Parker's House

Parker's House Floorplans

I made these floorplans by closely watching the episodes.
Some furniture and items changed around in various episodes, and I may have
gotten some proportions a bit wrong, but these are good representations.

Some parts of the house or rooms just are not visible, so
there is no way of knowing what is there or how big the space is.

***These floorplans are my own creation. DO NOT repost without permission***
2002 - © RoswellOracle &
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The Parker's live above the Crashdown Cafe, and their apartment can be accessed
from an ouside back entrance up a flight of stairs.

There is also a door on the main floor of the Crashdown that goes into the back of the restaurant,
and a staircase in the employee room leads up to the Parker apartment.

In the main part of the Parker house, all we see is the living room, a small glimpse of the dining
room, and what appears to be Liz's parent's room.

Assuming that the Parkers own the entire space above the Crashdown, they could have a pretty big place
with several rooms we never see, guest rooms, more bathrooms, an office perhaps.

living room w/ dining room

living room w/ Jeff/Nancy bedroom door?

There is also a door that goes outside that is in the Parker's living room. It appears to be a
different door than the two others mentioned above. It doesn't fit with where the other two
doors are on the building, so perhaps they have a third door?

The small glimpse of Liz's parents' room we see, shows a wall that blocks most of the view of what
is inside, but I am assuming they have a bathroom in there somewhere because Liz has one in her room.
So they perhaps have a third bathroom for guests.

living room w/ door outside

living room

Also, there is no office downstairs in the Crashdown, so I would guess they had one upstairs.
They'd need some kind of space to do restaurant business, assuming they aren't doing it on the
kitchen table or at a booth in the Crashdown - lol. (actually we do see Jeff doing some paperwork at
the Crashdown counter in 'LN', but they probably have and office to keep their files at least)

I also believe they must have one or more guest rooms. There is no direct proof, but Liz's
grandmother was staying with them, and she probably wasn't sleeping on the sofa. lol

Liz's Room Floorplans

We never see where Liz's room is in relation to the rest of the house,
so it is hard to draw a complete floorplan of the Parker house.

In the episode 'Blind Date' Liz looks out her window where her desk is located to see the neon
spaceship right below her, meaning it is the front of the Crashdown. Which doesn't make sense,
because that would put the ladder on the front of the building, and the balcony would be visible
from the front, which it clearly is not.

I've always assumed Liz's balcony to be in the rear or on the side of the building, down the alley.

bedroom w/ bathroom door


bedroom w/ window to balcony


In the last picture of the balcony, you can see there is another space or balcony with a window
across from Liz's. Perhaps that balcony is accessed through another part of the Parker's house,
maybe the third outside door from the living room, or perhaps it is on an adjoining building.

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