire not shared as strongly by Isabel and Max. We got a real glimpse tonight of the hellish life that Michael has, and why he has such a strong desire to learn the truth about his origins. I thought that Michael showed a vulnerable side tonight that was not evident in the series premiere. Michael wants to break into the Sheriff's office to take whatever evidence that exists on others of their type, but Max and Liz are not very enthused about this plan, and Isabel makes the statement that she likes her life, and doesn't want to have to leave it.

In the meantime, Liz and Maria are discussing the revelation that aliens (which they comically refer to as Czechoslovakians at Liz's request) do, in fact, exist, and it is obvious that Maria has great fears about this discovery. I thought that Liz's statement that "The thing you have to factor in about Czechoslovakians is that they have incredibly soulful eyes" was really sweet. I find the innocent love that she has for Max to be incredibly endearing.

Back in school, a new substitute teacher, Kathleen Topolski, seems to have an unusual interest in Michael's whereabouts, which draws Liz's suspicions. Kyle and Liz meet in the hallway, and it is quite evident that whatever feelings that she had for him are over, but that Kyle still has feelings for her. Liz then purposely bumps into Ms. Topolski, and she sees that she has a file on Michael, so Liz goes to Michael's house to warn him, something that really reflects on just how sweet and kind a character Liz is.

Liz tells her suspicions about the substitute teacher to Max, but Max is skeptical, and he says that they have to go on with life as it was before, and that they all have to be careful. I was very touched by Liz's concern for Max and his friends. Max then sees Ms. Topolski talking to a police officer, so he sends Liz a note to meet him in the eraser room. Once Maria learns about the note, she warns Liz that the eraser room is a place that will "take her innocence," which I found to be really funny!

Back at the sheriff's office, Government agents come to take all the evidence that the sheriff has on alien activity, despite denying finding anything suspicious about Liz's waitress uniform, which the sheriff had given them as evidence. The sheriff, already tipped off by the presence of an FBI agent in his office the day before, had hidden a mysterious key that had been in the alien file that he has and Michel seeks.

Liz meets Max in the eraser room, and I found the disappointment that was written all over her face that Max was meeting her there simply to spy on Ms. Topolski to be very endearing and innocently sweet. I liked the discussions that she and Max had, and the affection between them is obvious to see. These characters, especially Liz, are a real delight to watch. Max and Liz overhear Ms. Topolski say to a security officer that she is going to Michael's house to try and talk with him.

Liz and Max head to Michael's house to warn him, and Kyle follows them, and he mistakenly believes that Liz and Max are having some type of amorous encounter in Max's car, so he runs up to the car, and in the scuffle, Ms. Topolski sees Liz. Max then asks Liz to have lunch with him sometime.

Michael breaks into the sheriff's office, eventually aided by Max and Isabel, and they narrowly escape with the mysterious key which Michael finds. Michael sees flashes of a spaceship when he holds the key, but no one else does.

Ms. Topolski reveals to Liz that she is, in fact, the new guidance counselor, and that Michael is in danger of being expelled. The show ends with Liz writing in her diary once more, musing on the topics of secrets, and how they can affect various people.

Overall, I found this show to be a good one which allowed us to understand the characters of Roswell a little better, and I look forward to the next show.


The third episode of Roswell continued the pattern of allowing us to get to know the characters better, this time focusing on Isabel and Maria. The show opened up with Maria driving down the road and coming upon Isabel, whose jeep has broken down. It is very evident that both these characters feel very uneasy around each other, and Maria's discomfort is increased exponentially when Isabel uses her powers to enhance Maria's car air conditioner and stereo system. This makes Maria so nervous that she crashes into the back of Sheriff Valenti's car. We see once again that Sheriff Valenti makes Isabel very nervous, for obvious reasons.

Back at school, Ms. Topolski informs everyone in a class lecture on Career Week that they will be individually interviewed to see where their vocational strengths lie. Liz and Maria then talk, and Maria indicates her discomfort with Isabel. Ms. Topolski starts interviewing students, and only Liz seems to have a tangible goal in life: to be a molecular biologist. In her interview, Isabel flippantly says that she wants to be a supermodel. When Max is interviewed, however, he doesn't articulate any specific goal for his future, but indicates that he is introverted and tends to hide from the world, like the boy shown hiding behind a tree in a picture that Ms. Topolski is using to indicate personality traits. Ms. Topolski, when writing notes about her findings on each student, indicates that Max has secrets. Ms. Topolski tries to encourage Max to come out of his shell, saying that she too, had hidden from the world for a long time, and that she started to open herself up to what the world had to offer by starting a conversation with someone she liked. Following her example, Max proceeds to shyly start up a conversation with Liz, but he loses courage, and ends up talking to her about the situation with Isabel and Maria. Liz tells Max that it looked like he wanted to say something else to her, but he demurs, retreating back into his shell. Still, though, the wealth of feeling between these two characters simply resonates in any scene they are in together.

Max, Michael, and Isabel talk about Liz, Maria, and the mysterious key that Michael took from Sheriff Valenti's office which could hold the answer to their past, and Michael once again indicates that he wants to pursue investigating the true story of their origins. Isabel thinks that Maria is on the verge of cracking and revealing their secret.

Ms. Topolski asks Liz about her ambition to be a scientist, and Liz indicates that she likes to be in complete control of her life, and that you have to have a plan for everything. Back at the restaurant, Maria confides to Liz that she lives in constant fear of Isabel, who is also at the restaurant to keep an eye on Maria. Sheriff Valenti walks in to order a soda, and Maria nervously asks him if there's anything else she can tell him today. This arouses his suspicions, and he tells Maria that he's here to protect her from anything. Isabel, already afraid of the sheriff, looks alarmed by Maria's actions.

Max visits the diner, and notes Maria's nervousness. Max then goes to the UFO Center across the street from the diner to return $10.00 to a lady that Maria had accidentally shortchanged, and he asks the tour guide "What happened in 1959?" This piques the interest of the tour guide, who tells Max to return the next day.

Back at home, Max and Isabel discuss whether they want to find out their past, and Max says that he feels that by always being so cautious, they're not moving forward. Isabel asks Max if it's the key Michael found or Liz that is making him think that, and Max replies that he's not sure. Isabel then says she is going to invade Maria's dreams to find out what she is thinking, and proceeds to do so. In Maria's dream, Isabel's worse fears are realized as she sees that Maria perceives them to be grotesque aliens, and that she seems to be on the verge of telling the sheriff the truth about them.

Back at school, Ms. Topolski tries to delve into Max's personality, telling him it's hard to figure out your future until you can figure out your past. Max then goes back to the UFO Center and talks to the tour guide, who turns out to be as obsessed with discovering aliens as Sheriff Valenti. The tour guide tells Max that he has an extensive archive of UFO sightings in a room in the center, and he offers Max a job. In a comically ironic scene, he tells Max that some day, he feels that he will be face to face with an alien.

Meanwhile, back at the diner, Sheriff Valenti presses Maria for more information, and tells her to come to his office the next day, and this scene is witnessed by Isabel. Max tells Liz in their science lab that Maria seems like she's about to crack and reveal their secret to the sheriff, and that he's worried. The affection between Liz and Max is palpable as Liz sweetly tells Max that she'll make sure that everything will be fine. The loving chemistry between these two characters is truly something wonderful to behold.

Ms. Topolski gives everyone their vocational evaluation, and she tells Isabel that her profile indicates that she puts family first, craves security and stability, and leans towards care giving fields. This news breaks down the apathetic flippant wall that Isabel uses as self protection, and we get to see Isabel's vulnerability, and Ms. Topolski tells Isabel that there's nothing wrong with wanting to be normal.

Liz then talks to Maria, and she tries to convince her not to reveal Max, Isabel, and Michael's secret, but Maria chafes at this attempt, and indicates her misgivings, and she tells Liz that she has to do what she feels is right.

Liz talks to Michael and Max and indicates her apprehension about what Maria might say, and apologizes to Max, who comforts her by telling her that it was only natural that she had confided in Maria. Liz then asks Max why he had confided in her, and he replies that it was only natural for him to do that as well. This seems to represent a breakthrough for Max, as he is learning to open himself up to the world through Liz.

Sheriff Valenti questions Maria in his office, and she seems about to crack, but she doesn't reveal her secret to him, influenced, undoubtedly, by witnessing Isabel kissing her mother goodbye as they both picked up their cars from the repair shop. Maria then sees Isabel once again broken down on the road, and she once again gives her a ride, and a truce is seemingly reached. The episode ends in school, where Liz and Maria and Max and Isabel walk off with each other in a sweetly protective and affectionate way.

Overall, I think this show did an excellent job in allowing us to get to know some of the other main characters of the show better, and I look forward to seeing further developments along these lines.


This episode of Roswell was one of the most moving and touching episodes of a television show that I have ever had the pleasure of viewing. I can't remember when I was ever so profoundly affected by a television show, and even Dawson's Creek in its heyday couldn't come close to imparting the emotion and sentiment that this wonderful episode of Roswell conveyed.

The show starts out at the restaurant, with Liz telling Maria that her grandmother, the "basis for her existence," was coming for a visit, to both their obvious delights. There is an orthodontist's convention in town, and a few of the customers want to look at Liz's "wonderful overbite." Liz then looks over and sees Max, much to her obvious joy, as he is there to see her. Max tells Liz that he'll have an "Alien Blast," and she replies "me too," an endearing "Freudian slip" which speaks volumes about the deep affection she has for Max. Unfortunately, their conversation is observed by four thug like friends of Max, who jump Max outside and beat him up, warning him to stay away from Liz.

We next see Michael and Max talking, and Michael is enraged about what happened to Max, and he wants to get back at the guys that beat Max up, but Max says that they have to go back into their shells, and that he has to stay away from Liz.

Back at school, Liz waits for Max, but he brushes her off, and she looks hurt. Kyle then meets up with Liz and talks about their date that evening, which will consist of watching some videos. Michael exacts revenge on Kyle and the guys that beat Max up in varied ways.

Liz's grandmother shows up at the diner, much to Liz's joy. It's obvious that Liz and her grandmother have a very special relationship. Liz tells her grandmother about Kyle and Max. Maria shows up, and it's obvious that she has a great deal of love and affection for Liz's grandmother as well.

Max is now working at the Alien Research Center, and Isabel confronts him there about what happened to him, and he reiterates that they have to be careful, and that he's staying away from Liz. We then see Kyle and Liz on the way back from the video store, and they come upon an ambulance taking Liz's grandmother away, and we learn that she has had a stroke. Liz calls Max, and tells him, on his answering machine, what has happened to her grandmother. Max then comes to the hospital, to Liz's obvious joy and Kyle's obvious chagrin. Kyle follows Max out to his car and warns him to stay away from Liz. Kyle tells his father about his resentment of Max.

Back at school, Liz talks to Max, but he rebuffs her. Michael "fixes" Kyle's locker so he can't open it, but Max tells him to stop, and that Michael was putting them all in danger, and Michael angrily replies that Max put them all in danger by saving Liz. Max is outraged at this, and he pushes Michael and replies that he would do it again. We next see Maria talking to Liz, and she comforts her in an incredibly touching and moving way, having Liz put her head on her lap, and stroking her hair. This was one of the tenderest displays of affection between two friends that I've ever seen, and it was the first of many scenes on this show that moved me to tears. Liz tells Maria that she senses that there's something wrong between her and Max. Maria tells Liz that she will work alone at the diner that evening, and to not worry about anything.

At the diner, Maria is faced with a chaotic situation, and Maria sees Isabel and asks her to help her wait tables, and Isabel haughtily refuses. Back at the hospital, Liz's grandmother's condition worsens, and her prognosis looks grim. Maria comforts Liz, and tells her she loves her. We next see Max and Isabel at home, and Isabel, in a change of heart, has decided to help out Maria and Liz and fill in as a waitress after all. Isabel tells Max that he shouldn't keep Liz away from someone she really needs, namely him. At the diner, Isabel makes a great waitress, mixing sass, attitude, and the use of her powers to help Maria keep things under control.

Liz goes to see Max, and tells him that she had called him because she was following her heart, and that he was the one that she wanted to talk to. She then asks Max if there is anything he can do for her grandmother, and he replies that he's not God.

Kyle finds out that his friends beat up Max, and he tells Liz that he had nothing to do with it, but Liz, angered at the fact that he must have obviously had said something about Max to his friends to compel such a savage act, breaks up with him. Max then comes to see Liz in the hospital room with her grandmother, he tells her that he can't stop what's going to happen, but that maybe he could help her say goodbye. Max then channel's Liz's grandmother's spirit to allow Liz to talk to her one final time. Liz, in an incredibly moving scene, tells her grandmother how much she means to her, and that she always made her feel special, and that she doesn't know what she'll do without her. Liz's grandmother tells her that she'll do just fine, and she tells Liz to follow her heart wherever it takes her, and Liz replies that she will. Liz's grandmother then dies.

In the final scene, Max takes Liz home, and they say goodbye, and Max's gently wipes Liz's tears away. Then, following her grandmother's final words of advice, Liz follows her heart, and goes back and embraces Max in an incredibly moving scene that once again moved me to tears.

Overall, I found this show to be wonderfully compelling, and I look forward to the continuing story of these strikingly engaging characters.


This episode continued the process of allowing us to know and understand the characters better, and to illustrate how they interact with one another. This show also served as a precursor for things to come, and foreshadowed future trouble from certain characters. The show opened with Liz walking home with a great deal of fear and trepidation, as she reflects how her perception of the world has changed due to her recent experiences. Liz then finds her journal missing, which causes her a great deal of concern, because, as she relates to Maria in the next scene, she had recounted the full story of how Max had saved her and who and what he really was in her journal.

The next scene switches to Michael, who has had a dream about the vision he saw, and he sketches what he saw, with a pencil that he sharpens in his own hand. Michael then goes to see Max, and shows him his sketch, and Max is unimpressed, and suggests that they talk about it in the morning.

Back at school, Liz and Maria discuss what could have happened to the journal, and they both suspect Alex, who had been studying with Liz the day before. Liz then tries to tell Max about her missing journal, but Michael interrupts her in a rather cold manner and brushes her off, to Max's great dismay. We next find a worried Liz sitting alone in a classroom. This draws the attention of Ms. Topolski, who unsuccessfully tries to get Liz to confide in her. Maria then talks to Alex, and relays her suspicions that he took Liz's journal. This hurts and angers Alex, and he storms off, and walks right into the "web" of the dissembling Ms. Topolski, who guilefully gets him to tell her about Liz's missing journal. It turns out that the ingratiating Ms. Topolski is really a government agent, and she makes a phone call to one of her operatives to relay that she has made an interesting discovery, and to request assistance.

We next see Michael make an appearance in his art class, and he obsessively sketches his "vision" to great detail. Kyle then coldly confronts Liz about their breakup, under the ever watchful eye of Ms. Topolski.

We next find Max at his job at the UFO Center, and his boss refers him, as a "true believer," to a book about the alien landing that he thinks Max will find interesting. Liz then comes to see Max, and nervously tells him about her missing journal, and that it includes information about him and his identity. Liz asks a clearly concerned Max to give her one day to find the journal, and asks him not to tell anyone.

Back at home, Liz searches frantically for her journal, and has a confrontation with her mother about not wanting to talk to Alex, and I sensed, as I did last week, an air of tension between Liz and her mother.

We then find Isabel, Michael and Max at the Crashdown Café, where Isabel is trying to dissuade Michael from pursuing his "vision," saying that he is placing them all in danger. Kyle then confronts Max and tells him that he's "on to him." Max then goes to see Liz, and he tells her that he thinks Kyle stole Liz's journal, and has a vision of Kyle being in Liz's room when he picks up a CD that Kyle had returned to Liz.

Michael completes the picture of his vision in art class, and his art teacher reveals that it's a picture of a geodesic dome, which was a "futuristic" house used by scientists to conduct their studies. Liz confronts Kyle, who neither confirms or denies that he took her journal, but he tells her that he "knows she has secrets," especially about Max Evans, and his anger seems to bode trouble for the future.

Ms. Topolski meets with her fellow agents and says that Liz's journal shows potential proof of real alien contact, and dispatches agents to Kyle's house as a starting point to find it. Liz and Max then unsuccessfully search Kyle's house for Liz's journal, "tailed" by a shadowy figure who watches their every move. Max then tells Isabel and Michael about Liz's missing journal, and the information it contained, and warns Michael not to blame Liz, or do anything rash.

Michael then goes to see a worried Liz, and he reveals that he was the one who stole her journal, and to Liz's great relief, he tells her that he now realizes she can be trusted, and he returns her journal to her, asking her not to tell Max what had happened. I felt that this represented a real breakthrough for Michael's character, as he finally learns to start to break down the walls of distrust and suspicion, and place some faith in someone outside his immediate circle.

Liz then goes to see Max, and she tells him a "good friend" had returned her journal, and she explains that she wrote what she did because Max had "touched" her in a special way, and that she had to write it down. Max asks to see what Liz wrote in her journal, and in a sweetly tender way, she says that it "wouldn't be a good idea." Max then reveals his own feelings towards her, telling her that if he read her journal, he would realize how Liz really sees him, and Liz shyly smiles, revealing, in a wonderfully subtle way, the depth of feeling that she has for Max. The show ends with Isabel discovering a picture of the geodesic dome that Michael sketched in the book that Max was reading, and with Liz musing on the effects that recent events have had on her life, as she hides her journal in a safe place.

Overall, I found this show to be enjoyable, and while it didn't attain the emotional level that the previous show had, it did do a very creditable job of furthering character development and paving the way for future episodes.


This episode was, to put it quite simply, fantastic. It absolutely had it all, suspense, conflict, touching romance, the beginnings of new relationships between some of the characters, and a surprise ending which made all of us sit on the edge of our seats, as we wait in eager anticipation for the next show!

The shows opens up with Michael breaking into the UFO Center, where he goes to the secret research room, and he uses the computer there to get a print out showing the location of the geodesic dome that may hold the answer to their origins. Right after this, Michael is caught by Max's boss, and arrested by the deputy sheriff.

Back at school, Mr. Summers, the history teacher, gives the class an assignment to interview each other with a series of probing questions for the supposed purpose of writing a biography, and the class is teamed into some unlikely pairs. To the mutual dismay of all involved, Liz is paired with Isabel, Maria is paired with Michael, and Max is paired with Kyle. Later, we find that this "random" pairing was arranged be the ever scheming Ms. Topolsky.

Max goes to the police station to bail out Michael, and he is forced to lie to protect him, and he convinces his boss not to press charges, and Michael is released. Meanwhile, the deputy sheriff has made a copy of the print out Michael had in his possession, and gives it to Sheriff Valenti. Michael then tells Max and Isabel that the geodesic dome is located in Marathon Texas, and he asks Max and Isabel for the keys to the jeep so he can go there. Max advises Michael that they should wait, and Michael angrily storms off.

Michael then runs into Maria, who tries to ask him questions for their assignment, and he rebuffs her until he realizes that she has a car, and he asks her for a ride to the gas station where she is going to get a money order.

Back at the diner, we see Liz and Isabel and Max and Kyle paired up for their project, and the hostility in the air is so thick you can cut it with a knife. Meanwhile, Michael "borrows" Maria's car at the gas station while she goes inside to get her money order, and Maria gets in with him, screaming that Michael was "kidnapping" her. Maria then surreptitiously contacts Liz via a cell phone that she has hidden in her car, and relates that she is unwillingly "on the road" heading south on Highway 285. Michael discovers her ruse, and throws the cell phone out of the car. Max, Isabel and Liz leave the diner, and Liz asks to go with them, and Max relents only when a sarcastic and suspicious Kyle tries to interfere. Meanwhile, an obvious looking government agent reports their departure to Ms. Topolsky, who tells him to follow them. Ms. Topolsky then sends an encoded message to her superiors which says: "Tension in the ranks. Waiting for them to slip up. Will happen soon."

On the road, Liz calls her mother, and Isabel makes a snide remark about "the perfect Liz Parker lying to her mother," and Liz replies "At least she knows what species I am!" ( Summary writer's note: Good for you Liz!) We next find Maria and Michael arguing, and then they get stopped by the police. Maria had every right at that point turn Michael in for stealing her car and kidnapping her, but after hearing Michael's explanation as to why he needs to get to Marathon, she gets them out of trouble by saying that she has a weak bladder condition, and that they were speeding because she "had to pee."

Sheriff Valenti comes home and finds Kyle making a series of phone calls trying to locate Liz, and Kyle unwittingly tells him that Max, Liz, and Isabel had left the diner suddenly, and the sheriff leaves to go find them, telling Kyle to stay out of it.

At a gas station, Liz tries to give Isabel a cup of coffee, and it spills on both of them, and Isabel is characteristically cold and hostile to Liz, even when Liz tells Isabel that she's the Elle MacPherson of the sophomore class. (Summary writer's note: no argument from me on that point! Isabel is gorgeous! ;-)) Then, kindly and perceptively, Liz tells Isabel that she's not trying to take Max away from her, and asks Isabel if what they find what they're looking for in Marathon, if Isabel will take Max away from her. Isabel doesn't respond, but uses her powers to clean off spilled coffee from Liz's blouse. Meanwhile, Max catches on that a government agent is following them when he sees the agent loitering at a phone booth, and he uses his powers to give the agent's car a flat tire.

Maria and Michael break down, because Michael had ignored Maria's warning that the car couldn't travel at high speeds, and Michael sets the engine on fire by misusing his powers, which he reluctantly admits he doesn't have control over. Michael and Maria argue constantly during this interlude, and they finally agree to spend the night in a nearby motel.

A suspicious Kyle, on the road, calls Liz, and is able to determine their location, and proceeds to follow them. The sheriff, meanwhile, also determines that they're heading to the site of the geodesic dome, and proceeds along Highway 285 himself to track them down. Meanwhile, it is announced on the radio that a major accident has caused all southbound traffic on Highway 285 to be shut down by a road block.

Back at the motel, which Maria calls a "porno version of Aladdin," Michael and Maria continue to argue, but they start to discover that they have some things in common, and they seem to come to an understanding with each other.

We next find Liz and Max alone in the jeep while Isabel talks to the police at the road block, and they apologize to each in a way where they also express the deep affection that they have towards one another. Liz then sweetly asks if they should reconsider "feeling a certain way towards each other," and Max reaches over like he's going to kiss her, but he uses his powers to fix a tear in the jeep roof instead, smiling shyly at her and saying that he "didn't want her to get cold." (Summary writer's note: What are you waiting for Max? They don't get any nicer than Liz! ;-)) They then discover Michael and Maria at the motel, and just as Michael starts to say that everyone in the room would be in trouble if their secret came out, Kyle bursts in, and confronts them, demanding to know what their secret is, and Michael angrily but effortlessly throws Kyle across the room. Kyle then orders Liz to leave with him, and she replies that she's not his girlfriend any more, and that he doesn't belong there, and that this is none of his business. Kyle then angrily storms off. Liz then demands that they tell her and Maria the truth, and it is Isabel who breaks down and encourages the others to tell their full story.

Following this, they all arrive at the geodesic dome, and they discover that the key Michael has unlocks the door to a secret underground room which seems to hold all the answers they're looking for. To their great alarm, however, they hear footsteps above them, as Sheriff Valenti has followed them, and he seems to be on the verge of discovering them, until he is knocked unconscious – by Ms. Topolsky!

Overall, I enjoyed this episode on every level, and this show just gets better and better with every new episode. Like the rest of you, I anxiously await next week's show!


Once again, the writers and producers of Roswell presented us with a very compelling episode of Roswell for us to enjoy. This episode furthered along the relationship of some of the key characters, as Liz proves her devotion to Max by embarking on a dangerous quest to help Max learn about his origins.

This episode opened up where the last episode had left off, with Liz, Max, Isabel, Maria and Michael in the secret room in James Atherton's geodesic dome, while above them, Sheriff Valenti has been knocked unconscious by Ms. Topolsky, who is in actuality a FBI agent. Conveniently though, thanks to a rat that scurries by to the horror of Maria, they found a hidden tunnel, and our heroes make their escape, after hurriedly gathering all the research material they can find. Isabel finds a locket with a missing corner that has some type of mysterious symbol on it, and recognizing the symbol, she takes it before she too escapes, followed closely by Ms. Topolsky. In the meantime, Sheriff Valenti surreptitiously observes who had knocked him out, without revealing to the devious Ms. Topolsky that he has recovered.

On the trip back, in separate cars, Liz, with Max and Liz, muses on the events of that evening, and Maria and Michael deconstruct the previous evening's events, showing a reluctant but growing attraction for one another.

Back at Max and Isabel's house, where they've hidden all the research material that they took from James Atherton's geodesic dome, Isabel asks Max to recall a symbol that they had drawn in the sand on a Florida vacation that they had taken years before. She then asks Max to draw the symbol, and his drawing not only matches the old picture she has of their sand drawing, but it also matches the symbol on the locket that Isabel found.

Back at school, Maria talks to Liz about Michael, and Maria calls him a "vibrator," meaning someone who communicates by sending "vibes" out into the atmosphere, injecting some rare humor into this usually rather somber and ominous show. Maria indicates that Michael had asked her to come with him to Max and Isabel's house, to go through the information that they had gathered, and Liz seems a little hurt that she hadn't been asked, but she indicates to Maria that she will join her later. Liz then goes off to talk to a bitter and sarcastic Kyle, who says he won't reveal what had happened the night before, until he has something on Max that will "destroy" him.

We see Agent Topolsky being chewed out over the phone by her superior, who we met in the first show. He orders her to get the information that had been taken from James Atherton's geodesic dome, and she replies that she's "all over it."

Sheriff Valenti goes to the UFO Center, and asks Max's boss about James Atherton, and Max's boss indicates that James Atherton had written a book about aliens called "Among Us," and he had mysteriously disappeared in 1959. Back in his office, the sheriff notes that the dust jacket picture of Atherton matches the photograph of the dead body with the palm print on it that the sheriff has.

Max, Isabel and Michael head to Max and Isabel's house, and Michael indicates that Maria will be joining them, and when Max and Isabel express their displeasure at this, Michael gets all defensive and says that Maria had "forced him" to allow her to come, calling her a "vibrator!" I thought this was a very firm indication of the mutual attraction that Michael and Maria have for each other. Pulling up to their house though, they see it surrounded by the police, and Michael makes his escape. They then pull up to the house, and a dubious Sheriff Valenti tells them that their house has been broken into. Horrified, Max and Isabel go into Max's room, and discover that all the research material that they had gotten from James Atherton's geodesic dome has been stolen. A suspicious Sheriff Valenti starts to "grill" Max and Isabel, until he is stopped by Mrs. Evans. In Isabel's room, the Deputy notices the locket that Isabel is wearing, and he says that it's from the Mesa Laka Reservation, where he had grown up. Michael, Max, and Isabel go then go to see Maria and Liz, and tell them what's happened, and that they're being followed. Michael recognizes the locket that Isabel has.

Sheriff Valenti goes to see Ms. Topolsky and tells her about the break in at the Evans' house, while dropping hints that he's "on to her." Liz goes to see Max, and she climbs through the window, and literally falls into Max's arms. She tells Max that she intends to go to the Reservation to find out whatever information she can, to pay Max back for saving her life. Max is against this of course, but in the sweet and earnest way that has become Liz's trademark, she tells Max that she "has to do this one thing." She tells Max, in a firm but incredibly endearing way, that she's going no matter what he says, and he gives her the locket that may hold the key to their origins. Once again, the tender affection between these two characters is a joy to behold.

Liz then goes out to a trade store on the Reservation, and runs into a mysterious older Native American who recognizes the locket she has, and he tells her to give him the locket, and that the locket is dangerous and "brings death." Later, back at the diner, Liz meets a young Native American named Eddie, who brings her a message from "River Dog," the man she had met the night before. Eddie has the missing corner from the locket that Liz had. He tells her to meet River Dog on the Reservation at 10:00 PM that night.

That evening, knowing they're being followed, Liz, Max, Isabel and Michael throw Ms. Topolsky off their trail, and Liz and Max meet up with Maria, who lends them her car. Ms. Topolsky is stopped by the sheriff, and he indicates that he knows she's a FBI agent, and he tells her that he's ready to turn her in to her superiors. Ms. Topolsky, clearly corned, proposes that they work together and pool their information, and he tells her that he'll "think about it." Personally, I don't like the idea of these two villainous characters teaming up, but it does add to the intrigue on the show.

Max and Liz meet up with Eddie at the Reservation, and he says that he will lead them to River Dog, but they will have to pass a "test" before River Dog will reveal any information to them. Max and Liz get separated, and Max uses his powers to light up the area, and by doing so, he apparently passes the "test" that River Dog had laid out for them. River Dog then tells Max and Liz about the alien that he had encountered 40 years before, and that the alien had befriended River Dog and his entire tribe, and had lived among them. He said that the alien had also befriended James Atherton, and had given him the locket they had. Much to Max and Liz's horror, however, he then told them that the alien had murdered James Atherton.

Meanwhile, Michael and Maria, waiting for Max and Liz to return, continue to argue with each other, but at the end of their argument, Michael kisses Maria passionately, which he tells an obviously smitten Maria that he did it to "calm her down."

The episode ends with River Dog showing Max and Liz a mysterious cave writing that was made by the previous alien, and he warns Liz to make sure that Max deserves her trust. Overall, I really enjoyed this episode, and I thought it did an excellent job of continuing the intriguing story of our favorite residents of Roswell.


This episode mostly served the purpose of allowing to observe how secrets can cause pain and do real damage to old friendships, when a trusted friend is excluded from a confidence at the behest of someone else. In this show, Liz was forced to choose between her love for Max and her friendship with Alex, and the results of her choice have sad consequences for both her and Alex.

In the opening scene, Max asks Liz to go for a ride with him, due to the absence of one of their teachers, much to her great delight. He takes her on a ride on a seldom used back road out of town, and she muses about their "perfect moment" together as they listen to a song they both like. Suddenly, a horse jumps out in front of them, and Max swerves to avoid it, and they crash into a ditch. Immediately after the accident, Liz looks over and finds that Max is unconscious, having hit his head on the steering wheel. Max is taken to the hospital, with a worried Liz by his side.

Back at school, Michael runs into Maria, and they seem uncomfortable after the passionate kiss they had shared, and Maria accuses Michael of avoiding her. Just then, Liz calls Maria, and she tells her that she and Max had been in an accident, and Michael grabs the phone. A teacher informs Ms. Topolsky that Max and Liz were in an accident, and she calls one of her operatives, and tells him to get over to the hospital.

Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Isabel and Michael arrive, and they all realize that they have to get the blood sample taken from Max and switch it with someone else's. Isabel asks Liz to give some blood, but Liz says that they'll be able to tell male blood from female blood, so Isabel says they'll need to find a guy, and Liz calls Maria to get Alex to donate. Michael then sneaks into the blood lab to find the vial containing Max's blood sample, and he observes Topolsky's operative searching for the vial as well, but the operative is interrupted by the attending nurse before he can find the vial. Back in Max's hospital room, Isabel takes a blood sample from Alex, and Michael uses his charm to distract the attending nurse while Liz switches the blood samples.

In the hospital waiting room, Liz tells Alex that maybe he should go home, and Michael brusquely orders him to go home, and Alex leaves, clearly hurt. Liz follows him, and tells him that things are complicated, and finally, to get him to stop asking questions, she tells Alex that Max is in drugs, and Alex leaves, not fully believing her. I felt bad for Alex at this point, as it's very obvious that he cares about Liz as a friend a great deal, and he's clearly crushed that she's excluding him from her confidence.

Max wakes up, and he introduces Liz to his mother, and he tells his mother and the attending physician that he feels fine and wants to go home. They all leave, but Michael goes back to retrieve Maria's purse, and he discovers two of Topolsky's operatives in Max's room. Michael goes back and tells a wary Max and Isabel what he had discovered, and that they have to figure out who their enemy is. One of Topolsky's operatives reports to her and indicates that he thought that Max's blood was switched. Back at school, Alex talks to a hostile Kyle, who echoes his own sentiments about how much Liz has changed.

In an intriguing game of cat and mouse, Max and Liz set up the agent that is following them, and Maria, Michael and Liz follow him to his hotel room. In a series of amusing exchanges where affection is masked by sarcastic banter between Maria and Michael, they discover a phone number and call it, and Ms. Topolsky answers.

Back at school, the ever wily and devious Ms. Topolsky sits and talks to Alex, and she slips something into his drink, and she tells him in her usual insidious way that she "knows what he did for Max." Before she can wheedle any information out of him, though, Liz interrupts them, and she tells Alex to stop by her office later. Liz talks to Alex, and she asks him to keep their secret. Alex's nose starts bleeding thanks to the drug that Topolsky had slipped into his drink, and he rushes off to the bathroom , and stops the blood with a tissue, which he throws into the garbage can. He then leaves, and Topolsky comes along and takes the tissue from the garbage.

Back at the Crash Down Café, in a very amusing "he said, she said," scene, Michael tells Max and Isabel, and Maria tells Liz, the story of how they discovered that Ms. Topolsky is the spy in their midst. As they individually relate their story, they each give themselves full credit for the discovery, and they discount the role that the other person played, in a clear indication, through their very denial, of the growing affection that they have for one another.

Alex goes to see Ms. Topolsky, and she indicates that she knows he gave blood and lied for Max, and that she can "help" him. She tells him that she wants him to write down everything he knows and sign it. Alex then leaves, clearly troubled. Max then talks to Alex, and thanks him for "saving his life," and Alex tells Max that Topolsky already knows about him and wants him to write a statement about what happened, but he doesn't indicate whether or not he had, in fact, done what Topolsky asked.

Alex goes to see Liz at the Crash Down Café at her request, and she tries to salvage their friendship, and she asks him to believe in her and trust her, even though she can't tell him what he needs to know, and that she's on the right side. Liz and Alex then set up Topolsky, and they discover that she works for the FBI. Topolsky leaves, but before she does, she warns them that they're playing games with something very dangerous, and she says that she was "on their side." She then ominously warns Liz that she hopes that Max doesn't "end up in the wrong hands" without her there. In a poignant final scene, Alex delivers an ultimatum to Liz that their friendship is over unless she tells him the truth, but Liz sadly informs him that she can't tell him, so he walks off, crestfallen, leaving Liz to reflect on the choices she's made.

Overall, I really enjoyed this show, although I thought it didn't achieve the level of suspense and tenderness that the previous two shows achieved. This episode did allow us to get to know Alex better, however, and it also served as a good illustration about how deception can hurt the people we care about the most.


This episode explored the romantic side of the stories of the characters of Roswell to an unprecedented degree, and it also introduced Maria's mother as a character on the show, foreshadowing her role as a possible love interest for Sheriff Valenti. This episode opens up during a heat wave, and Liz is doing the books and Maria is cleaning up at the Crash Down. Suddenly, Michael appears at the door, and Maria opens it, and they passionately embrace while being surreptitiously observed by Liz.

At school, Liz observes the effect of the heat wave, as many people are "coupled" up, including Kyle and Vicky Delaney, his apparent new girlfriend. Vicky invites Liz to a party that is being held at a deserted soap factory that weekend, and Liz accepts, much to Kyle's dismay. Suddenly, Liz observes Sheriff Valenti talking to Alex. Valenti then questions Alex about Ms. Topolsky, who has apparently disappeared. Liz then goes to report this to Max, and that she hasn't been able to talk to Alex about it. She then asks Max if he's noticed anything different about Michael's behavior lately, and Max expresses alarm about the possibility of Michael and Maria "hooking up," much to Liz's disappointment.

At the school Sheriff Valenti runs into Amy DeLuca, Maria's mother, who had been summoned to school by Ms. Topolsky. She reacts in a simultaneously hostile and interested way in him, and it is very obvious that there is some type of history between them. Liz runs into Alex, and he expresses anger and hurt towards her, and he once again asks her to reveal her secret, and she replies that the secret isn't hers to tell. She then asks him what he said to Valenti, and he replies that the secret isn't his to tell. I can definitely understand the hurt that Alex feels, but I can also understand the feelings of helplessness on Liz's part as she tries to protect Max, the person she loves, at the expense of her friendship with Alex, who is someone she cares about deeply.

In the rest rooms at school, Liz and Maria, and Max and Michael talk about the escalating relationship between Michael and Maria, and Michael and Maria each talk about their feelings for the other person. Liz and Max both urge caution, and Michael and Maria both exhibit confused and conflicted feelings towards their relationship.

Sheriff Valenti goes to see Amy in the Crash Down, and apologizes for arresting her years before at a protest demonstration, telling her he singled her out to be arrested because she was "cute." Oddly enough, she appears flattered by this revelation, while saying that she's "outraged."

