Reasons Max & Liz are Perfect for Each Other

This list was kept by some of the Dreamers of the Cherishing Max & Liz thread
on Fanforum. They would add to the list with each new episode that aired.
I saved the list and reposted it here.

First List of 50+ Reasons Max and Liz are Perfect for each other!

from Buffster
1.) They saw into each others souls.

from provence
2. They comfort and support each other no matter what�..

from unBEHRablycute
3. They just gaze into each other's eyes and complete one another. Their relationship is Heaven.

from CourtneyR
4. Why Max and Liz are perfect for each other- They both have the same great sense of style. For example: matching leather jackets to go with the matching sneakers.

from Gina
5. I think it's because they love each other completely for who they are, without wanting to change anything about each other. Liz has never recoiled in fear from Max and Max has always loved everything about Liz. That to me is true love.

from Maggie
6. They both love astronomy
7. They both love strawbehrries

from RBS722
8. When they look into each other's eyes, the whole world stops, they only see each other, and admist the most chaos, or the simplest rain, they know in their hearts that they are infinitely indebted to each other, for the joy they give each other, for the connection they make, and for knowing that they are now complete, that they have found their other half.
9. Max saved Liz's life and risked his own in the process...because it was her.
10. Their hickey's glow! lol. had to put that one.
11. They are the only couple on tv that can actually make me cry. (and i never cry at tv or movies.)

from mattia
12. They both have amazing, matching, soulful brown eyes.

from provence 13. Their bodies fit perfectly together.
14. and they own matching sneakers!

from Jason's Angel -
15. They are willing to do whatever it takes (no matter what the risk) to protect each other. They have unselfish & unconditional LOVE!!!I love the way that they kiss each other!! So meaningful and passionate!!!

from Amanda -
16. They are both incredible individuals
17. Liz is Max's Dreamgirl
18. They have such firey passion about them.

from Dawn
19. They can't behr to hurt each other's feeling and are always tender, gentle and respectful of each others emotions.

from Vqueen
20. Liz feels loved and safe with Max
21. Liz and Max love perfect together
22. They both would die for each other

from MariaB
23. Both of their names have three letters in it, and the letters L & M are right next to each other in the alphabet. (I read somewhere one time that writers for TV shows often make couples have their names begin with the same letter, so I guess right next to each other alphabetically is the next best thing).

24. They don't MANIPULATE each other like someone else we know does *ahem* ATM. Sorry, relationships don't work that way. You'd think someone would tell her that.

from pri-fan
25. Max can't keep his hands out of liz' soft hair.
26. They can communicate their emotions just by looking into each other's eyes.
27. When they hold hands, it's magic.

from majorRfan
28. Their love is completely unselfish, they would do anything for each other and can't bear to see the other in pain. They trust each other completely and put the other person's needs ahead of their own.
29. When Max sees Liz everything but her melts away and she goes into slow motion.
30. When Liz looks in Max's "incredibly soulful eyes" she can see into his soul and feel his passionate love for her.
31. When they kiss the universe is theirs and they connect so deeply.

from unBEHRablycute
32. Okay, as to another reason Max and Liz are perfect together: When they are alone together in the Eraser Room, it seems like a romantic honeymoon in Rio. LOL, I couldn't resist! Seriously though, a touch or a look speaks volumes between them.

from Sarah
33. And every pic from a scene they have had together is just another example of why they are perfect together. So the way all you Picture Goddesses find and post pic's, there are about 1000 reasons, at least.

from Dagaz
34. Max risked everything to save Liz's life, and he wouldn't hesitate to do it again.
35. Their love is the ideal. Most, if not all, people dream of having something even remotely close to it.
36. Liz would do anything to protect him, and vice versa.
37. He was so gentle when he fixed her "hair thing."
38. Liz had to write down everything about Max saving her so that if someone ever touched her like that, she'd know what it was supposed to feel like.
39. Her grandmother told her to follow her heart, and following her heart leads her to Max.

