Season 3 Promos

I obtained these videos from a lovely woman on ebay.
(sorry I can't remember your name!)

***If anyone has additional videos, please submit them, and I'll credit you.***

General Promos

These are promos for the Roswell series that were shown throughout the season
Click on the title to see the video

'Unseen' Promo
Dated unknown
Not sure why it is called the unseen promo.
Perhaps it never aired?
Sorry, I don't have a very good version of this one.
If anyone has a better one, please send it in.

Dated 7/13/01
Fabulous 1
Dated 7/13/01
Fabulous 2
Dated 7/30/01
Dated 8/01/01
Are You Ready
Dated 8/04/01
Dated 8/05/01
Combo Night

Dated 8/07/01
Dated 8/13/01
Dated 8/15/01
Dated 8/17/01
Guess Who
Dated 8/26/01
Dated 8/28/01
Jason Blood
Donation PSA

Dated 9/19/01

Dated 9/24/01
How Far
Dated 10/01/01
No Other
Dated 10/02/01
Dated 10/02/01

Dated unknown
Roswell Moves
Dated unknown
Pilot Rerun
Dated 11/27/01
Shiri War PSA
Dated 12/11/01

Dated 12/01

Dated 4/02

Staind WB50 Promo
no date
This seems to be a local promo for a UPN station WB50.
I believe it is authentic and not fan made but I have no proof

Episode Promos

These promos aired to advertise upcoming episodes
Click on the title to see the video
Michael, The Guys &
The Great Snapple
Caper promo

Dated 10/06/01
Significant Others promo
Dated 10/16/01
Secrets & Lies promo 1
Dated 10/23/01
Secrets & Lies
promo 2

Dated 10/24/01
Control promo
Dated 10/30/01
To Have & To Hold promo
Dated 11/6/01
Interruptus promo
Dated 11/13/01
Behind the Music promo
Dated 11/20/01
Samuel Rising promo
Dated 12/11/01
A Tale of Two Parties promo 1
Dated 12/25/01
A Tale of Two Parties promo 2
Dated 12/25/01
I Married an Alien
Dated 1/22/02
Ch-Ch-Changes promo
Dated 1/29/02
Panacea promo
Dated 2/05/02
Chant Down Babylon promo 1
Dated 2/19/02
Chant Down Babylon promo 2
Dated 2/19/02
Who Died & Made You King? promo 1
Dated 4/04/02
Who Died & Made You King? promo 2
Dated 4/11/02
Who Died & Made You King? promo 3
Dated 4/16/02
Crash promo
Dated 4/23/02
Four Aliens & a Baby promo
Dated 4/30/02
Graduation promo
Dated 5/04/02

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