On the school campus, Liz talks to Isabel and asks her why she's afraid to move forward in a relationship, and Isabel replies that natural fear that anyone has to open themselves up to another person is magnified 100 times in her situation. Isabel then questions Liz about what is going on with Alex, and Liz replies that she doesn't know, since Alex won't talk to her or Maria. Isabel then tells Liz that she'll "look into it," in an obvious allusion to her ability to visit people in their dreams. That night, Isabel enters Alex's dream, and to her great confusion and surprise, she finds out that Alex genuinely cares for her. In Alex's dream, Alex is dressed up in a tuxedo, and he dances with the dream Isabel, and he tells her that beneath her beautiful exterior, there is a beautiful interior that she is afraid to show. This greatly disturbs the real Isabel as she observes this dream, revealing, once again, that there is a vulnerable soul beneath the seemingly apathetic front that Isabel reveals to the world as a form of self protection.

Max questions Isabel about Alex's dream, and she responds evasively, obviously afraid to reveal her own conflicted feelings, even to Max. The next scene finds Michael telling Max that his relationship with Maria is spiraling out of control. Max then goes to see Liz, and she tells him that in light of Michael and Maria's relationship, she doesn't understand why they can't start a relationship. Max responds that he couldn't bear to hurt her, and she sweetly replies that it's not his choice, and they are about to kiss, when they're interrupted by Liz's teacher. Isabel then asks Alex to meet her at the party that evening, much to Alex's bewilderment and delight.

At the party, Alex meets up with Isabel, and they go and talk. During their conversation, he misinterprets her statement that she feels he can be trusted as a ploy on her part to find out what he said to Sheriff Valenti, and he walks off, angry and hurt, much to Isabel's concern and dismay. Maria attempts to talk to Michael about why he's been avoiding her, and he rejects her, leaving her deeply hurt.

Meanwhile, Sheriff Valenti is out on a date with Amy, and it seems to be going well until he's interrupted by a phone call, and he has to break the date, but it's very obvious that there's a mutual attraction between these two characters, setting the stage for some intriguing story line twists in the future.

A fire starts at the party, and Sheriff Valenti uses the disturbance as an excuse to arrest Liz and Alex under the pretext that they were holding bottles of liquor that someone gave them as they rushed out. Max and Isabel are greatly concerned, and Isabel indicates that they should have told Alex the truth about them, saying that she has a "feeling about Alex," revealing the growing attraction that she has towards this warm and kind character. In the jail, everyone who is arrested is freed except for Liz and Alex, and it is obvious that Valenti is attempting to strong arm one or both of them into revealing everything that they know. Alex expresses hostility towards Liz, and she tearfully breaks down and tells him the truth about Max, Michael and Isabel. I wish that she had also told Alex that Max had saved her life, but I was glad that she finally took Alex into her confidence. Alex is skeptical at this revelation, but he appears glad that Liz has told him the truth. Sheriff Valenti then appears, and Alex tells him off in a courageous and forthright way, threatening a lawsuit, and Valenti is forced to let them both go.

In the final scene, Liz is in her room, musing that it's probably just as well that her and Max didn't give in to their feelings and kiss, when suddenly Max comes to see her. He then breaks down admits his feelings towards her, and he ends his conversation by kissing her, sweetly and passionately. They then melt in each others arms in one of the most passionate and romantic embraces that I've ever had the pleasure to witness. Ah romance!

Overall, I enjoyed this show immensely, and I thought the burgeoning romantic relationships of the characters were handled in an emotionally satisfying and realistic way.


I thought this was a very well done, although ultimately disheartening, episode of Roswell that served as a metaphor for the fragility of our existence on this earth, and also of the tenuous nature of the relationships in our lives.

This episode opened up at the Crash Down, with a blissfully happy Liz musing on the perfect day that she was having, while a very unhappy Maria remarks on what a lousy day that she was having. Max and Michael walk in, much to Liz's sheer bliss, as she and Max smile sweetly at one another. Michael is clearly unhappy about being there though, and he tells Max that him and Maria had "sort of broken up," and that he wasn't sure if it was completely over between them. This ambiguity is quickly cleared up when Liz and Maria walk over to their table, each with a cherry coke in hand, and Liz hands Max his cola with a big smile on her face, sweetly telling him "it's on the house," while Maria hands Michael his cola with a sneer on her face, coldly telling him "it's $1.25." Michael angrily gets ups to leave, and knocks over his cola, and it spills on Max's school books, and Michael discovers a drawing that Max made of the symbols that he and Liz saw in the cave that River Dog had shown them. Michael recognizes the drawing, and he asks Max what he's been hiding from him.

The next scene finds Maria sticking pins in an alien "voodoo doll," hilariously reflecting the anger and hurt that she feels towards Michael, when Alex walks in to the Crash Down. Alex questions Maria as to why she believes that Max, Michael, and Isabel might be aliens, and she tells Alex the story of how Max saved Liz's life. Alex then says that maybe he'll talk to Isabel about it, (summary writer's note: good choice! ;-)) and Maria cautions Alex not to get too involved with any of the aliens, because they're "heartless."

Back at the Evans house, Max talks to Michael and Isabel about his drawing and his and Liz's experience with River Dog, and Michael reacts angrily to the inference that Max couldn't trust him to act in a rational manner with this information. Max tries to explain that they were all under intense scrutiny at the time, and he asks Michael to "leave it alone for now," and that they all formulate questions and see River Dog again, as a group, when the time was right. Max then leaves to go on a date with Liz. Michael immediately tells Isabel that he is going off to see River Dog, and leaves, much to her chagrin.

The next scene finds Michael at the Mesaliko Reservation, where he meets up with Eddie, and he demands to see River Dog, who is in a tent participating in a group ritual called a "sweat." Michael then participates in this "sweat," and begins coughing violently, and he leaves the tent.

We next find Alex questioning Isabel about her alien origins, and she shows him Max's drawing. Isabel tries to explain that in many ways, they are as "human" as anyone else, with the exception that they can manipulate the molecular structure of things, which she demonstrates by turning a bottle of ketchup into a bottle of mustard.

We next find Max and Liz out on a date at a Chinese Restaurant, with Liz teaching Max how to play pool, and the sweetness and affection between them is a joy to behold. Liz remarks that her parents are away for the weekend, saying that they were at a star gazing campout to observe "Venus in the Morning Sky," and Max remarks that "I thought that she was standing right in front of me." Joey and Dawson, move over! Liz and Max are the sweetest couple I've ever seen! J Max and Liz begin to kiss, only to be interrupted by Maria, who tells them they need to get back to the Crash Down, stopping them dead in their tracks with the words, "It's Michael." They rush back to the Crash Down to find a worried looking Isabel standing over a very sick looking Michael. Michael suddenly recovers, though, and he reacts defensively, and Isabel demands that they all leave, leaving Liz and Maria at the Crash Down. Maria and Liz then compare notes on their experiences with Michael and Max over ice cream, in a really sweet scene that wonderfully illustrated the close bond between them. Maria warns Liz about getting too involved with Max, saying while she was "Teflon, babe" and could walk away from Michael, she could tell that Liz and Max had this whole "look into my eyes soul mate thing." Liz expresses optimism that everything will work out between her and Max, but that they have to prepare for anything that comes their way.

Alex takes Isabel to the UFO Center, and he shows her an exhibit of a place in Peru that had symbols that were similar to the ones in Max's drawing, and when she expresses disdain for his theory, he blurts out "What if this can help you find your planet?" to her obvious horror. This remark is overheard by Max's boss, who warns Alex to not joke around about such things, and Isabel chastises Alex for behaving so foolishly. Suddenly, there is a commotion, as Michael has turned violently ill, with his eyes turning white, but Max rushes over and puts sunglasses on Michael, and he tells his boss that Michael has migraines, and he and Isabel help Michael out of the UFO Center, taking him to the Crash Down, where they enlist Liz and Maria's help. They bring Michael upstairs, and in a trance, Michael calls out River Dog's name.

Max and Liz drive out to the Mesaliko Reservation, and Eddie says that River Dog wasn't there, and he doesn't want to have anything to do with them, because they violated his trust, and Max reacts angrily, saying that he'll wait for River Dog. While waiting for River Dog, Max tells Liz how he, Michael and Isabel met as children when they first came out of their incubation pods, and how even then, Michael exhibited the same wariness and tendency to be a loner that he exhibits now. He also told Liz that him and Isabel got separated from Michael and didn't see him for three years because Isabel took Michael's hand when the headlights that signified their first contact with human civilization approached, but Michael refused to do so. Max said that Isabel would cry every night after that, wondering where Michael was. I thought this was a telling scene concerning how close the bond was between Max, Isabel, and Michael, and what type of a special relationship that they shared. Max then mused on the possibility that maybe that this was just their life cycle, and perhaps that this was how they die, and he tells Liz that he would understand if she didn't want to get involved with him because of all the uncertainty surrounding his very existence.

Meanwhile, back at Liz's house, Michael is getting worse, and a visibly upset Isabel tells Maria and Alex that only she can take care of Michael, and "not strangers." Later, though, Maria brings Isabel something to eat, and an emotional Isabel, after acknowledging that Maria cares about Michael too, tearfully says that Max and Michael are all she has. Michael reacts violently to his illness, chanting and crying out, and Maria and Alex help Isabel tend to Michael. Michael hallucinates about being in a place filled with the symbols in Max's drawing, and he sees a vision of a dead man. Back at the Mesaliko Reservation, River Dog finally shows up and tells Max and Liz to bring Michael to him. Max and Liz then come back to find Michael wrapped in a type of cocoon, near death, and looking like the person in his hallucination.

We next find all the characters in River Dog's cave, and he relates the story of how he saved the life of the original "visitor," as he explains the ritual which will now hopefully save Michael. He says that the "sweat" that both the original alien and Michael participated in upset their "balance," so they all have to participate in a ritual, fraught with a certain amount of risk, to restore this "balance" to Michael and heal him. River Dog then gives everyone stones which he says were from the original alien's planet, saying that they contained the energy which was present in Michael's own body, to restore him to health. River Dog has set up a circle with lines going out to everyone so they can participate in this ritual, and everyone readily participates except Liz, who is clearly troubled by all this due to her love for Max and her fear that something bad could happen to him. River Dog senses her fear, and tells her that she has to take a step back, a statement that will serve as a metaphor for what will transpire later in the show. The ritual works, and Michael recovers. As he comes out of his coma, Michael sees visions that contains parallels of how they all originally emerged from their pods as children, reinforcing the ties between him, Max, and Isabel, but also recognizing the ties he has with the new people in his life, especially Maria, who, in his dream, he kisses passionately. Michael then takes the rocks that were used in the ceremony, and fits them into designated places in the cave wall, and the stones light up in a star like "Vee" formation on the wall, and Michael recognizes that the paintings on the wall are a map to their home planet.

The last scene shows Liz writing in her diary, and reflecting on her fears about Max, that he too, could suffer the same fate as Michael. Max then comes to see her, and in a heartbreaking scene, he says that he has lost his "balance" due to his love for her, and that he can no longer fool himself into thinking that he could ever be normal. Liz apologizes for having doubts about him, but Max tells her that her doubts about him were true, and that they don't belong together. With true regret, Max tells Liz that he's as confused as she is, and that they both need to take a step back to find their "balance" again. A deeply hurt Liz then tenderly kisses Max goodbye, and she tells him that she just wants to remember, and a saddened Max says goodbye to her and leaves. Liz then looks up in the starry sky, and sees the same "Vee" formation that we saw in the cave, as we are left to ponder this sad development for the next month. I was very moved by this scene, and very upset with Max's decision, and I hope they don't keep this wonderful couple apart too long.

Overall, another great episode of Roswell, and I look forward to seeing the next episode with a sense of great anticipation.


In this episode, the focus is mainly on Max, as a near catastrophic event, aided and abetted by the devious Sheriff Valenti, causes Mrs. Evans to become suspicious about Max and his origins. I thought this was a very telling episode in many ways, as we begin to understand that Max feels as alone and isolated on his adopted planet as Michael does, despite living in the loving environment that the Evans' have provided for him. We also got to see a vulnerable side to Isabel that's only been touched on in earlier episodes.

This episode opens up with Max studying while his mother is cooking in the kitchen. Suddenly, a fire starts, due to some cooking oil accidentally spilling on the kitchen burners, and Max, reacting instinctively, puts out the fire using his powers, but then throws a pot of water on the embers to make it look like he put out the fire with the water. The fire department comes to investigate what happened, along with the ever suspicious Sheriff Valenti, much to Max's alarm. The sheriff, in his usual insidious way, casts a doubt on Max's story. Max then relates the story to Isabel, and Max is clearly upset about everything. In their conversation, Isabel tells Max that he was right to end things with Liz, much to Max's displeasure. This scene segues to Liz telling Maria at the Crash Down that she's over Max, while her actions prove to Maria, and all of us, that she isn't over Max at all.

Back in school, Michael expresses alarm that Max used his powers to save his mother, and then Liz and Max share an awkward moment talking about the fact that they'll be sitting together at the upcoming basketball game. I thought it was very obvious in this scene that both Max and Liz still care for each other a great deal, despite their attempts to deny it to each other and themselves. Back at home, Isabel finds Mrs. Evans watching an old video of them as children, clearly looking for something in the video. Mrs. Evans then starts asking Isabel questions about Max, much to Isabel's alarm.

At the basketball game, Maria and Liz respond enthusiastically to what's happening on the court, and Michael observes it all and responds derisively to Max, "humans." Isabel then joins them, but pulls Max off to the side and tells him that their mother is suspicious, and Isabel indicates that they should tell their mother the truth, a move that both Michael and Max are clearly against. Liz cheers for Kyle, who's playing in the game, and, distracted, he falls and hurts his ankle. Liz looks on at Kyle with concern, and Max seems hurt by her concern. Max goes to see Liz at the Crashdown, but she heads out to see Kyle, and give him a pie, because she feels responsible for his injury.

Sheriff Valenti goes to see Mrs. Evans, and in his usual unctuous way, he plants seeds of doubt in Mrs. Evans' mind about how Max put out the fire, giving her a pamphlet that clearly states that grease fires can not be put out by water. I really saw Sheriff Valenti as truly evil in this scene, using his charm to draw the web of suspicion ever closer to Max. Michael goes to see Maria as she's working, unsuccessfully, on a wood shop project, and she confronts him about the fact that she helped save his life, and yet showed no gratitude whatsoever towards her. Liz goes to see Kyle to drop off the pie she got him and some class notes, and he treats her coldly, hurting her a great deal. Back at the Evans house, Max's mother relates her suspicions to Max about how he put out the fire, saying that water doesn't put out a grease fire, thanks to the information in the pamphlet that Sheriff Valenti "helpfully" provided her. Isabel walks in, and she and Max leave, and she tells Max that they need to tell their mother the truth. Isabel indicates that she's wanted to tell their mom the truth all along, but Max indicates that telling the truth could destroy everything. Isabel then tells Max that this isn't just his decision. I think that this scene showed the fundamental difference between Max and Isabel, as Isabel wants to feel truly connected with her adopted family and is happy with her life on earth, and wants nothing more than to belong, while Max, like Michael, feels like an outsider, and has never really felt comfortable in this "alien" world that he's forced to call home. Mrs. Evans talks to Isabel, and asks her if she has any memories of their life before their adoption, and Isabel answers sweetly but evasively, saying that the day the Evans came for them is when their lives began, which, to Isabel, represents a certain type of truth.

Back at school, Michael and Maria argue some more, and Maria demands an apology that Michael is not prepared to give. Back at the Crash Down, Kyle goes to see Liz, and, pressed, she admits that she feels somewhat responsible for his injury, and that she was sorry for the way that things ended, and Kyle apologizes to her, and they seem to come to an understanding, and leave the door open for them to become friends. Max comes into the Crash Down, but upon seeing Kyle and Liz together, he leaves, clearly hurt.

Mrs. Evans goes to see Sheriff Valenti at his behest, and he shows her the police report detailing the shooting at the Crash Down, and that witnesses reported Max healing Liz. Max then sees Mrs. Evans looking at the video of their childhood, and she focuses on the part where Max healed an injured bird. Mrs. Evans questions Max, and he gets defensive, and he tells he that he can't tell her what she wants to know, and he leaves, highly agitated and clearly upset. Max goes to discuss the situation with Michael and Isabel, and Michael and Max tell Isabel that they can't tell Mrs. Evans the truth, and that Mrs. Evans is not their mother, and Isabel leaves, very upset.

Back at school, Maria finds a napkin holder that Michael had made for her in her locker, along with a thank you note, much to her delight. Michael then talks to Maria, and she says that she didn't use his napkin holder for her project, but that she kept it, and she thanks him, and he smiles, clearly touched. Michael goes on to say, however, that he can't get indebted to anyone, and that he has to be a stone wall, and when he gets around her, he feels confused, and he doesn't want to feel that way, which is as close as Michael can get to admitting that he cares for Maria a great deal.

Back at the Crash Down, Max goes to see Liz, and he tells her that it's okay if her and Kyle get back together, to which she coldly replies that she wouldn't need his permission if that were the case. Max, clearly upset, tells Liz that she sounds just like Isabel, saying that Isabel said he's controlling, and Liz replies that he is controlling, and Max, about to break down, replies that he is who he is, and that he's trying to make things work. Liz then replies that he should have some faith in the people around him, which has a noticeable affect on Max.

Max then goes to see his mother, who's sitting on a bench in the park, and she asks him if he wants to find his real parents, and he responds that he doesn't know where he would be without her and his father, and she responds that nothing he is could ever turn her away from him, and she asks him why he can't tell her his secret. Max responds by giving her a model house that she had given him, explaining that he hated his first nights in their house, and he cried because he wanted to go home, while Isabel felt at "home" with the Evans right away. Max then tearfully tells his mother that he doesn't know what "home" is, and he begs her to trust him, and they embrace.

In the final scene, Max apologizes to Isabel, and he tells her that he talked to their mother, and but that he didn't tell her the truth. Isabel then breaks down and cries, and Max embraces her, and tells her that everything is going to be okay. Overall, another good show, and it continued to allow us a view into the hearts and souls of these wonderful characters.


This episode begins, like many have, in the Crashdown. Liz and her dad are found having a conversation, on the topic of the annual Father's Camping Weekend. Liz, who has gone with her father in the past, does not seem too interested in going this year, most likely because she is preocuppied with "her new group of friends". Suddenly, Milton, Max's boss from the museum, rushes into the cafe looking for Max, exclaiming, "There's been a sighting!" After finding Max, Milton brings him to the UFO Center and shows him a map of where the sighting occured - Frasier Woods, near the indian reservation. Although ignoring UFO sightings in the past, he takes a special interest in this one, considering more than five people eyewitnessed it, and the Sheriff's Dept. is investigating - something they rarely do.

At school, Maria garners a lot of attention when wearing an "aqua bra", which enhances her physical attributes. At the same time, Alex is passing out flyers for the Father's Camping Weekend, and finds his way to Isabel. He asks if Isabel would like to join him for a movie, but at first she declines, later agreeing when he changes the movie they would go see. She leaves to meet Max and Michael in the eraser room, where Max tells them about the sighting. He suggests that they get to the sighting as soon as possible, to cover it up from Valenti, and learn as much as they can about their past. The trio plans on keeping their plans as low profile as possible, and Max suggests that Isabel and he take the Father's Camping Weekend trip "into the woods." Michael, becoming upset, leaves school, and goes home. His father and him get into a fight, which leaves him outside the trailer park, where he spots River Dog. River Dog approaches him, telling him that the sighting was infact real, and that he should consider it very important.

Meanwhile, at the Parker residence, Liz's dad convinces Liz into taking the trip with him so that he can spend time with her, and hopefully, meet her new friends. Liz doubts they will be there. Later, at the Crashdown, Liz tries the same antics her father used on her to convince Maria to go with her and her father on the camping trip. Her reply, "My idea of the wilderness is rolling down the windows on the way to the mall." Her descision changes, however, after Liz offers to do her homework for a week. Suddenly, Michael rushes into the Crashdown, finding Max to tell them of his experience with River Dog, suggesting that he knows enough to be their true father. Max and Michael go up to the cash register to pay their bill, while Maria suggests they make it appear as if they have moved on in their lives, and are seeing college guys this weekend. Little does the whole group know that they'll all end up at the same campground. Alex also decides to join the fun, and the group arrives at the campground later that night. Liz and Maria try to hide from Max & Isabel, so that Max doesn't realize they were lying to him and Michael.

Alex and Sheriff Valenti purposely choose sites near the Evans family and then Valenti invites the Parkers to join them. That evening Kyle tells Liz and Maria a UFO story he heard from his grandfather. Jeffrey, Phillip, Max and Alex's father play poker. Max uses his powers to change his cards to let Jeffrey win. Isabel points out the various constellations to Alex. He tells her that looking at the stars with her is so much better than seeing a movie. She is touched by this but when Alex talks about their date being canceled, Isabel realizes he's reading more into their relationship than she and explains that she can't date him, they can only be friends. Liz acts polite but not friendly around Max so he tells her he just wanted their relationship to slow down, "not screech to a halt." Liz tells him she knows he's there because of the sighting and asks why he isn't including her.

River Dog goes to Michael and tells him "It's time." Back at the camp grounds, Jeffrey finds the pills in Liz's bag and asks her what they are. She explains and he tells her that he feels he's not a part of her life anymore. Later that evening, after everyone has turned in, Isabel and Max leave for the cave. Liz sees them and follows. Max notices and tells her to go back. Liz pleads with him not to leave her out of it. Maria finds them and thinks Max and Liz are there for a romantic tryst and is surprised to hear the sighting was real. Max and Isabel take off. Liz tells Maria she's going with them. Maria says to Liz "You can't let go of him, can you." and Liz replies "I don't want to." Maria agrees to go with her. Valenti is following the four of them. An hour later, they run into one of the police investigation groups using search dogs. Liz and Maria stay behind to act as decoys so Max and Isabel can continue to the site.

Meanwhile, River Dog is escorting Michael to the site. He trips and breaks his ankle. Michael asks him why he doesn't heal himself and River Dog says "You think I'm Nasedo?" Michael points out all he knows about them and asks "Why would you want to help us if you weren't…" River Dog replies "I'm sorry Michael, but I'm not your father." Michael is disappointed but acquiesces. He puts his hand on River Dog's ankle to heal it and while doing so sees visions similar to those he had when River Dog was healing him. When the ankle is healed, River Dog tells Michael "Now we're even." and Michael replies "I don't think we'll ever be even."

An officer brings Maria and Liz back to Jeffrey and Phillip asks if he saw Max and Isabel but he says no. In the background, Milton is being hustled into a police car exclaiming that he's a scientist and they are all in grave danger.

Max and Isabel get to the site. Valenti is watching them when Kyle comes up to him. He wants to see what is more important to his father than him and wants to know why his father is hunting Max. Kyle points out that he is playing the same role his father played when Valenti Sr was obsessed with chasing spacemen. Kyle says "Now I know why you never wanted to see Grandpa again because to him, you were just a low priority." Kyle leaves. Max and Isabel meet River Dog and Michael. They find a symbol, like one in the cave, burned into the grass. When they put their hands over it, it glows. River Dog tells them it's a sign, meant for them. Michael says it means Nasedo is back. Valenti approaches. Michael stops him and Valenti tells him to get out of his way. River Dog tells Michael to do as Valenti says and Michael steps back. Meanwhile, Max uses his powers to remove the symbol from the grass. Valenti knows something was there and asks what they were looking at. Max replies that they've been lost for hours and thanks the sheriff for finding them, then Max, Isabel and Michael leave.

At a health care institution, Valenti observes his father from the doorway of the visiting room then goes in to talk to him. They discuss that it's been a long time. The sheriff tells his father "Maybe you were right all along and I'm sorry." His father is having difficulty eating his meal so he helps him.


Roswell 10th Annual Convention - Day One. The festivities are in full swing, carrying over into the street outside the UFO Center. Someone in an alien costume is on the street handing out flyers. The alien is observing Liz, who is serving customers seated outside the Crashdown Café; we hear heavy breathing.

Sheriff Valenti goes into his office and finds Everett Hubble waiting for him. Valenti tells Hubble he's not welcome there. Hubble sees a picture of Kyle on Valenti's desk and comments that he is a bachelor with no kids. He then tells Valenti to give his father his regards and leaves. Deputy Hanson asks, "Who was that?" and Valenti replies "a bonafide alien hunter."

Inside the UFO Center, at the Convention, Michael and Isabel see the alien from outside come downstairs saying "Save me, I'm a human trapped in an alien body." He then removes his alien head and Max is revealed. Isabel says, "You realize that we've just lost our last shred of dignity."

Inside the Crashdown, Liz waits on Larry Trilling and Jennifer Catler; the two tourists who were at the Crashdown during the shooting and saw Max heal Liz. Larry asks her what really happened that day.

At the UFO Center Max asks Michael how he deals with Maria because he can't stop thinking about Liz. Michael says it wasn't easy for him either, that Max needs to throw himself into something to get his mind off it. Later, Max tells Milton he would like to take on more responsibilities for the Convention.

Michael sees Maria hanging a sign for the Alien Takedown wrestling match that her mother sponsors. Michael refers to it as a "freak show", within earshot of Amy, who takes exception to his remark, saying the "freak show" keeps the two of them "off the streets". Maria introduces them and Amy leaves. Maria says "Great first impression." and Michael replies "Why would I want to make an impression."

Milton introduces Max to Hubble as a legend who has made direct contact. Max asks what the alien looked like and Hubble replies "You, or me, they're not little green men you know." then leaves. Milton tells Max to try to convince Hubble to speak at the Convention.

Valenti is going through his father's old belongings, which include a Dec 8, 1972 newspaper with the headline: Roswell Sheriff Taken In For Questioning for the Silo Murder. Max is manning the information booth at the Convention. He is watching Liz descend the stairs. Michael notices and tells him to think of mud when he's with her, that it helped him. Liz says she needs to talk about the luncheon they are catering. She tells him that Larry and Jennifer are back and that Jennifer has become a permanent fixture at the Café but Max isn't listening. He's just watching Liz, as if she was in slow motion. Max says "Mud" then covers himself by saying he was thinking of mud pies for the luncheon.

Valenti comes up to Hubble outside the UFO Center and accuses him of pushing his father over the edge and being responsible for Valenti Sr.'s commitment to a mental institution. He demands that Hubble leave. Hubble reminds him that, because of his father's diminished capacities, he is Valenti's only link to what actually happened at the silo; he was there. He says they can help each other. Max overhears them.

Day Two of the Convention. Michael asks Max to introduce him to the "real guys" who might have information about their past. Max says there are no real guys and avoids introducing him to Hubble. Max looks up Hubble on the computer and finds information about a drifter being killed at a silo.

Valenti visits his father at the hospital and asks about Hubble's involvement at the silo murder. Valenti Sr. says, "He couldn't let go of his wife, that was his problem all along. His wife and his kid." Valenti says, "He didn't have a wife and kid." His father's mind drifts off the subject.

At a Convention conference, Larry steps up and begins to tell the story of the Crashdown shooting. Michael steps forward and pretends to bump into Larry. Larry starts itching and scratching all over and looks and acts like a fool, causing his story to lose all credibility. Larry is dragged out screaming that Max is the guy. Hubble comes up to Larry outside and says "Tell me what you saw."

Day Three of the Convention. Amy is frantic; she is on the phone with Ernie, one of her wrestlers, who is canceling an hour efore the event. She tells him half her annual revenue is tied up in this and if he cancels she'll be broke. He hangs up on her. Michael overhears the conversation. Amy leaves crying.

At Valenti's home, Hubble shows him several pictures he's collected of corpses with a silver hand print on their bodies.Unexplained murders occurring across the southwest for the last 40 years. He tells him his father wasn't crazy he was just trying to catch a killer. He says they should band together to stop this killer and asks him about Max.

Alex, who has been following Isabel around, visits her at home to bring her a book on constellations. Isabel tells him his obsession with her is suffocating so he leaves. He goes to the Crashdown and asks the ladies if they think men are obsessive. Liz, Maria, Amy and Jennifer all express their views. Milton comes in to ask Amy why she isn't at the match, which is almost over. She rushes over thinking Ernie came through for her. She gets to the ring and the winner is bragging about his easy conquest. Amy and Maria go to the wrestler lying on the mat to see if "Ernie" is OK but it turns out to be Michael, who says he's just resting. Amy calls him a "dear, dear boy", gives him a hug and leaves. Maria smiles at him and he tells her "It was easy money." Maria gives Michael a tender kiss, which he starts to respond to but then pulls back and says "Mud." Maria says "What?" and Michael says "Mud, I'm thinking about mud." Maria replies "Why do I even try?"

At his office, Valenti is going over the photos Hubble gave him and he notices a license plate number on the car next to a woman's body. He looks it up on his computer and discovers the car was registered to Sheila Hubble in 1970. Valenti goes to his father and tells him he knows that Hubble's wife was murdered by a drifter who left a silver hand print on her body, just like the corpse of 1959. He learns from his father that he helped Hubble find the drifter but thought he was only going to question him, not kill him. He tells his son not to trust Hubble.

Hubble tells Max he will speak at the Convention but he needs a ride to his motel to pick up his slides. Michael learns from Larry that he told Hubble what he knows about Max and Michael sees Max leaving with Hubble.

In the jeep, Hubble tells Max how much he loved his wife, that when they kissed it was like fireworks on the 4th of July. Max admits he had a similar experience. Hubble says that for his first anniversary he was going to surprise his wife with fireworks and they stopped at Pepper's Café for matches. Hubble asks Max to pull up to the abandoned Café and they get out of the jeep. Hubble tells Max that he lost his wife and unborn child that day, all because of him. He pulls out a gun and accuses Max of being the shapeshifting alien that killed his wife. Max is terrified and tries to convince him he's not the same guy. Hubble tells him that Valenti told him about the healing and the handprint. Michael calls out, distracting Hubble and Max tackles him to the ground, causing him to drop the gun, which he reaches for. Max uses his telekinetic powers to move the gun out of reach, just as the sheriff pulls up. Hubble throws Max off of him and goes for the gun. Valenti approaches, gun drawn, and tells Hubble to drop his gun. Hubble tells Valenti he saw Max use his powers, that he is going to kill Max and nothing is going to stop him. He tells him "Your father couldn't do it and neither can you." Valenti shoots and kills Hubble. Valenti tells Max he didn't realize Hubble was this dangerous. Max, losing control, lashes out saying, "What did you tell him? Why did he come after me? You're the sheriff, you're supposed to protect me but all you've done is go after me. You believe all these crazy things; you're just like Hubble! You want me? Well here I am! Take me." Michael tries to calm him down but he brushes him off. Valenti says "Son…" and Max asks, "Would you treat your son this way?" Valenti tells Max and Michael to go. He says, "You were never here." Michael tries to convince Max that Hubble was crazy but Max thinks Nasedo may have killed a lot of people.


At the Crashdown Café, Alex tells Liz and Maria that his band, the Whits, is auditioning for the KROZ Blind Date Concert. The KROZ DJ comes into the Crashdown and announces the winner of the Blind Date contest is Liz. She was unaware that Maria entered both of them in the contest and is not very pleased, so when the DJ asks what's going on in her mind right now, she replies "Nothing I can say on live radio."

At school, Liz and Maria notice Alex posting a notice for a new singer for his band because his regular, Wendy, has mono and they need someone for the audition. Maria volunteers. Alex is hesitant; he wants someone with more experience than Karaoke but he tells her to come to that afternoon's practice session. The girls at school crowd around Liz to congratulate her for winning the contest. Kyle comes up to Max, who is watching Liz, and tells him he knows his pain. Max says he's fine and Kyle says he was in denial too when they first broke up. Max says they didn't break up because they were never together. Kyle says "She really did a number on you didn't she." and then equates Liz to a man-eater.

Maria arrives at Alex's practice session and gives them sheet music for her songs, which are pop songs, and they play alternative music. She tells them if they want to pass the audition they need to play what the radio station likes. They don't appreciate her telling them what to do but agree to hear her sing.

At the Crashdown, Michael tries to convince Max and Isabel they need to use the map in the cave painting to find Nasedo. Max is against the idea because he doesn't think they should be trying to find a murderer. Michael leaves and Isabel tells Max he shouldn't destroy Michael's hope, it's all he has. The radio DJ conducts an interview to determine Liz's criteria for her blind date, which ends up sounding a lot like Max - a serious, dark haired, mystery man from an exotic place.

Behaving like a prima donna, Maria is late for the audition and then tells the auditioners that it's her band, which upsets Alex. Liz is dressed for her blind date and is doing a final check in her mirror (she looks beautiful), when she sees Max on her balcony. She goes out to him and he tells her "I couldn't just let you find another guy. I love you, Liz." They kiss lovingly. Then car horns down below break her reverie and Maria comes in and tells her "true love awaits". Liz comes downstairs and meets Doug Shellow, a very attractive college student. Max is listening to the DJ describe the meeting then turns off the radio. Kyle stops by Max' with his friends. They've all been drinking. Kyle wants Max to come with him to check out Liz's dream date and he tells Max he'll either have to drive them or let them sleep on his lawn. He takes the car keys.

Liz and Doug are having dinner while the DJ gives a play by play of their conversation. They both admit they were hoping for a normal date. Many townsfolk, including Max and Kyle, are outside the restaurant watching through the window. The DJ asks them to kiss and Doug dips Liz back and kisses her while the townsfolk cheer. Max looks stricken. Doug whispers to Liz "Out the back, through the kitchen on three; they'll never catch us." and they take off. Kyle offers Max a drink from his flask. Max tells him he doesn't drink but Kyle convinces him and he takes one sip. He becomes drunk immediately. Kyle calls him a wussy so Max challenges him to a race, then takes off before Kyle is ready.

Michael comes for Isabel. He tells her he figured out how to read the map. They drive to the library. He tells Isabel that the constellation he saw in his dreams is Aries the Ram and when Aries is directly over Roswell all the symbols on the cave wall take on locations. He has chosen the symbol that is the library.

Kyle finds Max sitting on the roof of a building and tells him to get down before he gets hurt and everyone blames him. Max tells Kyle he's glad he got drunk because now the real Max can come out. He admits to Kyle that he and Liz are in love but doesn't know why they're not together. Kyle says they are both losers and Max suggests they try to win her back by showing her how they feel about her. Kyle asks how they are going to split her up "Every other week? Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and alternate Saturdays? On the grass in front of the library, Michael lays out some rope in the shape of the symbol and pours gasoline on it. Isabel tells Michael she's afraid if he finds Nasedo he won't need her and Max anymore. Michael tells her that's impossible, then ignites the rope.

On Liz's balcony, behind Kyle's back, Max uses his powers to draw a heart shape with an arrow and his and Liz's initials on her wall. Kyle turns and sees the heart and says "Nice. Girls always like that meaningful stuff. I suck at that." Kyle wants to know how far he got with Liz and Max tells him "We saw into each other's soul." then sighs. Kyle says "second base"; Max replies "Well, we can't win them all." Max is about to leave when Kyle stops him. They can't leave because they're at Mecca - Liz's bedroom.

Liz and Doug go to the Crashdown so they can talk without a crowd. A while later, the KROZ van pulls up to the Crashdown so Liz and Doug run upstairs. In Liz's bedroom, Max uses his powers to change photos of Alex and Maria into himself in a picture on Liz's desk. Kyle is going through her underwear drawer. Liz and Doug come in. Max tells her that he and Kyle are really, really drunk. Doug asks Liz who they are and Kyle says, "the ex's, the rejects." Max says they are there to win her back. Liz asks Kyle "What did you do to him?" and Max tells Kyle not to tell her anything they said tonight because it's private. Kyle says his secret is safe with him. Liz tells Kyle that everything Max told him tonight was a lie because Max makes things up when he's drunk. Max says "But this is the first time I've ever been drunk." Liz takes Max out onto the balcony and Kyle prevents Doug from following. Max shows her the heart; he touches it and it lights up. The radio DJ and crew come up to the bedroom to see Kyle wrestling with Doug on the bed, the heart on the balcony wall and Liz and Max going down the balcony ladder. Liz tells Max to stop running. Max tells Liz "Let's just keep running. You and me; away from here, away from everything…. As long as we're together, nothing else matters." Liz points out that Max is drunk and nothing he's saying is true. He tells her "It's all true; it's how I really feel. It's all just magic when I think about you." Max touches a lamppost and the lights dance around like in a ballroom. Liz is afraid someone will see. "And when I'm not with you, I go crazy." He touches a car and the alarm goes off. "When you're here…" The alarm changes to music box music. "You're my dream girl, Liz." Liz says "And what if I believe you tonight?" Max replies "Then we will live happily ever after." Liz says "And then what about tomorrow when you go back to realizing who you really are and all of your fantasies go away?" The ballroom lights stop. Max says, "I'll still have you." Liz says, "This could never be normal, Max." Max touches the parking meters one by one and they turn into sparklers. He says, "What's so great about normal?"

At the library, the signal has burned out and Isabel removes the marks. Michael is discouraged and says "Forget it, he's not going to come." Isabel says "Maybe not tonight." and Michael says, "Not ever; no one ever comes for me." Isabel says, "I will; whenever you need me." They walk off arm in arm.

Liz is at a pay phone calling for a taxi. She tells Max to "stay" but he ends up flagging down the KROZ van. At the concert, Maria and Alex's band comes out on stage and Maria walks right off again. She is suffering from stage freight. Alex tries to calm her down. The KROZ DJ arrives and comes out on stage with Liz, Doug, Kyle (who he keeps referring to as Lyle) and Max. The DJ tells the audience that it's the strangest blind date he's ever been on because Liz's two ex-boyfriends joined it. Max points at Doug and says, "I think you'd look better as a blonde." and Doug brushes Max' hand away just in time. The DJ wants her to choose one of them and asks each guy to speak up for himself. Doug says, "I thought you just wanted a normal date." Kyle says "I'm just happy to be nominated, and I think I'm going to puke." and he leaves the stage. When it's Max' turn, he takes her in his arms and gives her a very romantic kiss. We see visions of their times together. Max sobers up, says he's sorry and leaves the stage. Liz goes after him and asks him if he meant everything he said tonight. Max says he can't remember what he said and hopes he didn't ruin her night, then leaves. Maria and Alex go on stage and perform "In the Air Tonight". We see a flashback of Liz and Max under the lamppost with the ballroom lights flashing. Then we see Max up on Liz's balcony, alone, touching the heart to light it up.

At the library, a man in a trench coat goes to the spot where the signal was, waves his hand over it and it re-ignites. He takes a photo of Max, Isabel and Michael and places it in the flames. Then he walks away.


At school, Liz is waxing rhapsodic about her kiss with Max. Maria gives her a "grief relief" herbal remedy that "shocks the body into reality when the mind goes into overload." Max approaches Liz but Isabel interrupts, says that Michael went into the restroom purposely to avoid her, and she wants Max to go see what's wrong. In the restroom, Michael, avoiding Max, goes into a stall and tells Max to leave him alone. Max pretends to leave and when Michael comes out of the stall, Max sees he has a black eye. At the railroad tracks, Michael explains that Hank was drunk; it's not the first time but it never left a mark before. He asks Max to heal it because he wasn't able to. He tells Max he doesn't want anyone else to know. At the Crashdown, Maria compares the charms of Max and Michael to a drug and tells Liz they "have to just say no." Amy comes in with pies for the Crashdown. Sheriff Valenti flirts with her and convinces her to bake him a pie for this evening. Max tells Isabel about Michael's abusive situation but tells her not to let Michael know he told. Michael comes in and sits with them, senses immediately that Isabel knows, gets angry and leaves. They follow him. Isabel mentions that her father, a lawyer, once helped a minor get permission to live on his own. Michael says getting the courts involved will bring them too much attention. She suggests he use his powers. He reminds her he doesn't have control over his powers and he's afraid, if he tries, he'll kill him. She convinces him to stay with them until Hank calms down. Later, at dinner that evening, the atmosphere is tense. Michael's table manners are not the best and when Phillip and Diane quiz Michael about Hank, Isabel keeps fielding the questions, prompting Phillip to tell Isabel to let Michael speak for himself. Michael has nothing to say.

Maria and Liz, coming in through the kitchen, see the remains of pie for two, the sheriff's hat, and hear giggling from the living room. They panic, then Maria calls out to her mom that she's home. Amy comes out to the kitchen, obviously flustered. Maria is shocked and asks her mother if she will be going to bed "alone" soon. Valenti comes out to the kitchen with lipstick on his cheek and his shirttail out.

The Evans family and Michael are playing Monopoly. It's not going well for Michael and he doesn't understand why Phillip won't bend the rules for him since it's just a game. Phillip says "In this house, we play by the rules." Michael quits the game and leaves. Isabel goes after him and tries to convince him to speak up and tell her father the truth. Michael says he doesn't want to be a poster child for domestic abuse. She tells him he has to do something, he can't just pretend it didn't happen. Michael leaves and Max comes out and tells Isabel to stop pushing Michael. That one evening can't make up for what he hasn't had in a lifetime. Isabel says she knows, she's just really scared for him.

Amy comes to Maria's room and says she needs her space. "I can't feel like you're judging me all the time." Maria tells her she doesn't trust Valenti. Amy reminds her there are very few eligible men in the area and Jim is a nice guy, with a good job and he's fun. Maria says he's the type that has to be tough all the time, can't open up, show emotions or admit that he needs you and those are the most dangerous ones. Amy tells her not to worry, "Michael will come around." Maria denies she was referring to Michael, she meant hypothetically. Maria says "Just take it slow, once they get physical, once they get what they want, they disappear." Worried, Amy asks if she's speaking from experience and Maria says "Just yours."

Michael goes back to his trailer home and gets into a shouting match with Hank over laundry. Isabel and Max come in when they hear the yelling. Hank starts leering and making a pass at Isabel. He offers her a drink. She throws the drink in his face and screams at him "If you ever hurt Michael again, I will kill you." Hank says "I don't think so.", grabs his rifle and points it at the three of them. Michael uses his powers to stop him, but they're erratic so other things go flying across the room before he is finally able to point the rifle away from them. It goes off, Hank drops it in fright, calls Michael a freak and stares at him in terror. Max, Isabel and Michael leave. Outside, Michael tells Isabel she made it worse, now Hank knows. Isabel says he was too drunk to remember anything. Michael says now he can't go back, it wasn't much but it was all he had. Max tells him to come back with them and Michael points out that would only be a temporary solution and he doesn't belong there; he doesn't belong anywhere. Isabel says "Would it kill you to ask for help just once in your life?" Michael says "Yeah, you know what, it would." and takes off.

Maria is sitting, looking out her bedroom window at the rain when she notices Michael standing there, looking very forlorn. She takes her "grief relief" and puts a few drops on her tongue, then takes the bottle and gulps it down. She looks out the window again and says "What are you doing out there?" He steps forward and she says "No, you can't come in, no. I know why you're here, I know what your plan is, I know what you want but it's not going to work, mister, OK. No matter what you say. My answer is no. No, No, No, No, No!" He looks at her pleadingly. Cut to Maria towel drying Michael's hair in her bedroom. She says "God, you could get pneumonia. Here, take your shirt off., you're shivering." As she continues to dry him off with the towel, she notices his face is wet, not just from the rain, but from tears and gently wipes one away. He is trembling from the effort to hold them back. She leads him over to her bed and he lies down. She gets on the bed and caresses him from behind, stroking him and softly saying "Shhh, it's OK. You don't have to tell me, it's OK." He continues to try but fails to hold back the tears. The next morning, Amy comes to get Maria and finds them sleeping peacefully, with Maria lying across Michael's back. She screams "Oh my God!", throws Michael out and orders Maria to the kitchen. Maria tells her nothing happened, they just slept. Amy is skeptical. Maria reassures her, saying that Michael was very upset and sex was the last thing on his mind. Amy tells her she still shouldn't have let him stay over, that she doesn't want Maria to make the same mistakes she did, she wants a better life for her than she had.

In class, Michael is picked up by a deputy and taken to the station. Valenti tells him the neighbors heard an argument and gunshots, that Hank never showed up for work and that Michael was the last to see him. He then adds that the neighbors later heard "more sounds, screaming, crying, tortured sounds like an animal, almost inhuman." Valenti asks Michael 'Where were you, son?'" Michael says "Out."

At the Crashdown, Isabel comes in and asks Liz and Maria if they've seen Michael. She tells them about Hank's abuse and that she's really worried about him. Maria tells them he spent the entire night with her, he never told her what was wrong, they just slept, he took off when her mom found them and she hasn't seen him since. Max comes in and tells them Hank is missing and Valenti is holding Michael. Maria tells her mother about Michael being held because he won't tell Valenti where he was last night and asks her to tell Valenti where he was. Amy does and Valenti releases Michael.

Later, Amy tells Jim she needs to pay more attention to Maria right now and can't afford distractions and he is very distracting.

At the railroad tracks, Michael tells Isabel and Max he needs to find his family so he's leaving to find Nasedo. Max thinks Nasedo is dangerous, a shape-shifting killer, who could be anyone, and they need to stick together now, more than ever. Isabel is upset that Michael does not consider them as his family and lashes out at him as he leaves "Go on, run Michael, it's what you do best."

That evening, Max goes to Michael's home and finds him packing. Max tells him he can't say goodbye, that he, Isabel and Michael belong together, they are a family and no matter where Michael goes, they will always be connected. He gives Michael a package and tells him "Isabel and I wanted you to have this, it means nothing without you. Michael leaves and hitches a ride from a guy in a pickup. He opens the package, finds the crystal stones River Dog gave them, picks them up and receives flashes of images of himself, Isabel and Max together. The next morning, Michael is making breakfast for the Evans family. Isabel tells him she didn't know he could cook and he replies "There's a lot you don't know about me." Michael asks Phillip to help him live on his own and Phillip agrees to help Michael file a Petition for Emancipation. He goes with him before a judge, who makes sure Michael realizes that he will be completely responsible for his "financial, medical and educational decisions" and then grants his petition.

Hank comes to see Valenti to explain away his absence and the gunshots. He tells him he's leaving town without Michael and wants to know if he has to sign anything. Valenti says it's already been taken care of. That night, Hank drives into a wooded area, opens the back of the station wagon, drags out and buries the body of a man that looks just like him, gets back into the car and shape-shifts into a Hispanic male.


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The episode begins in the Crashdown Cafe, where Michael has begun to work as a short-order cook. He asks Liz and Maria to “push the special” because he's “tired of flipping burgers.” Max and Isabel enter, and Liz quickly finds Max, who she throws herself to. It is very apparent that Maria is jealous of Max and Liz's relationship, and tries to help her relationship with Michael by suggesting they "act like a real couple." Michael seems to think nothing of it, and so replies “Overrated.” Liz and Max have made plans to see a movie that night, and Liz asks Maria if she minds closing up. When she resumes work, Michael comments that if they are just looking for a place to make-out, his apartment would be best. Maria and Michael exchange looks and when Isabel says shed like to order the special, they simultaneously say “We're closing early.”

Meanwhile Max and Liz can be found making out in Max's Jeep. They have decided to skip the movie, but are interrupted when Agent Topolsky bangs on the window and starts to look in. She is obviously paranoid and says, “You’re in danger, all of you. The best way to protect yourself is to just act like normal kids. I think I was followed. Don’t trust anyone. I’ll find you again.” With that, she disappears, leaving Max and Liz stunned that she has returned.

At Michael’s apartment, he and Maria are making out on the couch, moaning each other’s name, when Maria says “Max.” Michael looks at her cross-eyed and is surprised at what she has just said. She indicates that Max is standing above them, watching. Michael is not pleased by the interruption, and then notices that not only is Max there, but so are Liz, Isabel, and Alex. Max explains what happened in the Jeep, and Liz adds that she thinks Topolsky was truly frightened and that they should listen to what she has to say. Michael butts in, telling the group he thinks it’s just a trap to get them to admit to who they really are. Max insists that either way, they should take her advice and act normal. He then hands Michael the orb and tells him it would be safer if they kept it in his apartment.

At lunch time the next day, Alex and Isabel are eating together outside. Alex notices Max and Liz being affectionate, and comments about Max and Liz as well as Michael and Maria's relationships. He hints to Isabel that he is very interested in her, but as he is doing so, Tess Harding, a new girl at West Roswell asks if she can join them. Isabel motions her to sit, and Alex is upset that they have been interrupted, especially because he feels that Isabel and him were actually getting somewhere. After commenting on how tough the first day of school is, and adding sugar to her yogurt, it is apparent that Tess is bonding with Isabel.

After school, Michael tells Max that Maria is looking for him to be more affectionate, and asks for some advice. Max suggests many different alternatives, and Tess barges in and asking Max how he knows women so well. Isabel enters and introduces Max and Michael to Tess. She begins to fix drinks for Tess and herself, and tells Tess she'll meet her back in her bedroom. Tess walks back towards Isabel's room, and Max question Isabel on bringing Tess to their house. Michael suggests that she may be working with Topolsky, and Isabel reassures them she's just a friend. She then reminds them they are supposed to be acting normal.

At the Crashdown, a delivery man with flowers shows up looking for Liz. Maria takes the flowers for Liz, which has a not attached telling Liz to meet her at a Mexican restaurant in an hour, alone. Liz once again leaves work (I wish I lived in the TV world too), and next we find her at the restaurant, being seated, and waiting for Max. Suddenly, Agent Topolsky appears. She is wearing a disguise, and takes the seat across from Liz. She warns Liz that an alien hunter is working with the FBI, and that this alien hunter will stop at nothing to get what he’s looking for. She also explains that he is out for Max, Isabel, and Michael, as well as anyone involved, which would include Liz, Maria, and Alex. After seeing Topolsky's emotional state, Liz assures her that she believes what she has just said. Topolsky, feeling she has been followed, tells Liz to meet her tomorrow night behind the theater at 8:00pm.

At school the next day, Liz tells Max about Topolsky meeting her at the restaurant, and that all their names are on the alien hunter's list. After school, the group meets in the desert, where all six voice their opinion on whether or not they should meet Topolsky again. Liz and Alex feel they should meet Topolsky again, but Michael disagrees, saying that there is no such thing as an alien hunter, and that Liz is leading them all into a trap. Maria suggests they vote on whether to meet Topolsky or not. Max sides with Michael and Isabel, saying they should not meet Topolsky again. Michael assumes Maria will side with Liz and Alex, but is both pleased and surprised when she sides with him.

After no one shows at the theater, Topolsky becomes even more paranoid, and takes a trip to the Sheriff's home. She informs him that she knows why he killed Hubble, that reason being to protect Max. She also explained that after spending 4 weeks being debriefed by Agent Pierce, head of the special unit of alien hunters, she was admitted to a special FBI program, which is the reason why she is so traumatized and paranoid. She warns Valenti that he is on the alien hunter's list and because he knows so much, would be one of the first to loose their lives.

After Topolsky visits him, Valenti finds Max at the UFO Center. He reminds Max that he protected him against Hubble, and assures Max that he can be trusted. He also tells Max that if anyone is to bother him or his friends, he should tell Valenti.

At the Crashdown, Michael suggests to Liz that he and Maria double date with her and Max tonight. While Liz and Maria are preparing for their date, Alex shows up. He has rented movies, and thought he'd be spending the night with Liz and Maria, only to find out that they've got dates. He is disappointed, but when Isabel shows up with Max and Michael, Alex decides he'd rather spend the night with her. Meanwhile, Max gives Liz a gift of bubble bath, and Michael follows the trend by giving Maria a gift of an economy size bottle of shampoo and conditioner. Maria tries to act pleased as they leave for the date. Alex and Isabel begin to talk, but once again, Tess interrupts them. Not knowing of Tess and Isabel's plans, he is once again cut out of the fun for that night, and thus, he leaves.

While walking home, a car with tinted windows pulls up beside Alex. The passenger in the back rolls down his window about an inch, not even allowing Alex to get a glimpse of his face. He says Topolsky sent him and tells Alex to get in the car, but Valenti pulls up and the car speeds away. Valenti then drives Alex home.

At dinner, it is obvious that Michael isn't trying to make things work. When the checks arrives, Michael hands his to Maria and tells her she'll have to pick it up considering he doesn't get paid until later next week. As Maria leaves to go pay, Max kicks Michael under the table. Michael gets up and asks Maria what he is doing wrong. After listing about a dozen reasons, Michael gets the point, and questions why she likes him if he has so many flaws. She doesn't have an answer, and so walks away.

When returning home, Michael finds his apartment has been trashed. Topolsky appears, and has found the orb. She explains to Michael that she knows what it is because there is another one that she took from the special unit evidence vault. It’s a communicator to their planet, but it will only work with the other orb. Thinking she is crazy at first, Michael refuses to meet her the next day at Buckley Point with the other communicator, but decides to go along after Topolsky tells him it is his last chance.

When meeting in the desert the following day, Alex tells the group about the man in the car and Valenti helping him. After agreeing to not telling Topolsky, Valenti, or Tess, they walk off, leaving Michael and Maria. They make up after last night's date, and kiss.

Later at the Crashdown, Maria catches Michael going through her locker. After questioning him about this, he explains that he is taking her car, and while trying to get her keys back, she notices the orb in his jacket pocket. After realizing he's going to meet Topolsky, she insists on going with him, and asks where exactly they'll be going. Michael tells her they'll be meeting at Buckley Point, and while going to get her jacket, Maria leaves a note to Liz explaining where they are off to.

In the car, Maria tries to convince Michael that it’s a bad idea to meet Topolsky, and tries to make him turn back. This doesn't work and so Maria tells Michael to stop the car. Michael doesn't stop, and close by, we see Max, Liz, Isabel, and Alex driving a short distance behind them in the Jeep. Finally, Maria opens the door, forcing Michael to stop the car. She gets out of the car, and they once again begin to argue about meeting Valenti.

The Jeep pulls up behind them and Max gets out of the car, demanding that Michael gives back the orb. Michael holds it out of reach and tells Max what Topolsky told him about the communicator. Max punches Michael in the face, knocking him to the ground and causing him to drop the orb. Michael, shocked that Max has hit him, gets up and advances towards Max ready for a fight. Isabel steps in between them and two cars approach in a manner which corners the group. A man in a black suit gets out of one of the cars and tells them that Topolsky will not be meeting with them tonight or any other night. Valenti gets out of his car and tells them that Dr. Malcolm Margolin, the man they are speaking with, has been treating Topolsky at a mental hospital in Maryland for about 6 weeks. Margolin tells them Topolsky is paranoid delusional, which means she is desperately afraid of things that don’t exist. After explaining that he has verified the doctor's story, both Margolin and Valenti leave. Michael starts to look for the orb but Max says they'll come back to pick it up later. Valenti sees it and picks it up.

We next see Margolin pulling into a gated area. He shape-shifts into a hiker and leaves the car, carrying his gear. Meanwhile, Topolsky is waiting for Michael at Buckley Point, only to be picked up by those which she has been trying to avoid. She is thrown into the back of a car, and the episode ends with her screams of terror.


What better place to start an episode but the show's very own franchise, The Crashdown Cafe? The Sheriff enters, ordering something from Liz, and then quickly exits. Michael suggests that the Sheriff knows about the trio, and Max tries to calm him down, but Michael insists that he has the "orb," and he must know about them.

Tess enters and interrupts their conversation, and being noisy, asks what it is about. The three change the subject quickly, but from the second Tess enters, Max starts to feel a connection with her. He drags Liz into the back room, and while kissing her, hallucinates that it is Tess.

In class the next day, the biology teacher calls upon Max to help Tess in an experiment, but he once again hallucinates that he is kissing Tess. After setting himself on fire, Max and Michael take a trip to the "Boy's Room" and Max tells Michael of the connection and hallucinations evolving around Tess. Michael seems to preoccupied to help. Valenti and the "orb" are all that is on his mind.

Meanwhile, back at the Valenti household, Kyle is watching a basketball game, when the Sheriff enters and changes the channel. He sees that a fire has taken place at the psychiatric ward, and in order to get in touch with Topolsky, the Sheriff phones Dr. Margolin. Margolin has no idea who Valenti is, even after Valenti explains he met him in the woods, a few nights back. Margolin insists he has never spoken nor seen the Sheriff, and tells Valenti, in his attempt to track Topolsky down, that she died in the fire at the psychiatric ward.

Valenti then calls upon Max, who he tells about his conversation with Dr. Margolin. Valenti now believes that there truly is a "shape-shifter" after Max and himself, and also informs Max about Topolsky's death. Meanwhile, the "shape-shifter" appears to be watching Michael through a hidden camera which he has planted in his home.

After Max asks him to do so, Michael starts to investigate Tess. He shows up at her house, to find it is empty. While there, an armed guard and two other "government" type officials show up. Michael hides, and later returns to the Crashdown where he tells Max and Isabel about Tess. During their conversation, Valenti enters. He returns the "orb," and tells them that he can be trusted. He makes a quick exit, and Isabel decides it is best if she goes to investigate Tess, before they jump to any wild conclusions.

When arriving at Tess', Isabel finds a "movers" truck, and rings the bell so that she can speak with Tess. Tess explains that they had been waiting for the furniture for a week, and were staying in a hotel outside of town until it arrived. Tess also explains that her dad is involved with the army. After clearing this all up, Isabel offers to help her unpack, however, when she picks up a box which is labeled "Photos," Tess scorns Isabel for picking it up, and Isabel gets a strange vibe from her.

Making his way home from the Crashdown, Max finds Tess, who's car has broken down. Once again, Max is drawn to her, and his hallucinations begin. He tries to fight his urges, but finally kisses Tess. Liz, closing up the Crashdown, looks from the door to find him and Tess kissing across the street.

After realizing what he has done, Max looks for help at Michael's. Michael and him get into an argument, and after a bit of a scuffle, Max throws Michael into his refrigerator, discovering the camera which the "shape-shifter" has been using to watch Michael. The next day at the Crashdown, Max and Michael tell Isabel about the camera, while Isabel reports on Tess. In the back room, Liz confronts Max about him kissing Tess. Liz becomes upset with Max, after learning he is drawn to her, and had the same type of feeling when kissing her, as he did when kissing Tess.

At Liz's, Maria comforts Liz. Liz admits that she knows it is for some reason, and she must find out what that reason is. Downstairs, Alex shows Michael a camera which he has designed to be put in Tess' house, in order to watch her. With reason to talk to Tess, Liz decides that she is the best candidate for sneaking the camera in the house.

At Tess', Liz confronts her about her kiss with Max, and explains that they are deeply involved. Tess understands completely, and assures Liz that it will not happen again. Tess leaves Liz in the living room while she makes Liz tea, and Liz plants the camera under a Buddha statue on top of the piano. Back at the Crashdown, Michael, Maria, Isabel, and Alex are all watching Liz via the hidden camera. After searching around, Liz finds the box filled with pictures that Isabel had tried to help Tess with. When she opens the box, she finds many stills of Max. It is apparent these pictures have been taken without Max's knowledge.

Suddenly, Tess' father finds Liz looking through the box, and started by Tess' father, she jumps up and knocks over the Buddha statue which she has planted the camera in. The camera goes dead, and the gang rushes to Tess' house to try and think their way into getting Liz out of the house. Inside, Liz lies her way out of trouble, and Tess' dad invites Liz to have dinner with them. She accepts the invitation, but calls Max in order to help her get out of the house without building suspicion.

Max shows up outside Tess' house, greeting the others. He plans a way to get Liz out of the house, and rings the bell, looking for Tess. Meanwhile, Liz is helping Tess' father clean up the broken statue when the bell rings. In a hurry to answer the door, Tess' father leaves the statue and camera in the waste basket, and Liz picks through the garbage pale to find the camera. She picks it up and works her way behind Tess' dad, placing it in a bowl full of marbles, which also happened to be on the piano. When discovering it is Max, Liz tells him that she has worked things out with Tess, and that an understanding has been made. Tess agrees, and Liz leaves with Max. Outside, Liz is reunited with the rest of the group.

As they return to the Crashdown, we see Valenti taking pictures of the group from inside a car. When finally back at the Crashdown, the group watches Tess' home from the back room. They all appear to be dozing off, when Alex sights Tess. She walks towards the waste basket, picks it up, and dumps the pieces of broken statue across the piano. She begins to move her hands over the broken pieces, and almost instantaneously, the statue appears in it's original form.


In what seems to be one of the strangest episodes of ever, the alien trio is presented with a fate that may not be all their choice. Questions arise with almost every character, and this episode, even though not one of the most interesting at times, shows what is in store for the season finale. To sum it up, this episode was so strange, it was like something out of the Twilight Zone.

The episode begins under the stars with Isabel and Alex cuddling up. Isabel tells Alex that she is in loves with him and that he is the only one for her. However, she suddenly sees Michael instead of Alex, and begins to kiss him. By this point, viewers have established this show is really going downhill, or it's just a dream.

Later, Mr. Harding, Tess' father discovers the video camera which was planted in his home by Liz. He reports the camera to Valenti, who later finds Max and Michael. Valenti lets them know that he knows they were the ones who planted the video camera in Tess' house. He even has proof, with the pictures he took outside of Tess' house in the previous episode. Max then assumes Valenti is trying to help them, and that revealing their identity may not be too bad of an idea. Michael tells Max that would be a stupid idea, and still believes that Valenti is trying to suck them in.

Strangely enough, Michael begins to have dreams about Isabel. Isabel's dreams continue, and Isabel thinks that somehow, she may be carrying his baby. Even with this thought, she goes to school, and Isabel decides that her relationship with Alex must progress. Michael feels the same way about his relationship with Maria.

At school, the group talks about the possibility that Tess is Nasedo, the shape-shifting fourth alien. This would explain not only Max's behavior, but both Isabel and Michael's dreams. Later, Tess talks to Kyle and he invites her to the Library. Kyle tells Liz that he is attracted to Tess and if she wanted to, could meet both him and Tess at the library.

Because they are investigating Tess, Max and Liz decide to follow Tess and Kyle to the library, and find while spying on Tess and Kyle, they see Tess once again using her powers, this time to obtain a book which holds the secrets to their origins. Later that night, she connects with Michael a vision that she earlier gave to Isabel, which explains why the pregnancy started. The vision is of a Four-Square, and Michael sees himself running through the woods from their pods.

Later in the episode, Tess persuades Max to go with her to the desert. Max is drawn to her and goes. Tess shows them where they had been hatched in their incubation pods, and proves that she is not Nasedo, the shape-shifter, or a killer of any kind. In fact, Tess is one of them. To prove this she implants a vision of Max waiting for her to be released from her pod. Isabel and Michael, who decided to follow Max, find him, and he explains that Tess is not Nasedo, but one of them.


This episode begins right where the last, “Four-Square”, left off. Michael begins to question Max and Tess, but Max ignores him and takes off towards a nearby cave. Using his hand, he opens a door leading into the cave. Inside, we see the incubation pots that Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess were born in. Tess explains to Michael and Isabel that this is where they were born. Isabel has a flashback of the four of them being born, but says she does not believe Tess, and exits the cave. Max follows her, as Michael stays behind, obviously, looking for answers. Tess sees Michael’s weakness and tells him that she can explain everything if he can get Max and Isabel to trust her. She hands Michael a book as collateral, and Michael leaves the cave.

Suddenly, Mr. Harding appears, explaining that it is dangerous for them to be in the cave, especially since Agent Pierce is after them. Tess reveals to us that Mr. Harding is Nasedo, and he tells her that it is important they stick together because they are family. Tess disagrees, proclaiming that Max, Isabel, and Michael are her real family.

Meanwhile, Michael finds Max and Isabel. He shows them the book which Max had not told him or Isabel about, and as Isabel is looking through it, she discovers pictures of their faces engraved into one of the book's pages. Michael realizes that they've been engineered, and ponders the idea that they may have been sent to earth for a reason. As they are about to leave, mention of Isabel’s pregnancy is made, and Max questions this. When finding out Michael is the father, he asks how it is possible, and they both explain that it must be happening through the dreams which they both have been having. Michael then presents the idea that they consult Tess on this. Max disagrees at first, but in the end, is the one who actually goes to question her about it. In school the next day, Max finds Tess and asks to know everything. Tess agrees, and they leave for someplace where they can be alone.

Meanwhile at the Sheriff’s office, a new deputy, by the name of Fisher, arrives. He explains he has been sent from Santa Fe, after being requested by the Sheriff months earlier. The Sheriff tells him he is of no use in Roswell, and tells him it would be best if he went back to Santa Fe. Fisher explains he must stay for a while, considering he has put a down payment on an apartment. The Sheriff tells him they will deal with his situation, and sends him off to fix the coffee pot. He then has another officer phone Santa Fe, making sure Fisher is supposed to be there.

At the Crashdown, Isabel and Michael discuss both the dreams which they’ve been having, as well as the baby on it’s way. Michael explains he will be there for Isabel, and reveals that he is the father while Maria eavesdrops on their conversation.

Outside the Crashdown, Mr. Harding is walking down the street. He makes his way into an alley, where he finds an FBI agent. Placing his hand over the agent's heart, Harding kills the agent while explaining it is to send a message to Agent Pierce.

At the same time, Tess explains that she knows just about as much of her father as Max does. According to Tess, Mr. Harding is able to shape-shift because he does not have a human body like theirs, but an alien one. She also explains that she has never seen his actual self, and that he becomes a new person everywhere they move in order to hide from the FBI. When Max asks her about Isabel’s pregnancy, Tess explains that it is not possible through dreams, and that to mate, they must do it the human way. She adds that it is Isabel and Michael’s destiny to be together, as it is her’s and Max’s destiny to be together. That is what's causing the dreams.

Back at the Crashdown, Liz is preparing for her shift as Max enters and tells her they are going out. Liz agrees, but Max tells Liz to keep things quiet, and not to tell Maria she is leaving. Maria sees them leave anyway. Outside, we see Max and Liz get into a Sebring convertible. Liz questions the new car and Max explains that the Jeep was having transmission problems. They quickly pull away, and the scene shifts to Max in the Jeep with Tess. He is dropping Tess off at the Crashdown, and it is obvious that the Max who took Liz is actually Nasedo.

In the car, Liz asks where they're going. She and Nasedo begin to flirt, and he pulls the car off to the side of the road where the two begin to kiss. Liz begins to have a vision while kissing Nasedo, and unlike the visions she has kissing the real Max, these are of pure evil and darkness. Back at the Crashdown, Maria confronts Michael about Isabel's pregnancy, and Alex does the same with Isabel.

In the Sheriff's office, Valenti catches the new deputy in his file cabinet, and after confronting Fisher about it, learns that he was only trying to help by color coding it. They have a short chat, and Fisher starts to grow on Valenti, who he did not want around in the beginning.

Returning to the Crashdown, we find Max meeting with Michael and Isabel. He tells them that Isabel's pregnancy is not possible, and when Michael goes to tell Maria that it was just a "false alarm", she notices Max, and asks if Liz has been informed about everything. He answers that he hasn't seen Liz since that morning, and Maria disagrees, saying she saw him sweep Liz away before.

Still off to the side of the road, we see Nasedo get out of the car and he walks towards the back of the trunk. Liz, disturbed by the kiss, does not get out. While Max is opening the trunk, Liz's cell phone starts to ring. She answers it to find Max on the other end. She does not believe it at first, and looks back to see Nasedo with a dead body in hand, walking towards her side of the car. He drops the body and snatches the phone away from Liz, ending the call. Liz realizes that the Max she is looking at has actually shape-shifted into Nasedo. She becomes very frightened and says, "You're not Max, are you?" Nasedo replies, "Now you know." As the car pulls away, we see Nasedo's hand print on the body.

At the Crashdown, the gang has grouped together and decided they have to find Liz. Max suggests they let Valenti in on their identity so that he can help them find Liz. Michael disagrees, and Maria suggests that they trick Valenti into thinking the actual Max has kidnapped Liz, that way he'll go looking for Liz and Max and find Liz and Nasedo instead.

Nasedo explains to Liz that he is Mr. Harding and in order to draw the FBI to him, he has shape-shifted into Max. At a gas station, Nasedo gets out and puts his hand on the gas pump. After rising the temperature dramatically, it explodes as he and Liz drive away. He explains that this is his "second clue".

As they're about to leave in order to find Liz, Michael grabs Tess off the street, asking her to give him answers. She has no idea what is going on, but Michael explains in the car. Fisher, who was left behind when Valenti took off to find Liz, stops the car for speeding. Fisher was about to write a ticket, but Isabel explained they would never speed again, so he let them off the hook. We see Fisher walk inside and at the fax machine, pictures of Max are being printed out. It is now obvious that Fisher is actually Agent Pierce.

All the while, Nasedo drags Liz to a carnival where he explains he is waiting for Pierce. The Sheriff arrives at the first crime scene while Tess urges them not to stop because she sees men from a special unit of the FBI with Valenti. At the carnival, Nasedo decides to leave his third and final "clue" by creating a source of light in the sky, which happens to be a symbol on the communicator which Max, Isabel, and Michael possess. In the Jeep, the gang notices the symbol while Liz escapes from Nasedo while he is distracted. Escaping to a merry-go-round where she can see everything around her, it is only a matter of minutes before Nasedo finds her. She jumps off of the merry-go-round and runs into a nearby fun house.

The gang arrives at the circus and Max sees Valenti, already there, follow Nasedo into the fun house. He follows Valenti. Inside there are many different mirrors which create an optical illusion, making it appear as though you are standing next to someone when looking into the mirror. We see the two special unit agents and Agent Pierce (formerly Fisher) enter the fun house. The begin shooting at Max everywhere they see him, and finally, Max and Nasedo find each other. It appears as though the real Max finds Liz, but it is just an illusion, like the fun house. Nasedo makes his way out with Liz and the two escape to a nearby bus. Back in the fun house, it appears to us that Nasedo is being locked up by the agents.

On the bus, the two kiss, and once again, Liz realizes that it is Nasedo, and not Max. After confronting him, he shape-shifts into a clown, and leaves Liz on the bus, explaining he is going to find the real Max. Liz leaves the bus in tears, and bumps into Isabel and the rest of the gang. Isabel asks her if she is all right and she replies, "They have Max."

We next find Max in a white room with no apparent doors or ways of escape. Inside a neighboring room we see Pierce who is watching Max struggle to find a way out. Asked if he'd like to see Max, Pierce declines, letting him have a "few hours of sleep".


Max wakes up, finding himself in the white room. He has been sleeping in a corner of the room, when suddenly, the voice of Agent Pierce beams over a loud speaker. Max rises, and Pierce starts to question Max about his true identity. When Max fails to cooperate with Pierce, he is locked into a chair, and injected with an unknown substance.

Behind the Crashdown, Liz, Isabel, Michael, and Tess question whether Max is still alive. Tess explains that the FBI will not kill him because they need to study him. Liz hears Maria and Alex, and runs inside to tell them what has happened. Liz asks Tess where Nasedo is, but she does not know, and tells the group that he has never left her alone this long. Isabel suggests it would be best to find Max on their own. While developing a plan, Liz recommends that they look for help in Valenti, but Michael and Tess disagree.

Tess suggests that Isabel and Michael use their powers, instead. Michael explains that they are not very advanced, but Isabel illustrates her "dreamwalking" ability to Tess anyway. Liz begs Isabel to try and contact Max this way.

Meanwhile, Max wakes up to find a man in a suit operating his mechanical chair. The man, who is Pierce, positions Max so that he is at eye level with him. Max figures out that Pierce is the same deputy who had pulled him over for speeding when the gang was trying to save Liz from Nasedo. Pierce explains to Max that his respiratory and circulatory systems, as well as his bone structures are human, but adds that his blood cells are anything but human. He then explains a number of cases in which FBI agents have been killed and a signature "silver hand print" has been left. Pierce believes that Max is somehow connected to these murders, but Max does not know what he is talking about. He also tells Max about his experience in the FBI, and adds that he has been studying the crash paperwork, and knows exactly what Max is. It is also revealed at this time that Nasedo has escaped from the same facility which Max is being kept in. Max is then questioned about the communicator, but refuses to tell Pierce how it works. Pierce decides to "drug" Max again, and leaves him in alone in the room.

At Liz's, Isabel "dreamwalks" into the white room. Here, she finds Max chained up and asks Max to reveal where his is. He can't answer her, but through visions, Isabel is able to peace together that the deputy, or Agent Pierce, has taken Max to some type of hospital. The dream ends abruptly, and in a panic, Isabel explains the dream to the others. Isabel tries to figure out where Max might be, and remembers seeing a symbol which was presented in one of Max's visions.

The group goes to the UFO center, where Isabel identifies the clue Max left as the logo of the Eagle Rock Military Base, a place where the surviving aliens were taken after the crash. Liz once again suggests they go to Valenti for help, but Michael refuses to let her, and Tess, Michael, and Isabel decide that they will go to the base in order to save Max. Tess explains that Liz, Maria, and Alex are liabilities and that it would be best if they didn't follow.

Michael, Isabel, and Tess arrive at the military base, and sneak through a building until they come to a security gate. They watch as an FBI agent opens the gate using his fingerprint.

Back at the Crashdown, the Sheriff enters and sits with Liz, Maria, and Alex. Valenti questions them about the carnival, but Liz explains that she cannot answer his questions.

After being injected with more chemicals and thrown into a tub, Pierce uses electric shock therapy in order to make Max speak. He does not cooperate, and once again, falls asleep.

At the same time, Michael, Isabel, and Tess see a body being wheeled around the building. They become very paranoid, thinking it is Max, and follow the two attendants wheeling the body around.

Back at the Crashdown, Liz decides she has to go after Max. Maria and Alex beg her not to go, but she ignores them.

At the base, Michael, Isabel, and Tess see the body rolled into a morgue, and after the two attendants leave, they investigate. The body is not Max's, but of an agent with a familiar "silver hand print" on his chest. It is obviously the agent Nasedo killed before kidnapping Liz. Suddenly, an FBI agent walks in, and Michael goes to attack him, but the agent uses some special power to knock him off his feet. The agent then shape-shifts into Nasedo. Nasedo explains to them that it is very dangerous they are here, and shape-shifts back into the agent in order to escort them out of the building.

Liz arrives at Valenti's offices, explaining that Fisher is Pierce and that he has taken the actual Max away to the Eagle Rock Military Base. Even though she won't explain everything to the Sheriff, Valenti decides to help her.