from soulmate
40. -they both risk their lives for each other repeatedly
41 -they have beautiful, dark, silky hair (don't know if that counts!)
42 -they like the same songs (Blood Brother)
43 -the characers on Roswell don't smile often, but when Max & Liz do, it's usually for each other
44 -they are both sensitive
45 -they both like the food at the Crashdown and Senor Chows
46 -they can read each other so well
47 -they both go by the short forms of their names and they both have 3 letters

from HappyPlace
48 Max is Liz' "serious, dark-haired mystery man form an exotic place"
49. and Liz makes Max "human"!! (Quotes from Blind Date and Destiny as if you don't know )

from Maimie
50 (pic) creditsml That's all I have to say... Oh and MAX AND LIZ ARE SOULMATES!!!
from taovande
51. his life began when he risked his life for Liz's
52.Thinking of Liz is what kept him alive in TWR episode.
53. and I quote "the way your eyes look into mine, your smile,the touch of your skin, your lips, knowing you has made me human, whether I die tomorrow or 50 years from now my destiny is the same. It's you. I wanna be with you, Liz, I love you"

from Courtney
54. They both have the same great sense of style!

from Daisy
55. They just define the word soulmate. Yo can see it in the way they look at each, hold each other!

from Jason's Baby
56. The way they kiss each other!
57. The way they are so protective of each other!

from JKJBluv
58. They both are gorgeous.
59. Max has always loved her.
60. They slept together in the desert and the van without actually sleeping together!

from GraceKel
61. They have matching camping jackets too!

from Maggie
62. When they kiss time just stops!
63. They make love with their fingertips!
64. They gorgeous coming and going!

 or  Why We Love Max and Liz! 
Compiled by Alexis with some help from her Cherishing Friends!   

