You know you're an obsessed Roswell fan if . . .

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Just admit it... you're addicted.

It's not a bad thing, in fact, acceptance is the key to pure Roswellian happiness. When you finally accept your undying love of Roswell you will begin to embrace a new universe and see things you never imagined. You will become part of something bigger than yourself. You will officially become one of the "crazy obsessed ones" and you will ship your favourite characters like there's no tomorrow.

Are you still reading?

Below is a guide to the warning signs that will let you know if you are a Roswell addict.

You know you're addicted if...

1 - You have every episode on tape.

2 - You know the name of every episode and can recite them by heart (in logical plot order).

3 - You bought Tabasco in bulk.

4 - You know episode plots before the writers do.

5 - Brendan knows you by name.

6 - Majandra feels threatened.

7 - You've developed a love of strawberries, applesauce, Tobasco, Snapple and Krispy Kremes.

8 - The song "Here With Me" sends you running to the nearest TV.

9 - At night you search the sky for the five star constellation where Antar lies.

10 - You are a member of RAMS.

11 - You know what RAMS means.

12 - You know what CHADS, OTO or MOB mean.

13 - You have a handprint tattoo.

14 - You convinced your husband to get a "Michael" haircut.

15 - Instead of the "French Maid" outfit, you ask your girlfriend to wear the "Crashdown Waitress" get up, complete with flashing alien antennae.

16 - You named your kids Max and Isabel, you have a cat called Maria and a gerbil called Tess.

17 - You can't count your Fan Forum stars on one hand.

18 - You smile when you hear the word "Czechoslovakian".

19 - You are a member of RAMS.

20 - You identify Vasquez Rocks as "The Granolith Chamber!"

21 - You disconnect the phone on tuesday nights.

22 - You get homicidal when anyone tries to part you from the TV when Roswell is on.

23 - Your sister still has scars.

24 - You've ever posted on a thread called RA - Roswellians Anonymous.

25 - You are reading this right now.

26 - You are a member of RAMS.

27 - You say things like "she's a real vibrator." without blinking an eye.

28 - You cried for Alex.

29 - Your friends had to help you through Max and Liz's break up.

30 - Covina is your favorite vacation spot.

31 - You are a member of RAMS.

32 - You watched TV for hours, pre-season, just to catch a glimpse of the 20 second promo.

33 - Nobody calls you by your name's just "Roswell-head!!"

34 - You don't care.

35 - You have a love-hate relationship with a man called Jason Katims.

36 - You wish you had a relationship with a man called Jason Behr.

37 - You know for a fact, that aliens exist.

38 - You try to get community service hours for the Roswell Campaign.

39 - You read Majandra's diary.

40 - You cannot be, until you're resting here with me.

41 - You strongly dislike the woman at work, with the blonde, curly hair.

42 - You were caught kissing another man/woman and say "I was mind warped, I tell you!!!"

43 - Nobody understands your references to "the Christmas Nazi".

44 - Nobody understands your references - period -

Are you obsessed by Roswell??

from Crashed into Roswell

You are obsessed when...
... you video every single episode.
... you watch a new episode 2 or 3 times cause you can't wait until next week.
... you write fanfic.
... you make your own Roswell-fanpage, although you don't even know how (like me ;-) )
... you read every news about Roswell like others "Harry Potter"
... you call every actor of the show with his first name although you've never met them in person.
... you stay at home from holidays, cause you don't want to miss just one episode.
... you whisper "Max" while making out with your boyfriend.
... you are disappointed, when you don't get visions while kissing your boyfriend.
... you put lots of Tabasco sauce on your chocolate-birthday cake.
...all your friends wonder, that you're always wearing exactly the same clothes as your favourite character of the show.
...there are Roswell posters all over your room. spend nights on looking for the V-constellation on the sky. dream about Roswell. make scrap books of Roswell. play minigolf and it reminds you of Roswell. have an urge to watch Roswell. are grounded for watching TV but you sneak it.
...You cried when Max saw Liz with Kyle. cry at the last episode every time you see it.
...there are pics of the cast in your purse instead of photos of your friends. read this, hoping to find something that doesn't apply to you.
... you've spent your last holidays in Roswell, New Mexico, looking for the Crashdown, Liz, Max and Co. and you were disappointed, cuz you haven't met them. go to the next esoteric-shop and buy all the aroma oils they have. went to Vasquez rocks looking for the pod chamber.
...Covina is like your Mecca.
...Melinda Metz is like God for you.'ve a secret shrine in your room, dedicated to Roswell. cried "yes, I will" instead of Liz, when Max asked her to marry him in the last episode. write Liz Parker, instead of your own name in your diary. mourned for Alex, when he died, like you'd have lost one of your friends.
...your friends were worried about you after "Cry your name", cuz you were wearing just black clothes and acting strange. avoid the new girl at school. name your band "The Whits". name your pets by the names of the characters of Roswell (because you can't have the real thing!) order magasines from other countries, because in your country they don't sell those who are writing about Roswell. download all the songs that are played in the series (of course you bought the soundtrack too!) bawled when Future Max was dancing with Liz on her balcony, and then he disappeared, ceased to exist, because Liz had Max fall out of love with her.
... you own every Roswell book to date and you have read each one at least 10 times. eat tabasco drenched kreulers like Roswell High Michael. are in a Roswell fan club in school.'re founder and president of said club. watch every movie or show with a cast member in it. wish you lived in Roswell, New Mexico. hear the name Maria, you get the image of Maria screaming and running out of the Crashdown. spend all your time on the internet looking up Roswell sites. decide to move to Roswell. can say every line each character says from each episode without having to memorize them!!