Michael, Isabel, Tess, and Nasedo hide after seeing Pierce, and Nasedo decides they must make an escape plan which will enable them to save Max. He explains that he'll need Michael to come with him in order to get through the security gate, and that it's up to Isabel and Tess to use their powers afterwards. He gives them a time frame in which to do this.

Back in the white room, Max wakes up, and using his strength to release himself, attacks Pierce. Pierce informs him that he should not try to use his powers because they have injected him with something that temporarily disables the powers. Pierce then decides that physical torture is not working and takes a new approach at the situation. He sits Max back down, this time putting a virtual reality simulation machine on his head. Pierce gives Max an ultimatum, explaining that if he does not help him to use the communicators, he will kill all of his friends. Using the virtual reality simulator, he shows Max an image of Liz dying. Max screams, but Pierce explains they have not actually killed her. Max tells him that he does not know where the other communicator is, but Pierce tells Max that Agent Topolsky informed him that it is in Max's possession. Max finally breaks down, and tells Pierce where the other communicator is hidden.

Michael and Nasedo return to the morgue where Nasedo explains that Michael is capable of more powers than he has. He questions Nasedo's ability to shape-shift, and Nasedo tells him that because he does not have an alien body, he is unable to do so. Nasedo tries to show Michael how to copy the agent's fingerprint, but he becomes frustrated, and is unable to do so. Suddenly, they hear an agent outside, and Nasedo tells Michael that he must copy the fingerprint by the time the agent makes his way to the morgue. At the last second, Michael is able to copy the fingerprint, and Nasedo kills the agent. After killing the agent, Nasedo shape-shifts into him, and in a witchlike manner, dresses Michael in a suit.

Pierce brings in the other orb to Max, but Max truthfully explains he does not know how to use them. Pierce does not believe him, and threatens to take Max apart piece by piece, while keeping him conscious.

Meanwhile, Nasedo and Michael slip through the security system, but Michael's identity is almost blown when another FBI agent sees them. The agent approaches, but believes that Michael is an agent who recently transferred to the base.

When the time frame appears, Isabel dreamwalks into Max's mind and explains the plan for his escape. She also tells Max to give any information he wants, just as long as he is kept busy. Back in the white room, Max begins to play with the communicators, and informs Pierce they take time to work. Suddenly, Pierce sees what appears to be a bomb, but actually his mind is being altered by Tess's powers. She is making him see something that is not real, and as he becomes distracted by this, Michael and Nasedo break into the white room, and Michael is able to sneak Max out just in time. An alarm has been set off by the entry of the room, and a group of agents go to investigate, finding the agent Nasedo killed near the morgue. Nasedo stays in the room, telling Michael he must kill Pierce. Unfortunately, the group of agents find Pierce and Nasedo in the room, and begin to shoot at him.

Michael carries Max to the security gate, and as the agents are shooting at Nasedo, Pierce tries to follow them. Michael uses his fingerprint to open and close the gate, and at the other side, meets up with Valenti. Pierce comes to the closed gate and sees Michael escaping with Max, but is unable to open the security gate because of the blood on his hand.


Sheriff Valenti and Michael carry Max past the gate of the military base, and Liz, Maria, Alex, Isabel, and Tess meet up with them. When Tess sees that Nasedo is not with Michael, she becomes very worried. Valenti tells them they have to split up and meet at Galinas, a mine which is no longer in use. Liz helps Max over to her car, and Michael, Isabel, Maria, Alex, and Tess pack into the Jeep. Valenti pulls away in his cop car.

While driving, Liz asks Max what happened inside the military base, but he is not able to answer her. All of a sudden, we hear gun shots, and Liz begins to scream as bullets shatter the glass towards the back of the car. Behind them, in a red hummer, Pierce and another agent are following them. Max ducks in time to dodge a couple of bullets, and Liz swerves off to the side of the road. Once the car has come to a stop, she helps Max out, and they escape in the brush. Pierce spots them, but stays in the Jeep. Liz and Max make their way through the woods until coming to another road, which they start to walk up. Behind them, we hear the FBI hummer, and in no time, Liz and Max are surrounded by cars. Max quickly spots an escape, which happens to be a bridge right in front of them. The two walk up on the ledge to the bridge, but hesitate after seeing the height of the fall. The two kiss, and we see them jump off the ledge together.

We next find Max and Liz emerge from the water and Liz leads Max through a series of drainage tunnels until she spots a bus where the two can hide. She assures Max that they are safe in the bus, and begins to kiss him. While kissing him, she has a vision of the torture Pierce put Max through at the military base.

In the jeep, Tess argues with Michael whether or not they should return to the base in order to find Nasedo. Michael informs her that Nasedo might not have made it out alive. Tess then tells Michael that they have the power to save Nasedo, but must return to the base so that they can find his body. Isabel, Alex, and Maria urge Michael not to turn back, and so they continue on to the mine to meet Liz, Max, and Valenti.

In the bus, Liz asks Max if Nasedo was right when he told her that Tess was his destiny. Max reassures her that they are meant to be together, and that even though Tess may have been his destiny, he loves her, and they will be together.

Valenti arrives at the mine, and the rest of the gang shows up as he is lighting a lantern. Michael asks where Max and Liz are, and Valenti says that they have not arrived yet. Isabel explains that is impossible because they took the shortest way. Valenti decides he will retrace the route, and Michael volunteers to go with him. The others are to stay there.

Back in the bus, Max and Liz wake to the sound of a truck. They leave the bus, and the sound gets closer and closer. In the car, Michael asks Valenti why he is helping them and he replies, "There is a right side and a wrong side to this, and I don't feel that Pierce is on the right side." He also tells Michael that it would be nice to have someone look after his boy when he is in trouble, implying that somehow the favor will be replied, and at the same time, foreshadowing what is to come.

Off to the side of the road, Michael spots Pierce chasing Liz and Max in the hummer, and just as they are about to be caught by Pierce, Valenti stops the car, and Michael uses a power to blind Pierce. This power is obviously a new one, considering we have never seen it before. Valenti watches. The Sheriff, Michael, Liz, and Max all climb into the car, and Valenti pulls away.

They arrive back at the mine, and Michael and Liz go inside while Valenti questions Max about his true identity. He also makes the assumption that Isabel and Michael are aliens, and Max explains to him that they don't know where they're from or why they're here on earth. Max begs that they can trust Valenti, as he had promised earlier.

Inside the mine, Tess explains that Michael's power was caused by the negative energy he produced, and the way in which he chose to use it. Michael then informs the rest of the gang that Valenti now knows the secret. Max enters the mine, and the group decides they must make do something. Michael suggests they run as Tess has in the past, but Max says that they must take their lives back by fighting the FBI.

Outside, Valenti picks up a radio conversation between Deputy Fisher (Pierce) and another officer. Pierce tells the officer that the Sheriff has not checked in a while, and that someone is looking after Kyle at his house. Valenti assumes it is an agent. At Valenti's home, Kyle questions the agent but the agent does not give him very much information about his father's disappearance.

Outside the Crashdown, we see Liz and Tess waiting in a car while an agent watches them. Around the corner, Michael and Isabel spot the agent and walk right in front of him. Using her powers, Tess makes the FBI agents in the truck and at Valenti's house see Pierce, who tells them that they must leave and go to Hondo, a gas station outside of town.

The agent at Valenti's house informs Kyle he is leaving, but before he does, Max knocks him out and locks the agent in a closet. Kyle, who had a feeling Max was connected to his father's disappearance, questions Max. Max tells him his father is safe, and he must stay at the house and watch that the agent doesn't escape from the closet. Max leaves, and we see Kyle follow him, spotting a gun while he picks up his coat.

Valenti walks in on Fisher (Pierce), who is reading a magazine. Pierce informs him that he is leaving. Valenti doesn't care much about this, but is there to tell Pierce something important. He tells Pierce he is scared for himself and his family, and that he knows of the aliens' plan. Pierce doesn't believe him at first, but when Valenti informs him that they are disabling his agents, and Pierce checks the line to find no answer, Valenti decides to strike a deal with Pierce. Agreeing to the terms, Pierce tells Valenti he wants him to lead him to the aliens.

Outside the UFO center we see Valenti watch Isabel and Tess walk inside the building. Pierce instructs him to shoot the aliens, and suddenly, the outside lights go dead, and next, we find Pierce and Valenti on the ground with guns to their heads.

Michael and Max tie the two up and Valenti is lead to a back room where Michael unties him. Valenti tells Michael that he'll take care of Pierce once Max gets what he needs.

Outside, Max shows Pierce slides of the 1947 crash while using reverse psychological warfare on him. Max asks Pierce a variety of questions, but Pierce refuses to answer. Inside an office somewhere in the building, Liz, Maria, Isabel, Alex, and Tess are hiding out. Tess suggests that Isabel "dreamwalk" but Isabel is skeptic, explaining she has never used the power on someone who has been conscious. After a bit of a struggle, she is finally able to enter Pierce's mind, and we see Nasedo's body being shipped to an air strip where the other bodies are to arrive. Isabel comes out of the "dreamwalk," and tells Tess that Nasedo is dead. Tess tells them that Nasedo cannot die, and that if they use healing stones from an Indian named River Dog, they will be able to bring him back. Maria informs Tess that they already have the stones. Tess then says that all they need to do is find Nasedo's body, and Isabel tells Tess she knows exactly where it is.

Outside, we spot Kyle who finds Agent Pierce tied up. Pierce tricks Kyle into untying him, and tells him that Max and Michael have his father and will return any minute. Pierce spots the gun which Kyle is carrying and then after Kyle has forfeited it to him, Pierce tells him to hide in the back room.

We next see Max, Michael, and Valenti crossing the room which Pierce is being held in. Pierce begins to shoot at them and Valenti pushes Max and Michael out of harm's way. Valenti returns fire but Pierce hides behind a wall. When Valenti is finally out of bullets, Pierce emerges from behind the wall, and just as he is about to shoot at Valenti, Michael uses his power to blind Pierce. Valenti rushes over to Pierce and checks his pulse as Liz, Maria, Isabel, Alex, and Tess come out of the office. Valenti announces that Pierce is dead, but sees his own gun in Pierce's hand. He looks around, and searches the back room, finding Kyle lying on the floor with a gun shot in his chest. Isabel and Liz begin to cry as Valenti begs Max save Kyle.

Using the same power which saved Liz's life, Max is able to save Kyle and not only remove the bullet, but repair all of the damage. Kyle now knows the secret. Tess suggests they leave and go to find Nasedo's body. Michael tells Maria she should get home, but she insists on staying at the UFO center.

After knocking out two FBI agents, Max, Michael, and Isabel are able to find Nasedo's body in a truck, outside of town. They not only leave with the body, but the truck it is being held in.

At the pod chamber, Max, Michael, Isabel, and Tess use the healing stones and Nasedo comes back to life. Tess remarks that she knew he wouldn't leave them, and Nasedo tells her it is not time for them to be left alone. When Michael asks about using the orbs, Nasedo refuses to show them how they are worked. Michael assumes that Nasedo does not know how to use them, and Nasedo says that if they are to use the orbs, it is impossible to predict what will erupt. He leaves the decision to them, and informs them that he is only there to make sure they stay alive. Max suggests the best way of doing this would be to shape-shift and replace Pierce at the FBI special unit. Nasedo agrees with this plan, shape-shifts, and leaves.

Max picks up the orbs, and explains that he has to know what they do. After figuring out how to work them, a special message is sent from them by Max and Isabel's mother. Their mother explains that at one time, they lived, but died in a conflict which enslaves the people on their planet. She also tells them that Max was a leader of these people, and his young bride, Tess, has been sent along with him. Isabel is truly Max's sister, and their mother explains that she was engaged to Michael. Once informing them about their origins, their mother lets them know that their enemies have arrived on earth and that they are to fight these enemies in order to return home and free their people.

The message ends, and Tess begins to kiss Max, telling him that she knew they were meant to be together. Max pushes her aside and finds Liz, who has been close by. Liz is obviously upset, and tells Max that she cannot stand in the way of his destiny any longer. She kisses him and says "good-bye." She then exits the pod chamber, and Max chases after her. After noticing that she is being followed, Liz begins to run down the side of the mountain, and before Max is able to catch her, Michael stops him.

All around the country, from big cities to small farms, we begin to see white flashes of light, and in the background, we hear a faint beeping sound. In a car, we see a man (Howie Dorough) holding an object, which is making the beeping noise, and producing these flashes of light.

"It has begun," he explains.



The episode begins outside of Roswell in the desert. A faint beeping sound can be heard and as the sound becomes more apparent we realize that it is that of a metal detector. The man using the metal detector finds an area of interest and begins to dig. Meanwhile, Max Evans can be found at a therapist's office. The therapist battles with Max for some kind of explanation of his troubles, but Max refuses to let his guard down. The therapist assures Max his problems are just that of the average teenager. Max disagrees, and begins to explain that he is an alien hybrid. He adds on this by explaining the course of events that have taken place over the last year, leaving off with Michael, Sheriff Valenti, and himself burying the body of Agent Pierce somewhere in the desert. It becomes apparent that Max is daydreaming, and as he comes to, the therapist asks him if he has anything to say at all? He replies that his problems are just “normal teenage stuff.”

In the desert, we see the man dig out a bone. It appears to be human.

The show returns to the Crashdown where Max, Isabel, Maria, and Alex are watching a “Congressional Subcommittee Inquiry” on TV. The congress is holding a hearing before they vote on whether or not to keep the “Special Unit” of the FBI open. A respected congressman scolds Agent Pierce (the shape-shifted Nasedo) for wasting $17 million. The congress begins to vote on whether or not to keep the “Special Unit” open, and the decision is almost anonymous, except for one vote. That vote belongs to Congresswoman Vanessa Whitaker. She explains to the committee of an unexplained death involving a non-human element, Cadmium-X. The group begins to dissemble after the vote is in. Maria explains she has to get changed because her shift is starting soon. Max sticks around to talk to her, asking if Liz has returned yet. Maria tells him that she has not returned since the last time he asked her, an hour ago. Maria then explains to Max that he has been blown off, and that if he wants Liz back he should “play it cool” and let Liz come to him.

At a booth outside, we find Isabel and Alex talking. Alex is trying to figure out what movie they should go see, but Isabel does not seem too interested. Suddenly, the man from the desert approaches them. He asks where he would be able to find the Sheriff and Isabel asks him why he would be looking for the Sheriff at all.

At Valenti's office, we find the man handing the bone over to the authorities. Valenti questions the man on where he found it, and he replies outside of town near the highway. The man explains that he was geological surfing and used a fancy metal detector which was only supposed to find pieces of metal. The Sheriff thanks him for bringing the bone to his attention, and the Deputy assures the Sheriff that he will get an investigating team out there right away.

At Michael's, Tess is teaching him how to use (and control) his powers by blowing up rocks with his mind. Max and Isabel enter, and Max explains to Tess that Nasedo is finished with the “Special Unit” in Washington and should be returning shortly. Michael questions Max and Isabel's visit, and Isabel explains they believe that the geologist has found Pierce's remains out in the desert. Max assures Michael that Valenti is taking care of the situation, and Michael asks if they should contact Nasedo. Max disagrees with Michael's reasoning, and assures him there is no need to panic.

At the investigation site, we see a group of police and forensics detectives sorting through and looking for evidence. The Deputy approaches Valenti with the evidence that he has found: a pocketknife. Michael overlooks as the investigation continues, and starts to run, only to trip. On the ground, he notices a glove, and as he picks it up, it vanishes in his hand.

In town, Michael and Isabel debate whether or not they should checkup on the geologist. Max explains that Valenti has authorized his degree and whereabouts, but Isabel still insists on making sure he's all right. Max spots Liz on the street, and asks her how her summer went. He explains that he thinks everything is almost over. Liz replies that she hopes it's true. Max then explains that he has no feelings for Tess, and has made it clear to her. He tells Liz that she looks great, and she explains she has a job interview. Congresswoman Whitaker interrupts and Liz leaves Max on the street for the job interview.

Back at Valenti's office, Michael has been brought in for questioning. The Sheriff asks Michael if he recognizes the knife, which has been linked to him by fingerprints. Valenti makes up a story about Michael and himself meeting in the desert after Michael was caught in the act of some illegal activities. The Deputy does not become suspicious at all, and Valenti even pulls out a fake police report he wrote on Michael. He then scolds Michael, and later dismisses him. Michael walks to a public telephone and calls Nasedo, telling him that they have a “code red.”

Isabel finds her way to the campsite of the geologist, and explains that she is interested in the bones he dug up, and even finds his job quite romantic. The geologist explains he is testing the area for nuclear activity which may have dated back as early as the 1950s.

At Valenti's office, Congresswoman Whitaker lets Valenti listen to a tape in which she is having a conversation with Agent Pierce. She explains that he started lying to her after he returned to Washington, and Valenti advises her not to waste too much energy looking for aliens. The Deputy barges in and tells the Sheriff that he has some information on the murder victim. We then find Valenti and Whitaker at the coroner's office, examining the bones. The coroner points out that one side of the man's ribcage has been fused together, and that the only logical explanation for this is that a nuclear reaction or sudden and unthinkable burst of energy has occurred. Valenti orders an investigation, and tells Whitaker that she should probably return to her office. The Deputy points out that it might be a smart idea to bring Michael back in for questioning.

At Michael's, a loud knock on the door wakes him up, and after getting out of bed, he finds Valenti at his door with handcuffs in hand. Valenti informs Michael that he is under arrest and reads him his rights.

Pierce enters the Crashdown, walks into the bathroom, and shape-shifts back into Nasedo (or what we know to be Nasedo.) Nasedo walks out of the bathroom and meets the Sheriff, Max, Tess, Maria, Isabel, and Alex in the back room. Max explains their situation and Valenti insists on knowing how far the information has been leaked, and who he must kill. Liz overhears this and walks downstairs. Max orders Nasedo not to kill anyone, and Nasedo informs him that the feds know of Cadmium-X, and will torture Michael if it is found present on the body's bones.

At Whitaker's office, Liz is organizing her stuff, and the congresswoman insists that she go home. Liz refuses, and Pierce enters. Whitaker questions his visit, and in explaining, it is obvious that a sexual relationship between the two is present. Whitaker asks Liz to lock up, and she agrees. Pierce and Whitaker leave together. Liz opens the door to the hiding spot where Max has been hiding, and he explains they don't have a lot of time. Liz disagrees, saying that they won't be returning anytime soon.

Max and Liz search Whitaker's office, finding nothing. Liz asks Max about Cadmium-X, and he explains that it is an isotope of Cadmium that was created when Michael killed Pierce. It is also the feds way of linking Michael to the murder. Liz asks if he checked the new Particle Physics Lab, and Max explains he hasn't. Liz then explains that the lab does work that would be related to whether or not Cadmium-X is extraterrestrial, and Max makes sure to check it out as a point of interest.

Max meets Nasedo on the street, and explains the bones are being delivered to the lab the following day. Nasedo assures him he will be there. Nasedo walks towards his car, and notices what appears to be a bone on the street.

At the lab, Whitaker & Co. prepare to test the bones for Cadmium-X. Isabel uses her looks as a diversion to sneak Max into the building. When the coast is clear, he enters, and notices that there are about eight people, including Whitaker, in the lab. He calls Tess and explains she must use her mind diversion power. She is skeptic, but assures Max she won't let him down.

Tess begins to use her mind altering power as the workers in the lab fire up the engines to test for Cadmium-X. Max opens the vault in which the bones are located in, and Whitaker does not see a thing. While in the chamber, the accelerator is fired up, and knocks Max off his feet. He battles to make it to the table where the bones are being held, and just as the bones are about to be scanned, Max changes the molecular formula, erasing all the traces of Cadmium-X, and escaping with ample time to escape the building.

The results are printed out almost instantaneously. They say that no traces of Cadmium-X have been found, and the lab chemist assures Whitaker that the results are conclusive. He explains that during the scan, it was determined the bones had been buried for over 40 years, since the time which the radioactive activity in the Roswell area began. Whitaker tells the chemist she believes something is not right.

Back at the Crashdown, Max explains why he aged the bones (to relieve the suspicion of Michael in the murder), and returns his pocketknife at the same time.

Katherine, the new waitress at the Crashdown interrupts, and Michael reminds them all that they still have to be careful.

After a strange conversation with Liz, Max returns home, and while laying in bed, hears a strange noise. He goes to open his window, and the beaten body of Nasedo falls into his arms. Nasedo explains, “They are among you now,” and dies in Max's arms. Max is unable to heal him.


The episode begins at the Crashdown Cafe. Liz, Maria, Isabel, and Tess are packing in as much summer fun as they can before school starts the following day. Alex and Michael watch. Meanwhile, we see Max running through the streets of Roswell. Maria questions what is going on between Liz and Max, and Liz informs her that "nothing" is going on at all. Maria asks if she had a flash and Liz just seems to giggle. Suddenly, Max runs into the Crashdown. He explains that Nasedo is dead, and Michael suggests that they go to the pod chamber and revive Nasedo with the healing stones. We next find Max, Michael, Isabel and Tess at the pod chamber, but the healing stones do not seem to be working. Max explains that Nasedo told him the "skins are among you" and almost instantaneously, Nasedo's body turns into dust.

The episode returns and we find Kyle getting off a bus at the bus station. He seems to be waiting for quite some time before Valenti arrives to pick him up. Valenti apologizes for being late, and asks him how football camp was. Kyle complains that he is two hours late, and Valenti explains Kyle has returned at a bad time. He further explains the situation with Nasedo, Tess' surrogate father. Kyle becomes angry about having to deal with the "little green men" again, and uses bizarre Buddhist quotes to make a point which Valenti cannot understand.

School has resumed at West Roswell High and Michael speaks with Isabel, telling her that school is a bad place to be, especially because the killer cold be among them. Max says it's best "just to blend in", but on his way to class, he feels he is being followed and uses a new power to protect himself against anything that is potentially dangerous. To his surprise, he only finds a man working in the storage room.

A history teacher recites a lecture about the leadership of John F. Kennedy, and it strangely seems to narrate Max's life as well, during this episode. Max visits the UFO Center after school to find that Brody Davis has bought the UFO Center from Milton. He explains some new changes were going to be made, and lets Max leave for the night. As Max is walking home he bumps into Tess, who is sitting and thinking. She explains that Nasedo warned her about him not being around anymore.

Meanwhile, in Maria's car, Maria catches Max and Tess walking down the streets of Roswell on what looks like a date. As Max and Tess return to Tess' house, they hear a sound of broken glass and Max runs through the house to see if he can catch someone or something. Whoever/whatever escapes through the back gate and Tess explains it might have just been a robber. Max disagrees, picking up a piece of "skin" which disintegrates as he touches it.

At Valenti's house, Max and Tess inform him that they need his help. Kyle wakes up to find Tess sleeping on his living room couch. They share a moment of sexual tension as Tess explains she now lives with them.

Meanwhile, at Congresswoman Whitaker's office, Liz can be found doing some work. Whitaker enters, and asks if she has any messages, particularly any from Agent Pierce. Liz assures her Pierce has not called, but then renages on this, telling her he has called. She then explains he left a nasty voicemail saying their relationship was over, and that he was never coming back to Roswell.

Max returns to the UFO Center that night, and while repairing something, notices a door marked "Employees Only." He enters a mysterious room where a computer program has been left on. The program reveals that Brody knows about the pulse sent out from the orbs. He spots an alien like transmitter on Brody's desk, and as he goes to pick it up, Brody scalds him. Brody questions what Max is doing in the room, and he explains that he was "just curious." Brody fires him, and Max leaves, confused and scared.

Liz shows a cold shoulder towards Maria after she desperately tries to mend their relationship. After Maria leaves, Liz hears a strange noise and goes into Whitaker's office to investigate. She finds Whitaker in there, shredding important alien documents and drinking. They talk about love and relationships, and Whitaker praises Liz for walking away from the relationship. Liz reveals Tess got in the way of their relationship, and as Liz goes to answer the phone, Whitaker shows a bundle of interest in the name.

Meanwhile, at Valenti's house, Kyle walks into his room to find Tess wearing his football jersey. Tess reveals she knows about Kyle being a Buddhist, and Kyle exclaims that the whole "alien" thing has made him question life. Kyle insults Tess, and she becomes angry.

At the school, Max, Isabel, and Michael question Milton selling the UFO Center and whether or not Brody killed both him and Nasedo. Michael suggests they break into the UFO Center and steal the alien transmitter but Max disagrees, and informs Michael they will be doing nothing of the sort.

That night, we find Michael lurking about the UFO Center. In a different room, Brody is holding the transmitter which releases some kind of signal, as Michael gets closer to him. Michael is knocked to the ground by the signal, but gets up and runs out before Brody can catch him.

At Michael's, Max criticizes Michael's decision before Isabel suggests that they make a decision on what to do about Brody. Isabel reasons that they must kill Brody since he is using an alien weapon and because he was probably the person who killed Nasedo.

Max talks with Maria about his "leadership" problems before returning to the UFO Center with Michael and Isabel. There, Max explains, "they can't do this", and Max uses his force field power to stop Isabel and Michael from killing him. Isabel questions him, and Max explains he will face Brody himself.

In his office, Max, who questions his presence in Roswell, interrupts Brody. Brody does not seem to want to answer his questions, but reveals, "he is one of them." Max questions what he wants, and Brody exclaims, "to make contact." When Brody goes into further detail, he reveals that he is not an alien himself, but has been abducted by aliens before. Max is relieved, and Brody believes that Max has been abducted as well. Max just smiles. In the other room, Isabel and Michael listen to their conversation. Max questions the transmitter, and Brody explains he bought it a while ago, and on May 14th, a signal went off. It is clear that Brody is harmless, and so, the alien trio leaves. Outside, someone is watching them.

Back at the Crashdown, Isabel and Max explain the situation to Tess and Alex. Kyle enters, and informs Tess about their "temporary" living conditions before explaining she can have his room. Liz walks into the Crashdown and Max spots her. Liz feels awkward and walks right past him. Max pursues her, and tells her that he loves her and will be coming for her, and her only. He then sits back down, and Tess informs Max that their problems have not ended because Nasedo's killer is still out there somewhere.

The new waitress asks if Maria will cover for her, and walks into the bathroom. She peels a layer of skin off her face, flushes it down the toilet, and leaves.

Review: This episode was very effective in shaping the season. Many believe the show got off to a rocky start with it's season two opener, but I believe this episode was much better. The actors seemed in better character, and the storyline was much more interesting than that of the last episode. I believe the season is shaping up well, and a promising future is in store for Roswell.


The episode begins quickly with Isabel searching an unidentified place with a flashlight. Isabel finds a beaten up Tess and carries her through a building to a room where they can be safe. Isabel closes and locks the door in this room, but from behind the door, we can see a light, and the bolts come undone. The door opens, and we cannot see who's outside, but Isabel can see this person, and exclaims, "It's you."

Two hours earlier: Isabel walks through the Crashdown doors to find a surprise party with all of her friends and family in attendance. Her mother explains Max has planned it for her, and she thanks him despite everything that has been "going on." In the back room we find the new waitress fixing drinks for the guests, except she does not manually pour the soda into the cups. Isabel is outside talking with her mother about how she was so surprised, and her mother questions her choice of clothing: a fancy dress. Isabel explains that she did not know about the party, and the geologist (from episode "Skin & Bones") enters the Crashdown, presenting Isabel with purple roses, which also happen to be her favorite. While talking with the geologist, Isabel notices he is bleeding and wipes off the blood from his cut. Isabel has a strange flash as she glances at the bloodstain on the napkin, which she used to wipe the blood off of, and the geologist explains that it is probably a bad time for a date. After leaving, both Isabel's mother and Max inform Isabel they need to have a "little bit of a talk." Isabel has another flash and drops the glass she has been holding. The new waitress runs to her side and helps her clean it up.

Meanwhile, at Whitaker's office, Liz is working and listening to a CD at the same time. These CD's are Whitaker's, and as Liz goes to put them back, she locks a drawer so that Liz will not place them there. Whitaker tells her to get home, and Liz mentions she will be attending a party. Whitaker insists on coming, and as she "freshens up", Liz picks the lock on the mysterious drawer she has locked, finding a CD labeled "Liz Parker". She takes the CD out of its case and begins listening to it before Whitaker returns. The CD is obviously of a conversation between her and Maria.

Back at the Crashdown, Max catches Isabel leaving the geologist a message. Max forbids her to see him, and Isabel explains that she will not bow down to him as if he is king. She instantaneously has another flash, and when Max questions it, Isabel explains she has had a headache on and off all day. Maria interrupts; telling her a policeman is waiting outside.

Isabel follows Maria to find Alex dressed up in a policeman uniform. He begins a striptease before bumping into Isabel's mother. In the back room, Michael is preparing a cake for Isabel. The new waitress interrupts him, and criticizes the way his cake looks and tastes. It is apparent that she is hitting on Michael, but he tries to avoid her as much as possible. Maria interrupts, and the two share a couple moments of jealousy and hatred towards each other.

Max lights the cake, and as the rest of the party wishes her a happy birthday, Isabel has flashes of Tess begging for her help. In the next scene, we find Isabel explaining her flash to Max and Michael. Liz and Maria interrupt and inform the group of the recordings Whitaker has made of her, Max advises that Michael go to her office and try to find something while he and Valenti search for Tess on their own. Isabel protests to having to stay behind and "baby-sit" Whitaker, but Max tells her he will take care of it.

Outside, Isabel talks with Whitaker, and when her mother notices how uneasy her daughter feels, she suggests that Isabel open her gifts. Isabel agrees, opening a small box first. Inside, a small, green alien can be found. Isabel is upset by the joke, but no one confesses to giving the gift. As she opens another gift, Isabel has another flash involving Tess, and informs her mother that she has a bad headache and wants to take some aspirin. While in the back room, Maria agrees to take Isabel out to look for Tess, and Isabel asks Liz to stay in the Crashdown and cover for her.

In Tess' room, we find Max and Valenti searching for any clues that could lead to Tess' whereabouts. They find a suspicious cell phone number on Tess' phone, and call the number, posing as the phone company to find out whom it is listed to. The person on the other line is the geologist. In Whitaker's office, Michael finds a picture of the new waitress just as Whitaker is returning from the party.

Isabel stares at the sign which she has seen many times in her flashes, but no evidence has been left behind to lead her to Tess. On the ground, Isabel notices a piece of skin. She picks it up, and it dissolves in her hand. Isabel suggests they follow the tire tracks, and it leads them to an energy plant. Isabel stops at the gate, and tells Maria that she must go in. Maria listens to Isabel's order, and returns to find Max and Michael.

In the geologist's hotel room, we see Max and Valenti looking for clues that could trace Tess' disappearance to him. The Sheriff questions the geologist, but he explains himself, and Valenti warns him that if he sees her he should call him.

Outside the Crashdown, Michael questions the new waitress. He shows her the picture, which he has obtained from Whitaker's office, and she tells him to leave her alone. When Michael finally breaks her down, she confesses that she had a relationship with Whitaker's stepson. When her stepson got into some trouble, she went to a correctional facility, and to get out, promised that she would never see him again. Maria pulls up to find Michael and the new waitress talking, and informs him that Isabel is in trouble. He gets in, and they pull away.

The next scene brings us back to the opening of the episode in which we find Isabel searching the energy plant with a flashlight. Isabel finds a beaten up Tess and carries her through a building to a room where they can be safe. Meanwhile, Michael calls Max and Valenti from the road, and Liz follows suit by trying to call everyone. Isabel's mother interrupts her, and Liz explains that she returned home after spilling something on her dress. Back at the energy plant, Isabel closes and locks the door to the room in which they are hiding in, but from behind the door, we can see a light, and the bolts come undone. The door opens, and this time we see Whitaker emerge from the hallway.

Whitaker explains that she made the mistake in taking Tess. She was actually after Isabel, whom she mistook for Tess because they didn't recognize her from the "other life." Isabel asks what Whitaker wants with her, and she explains that she needs to find the granolith, which they have been hiding from, in order to survive on Earth. She then further explains that Isabel helped to save her in a past life, and that history always repeats itself. Isabel refuses to listen, but Whitaker tells her on her home planet, her name was Valandra, and that she was even more beautiful than she is now. She also explains that Isabel betrayed her brother and her race for someone she loved. Isabel does not remember, but does not listen to Whitaker, and picks up Tess. Whitaker uses a power to knock the couple to the floor, but Isabel escapes by breaking through a window, and finding her way to the top of the building. Whitaker follows them, and when Tess can no longer move, Isabel and her stop to catch their breath. Whitaker picks up some kind of electrical cord, and uses her power to start a fire, which she threatens Isabel with. From a distance, we can hear Max scream Isabel's name. Isabel uses her power to force Whitaker away from them, and at a breaking point, the cord snaps, resulting in an explosion. Maria, Michael, Max, and Valenti arrive at the scene, and Valenti carries Tess out to the car. Before getting in, Michael asks what happened, and Isabel explains that she didn't know she was capable of killing Whitaker.

Isabel asks everyone to leave her alone, and at the pod chamber, Isabel questions her existence on her 18th birthday. In a fit of anger, she throws a rock, which lands, inside one of the pods. As she goes to retrieve it, she notices that behind the pods a large door can be found. She walks towards this door, and it automatically opens. Inside the room, a large object filled with sand can be found. It is the granolith.

Review: An excellent episode in which we learn a lot about Isabel's past, as well as her future. The story lines are starting to come together more and more, and next weeks episode should reveal even more.


The episode begins at the pod chamber. Max, Michael and Tess inspect Isabel's findings: the granolith. Back at school, Max tells Michael that they must return to the pod chamber that night. Maria approaches; making fun of Michael's new haircut, but Michael just blows her off. Liz approaches the two as they walk to class, and asks whether or not she should continue taking calls at Whitaker's office. Michael explains, "not now", and just as Max begins to walk away, Michael's history teacher approaches, telling Michael he is failing the class. He then informs Michael that a report is due Monday. The paper topic is World War II, and the teacher tells Michael that a group of veterans are in town for the weekend, and that a paper should be on his desk by 5:00pm.

We next find Michael meeting with Capt. Hal Carver at a motel outside of town. Hal refuses to answer many of Michael's questions, making the paper very difficult on him. When Michael questions why Carver left the army in the summer of 1947, Carver asks if Michael knows what happened. Jokingly, Michael says, "Yeah. Aliens crashed." Carver makes it seem as though aliens terrorized him, and Michael doesn't believe a thing he says. But when Carver offers to share his tale with Michael, he agrees, and so a flashback to the summer of 1947 begins:

The place is Roswell, New Mexico. Carver, played by Brendan Fehr (Michael on the show), is sleeping at his desk. The phone rings, and a man on the other line informs him there has been a crash, and that it "doesn't look like one of ours".

We next find Carver and his buddy, Richard Dohty (played by Jason Behr, Max on the show) approaching the crash site. We are then introduced to James Cassidy, Carver and Dohty's superior. Carver mentions that Cassidy did not like guys like him at all. We see men in the distance loading boxes onto a truck, and Carver spots something that they drop. He goes and picks it up, puts it in his hand, and it reacts unlike anything he has ever seen. He is then distracted when he hears the voice of a local news reporter. Played by Majandra Delfino, Maria on the show, this news reporter tries to get answers out of Cassidy, but Cassidy refuses to answer and has her, as well as her cameraman dismissed from the premises. The senior intelligence agent, Capt. Sheraton Cabbit (played by Colin Hanks, who plays Alex on the show) pulls up, and orders Carver that he is to take a troop truck directly to Hanger 20, with no stops whatsoever.

In the truck, Dohty questions Carver on whether he believes that the reporter is on to something. Dohty questions whether or not they are being lied to about the crash, but Carver tells him not to worry. Almost instantaneously, some "strange force" takes over the truck, making it skid off the road. When Carver and Dohty go to investigate whether or not anything has fallen off the back, they find a blanket covering something, and open it up to reveal something that the viewer is unable to see.

At a bar, Carver and Dohty discuss what happened earlier that night, and before leaving, Cabbit catches Carver speaking with the news reporter, Betty Esorio. He warns Carver that he should keep away from her.

We then find Carver in his room with "a girl he used to go with", Rosemary. As they start to make out, Carver spots a man watching them outside his window. Carver chases this man away, and we find him back in the office getting ready to work the next day. Betty Esorio enters and escorts him to Evan (played by Shiri Appleby, Liz on the show). Once Carver realizes that their date is not a date, but a set up for one of Esorio's news stories, he leaves, and we find him next as his girlfriend's house. Rosemary explains that military police came to her house, and Carver barges into Cassidy's office in order to get the story straight from him. Cassidy warns him to "watch himself", and dismisses Carver to telegram letters to families of officers who were killed in a jeep accident the previous morning.

While sending the telegram, Carver becomes frustrated and calls up Evan White, who he decides would be good to talk to without Esorio around. She explains she is being transferred to London, and Carver tells her to meet him at the bus station that night. The scene shifts to the bus station where White explains what she saw at an autopsy performed on the crash members. White leaves to board the bus, and Carver hears a scream.