    Season 1

  1. Because Max Evans was staring at her again. 
  2. Because Max thought of telling Liz 1,000 times. 
  3. Because Max's life is in Liz's hands now. 
  4. Because Liz saw how Max really saw her. 
  5. Because Liz could feel everything he was feeling. 
  6. Because in his eyes, Liz was beautiful. 
  7. Because he couldn't just let her die. 
  8. Because Liz is different. 
  9. Because Max put a force on Liz. 
  10. Because Liz's life changed in an instant. 
  11. Because when Max sees Liz he feels things. 
  12. Because Max risked everything because "It was you." 
  13. Because their secret couldn't last forever, and Max didn't want it to. 
  14. Because it wasn't safe, but Liz didn't care. 
  15. Because it COULD be something more. 
  16. Because Liz will never look at the stars in the sky the same way again. 
  17. Because Liz will never look at anything the same way again. 
  18. Because five days ago she died and the most amazing thing happened: she came to life. 
  19. Because we know what Max Evans meant when he said "See you in school." 
  20. Because Max thought they should be somewhere private. 
  21. Because Liz wishes she could be invisible and Max wished he didn't have to be so invisible. 
  22. Because secrets make you feel like you DO belong. 
  23. Because Liz wasn't concerned about her future. 
  24. Because Max came out from behind the tree for Liz.
  25. Because Max never forgets to thank her. "Thank you, Liz."
  26. Because he trusted Liz and he needed someone to talk to.
  27. Because "it was only natural."
  28. Because life will never go back to normal.
  29. Because Max will have an Alien Blast and so will Liz.
  30. Because it was torture for Max to stay away from Liz.
  31. Because Liz wasn't catching up on athletic events.
  32. Because with Max and Liz it is the be all and end all.
  33. Because if it wasn't complicated it wouldn't be Max and Liz.
  34. Because Max was the one person Liz really wanted to talk to when GC was dying.
  35. Because Max was concerned enough to go to the hospital
  36. Because Max would do it all over again if he needed to.
  37. Because Max was feeling depressed, sorry for himself and angry at the world because he had to stay away from Liz.
  38. Because Liz didn't listen to logic and what she was supposed to do so she called Max.
  39. Because Liz left normal and once she did she could never go back.
  40. Because Max helped Liz say goodbye to GC.
  41. Because Liz always follows her heart where ever it takes her.
  42. Because sometimes your heart takes you to places it should never be.
  43. Because even their sneakers match (LN).
  44. Because Liz gave Michael another reason to envy Max Evans.
  45. Because what Liz wrote in her journal had nothing to do with science.
  46. Because Liz had to write it down, so that if anyone touched her like Max did, she would know what it's supposed to feel like.
  47. Because if Max read what was in her journal, he would see how she really sees him.
  48. Because Liz has known that they aren't all the same for a really long time.
  49. Because Max's life didn't even start until he told Liz the truth that day.
  50. Because first of all, nothing about Liz is stupid.
  51. Because Max always wants to keep her warm.
  52. Because if anything happened to Max, Liz couldn't live with that.
  53. Because Liz didn't come to ask for Max's permission (RD).
  54. Because Max does deserve her trust.
  55. Because Max thought that they should do something normal for a change.
  56. Because they both loved the song they were listening to (You Make Me Feel).
  57. Because when Liz saw Max in the car, it was like she couldn't breathe, you know?
  58. Because they do things when they feel a certain way about each other.
  59. Because what Max is afraid of isn't that they try this and it works out badly, but that they try this and it works out really well.
  60. Because Max felt everything he knew he would feel.
  61. Because Max couldn't bear to hurt Liz.
  62. Because it isn't really Max's decision.
  63. Because Liz said "No thank you," and both Max and Liz know she's taken.
  64. Because Max has been waiting for this a long time.
  65. Because nothing exploded except their hearts.
  66. Because when Max saw Valenti taking Liz away like that it really hit home for him.
  67. Because knowing Max hasn't screwed up her life-it's just the opposite!
  68. Because if he walked away right then, Dreamer's everywhere would be crying!
  69. Because no matter what they go through it's worth it because they're together.
  70. Because they wanted to move forward and they finally did in Heat Wave.
  71. Because Max likes Cherry Cola.
  72. Because Max and Liz just both kind of felt like Chinese food.
  73. Because Max thinks that Liz looks like Venus in the morning sky.
  74. Because nothing could ruin their date.
  75. Because "explosive' is a really good word.
  76. Because they have that whole "look into my eyes soul mate thing."
  77. Because Liz's fear ran deeper.
  78. Because Liz could never let Max down.
  79. Because Liz made Max forget that anything else existed.
  80. Because Liz didn't mean to have doubts.
  81. Because it is the only real thing Liz has ever felt.
  82. Because they could be the happiest they've ever been in their entire lives and the saddest all at one time.
  83. Because that's what being in love is.
  84. Because Liz wanted to remember.
  85. Because Max has a really good lab partner: she's really good in science.
  86. Because he just forgot for awhile.
  87. Because the glass will never be clean enough.
  88. Because a basketball game doesn't have to be an awkward thing.
  89. Because Liz and Kyle together again couldn't be further from the truth.
  90. Because Max is doing the best he can.
  91. Because Max has been staring at Liz since he came in.
  92. Because Max changed his cards to get on Liz's dad's good side.
  93. Because Max made Liz a part of this.
  94. Because Max wanted them to slow down not screech to a halt.
  95. Because we wish that Max and Liz were having a woodsy tryst.
  96. Because Liz doesn't want to let Max go.
  97. Because Liz has made up her mind.
  98. Because Max can't stop thinking about Liz.
  99. Because Max sees Liz in slow motion.
  100. Because Max is a serious, dark-haired mystery man from an exotic place.
  101. Because Max couldn't just let Liz find another guy.
  102. Because ME + LP.
  103. Because they saw into each other's souls.
  104. Because Liz is Max's Dreamgirl.
  105. Because Max wanted Liz to run away with him.
  106. Because as long as their together nothing else matters.
  107. Because it's all just magic when he thinks of her.
  108. Because when he's not with her he goes crazy.
  109. Because Max really did mean everything he said that night.
  110. Because everything he said was true.
  111. Because it could never be normal.
  112. Because "what's so great about normal?"
  113. Because Max didn't want to ruin her night.
  114. Because Max didn't ruin Liz's night.
  115. Because Liz needs grief relief.
  116. Because Liz tries to stay away, but she just can't help herself.
  117. Because Max obviously feels the same way.
  118. Because a simple shoulder squeeze means so much.
  119. Because we love the way strawberries fall on the floor like that.
  120. Because they are more than "just friends."
  121. Because Liz didn't feel normal.
  122. Because Max touches her, Liz sees stars.
  123. Because Max was just returning her pencil.
  124. Because there was a good reason why Max missed some of his classes.
  125. Because more than just the universe is beautiful.
  126. Because Max didn't just see what she saw. He felt what she felt when she saw him
  127. Because Max didn't think anyone could feel that way about him.
  128. Because Liz had a hickey on her neck-and it was glowing.
  129. Because Max didn't want to use Liz.
  130. Because Liz also needs to find out where all of this leads.
  131. Because Max knows things about Liz that he shouldn't know.
  132. Because Max is glowing on the inside-his toes, his heart.
  133. Because Max could never do anything to hurt her.
  134. Because it feels right in a way that it has never felt right before.
  135. Because at that moment, Max couldn't NOT touch her.
  136. Because Liz was cradled in Max's arms when they woke up in the desert.
  137. Because Max only knew what he was hoping for.
  138. Because the movie got bad reviews.
  139. Because Max is the leader and Liz is his lady.
  140. Because Max cradles Liz's face/neck when they kiss and leans his forehead to hers when they break from their kiss.
  141. Because Max "just really needed to do that."
  142. Because Max is a total goner.
  143. Because Max has never felt that way before.
  144. Because Max looks at Liz and knows that she's the one he's supposed to be with. He's always known it.
  145. Because Liz is "The One." The only one.
  146. Because Max could never be with anyone else.
  147. Because everything she saw with her eyes told her he was cheating on her, but everything she felt in her heart told her he wasn't.
  148. Because kissing Tess was NOT like Max.
  149. Because she went on faith-a lot of it.
  150. Because Max follows Liz when she's upset (TLV and WO)
  151. Because Liz knew Max wasn't falling in love with Tess.
  152. Because Max didn't want her to go in there alone.
  153. Because a kiss on the forehead means so much!
  154. Because Max doesn't feel unsettled when he kisses Liz.
  155. Because Max won't let Tess win.
  156. Because you are who you choose to be, just like you are with who you choose to be with.
  157. Because Max belongs with Liz.
  158. Because Max won't let any book tell him what to do.
  159. Because Max wouldn't leave without her.
  160. Because Liz knew that Maxedo wasn't Max.
  161. Because "He changed me."
  162. Because Liz went to Valenti to save Max.
  163. Because Max cried out when he thought that Liz was dead.
  164. Because they jumped off that bridge together.
  165. Because saving Liz that day was the day his life began.
  166. Because "It was you, Liz, the thought of you," that kept Max alive.
  167. Because Max loves the touch of her skin, her hair that's so soft.
  168. Because of the way her eyes look into his.
  169. Because knowing Liz has made Max human.
  170. Because Max believes they make their own destiny.
  171. Because whether it be now or 50 years from now, his destiny is the same…it's Liz.
  172. Because they can't bear to be apart. And neither can we! :cry:
  173. Because everything Max said is still true!
  174. Because Liz means everything to him!

