Roswell TV Promos
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I obtained these videos from a lovely woman on ebay.
(sorry I can't remember your name!)

***If anyone has additional videos, please submit them, and I'll credit you.***

Pre-Launch Promos

These promos aired in the summer of 1999 to advertise
Roswell starting as a new series in October

Click on the title to see the video

Rumors 1
Promo Code - S30G-O06-RSW1-31
Dated 8/02/99

Something Happened Here
Promo Code - S10G-O06-RSW1-40
Dated 8/03/99

Where are you From?
Promo Code - S10G-O06-RSW1-10
Dated 8/03/99

Five Days Ago
Promo Code - S10G-O06-RSW1-20
Dated 8/03/99

My Life
Promo Code - S10G-O06-RSW1-30
Dated 8/03/99

Don't Say Anything 1
Promo Code - S20G-O06-RSW1-10
Dated 8/16/99

Don't Say Anything 2
Promo Code - S30G-O06-RSW1-10
Dated 8/17/99

Promo Code - S30G-O06-RSW1-60
Dated 8/18/99

Rumors 2
Promo Code - S20G-O06-RSW1-30
Dated 8/19/99

Larry & Jennifer
Promo Code - S30G-O06-RSW1-80
Dated 8/23/99

Still Me
Promo Code - S60G-O06-RSW1-10
Dated 8/23/99

Where's the Bullet?
Promo Code - S30G-O06-RSW1-51
Dated 9/02/99

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