Back at the base, Carver locates a confidential file on Cassidy's desk after speaking with his secretary. The picture is of a dead man with the "silver handprint" noticeable on his chest. When Carver returns to the base, Carver tries to gain access to an off-limits area but Dohty restricts him and tells him he must leave. Carver obeys, and so to spite Dohty, he decides to speak with the newspaper reporter. They both exchange information, and when Carver releases the information about the "jeep accident", Esorio becomes concerned. He hands her a confidential file and explains that everything is in there. Esorio asks whether or not he'd be willing to go on record: the decision can make him a hero or place a scarlet letter "T" on his chest.

Back at the bar, we find Dohty depressed and drunk. He admits that he is a coward, and informs Carver that he has "seen stuff", which makes him wonder if he's on the good side now. Carver tells him to check the morning paper, and offers a ride home. The two exchange a handshake, but Carver leaves without him. Suddenly, a disguised Capt. Cabbit makes his way to the seat next to Dohty. He congratulates Dohty on doing a good job, but Dohty does not seem happy with what he has just done.

The next day we find Carver walking out of a general store, and as he glances at the paper he has just bought, he realizes that the story was never printed. When he tries telephoning Esorio, an operator explains that she is "not in" and so Carver returns to his office to find an honorable discharge notice on his desk. When he goes to question Cassidy, he finds Dohty in his office instead, and Dohty explains that he is now "holding down the fort". The two fight over Dohty ratting him out, and after offending Carver, Dohty receives a punch from Carver. Dohty explains that he helped Carver out, and that initially, they wanted to "get rid of him." He then shows Carver pictures of himself and his girlfriend that have been taken by the same person who was spying on them earlier in the episode. Dohty orders Carver to sign the release form before they take it "one step further", and to protect Rosemary, he follows the command.

Carver makes his way to the bar where the bartender informs him that something was left for him during the day. He gives it to Carver, who opens it to find a telephone number and a key. Carver rushes to the phone, dialing the number, which leads him to Betty's sister, who explains that there was a "car accident" earlier yesterday in which Esorio died.

Carver returns to the base with the key that opens a door of interest to him. He then uses another key to gain access to the autopsy room, where he finds a handful of (what we know as) alien pods. He takes a role of film of the corps' as well as two employees, which lie dead towards the back of the room. When he glances up into a mirror, Carver explains he saw a white flash of light, and a sound that was like when something gets between a mother bear and her baby. Carver exits the room, realizing that the aliens were not after them, but after their unborn children. Just as he closes the door, a group of employees come from around the hall, but Carver rings the emergency bell so that they will not enter the room. They chase after Carver who makes his way over a fence to safety.

We find Michael and Carver out in the desert somewhere. Carver is shooting at a group of bottles, breaking each and every one with just a single shot. Michael pleads with Carver, asking what the pods looked like. Carver answers that they looked like "human fetuses", and that the following day, he packed up, left, and never came back. Carver then explains that it was the aliens that were the only things he ever tried to save, and that in the end, it all "went to hell." In a daring act, Michael raises his hand to a group of bottles, which Carver was shooting at, and breaks the remaining three. Carver looks on in awe, and as he tries to light a cigarette, Michael does it for his, using only his index finger. Michael then explains that Carver saved him. The two exchange a hug.

Back at the granolith, Michael explains to Maria the reason why he has not been returning her calls. Hal's story motivates him to apologize to Maria, and he explains to her that she as well as Liz and Alex are very important to him. He then informs her that four pods are out there somewhere. Four pods which Max; Isabel, Tess and he did not come from.


It's 2014, only minutes before "the fall." Max and Liz run into the room where the granolith is held. Both look much different, and are in a great hurry. Liz explains that Max must "do this" and he replies that if does, they'll never see each other again. A tremor suddenly makes the two fall to their feet, and Max sticks an unknown item into the granolith. The granolith practically swallows Max, and we next find him inside the granolith. He is suddenly teleported out of the granolith, and Liz is left to hope only for the best.

Back in the present, we find Liz, Maria, and Alex in Maria's car. The threesome are chatting about their personal lives, and when Liz questions where they are going, Maria answers "to somewhere where all their questions can be answered." It seems as though the fortuneteller does not know what she's talking about when reading Maria and Alex's palms, but is dead on with Liz and her life. The fortuneteller informs Liz that her tarot cards tell her that she will marry her true love, Max Evans.

Because she is so happy with the news the fortuneteller has presented her with, Liz goes home and finds a wedding dress veil which she playfully puts on while saying, "I, Liz Parker, take Max Evans…" Suddenly, a flash of light appears, and the futuristic Max appears on the balcony outside Liz' room.

The futuristic Max explains that he has used the granolith to transport himself to the past (or present), which Liz is living in. Liz refuses to accept the futuristic Max, and even accuses him of being a shape-shifter. But when the futuristic Max predicts the future, Liz begins to believe the futuristic Max. When she questions why he is there, the futuristic Max explains that he can only tell her what she needs to know, and must keep his existence a secret from everyone, especially the present day Max.

At the Crashdown, Michael and Maria discuss their relationship, and the possibility that the new waitress, Courtney, is either an alien or with the government.

The scene changes to Liz and the future Max who can be found in Liz's room. Max explains why he cannot go "directly" to the present day Max to solve the problem, and also informs Liz that the next 48 hours are crucial to the survival of their planet. In those 48 hours, Liz and the present day Max are supposed to fall back in love with each other and become inseparable until the end of the world. Tess, who is Max's destined partner leaves Roswell because of this and the way in which Max treats her, and their "unit", which consists of Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess crumbles without her. Max then reveals that the only way to ensure their survival is to help Max fall out of love with Liz forever.

Brendan drives Courtney home, and she complains about being lonely, but after tempting Michael with a kiss, he decides to follow her inside. At Valenti's house, Tess rips a poster off Kyle's bedroom wall, and he watches in disgust as she paints the letter "Z" over her bed. The two share another one of their sexual tension moments, and even begin to act on it before the doorbell interrupts them. It's Liz, who is looking to speak with Tess. Tess refuses to listen to her at first, probably because her idea is to help her get together with Liz.

At Courtney's, Brendan quizzes her on her presence in Roswell, among other things. He convinces her into taking a shower before having sex, but it is clear Michael uses this to his advantage when he checks the cabinets in her house to find skin moisturizer. There is a knock at the door, and it is Maria, who finds Michael "cheating" with Courtney. When he tries to explain to her that he was trying to investigate Courtney, Maria refuses to listen, and leaves in a huff.

The future Max and Liz watch on as Tess and Max sit at a table inside the Crashdown. Liz questions the future Max about the future, asking if they ever marry, and although he refuses to explain at first, he finally reveals that the two elope when they are 19. He then describes their celebration, just as the scene cuts back to Tess and Max. Max tries to comfort Tess, informing her those things "are not her fault", and Tess agrees, managing to leak that Liz isn't interested in him anymore. Max becomes upset with this comment, but he interrupts this thought when spotting two strangers spying behind the door. Liz hides the future Max just as Max enters to find Liz turning around. Liz apologizes for spying, as well as trying to set them up. Max interrupts her reasoning with a kiss, and Liz explains that they have to "stop doing this". Max becomes upset, and asks Liz if she'll go out with him to a concert on Friday. Liz declines, and asks Max to stop pursuing her. Max explains that he can't.

We find the future Max and Liz in another room of the restaurant. The future Max is angry because Liz allowed herself to kiss the present him, but she replies that it was his fault. Max then explains that in his past, Liz also said no to the concert that night, but that the night of the concert, Max went over her house and things were "cemented". When Liz questions the term, the future Max explains that they made love, but Liz refuses to accept that she would do something like that in that particular stage of her life. Max explains he is only telling her what happened and that they must change the events of the future to ensure their survival.

Back at the Crashdown, we find a teary-eyed Maria. Alex enters to find Maria crying, and asks her to explain what happened. She explains the situation with Michael and Alex tries to comfort her.

At Max's house, we find Liz knocking at the window as Max is working out. Liz explains their lives through a speech of "Romeo & Juliet", making the point that her life is in danger if she stays with him.

Back at the Crashdown, Maria gives her advice to Max on his relationship with Liz. Maria tells Max he is hopeless, just as the other members of the group are. At Liz's, Liz and the future Max wait to see if what Liz did worked. Just as the future Max begins to feel that it has, we see that it really hasn't. He asks Liz to help him further, but she explains she can't because it is "too hard for her". The future Max explains that she must because Michael and Isabel both die as a result of them being together in the future. Liz questions what she can do to tear their present relationship apart.

At the Crashdown we watch as Michael and Isabel joke together. Maria asks Liz what's wrong, and she explains that she cannot explain to her. Liz then shows compassion for her problem with Michael. The scene shifts, and we find Liz at Kyle's door. She explains to him that she needs his help.

At Kyle's, we watch as Liz and Kyle undress. It is obvious that they are trying to trick Max into thinking that they are going to have sex. The future Max speaks his mind, telling Liz that he doesn't think it's a good plan, especially because he would have never been jealous of Kyle. Liz tells him to let them be, and enters Kyle's bedroom, where she explains the "rules" of their procedure to him.

We find Michael at his house. He is watching TV, and Alex barges in. Alex explains that he has really hurt Maria, and just as he does, Courtney shows up. Alex tries to punch Michael for this, but instead, hurts himself. Courtney begins to kiss him, and as they make out Michael realizes that she is a skin. When he confronts her, Courtney runs out, and Michael is unable to catch her.

Back at Liz's, we find Liz and Kyle positioned in bed so that Max will believe they were going to or had made love. As Max approaches the door, the future Max watches, and Liz makes sure that their plan works. We follow a heartbroken Max back to a bench. Tess approaches and sits down.

The scene shifts back to the future Max and Liz. The future Max is heartbroken by having to have watched what he did. Liz explains that she will always love him. Back at the bench, Tess asks Max if he wants to talk about it with her. He tells her he doesn't, and when she asks him if he wants her to leave, he says "no". We find Liz and the future Max back at Liz's. She questions whether the present Max and Tess will be together, and the future Max says they will. Liz wonders if she'll be alone in the future, but the future Max explains that there will at least be a future. Liz asks if he'll dance her wedding dance with him, and he accepts. They dance as Tess comforts Max, and the two share an intimate moment as well. Max spins Liz around as they dance, and all of the sudden he disappears. She is confused at first, but realizes what has just happened, and stares into the sky.

Review: This episode was excellent. The blend of drama and sci-fi was done in a very original and unique manner, making the episode unforgettable. Faced with the dilemma of Max and Liz's futures, Jason Katims & Co. were still able to show that deep down Liz and Max's love for each other is real. We can just hope that the future is not changed in reality, and that Max is truly destined to be with Liz. If you missed this episode, make sure to catch it in repeats.


The episode begins at West Roswell High. Liz and Maria are chatting, and Maria asks if she's OK? Liz replies that she did not get much sleep, and while Maria is walking towards her locker, Michael approaches. Maria does not seem interested in what Michael has to say, but he insists that she listen to him. When he finally gains her attention, he informs Maria that Courtney is a "skin". After school, Max, Isabel, Michael, and Maria meet in a classroom. Max seems distracted by what happened the previous night, but explains that if Courtney truly is a "skin" that she had to be working with Whitaker, and ponders whether or not she knows about Whitaker's death. Maria comments that she does now as a news anchor officially announces Whitaker's death. The news reporter then goes on to discuss Whitaker's death, blaming it on a car crash outside her home town. The gang seems confused, and Tess suggests that the "skins" might be covering Whitaker's actual death from the feds. When asked what to do, Max suggests they pay a visit to Liz.

At Whitaker's office, Liz and the gang find a letter marked "Personal". When they open it to find it pertains to the renewal of a membership, Liz calls the office, which does not disclose any information about itself. Liz then informs the man on the line that Whitaker has died, and Max announces he's going to Arizona. Michael agrees to stay behind in Roswell and look for Courtney. Despite the events, which took place in the last episode, Max requests that Liz come with him because she is the only one appropriately linked to Whitaker.

In the car, we find Max, Isabel, Tess and Liz. Tess has already fallen asleep, and Isabel is about to do the same, but has a daydream of what Whitaker said to her in a previous episode at the power plant. The alien name that Whitaker informed her of, Valandra, seems to ring a bell to the viewer as they realize it is also the name of the organization for which Whitaker had a membership. Liz tells Max to get some sleep, but Max refuses to, explaining that he hasn't slept since the day he saw her and Kyle. Max tries to get Liz to explain, but he is unsuccessful.

Michael and Maria arrive at Courtney's house. They break in to find no one at home. As they begin to snoop around, Maria picks up a piece of skin, which Courtney has shed. When she questions Michael about it, he explains that they are called "skins" because they shed, and Maria becomes disgusted by the piece that she was holding. They continue to snoop around, and when Maria reaches a closet, she opens it up, finding a shrine to Michael with various pictures of him, as well as a tee shirt he lost at work.

Back in the jeep, Max, Liz, Isabel and Tess arrive in Copper Summit, Whitaker's hometown. They stop and ask a man where the main stretch is, and he replies that they have found it. It is apparent that Copper Summit is a ghost town, but then the gang mentions the Universal Friendship League. The man explains that the Universal Friendship League is a member's only thing and Isabel replies that they have been invited. The man points the group in the right direction, walks back inside his shop, and calls someone, telling them that they are on their way.

When they finally arrive at the building, Liz and Tess stay in the car as Max and Isabel get out. Tess asks about Liz's relationship with Kyle, and Liz lies to her in order to make sure that the plan to alter the future works. Max and Isabel reach the door of the Universal Friendship League, finding the coordinator, T. Greere. Greere refuses to give them any information on the organization, but points them towards the Crawford's, Whitaker's family members.

At the Crawford's residence, Liz finds Mrs. Crawford waiting outside, and explains that she is Whitaker's assistant, and feels terrible about her death. When Mrs. Crawford questions why Liz and her friends are in Copper Summit, Liz replies that they have come to drop some of her daughter's personal items off, and so Mrs. Crawford invites them inside.

Mr. Crawford can be found sitting inside the living room, where Max, Liz, Isabel, and Tess have assembled. Mrs. Crawford enters with some snacks and thanks them for coming such a far way for the service. Liz explains that Whitaker was "special" to them, and Isabel explains that she was a mother figure to her. Suddenly, Nicholas, Whitaker's brother enters. His parents tell him to come in and say hello, but he refuses and hides behind a wall. Max suggests they find a hotel, and Mr. Crawford explains that there isn't one. Mrs. Crawford offers her hospitality for the night, and Liz agrees for them to stay.

From the apartment across from Michael's, Maria and Michael try to look out for Courtney. They begin to talk about her and Maria suggests that she has left town. Michael explains that she'll show up "sooner or later" and with these words, the camera shifts and we can find Courtney standing behind them. Michael and Maria begin to interrogate her with questions. Courtney explains that she has been following Michael because even though she is a "skin", she is also a renegade, or a group of "skins" that believe "this all wouldn't have happened if Max wasn't on the thrown." Michael seems confused, and Courtney explains that their planet, at one time, was on the brink of a golden age and that Michael could have been the one to bring the people together in peace, but that since he wasn't on the thrown, and Max was, things fell apart. She then warns Michael not to let history repeat itself. When Michael and Maria question Courtney about what is in Copper Summit, she warns them to stay away from there.

Back in town, we find Liz walking and Max approaches her. He questions Liz about the changes she has been going through lately, and wonders if the feeling of love in his heart is really a lie. Liz protects the future by explaining that she made love with Kyle, and Max becomes upset, and ultimately walks away.

At the Crawford house, Isabel unpacks some of her belongings, and spots Nicholas watching her. Isabel apologizes about his sister's death. When she asks whether or not he knew her real well growing up, he answers that whenever she would come to visit she would make time to be with him. Whitaker would always tell him stories about another world where a revolution was taking place. When Isabel hears about this, she wonders whether or not it has to do with her, and further questions Nicholas, asking if Whitaker ever mentioned Valandra in any of her stories. Nicholas is surprised to see that she knows so much, and Isabel explains that Whitaker used to tell her stories as well. Tess barges in, and Nicholas leaves. Tess explains that she has learned Whitaker was adopted by the Crawford's, so that could mean her parents and brother are actually human. She also informs Isabel that the funeral arrangements are being taken care of by the Universal Friendship League.

Meanwhile, Michael, Maria, and Courtney can be found driving to Copper Summit. Courtney does not think it is a good idea, and suggests that they will be killed. She then explains that her "skin" is actually a "husk" and that the Earth's atmosphere can be deadly to their race. The husks help protect them, and act like a space suit, but are only good for about fifty years, which is why she has begun shedding. Michael comments that once the entire "skins" die, they will be "home free", but Courtney then informs them of "the harvest".

At the Universal Friends League, we can find the gang waiting for Whitaker's funeral to begin. Nicholas gets Isabel's attention, and she leaves the group, explaining she will "be right back". Nicholas leads her to a chamber that is filled with what looks like human corpses, but disappears in the process. Isabel investigates the chamber, and Nicholas reappears. He uses a power and it knocks Isabel out. Isabel awakes to find herself alone in the pod chamber, and notices a door in which she opens. The door reveals a second chamber, and Nicholas appears once again. He says, "Hello Valandra. It's been a long time."

Back at the funeral, Max, Liz and Tess stare at Whitaker's body in the coffin. Liz touches her, and her skin cracks, revealing a large hole, which makes her body appear hollow inside. Max notices Mr. Crawford and other members of the funeral pealing off "skins". As they try to make an exit, Greere stops them, closing the door with some type of power. Greere tries to approach them, but Max uses his force field power.

Nicholas explains to Isabel that it has taken twenty years to harvest a new crop of skin. He then assures her that she is safe with them, and that he will return her to Cavar, who was the leader of the rebellion, and the man who currently sits on their planet's thrown. He then explains to her that in her alien life, when she was Valandra, she betrayed her brother and helped Cavar take over. Isabel refuses to believe him, and she tries to leave, but once again, Nicholas uses a power to stop her. Nicholas asks where the granolith is, but Isabel tells him she does not know what he is talking about. She picks up some type of bar and hits Nicholas over the head with it.

Suddenly, Michael, Maria and Courtney arrive, and Courtney leads them to the chamber. Michael helps to bring Isabel to safety as Nicholas gets up. Nicholas investigates Michael, but before he can explain too much, Courtney runs in and uses the bar to smash open some kind of tube. She then runs out. Meanwhile, Greere and the other "skins" break Max and Tess' force field and Greere explains, "It's time for this little game to end." Just as he says this, his pod is destroyed in the chamber, and he drops to ground at the funeral. The other "skins" follow, and on Michael's way out, we spot Courtney's chamber. Michael stops, and we find Max, Liz, and Tess stand up, open the doors, and run out as the other "skins" drop to the ground. Maria, Isabel and Courtney run out from the pod chamber as well, and Michael follows them with a body in a bag. He instructs Maria to drive, and the three hop into the Jetta just as Max, Liz, and Tess pull away. The pod chamber explodes and the skins walk to the pod chamber to find their new harvested bodies destroyed. Nicholas explains they may be as good as dead, but that it is not the end.

Review: Once again, an excellent episode. This episode was very important in helping us to understand the "skins" and their presence on earth, among other things. The season is shaping up beautifully, and now that word that the finish to the second season has been ordered, a third is almost a definite. Things are looking great on the show, and the ratings are good.


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This episode is very hard to understand especially because of the duplicate versions of Michael, Isabel and Tess. You have to pay attention especially hard when reading this review, as their names are not provided early on in the episode. I have added the appropriate names when they became available, but usually the "dupes" are preceded by "the duplicate version of." Sometimes, however, I will assume you understood.

In the city that never sleeps we find duplicate versions of Max, Isabel and Tess. They walk by a fruit stand and as the stand collapses, the group watches as the owners try to clean things up. Meanwhile, Isabel clears the cash register and they walk away. On their way down the street, the duplicate version of Michael suggests that they respond to an invitation. When the duplicate version of Max disagrees, Max reminds the duplicate version of Michael that "he's the man." It is obvious that these duplicate versions live very similar lives to those of Max, Michael, Isabel and Tess.

One week later in Roswell, we find Max and Liz in astronomy class. Their teacher explains the formation of a black hole, and Max and Liz both seem very interested in this. Back in New York City, Michael hi- jacks a car while Isabel uses her powers to change the license plate. The duplicate version of Tess reminds Michael and Isabel that they are a family, but Isabel does not seem too concerned about Zan, the duplicate version of Max.

At The UFO Center, Max finds Brody, who explains that he has been tracking "activity" near New York all day long. Brody suggests "someone or something is trying to make contact" just as his watch timer goes off. Brody looks at his watch, explaining it is "time for dinner". Max replies that he is not hungry, but Brody tells him to take a break.

At the Crashdown, Maria tells Michael that Max called telling her he wants to have a meeting with everyone on Saturday night. When Michael explains he is busy, Maria is surprised at first. But when Michael explains he will be watching the dirt bike finals, Maria becomes upset, and explains that she is going to sing somewhere on Saturday night, and wanted him to be there.

In the car, we find the duplicate versions of Michael, Isabel and Tess. Michael questions why the duplicate version of Tess hasn't said anything for the entire car ride. She replies that she understood Michael was going to convince Zan into coming with them to the summit. Michael replies that they couldn't, and so they had to take an alternative route. Isabel flips through the West Roswell yearbook, stopping on the page with Max's picture. She explains that Zan's duplicate's name is "Max Evans."

When Tess questions whether or not Max will be a good king, Isabel replies that they don't know, but will be smart about it this time. Michael explains that all they have to do is trick Max into coming back to New York with them for the summit.

Outside of town, Isabel is jogging and Max approaches her in the jeep. She explains that she has "one more mile" to go before she can talk to him, but Max uses the jeep to block her path. When Max asks her "what she is running from," she explains that "she is trying to get some exercise". Max lets her go, and he calls her Valandra as she runs off. Isabel stops, turns, and Max asks her whether or not she is truly Valandra. She refuses to answer him, and Max explains that it is essential they be honest to one another. Isabel resumes her jogging and Max drives away.

Back in the car, the duplicate versions of Michael, Isabel and Tess chat about Max and the others. Just as Isabel makes a joke about them living "in the middle of nowhere under rocks," a police siren sounds and Valenti's truck pulls up behind their stolen car. Valenti exits his car and starts to walk towards them.

Valenti shines his flashlight into the car, finding Michael, Isabel and Tess, or so he thinks. When he questions their outrageous hairstyles and outfits, Isabel explains that they were on their way to a crazy party, one that had a "New York" theme. Valenti laughs at them, and explains they "finally look like aliens for once." Valenti asks where they got the car from and Isabel responds that they borrowed it. When Valenti questions where Max is, Isabel explains they were going to pick him up, but saw a strange car parked outside the house. Michael suggests it might be the car of an alien hunter, and Valenti volunteers to escort them to the property.

At the Crashdown, Liz watches as Max does his homework. She approaches him, and asks if he'd like anything from the kitchen before it closes. Max replies negatively and Liz becomes angry, explaining that they "can't even be around each other anymore." Liz questions why they can't at least rekindle a friendship, and Max, at a loss for words collects his stuff and leaves. Liz explains that she doesn't want Max to hate her.

We see Valenti's car pull away from the Evans' house, and the duplicates Michael, Isabel and Tess exit the car. Isabel suggests they see "what makes Max spin" and break into his room. They admire his clothes and Isabel makes the assumption that he is a total cornball. They continue to rummage through his stuff and Michael finds a picture of Liz. Just then, Mr. Evans knocks on the door and Michael runs and hides. Isabel is left nowhere to hide, and as he enters, he is shocked to see Isabel's new look. Isabel has a talk with Mr. Evans and through this talk, she learns of things that the viewer already knows: Max seeing the shrink, how Max and Isabel are fighting, etc.

Back at Brody's office, Brody suggests that he give Maria another tip for her bringing his dinner. When Brody suggests that Maria stay with him on a date, she is grossed out at first, but after Brody reconstructs the idea, she openly considers it.

In school, Michael approaches Liz, who is surprised to see how much Michael has changed since she saw him last. Michael tries hitting on Liz, but she takes it only as a joke. As Liz turns away, Michael grabs her and kisses her. She walks away, both humiliated and outraged at the same time.

At The UFO Center, Max explains to Isabel, Michael, Maria, Tess and Liz that he believes that the black hole is somehow connected with the signal Brody is tracking. Michael and Maria seem annoyed, especially because Maria has canceled her performance for this. Max further explains that it's been haunting him as the duplicate versions of Michael, Isabel and Tess watch from the room above them. While they watch on, Isabel approaches them, explaining that he is sorry for being late. He then notices the duplicate versions of Michael, Isabel and Tess and explains he didn't know they were supposed to "dress up." Alex then notices the group in the downstairs room and hurries away from the three. He makes his way downstairs and just, as Alex is about to explain what has happened, the "dupes" can be seen following Alex and meet their "dupes."

Max asks who they are and Michael explains they must be shape-shifters. Isabel then explains that they shouldn't be freaking out and Michael realizes that they must be the missing four pods. When Liz notices that there are only three of them, Michael explains they lost their fourth member in a street accident of all things. They then introduce themselves as Rath (Michael), Lonny (Isabel) and Ava (Tess). Rath explains, "Something's cooking" and asks Max if they can talk about it in private. In Brody's office, Rath informs Max that they have been contacted by the people from their home, and in order for them to meet with the ones trying to contact them that they need Max to represent as a family member. Max doesn't seem too interested.

Outside, Isabel explains to Michael why they made two batches of the pods. When Michael suggests that Lonny is from the defective group, she disagrees, and informs Michael that they are the defects because they are "too human." In the back room, Max questions Rath on his relationship with Zan. Isabel questions Lonny on what she knows about Valandra. Lonny is surprised to see that she knows and they both admit that it is a struggle to try and hide the lives they lived on their home planet.

Inside, Max asks Rath what the war is about. Rath explains that all they know is that some kind of revolution occurred in which they were killed. He then explains they were sent to Earth to be reborn. Max seems confused, but Rath informs him that it was very important to Zan to attend the summit, and that he must step up in order to ensure the survival of their people.

Outside, Max explains to his friends that the "dupes" want him to return to New York with them to attend the summit. He then informs them that he has also said "no." On the opposite side of the room, Rath explains, "He's on it."

When Brody enters The UFO Center, Maria thinks fast and asks Brody to breakfast with her. He is confused about why they are all there, but accepts quickly and leaves with Maria. Back at The UFO Center, Rath, Lonny and Tess are talking about the current situation and Lonny assures them both that Max will return with them whether he likes it or not.

At Max's, Lonny sneaks into his room to find Max. Lonny apologizes for betraying him on their home planet, partly because she never got to apologize to Zan. Max is confused, but Lonny informs him of Valandra, and how she betrayed him on their home planet.

In the street, Max finds Isabel and asks her why she lied to him about Valandra. She becomes angry, explaining that she did nothing and shouldn't be expected to live a life on Earth when she is trying to hide one on another planet. Max doesn't understand why Isabel would lie to him, but because she has he comments that he feels like he "doesn't even know her." Isabel becomes outraged, criticizing Max of being self-centered, and in his fury, Max almost grabs her, but Michael, who approaches from behind them stops this. When Michael asks Max what he is doing, Max explains that he is "going to New York." Max walks away, and we watch as Michael comforts Isabel. When Max is out of sight, the two exchange a handshake a change back into themselves: Lonny and Rath.

In Liz's room, Liz lies on her bed and admires a picture of Max and her. Max knocks on the window and she lets him in. Max informs Liz that he can't be friends with her because he is still hanging onto everything they had together. He hands her a pocketknife that has "Max and Liz Forever" inscribed on it. He then explains that he's giving it back because he's going to New York with Lonny, Rath and Ava. Liz tries to warn him of the dangers of the granolith, but Max explains that he doesn't know if he can trust her anymore and leaves.

In the street, Max and Tess approach Lonny, Rath and Ava who are waiting for them. Just before they are about to leave, Ava recalls Rath pushing Zan into a truck before they came. It is Rath who has killed Zan. As she looks around, she notices there is not enough room for her in the car and explains at the last second that she is not going. Rath is confused and grabs her as she tries to run away. Max asks what he is doing and Rath lets her go, explaining that if she wants to stay she can.

Rath, Lonny, Max and Tess get into the car and drive out of Roswell.

To be continued…

Review: This episode was very interesting. It shows our main characters (at least the alien ones) from a whole different perspective, yet, at the same time, very much the same. Even though Zan, Lonny, Rath and Ava have lived very separate lives from those of Max, Michael, Isabel and Tess, it is very apparent that their "dupes" share the same dilemmas. Zan struggled to feel like a leader. He was vulnerable and blinded by the jealousy that Rath had for him, which ultimately lead to his death. Both Valandra and Isabel feel guilt for what they have done on their home planet, but at the same time try to hide it from the others. Tess, who feels like an outsider to Max, Michael and Isabel is also seen as an outsider through Ava, who feels what Lonny, Rath and herself are doing is wrong. And so, the writers did an excellent job helping the viewers understand the depth of the characters just a little more, making this episode very important for the future, and the decisions each character may make.


The episode begins in New York City. We find Tess and Max on the elevator of one of the city skyscrapers. Max is having doubts about attending the summit. He explains he knows nothing about war and politics and that he will most likely fail in what he is about to do. Tess takes him to the observation deck and we get a great view of the city. She assures Max that thing will work out, and suggests that he is "the king of the world".

Outside on the streets, Lonny and Rath await someone's arrival. We are thought to believe it is Max, but instead, we see Nicholas emerge from a subway station. Lonny and Rath meet up with Nicholas and they explain that Max and Tess are sightseeing. Nicholas reminds them that no one at the summit will pay any attention to them without Max and Tess, and Rath comments that they are two of the royal four. Nicholas comments that they are two of the royal rejects and we are hinted that Max, Michael, Isabel and Tess were lied to in the previous episode. Nicholas then adds that they have possession of the granolith and that none of them will be taking a trip home without it. Suddenly, we spot Max and Tess from across the street. Nicholas exits via the subway and Rath and Lonny ask if they'd like to see their place. They reply that they would; Rath and Lonny lead them underground to where they live.

Their home is literally the gutter, and they explain that they were born there in pods, as they were in Roswell. Max asks when and where the summit is, and what kinds of things to expect from it. Rath explains "all in good time", but Max insists "the time is now". Max and Tess take a seat and Rath and Lonny joke about their sex lives. Max asks about the summit once again and Lonny explains there will be no summit until he meets the emissary. This person will make sure he is the real king, but Lonny assures him that he'll pass.

Back in Roswell, Isabel and Michael discuss Max's brief departure. Michael suggests that it has to do with Liz. Isabel and Michael leave Liz and Maria to talk, and Maria asks Liz if she knows about the nasty rumor which is circulating the halls of West Roswell. Maria informs her of the rumor: that she slept with Kyle, and Liz informs Maria that it is true. When Maria questions why Liz wouldn't tell her about loosing her virginity to Kyle, Liz makes up a bizarre lie. Maria seems extremely mad, and Liz leaves to take out the garbage. She bangs the trash on the dumpster by mistake, and Ava makes a comment from where she is sleeping: behind it. Liz asks what she is doing, and Ava replies that she is trying to get some sleep. Liz replies, "In the ally?"

Back in New York, Rath leads Max to the emissary, who puts his hand on Max's head. A beam of light flashes out of Max's head, and we watch and the three look onto what appears like a triangle shape. The emissary asks Max to sign and hands him a copy of something. The emissary packs up, leaves, and Max looks at what he has just signed, noticing it is from a legitimate business. Max questions Rath about this, and Rath explains that the emissary never left his planet, but instead uses his mind to puppeteer humans into doing what he wants. Rath then informs Max that Lonny will fill him in, and that they should be celebrating.

Back in Roswell, Maria answers her phone. Liz asks her to talk by a fountain and Maria agrees. Liz explains the whole situation with the future Max and why the rumor is circulating. Maria is glad to see that Liz is still a virgin and apologizes for getting so angry.

The next day, Maria knocks on Brody's office door. She explains that he hasn't ordered his normal sub and that she has brought it anyway. When she gets no answer, Maria enters Brody's office to find he isn't there. In New York, we watch as Brody steps outside a taxicab. At Rath and Lonny's, Rath explains that the emissary knew Max was the king because he has a seal genetically encoded on him. All the worlds will be sending a representative to the summit and Max is informed that they can all go home if he "cuts a deal". Max doesn't seem too interested in leaving so soon, and Lonny and Rath explain that Cavar wants to bring them home in order to bring peace for their world. When Max suggests that Michael and Isabel will not be able to come with them, Lonny informs him that they wouldn't, and reminds Max of how happy they are in Roswell. Lonny talks about how the granolith is a very religious item on their planet and that if Max knew about it, he might be able to use it for bargaining. Max explains that he's never heard of it.

At Liz's, Ava wakes up from a nightmare and screams. Liz runs downstairs and comforts her. Ava explains that she saw Zan's death again and blames herself for his death. As morning approaches, Ava tells Liz the story of how Zan died, and Liz explains how Max and her met.

Meanwhile, Max calls Isabel. She is happy to hear from him, and Max asks her whether or not she would like to go home. She becomes hesitant and Max explains he needs an answer. Isabel becomes clued on to how Lonny impersonated her in the previous episode, and we find her next, with Michael, at the Crashdown. They interrogate Ava, who tells them she doesn't know anything. Michael tells her not to piss them off and Liz hurries over and takes Ava aside. When questioned about her "secret", Ava finally confesses that Lonny and Rath killed Zan, and that they will probably do the same to Max.

On their way to the summit, Rath insults Tess. Max becomes angry and informs Rath that he is the king and from now on things will be done as he wants them to be done. Lonny asks Rath to take Tess inside, and she tells Max she is very proud of him. They enter the summit and Brody introduces himself as Larrick. Larrick questions whether or not he is Zan, and Max replies that he was told that he was called this on his home planet. Larrick informs Max that he will speak for his world as the other three with him will speak for theirs. Suddenly, Nicholas interrupts them with his entrance. He informs Max that Cavar speaks for their world, and that he will be representing Cavar. Rath and Lonny inform Max to be careful of Nicholas.

Back in Roswell, Isabel informs everyone that they must warn Max about Lonny and Rath, considering that he is in the summit as they speak. Michael insists that their only option is for Isabel to "dreamwalk" into his mind, but Isabel explains it will be tough.

Back at the summit, Larrick (or Brody) explains they are in meeting for "reconciliation". One of the planet representatives insists on a solution, and Nicholas speaks for Cavar, who thinks it would be best if Max return home as part of the royal four in order to bring peace to their country. Max will be named king once again, but all government will continue to belong to Cavar. Nicholas then adds that Max would have to return with the granolith. Max asks for some time to think it over and Larrick agrees to give him twenty minutes.

In the streets, Max and Tess weigh the situation out. Max remembers Liz telling him that the granolith can be a very dangerous thing if it falls into the wrong hands and Tess is surprised to see that Liz even knows about the granolith. Tess then assures Max that whatever he decides will be the right decision.

As Nicholas waits for Max to return, Lonny approaches him. Nicholas asks whether or not she missed him and Lonny replies that she has. She then hints at rekindling their relationship back on their home planet, and Nicholas reminds her that she needs him to get the granolith. Lonny explains she has her own cards to play, and that she will get back no matter what it takes. She then assures Nicholas that Max will fall for the plan and hints that he wants to get back home in order to resume his position as king. Nicholas adds that he won't live long because Cavar wants him dead. Nicholas and Lonny exchange a deal in which Lonny promises to kill Max while Nicholas promises to bring her home, leaving Rath behind.

Back in Roswell, Isabel tries to break into Max's mind, and when Michael asks what "Plan B" is, Isabel hints that there isn't one. Ava explains that there is: because Max has brought her back from the dead she is different now, and she is the only one who can help save Max. Back in New York, Max and Tess return to the summit and Lonny pulls Max aside, asking why he lied to her and Rath about the granolith. She then explains that his decision is more important, but Max does not say a word.

Meanwhile, Isabel asks Liz to take her hand so that they she can try to "dreamwalk". Liz seems skeptical, but Isabel assures her that Max will hear her voice. At the summit, Max explains to the representatives that he will not give up the granolith and return home. All of the members of the summits appear to be angered with Max and Nicholas informs him that he has made a bad decision. Larrick (or Brody) stays with Max and explains that their families were close and that he is still by Max's side. Larrick leaves, and it appears as though Lonny has exited as well.

Back on the street, Rath and Lonny question Max's decision. Max is arrogant and explains that he is the leader. Meanwhile, in Roswell, Isabel and Tess use their powers to "dreamwalk" into Max's mind. Just as Lonny and Rath are about to kidnap Tess and kill Max, Liz appears on the street and urges Max to walk out of harms way. He then notices that Tess has disappeared, and tries to run after her, but it appears it is too late. Max runs through the underground and finally finds Tess. When he asks her if she's all right, Tess explains that they tried to get inside her head and find out where the granolith is.