  175. Season 2

  176. Because Liz tried to stay away from Max because she knows how easy it is to fall in love with him.
  177. Because Max doesn't remember loving Tess.
  178. Because all he cares about is Liz.
  179. Because Max is coming for Liz.
  180. Because mean people suck!
  181. Because Max thanks Liz for every kiss, every smile.
  182. Because Liz doesn't have any regrets.
  183. Because he chooses her. He chooses love.
  184. Because Liz will never be left wanting.
  185. Because "I, Liz Parker, take Max Evans to be my…"
  186. Because Max WOULD do something that cheesy.
  187. Because Max had to do SOMETHING to get her attention.
  188. Because Max spent a week learning the lyrics in Spanish from Mr. Delgado at the hardware store.
  189. Because 14 years later he still knows all the words!
  190. Because Max remembered that Liz preferred white roses.
  191. Because it's Liz he trusts, Liz he has faith in.
  192. Because Liz didn't do it for Tess. She did it for Max.
  193. Because seeing her at 17 again made it all come flooding back to him.
  194. Because his stomach used to rumble every time he saw her.
  195. Because they eloped when they were nineteen.
  196. Because they danced, just the two of them.
  197. Because he felt it and he knew she did too.
  198. Because Tess could never be Liz.
  199. Because Liz was willing to give up Max for the sake of his race!
  200. Because Liz was just making him love her more.
  201. Because Saint Max walks around with a condom in his back pocket.
  202. Because what can he say, he loves her!
  203. Because he's hopeless.
  204. Because Max would never be jealous of Kyle.
  205. Because he turned around when Liz asked him to and because he peeked.
  206. Because Max is the love of Liz's life.
  207. Because there will never be another Max.
  208. Because everyone else will be second best.
  209. Because Liz gives up Max (the ultimate sacrifice) to save everyone (including Max!).
  210. Because it took a lot for Max to turn away from Liz-but he still hasn't really.
  211. Because Max gave Liz her wedding dance.
  212. Because Max hadn't slept since he saw Kyle and Liz together.
  213. Because everything Max felt in his heart the past year WASN'T a lie!
  214. Because Max knew Liz wasn't scared-just hiding something.
  215. Because Max and Liz were always open and honest with each other.
  216. Because even though he's hurt, Max would rather have Kyle taking care of Liz.
  217. Because "He's Max. He'll always know."
  218. Because Liz will love him always.
  219. Because Max and Liz-4EVER.
  220. Because even though he was hurt, Max listened to what Liz said about the Granilith.
  221. Because Isabel knows Max and that if there's one voice he would hear no matter where he is or what he's doing, it's Liz's.
  222. Because Liz could contact Max across 3,000 miles.
  223. Because Liz saved Max.
  224. Because it was nice to see Max smile again.
  225. Because he misses their friendship.
  226. Because Max had to ask one more time whether Liz slept with Kyle, because he really doesn't believe it.
  227. Because when Max needed a friend, he went to Liz.
  228. Because Liz always has a solution and Max listens to her. (for you RBIer's)
  229. Because Liz senses when Max is there.
  230. Because Max believes in Liz.
  231. Because Max wanted Isabel to stay away from Liz's dreams even though he knows she's hiding something.
  232. Because Liz wants a man who can shower her with white rose petals from the heavens.
  233. Because Liz has Max on her brain 24 hours a day.
  234. Because Liz is a Max-a-holic.
  235. Because Max needs Liz.
  236. Because Max doesn't ever want to go home.
  237. Because Max stayed at the Crashdown after hours
  238. Because he was worried about her.
  239. Because we know that Max and Liz are more than just semi-involved.
  240. Because Max and Liz are friends-PLUS!!
  241. Because there is absolutely NO TWINKLE between anyone but Max.
  242. Because it's all right to live your DREAMS!
  243. Because Max does NOT hold Liz back.
  244. Because Liz doesn't want Max to be cheated.
  245. Because Liz wants Max to come with her.
  246. Because Liz will ALWAYS be a part of the group.
  247. Because Max wants her to grow.
  248. Because Max will be watching Liz Parker where ever she goes.
  249. Because Max will be there when she gets back.
  250. Because Liz doesn't need to see the world because with Max she sees the universe!!
  251. Because Max needs to ask Liz, the science whiz.
  252. Because Max always looks to Liz for help in science.
  253. Because Liz is the only one Max could see as his bride.
  254. Because Max knows that Vegas isn't the kind of trip either of them would go on without a good reason.
  255. Because Max doesn't find Liz exhausting-at least not in that way! :grin:
  256. Because they both said they were there for their friends, but they would have rather had a romantic getaway.
  257. Because Liz doesn't think Max acts like a machine.
  258. Because Max heard Liz was down in the arcade and he had to tell her he was leaving.
  259. Because Liz and Max would get married in an Elvis Chapel-especially in this lifetime!
  260. Because Liz is the only one he would want to dance with.
  261. Because Max had this weird moment where he saw this vision of them getting out of a cab like they had just gotten married.
  262. Because Max and Liz are the King and Queen leading the group together.
  263. Because they were holding hands.
  264. Because Liz felt wrong when Sean kissed her.
  265. Because Liz can't stop thinking about what Max would think.
  266. Because there's always something that Max has been wanting to tell Liz.
  267. Because Liz pictured that moment, walking through the double doors together.
  268. Because Liz even bought a dress.
  269. Because Max wanted to go to the prom with Liz.
  270. Because Sean has no idea who Max is, OK?
  271. Because if he knew him, he would know that he is above and beyond that way of thinking.
  272. Because Max is an incredibly, incredibly honorable guy.
  273. Because Liz is going to the prom with Max.
  274. Because even though they may be going in opposite directions, Liz and Max aren't able to separate.
  275. Because who could forget the look Max gave Liz when he first saw her on Prom night?
  276. Because Max told Liz she was beautiful.
  277. Because Liz thought Prom was the perfect opportunity to rekindle things with Max.
  278. Because Max is about something: love, honor, duty.
  279. Because Max's first instinct after Alex was killed was to comfort Liz.
  280. Because Max called Liz to see how she was doing.
  281. Because Max was close to Alex but he knew "not as close as Liz."
  282. Because Liz when she was grieving so much it made her sick, the first place she thought of was to go to Max.
  283. Because Liz didn't want to be alone, she wanted to be with Max.
  284. Because Liz asked Max if she could stay to night to feel safe.
  285. Because Max told Liz he would talk to Valenti because Liz was upset.
  286. Because Max wanted to handle it for Liz.
  287. Because Liz's stomach growled and he fed her.
  288. Because Max wants to take care of her.
  289. Because they bonded together over frozen macaroni and cheese.
  290. Because we know that Max will always be her friend. We know that he will.
  291. Because Max confronted Valenti for Liz's sake.
  292. Because Max was upset that Valenti told Liz about the circumstances around Alex's death because he knew it crushed Liz.
  293. Because he wants to protect her.
  294. Because Max wants to talk this through.
  295. Because Max wants to wipe the slate clean.
  296. Because the thought of Max and Liz never scared Max.
  297. Because Max and Liz is the reality. NOT A MINDWARP!
  298. Because we could all see his hand shaking and the look of horror Max gave Liz when he realized he wasn't acting like himself.
  299. Because Max crossed over all lanes of traffic and ran over a median to get to Liz.
  300. Because in Max's heart he believes he belongs on earth…with Liz.
  301. Because Max would never look that confused after waking up next to a naked Liz.
  302. Because Max's friend's wouldn't have given a look of shock and disgust at the sight of Max and Liz hold hands.
  303. Because Max noticed Liz wasn't in school.
  304. Because putting his arm around Liz is NEVER unnatural.
  305. Because Max would never feel uncomfortable if Liz ever gave him a spontaneous gift.
  306. Because Max and Tess are not in Love. They never have been.
  307. Because none of what Brody "remembered" ever happened.
  308. Because Max fought to protect Liz.
  309. Because Max was willing to get shot instead of Liz.
  310. Because Max and Liz are real. It's not just a story.
  311. Because Max is still in love with Liz (even Tess knows it).
  312. Because it's hard to describe what Max feels for Liz.
  313. Because Liz is involved with someone.
  314. Because Liz never blamed Max.
  315. Because Liz never wanted to lose Max. And he never wanted to lose her.
  316. Because Liz was coming with Max to see it through (they work well as a team!)
  317. Because Liz knew it wasn't like Max.
  318. Because Max can't leave before this is resolved.
  319. Because Liz trusted Max. Because Liz saved herself for Max.
  320. Because Max wished it could be different.
  321. Because Max always thought that when they graduate he would give Liz his ring.
  322. Because Max gave Liz the pendant instead.
  323. Because Liz never slept with Kyle! Because Max does not love her like he loves Liz.
  324. Because Max will never forget Liz no matter where he is!
  325. Because Max sees himself kissing Liz when Tess kisses him.
  326. Because Max immediately runs to Liz's defense.
  327. Because Max was right about one thing: to get Liz into his life, to be around Liz, to love Liz.
  328. Because Max loves Liz. Plain and simple.

  329. Season 3

  330. Because they are in this together. That's what they said.
  331. Because Max wanted to just start over.
  332. Because they are her favorite.
  333. Because Max lights up Liz's world.
  334. Because Max is here and he's not going anywhere.
  335. Because Liz is the only reason.
  336. Because Max wants to make her dreams come true.
  337. Because Liz is not going to talk to anyone until she speaks to Max.
  338. Because Liz broke at least 12 of her mom's rules.
  339. Because it's something they could tell their grandchildren about.
  340. Because Liz wanted to do this with Max.
  341. Because Liz doesn't want Max to slip away from her.
  342. Because Liz knows what it is like to be with Max and what it's like to be apart from him and she would rather be with him.
  343. Because Max didn't know if he could live with himself if anything happened to her.
  344. Because she wouldn't sell Max out.
  345. Because Max wishes they could trade places.
  346. Because Lix could never look away from Max.
  347. Because it is so horrible and so unjust to pass Max in school and have to wonder whether some teacher is going to call her father.
  348. Because no matter how hard her parents try nothing can keep them apart.
  349. Because even when she can't see him during the day, at night she sees him in her dreams.
  350. Because she has been dreaming about Max.
  351. Because over and over it's Liz and Max holding hands and flying through the night.
  352. Because it's not cornball. It's amazing.
  353. Because he wasn't breaking the rules.
  354. Because her father can't keep them from seeing each other.
  355. Because Max is worth a trip to the kitchen.
  356. Because Liz was just taking out the trash
  357. Because she trusts him.
  358. Because she wants someone who makes her dreams come true.
  359. Because it was so amazing.
  360. Because Liz does have a way with words.
  361. Because he wants it for the right reasons.
  362. Because she is with him. All the time.
  363. Because Max wants to talk to Liz's father. Help him understand.
  364. Because he wants to be weighed down by Liz. He can handle it!
  365. Because they were just talking.
  366. Because she'll be in on every step along the way.
  367. Because she won't miss him like he'll miss her.
  368. Because the sooner he finds the guy, the sooner he comes home.
  369. Because God, he loves her.
  370. Because she definitely heard that.
  371. Because Max is spoiled.
  372. Because Liz came up with the recipe all by herself.
  373. Because they are twisted and romantic.
  374. Because they are Romeo & Juliet against the world.
  375. Because there is no doubt in Maria's mind that Max is madly in love with Liz.
  376. Because he'll never leave her.
  377. Because she's going to dance with Max. Not because it's tradition and not because she found some loophole but because they love each other and they are going to be together.
  378. Because he loves her but he has to go.
  379. Because he has to get home.
  380. Because he has plenty of time for his intense brooding moments with Liz.
  381. Because she was wearing the necklace he gave her when he thought he would be leaving.
  382. Because she's committed to going down this road with Max.
  383. Because she loved it that he just walked in.
  384. Because he knows a helpful elf.
  385. Because Liz is Max's family.
  386. Because snowflakes can fall on a queens, but her king will gladly assist her in removing it!
  387. Because he's more of a one-on-one guy.
  388. Because she likes one-on-one.
  389. Because he needs more convincing.
  390. Because they'll find a way. Some way they'll make it happen.
  391. Because his girlfriend is meeting him later.
  392. Because he does really love Jeff's daughter and he deserves a second chance.
  393. Because he'll stay too.
  394. Because he doesn't have anything better to do but sit in a booth and wait for Liz to get off work.
