Production Items

These are items that were used in the production of the show
If anyone has pics of other items, please submit them and I'll be happy to give you credit.

***If anyone has other items available for sale, like office supplies with the Roswell logo,
scripts, production schedules call sheets, etc, please let me know.***


Scripts were often revised during the shooting.
Different colored pages were used for revisions.

Scripts often include the following - storyboard of the episode, scene continuity, and character list for the episode.

Call Sheets

Call sheets are like work schedules for the actors,
that tells them when and were they need to be.

Production Reports

Production reports are like an overview of what was accomplished
each day of shooting an episode.

Mileage Form

Mileage forms for the cast and crew to get reimbursed for travel.

Car Card

Season 1

Season 2

Car cards were given to cast and crew to display
in their cars to get onto the closed sets.



Storyboards are hand-drawn sketches (sort of a comic book style) of how a director wants a scene to be shot.
See them here - Storyboard Images

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