Roswell Purity Tests

The Roswell purity test was created by Roswell fans to determine how much of a fan you were. There were several tests on different sites.

Megg's Roswell purity test

Scoring - Give yourself one point for each statement you answer yes to, then add up your points for your percentage out of 100. The higher the percentage, the more Roswell has corrupted you, and the less 'pure' you are!

You have seen every episode of Roswell.

You can name every episode of Roswell.

You have every episode of Roswell on tape.

You watch the reruns of Roswell.

You record the reruns of Roswell.

You know the original airdate of every episode of Roswell.

You know Maria's last name.

You know Liz's last name.

You know Michael's last name.

You know Max's last name.

You know Alex's last name.

You know Isabel's last name.

You know Kyle's last name.

You know Liz's grandmother's name.

You know the name of Maria's mother.

You know what her job is.

You know how old she was when she was arrested and why she was arrested.

You know who Kyle's father is.

You know why is father was committed.

You know the name's of Max's parents.

You know the relationship between Isabel and Max.

You know the relationship between Max and Michael.

You know what state Roswell is in.

You know the name of the actress who plays Maria.

You know the name of the actress who plays Liz.

You know the name of the actor who plays Michael.

You know the name of the actor who plays Max.

You know the name of the actress who plays Isabel.

You know the name of the actor who plays Alex.

You know the name of the actor who plays Kyle.

You know the name of the actor who plays Kyle's father.

You know the name of the actor who plays Tess.

You know the name of the actor who plays Nasaedo.

You are on a Roswell-related list.

You are on 5 or more Roswell-related lists.

You run a Roswell-related list.

You run 3 or more Roswell-related lists.

You have a Roswell webpage.

You buy a magazine if there is anything Roswell related in it.

You can name a previous movie/TV show each actor/actress has been on.

You own a movie a Roswell actor/actress has been on.

You watch other WB shows to catch the Roswell promos.

You cut your hair to look like someone from Roswell.

You know who the father of the actor that plays Alex is.

You cried over an episode of Roswell.

You yelled at the TV over an episode of Roswell.

You know the major highway that goes from Roswell to Texas.

You know what town in Texas Michael took Maria to.

You know what year the ship crashed in Roswell.

You know who the actors that played the Roswell characters as kids are.

Your parents/friends/family are getting sick of hearing about Roswell.

You kick everyone out of the room on Roswell night.

You yell at anyone for calling on Roswell night.

You refuse to lend out your Roswell tapes for fear you won't get them back.

You own Roswell memorabilia.

You go by a name of one of the characters/actors.

Your family knows everything about your favorite Roswell character.

Your family wants to take you for psychiatric help for your obsession.

You know who sings the Roswell theme.

You bought the CD.

Your best friend is a Roswell-lover you met online.

You have called up someone you barely knew to chat about Roswell.

You threw a Roswell party.

You're planning (or planning on going to) a Roswell convention.

You write Roswell fanfic.

You read Roswell fanfic.

You read NC 17 Roswell fic.

You write NC 17 Roswell fic.

You're a shipper.

You know what a shipper is.

You're an unconventional Roswell shipper.

You've checked every question so far.

You can name the two Sarah McLachlan songs that have played during Roswell.

You're making a checklist so you can get a higher score on this test.

You've decorated your room so that it's a Roswell shrine.

You have a Roswell email address.

You introduce yourself as "Mrs. [actor/character's last name]".

You'd stand in line for hours in the pouring rain for a Roswell-actor's autograph.

You're trying to become a Roswell extra.

You're planning a road trip to Roswell.

You're planning a road trip to one of the actor's doors.

You bought a car that looks like one of the ones on Roswell.

You went trick-or-treating as a Roswell character or an alien.

You yell at anyone who says something bad about aliens.

You completely belive in UFOs.

You wonder if you may be "different" too.

You know the birthdays of all the actors.

You know where they grew up.

You can summarize the Pilot episode.(Thanks to Delighlah for the names!)

You can summarize The Morning After.

You can summarize Monsters.

You can summarize Leaving Normal.

You can summarize Missing.

You can summarize 285 South.

You can summarize River Dog.

You can summarize Blood Brothers.

You can summarize Heat Wave.

You can summarize The Balance.

You can summarize Toy House.

