Roswell Music - Season 3

Here is a list of music from Season 3 of Roswell by episode,
including a description of when the song was played.

These are the songs from the episodes as they originally aired.
When the DVDs were released there was some legal problems with rights to the songs,
so TPTB decided to replace most of the songs.

I haven't checked all of the songs, so there may be mistakes.
If anyone has additional info, please let me know.

***The DVD songs are different than the TV songs***
I've been getting a lot of questions about Roswell songs recently, I am guessing it is because there are so many newer fans
who never saw the show on TV. So I wanted to put an explanation here of why the songs might not be what you are expecting.

When the Roswell DVDs were released, the studio felt that using the original songs from the series would make the
DVDs too expensive. So they made the decision to replace a lot of the songs with ones from mostly unknown bands.

If you are looking for the list of songs on the DVDs go here -
Roswell DVD Music

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The songs are listed by Artist then title.

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Michael, the Guys, &
the Great Snapple Caper

Significant Others
Secrets & Lies
To Have & To Hold
Behind the Music
Samuel Rising
A Tale of Two Parties
I Married an Alien
Chant Down Babylon
Who Died &
Made You King?

Four Aliens & a Baby


Sugar Ray - Under The Sun
Played: In the opening scene when Max and Liz prepare to enter the store for a holdup.

Minibar - Choked Up
Played: When Max gives Liz the flowers.

Preston School of Industry - Whalebones
Played: In the school hallway when Michael talks to the teacher about Bio 101

Evan Johansen - Where Happiness Lives
Played: When Max and Liz leave the museum

Sense Field - Here Right Here
Played: When Max hands Liz the gun out by the car.

Blur - Trimm Trabb
Played: When Agent Burns of the FBI introduces himself to Max outside the Motor Inn

Mark Knopfler featuring Van Morrison - Last Laugh
Played: When Liz is set free from jail up to the last scene with Max looking up at the stars.


Michael, the Guys, & the Great Snapple Caper

Merrick - Infinity
Played: Convenience store, Isabel meets Jesse. Kyle catches them kissing

Fatboy Slim - Weapon Of Choice
Played: Michael and the guys "enjoying" their shift at Meta-Chem.

Stereophonics - Have A Nice Day
Played: Crashdown, Liz gets a message from Max via alien comic strip bubbles.

Leona Naess - Promise To Try
Played: Crashdown, Kyle and Isabel discuss Jesse and Isabel insists on not telling anyone.

Jim Valenti and the Kit Shickers - If I Had A Million Dollars
Played: Cow Patty's, Jim and his band perform for the first time. (Note: Song by Barenaked Ladies.)


Significant Others

The Verve Pipe - I Want All Of You
Played: At the beginning of the episode, when Isabel and Jesse go to the movies.

Emer Kenny - Dance Until Dawn
Played: During Jesse's dream.

Eagle Eye Cherry - Crashing Down
Played: When Max enters the Crashdown to talk to Mr. Parker.

Adam Schmitt - Second Story
Played: Michael comes in with his Meta-Chem buddies for breakfast; Isabel comes in and asks Maria what she would say if Michael proposed to her.

Jason Collett � Little Clown
Played: Isabel breaks up with Jesse outside the movie theater

Evan Olson - Not What I Wanted
Played: When Michael & Maria are at the bowling alley and Michael fakes stomach cramps

Emer Kenny - Shattered
Played: While Jessie is in the restaurant and Isabel talks to Alex about Jessie proposing

Shawn Colvin - I'd Say I'm Sorry Now
Played: When Liz talks to her dad.

Remy Zero - Perfect Memory
Played: At the very end of the episode, when Isabel accepts Jesse's proposal.


Secrets & Lies

Miranda Lee Richards � The Beginner
Played: At the Crashdown when Jessie gives Isabel an engagement ring.

Grant Lee Philips � Beautiful Dreamers
Played: When Liz and Kyle are talking to Mrs. Cobinfield about the alien



Sugarcult � Lost in You
Played: At the Crashdown during Liz and Maria�s conversation about Isabel�s wedding

Garbage � Can�t Cry These Tears Anymore
Played: At the Crashdown when Isabel is trying to convince Michael to support her wedding

Better Than Ezra � Closer
Played: At the end when Max returns from his trip and goes to the Crashdown


To Have & To Hold

Felix Mendelssohn - Wedding March from a Midsummer Night's Dream
Played: The opening scene as Isabel wakes up, remembers about the wedding and jumps out of bed.

Old 97�s � Question
Played: At the beginning of the episode when Isabel is at the Crashdown

Antonio Vivaldi - Concerto No. 1 In E Major 'La Primavera
Played: Maria comes to check on Isabel when she doesn�t show up at the Crashdown as expected and Isabel remembers about the wedding and flys into a panic.

Ivy � Digging Your Scene
Played: At the Crashdown when Liz tells her father she is catering Isabel�s wedding

Lunatic Calm - Sound Of The Revolution
Played: Max and Michael interrogate Jesse while trying on tuxes

Extreme Music - