Ode to Roswell

Sorry, I didn't note where this was orig from.


The decree came down from the people in the know
In the fall of �99, just a half a year ago;
And the buzz was great, �round the media it swirled,
�Watch the new Roswell, �cause the show�s out of this world!�
It was Romeo and Juliet, and sci-fi with a twist,
It was like no other �teen show�, it was�well, you get the gist!
At the helm was Jason Katims and the X-Files� David Nutter
This new show was most original, so unlike any other.
It received a vote of confidence � considered quite a coup �
When the FrogNet ordered episodes a-numbering twenty-two!
And the fans adored their Roswell, yes, they loved their �Alien Blast� �
It had fascinating stories and a talented young cast.
There�s Liz Parker: Shiri Appleby; and Max is Jason Behr,
Katherine Heigl portrays Isabel, while Michael�s Brendan Fehr.
Majandra Delfino plays ever spicy-sweet Maria D,
And there�s Colin Hanks as Alex, while Nick Wechsler is Kyle V.
Not least, rounding out the group is William Sadler, ever cool,
As The Sheriff, he�s persistent, and he�s clearly no one�s fool.
And the stories � Oh! The stories! Every week we cannot wait
To take in the next installment, counting minutes �till the date.
From the moment Max saved Liz, we all have thanked The WB,
For presenting us with Roswell, we are hooked on it, you see!
From the cities of Australia, to the lovely British Isles,
To the coast of California, its appeal transcends the miles.
Young or ancient, white or ethnic, male or female, short or tall,
Student, lawyer, teacher, mother � this show�s fans include them all.
And we'll follow it no matter how you vary its timeslot
We won�t miss it �cause we think that like Tabasco Sauce, it's HOT!
From the first time we saw Roswell, from the earliest of starts,
We the fans have had a Silver Handprint stamped upon our hearts.
So to all the show�s producers, writers, cast and all the crew,
From the fans who think you�re wonderful, we�d like to say THANK YOU!

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