President Max Evans

The WB ran an 'election' for President in 2000, and the candidates were all
characters from their shows. The viewers got to vote, and predictibly the
Roswell fans voted Max Evans as President.

Here is the post from the WB about Max winning.

Election 2000 President Evans!

Max Evans Is he too "out of this world?"
The battle for the youth vote intensifies. In a poll posted on The WB's Pulse, voters were asked: "If the election were held today and you could only choose one of the following candidates, for whom would you vote to be President of the United States?"

The five-way race included:

Reverend Eric Camden, 7TH HEAVEN


Prue Halliwell, CHARMED

Max Evans, ROSWELL


The final tally showed an overwhelming lead by Roswell's Max Evans with 60.26% of the vote. Trailing the alien teen were Reverend Eric Camden with 15.17%, Rupert Giles with 21.82%, Prue Halliwell at 2.31%, and Jamie King at 0.43%. With a margin of error of + or - 7% Giles and the reverend ended in a statistical dead heat for second. Given Jamie and Prue's weak showings, the Camden campaign never followed through on threats to provide evidence that the two are both under 35 years old. Evans continued to evade similar charges by providing a 1947 birth certificate.

Follow-up questions revealed unique voter motivation. One of the voters polled, "Rachel," chose Max saying, "He would make a good leader because he thinks things through before he acts and he's goal oriented (not to mention studly!)."

Another voter, "Maggie," chose Rupert Giles explaining, "cuz he knows everything. He's a genius...Eric Camden would probably be the one to become president but he would suck...he's too much of a putz..."

With such a massive lead, frontrunner Evans has already come under fire for being, as Reverend Camden put it, "from another planet." When asked to respond to charges of extra-terrestrial allegiances, sources based in New Mexico and close to Evans said that the alien "will not engage in the politics of personal destruction," and have focused instead on his strong character, leadership skills as well as his exemplary military record.

Those same sources were quick to point out that since Evans' pod was technically hatched on Earth in New Mexico (making him a natural born American citizen), there is no controlling legal authority that would find him in violation of Article 2, Clause 5 of the United States Constitution.

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