Back in Roswell, Isabel asks why Max decided not to take the deal. He explains that he almost did, but the fact of leaving her and Michael behind persuaded him not to. Max exchanges some kind brotherly words and we find Liz and Ava at the Crashdown. Liz hugs Ava and wishes her good luck. In the restaurant, Brody talks with Maria about being "abducted again". We next find Max and Liz. Liz is looking in the mirror and tells Max that she is looking for some kind of change. Max jokes around, giving her alien antennas and thank her for saving his life. Liz explains it makes them "even", and Max informs her that he wants a fresh start to their friendship. As the episode ends, Max asks whether or not she did sleep with Kyle. Liz doesn't answer, but Max gets the impression that she has. He leaves, and tells her that he'll see her tomorrow.


The episode begins outside of town. Max and Michael are trying to pick out a Christmas tree, but according to a diagram Isabel has drawn, it must be perfect. Michael tries to hurry Max as he is eager to get across the street to the hardware store so that he can buy Maria her present. Max tries to convince Michael that if he wants to buy Maria a significant gift, he'd better steer clear of the hardware store. Just as he says this, we watch as a car swerves out of control. The car almost hits a small girl, but her father runs in front of the car before it can and pushes his daughter out of harms way. Consequently, the car hits the man, and Michael suggests that they leave. It appears that Max has the opportunity to save the man, but decides not to reveal his identity instead.

Back at the Evans home, Max and his parents are eating breakfast as they discuss the tragedy, which occurred before Max the previous night. Isabel enters in a huff, and seems angry. She is mad that the tree Max has picked out is not up to her standards, and suggests that he is incompetent of doing anything. Isabel gets side-tracked by the article in the paper which her mother is reading and Max notices the girl's father sitting on top of their washing machine. He gets up and walks over to the laundry room. The man asks him, "How could you let me die?"

At the Crashdown, Michael asks Maria if they can exchange gifts after Christmas because he is working everyday until then. Maria seems upset that Michael could even suggest it and orders him to give her present to her on Christmas. Maria then walks across the street to the UFO Center where Brody is waiting for his lunch. She starts to complain about Michael and how he doesn't want to buy her a gift, but Brody seems distracted and tells Maria that it is not a very good time. He then informs her that he will be leaving town for a couple days and that she is not to deliver his lunch. Maria wishes him a happy holiday and returns to work.

At Valenti's, the Sheriff and Kyle are watching the football game when Tess enters. She complains about the holiday shopping crowds and makes sure to comment on the Valenti's lack of Christmas spirit. They then inform her that they have a plastic tree outside which Kyle uses to dry his socks, and will be dining at the Crashdown for Christmas dinner. Tess assures them that she doesn't celebrate Christmas anyway.

At the drugstore, Isabel bumps into Michael who is buying Maria's present. She mocks him as he picks up an electric toothbrush and suggests that Michael put some thought into Maria' present before buying it. Michael doesn't seem too interested in buying any present at all, and makes a "Christmas Nazi" comment to Isabel as she rushes out to do a rehearsal for the Christmas pageant. "Christmas Nazi" is a nickname everyone seems to have given Isabel for the holiday season.

Max stands outside of the man's house that he failed to save. He watches as carolers sing to his wife and daughters, who seem overwhelmed with mourning. The man, or ghost of the man approaches Max once again, and Max tries to explain that he wanted to make sure they were all right. The man yells at Max for this, explaining that they lost their father the night before and will never be all right because of it.

At the Crashdown, Liz turns around to see Max knocking on the door. Liz opens the door for Max, who explains he needs a friend. At the caroler's last house, one of her friends explains that they are visiting a little girl with cancer. As they begin to sing, this little girl comes to the door, and is followed by her father: Brody. Maria seems annoyed and yet confused as to why Brody did not tell her about his daughter.

Back at the Crashdown, Max explains that he had the opportunity to save the man's life, but didn't because he was being selfish. Liz tries to comfort Max, but he is continually tortured by the ghost's presence. The man begins to torture Max as they speak, and so he admits that his ghost is haunting him. The man comments that Max must "restore the balance".

We find Maria at Brody's house. She comes to visit him and is wondering about Sidney, his daughter. He explains that she is staying with him for a couple of days during Christmas and apologizes for not telling Maria sooner. Maria offers her help and all of a sudden we find Sidney calling her for her father. Sidney asks who Maria is, and she introduces herself. Brody then explains that Sidney will be appearing in the Christmas Pageant later that afternoon, and crowns his princess.

At Michael's, Isabel sets down a bunch of presents as Michael explains why he has gotten Maria a bumper for Christmas. When Isabel suggests that she take him shopping, Michael seems offended and comments on how miserable Isabel makes everyone around the holidays. Isabel departs, but before leaving, asks whether or not she can store some presents at his house.

At the supermarket, the Valenti family (including Tess) shop for their Christmas dinner. Sheriff Valenti bumps into Amy Deluca, Maria's mom. She seems impressed with the way that the Sheriff has opened up his door to Tess, and invites them to come over sometime during the holiday season.

Isabel prepares the children for the Christmas Pageant while Maria pours her heart out to her. Maria suggests that she marry Brody and be Sidney's mother but Liz helps her to change her decision. Back at the pageant we watch as the children perform the show which they have been practicing for. Max is present at the show and Liz walks over to him, suggesting that he heal Sidney, Brody's daughter. We watch as Max glances at both Brody and his daughter, and the ghost standing behind him says, "Looks like we have a deal."

At Michael's, Max, Isabel and Tess discuss whether or not they should allow Max to heal Sidney. Michael doesn't seem too thrilled about letting Max do it, but Isabel and Tess agree. Michael gives in to Max, and tells him not to screw up.

Back at the Valenti's, Tess asks Kyle whether or not he'd be willing to set up more chairs for their holiday meal. When Kyle informs her that they only have two chairs, Tess is angered. After slaving in the kitchen for hours, she announces that she would like a chair to sit in because she is living there. Valenti suggests that they bring over his desk chair and Tess comments that Amy Deluca will need a chair as well. The Sheriff seems confused and Tess admits that she has invited her for dinner. Just then, the doorbell rings and Valenti rushes to get himself together before opening the door.

Meanwhile, Max approaches and breaks into Brody's home. Upon entering, he finds the ghost. He informs Max that they have rushed Sidney to the hospital in Phoenix. Max knocks on Michael's door and explains the situation. He also explains that he is going to Phoenix, and Michael agrees to come with him, just so that Max doesn't get them all killed.

At the Valenti home, Amy and the Sheriff enjoy a conversation as Kyle thanks Tess for all she has done for them. Tess exchanges her thanks for letting her live with them.

In Phoenix, Max and Michael have changed into scrubs and walk towards the ward in which Sidney is being kept in. Michael stays outside and they form a knocking system which will allow Michael to warn Max if he is in trouble. Max looks for Sidney in the ward, kneels down next to her and tries very hard to heal her. He sees a flash of her life's memories, and the ghost watches with a smile on his face. Max notices the boy next to Sidney, whom he does not know, and heals him as well. A nurse walks over to Michael outside and informs him that she must check the ward. Michael explains someone has already done it. Inside, Max heals all of the children in the room. Michael knocks to warn Michael of the nurse and just as she brings security over, Michael enters the ward and seals the door shut with his powers. The guards yell for him to open the door as Max collapses. Michael pleads for God to help them out of their situation.

When the guards finally break into the room, they notice that the children are playing games and celebrating their youthful energy. The window of the ward has been left open and we see that Max and Michael have escaped safely. At the Evans', Max and his family watch as his news story unfolds on television. Isabel comforts Max, and her mother suggests that he join them for midnight services that night.

At Michael's, we find Maria who is there to thank him for saving Sidney. When she suggests that she doesn't need a present, Michael tells her that he already got her one. She notices the bumper he has been working on and thanks him for it, but then asks for her present. She notices the presents on Michael's table, left behind by Isabel, and asks whether or not one is for her. Michael instructs Maria to turn around while he goes and gets it, and while he tries to shake through all of the presents in order to find one which may be halfway decent, notices one with a note on it from Isabel. The note reads, "Just in case" and is signed by Isabel. Michael brings the present to Maria. She opens it, finding real pearl earrings. She thanks him for the beautiful gift, and Michael seems very relieved.

At Liz's, Max knocks on the window. Liz asks why he healed all of the children in the ward, and Max explains that he couldn't control what he did. Liz tells him that as sweet as it sounds, he can't play God for long, and asks whether or not he'll join her at midnight services. Max answers that he would, but that he doesn't believe it God. Max leaves, and they both wish each other a Merry Christmas. Back on the street, the ghost which has been haunting Max assures him that his wife and children will be alright. The ghost tells him that he should be with his loved ones, as he will always be. The ghost disappears into his house, and back at the Evans', we watch as Max illuminates the Christmas tree with his powers. Michael enters and Max comments on Michael going to church. Michael asks Max how he is doing and whether or not his powers have come back yet. Max answers that they are, and Michael informs him that he is annoyed by what happened the previous night in Phoenix. He then tells Max that the reason he is annoyed is because he doesn't have Max's power to heal. Michael then tells Max that he has a Christmas present for him.

Michael leads Max to Brody's house and the two look through the window as Brody comforts his daughter. At midnight service, a choir sings Christmas music and Isabel makes a hand gesture (asking for money) to Michael. Max appears from behind a tree and walks through the isle to find his family. He sits next to Liz, who questions his previous statement on whether or not he believes in God. Max replies that he believes in her, and the two sit and watch as snow starts to fall.

Review: An excellent episode. This special Christmas-themed Roswell takes a break from all the drama of the characters lives to make room for a miracle. It was excellently written and performed by the wonderful cast. The final images of Max and Liz sitting together as the snow falls (in Roswell, yeah right!) is both calming, hopeful and picturesque for the holiday season. Make sure not to miss this one in repeats!


The episode begins late at night. Max and Isabel are channel surfing, but can't find anything to watch. Isabel suggests that she go do some dream walking and Max tells her to stay away from Liz. Isabel lies on her bed with the Roswell high yearbook and the first picture we see her turn to is Liz's. In the dream, Isabel and Liz are at the Crashdown where Liz is closing up. Isabel sits at a table and watches as a man, Brad, enters, walks directly over to Liz, and begins to kiss her. The dream shifts and Liz and Brad are still kissing, however, Max is watching them now. Liz says, "I'm with Brad now," and Max informs her that Brad doesn't even exist and that she wants to be with him. The dream shifts again and we see Max and Liz kissing. Isabel continues to watch and notes that Liz's romantic dream is boring. Isabel returns from her dream walk and picks Kyle's picture out of the yearbook. In Kyle's dream we find him sitting with Buddha, before the man himself is interrupted by a cell phone call. Buddha answers the call and the person on the other line informs him that their enemies have arrived. Buddha tells Kyle that he is has to accept that Max has changed him, but Kyle refuses. The dream shifts, but it appears that Isabel is not in Kyle's dream anymore. We hear gunshots and see an image of a girl as Isabel returns from the dream.

At Valenti's office, an old friend, Dan, enters the office and tells Valenti that the state police wants to reinvestigate the Hubbel case. Valenti can't understand why they would want to investigate the case, and notes to Dan that it was a "clean shoot". At the Crashdown, Tess pours Tabasco sauce on her ice cream sundae and into her drink. Kyle becomes interested in tasting the sundae and asks Tess for a bite. She lets him have it but insists he won't like it. Kyle takes a bite and tells Tess that it is not as bad as it seems. He then becomes worried, informing Tess that he is not ready for this kind of "change". When Tess questions what "change", Kyle reminds her of how Max healed him and Tess is unable to satisfy Kyle with the answers to which he is looking for. Kyle asks for another bite, but Tess doesn't give to him this time.

Back at Valenti's office, Max and Isabel tell Valenti about the dream walking. Isabel explains that "this dream" just came to her and that the person in the dream needs help. Dan enters and confirms his lunch plans with Valenti. After Dan exits, Max asks who he was and Valenti explains that he is from the State Police Board and that he'll be reviewing the Hubbel case. Valenti assures them that it is OK because Dan is an old friend. He then tells Isabel he will look into the girl who needs help.

At a restaurant, Valenti explains the Hubbel case to Dan. Dan questions Valenti about the "kids" in his office and Valenti informs him that they were Max and Isabel Evans. Dan is interested in Max and reports to Valenti that someone's statement claims that Max was last seen with Hubbel in a car that night. Valenti tells him that Max wasn't there and Dan assures him that's all he needed to hear.

Back at the Crashdown, Liz tells Maria that she can't get Max off of her mind after embarrassing herself by calling one of the customers Max. Maria informs her that she's in love and Liz explains that it's not getting her anywhere. Liz tells her to get her mind off of Max, that Maria needs to get a life. Suddenly, Maria's cousin, Sean, enters the Crashdown and informs Maria that he'll be staying with her and her mother. Sean says hello to Liz and tells her that he likes what he sees.

At Max's, Grant (the geologist) is channel surfing while Isabel prepares for their date. Isabel tells him not to start with her and Max asks what's wrong. Isabel tells him that the girl in her dream has been bothering her and Max suggests she cancel. Isabel tells him she has canceled too many times and sends Max out with a message for Grant: she'll be down in five minutes.

At Valenti's house, Kyle tests himself to see if he has any new powers. Tess walks in behind him as he tries to turn on the TV with just his hand. Tess uses the remote to turn on the TV and then change the channels that Kyle announces to himself while using his new found power. He stands up and starts to proclaim, "I have become…" as Tess begins laughing. He finishes the sentence with "…an idiot." Tess throws him the remote and in the next scene we find Isabel and Grant on their date at the movies. Everyone in the audience is laughing at the film but Isabel seems tense. Grant notes this and she leans her head on his shoulder as he starts to massage her neck. Isabel receives another dream walk in which she sees the girl's nightmare in more detail. The only new part of the dream we see is a prerequisite to the last one in which the girl is about to enter her car when her attacker jumps out. Isabel awakes from her dream and screams. She startles the movie theatre and Grant, who asks her if she is OK. She replies that she is, sits back, and finishes watching the movie.

At Valenti's house, Isabel explains that they need to find the girl. She informs Valenti of how she saw the girl and her car, and Valenti asks her if she got the plates. Isabel tells him that she didn't see them, but remembers that it was a silver Honda or Toyota. She then apologizes for barging in, but the Sheriff doesn't seem angered and leads Isabel and Max to the door. Isabel exits and Max notes to Valenti that "this" must look strange. Valenti tells Max that he believes him, but that it will be hard to find the girl with the little evidence that he has. Max exits and Valenti gets on the phone. He tells the deputy that he is coming in.

Valenti stops at the Crashdown for some coffee and food before seeing another old friend in the Crashdown. The woman sparks a conversation and when Valenti asks about her daughter, Melissa, she is hesitant to answer that she is fine. Valenti becomes suspicious and asks the woman if Melissa drives a silver car. She replies, "Yes, a Toyota."

At the police station, things seem hectic. Valenti gives some orders before talking to the crying woman, Judith Fosters, his friend, who is the mother of the missing girl. He asks for Melissa's picture as an officer continues asking her questions about her daughter and Dan asks Valenti how things are going. Valenti replies, "busy" and Dan takes note of how much bustle is being made for a missing girl. He brings the picture into his office where Isabel and Max are waiting. Valenti shows Isabel the picture and she says that she is pretty sure that it is the same girl in her dreams. Both Valenti and Isabel agree that they have to get her back safely before the scenes shifts.

At the Crashdown, Maria sits down and talks with her cousin Sean. She explains the "rules" of her house, and informs Sean that he will abide by these rules. Most of the rules are dumb, but Maria notes that Sean is to stay away from Liz. Sean agrees, and Maria tells him that she'll have the rules written up by the end of the day. She returns to her work as Liz delivers and order. Sean stares at her.

At the Evan's, Isabel dream walks back into the dream. This time we see the attacker is Grant, the geologist she has been dating. She wakes up and is both terrified and shocked. Max comforts her, and they return to Valenti's office with the news. The Sheriff goes to see the judge in order to arrest Grant, but the judge refuses to help him, noting that Valenti unfairly accused Grant of a crime before. Valenti informs the judge that a girl could be dying at his expense and the judge tells him to find probable cause.

Valenti arrives at Grant's camp. Grant requests a warrant before Valenti starts to search, but Valenti doesn't have one. He searches anyway, finding what looks like a body bag. Grant tells Valenti that there is equipment inside, and when Valenti opens the bag up, sure enough there is only equipment inside. Back at Valenti's office, Dan is waiting for the Sheriff. He begins to question Valenti about his whereabouts, but when Valenti does not give him the whole truth of the matter, Dan fills him in on the rest. Dan then notes Valenti's strange behavior and the Sheriff comes to the conclusion that Dan is not there to reinvestigate the Hubbel case but that he is there to check up on him. Suddenly, Melissa Fosters enters. She explains that she knows the Sheriff has been looking for her.

That night, Valenti explains to Isabel and Max that Melissa is OK and that her car just broke down on the way to Santa Fe. Isabel apologizes and Valenti assures her that she has nothing to apologize about. He informs her that he'll be fine. But back at the office, the judge reprimands Valenti for his actions and warns him that he'd better get himself a lawyer.

In Isabel's room, Max talks to Isabel about the possibility of Valenti loosing his job. Max tells her that her dreams must have been wrong, and surprisingly, Isabel seems to agree. She tells Max that she only wanted to help others. Max and Isabel have a heart-to-heart before Max exits.

At the Crashdown, Sean enters to find Liz, Maria and Michael closing up. Kyle is explaining to Liz that Tess is mocking him, and when Kyle asks who Sean is, Michael replies, "Maria's loser cousin." Sean asks Michael for some fries. Maria explains that they are closed but Liz explains that the fire is still hot and she wouldn't mind making them for him. Sean tells her that it's alright and that he'll find something to eat at home. Maria contradicts his usage of the word "home" and Sean exits.

Isabel, trying to get some sleep, returns to the dream. This time the dream continues just until the attacker is about to kill the girl. Max answers to Isabel's unconscious cries for help and she finally wakes up. At Valenti's, Dan informs the Sheriff that his old friend, Judith Fosters is filing a suit for an investigation in Valenti's actions. Valenti tells him to speak with his lawyer and the phone rings. It's Max, who explains that it is a different girl who needs their help, and that she is in Fraser Woods. Valenti leads Dan onto believing that his deputy is calling and promises Max that he will bring them along before hanging up. Before he leaves, Dan reminds him of how his dad "went down". He tells the Sheriff that, he, like Valenti got some hunch, ignored his friends and the law and ultimately, ended up handing over his badge. Valenti asks if it is a threat and Dan tells him that if the call was from "those kids", then it is. Valenti exits.

We next find Max, Isabel and Valenti in Fraser Woods. Isabel does not know where to lead them but assures them that the girl is there. Valenti notices a molehill that is suspiciously straight. He finds a wire underneath it and follows the wire to oxygen tanks. Instantaneously, they realize what the girl's attacker has done to her. They follow the wire until it reaches the girl who has been buried alive. The girl's body has been buried under dirt and her head has been sealed into a box with the oxygen finding its way inside by way of the oxygen tanks. Max, Isabel and Valenti rush to dig the girl out, but in the distance, the attacker, who has some type of rifle, takes his pick of shots before finally firing at Valenti. The shot is bad, and Max uses his force field power before the shooter can get off any more shots. Valenti, from behind the force field, locks a shot of the shooter, and when Max finally stops the force field, Valenti fires, hitting the man and knocking him to the ground. Isabel breaks the box and frees the girl.

Suddenly, Dan arrives at the scene. He asks what is going on, and Valenti explains that he is firing at the shooter. Later, the girl explains that she never saw her attacker's face. Valenti assures the girl that she'll be all right. When she asks how Valenti knew to find her, he explains that somebody heard her cries for help. Dan approaches them as they bring the girl away. He asks how Valenti knew to find the girl, and Valenti explains, "by good police work." Dan then asks why the "two kids" were out there and Valenti explains they were along for the ride. Dan informs Valenti that he can be suspended for that and Valenti assures him that he'll take the suspension if the kids are left alone. The deputy walks over and shows Valenti and Dan the attacker's bullets, which haven't had any assertion or impact. Dan takes the bullets, noting that it is impossible. Valenti explains that he is just as baffled as he is, and Dan tells the Sheriff that he is a very bad liar. He then informs Valenti that whatever he is hiding, he will find out.

We watch as the girl thanks Isabel for saving her life. Isabel touches her hand and receives a strange flash from it. She then explains to Max that there is something strange about the girl: she feels like she knows her.

Review: An excellent episode which will set up the remaining three storylines for a four-part series entitled "The Hybrid Chronicles." Although this episode mainly focuses on just Max, Isabel and Valenti, the amount of suspense they have jam-packed into one hour is incredible. It leaves a horrible cliffhanger for the viewer though…


The episode begins at the police station. The deputy is interrogating Max and Isabel as Dan and the Judge question Sheriff Valenti. It is obvious that their stories are not matching up and as a deputy escorts Max and Isabel out of the station we hear yelling coming from the room in which Valenti is being questioned. The Sheriff and Dan are screaming at each other and Valenti notes that he saved the woman’s life. The Judge requests that Valenti file a report for the following morning. He then tells Valenti they will be setting up a hearing and takes the Sheriff’s badge from him. He has officially been suspended. In a hospital, a nurse injects a needle into the woman whom Max and Isabel saved. The woman wakes up from her sleep and the nurse tries to comfort her. She tells the woman that there are some people who want to talk with her, but then informs her that she’ll let her rest up first. The nurse walks away to get the woman some orange juice and we think she is going to sleep. Suddenly, she opens her eyes and starts looking around as if she is scared.

Tess, who is disguised in a nurse’s outfit, informs Michael that the blood work confirms the woman is human. Michael cannot believe it and he rushes to the woman’s room which is now vacant.

At Valenti’s house, we find the Sheriff making coffee as someone knocks on the door. It is Agent Susan Duff from the FBI. Duff makes herself very comfortable in the Sheriff’s home and explains that Laurie Dupree (the woman) is missing again. Duff then informs Valenti that the Judge has agreed to let him help her with the case. There is only one condition: since he is still suspended, Duff gets to call all the shots. The Sheriff seems skeptical about helping Duff at first, but finally agrees to help her.

Meanwhile, we find Maria at her locker in school. From behind her, Alex approaches and mumbles something to get her attention. Maria is excited to see Alex who is back from his long trip to Stockholm. He explains about his delayed flight and Liz spots him as she approaches. She runs over to Alex and tries to impress him with the Swedish words which she has acquired while he was gone. Maria asks, “So, were the Viking guys hot…” and Alex tells her that she can judge for herself after they view his slides. Alex asks how things are going and Liz informs him of Valenti’s situation. Maria spots Max and she points Liz in his direction. She then agrees to fill Alex in and the scene shifts to Liz and Max’s conversation. Liz asks if he is all right and Max expresses his concern for Valenti and his job. He tries to approach Kyle, but Kyle completely ignores him.

At the Sheriff’s office, Valenti sits at his desk. Kyle drops his father’s lunch on the desk and Kyle is upset that his father did not tell him about the suspension. Duff interrupts and asks for a report that Valenti was supposed to do for her. The Sheriff introduces her to his son and Kyle departs. Duff shows Valenti some files and she asks about the investigation of Laurie’s disappearance at the hospital. Valenti explains that his men are on it and then gives Duff some background information on the girl. He says that she is a paranoid schizophrenic who ran away from her hospital a week before the kidnapping. Duff exits and Valenti receives a page. It’s Michael, who requests to show him something. At the crime scene, Valenti picks something up and places it inside a bag. Valenti explains this “thing” wasn’t there last night. He tells Michael that he needs to stop poking around crime scenes, especially when the FBI is involved and Michael agrees.

At the Crashdown, Liz starts to clean up Max’s mess but he tells her he was not finished. Max asks to have another bowl of what he is eating and Liz informs him that he has been sitting there since six o’clock. Max tells her that there is a dangerous person in town and that he is scared to go home. It is obvious that he is there to protect Liz, and she even sees it herself. She thanks Max and we hear a knock on the door. It’s Sean, who says he would “kill” for some food. Liz tells him that the kitchen is closed and Sean then requests some Asteroid Pie. Liz informs him that the last piece went earlier that day and Liz tells him to come back tomorrow and she’ll give him something. She closes the door and returns to Max. She tells him that there are two pieces of Asteroid Pie and that he can stay as long as he likes. Liz then goes upstairs to get her history books in order to study. At Valenti’s, the Sheriff returns home to find Laurie Dupree hiding in his closet.

We next find Alex setting up his slides. Liz asks Isabel how she is doing and Isabel replies that she cannot stop thinking about the girl. At Valenti’s, the Sheriff informs Laurie that there are a lot of people who want to help her. She asks the Sheriff if she can trust him and Laurie admits that it was “them” who took her, and that they are not from “here”. Duff interrupts with a call. She needs the Sheriff to help her do something and he agrees to come. Laurie wants to know if he is leaving and Valenti tells her that if he can trust him he can trust the people he says are OK. As Alex continues to set up his slides, Valenti calls for Isabel. He wants her to stay with Laurie, but she does not tell the others that as she departs. She apologizes to Alex, explaining that they’ll have to set up a date soon. Alex asks Liz for an extra extension cord and as she goes to find it she finds Sean in the Crashdown’s pantry. He explains that he was hungry and invites Liz on a date, but she refuses and explains that her and Max are “semi-involved”. Sean doesn’t seem to care too much. He exits.

At a convenience store, Kyle and Tess overhear two women gossiping about Valenti. In the Sheriff’s defense, Mrs. Deluca takes a shot at the two women and then pays for her food. At Valenti’s, Isabel tries to help and comfort Laurie. Laurie is acting strange (as usual) and Isabel asks her what “they” did to her. She informs Isabel that they stuck needles into her as a knock interrupts their conversation. Isabel tells Laurie to hide in the closet until she says it’s alright. At the door, we find Max and Michael. Isabel knocks on the door, requesting that Laurie come out and she opens the door to find Max and Michael. She reintroduces Max, and follows with Michael. All of a sudden, Laurie starts to scream. She tells Michael to stay away from her, mumbling something about him being dead. Laurie locks herself in the room as Isabel pleads with Laurie, who has already escaped the house. She runs looking for help but is unable to find any. At the police station, Valenti and Duff receive calls almost simultaneously. One is from Isabel to Valenti explaining how Laurie escaped. The other call comes from a citizen from Roswell, although we are not completely sure of this. It is pretty obvious though that the call concerns Laurie’s whereabouts.

Michael catches Laurie who escapes him by running into the street. She is hit by a car, but survives. When she gets up, a crowd has formed and she pleads for help from the man who has just hit her. Laurie mumbles something about the “enemies” as the police arrive with Duff. Laurie explains to Duff that she was hiding in Valenti’s house and that he told her she could trust him. Duff asks Valenti if this is true and at first, he denies the allegations, but finally, he gives in to Duff, who informs him that their arrangement is through.

Duff questions Valenti at the station. He explains that Laurie came to him. Duff seems disappointed with Valenti and when she asks him a question about the relationship between him and the kids of Roswell, he refuses to answer, noting that she had time to asks questions earlier, when his lawyer was present.

Alex shows Liz his slides, but Liz is too rapt in her troubled life. Alex seems supportive and when she sees a slide of Alex hugging a Swedish girl, she asks him to spill. He explains that he has a long distance relationship going on because it seems that things between him and Isabel are not that good. One of the slides he shows Liz is of the Northern Lights. She is completely amazed and it appears that she sees a resemblance between it and the flashes, which she has when kissing Max.

At school, Max asks Kyle if they can talk. Kyle replies, “No” but Max explains about the evidence which is in Valenti’s office and how it could be alien. Kyle does not seem too interested in protecting Max but after learning that it could only worsen his father’s situation, Kyle agrees to help and go get it. Later, Liz pulls Max aside and asks him if he would ever like to travel. He replies that he would but that things like travel don’t work out for him. Liz explains that she feels Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess are all being cheated, and Max tells her that everything they touch is damaged in some way. Liz doesn’t agree and Max tells her that she needs to room to grow, despite the fact that she will always be part of the group.

At Valenti’s office, we find Kyle going through the Sheriff’s drawers. Kyle finds the evidence as Duff enters. When she finds Kyle, he lies to her, telling her that he is looking for the report card Valenti was supposed to sign. He picks up a random piece of paper and tells Duff that he has found it. She investigates the paper and explains that she did not like Trigonometry either. As Kyle walks out of the station, he glances at the report card. Tess stands close by. With her mind altering powers she has created the illusion of the report card, and even destroys it right in Kyle’s hands. He realizes what has happened and complains about Tess’ creepy powers.

In the courthouse, the Sheriff listens to a tape of his hearing. The court’s decision is to remove Valenti from office immediately. The Judge rules and we next find Max and Isabel entering the Crashdown. They apologize for being late and Liz explains that they have fired the Sheriff. Both Max and Isabel become upset and Kyle pulls out the evidence Max requested. Kyle asks Max to promise him to leave their family alone. Max says that he cannot promise that and Kyle slams the evidence down on the Crashdown’s counter.

At the Evans’, Michael investigates the sample of evidence. Max and Isabel seem very worried about Valenti. Max pulls a microscope out of his closet. He puts a sample of the evidence on a slide and they look at it under a microscope. Max explains that it is pulsating.

Valenti is sleeping at his house as we hear a knock on the door. He answers it to find Mrs. Deluca who invites the Sheriff on a picnic. He refuses and replies that he is going to clean his gutters. At the Crashdown, Liz sits down with Sean after delivering his food. He tries to help Liz with her problems by showing her an old trick in which you write your problems in mustard on a hamburger and then eat the hamburger. According to Sean your troubles will go away. We find the Sheriff and Mrs. Deluca in Mrs. Deluca’s car. It appears they have been together the whole day. Valenti thanks her for the day and they kiss.

Inside Valenti’s, Tess explains that she is leaving to Kyle. Kyle seems upset and persuades her not to go. Tess feels that her existence in the Valenti family is a burden to Kyle and his father, but Kyle assures her that Tess is his favorite Martian.

In the concluding scene, we find Michael and Isabel, who have broken into an unidentified file room (it’s probably that of Laurie’s previous hospital). At first, Michael and Isabel fail to find any information on Laurie, but they do find her personal belongings in a bag. One of the belongings is a picture of someone who looks exactly like Michael. Isabel notes this and Michael explains, “It is me.” The picture is marked “Grandpa 1935”.

Review: This episode was very good (as a majority of the episodes are). It was very obvious that this episode’s purpose was to set up and bring together different aspects of the show together—i.e.: Alex returns from Sweden; more detail is learned about Laurie, her past, and why she is running, etc. This episode will help to set up the concluding two episodes in the four-part series “The Hybrid Chronicles”. We’ll just have to see how things turn out!


The episode begins at a 24-hour market in Roswell. Michael and Maria are sitting on the roof of the market and Maria explains that it is strange how the man in the picture looks so much like Michael. Maria then suggests that the man was probably a donor of his human side and Michael notes that he has finally found a family member and that she (Laurie) is nuts.

Meanwhile, Agent Duff tries to persuade Laurie Dupree into telling her who is hurting her. Laurie says that “they’re aliens” and all of a sudden, she starts screaming and becomes very frantic. She gets up and Duff chases her to the other side of the room; Laurie notes that they have to get out of the room and she starts running towards the door. When she reaches it, two officers are there to hold her back and they pin Laurie down. Maria and Michael continue to watch the Sheriff’s station from the roof of the market and they see Laurie Dupree being escorted to an ambulance. We see inside the ambulance. Laurie is tied up, and behind them, we watch Michael and Maria. Following them is an old station wagon. Laurie uses a pen to untie herself even though she is for the most part helpless. When a guard isn’t looking she attacks him, and then drives the driver and the ambulance into a ditch. The ambulance flips over and Michael and Maria stop to help Laurie out. Laurie screams when she realizes it’s Michael who is helping her out, but the station wagon that was following Michael and Maria stops besides them and Laurie’s attacker starts to shoot at her. Michael escorts her towards their car. They duck, and he tells Laurie that she can either come with them or stay there and die. Laurie agrees to come with Michael and Maria, and Michael uses his power against Laurie’s attacker before escaping in their car.

At the Evans’, Max and Isabel watch a newscast of the overturned ambulance. The newscast also reports that Laurie is missing and that a countywide search has gone into effect. Max phones Michael who explains where they are. Max asks if Laurie is all right and Michael explains that she is. Meanwhile, Laurie tries her best to break out of the car that Michael has locked her in using his powers.

At Valenti’s house, we watch as Tess and Kyle enter to find the Sheriff doing some handiwork. Kyle wants to know what he is doing but it is apparent that Valenti has a lot of time on his hands. Kyle finds a letter from the state concerning his father’s career.

In Max’s room, Max studies the crystals they found. He explains to Isabel that he believes they are dealing with some alien bacteria. At the Crashdown, Isabel explains the situation to Alex and Liz. Sean interrupts and Liz informs him that they are having a private conversation. Sean then explains that his aunt (Maria’s mom) is flipping out because she is unable to locate Maria.

From outside of the Jetta, Michael drills Laurie but it does no good. Maria suggests that they get something to eat and Michael is skeptical at first, but he finally gives in. At the Crashdown, Duff finds Isabel and Alex. At the station, we watch as Duff enters a room where she will “just talk” with Isabel. Duff’s tone is nice at first but as she becomes increasingly eager for answers, she informs Isabel that she knows that she has lied. Isabel refuses to tell her anything and just then, the deputy enters with Mr. Sorinson, the geologist. He informs Duff that he found a rifle a mile east of the crime scene and even places it on table in front of Isabel.

At a roadside café, Laurie admits that she has to go to the bathroom. The place they are eating at is disgustingly filthy and Maria refuses to “hold her hand”. She suggests that they form a bond of trust so that Laurie can trust them and they can trust Laurie. At Maria’s, Sean and Liz arrive. Mrs. Deluca is angry with Maria who has called to explain that she has gone camping. Mrs. Deluca has found her long johns however, and she knows Maria is not out camping. Mrs. Deluca requests that Liz tell her everything she knows and Liz informs her that Maria is with Michael and that she’ all right. Mrs. Deluca asks for Liz’s phone, and she willingly hands it over to explain that Liz and her will wait until Maria calls Liz’s phone to get the truth of the matter.

We watch Laurie walking down a road and Maria’s red Jetta is following her. The car speeds up, Laurie hears it, and she starts running. However, when Laurie realizes how close Michael and Maria are, she stops, and even begins to take a rest. Maria pulls Michael aside and begs him to tell Laurie about who he is, but Michael does not want to do that and Michael ultimately agrees to make an emotional bond with the girl. Maria watches on as Michael approaches Laurie and has nothing to say.

Back at Valenti’s, Kyle watches as his father does some more woodwork. Valenti explains that he is making a baseball bat for Kyle, one that he has wanted to give him since he was little. Kyle knows something is wrong and Valenti finally admits that he is in a “dark place” and it is going to take some time to get out of his slump.

Michael bonds with Laurie by telling her that she is the only family he has every met and he’s not about to let go of her. He then informs her that he is loyal and Laurie asks him if he is her grandfather. Michael replies negatively and Laurie finally admits that her grandfather is in Tuscon.

We find Max sleeping on the desk in his room. He wakes to find that the crystal substance in the glass has escaped its container and made its way onto its hand. The crystal has now transformed into a liquid and reminds one of a blob. After the crystal is done with Max, he looks at his hand and the crystal changes from a liquid back into a solid. Max gets another container and locks the crystal in.

At Maria’s, Mrs. Deluca answers Liz’s phone to find her daughter on the other line. Mrs. Deluca is angry with Maria and she wants to know where she is and where she is going. Maria replies that she is still in New Mexico but that they are heading for Arizona. Maria then explains that they are being free spirits and Mrs. Deluca suggests that Michael and her are going to have sex and get stoned. Mrs. Deluca warns Maria of the danger she is in and requests to talk to Michael. Maria puts Michael on the phone; he refuses to talk at first. Mrs. Deluca explains to him that he is to protect her daughter and treat her good. She adds that if he is to have sex with Maria she will hunt him down and that they are to call her if they need bail money. Mrs. Deluca hangs up and Sean suggests that they call the police. Liz and Sean begin to fight and Mrs. Deluca leaves to have a drink. Max knocks on the door as Mrs. Deluca is leaving and he is looking for Liz, who he finds pinned under Sean. Max tells Liz that he needs help with his science homework and she gets her coat and leaves.

In the woods we find Valenti who is looking for Sorinson. He apologizes to the geologist and tries to settle their differences but Sorinson gets up and attacks Valenti. Valenti starts to punch him after he has the geologist pinned and Sorinson begs him to stop. It is obvious that Sorinson wanted Valenti to hit him. At the police station, Duff explains that she just got a call that he attacked Sorinson. Valenti suggests that they put Sorinson under surveillance and he even notes that Sorinson is Laurie Dupree’s attacker. Duff asks Valenti whether or not this has to do with the $15 million lawsuit Sorinson has filed against him and his family. Duff shows Valenti the gun Sorinson brought in from one of his digs. Valenti explains what happened when he visited Sorinson. Valenti makes the assumption that Sorinson has a split personality but Agent Duff suggests that it is Valenti who has the split personality.

