Off-Screen Events

Off-screen events are things we know that happened to the characters because of things mentioned on in conversation, but they were never seen in the show.

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- Liz has obviously thought about Max and the other aliens a lot and even made a list of questions to ask Max.

LIZ: I need to know the truth Max. I need to know, everything. Or I'll - I'm just gonna go to Valenti and I'm gonna tell him everything I know.
MAX: Okay.
LIZ: Okay.
[She takes a piece of paper with her questions written on it out of her pocket.]
LIZ: Okay. All right. Here we go. Where did you come from?
MAX: I don't know. When the ship crashed I wasn't born yet.
LIZ: So there was a crash?
MAX: All I know is it wasn't a weather balloon that fell that night.
LIZ: The ship crashed in 1947 your 16?
MAX: We were in some kind of incubation pods.
LIZ: We?
MAX: Isabel and Michael are also...uh...
LIZ: Okay, well, that, answers, um, that question. Um, what powers do you have?
MAX: We can connect with people, as uh, you know. We can manipulate molecular structures, and...we can....
LIZ: Wait, what does that mean?
[Max moves his hand in front of a clay sculpture on a nearby table and the shape changes]
MAX: That's, uh, that's how I healed you.
LIZ: Max, who else knows this?
MAX: No one.
LIZ: What about your parents?
MAX: We don't tell anyone. We sorta think our lives depend on it.
LIZ: So when you healed me you risked all of this getting out didn't you?
MAX: Yea.
LIZ: Why??
MAX: It was you.

Morning After

- Obviously Maria and Liz talked about the aliens at some point, coming up with a list of questions.

LIZ: OK, I�m still confused. If you crash-landed in 1947, are you really 16 or are you like 52 in a 16-year-old�s body? Or do you guys just age differently? I mean, is like 1 alien year equal to 3 human years?
MAX: You�ve thought about this a lot, haven�t you?
LIZ: Kind of.
MAX: Well, we know we came out of the pods in 1989. We just don�t know how long we were there. When we came out we looked like 6 year olds.
LIZ: So were you like green?
MAX: Green?
Liz: Before you took human form, were you 3 feet tall and green and slimy? You know, I�m very sorry for asking you that. It�s Maria�s question.
MAX: No, we just always looked like this. Except for the, uh, third eye.
(Max looks down at the ground as Liz casually looks over at him. Max then leans over as if to tie his shoelace and Liz leans forward staring at the back of Max�s head. Max peeks over and sees Liz looking at his head.) Kidding!
LIZ: Yeah, I knew you were kidding. (Laughs and playfully shoves him.) You�re such a jerk!
LIZ: So uh, you really have no idea where you�re from, like what planet, or who your people are besides Michael and Isabel?
MAX: No idea.

Leaving Normal

- We are given no clue when this conversation between Maria and Isabel took place. I am guessing it was some time after 'Monsters'.

ISABEL: I thought we agreed that you would never address me until we'd established complete privacy.

River Dog

- I assume this conversation between Michael and Maria happened when they were driving back from Marathon TX after they had gotten the files from Atherton's house.

Also, most people assume Max was able to fix the Jetta so it could drive back, becuase it is obviousl Michael or Isabel couldn't fix it.

Michael: So there's kind of a lot of stuff to go through, huh? The files.
Max: We'll do it piece by piece, the 3 of us.
Michael: The 3 of us...right. 'Cause there's some other people that might wanna help out with that stuff.
Isabel: Some other people?
Michael: Yeah, you know, that Maria girl.
Isabel: That Maria girl?
Michael: But it should just be the 3 of us.
Max: Probably.
Michael: Yeah, that's what I figured. Actually, I sort of told her we were gonna pick her up.
Isabel: Michael!


- This is the first time it is mentioned that Liz is the manager, and from the conversation, it seems that she was recently promoted.

LIZ: Ok, so, um, once you're done with the sugars, we just make sure that the salt and pepper shakers are filled.
MARIA: You are really letting this whole manager thing get to your head.

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