Rosaholics Anonymous

In need of a 12-step program to cure your Roswell addiction? Check out these warning signs to see if you're a candidate for Rosaholica Anonymous

Top 10 indications your obsession with Roswell may be becoming a problem

1. The fire department has you on a first name basis, because they have been to your home 22 times in the past six months. Apparently burning a 5-foot by 10-foot alien symbol in your backyard is considered dangerous.
2. You for out 50 bucks a month for a safety deposit box that seems to only contain 'blank tapes'
3. You have actually gone to a Volkswagen dealership to get an estimate on a '92 Jetta and then asked the salesman to explain exactly what a chokey thing is
4. You mysteriously gain 10 pounds in under a month, but refuse to believe it is due to teh 2-pound bag of M&Ms you keep in your purse at all times
5. Co-workers have threatened to inflict bodily harm upon you if you sing that stupid Dido song one more time
6. You got thrown out of your local bookstore after creating a scene when you found out that the store did not carry Lost Treasures by Claudia Parker. The manager did not believe that it was appropriate for you to chuck books at innocent clerks our of pure frustration
7. You actually start to put Tabasco sauce on everything and convince yourself that you like it, which later results in tongue paralysis
8. You find out the hard way that mixing grief relief and cypress oil is flammable
9. While walking home late one evening you discover the benefits of having a 2-pound bag of M&Ms and a mysterious orb thingy in your purse - when these items are swung correctly, you can deter muggers
10. A sudden eletrical fire in your house causes you to think of the only logical solution - to wave your arm over it.

You know you're obsessed with Roswell when...

You talk about Roswell nonstop and your friends are sick of hearing that word.

You dream of the whole gang at night and then wake up and wish you could remember it so you could write a fanfic about it.

You are glued to the TV and will not leave the room when Roswell is on, unless you have to go to the bathroom and then you sprint so you don't miss anything.

You fit your schedule around Roswell.

You only read fanfiction online instead of reading for homework.

You write Roswell fanfic during school.

You freak out if you don't record an episode or if the show is not on that week.

Your mood depends on whether that week's Roswell was good and happy.

You are online until the wee hours looking at other Roswell sites and reading fanfiction.

When you do a report on Roswell for school and use that as an excuse to watch the show and surf Roswell sites!!-Jen

When you start talking into the mirror pretending to be characters from Roswell.-Tracey

When you know you are going to miss an episode of Roswell so you ask a parent to tape it but they are technologically impaired and then you write them a 7 page letter describing every detail so they don't screw up because you NEED Roswell!!-Tracey

When you start believing that Max Evans is a real person and he should be smacked on the head for liking Tess.-Erin

When you won't eat unless you have Tabasco sauce.-Erin

If your friends don't like Roswell you dump them-Erin

When you think anything on this pg. is a good idea.-Erin

When you start memorizing all the lines to every show.-Erin

When you write in your Journal how you know Max, Michael and Isabel are going to save you from this world and bring them to their world and people will start watching you on TV every week.-Erin

You daydream about Roswell.-Erin

You plan an episode before it comes on and yell at the writers for not doing it the way you wanted it to go.-Erin

You dream that you are Liz and you and Max are on a deserted island.-Erin

Everything reminds you of Roswell like a song Tim McGraw song that says Here with me...which .reminds you of Dido's song which reminds you of how hot Brendan or Katherine look in the credits and then reminds you of the dupes kissing and then makes you think of Max in the City!-Erin

You think Jason Behr and Max Evans are two different people.-Erin

You start wishing that Jason and Shiri would get together.-Erin

You talk like you know each of them in real life and that you're good friends with both the actors and the characters they play.-Erin

Roswell Addictions from Roswell Stars

Welcome to Roswell addictions aynonomis. Are you addicted to Roswell ... you could be. Here is the place to find out. Do you never miss an eppisode, dream about the charicters. Make up countless eppisodes in your head. Write fan-fiction about your favorite show, I know I do. Here is a place you can read others reasons to know if you are addicted, or even submitt your own! Submitt it to me with the heading Addicted, your nickname, email, and how you know you are addicted, send as many as you want!

Scarlet (me) tiger33333
*You know you are addicted when you hear the song Here with Me by dido and you start to cry because you remember the scene where Liz left Max!
*You can't sleep without creating a new eppisode in your dreams*When you eat M&M's you think of Michael and Maria
*You bye M&M's simly because they remind you of Michael and Maria
*At school you always recreate all the funny scenes from Roswell like in 285 South, (I know I always do that with my friends)

*You know you're addicted to Roswell when..You start to seriously ponder just how good Tabasco sauce is on everything and are foolish enough to try it (don't, trust me).

