WB Promo Videos

I obtained most of these videos from a lovely woman on ebay.
(sorry I can't remember your name!)

***If anyone has additional videos, please submit them, and I'll credit you.***

General Promos

These promos aired on the WB to promote their line-up.
They feature actors from all the show in schedule.
Click on the title to see the video

Faces of the WB
A big thanks to Earth2Mama for this vid!!
Promo Code - S315G-900-MKT1-10
Dated 9/8/99

Oh What a Night
Promo Code - S60G-901-MKT1-20
Dated 6/01/00

The Night is Young 1
Promo Code - S243G-901-MKT1-40
Dated 6/01/00

The Night is Young 2
Dated 6/06/00

The Night is Young -
Roswell Focus

Promo Code - S30G-901-MKT1-40
Dated 6/16/00

Behind the Scenes Vids
These are bts vids that show them shooting the comericals



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