At the UFO Center, Liz is working on the computer and notes that the crystals look like an alien version of a parasitic life form that shows up in fish. Max notes that if it is parasitic then it will need something to feed on, such as his arm. What Max and Liz can’t figure out is why the crystals don’t want to feed on terrestrial organisms, such as Max and Valenti. Max then says that they formed on Laurie’s gravesite and Liz calls Isabel to request that she do them a favor.

At the Crashdown, we find Sorinson and Isabel talking. Isabel explains that things got really complicated and that she would just like to start over with him. They reintroduce themselves and Sorinson explains that he is a geologist. Isabel asks many questions which she already knows the answers to before asking Sorinson what is so special about Frazier Woods.

The scene then cuts to Michael, Maria and Laurie who have arrived at Laurie’s grandfather’s house in Tucson. The house (or mansion) is very pretty and Maria notes that her grandfather has made a nice life for himself. Laurie explains that she is nervous since she hasn’t seen her grandfather in so long. Michael buzzes the gate and a camera shifts. Someone answers through the telecom and Michael explains who he is along with Maria and Laurie. At the door, a servant greets them and she looks at Michael awkwardly. Michael, Maria and Laurie look around the house and we meet Bobby, who is also surprised to see Michael. His wife walks down the stairs to find Michael and she is stunned to see him. Michael is confused, however, Laurie asks her Uncle Bobby to see her grandfather. Bobby replies that her grandfather has been dead for seven years and that Laurie herself even attended the funeral.

Laurie, Michael and Maria chat with Laurie’s aunt and uncle but Laurie seems uncomfortable and Bobby asks what Michael wants. Michael explains what happened to Laurie but they do not seem too bothered by it and even joke about Laurie getting locked up at the mental hospital.

At the UFO Center, Isabel explains that Sorinson has a bunch of experiments going on around Frazier Woods. Isabel mentions something about the water level at Frazier Wood and Liz is able to link it to the parasites. They jump onto the computer and Liz pulls up the county’s water table. We see that the water flows through underground rivers and streams. Liz zooms in and we see a stream which runs right beneath Pohlman Ranch and Frazier Woods. Max figures that the parasites came along with Max and Isabel on their ship. Liz questions Laurie Dupree’s attacker’s intensions. It is obvious that he knows about the alien parasites or might even be one himself. Liz comments that she wishes Max and Isabel could just phone home for help and Isabel agrees that it would be nice. Brody interrupts them and Max explains that they have been using his equipment for a science project they have been working on. Max explains that he won’t be long and a thought sparks in Isabel’s mind. She suggests that they use the alien who reached out through Brody’s mind at the summit and send a message back to him.

At Valenti’s, Duff enters to find the house transformed into a woodshop. She informs Valenti of the various objects which were stolen and used by Laurie’s attacker when he tried to kill her. They all came from different places, and for the most part, were stolen. She then announces that Sorinson’s work itinerary places him in all these places at the time when each of the objects were stolen. Duff pleads with Valenti to help her and she tells him that she will make it her personal business to help him get his job back after they have closed the case. Valenti replies that the bats can wait.

Back at the estate we find Michael and Maria. Michael wants to know where Laurie has been at the past three hours as they stand by the pool. Laurie’s uncle approaches and hands Michael a bag with $50,000. He notes that Michael looks like their father but he will continue to deny any inheritance claims that Michael makes. Michael and Maria are confused and as two of her uncle’s workers escort Michael and Maria off the property Michael asks Bobby what they will do with Laurie. Bobby explains that they will take care of her and Michael tells Bobby that there are people after Laurie, but he dismisses this comment.

Back at Brody’s office we find that Isabel is trying to put Brody under hypnosis to remember his “alien experiences”. Brody is skeptical and Isabel lies to Brody, telling him that she has psychic powers. He finally agrees to the hypnosis and Isabel instructs him on how to prepare. As Isabel starts to use her powers Brody explains that the last time he did this, the others hypnotizing him found him a difficult subject and all of a sudden we hear sparks fly and Brody and Isabel have landed on two opposite sides of the room. Max comes to Isabel’s side at first and Brody starts talking. Max questions who it is and Brody explains that he is Laryck. According to Brody, his body is not ready for communication and it will restart once Laryck has been released. Max explains about their situation and Brody questions the kind of parasite which Max believes found its way out from their ship. Max describes the crystals and Brody (or Laryck) informs him that their world is in great danger! He orders Max and Isabel to get off the planet immediately before leaving Brody’s body. Brody finally comes to and Max and Isabel explain that Brody has fainted. They help him up and Isabel apologizes. Max asks if Brody is all right and he replies that he “think so.”

Review: A great episode; a lot of “The Hybrid Chronicle’s” plot starts falling into place and we see that next week’s finale will probably be one for the record books. We’re beginning to learn more and more about the mysterious geologist, Grant Sorinson, along with Brody and how his alien communication may be able to benefit Max, Isabel and the others.


As the episode begins, we find Laurie Dupree’s attacker searching Michael’s apartment. He first sees a picture of Michael, looks on the desk, and then picks one up of Laurie. The scene shifts and we find Michael and Maria spying on the Dupree family at their mansion. All of the lights in the house turn off and Michael instructs Maria to follow him. They move on and Michael spots a security guard. He throws a rock in order to cause a distraction and the security guard is fooled by it.

We next find Agent Duff and Sheriff Valenti pulling over Grant Sorinson’s Jeep. Agent Duff and the Sheriff interrogate Sorinson with “questions”. Sorinson has a few scratch marks on his neck and when Duff asks about them, he is unable to come up with anything.

Michael and Maria go through the Dupree mansion before finding Laurie’s room. Michael asks if she is all right and Laurie explains that her Aunt and Uncle think she’s crazy. Laurie’s Aunt and Uncle walk into Laurie’s room to find Michael and Maria, and so, they are escorted out once again.

Max, Liz, and Isabel explain to Tess what Larrick explained to them about how their planet is infected. Suddenly, Brody enters the Crashdown as Larrick. He explains that gandarium are the parasites which are infecting human cells in a process called hybridization, which is when an alien/human hybrid can be made. What the gang can’t understand is why the gandarium is just focusing on Laurie. Brody explains that Laurie must have a special defect, and that if the gandarium are to infect her they will create a virus. This virus is passed just by human contact, and if and when it spreads it will bring forth the destruction of the human race on Earth. Max asks how they can get rid of the gandarium and Larrick explains that once they have infected Laurie, it’s all over. Tess notes that they have not finished infecting her yet, and Larrick further explains that the gandarium works like a beehive. If you can kill the queen, the rest of the workers will shut down. Larrick exits since his host body (Brody) is not capable of withstanding any more communication.

At the courthouse, Maria pulls up the file on Laurie Dupree. She signs for the documents and then looks through them to find something of interest. The Dupree estate is left under Laurie’s name. Maria feels that will give Michael and her some leverage. At the gate to the Dupree mansion, Maria and Michael are nastily greeted over the intercom, however, when Maria holds up the document for the camera to see, the gates open immediately.

Out in Frazier Woods, Kyle and Alex dig until they find a cave where the crystals are being held. Before returning to tell Max and the others, Kyle and Alex decide to go do some exploring. They find a ton of alien crystals, however, they also find themselves trapped in the cave after crystals form to shut the hole in the earth that they have just made. Max, Isabel, Liz and Tess arrive at Frazier Woods. They have been searching around for some time and they come across the hole of crystals that leads to the cave which Kyle and Alex are trapped in. Kyle calls Liz on her cell phone and she instructs the alien trio to use their powers and open the hole. Their powers do not work on the crystals, however, and Liz informs Alex and Kyle that they’ll have to dig another hole.

Maria talks with Laurie’s Aunt at the Dupree estate. We learn that Laurie’s Aunt and Uncle have used their money to pay off the doctors at Laurie’s hospital so that they’ll say she’s crazy. In Laurie’s room, Michael speaks with her on how “he” made a trip to the courthouse to pull out her file. Laurie notes Michael’s uncanny resemblance to her grandfather and assures Michael that she feels safe around him because her grandfather was the only person in her family that she felt she could trust. Laurie then leads Michael to the bomb shelter of the estate where we find some of her grandfather’s old belongings. Michael goes through a book and finds a sketch of an alien. Laurie explains that her aunt and uncle thought her grandfather was crazy, and she even jokes that she inherited her crazy personality as well as some “bad blood” from him. She further explains that it is really a recessive genetic defect. Isabel enters Brody’s office and starts to file through something before Laurie Dupree’s attacker attacks her from behind. After taking off his mask, we discover that Laurie and Isabel’s attacker is really Grant Sorinson, as Duff and Valenti had predicted.

Isabel gains consciousness to find that she is driving in Sorinson’s car. Sorinson starts going wild, telling Isabel that she needs to help him because he can’t remember the things he’s done in the past, and why he is now driving to Tucson with her. Sorinson tells Isabel that the only thing he can remember is his birthday. Isabel asks him when his memory started to go and Grant notes that it was around the time when he started digging around Pullman Ranch, where he had found some strange crystals. Isabel immediately knows what has happened to Sorinson and she tells him that his body has been taken over by something. Grant can’t understand what Isabel is trying to tell him, so, he tells her that he is going to kill her, even though he doesn’t want to. Sorinson instructs Isabel to grab the cell phone from his pocket and get out of the car. She does, and Grant drives away. His behavior is still wild and erratic. From the side of the road, Isabel explains the situation to Valenti, and notes that he is on his way to Tucson in order to kill Laurie. Isabel tells Valenti that she’ll find a ride from a stranger, and assures him that he does not have to worry about her getting in the car with a stranger. Their signal is lost and from Valenti’s side we hear a dial tone.

At the cave site, Max, Liz and Tess work to dig Kyle and Alex out while they sing American Pie from below. Kyle puts one of the crystals inside of a bottle with a lit match and throws the bottle next to them. A strange chemical reaction occurs and the crystal starts going crazy, bouncing all throughout the bottle before finally shriveling up and dieing. Kyle calls Liz from underground (don’t you love the power of cell phones?) and Liz comes to the conclusion that if they can get all the oxygen out of the cave, all of the crystals will die. Max notes that Alex and Kyle will die too.

At the Dupree estate, Laurie swims in the pool while Michael and Maria chat. They are obviously living the “good life” up; one of the estate’s maids brings over a phone for Michael on a silver platter. He answers it and it is Max, who explains the crystals can’t survive without oxygen. Michael assures him that they are safe from the crystals in Tucson and before hanging up, Michael tells Max that he has to go patrol the perimeter.

Valenti arrives at Duff’s office and explains that they need a plane to arrive in Tucson before Sorinson does. Duff is confused and Valenti explains. He also explains that some of the things Duff is about to see could ultimately end her career. Valenti asks for her trust and warns Duff to be very picky with what she includes in her final report. Duff then gets on the phone to find them a plane. At the Dupree estate, Michael, Maria and Laurie are enjoying the cook’s delicious food. Laurie’s Aunt and Uncle enter and explain that they have a charity event at the Governor’s residence which they will be attending. Laurie’s Aunt and Uncle exit and Maria requests more root beer from one of the maids. When the maid does not respond instantaneously, Maria sends Michael to check on her. Michael searches through the mansion to find the maid. She is sitting in a chair and her throat has been slit.

Michael returns to the dining room and tells Maria and Laurie that the maid has been murdered. He instructs them to go “someplace safe” and takes a look around the house for anything suspicious he can find. Michael walks down a hallway and from behind him, Sorinson appears. Suddenly, Michael is shot. It appears as though he has been shot in the shoulder, and immediately, he drops to the ground. Sorinson continues on his way through the house. Laurie leads Maria to the bomb shelter as Valenti and Duff enter the Dupree estate. They find Michael in the hallways and he informs them in which direction Sorinson went. Meanwhile, Maria and Laurie struggle to close the bomb shelter door. Sorinson finds them, and Maria pleads with him, explaining that she is Isabel’s close friend. Sorinson grabs Laurie and holds her at gunpoint as Valenti and Duff make their way into the bomb shelter. Valenti persuades Sorinson into letting Laurie go, and it only works because Sorinson has a relapse of his actual mental self. Sorinson then goes back into his strange behavior, and Grant explains that Valenti will have to kill him. As Sorinson eases closer to Valenti and Duff, Duff takes a shot and it knocks Grant onto one of the bomb shelter’s beds. Duff follows up by going to check Sorinson’s pulse, however, when she does this, the “queen” crystal pops out of Grant’s stomach and it releases itself so that it can move about in the air. Michael stumbles into the room before anything bad can happen and instructs them all to get out. They leave the room before the “queen” crystal can attack, and, in using his powers, Michael is able to open a vent in the shelter and suck all the oxygen out. The “queen” crystal struggles to survive, and just when we think it’s dead, it pulls one last antic by using it’s remaining power to thrust itself against the door window that Michael, Maria, Laurie, Valenti and Duff are all standing behind. Laurie explains that it is “over”, however, Valenti notes that it all depends on what the other crystals do.

Back in the cave, Kyle and Alex have a conversation on how their lives are about to end. All of a sudden, the crystals start dripping and Kyle and Alex begin to flip out. Alex then remembers that the crystals are probably dieing, and so Kyle and he rejoice. Above the ground, Max, Liz, and Tess help dig until Kyle and Alex are finally free! The gang figures that somehow, Michael and Maria killed the queen, and so, they have now saved the world.

Isabel returns to the bomb shelter of the Dupree mansion to lay a blanket on Grant. She sits next to him, and talks to him for comfort, even though he is no longer alive. Upstairs, Duff explains to Valenti that she has two “options”: she can tell the truth about everything she’s seen or write a false report. Maria kisses Michael in another room and commemorates him for his heroic behavior. Michael asks Laurie if she would be all right in allowing Laurie to move in with him. Michael doesn’t want to leave Laurie with her aunt and uncle, however, he doesn’t want her involved in his “intergalactic” conflicts either. Maria suggests that they use a lawyer to solve their problem. We next find Maria and Michael at the signing of her documents, and in the concluding scene of the episode, Michael and Maria hold each other as they stare at a picture frame with Laurie’s picture in it.

Review: An excellent concluding episode to the 4-part “Hybrid Chronicles” series. As the third episode concluded, I was a little worried that they wouldn’t have enough time to squeeze the conclusion into just one episode. Instead, the producers and writers of Roswell have created a masterpiece by starting out with a ton of suspense and maintaining it throughout the remainder of the episode. It was nice to see that that the whole gang worked on solving this conflict, instead of leaving certain characters out as previous episodes have done. Overall, an excellent finish to Roswell’s February sweeps that is sure to garner even more viewers!


The episode begins and we learn that Michael’s nerves are shot! He’s been going through a lot lately, and after inheriting some money from Laurie and the rest of the Dupree family, Michael asks Max if he’ll accompany him on a mini-vacation to Las Vegas. Reluctantly, Max agrees, and we learn later on in the episode that one of the only reasons Max agrees at all is because it will make Michael feel better. Unfortunately for Max and Michael, Isabel and Maria stumble onto their plan, and following this, the rest of the gang comes into play after they find out that Isabel and Maria will be tagging along! Willing to go anyway, Michael and the others skip 6th period of school and head on out to Las Vegas.

When they finally arrive in Las Vegas, Michael uses some of their money to rent one of the casino’s most posh suites. It can accommodate the whole gang and has plenty of extras as well. Then, Michael distributes the money and gives everyone $3000. He explains the one rule for their vacation: leave both Max and he alone. Everyone rushes out to start gambling their money while Max and Liz stick around for a little chat. Max is surprised that Liz has tagged along and Liz explains that she could say the same for Max. Max explains that he is only there for Michael, who is “sort of going through something”. Michael interrupts them and informs Liz that she is unwanted. She exits to leave Max and Michael alone; it’s time for them to have a little fun…Las Vegas style!

Liz, Maria, Isabel and Tess enter the casino. Maria is making a call on her cell phone and she explains that she will be taking a little trip to the hotel’s spa. She parts with the rest of the group and unfortunately for Liz and Tess, the bouncer cards them as Isabel walks right on. At a Black Jack table, Kyle shows Isabel how to play the game. Isabel looses her first game and gets so frustrated with the “math” of it that she excuses herself from the table to find the fun she is looking for. Maria approaches Alex and Kyle, who are still playing Black Jack. She explains that she found a flyer from a booking agent who is holding auditions; she needs Alex to help her, however, Alex is not in a very good mood since he has just lost his $3000 at the Black Jack table. Maria promises to give him her money if he’ll just “fake the piano” for her.

Michael teaches Max how to roll craps. Michael is on a winning streak and Maria approaches them to explain her gig. Michael doesn’t want to see her, but she goes on explaining her upcoming performance while Michael rolls the dice. He quickly gets annoyed with Maria and tells her to beat it. She can’t understand Michael’s arrogant behavior, and so, she walks away.

Meanwhile, Isabel plays a slot machine and notices a bride-to-be who has spilt some wine on her dress. Isabel helps the woman out by secretly using her power to get the stain out. The woman is very thankful and asks Isabel her name. She replies Brandy, and the woman introduces herself as Tracy. Tracy’s husband, Glen, and his best man, Dave, find Isabel and Tracy shaking hands; Tracy explains that “Brandy” has just saved her butt, however, Dave informs her of a new wedding catastrophe! Her maid of honor has food poisoning. Tracy becomes upset once again, and after a bit of eye contact between Isabel and Dave, Isabel volunteers to help Tracy out and be her Maid of Honor.

Maria sings for the booking agent only to learn that she is really auditioning for a strip club. Maria is extremely embarrassed that she has misread the flyer and the scene shifts back to Michael and Max. Max knows that Michael is using his powers so that he can continue winning and advises him to stop. Max watches for the casino workers as Michael continues to roll and he catches that they know. Finally, someone closes the table and when Michael asks the man why he has done this, he informs him to take his winnings and move down the strip. Max is reluctant to except these terms, however, Michael’s hot temper catches up with him, and he refuses to leave. Instead, he begins to walk towards another table and when the casino worker tries to stop him, Michael punches him in the face. Instantaneously, the casino security guards grab Michael and Max.

Liz plays an arcade game and Tess explains the reason why they didn’t get in is because they are so tiny. She then suggests using her mind-altering power and Liz informs her that she is having fun in the arcade. Tess comments that she is stuck in the party capitol of the world with Liz Parker and Liz becomes angry with Tess. Liz then tells Tess that she is not so thrilled to be stuck with her, either, and so, Tess leaves in a huff.

Back at the suite, Tracy and Glen thank Isabel for being their Maid of Honor. They exit as Alex and Maria enter to find Isabel and Glen’s best man, Dave. Maria and Alex ask what’s going on and Isabel explains. Isabel and Dave snap a photo for the photo album as the phone rings. Maria picks it up and on the other end; Michael explains that he and Max are stuck in jail. Maria is still angry with Michael from earlier in the episode, and so, she hangs up on him. Downstairs, Maria approaches Kyle and Alex and informs them that they’ll have to cash out since she needs the money to bail Max (and possibly Michael) out of jail. Kyle refuses to cash out and so Maria lies to the table’s operator that Kyle is a member of Gamblers Anonymous. Since it is casino policy, the man is forced to end their game and make Kyle cash-in.

Back in the hotel suite, Isabel dances with Dave. It is obvious that they have feelings for each other, and the two even share a kiss. Dave suggests to Isabel that they go back to his hotel room, even though they are in Isabel’s. Isabel declines to “get a little more private” at first, but after a couple more smooches, she decides to follow him home. In the cell, Max expresses his anger over Michael landing them in jail. Michael seems angry with Max as well and Max explains that the only reason he came on the trip was for Michael. Michael starts to have a conversation with himself about how Max and him “used to be tight”. Max explains that their quarrel is not really over friendship, but rather Michael’s irresponsible, reckless behavior. In defense, Michael explains that he has been going through a lot lately and even notes that he was shot. Max chimes in and explains that he knows this since he was the one who healed him. Michael disagrees though and informs Max that he wouldn’t know the first thing about really healing him.

Maria bails Max and Michael out of jail and the three of them return to the hotel suite. Max immediately calls the airport for information on a flight back to Roswell; however, he learns he’ll have to stick around a little longer than expected. Maria pleads with Michael to convince Max to stay, but instead Michael makes Max feel more unwelcome. Max leaves with his backpack and the scene shifts back to the arcade. We see Liz playing a pinball game and Max spots her on his way out. Liz is upset to see Max go, and he explains Vegas have gotten the best of him. Liz spots an advertisement for an Elvis Chapel and points it out to Max. Earlier in the season, a future Max informed Liz that she and Max would be married in that same chapel. Because she has changed their plot of events, they are no longer in love, nor will they be getting married anytime soon. Liz asks Max if he’d ever like to get married in an Elvis Chapel; he laughs and even says” not in this lifetime”. Max tells Liz that he has a plane to catch and she almost tells him the truth about rewriting history, however, she cannot bring herself to do it. Outside, Max walks towards a cab while a bride and groom exit it. Max turns to see the extremely happy couple and imagines that he and Liz are the bride and groom.

The gang blows the rest of their money on an expensive night out on the town. Alex takes a picture of the gang while Michael informs Maria that he is hungry. She tells him that his lobster will be there shortly, but he insists on hitting the fast food joint across the street for a cheeseburger. Maria cannot believe Michael, but she gives him some cash anyway, and he goes off on his way. Little does Maria know that Michael has set her up to sing at the restaurant. He announces her fake name over the microphone and Maria takes to the stage without a qualm! Maria sings a lovely song while Isabel enters to find Alex. Isabel explains that she didn’t really find what she was looking for and she is feeling lonely. Alex explains that one day she’ll find a man and make him very happy. Isabel asks him to dance and Alex replies that he’d love to. Michael watches on as Max finds Liz at their table. He leads Liz to the dance floor and explains that on his way to the airport he had a “weird moment” in which he saw this “vision” of them jumping out of a cab like they had just been married in Vegas. Once again Liz struggles to tell Max the truth, but the song, their dance, (and most importantly) the moment ends before she is ever able to do so.

The gang returns to the hotel suite where they find Valenti sitting on the couch. Valenti explains that yesterday afternoon he figured out Kyle was missing. After this, he came to the conclusion that they were all missing. Valenti suggests that he thought they had been kidnapped, or maybe, even worse. Max and Michael explain they took a little “mini-vacation”, however, Valenti cannot excuse their behavior. The gang disperses and outside, Michael spends the last of their money on coffee for him and Max. Max explains that he is too harsh on Michael sometimes, most likely because he feels responsible for them. An updated version of Viva Las Vegas plays as Michael and Max walk down the Las Vegas strip and Michael discusses that they should watch Braveheart in order to kill the couple extra hours they have left.

Review: A very interesting episode which ended out the February sweeps nicely! The previous episode ended the four-part “Hybrid Chronicles” series and so I was left wondering exactly what they’d pull in this episode. It was nice to see a break from all the sci-fi drama of the series and really concentrate on the characters/relationships. Even though nothing really major happened, we see that Max and Liz are growing closer and closer than they’ve ever been this season. We also learn how painful it (still) is for Liz to keep the truth from Max, especially after the events of this episode. Basically, this episode was designed as a fill-in, and helped to concentrate on the many areas of the show we seldom get to see when there is so much going on! Make sure to tune in after Roswell returns from its break: we’ll be in the home stretch towards the season finale and it’s looking like things are going to get very interesting…


The episode begins and somewhere in a West Roswell High classroom, Maria is explaining the storyline which has developed throughout the season. Finally, we are fast forwarded to the future where Maria explains that it is a very disastrous time in Roswell: prom time.

We next find Liz in her room. She has finally returned to writing in her diary and notes that she has figured out something so “deep” from the least “deep” guy in America. At the Crashdown, we watch as Liz and Sean chat. The scene shifts once again and we find Liz and Sean in Sean’s car. Sean asks if Liz would like to go bowling. Liz replies that she believes the bowling alley is closed and Sean informs her that he has special access to it. Once again, Liz rejects his invitation but explains that she thinks, despite what others do, that he is a nice guy. Sean tells Liz that they’ll go some other time and explains his feelings for Liz as well. He believes that there is something about Liz, something he calls “special.” Liz, who is a little creeped out by this, tries to exit the car but not before Sean leans over and gives her a long and passionate kiss. Liz does not try to stop him from kissing her, however, once they have finished, she makes a very strange face as she stares out the window.

The following day, Liz explains her date with Sean. Liz can’t stop thinking what Max would think about her kiss with Sean even though they are no longer together. Liz notes that she has wasted two years of her life with Max and she doesn’t even have a date for the prom. Maria tells Liz not to feel guilty and insists that Liz probably wouldn’t even kiss Sean back. At least, that’s what she would hope.

The scene shifts and we meet with Max and Michael. They are conversing about Max’s ability to remember their old planet and Michael requests to know how the “chicks” are. Max is bothered that Michael won’t take him seriously, but points out that he remembers everyone, and for some reason, Tess is the clearest image.

In the library, we watch as Isabel spies on two friends. The male friend asks the female friend if she will go to the prom with him and it is obvious that she has answered yes. Isabel smiles. In the hallway, we catch up with Michael and Maria. Michael sees a poster advertising the West Roswell prom (appropriately titled 2001: A Space Odyssey) and informs Maria that he doesn’t do the prom because he doesn’t believe in it. Maria argues with Michael and notes that the prom can potentially be one of the five greatest nights of her life. Michael continues to refuse and so Maria warns him that she will just have to seek other options. Michael interprets this the wrong way and as they depart, they have decided to “see other people.”

In the student lounge, one of Kyle’s football buddies catches him reading a Buddhism book. Kyle’s buddy has not come to tease him about religion, however, he does want to know how long he’ll let that “blonde little hottie” (Tess) live under his roof before making a move.

Outside, Max approaches Liz at a table where she is doing some schoolwork. He tells her that he is about to ask her something he has been waiting to ask her for a while as a nearby couple hug and make some noise. Max suggests that it is the prom’s doing and notes to Liz that Michael and Maria aren’t going together. Liz tells Max how she always imagined that the four of them would go as a group. She even informs Max that she bought a dress. Both Max and Liz cite how things seemed much more simpler back then. Liz is almost upset that they are not going together and Max catches onto her lead by requesting they go to the prom together. They agree to go and have a good time as friends. Following this, Liz asks Max what he was dying to tell her. He explains that he has begun to remember parts of his old planet—how it looked, smelled, the people, etc. When Liz questions Max on who he remembers, he explains that he remembers everyone, including Tess. Liz smiles and explains, “That’s great.”

We next find Liz running around a corner as a bus pulls away. Liz starts to yell at the bus, however, she has already missed it. Sean pulls around the corner and we watch as he parks his car next to Liz. He asks Liz if she needs a ride and Liz explains that she’ll be fine. Sean apologizes for the other night. He explains that he caught a vibe and Liz informs him that he didn’t get one from her. Sean offers to drive Liz to school as an apology and this time she accepts. The scene shifts and we watch as Sean and Liz stop ten blocks before the school. Liz asks what Sean is doing and he explains that because of his probation he cannot go inside the school zone. He then offers to give Liz a ride home, however, she explains that she’ll take the bus. Sean apologizes for the kiss once again. Liz tells Sean that she’s going to the prom with Max and Sean asks Liz why she didn’t just tell him. Liz explains that they are not back together and Sean says that he tips his hat to Max because he is playing Liz while keeping her off the market. Liz explains that that is not the situation at all and tells Sean that Max is above and beyond that level of thinking.

Back in school, Maria approaches Michael at his locker. She explains that since they both have off that evening, he should take her out to a dinner and movie in order to apologize for his comments the previous day. Michael brushes her off and explains that he can’t go as he already has plans.

In the library, Isabel tells Alex who she thinks will ask her to the prom. Nevertheless, she makes it obvious that she wants to go with Alex and apologizes for being “ready now and not before.” Alex tells Isabel that it would be his dream to take her to the prom, however, things would change as they always do between them and he’d be back at square one with her. Obviously, his answer is no and as he and Isabel continue their work it is apparent that there is a lot of tension between them.

At Valenti’s, Kyle asks Tess if she would like to go to the prom with him. Tess answers that she would really like to go with him. Meanwhile, Maria and Liz break into Michael’s apartment. Liz warns Maria that they will regret this as Maria trapes around the apartment looking for evidence of Michael’s new woman. Maria makes her way to the counter where she is able to find a name and an address of a woman: Juanita. Liz and Maria arrive at Juanita’s house and spy on her with binoculars. We watch as Michael and Juanita hold each other close and begin to dance.

At Max’s, Tess and he sit on a bed while they try to concentrate on the old planet. Tess sees that Max can’t concentrate well and he tells Tess that Liz and he are going to the prom together. Tess tells Max that she doesn’t care about that kind of stuff, as it is unimportant. Max and Tess resume their “session”. Maria stops in front of the house and complains to Liz about her situation with Michael. Maria is angered that she did not see what was coming at her. Liz explains that there is still a possibility that nothing is going on between them. Since Maria has to know, she forces Liz to go inside to Max and ask him what he knows about Michael. Liz finally agrees and begins to walk up the property. Meanwhile, Tess helps Max to remember the water on his home planet. Tess and Max describe it like Jell-O and after they have stopped concentrating, Max gives Tess a big hug for helping him to remember. To Liz, who is watching them through a window outside the house, this hug looks as though it is one of love.

Liz walks from the Crashdown alley to the street where Sean is waiting for her. Liz seems very annoyed with Sean following her and tells him that she is sick of his comments and theories on her life. She then explains to him that her life is falling apart and so Sean offers to take her somewhere. Liz agrees to go with him. At the bowling alley, Sean teaches her how to bowl, although she is not catching on very quickly. Sean asks Liz if he can tell her his theory. She tries to stop him but he explains that his theory is that they are two very different people. Liz is confused and Sean continues to say that he can’t understand why he feels the way he does every time he looks at her. Sean explains how they are both suffocating: Sean is looked at as a convict in his own town while Liz is suffocating through her relationship with Max. Liz turns and takes a ball out of the rack. She bowls it and gets a strike. Sean congratulates her as he takes off his shoes; Liz asks him what he is doing. He explains that what most people don’t know about bowling alleys is that they are all greased up and easy to slide on. Sean runs down about a quarter of the lane and then slides almost all the way until the end.

Back at Max’s, Tess and he continue their “session.” Max explains that he needs a break and Tess tells him that it will take time at first; however, with some practice he will get much better. Max asks whether or not Tess remembers him. She explains that she does and notes a few images of Max when he would hold her in his arms.

At Alex’s, we watch as he plays the guitar. There is a knock on the window and it is Isabel who comes inside and explains to Alex what her guidance counselor told her at the end of the last semester: Isabel can and will graduate this year because she only needs one more class for full completion. She also tells Alex that he is the only one who knows this. Isabel isn’t sure about a few things, however, she is sure that this year is her last chance to go to a prom. There are a couple moments of silence before Alex finally blurts out what Isabel has been waiting for: “Isabel Evans, will you go to the prom with me?” Isabel smiles and the two hug.

At the Crashdown, we watch as Maria fixes Liz up for the prom. Michael is cooking in the background and Maria wants to know whether or not he is looking out for them. Kyle and Tess enter and Kyle goes to the counter to get them drinks as Tess sits down. Liz departs because she wants to undo whatever Maria has just done to her. They watch in disgust as their parents (Valenti and Amy Deluca) sit close by next to each other in a booth. Liz returns from the bathroom to find Max entering the Crashdown. He has brought a corsage for her and they both say the “you look nice” lines. Mrs. Deluca rounds everyone up for a picture, including Michael, who is wearing his work clothes. Mrs. Deluca lines up the shot and asks Sean, who is sitting lonely at a table, to take it for them. As they pose for the picture, the camera does a slow-mo over each character while Liz sums up the feeling of the scene:

“And there we were, all together, with everything we had all been through over the last two years. The battles we had fought, the relationships that were formed, the feelings for each other, stronger than any feelings we’d ever know could exist. And somehow, in this moment, I had this really strong, really upsetting feeling that this was the last time we’d all be standing together.”

The prom begins and we watch as Alex and Isabel pose for a picture. Alex comments on Isabel’s beauty and Isabel thanks him just for taking her to the prom. The scene shifts to Kyle who is pouring a drink for Tess. Kyle’s buddy approaches him once again and comments that, “tonight is the big night.” Kyle keeps his cool at first but after his friend continues to go on he grabs him by the collar and yells, “Don’t ever talk about my sister that way again.” We next find Max and Liz at a table. They seem nervous about being around each other. Max finally asks Liz if she’d like to dance. They make their way to the dance floor where Liz tells Max that she saw him with Tess the previous night. Max explains that they were trying to concentrate on remembering things from their past. Liz cites that as a problem, especially since he was married to Tess in his alien life. She further explains that she’s been living her life for the past year waiting for the bad news that Max would fall for Tess. Max explains that he knows it’s not easy. Liz tells him that it can be if they both stop pretending to hold onto “something that will never be.” Liz explains her pain throughout the year and although Max tries to comfort her, it does no good. She shakes her head and glances off to see Maria. Liz tells Max that she needs to be there for Maria since she is without Michael tonight. Max lets her go.

Kyle and Tess enter the janitor’s closet where Kyle explains that although Tess is beautiful, he thinks of her as family and they could never be romantically linked. Tess is disappointed but “all right” with this. Outside, Maria and Liz tear up the dance floor while Max watches on. Maria looks over to see Michael, who is standing in a black tuxedo. Liz forces her to go talk to Michael, who explains he has come to the prom in order to dance. Maria comments that Michael should have brought Juanita with him, and Michael further explains that Juanita is his dancing teacher. Since Michael is such a bad dancer and knew how important the prom was to Maria, he decided to take some dancing lessons for her. Maria is extremely embarrassed for her behavior and Michael informs her that Juanita claims he is “unteachable.” Nevertheless, Michael and Maria make their way to the dance floor.

Outside, Max is sitting on a bench in the hallway and Tess, who is walking around the corner with Kyle spots him. It is obvious that Max is sad and lonely, so Tess excuses herself from Kyle and sits down next to Max. He explains that he finally thinks it is over between him and Liz. He further explains that he knew what was coming. Inside, Isabel and Alex are dancing. Isabel tells Alex she is about to do something she promised she wasn’t going to. She kisses Alex, who reciprocates with another kiss. Liz, who is watching them becomes even more upset and gets up in order to leave the prom room.

Outside, Max explains that he remembers something else, and doesn’t know what to feel about it. Max explains that he remembers their kiss, which they both play a role in reenacting. Just then, Liz walks into the hallway to catch Max and Tess, who are and continue to kiss for a long time. Liz throws her corsage in a garbage pail and runs out of the school.

At the bowling alley, we watch as Sean bowls. He turns around to find Liz. When he questions as to why she is there, Liz explains that bowling is a pretty addictive sport. Sean smiles and we watch as they fool around by sliding on the bowling lanes. As the episode closes, we see Isabel and Alex kissing, Max and Tess comforting one another and Michael and Maria dancing. The scene shifts back to the bowling alley where Liz and Sean continue to have fun while she narrates the following part of her diary to us:

“We try to live responsible, logical lives, but we can’t tell our hearts what to feel. Sometimes our hearts lead us to places we never thought we wanted to go, and sometimes our hearts can be the sweetest, gentlest things we have. Sometimes our hearts can make us feel miserable, angry, excited and confused all at once. But at least my heart is open, and I’m writing again, I’m feeling, I’m breathing."

Review: This episode was excellent! It was truly one that was worth the wait! With this episode’s prom theme we finally see a little less sci-fi and a little more of what we all loved from the first season: relationships. This episode was also disturbing at the same time, especially for those who think Max & Liz belong together. As they both state, “it’s finally over.” Whether it really is or not will probably be decided in future episodes, however, I believe many Roswell fans might take this the wrong way and become frustrated with the show. Max’s kiss with Tess was obviously the icing on the cake. From what I saw from the final five episode promo, things are really going to heat up before Roswell finally comes to it’s season two close!


The episode begins at Alex’s house where he is speaking on the phone with Isabel. In the background, we watch as Liz and Maria use props and body language in order to send the message for him to “stay strong” against the tempting date which Isabel has proposed. Isabel and Alex hang up; Maria and Liz show Alex how proud they are of him. Maria quickly changes the subject and notes that Max kissed Tess at the prom. Liz suggests they “just go to work.” Maria agrees. As they exit, they meet a delivery boy at the door who explains he has food for Alex. Liz and Maria exit as Alex makes his way to the hallway where he uses a credit card to pay for the food. Feeling that the food is cold, Alex becomes very depressed and starts to act strange. “Why does life have to be so wrong…why does everything have to be a lie?” Alex asks the delivery boy as he exits. The scene shifts to Alex, who is now eating his food in his bedroom. He glances at a picture of Isabel and picks it up.

Valenti pulls up to an ambulance where it is obvious that there has been a horrible accident. Upon his exit of the car, Deputy Hanson explains to Valenti that the car was involved in a high-speed, head-on collision. When Valenti asks if there are any fatalities, Hanson replies that there was just one; Valenti then asks if it was anyone he knew. Hanson doesn’t say anything, however, he lets Valenti investigate the car where it is obvious that someone important has died.