you know your addicted when.....
*you see m&m's or tabasco sauce in the supermarket and start telling everyone around you their significance.
*you have a roswell related e-mail address
*half your day is devoted to looking at updates on your fav. Roswell websites
*your parents are sick of hearing about it and your sister is about to kill you
*every song reminds you of something that happened in an episode
*you scream if you ever miss an episode
*you spend your time writing "How you know when your addicted" lists

from: bigSPAM
You know you're addicted to Roswell when.
1. You've played every role in RPGs.
2. You start your own RPG and play every role.
3. You drive a mile and a half to drop off a letter at the Covina Post Office in hopes that Shiri (Or your favorite actor/actress) will be personally taking your mail to place it in the box.
4. You have an e-mail address.
5. Your Fan Fic you've been working on for months has reached 110 pages...and you realize your only a third through.
6. You find that of the 250 bookmarks you have, 150 have things to do with Roswell.
7. You think about doing the 120 mile round trip, back near work, to see if they are shooting.
8. You take great pride in getting Call sheets faxed to you from the local merchants you've bugged, about shoot dates.
9. You take great pride in showing those call sheets to others who can't be there.
10. You explain to your wife (or signifigant other) that the CD changer is broken and now only plays the music from Roswell CD you burned.
11. You explain to your wife (or signifigant other) that the wallpaper is broken and now only displays Liz Parker (Or your favorite actor/actress) slideshows.

misery chiclibbym27
1. You know that you're addicted if when you wash your hair you put your soapy hand on the bathroom tile. In an effort to imitate the silver hand print from the aliens.
2. You know that you're addicted if at night you dream about Roswell. And the moment you wake up in the morning you write a fanfic about the dream, which then develops a mind of it's very own.
3. You know that you're addicted if at your drama class when you are asked to think of something which would make you cry. And you think of the end of Destiny when Liz and Max broke up or the scene where Kyle was shot and Sheriff Valenti got all emotional.
4. You know that you're addicted if you start writing a frantic you can't do anything else until you are finished, which includes eating, sleeping, or even taking your eyes off of the computer screen.
5. You know that you're addicted if you and your friend and family are planning a road trip to Roswell, New Mexico.
6. You know that you're addicted if you went out and bought the movie The Thirteenth Floor, just because it has a total of twenty seconds with Shiri Appleby in it.

From Skyedetrance
When you change your middle name to one of the charicters.
*When you see a red Jetta car and you chase after it.
*When you see a spikey hair guy and asume that he is Michael.
*When you start planning a trip to Las Vegas and your code name is Dr. Love.
*When you try to turn on the TV with your hand ... and it works!
*When you have a dream ... and in it ... Budda has a cell phone.
*When you have tried to save the world.
*When you get a new job at your local Crashdown Cafe ... i't located on L Sreet.

Cara (missygirrl)
You know your addicted...
~when you name your dog Max Michael.
~You take glow in the dark stars and have them sayin max and liz, roswell and a picture of an alien on your walls
~When you have tons of pictures of the cast on your walls.
~In class, on your folder, you start writing quotes from each episode.
~During "The White Room" you needed a box of tissues.
~You have all the episodes on tape and can recite each one by heart.
~You tape special appearences that the cast appears on.
~You posted 5 "save roswell" sites when it was almost cancelled.
~You don't watch any other wb show.
~You create your own Roswell music cd
~You don't watch any movies that would kill aliens in it
~Not one day passes when you don't mention it at least 10 times

Written by Arika
You know you're addicted when:
1) When you go clothes shopping, snd just HAVE to buy the shirt, because it's like the one liz wore in that Levi's ad. Or that jean jacket is just like the one Maria wears.
2) You're willing to dye your hair dark brown, and dress up like Liz for halloween, when you're not even going trick-or-treating.
3) You feel the need to point out (frequently) how the particular place your in looks like a scene from Roswell.. or how something that happened at school reminds you of that one time onepisode number...
4) You hear the song "Never let you go" by Third Eye Blind, on an ad fro a show called " Ed" and you can name the exact scene the song was played in, and what happened, including the emotions you felt when watching, and the looks on the charatcers faces.
5) You watch the West Wing preimere just because it has the guy who plays Nasedo , and the guy who played Topolskys boss in it.
6) You have certain items of clothing that are your Roswell clothing. Ex- this shirt is my "Liz Shirt".
7) You buy magazines just for one teeny-small picture of Jason behr.
8) Half your wall in your room is covered in pictures you've found in various magazines and pics you printed off the internet!

from Sarah AKA CandyKisses.
You Know Your Addicted When:
[dont laugh i do all these]
-You have a dog named "Spacedog" [like me!]
-you were supposed to paint a building in art and you painted a dome inthe dessert.
-you have 100 bookmarks and only 3 are not Roswell related.
-you create roswell fanart,
-you go crazy when you cant find your monthly roswell calendar [any1 know where i can find one by the way?.......]
-you talked your mom into buying a case of Tabasco sauce and drench everything you eat in it. [and try not to throw up]
-you tape every episode and watch them twice anight u till its compleaty memorized.
-you quote from every eppy. you memorized.

You Know your OBSESSED with Roswell when...