You can summarize Into the Woods.

You can summarize The UFO Convention.

You can summarize Blind Date.

You can summarize Independence Day.

You can summarize Sexual Healing.

You can summarize Crazy.

You can summarize Tess, Lies, and Videotape.

You can summarize Four Squared.

You can summarize Max to the Max.

You can summarize The White Room.

You can summarize Destiny.

You know who River Dog is.

You know who Eddie is.

You know who Hank is.

You know who Nasaedo is.

You know who Tess is.

You know who Pierce is and what his alter ego is.

You know who Kathleen Toplosky is.

You know what her two jobs are.

You know who plays her.

You know what TV show she used to be on.

You know what sport she used to excel at.

You have a pin-up of a Roswell actor or actress.

You joined a Roswell club.

You have a burning desire to name your future kids after Roswell characters/actors. (Submitted by Jennifer.)

Every song you hear reminds you of Roswell. (submitted by BehrFan)

You're creating a Roswell CD cause they're not coming out fast enough. (Submitted by Zita)

You have every outfit ever worn by a character written down and memorized. (submitted by Zita)

You're stalking people in an attempt to find Maria's denim jacket. (submitted by Zita)

You redecorated your room or locker to look like a character's. (Submitted by Zita)

You watched a really bad made for TV movie cause a Roswell character was in it. (Submitted by Zita)

You have named your child/pet after a Roswell actor/character. (submitted by SJBCollins)

You constantly check back to see if this page has been updated.

And when you find it hasn't, you email me to ask me/bother me about it. :)

You watch Breaker High to just to see the one ep that Brendan Fehr was in. (submitted by Meg)

You have taken this test more than 5 times.

You have bought a CD just because a song by the artist was played on Roswell.

You have downloaded the MP3 of Majandra singing.

You rewatched every episode to see if Nasedo was in any of them. (submitted by Deah)

You have dreams featuring one or more of the cast. (submitted by Deah)

You have joined the EBay announcements to find out when a new Roswell item comes out, or you will after reading this! (submitted by Deah, added to by moi)

You have spent more than $100 on Roswell items. (submitted by Deah)

You have every magazine featuring a Roswell cast member - including foreign ones. (submitted by Deah, edited by moi!)

You have actually tried chocolate cake w/ hot sauce. (submitted by Deah)

You participated in the Roswell is Hot campaign.

You have persuaded a friend to watch Roswell, and they're now addicted.

You beg your parents/friends to let you stay home from an outing to watch Roswell. (submitted by Erin)

You edit the commercials out of the Roswell episodes. (submitted by Krystal)

Everyone you know knows you love Roswell. (submitted by Krystal)

Months before a cast members birthday, you are already worried about finding a perfect gift. (submitted by Jenn)

You carry a bottle of cypress oil and use it in times of stress, just like Maria. (submitted by Krystal)

When asked your religion, you reply "Roswellian". (submitted by Karen)

When asked where you are from you reply, "Well, I'm not from around here." (submitted by Karen)

You download episode trailers to eps you haven't seen yet. And to those you have. (submitted by Karen, edited by moi)

You wish Roswell was on 7 nights a week. (submitted by Karen)

When the Levi's jeans ads came out, you ran out and bought the jeans. After all, if the actors were wearing them, they must be good.

You know what city and state Roswell is filmed in. (submitted by HookT)

You have accused your guidance counselor of being an FBI agent. (submitted by Danielle)

You bought an aqua bra. (submitted by Danielle)

You write Roswell in fogged-up mirrors and glass. (submitted by Danielle)

You have bought Barbie dolls and dressed them up like the characters. (submitted by Emily)

You have had dreams about Roswell. (submitted by Lamonto)

You have a Roswell photo album. (submitted by Raechel)

When you hear a Roswell song on the radio, you know exactly when it played. (submitted by Raechel)

You participate in Roswell Role Play Games. (submitted by ltd)

When you, or someone you know, got a Neilsen's family form, you filled it out with nothing but Roswell stuff.

You have nail polish named after an episode (ie, Heat Wave or Destiny), and you wear it.

In the aisles of the supermarket, when you see tobasco sauce, you shriek.

You have actually been to Roswell.

You are reading up on the real Roswell mystery.

You lied to score higher on this test.

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