Crash. Maria drops a pile of plates on the floor as Max and Michael bicker over which movie is better: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon or The Matrix. Meanwhile, Liz calculates some stuff and notices Kyle, Tess and Isabel looking at pictures from the prom. The camera follows Maria to the back room where Valenti is standing in the doorway. “What?” Maria asks. All of a sudden, we hear a loud scream from the back room as Maria dashes out into Liz’s arm. She begins to cry as Valenti follows her out and announces Alex’s death.

The gang watches a van as it brings Alex’s body to the city morgue. Valenti redirects the drivers into the building while Max quickly makes his way to the van. He opens the door as Isabel narrates his every intended movie. Inside the van, Max unzips Alex’s body bag and places his hand over Alex’s body. Suddenly, the door opens and we watch as Max exits alone. In the background, the morgue workers return to the van. Max and Valenti walk back towards the gang. Valenti tells them that they should all return to their homes as the morgue workers take Alex’s body out of the van and proceed to move it into the morgue. Maria becomes hysterical and Max stares at his hand. The group disperses and Tess instructs Max to go after Isabel. Max approaches Liz first, however, but she has nothing to say to him; she, as well, tells Max to go after Isabel. Tess leaves with Kyle and Valenti as Liz just stares in grief.

The next morning at Valenti’s we watch as Kyle makes his way out of bed. It is obvious he hasn’t slept. Valenti walks in as we watch Kyle do his daily push-ups. Valenti sits down next to him and explains that although it is not a very happy day at all he would like Kyle to have a happy birthday.

The scene shifts to the Crashdown, where Alex enters and Isabel is at the counter crying. He approaches Isabel and when she realizes who is standing next to her, Isabel hugs Alex and explains that she thought he was dead. Alex explains that it was all just a big misunderstanding and proceeds to ask Isabel her choice on college. She states that she is going to stay because she wouldn’t want to be away from Alex any longer. Alex thanks Isabel for the compliment and exits, explaining that he has band practice. The scene shifts to Isabel lying in her bed. Mrs. Evans is instructing her to wake up, and when she finally does, Isabel notes that it was all just a dream.

At Maria’s, she and her mother sit on the couch with a box of tissues holding each other. The phone rings and Michael answers it. It’s Sean, who tries to joke around with Michael, however, Michael tells him their situation and so he quickly becomes very sympathetic. Sean explains that he has a court case and that he must stay at the courthouse a little longer. At the Crashdown, Mrs. Deluca answers a phone call. She believes it is Sean, however, it is Max. Mrs. Deluca asks Max how he is doing since he and Alex were so close to each other. Max corrects her, explaining that Liz was much closer to Alex than he was. Max then asks about Liz’s condition; Mrs. Deluca explains that she is going through denial. Liz has taken off and the scene shifts to a junkyard, where Liz files through cars until finding the one she is looking for. As she peeks inside Alex’s car, it is obvious that although damage was done, the area where Alex was sitting was not terribly impacted. Liz spots a photo lying on a seat. She picks it up and we notice that it is the same picture Alex held in his room after she and Maria left. This time, however, Alex’s head is cut out of the picture.

Meanwhile, Valenti and Hanson try to interrogate the other driver who was involved in Alex’s crash. This man, who is still injured, tells Valenti that Alex deliberately swerved into his lane. At the Evan’s, Isabel’s mother tries to comfort her daughter as she blames herself for Alex’s death. Mrs. Evans tells Isabel that although his death is tragic and painful to them all, the accident was not her fault. There is a bit of a pause and finally Isabel explains that she has to get out of there. When Mrs. Evans asks Isabel where she would like to go, Isabel replies that there is something she needs to tell her.

In school, Liz passes Alex’s locker where the student body has made a shrine for him. Maria approaches Liz from behind and they share a hug. They each ask each other how they are holding up and it is obvious that both girls are devastated by the loss of their dear friend. Liz then pulls out the picture she found in Alex’s car. Maria becomes distraught by both the picture and Liz after she suggests, “this means something.”

In another room, Valenti asks the delivery boy a couple of questions. The boy does not really know too much, but notes that Alex seemed really depressed and pissed off. He then tells Valenti that it seemed as though Alex felt like the end of the world was coming. A bell rings and Deputy Hanson enters as the boy leaves. He explains to Valenti that after talking with his teachers, there is a strong possibility that Alex may have been so depressed that he committed suicide.

Outside the school, we see another shrine set up by students as the camera pans to under the bleachers, where Max and Tess are talking. Max explains to her what he saw when looking at Alex’s body in the van. According to him, there was lots of blood and his skin was very cold. Maria, Michael and Isabel approach them as Michael announces that the school has brought in a grief counselor who has all of their names. Maria complains about all the people sobbing over Alex’s who really never cared about him when he was alive. Just then, Kyle approaches and announces that Mr. Whitman called his house earlier in the day asking if Max, Michael and he would act as pallbearers at the funeral. They both agree.

Meanwhile, the delivery boy reinterprets what he saw the night Alex died to some of his friends. He explains that it was obvious Alex was on his way out of this lifetime. Liz interrupts, asking whether or not that is fact. The group disperses as Liz asks the delivery boy whether or not he can answer some questions for her. The scene shifts back to the gang where Isabel formally makes the announcement that she will be leaving Roswell for college in June. Max and Michael begin to argue with her and Maria asks that they not talk about it right now.

Liz asks the delivery boy some questions. It is obvious that he does not have too many answers for her, as his meeting with Alex was quite short. Liz tells the boy that if he remembers anything at all he should contact her at the Crashdown.

At Valenti’s office, Liz shows him the picture from which Alex’s head is missing. Liz tells Valenti that she knows it means something. Valenti has an idea as well, and warns Liz that she is not going to like what he is about to say. Valenti finally spills his theory to Liz: Alex might have committed suicide considering that through the investigation they have found it was his car which swerved into the other lane. Liz refuses to believe this and so Valenti further explains the report on Alex’s mental state over the last couple of weeks. Although it tears him up to say it, Valenti persists that defacing his own picture fits the puzzle. Liz walks out. On her walk home, Liz makes her way to the Evans’ house, where Max greets her at the door. Since Liz doesn’t want to be alone, she asks Max if she can stay with him that night.

In Max’s room, Liz explains to Max what Valenti told her. Max tells her that his ideas are crazy since Alex would never do such a thing. Liz rambles on about how the news will make its way to the newspaper and so Max promises to speak with Valenti. Finally, Liz breaks down and begins to cry on the bed. Max tells her once again that he will handle the situation and suggests for Liz to eat.

Meanwhile, at Maria’s, Michael enters with a glass of “tea” for Mrs. Deluca. When she explains that she does not want any more tea, Michael tells her that it is really rum which will help her to sleep. Michael explains how his father taught him to mix drinks. Mrs. Deluca asks him if Maria is still sleeping and he replies that she is. She then tells Michael that he has really been great with helping them through this painful time. Mrs. Deluca also notes that Michael is welcomed in her house anytime.

Isabel has another dream in which she apologizes to Alex for all the wrongs she’s ever done him. Alex is accepting but tells her that she really has nothing to be sorry for. When Isabel asks whether or not she’ll ever see him again, Alex explains that it is up to her. He also notes that he would rather not come back as he is hurting Isabel. They kiss and hold hands. Finally, Alex makes his way to the door where Isabel calls out to him and says that she loves him. He reminds her that they both know how much Alex loves her too.

Max and Liz chat about Alex over a bowl of macaroni and cheese. Soon enough, mention of the prom comes up and so Liz notes to Max that she saw him kissing Tess. She further explains that they have both made a decision to move on and that she is OK with the kiss. On her way out, Liz thanks Max for his time and makes him promise to always be her friend. Max tells her that he always will be.

The next day, we watch short clips of all the major characters making their way to Alex’s funeral as Maria sings “Amazing Grace.” The scene, as well as the song, conclude after a few shots from the funeral ceremony. The scene shifts to Max, who is speaking with Valenti. Max argues with Valenti over Alex’s death which prompts Valenti to pull out the investigation file on Alex.

At Alex’s house, there is a gathering for all of his friends and family. Liz makes her way outside where she speaks with Alex’s father. She gives him her sympathy and Mr. Whitman explains how much she and Maria meant to Alex. Liz then asks whether or not she can go sit in Alex’s room. Upstairs, we watch as Liz strings a guitar. She speaks to Alex, telling him that she needs some kind of sign from him. She finally finds this sign after reading a passage from a book which contains two tickets to a concert.

Downstairs, Liz has gathered everyone in order to tell them what she has found. Liz explains that although Valenti and Hanson are about to write Alex’s death off as a suicide, he did not truly kill himself. Max is a little skeptical, however, and tells Liz that Valenti showed him the file. Liz becomes upset with Max since she thought he sided with her instead of Valenti. With this, Liz explains to the gang that she found tickets for a concert that very same night. Liz suggests that Alex had probably meant to take Isabel, and since you don’t make plans for a future if you know you’re not going to have one, he couldn’t have committed suicide. Michael suggests that as far as everyone in the room knows, Alex did not kill himself. Instead, it was just an accident. Liz assures them that Alex has been murdered. Max asks who could possibly want to murder him and so Liz explains that it might be someone with a grudge against him, or possibly, even an alien. Max tells Liz that is not the case, and Liz reminds them that nothing is ever what it seems. This angers Isabel and Liz further suggests that Alex may have been murdered by “Kavar,” a character from the alien’s old planet who wants to bring Isabel (or “Valandra”) back. Max informs Liz that she really knows nothing about them or their planet; Liz suggests to him that if Alex really was killed by an alien, the aliens would be to blame. With Max’s lead, Tess, Isabel, and Michael leave the room. Liz explains to the remaining gang that she knows they are responsible and will find out the truth.

At the Crashdown, Liz remembers Alex through music and pictures. We next find Liz at a booth looking at the picture the gang took before the prom. Liz begins to sob. Suddenly, there is a knock on the door and it is the delivery boy. He explains to Liz that he thought about what she said and came directly over. He then shows Liz a credit card receipt which Alex signed for when paying for the food. The credit card company rejected it because of the way Alex signed it. Liz looks at it and reads some kind of code to make out the same passage she read from the book on Alex’s desk:

“I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep.”


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The episode begins as Max and Tess sneak into Valenti’s house. Max is obviously dropping Tess off from their little “love fest.” From under a pillow, Kyle watches as they kiss. Mr. Valenti turns on the light to find Max and Tess; he tells Tess to go to her room and instructs Max to go home. Max leaves and Kyle waves to his father. In Tess’ room, we watch as she rubs her stomach and exclaims, “Oh my God!”

Maria wakes up to Liz banging on the window early in the morning. Liz explains that she must speak with Maria and tells her that the picture of Alex and his Swedish babe Leanna was taken in front of a structure that was torn down in 1994, when Alex was ten years old. Maria explains that she is creeped out; Liz suggests that Leanna is a girl who was put in the pictures with him, just like the building. Maria suggests that Leanna is really an alien killer. Liz then asks for Maria to help her since she cannot figure out everything on her own.

At the Evans’, Max speaks with an angry Isabel about his relationship with Tess. He tells her that he and Tess slept together the previous night and Isabel claps her hands to congratulate Max for loosing his virginity. She then makes a sly remark to prove that she has no compassion for him. Max tells Isabel to forget about it as he heads towards the back rooms. Isabel passes another comment to Max and he tells her that he is feeling kind of strange about it. Max, who hopes that Isabel would be willing to comfort him, is shot down when she explains that she doesn’t care about his feelings, especially since he has no respect for any of hers.

At school, Tess greets Max. Michael interrupts them as she explains that they have something to talk about. Max, who is obviously uncomfortable, tells Michael that he is speaking with Tess. Michael departs and we watch as he heads towards Isabel and Kyle, who are watching on. Tess explains they can “talk about it” later that night. Max grabs Tess’ hand and they walk together down the hallway.

We next find Isabel sitting on the bleachers staring at a memorial made for Alex. Kyle asks how Isabel feels about the Max/Tess development. Isabel makes it apparent that she doesn’t really care for Max or what he does. Kyle notes that their alien group is a very sorry excuse for people. He then urges Isabel to use her powers and have some fun with them. Isabel asks him what his idea of fun is. The scene shifts and we watch as Kyle pulls out an issue of Playboy magazine. Isabel tells Kyle that she is not touching the magazine and he explains that the girl on the cover is “playmate of the year.” Isabel finally agrees and in a dream sequence, we watch as Kyle and Isabel exercise with Kyle’s fantasy girl. He finally approaches the girl who explains that the gym is a private one. Kyle looks around and spots cake. He feeds the girl cake; she licks the leftovers off his fingers and just as she is about to follow Kyle into “the showers,” Isabel ends the dream. Kyle gets very angry and tries to persuade her to re-enable the dream. Kyle accepts this and then offers to help her have some fun. Isabel explains that she is mad at Max and he suggests they blow him up. Isabel tells Kyle that he has a sick mind and so he goes into one of his infamous Buddha speeches. Isabel doesn’t understand; Kyle tells her that if she brings her powers “to the party,” he’ll drive. They are on a mission to get back at Max.

Maria works on a computer to uncover an E-mail Alex sent to her while on his trip to Sweden. At Derek’s (the computer geek) house, Maria asks if he’ll help her to uncover where the E-mail was sent from. Derek explains that the origin point has been encrypted; Maria tells him that she needs him to do his “illegal computer geek stuff” in order to figure out exactly where it came from.

Meanwhile, Max and Tess are sitting on a bench in a park. After much hesitation, Tess finally reveals that she is pregnant with their baby.

Liz arrives at Valenti’s where Tess greets her at the door. Tess wants to know if she is there to discuss her new relationship with Max. Liz explains that she has come to get information about Tess’ mind control power. Just then, Max enters to find Liz; he asks what she is doing there. Liz explains that she is talking with Tess about nothing and adds that she should probably get going. Max continues to bother Liz about what they were talking about and Tess tells him that she had some questions about mind control. Max suggests that Liz has a new theory, one which involves Tess being Alex’s murderer. Kyle enters and explains that Tess was with him the night that Alex died. Liz asks once more if she can leave and this time Max lets her go.

At her house, Liz lays on a chair as Maria enters through the window. She explains what she (or Derek) has uncovered: the E-mails were sent from within New Mexico in a dorm room at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces. The scene shifts and we watch as Liz and Maria walk towards a front door. It is obvious that they are on their way to Las Cruces. As they open the door, Michael is standing in front of them. He asks where they are going and so Liz lies to him. Michael then requests to speak with Maria. Once Liz has exited, Michael asks Maria where they are going. At first she tries to lie but finally breaks down and tells him their destination. Michael then makes Maria promise that at the first sign of danger they are to contact him. He kisses Maria and the scene shifts to school where Max points out that Liz and his girlfriend are absent. As promised, Michael does not tell Max where Liz and Maria are. Max notes that he has too much to worry about as they pick up their yearbooks; he turns to the page where his picture is located and sees that his class photo has been replaced with a picture of an alien. The camera pans over to Kyle and Isabel, who are watching with giant smirks on their faces.

Later that day, Max and Michael play basketball and have a chat. Max admits that he had sex with Tess. Michael becomes very interested in this and asks a bunch of questions. When they finally sit down from their game, Max explains that there has been a complication. Michael notes that Max is too smart to get Tess pregnant, but from the look on Max’s face, it is obvious to Michael that is exactly what happened. Michael is shocked and Max explains that alien pregnancies only take about one month. Max further explains that he doesn’t know what is inside Tess, whether it is alien or human. When Michael questions whether they will have the baby, Max informs him that it is not his decision. Michael warns Max that having the baby could endanger all of their lives.

Liz and Maria search a dorm room at the university. They find nothing at all except for a student. He asks them what they are doing. Then the student explains that “Ray” lived with him in the room for a couple of months. He notes that this “Ray” character was a very weird person. The student goes on to describe how “Ray” never left the dorm except for once at night, where he spotted him by a Litvack building. Liz questions what is inside this building and the student notes that supposedly, the school hosts some kind of super computer inside of it.

Inside the pod chamber, Max spreads out everything they have from where they came from. Max looks at the book and tells Tess that it probably has all the answers to the future questions they have. Tess explains that she is having the baby and Max gets up and turns his back to her. She thanks him for his support and Max promises that he’ll stand by her no matter what. Tess notes that he doesn’t seem too enthusiastic about it. Just then, Tess starts to feel pain and informs Max that it is the baby. Max pulls up her shirt and we watch as a red handprint glows from inside of Tess’ stomach. Max puts his hand over the baby’s and explains that he saw the baby: it’s a boy.

Nelly Furtado sings her hit song “I’m Like A Bird” as Liz and Maria walk across campus chatting about how “close” they are. Maria hears the singer and both the girls rush over for “just one song.” As Liz looks around in the crowd she notices Alex’s “Swedish babe” Leanna, who obviously does not live in Sweden. Liz points the girl out to Maria, who holds up a picture and compares. It is obviously the same girl and so Maria puts the picture back into her purse and tells Liz that the investigation is getting way too weird. As the girl starts to leave, Liz grabs Maria and they try to chase after her. Unfortunately, they are not fast enough. As a bus passes by, the girl disappears. Suddenly, a hand grabs Liz’ shoulder. It’s Michael, who explains he wants to know everything.

In school, Kyle and Isabel play another prank on Max. This time, Isabel uses her power so that Max becomes stuck to the floor during a fire drill. Meanwhile, Liz speaks with a computer science teacher who answers her questions about the Litvack building’s computers. According to this professor, the computers are “multi-million dollar toys” that will help advance the field of cartography. Inside, the professor works on a computer and tells Liz that it was obvious “Ray” (or Alex) was trying to decode something.

At Valenti’s, Max and Isabel sit on a couch as Max checks the classifieds for apartments. He explains that if they are going to have a baby they will probably need a place of their own. Tess is surprised by this and tells Max that she wants to start planning their future as well, however, thinks that a return to their old planet is the ultimate plan. Max agrees, however, he informs her that they have enough to worry about right now without having to deal with plans of returning home.

Back at the Litvack building, Maria and Michael knock on a glass window leading to the room where Liz and the professor are working on the computer. Maria holds up a sheet of paper and Liz excuses herself for a minute. At the door, Maria tells Liz that they’ve found Leanna. Her real name is Jenna Coleman and she is a student at the university. Michael informs Liz that they are returning to Roswell because the situation is too dangerous, especially for them. Liz explains that she is too close to the truth and won’t leave now. Michael grabs her just as the professor calls to Liz and tells her that he has found “Ray’s" source code. On the computer screen, we see the language used in both the book and in Michael’s dreams. Michael wants to know what Alex was doing with the language and so the professor explains that he was translating it into English. The professor further explains that although the data has been deleted, on his last day on campus, Alex sent a huge text file to Immediately, Liz identifies the precipitant as Jenna Coleman. Liz smiles.

The scene shifts back to Max and Tess. Tess is getting Max a soda when she suddenly falls. Max uses his powers to “see” the baby once again and learns that it is dying from the earth’s atmosphere.

At Jenna’s dorm room, her roommate greets Maria, Liz and Michael. Jenna’s roommate explains that she is out of town because her mother got sick. Maria lies to the girl telling her that Jenna was supposed to leave her physics notes. Before she can do anything to stop them, Michael and Liz sweep through Jenna’s room. Once they have filed down the dorm buildings steps, Michael looks through Jenna’s mail to find a bill for rental on a property outside of Los Cruces. Maria explains that she’ll drive. The scene shifts to Jenna’s rental space: an old, vacant house with nothing inside of it. Michael, Maria and Liz look around to find a running laptop, printer, and triangular bomb which begins to beep as Liz draws closer to the laptop. Michael uses his power to send the bomb flying out a window before it can explode. Liz then works on the computer while Michael looks through the rest of the rooms. Liz is able to retrieve the translation they are looking for while Michael finds a special type of crystal. Liz shows the translation to Michael; Maria notes that even if Leanna has all the answers, they now do as well.

Meanwhile, Max tends to a sickly Tess. Tess awakens from sleep and tells Max that she is doing better. She then asks about “the book” and Max informs her that in all honesty, he does not know how to read it.

At the Crashdown, we find Isabel, who is obviously doing some homework. Kyle sits down across from her and informs her of his great new idea to get revenge on Max. Isabel doesn’t seem interested and so she explains that she is over the whole Max situation.

Meanwhile, Max tries to take out the garbage. He struggles with the garbage can and becomes very angry. In a crazed rage, Max trashes all of the garbage pails and sits down on the ground next to the scattered garbage. Isabel approaches from behind and while sitting on the ground, Max explains that Tess is pregnant. He further explains that the baby cannot survive in the earth’s atmosphere. Isabel tries to comfort a teary-eyed Max by making him follow her to the park. There, Isabel retells the story of how their guinea pig died. According to the story, the day after, it snowed in Roswell. Max remembers how much fun they had in the snow and it even cheers him up a bit. Isabel apologizes for being selfish. She notes that her problems can’t even compare to those of Max, however, he disagrees. Max tells Isabel that her problems are important and apologizes as well. Isabel then assures Max that they’ll figure something out and asks whether they know if it is a boy or a girl. Max replies that it is a boy; they share a hug just as Michael pulls up on his bike. Michael explains that he has been lying to them. Instead of trying to sabotage the investigation, Michael has been helping them. He further explains that it was well worth it and hands over the translation of their “book” to Max and Isabel. They can finally go home…

Review: Excellent episode. This episode had it all and it is nice to see that we’ll be facing ten million cliffhangers over the summer hiatus! Those Roswell message boards are going to be crazy…and that’s all I have to say about that!


The review was never posted.


At the pod chamber, Max examines the crystal Michael found and explains to Isabel, Tess and Michael that the granolith will transport them back to their home planet 24 hours after they insert the crystal (or key) into the granolith. Isabel suggests that everything is happening too fast and Michael notes that with Leanna still on the loose, there is no telling what she can and will do to Liz, Kyle, Valenti or Maria. Tess feels the baby kick and so Max inserts the crystal into the granolith. All of a sudden, lights begin to flash and we see a symbol from their alien language. Max tells them to say their “goodbyes.”

Liz, Maria, Kyle and Sean are sitting outside the Crashdown and they joke about Sean’s earring. Maria scolds Kyle for the annoying tapping noise he has been making the whole time they have been sitting there. He quickly stops just as Max and Michael approach; Kyle and Sean depart as Max asks whether or not Liz can talk with him upstairs. She agrees and the two make their way up to Liz’s room. Downstairs, Maria tries to figure out what Michael has to tell her. She first suggests that someone is dead; Michael tells her that this is false. He has come to ask that she come see him later that night. Upstairs, Max explains to Liz that she was right about Alex’s murder; an alien killed him. Liz explains that she never held them responsible nor did she want to lose Max and the others. Max knows this and explains that he never wanted to lose her either. Max then requests that Liz give him the information she has on Leanna. When Liz asks why he needs the information, Max explains that he has to take care of something. Liz immediately knows what he is talking about and requests to come with him, considering that Leanna is Alex’s murderer.

At the Evans’, Mrs. Evans babbles on about digital cable while Mr. Evans searches for the Chinese mustard to go along with his Chinese food. Isabel tries to tell them something, however, she quickly becomes upset and tells her father that she thinks the Chinese mustard is in the refrigerator. We watch as Isabel goes to get the mustard and she begins to cry. At Valenti’s, Mr. Valenti aids Tess and promises her that she will always have a home with them. Tess thanks Mr. Valenti and as he goes to get more warm water, she says, “Thanks dad.”

At the University of New Mexico, Max and Liz crawl through a vent in the dorms. They spot Leanna, who is knitting in her room. Max explains that he will use his powers to create a fire which will move too fast for Leanna to get safety away. Liz explains that it “doesn’t feel right”; Max explains that he must kill her, and so, Liz returns to the jeep. We watch as Max begins to burn through the vent with his powers. Meanwhile, Liz makes her way back to the jeep. She catches a glimpse of Leanna, who cries out because she has pricked her finger from knitting. Liz takes notice of the blood: it is human blood. After realizing that Max can’t hear her, Liz runs into Leanna’s room and tells her to get out. She grabs the napkin Leanna used to clean the blood off her finger with as evidence for Max. In the vent, Max stops his powers as he notices Liz run into the room to save Leanna. Once they are outside, Leanna asks Liz whether or not she is crazy and so Liz apologizes and uses the excuse of a “false alarm.” Leanna goes back to her room; Max meets Liz in the hall and explains that Leanna is not an alien.

At Alex’s gravesite, Isabel sits and talks to him. She daydreams that Alex is there along with her and he gives her good advice on how to leave Roswell. Alex urges her to go home, and so Isabel notes that she was a terrible person on her old planet. Isabel then recalls their special night at prom and tells him that it was one of the best nights of her life. Alex picks her up off the ground and they begin to dance.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the desert, we see Max pull off to the side of the road. Liz asks him why he has stopped, and so, Max tells her some important news: he explains that Tess is pregnant. Liz is very upset and dismayed by this.

At the pod chamber, Liz looks at a slide under the microscope. The slide is made from the tissue she lifted from Leanna’s dorm room. Liz explains that if Leanna really were an alien, she probably wouldn’t need to use a needle to sew in the first place. Liz proves this by showing Max her human blood cells. Max asks her who could have possibly killed Alex. Liz explains to him that to find the answer they must start all over again, from the beginning. Max informs Liz that he can’t do this because he is “going back” in order to save his child. Liz points her finger upwards and exclaims, “Back.” Max gives her a look and she instantaneously asks when they will be leaving. Max explains that they are scheduled to leave the following day, right after dawn. Liz tells him that he can’t leave now knowing that a killer is still on the loose. Max tries to explain to Liz how the granolith works. Liz doesn’t want to hear about it and blames Max for getting Tess pregnant. Max tries to defend himself, but Liz continues and reminds Max that she endangered her life for him. Liz finally verbalizes her anger that Max slept with Tess. Accidentally, she notes that she has also “saved” herself for Max. Max can’t understand as he still thinks that Liz slept with Kyle. Liz catches her mistake very quickly and asks Max to take her home.

At Maria’s, Michael has set up a fabulous dinner for them to eat. Maria can’t understand as to why Michael has gone through all this trouble for nothing. Michael instructs her to sit down as Maria questions what the dinner is all about. When Michael and Maria finally do sit down, Michael explains to her that there is a lot about Maria, but the part he loves most about her is that she is so open. Michael further explains that he can always see into her soul and view what she is thinking and feeling. Michael reminds her how when Max and Liz used to kiss, Liz would receive flashes. He tells Maria the reason why she didn’t receive the flashes when they kissed was because he never opened up to her. As he begins to get emotion, Michael explains that he has never let anyone see him before because he feared there was things people wouldn’t want to see. After thinking about it, Michael tells Maria that he wants her to finally see him. Maria takes his hands and she receives a flash of both Michael’s life and his feelings towards her. Obviously, these feelings are positive as when Maria returns from the flash, she immediately attacks Michael with kisses. Michael tries to tell her something but falls back onto the couch as Maria shows her affection for him. In the background we can see their uneaten dinner.

At Valenti’s, Kyle enters to find Tess, who he congratulates on the news of her baby. He hands her flowers and Tess thanks him. Kyle begins to go into a speech about how much it means to him to have Tess around, especially since his mother left when he was very young. About halfway through this speech, Kyle looks into a mirror and sees Alex standing behind them. Kyle obviously freaks out over this, but when he looks back into the spot where he saw Alex standing, he sees emptiness. Kyle then has a daydream in which he hugs Tess and once again sees Alex standing behind them. Alex mumbles something this time and when Kyle finally snaps out of the daydream he informs Tess that Alex was in his room the night he was murdered. Kyle goes off to tell his father, but Tess quickly stops him, and using her powers, she erases this memory from his head.

Outside the Crashdown, Liz and Max chat. Max tells Liz that he had planned on giving her his ring when they graduated, but since he won’t be graduating, he has another present for her. It’s his necklace: it is silver and black and has the alien symbol etched into it. Liz accepts it and notes that she can’t believe the necklace is all she has to remember Max by after everything they’ve been through. Max finally asks the question a lot of us have been waiting for: “Liz, you never slept with Kyle, did you?” Liz begins to shake her head no and Max tells her he wishes everything could have been different. Max leans over and kisses Liz. She tells Max that she wants to know one thing: whether or not he really loves “her” (Tess). “Not like I love you,” Max explains. Liz is very upset and exits the jeep. She makes her way towards the Crashdown and looks back. Max tries to smile at her, but his facial expression quickly changes as Liz enters the Crashdown. Max begins to cry.

At Maria’s, we hear Maria explain that they have just taken a huge step in human/alien relations. Maria tells Michael that she loves him; he reciprocates and tells her that he has to leave. Maria doesn’t understand and so Michael further explains that he, Max, Isabel and Tess all have to leave. Maria thinks that Michael means “eventually”, however, she is shocked and dismayed when Michael explains that they will be leaving a lot sooner than she thinks. Michael tells her that he doesn’t want to leave Maria, however, he is being forced into it. Maria asks how much time they have left together. Michael replies “about an hour”; they cuddle.

At the Evans’, Isabel cries on her bed and Max tries to comfort her. He explains that after leaving the pods, Max finally found his home, not on earth, but within Isabel. At Sean’s, Liz attacks him with kisses and the scene shifts to where they are kissing on a bed. Liz stops Sean and so he asks her if she is all right. Liz explains that she is not all right because Max broke her heart. She apologizes to Sean, who comforts her.

In Isabel’s room, she and Max make a tape to their earth parents. They tell Mr. And Mrs. Evans how much they really do love them, and how they were especially lucky to get such great parents. When Max and Isabel finish the taping, they eject the tape and prepare for their journey back home. Isabel takes one last look at her room as they leave.

At Valenti’s, Max enters Tess’ room and tells her that they must leave. She questions Max as to whether or not he is really sure he wants to go. Max tells her that he is sure and they kiss. Tess sees a flash of when Max kissed Liz. She confronts Max about this and he does not deny it. Tess tells him not to worry, as he won’t remember Liz where they’re going. The scene shifts and we find Max, Isabel, Tess, Michael and Valenti somewhere outside of town. Using his powers, Michael drives their jeep off a cliff and it explodes while traveling in the air. This is very sad for all of them. Isabel gives the videotape she and Max made with instructions to give it to their parents after he is sure they’re gone. Isabel hugs the Sheriff, followed by Tess, and next, it is Max’s turn to speak with him. Max requests that he protects Liz, Maria and Kyle. Valenti replies, “With my life.” They hug after Valenti explains what an honor it has been to know Max. Valenti then watches as they walk off towards a tunnel.

At the Deluca’s, Maria falls on to the bed which Liz is already lying on. Maria explains that it “just isn’t possible” and Liz is in total agreement with her. Suddenly, they hear Mrs. Deluca speaking of “Laryck.” She babbles on and on about how Laryck tried to kill Maria. Maria and Liz make their way toward the kitchen where Mrs. Deluca finally snaps out of her trance. Mrs. Deluca asks them what they are still doing up as she makes her way toward the stove. On the stove, Mrs. Deluca begins to tap exactly like the way Kyle had been tapping earlier in the episode. The sound is very annoying and so Liz picks up on it right away. She has a flashback of Alex tapping on his guitar and we watch as Tess uses her powers to “mind warp” Alex. Liz finally puts everything together. She explains to Maria what Tess has done to Alex, and so, they quickly depart.

In Kyle’s room, Liz and Maria instruct him to try and remember whether or not he has been “mind warped.” Although this will be hard, they believe that he should be able to remember something. Kyle looks around and begins to tap his fingers on his desk. It is the same finger tapping we heard earlier in the episode. As he stares into a mirror, Kyle drops a glass which he is holding and has a flashback of the night Alex returned. Alex is confronting Tess, telling her that he knows she mind-warped him in order to help her decode the book at the university. Tess argues with him and it is obvious to the viewer that Kyle had been present. Tess tells Alex that she will mind-warp him once again and begins to scream at Kyle to leave. Tess kills Alex with a mind warp and the scene shifts to the outside of a house, where Kyle is dragging Alex’s body. Tess thanks Kyle for carrying her “luggage” after he places Alex’s body in his car. Kyle asks if he can be of any more assistance to her and Tess tells him that she no longer needs his help. It is obvious that Tess has mind warped him because when Kyle finally snaps out of the flashback he remembers that Tess has tricked him into thinking he carried her luggage, and not Alex’s dead body. Liz’s jaw drops.

Maria, Liz and Kyle make their way to the location of the pod chamber. Meanwhile, Isabel, Tess and Michael watch as Max uses his powers to open the pod chamber doors. Maria pulls up to the location of the pod chamber and we watch as they struggle to find it. Inside, Max uses his power to initiate the “transport” back to their home planet. Liz finally finds the chamber and they all try to bang and scream as loudly as they can so that someone will hear them. Inside, Michael stops Max from initiating the granolith transport by telling him that he must stay on earth, where he truly feels at home. Max comments, “You of all people.” Max exchanges a hug with Michael and tells him how much he loves him; Michael thanks Max for being a good brother. After Max and Michael finish their goodbyes, Isabel throws a glance to Max. He explains to her that he would understand if she wanted to stay. Isabel rejects this offer and notes to him that what he said earlier lies true for both of them. Isabel will stay with Max wherever he goes. Isabel hugs Michael as Tess explains they must leave immediately.

The scene shifts and we watch as Michael exits the pod chamber. Liz quickly explains to him that Tess has killed Alex and while the door is still open, they all run inside to confront her. There, Liz explains the situation to Max and the others. Tess begins to sob as Kyle backs her up, explaining that she mind warped him the night he witnessed the murder. Max requests to know how much time they have. Michael explains “three minutes.” Max orders that they all exit the pod chamber and leave he and Tess there. They do, and Max gives Tess time to explain her story. She tries to persuade Max that they don’t have enough time but Max insists that she tell him why she killed Alex. She begins to explain that she didn’t want to kill Alex, however, she had to because he was going to tell Max how she had mind-warped him to decode the book. Tess further explains that she never intentionally tried to kill Alex; between a weak brain and the mind-warp, Alex’s body became overwhelmed and so he died. Tess tries to convince Max that all that matters now is getting home. Max disagrees and Tess explains that Liz got in their way; he has a duty to Tess since, in reality, she is his wife and is carrying their baby. Max suggests that it was Tess’ plan to go home. He can’t understand why, but quickly puts together that somehow, she made a deal with Kavar. Tess explains that she did not make the deal, however, Nasedo did. Max insists that she explain and so she tells him that the deal was for Tess to return with Max’s child and deliver the three of them (Max, Michael and Isabel) to Kavar. This outrages Max and questions how he could have ever fallen in love with someone like her, nevertheless, marry a person like her. Tess tries to explain that Max was different in his past life: he was a king, and now, he is just a boy. Max puts his hand up near Tess’ face. Tess warns him that if he kills her, he will also kill their son. It is obvious that their time is running out, and so, Max tells her to go. He warns her that her troubles have not yet been resolved. As Max exits the pod chamber, he watches Tess touch the granolith. A light flashes and she disappears. Suddenly, Tess appears inside the granolith. She looks at Max and begins her transport home. Loud rumbling begins and so Max exits quickly to find Isabel waiting for him. Behind her are Liz, Maria, Kyle and Michael. They run down the desert cliffs as we watch Tess’ transport process. Above the pod chamber, Tess is transported into a large spacecraft. The spacecraft begins to spin, and outside, the gang watches as a strange element oozes out from the rocks. The spaceship finally builds up enough momentum and shoots out of the rock. Michael holds Maria while Max holds Liz; they all watch as Tess makes her way back home.

When everything finally settles, Max explains to Liz how he has been wrong about a lot of things; she is not one of those things. Meanwhile, Maria questions Michael as to why he left the pod chamber. Michael doesn’t have to explain as Maria does it for him: he stayed for her. As the group descends down the cliffs, Isabel asks Max what is to happen now. Max explains that he has to save his son.

Review: This episode proved itself to be one of Roswell’s very best yet. What I liked the most about it was that we are finally (and I stress FINALLY) making some progress with the Max/Liz relationship. Not that I am a Tess hater, but thank god she’s gone! Personally, I never found Tess’ character to be interesting or well developed. For those reasons, she was very disposable and I’m sure most of the Roswell community is letting out a sigh of relief: Liz now has Max all to herself. The Michael/Maria last minute hook-up was very nice to see, considering that their relationship has probably been the only well developed one this season. I loved how Michael was willing to stay on earth for Maria; it really shows a different side to his personality, one which I think we’ll be “seeing” a lot more of next season!

Remember, Roswell returns next August with a twenty-two-episode commitment to UPN! The show will air on Tuesday nights with a Buffy lead in. The sci-fi drama Tuesday nights on the UPN network is looking to shape up quite nicely! Both Buffy and Roswell have great cult-followings and with both shows on the same network on the same night, something “scientific” is bound to happen. Even if you don’t like the idea of it, praise the UPN! They did give you a season 3 (and many more with that)!

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