(This list was from Roswell Galaxy)

~You've never missed a single episode
~You have every episode on tape
~You count down the hours till the show is on
~You send Emilie De Ravin threatening letters
~You talk endlesly to your friends about Roswell
~You constanty qoute characters in the show
~You fit your schedule around Roswell
~You put tabasco sauce on everything you eat
~You have a Screen saver and Wallpaper that says "I Love Roswell"
~You have a Roswell website
~You can be found during you spare time a)watching recorded tapes of roswell or b)surfing the internet for Roswell Sites
~Your list of Favorite places(internet) is primarily made up of Roswell sites
~You work your shedule around Roswell ~You name pets with Roswell-related names(ie: isabel, Max, Michael)

Roswell Obsession Signs

1. You spend heaps of time searching the Internet for info on the crash in 1947 even though you don't believe in Aliens or UFOs
2. You send tones of email to magazines begging them for pictures
3. You get sus about all your teachers and ask if they're spies, then they send you to the counselor's office. Oh no!!!
4. You're obsessed with painting silver handprints everywhere
5. You pretend you have a big secret
6. You dump your boyfriend and start hanging around the quiet guy at school
7. You start eating sweet and spicy food (e.g. Mud cake with sweet chilli sauce)Mmmm yum.
8. You get into trouble for drawing the symbol from the necklace on school property
9. You mention Roswell all the time even when it is unsuitable
10. You waste your time day dreaming about a spaceship that will come and take you to paradise because there has to be something better for you out there
11. You do your homework on Friday nights so that you're awake at 11.10pm to watch Roswell. (thats really the time it's on in Australia!)
12. You get really paranoid that someone is following you
13. You start attending art classes and paint a geometrical dome
14. You beg your parents 'Please tell me I'm adopted!'
15. You look at the stars at night and think of Michael
16. You spend hours writing up pathetic pages like this
17. You grab a CD and put it next to your ear and pretend you are listening to it
18. You find someone you don't like and you threaten to melt his or her locker
19. You count the hours to the next episode
20. You tape Roswell using two different video players so that you have two copies of each episode just in case someone breaks into your house and steals your Roswell tape, or even worse, the video player breaks while you're recording or there's an Earthquake and half the house falls down,! Or, or, or ���. Well in the end you have your spare. (Yep, we actually do this! Really)

Roswell Obsession Signs from Roswell Crashdown members

1. You pack your bags; jump into the car all ready to go to Roswell to protect our favorite aliens, then sadly enough, you realize 'hey, I'm in the wrong country'!
2. You get really mad when the traffic authority won't allow you to change your newly bought jeeps number to <><><>
3. People question your sanity after you spend endless nights looking for UFO's and ask 'did the moon just move?'
4. One day you tell everyone you have a surprise then you jump out at them with your new Crashdown alien uniform (right down to the headband with the 2 cute antenna's!)
5. You can retell EVERY episode scene by scene (just gotta remember the important stuff, who needs school when we have Roswell!)
6. You finally work out the meaning of life, the basis of our existence is, and you guessed it - Roswell!
7. You begin taping ads for Roswell!
8. You find a cave (or a big rock) and you draw all those pretty alien symbols
9. You start yelling at everybody who tells you that 'it's just a TV show, it isn't real!' Hmm next they'll say the Easter Bunny isn't real either! (Sob, sob, sob, sob!)

Obsession Signs by Mandi
1. You have no interest with any guy at school until he heals you and tells you he is an alien.
2. You argue who is cuter: Jason Behr or Brendan Fehr.
3. You won't talk to anyone who thinks Katherine Hegil is even slightly overweight.
4. You are terrified of the guidance counselor.
5. When people ask you what religion you are, you reply "Roswellian"
6. You refuse to date anyone who is named Kyle.
7. You think of Max, Michael, and Isabel whenever you hear "alien" or "secret".
8. If you have ever cried or laughed during an episode.

Obsession Signs by Jolene
1. Your buy a soivornier that says Max. Becauuse you are waiting to give it to him when you get married.
2. You won't date anyone, your saving yourself for Jason Behr or Brendan fehr

Obsession Signs by DragonPrincess
1. When someone you know quotes a Roswell charecter wrong you immediatly correct them.
2. You cut your hair like Isabel and/or try to dress like her cause you think it will make you popular.
3. You lay at night wondering about what will happen between Max and Liz.
4. Before watching Roswell you might feel tired or sluggish, then afterwards you feel great and rejuvinated.
5. You've been told that you need to get a life at least once.
6. You openly admit that you're saving yourself for Brendan or Jason.
7. You think Kyle is cute.
8. You stayed up until 1 am to watch (and record!) Brendan on Millenium (it was on about a week ago and, yep, I stayed up).
9. You fit at least 10 of these obsession things.

Obsession Signs by yellow
1. It is easy to add signs to Roswell obsession pages, you just list your everyday habits.
2. Just to be like Liz and Maria, you applied for a job at a cafe.
3. You already have names picked out for your kids - Max, Isabel, Alex, Michael, Maria and Liz.
4. You start dressing and acting like Isabel.
5. You already know what will be on obsession lists - a description of yourself
6. You're confused as to whether you should call your first born son Michael or Brendan Jnr!
7. You realise your name would look better if it ended with Behr
8. You realise your name would be perfect it ended with Fehr (guess who is my favourite!)
9. Enduring the Friday night football and news doesn't seem that bad
10. You buy an aromatherapy kit
11. You'd rather spend Friday nights at home alone watching Roswell, instead of going out with the hottest guy at school
12. From this time on, you will only respond to the name Liz.
13. Trading your parents BMW for an old jeep seemed like a good idea at the time.