  395. Because Max is certainly here to just see Liz.
  396. Because Max, ahhhhhh, Liz, ahhhhhhh.
  397. Because he's just having breakfast with his sister.
  398. Because maybe it's mono.
  399. Because he wants to help her get into Harvard.
  400. Because Cambridge is really far away but it's really important to her.
  401. Because she goes to him for everything.
  402. Because he risked so much when he healed her.
  403. Because it's what made her fall in love with him.
  404. Because he read the book translation 10 times but maybe he missed something.
  405. Because it's a risk he's going to have to take.
  406. Because there is something wrong with her and he can't fix it.
  407. Because he's going to do everything it takes to fix her.
  408. Because he's been calling. He thought something happened.
  409. Because they need to figure it out together.
  410. Because the answer to "What's so great about normal?" was 'nothing' because of Max.
  411. Because of how much he loves her.
  412. Because she loves him more than he'll ever know.
  413. Because he doesn't even care about that. He just wants to make sure she's okay.
  414. Because he's such a big part of her life, you don't even know.
  415. Because she loves him, definitely. Still does.
  416. Because she has this connection with him.
  417. Because something is definitely wrong.
  418. Because Max wants Liz.
  419. Because he has to go to her.
  420. Because the things that she's been dreaming about for the last 3 years aren't gone!
  421. Because she's the love of his life.
  422. Because it's more than that.
  423. Because he wants to be with Liz.
  424. Because he loves her (duh!).
  425. Because he broke her fall.
  426. Because Liz brought him back.
  427. Because they have always been even.
  428. Because it can't go back to the way it was-but it can be better.
  429. Because he wanted to maybe hang out-even if it's just as friends.
  430. Because of course Max would want to help, if only to be with Liz.
  431. Because Max wanted to focus on more important things.
  432. Because Max can't stop pretending.
  433. Because there is no way in hell he'd get on a spaceship.
  434. Because it's really nice to be able to get close to each other again with out setting something on fire
  435. Because it's just that Liz and Max are studying.
  436. Because Max loves Liz.
  437. Because every time they were together he was thinking of Liz.
  438. Because he had these flashes and they were always of Liz.
  439. Because she's here. She'll always be here.
  440. Because he may be the King of Antar, but she's the Queen of his Heart
  441. Because it’s a brand new day filled with possibilities and hope.
  442. Because he’s got it hot for some local waitress.
  443. Because he said that already and she liked the way he said it.
  444. Because he has never been more serious about coming with her to college.
  445. Because tonight his future looks very, very bright.
  446. Because it’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it.
  447. Because they’re together now.
  448. Because he can’t help people without her.
  449. Because she would do anything if it means being with him.
  450. Because when he looks in her eyes, he doesn’t feel angry or deprived. He feels like the luckiest half-human on the planet.
  451. Because she’s pure and true and she’s real and right now that seems like the only thing that’s important.
  452. Because he wants to be with her forever.
  453. Because forever may be only 12 days, but they’ll take those 12 days and live 12 lifetimes.
  454. Because Liz Parker will marry him!
  455. Because they did tie the knot!
  456. Because she’s Liz Parker Evans and she’s happy-and so is her husband.
  457. Because Liz and Max did follow their hearts.
  458. Because it's Max and Liz.
  459. Because the Dream has just started!

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