12 Steps for Recovering Roswellians

THis list was posted to help Roswell fans recover from their grief after
hearing that Roswell was officially cancelled.
Sorry, I didn't save who posted it.

step 1: remove tapes from VCR

step 2: take down posters, leaving under 10.

step 3: hide tapes and pictures in a cool dry place for careful conservation

step 4: stop telling everyone you know that Roswell still has a chance to be renewed

step 5: delete all UPN death threats from your hard drive (save them to disk and hide with tapes and pictures though)

step 6: forgive JK even though he is still a heartless bastard who doesn't deserve it

step 7: take at least 50 roswell songs off your playlist, leaving a cosy 75

step 8: begin searching fora new new obsession. I suggest Buffy or Enterprise so you don't stray to far from the realm of Roswellness

step 9: stop visiting the season 4 petition every day.

step 10: convince yourself that the show really isn't coming back no matter how much you want it to

step 11: relapse, go watch all three seasons in under 36 hours.

step 12: SCREW IT! Forget everything you've just read here and live your life as the damn proud Roswellain you are!

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