Obsession Signs by ElvisLover16
1. You're considering Roswell as your vacation spot for the summer. (cause, lets face it, there's really no logical reason to do that. Believe me, I've been there.)
2. You've began making a list of great things that have come from Canada (i.e. Brendon Fehr)
3. You walk up to random strangers and strike up a conversation about the similarites between the last names "Fehr" and "Behr".
4. You've watched My Father The Hero (starring Kathrine Heigl) so many times the film burned up.
5. You have written threatening letters to David Duchovany pleading for him to admit any relation he might have to Brendon Fehr.
6. You have a compolsive need to draw semicircles over and over again with a pencil in your mouth.
7. You have in any way changed your apperance to look like anyone on the show.
8. You have named a pet of any kind after any character or actor related to Roswell.
9. You constantly stalk Julie Benz (Agent Tapolsky) and the girl who plays Tess yelling out obsenites like "You're gonna pay!" or "Max is mine!"
10. Now this is the ultimate sign that you are definatly obsessed with Roswell and you should definatly seek some serious help. -And I'm not talking like therapy once a week, no no, you absolutly need a team of scientists studying and watching over you 24 hours a day. Okay here it is: If you have ever, under any circumstance, even if only once, put tabasco sauce on any form of cake and then actually ate it.

You Know You're A Roswell Fan If...

(This list was from Oz Crash Festival)

In the grand tradition of the Roswell novels.... here is an internet list that Alex Manes (Whitman in the show) always comes up with. A quirk they chose not to pursue in the series...

1. You frantically check the TV programme every week to see if Roswell is on......... buying both papers so you can compare the episode description and cross check that both agree it is on. Yeah!

2. You personally record each episode of Roswell ,even though channel 9 shows it at an ungodly hour that messes up your body clock. You can't risk that you'll accidentally miss it because the footy ran late.....

3. You get a Pavlov's dog response at a mere mention of Roswell anywhere

4. You travel to a place that sells American magazines (even though it's a few suburbs away) so you can get the magazine for the ad featuring your favourite aliens in Levi clothes.

5. You even stoop to buying men's magazines because they feature a cast member of Roswell in it......... even if it means turning beet red because it features a scantily clad Carmen Electra on the cover (Ew!)

6. You nearly rear-end a car because you were too busy gawking at a one of those huge blow up alien things that featured in both the pilot and the UFO Convention episodes.

7. You know the name of each episode aired.

8. Your CD collection grows in proportion to the music featured in each episode.

9. You know the dialogue so well you can say the lines before the character can say it......... from rewatching each episode numerous times.

10. You try Tabasco on your food, and coke, and chocolate cake ...........

11. You buy every bit of Roswell merchandising there is out there....posters, trading cards, books, magnets....anything. Thanks to Isabella for sending this in

You Know You're An Obsessed Roswell Fan If...

(Sorry, I didn't note where this list was orig from.)

1. You know aliens crashed in Roswell. It's a fact. Accept it.

2. No one is to call you on Tuesday's apon penalty of death.

3. you bought the Dido CD just because 'here with me' is on it.

4. You barely remember life before Roswell, and what you do remember is some how related to Roswell like that time you saw a UFO.

5. Your Email has some reference to Roswell.

6. You read fan fic.

7. You write fan fic.

8.You can't look at a bottle of Tabasco sauce with out smiling.

9.You wonder what Chocolate cake and T.S. taste like

10. You tried chocolate cake and T.S.

11. You liked it.

12.You start every journal entry by stating your full name.

13. You beg your parents to take a vacation to Roswell NM.

14. You have a Roswell site.

15. When you find a spoiler predicting something good happening, you are giddy.

16. When it predicts something bad, you get depressed.

17. You all but cried when you heard Majandra and Brenden broke up.

18. You wonder when the Roswell merchandise will be in stores.

19. You bought out the entire Levi's store

20. You bought a Jetta or a jeep.

21. Cherry coke is now your favourite drink.

22. You loooooove strawBEHRy apple sauce and M&M's.

23. You belong to 2 or more Roswell mailing lists

24. '285' makes you smile.

25. You can say all the episode title off the top of your head and do on a regular basis to prove your Roswell knowledge to your friends who think you are totally insane.

26. Your new favorite name is Liz, Max, Maria, Michael, Shiri, Jason, Majandra, Brenden etc...

27. Your idea of watching a movie is watching one of your Roswell tapes.

28. Just thinking about certain scenes makes you cry.

29. You count hours and minutes to the start of the show days before it airs.

30. You actually look forward to Tuesday now, Monday if you are Canadain

32. You used to love Wednesdays, but now it's just a day in the middle of he Week.

33. Your mood on Wendesday is completely dependant on What happens on Roswell.

34. Your goal in life is to turn the world Roswellain.

35. You accept the Roswell Elementary stories as true. Mr. Radish is real. End of story.

36. You cried for three days after 'Destiny', 'End of the world' and 'Cry your name'.

37. The new guy at school/work is named Max and you instantly have a crush on him.

38. You dislike anyone is named Tess, Hank or Vanessa.

39. You never go to your guidance counselor because she may work for the FBI.

40. You rented Pleasantville, to see if you could spot Jason.

41. You sent a bottle of Tabasco to the WB in 2000, or UPN in 2001.

42. You watch 'Win Ben Steins Money'.

43. You looked up Marathon TX. to see if it actually exists.

44. You quit your waitress job, because it's not safe.

45. You went as your favourite Roswell character for Halloween but no one could see the difference.

46. You have a vile of Cedar oil.

47. You get in to heated argument with your friends who say that Roswell is a bad show. (any one who says Roswell is a bad show is not your friend!)

