Roswell Promotional Pictures

These are promotiomal pictures of the Roswell cast taken by the WB and UPN and released to the press and public to advertise the show.

Roswell Promotional Cast Pictures

It used to be that every Roswell site had these pictures, but Roswell sites are disappearing at an alarming rate, and the pictures along with them. So I decided to include the pictures because they are part of the show advertising history.

I've collected these pictures over the years, and have no idea where I got most of them. They were originally saved on various sites, including the WB and UPN sites.

***If anyone has additional pictures or better quality ones, please submit them, and I'll credit you.***


The images are hosted in a Coppermine gallery, along with various other images.

A note about navigating the gallery.
It is divided into 3 main parts -
  • Promotional Cast Pictures -
    includes promotional images from all three seasons as well as episode stills, behind the scenes, and some official wallpaper.

  • Other Roswell Pictures -
    includes Roswell prop auction pictures, magazine scans and photos, and cast appearance photos.

  • Roswell Site Pictures -
    includes screen shots of mostly closed Roswell sites and site banners

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