48. You are known as 'that girl/guy who watches Roswell'.

49. You enrolled on Art classes but will only paint geodesic domes.

50. You change your phone number so that it contain '285' some where in it.

51. On October 6 1999, you were normal, but now....

Thanks to Crys0116 for signs 52 to 54!
52. After "End of the World" You dug out your Sheryl Crow CD that's been shelved for a year and listened to "I shall Believe" over and over again.

53. You smile when ever you see a jetta on the road. 54.You are president of your local Roswell fan club.

55. You have or are in the process of reading the Roswell high books.

56. You are a member of R.A.G.E. or any other group the loves or hates a character with a passion.

57. You went to the book store to get the newest Roswell High book, and when they didn't have it, you searched behind every book on the shelf and then yelled at the sales clerk until they promised to order more and call you the second they come in.

58. You have used Roswell in some kind of school project.

59. Your dog is named Max, your bird is named Maria, you cat is named Isabel and your gerbil is named Tess.

60. You told your boss you can't work on Tusedays, Ever.

61. While watching season 1 or the first half of season 2 on tape, you find yourseld screaming at the T.V. 'No! Don't walk away! Talk to her!' or 'No! Don't do that!'

62. While watch season 1 on tape, you've been known to mumble 'If you only knew....' at any number of characters.

63. You saw a model house at hallmark (or equally cheesy gift shop) and bought it cause it reminded you know MAx;s toy house.

64. You'll only buy clothes you've seen on the show. Double points if you are a guy and have been sucked in to Max's cycle of tee shirts.

65.You named your goldfish Max and Liz, or Michael and Maria or Isabel and Alex or Maria and Liz or Max and Isabel ect...

66. You refuse to go camping because you are convinced that some shape shifting alien is going to choose that weekend to send a message to the planet a mile from your tent.

67. You're starting to confuse the show with the mass amounts of fan fic you read

68. When you Pass Victoria's secert and see an aqua bra in the window you can't help but giggle and its not because they jiggle

69. You're know you have paranoia szchisophrea because you have started to refer to yourself i nthe third person and have talks with yourself when you are nervous

70. You've ever convinced (or tried) yourself that someonthing or someone on the show isn't real eg. Alex didn't die and Spot isn't real

71. You cried for a solid week when Alex died

72. You can quote entire episodes off the top of your head

73. you can list off the episode titles, and original air dates off the top of your head. Extra point if you know the nielsen ratings too

74. You are part of an ultra elite on line Roswell group

75. Even though the show is now cancelled you refuse to give up hope for a future mini series, TV movie, or that Sci-fi might even pick it up one day!

76. You can't wait for the show to start in syndication even thought you already have all the eppis on tape.

77. You have more then one Roswell CD that you burned yourself.

78. You cried when Fan sites started closing down cause it makes it seem more final.

79. You deeply anulyized the snapple obsession of the third season.

80. Even though the season finale filled in a lot of plot holes, you still hated it cause you thought it just opened up a whole new can of worms.

81. you're reading every virtual season 4 you can (even though you love RTFC the best.)

82. You were first in line to buy the soundtrack

83. You bought more then one copy to boast the sales numbers

84. when someone tapes over one of your season 1 eppies you started crying, even thought you have at least one extra copy.

85. You hold out hope that Sci-fi will pick up the show in a few years afters it's become wildly popular in syndication.

You Know You're A Roswell Fan If...

... You have no interest in a cute guy from school until he heals you with a touch and tells you he's an alien and suddenly you fall in love with him.

... You go out and buy Dido's album No Angel because Roswell's theme song, "Here With Me" is on it.

...You start watching Dawson's Creek to try and see the episodes Jason Behr guest starred in.

...You start watching Xena: Warrior Princess to try and see the episodes Shiri Appleby guest starred in.

...You rent any movie because a Roswell star played in it (or in the case of Disturbing Behavior: 2 Roswell stars, one Roswell executive producer).

...You get into a fight with anyone about Jason Behr being the cutest guy on earth.

...You argue with a friend over who's cuter: Jason Behr or Brendan Fehr.

...You refuse to talk to anyone who thinks Katherine Heigl is even slightly overweight.

...You cried when Roswell Online was hacked into and destroyed.

... You are more paranoid than most whenever you see the sheriff.

... You lose your diary and suddenly you begin accusing every one of stealing it to learn about your alien friend.

... You search the Internet for anything Roswell related.

... You think of Liz and Max's hug every time you hear "I Love You" by Sarah McLachlan.

... You wish you were an alien so you could clean your clothes by waving your hand instead of doing the laundry.

... You get a headache and wish you had a secret power to make it go away.

... Your mom (or dad or best friend) gets an injury and you offer to heal it for them, as long as they don't turn you over to the government.

... You're terrified of talking to the new school counselor.

... Any time you see a hand print you wonder if Max, Isabel, or Michael are around.

... You try to heat up coffee by using your hands.

...You try to listen to a CD by holding it up to your ear.

... You refuse to date anyone named Kyle.

... You shake the vending machine and hope that everything falls.

... You suddenly develop a craving for Tabasco Sauce.

... People keep giving you UFO related books to read.

...You try to find a copy of Among Us by James Atherton.

... You look up Marathon, Texas, on a map to see if it really exists.

...You get caught speeding, and tell the officer that you have a weak bladder and had to pee, to avoid getting arrested.

... You write/read Roswell fan fiction.

... You try and figure out why Max would tell Liz he is an alien, but not tell her why they were all going to Texas in "285 South."

... You think of Max, Isabel, and Michael every time someone says the words, "alien" or "secret."
... You wish you could get into other people's dreams and play jokes on them.

... You dream about the show and or its characters.

... You used to hate Wednesday's but now it's your favorite day of the week.

... You suddenly decide vanilla ice cream is your favorite.

... You tell your non-Roswell watching friends they are weird for not watching and loving the show as much as you do.

...You insist on telling everyone Roswell is the next X-Files.

... You get a haircut like your favorite Roswell character.

... You wish you could wave your hand over your enemy's test and change all the answers to wrong ones.

... You wish you could read Faulkner's The Hamlet as fast as Isabel read Among Us.

... You read James Joyce's Ulysses to see if "what incensed him the most was the blatant jokes of the ones that passed it all off as a jest, pretending to understand everything and in reality not knowing their own minds" is really on page 655 (it is, by the way, if anyone's curious).

... You start watching Win Ben Stein's Money.

...You start laughing anytime someone mentions The View.

... You start dressing like your favorite character from the show.

... You are convinced that there are aliens disguised as humans everywhere.

... You start telling people that aliens are not bad.

... You vow to never watch Independence Day, Alien, or Men in Black again, because they are discriminating against aliens, even though you loved them before watching Roswell.

... You begin taking art classes in order to start drawing Michael's dome.

... You suddenly decide you'd like to be a waitress.

... You start carrying your house key in the top of your thermos.

... You decide the chain lock on your front door is not nearly good enough!

... You have every episode taped.

... You wonder when all the Roswell merchandise will hit stores.

... You were one of the first people to log onto the Internet to search for or build Roswell pages.

... You can name every Roswell episode title off the top of your head.

... You drive your friends crazy by telling them about each episode in detail.

... You are afraid that Kate Foster from First Wave will discover Max's secret.

...You try to find a necklace with the symbol from Riverdog on it.

...You think you can start skipping classes and not get into trouble.

...You don't question where everyone's parents are when they're going on out of state road trips and breaking into hotel rooms.

...You begin wondering about the level of security at your local hospital.

...If any episode has ever made you cry, or laugh so hard you cried.

...Instead of counting the days until your birthday, you count the days until the next new episode of Roswell airs.

...People start talking about government conspiracies and aliens whenever they see you.

...You don't have a home page, just a Roswell page.

...You name any of your children after Roswell characters (or after the actors/actresses who play them.)

...You know every line of every episode, and play the episodes for your friends just to demonstrate your wondeful memory.

...People refer to you as, "That girl who watches Roswell."

...You look up the character's names in the phone book, and get excited if you find one.

...You go to a rave with the hopes of being arrested like Liz and Alex were in "Heatwave."

...You start out every journal entry by stating your first and last name.

...You decide to participate in a Sweat Lodge Ceremony just to see what happens.

...You kiss someone you like and use the excuse that it was to calm them down.

...You buy more than 1 tape or CD because one of the songs was played in a Roswell episode.

...You buy every magazine that even mentions Roswell in it.

...You stare up at the night sky, searching for the V-shaped constellation.

... You sit around making up a list of how to know if you're a Roswell fan.

Added 6-19-00

...You take your family on vacation to New Mexico and drive down 285 South just to say you did it.

...You take your family on vacation to New Mexico and drive down 285 South in search of a "nookie motel."

...You have a picture of yourself standing next to mile marker 67, smiling proudly.

...You've been to West Covina, California.

...You've sent letters and or gifts to any of the cast members.

...You can't watch a certain episode without crying (i.e. "The Balance" or "Toy House).

...You're involved in any type of Roswell RPG.

...Your weekly "To Do" list consists of 1. Discussing the last episode of Roswell that aired with your online friends. 2. Updating your Roswell website. 3. Writing the next chapter of your current Roswell fanfic and 4. Making a new Roswell desktop wallpaper for your computer.

...You decide to start up a "Sunshine Committee" to, WELCOME the new girl at school.

...You grab every opportunity avaliable to quote the show.

...You look forward to Mondays now.

...Wednesdays have lost their meaning.

...You talk to your online Roswell friends more than you talk to your own family.

...You watch all the reruns even though you have every episode taped.

...You record all the reruns in case your other copies get lost.

...You stay up half the night trying to see your favorite Roswell star on one of the late showsor in an old movie, even though you have to work early the next morning.

...You've started recording/watching other WB shows just to catch the new Roswell promo.

...You own a copy of every Roswell High book that's been released and constantly call your local bookstore demanding to know when the next one's due out.

...You record every episode on 2 VCR's in case one of them breaks down. Hey, if they both do, you can always drive to your parents house and pick up the copy you made them record for you.

...You find yourself adding more red things to your wardrobe because Alex likes red.

...You search your house for tiny video cameras and listening devices (this paranoia increases if you are also an X-Phile).

...You personally threatened Pierce's life during "White Room."

...You giggle anytime someone says anything about "up north."

...You hear a song on the radio and you announce to your parents or friends or whoever you're with that, "This song reminds me sooo much of Max and Liz!"

...You mention Roswell on a school test, or in a paper.

...You glare at anyone who dares suggest that, "Roswell is just a show!"

...You can't watch "Sexual Healing" alone...someone must be there with you to remind you to breathe.

...Anytime a waitress asks you what you want to drink, you respond, "Cherry cola, hold the arsenic."

...You've ever put Tabasco sauce in your drink just to see how people will react.

...When you're depressed or moody, you now find yourself inexplicably listening to the Counting Crows.

...You watched "Crazy" for the first time and have such an addiction to Alex you said aloud, "'Scream 2?' 'Knotting Hill?' Could we *BE* anymore compatible?"

...You accept everything in "Roswell Elementary" as truth. Mr. Raddish is real. It's just a fact.

...You refuse to speak to anyone named Tess.

...You suspect your boyfriend has been replaced by a shape-shifting alien.

...You've even *considered* trying chocolate cake with Tabasco sauce.

...During "Crazy" when Pierce pulls up in the car beside Alex, you yelled, "Don't you *get* in that car!"

...You started laughing during "Tess, Lies and Videotape" while Max is putting up a sign in the UFO museum that reads, "Trust No One." Then you wondered where the "Deny Everything" sign was. (Okay, this is more of an X-Files thing, but I couldn't resist).

...You do an Internet search for the chords to "Love Kills" and "Hurt by Love."

Top 10 Signs That You Are Roswell Obsessed

#10. Thursdays are now known as Roswell charades night around your house.

#9. You went to the doctor & he told you that you had a tabasco sauce induced ulcer.

#8. You have a list of all people who "claim" to be from up north.

#7. You got a new puppy & you named him: Frickin' Eddie.

#6. The other night you dreamt you were with Michael & now you think you are pregnant with his alien offspring.

#5. Your mother accidentally dropped four sugar cubes & now you're thinking it might have been a sign.

#4. You can recite every Roswell episode title, but you don't even know the capital of the state you live in.

#3. The Roswell merchandisers on ebay know you by your first name

#2. You are planning to move to Covina and have already applied at the local Taco Bell

#1. The debate team at school has made you captain for your continual insistance that Topolsky isn't dead.

Signs you are a fanatic from the closed Roswell Fanatics site (not the fanfic site)

Fanatic Signs Sent In By Monia

1.You have reapetedly been trying witchcraft to affect the producers so you can get it your way.
2.You have created a life size model of your favorite character and talk to him/her daily.
3.You actually hear the model respond.
4.You have your own collection of homemade skins, all it needs is glue and some patience!
5.You have been driving obsessivle around a desert nearby looking for two 7 year olds to adopt.
6.You have been looking up Evans, Guerin, Parker & De Luca in the phone book.
7.You tell everyone that "I shall believe" is yours and your boyfriends song, even though he hates Sheryl Crowe
8.You use the spare room in your house to build a full size model of the granolyth.
9.You force your friends to like Roswell by showing them all your taped episodes
10.You call in sick when it's season premiere or season finale, just so you can sit at home and prepare yourself
11.Ordering clothes, you always end up refering to this and that episode of Roswell

Roswell Obsession <<<<

List from Because an Alien Loved a Human

So are you totally obsessed with Roswell? Does your heart stop at just the thought of missing only a second of Roswell? Well-- here's my list of traits for all of us Roswell crazed humans.....

24)Do your friends and family constantly check for antenna popping from your head?

23)Do you frequent web-sites on alien life, and all aspects of Roswell?

22)Do you keep a copy of the Roswell Incident Report hidden in your sock drawer?

21)Have you ever been abducted, or contacted by other-worldly beings?

20)Would you miss an awesome concert cause -- Hey-- Roswell's on and there is no way you're going to go see some great band-- not if it means giving up Roswell?

19)Do you actually know what Project Blue Book is?

18)Do you have a space-suit in your closet?

17)Do your teachers complain that you have skipped too many classes(hmm.... because you were out heading for the desert to look for that ship that you swear you saw last night)?

16)Have your parents threatened to send you to counciling if you don't stop insisting that you spoke to an alien?

15)Just how many bottles of tabasco do you have in your kitchen cabinets?

14)Do you look up the names of the characters to see if there ever really was a Maria De Luca, or such living in Roswell?

13)Do you swear that Isabel dreamwalked you last night?

12)Is Destiny a word that you fear?

11)Do you keep a supposed alien communicater-- that you got from an ufo nut-- in your locker?

10)Have you discovered that no Chocolate Shake is complete without hot-sauce?

9)Do you get flashes when you kiss your girlfriend/boyfriend?

8)Have you spent a night in a jail cell lately?

7)Did you end up with a Silver Handprint on your tummy after last night's adventure?

6)Did you trade in your Camaro for a Jetta?

5)Is your bedroom a monument to Roswell?

4)Is your spiky-headed tomcat named Michael?

3)Did your best friend just tell you that her boyfriend is an Alien King?

2)Is your jeep named Bob the 2nd, and in loving memory?

1)Are you actually reading this?

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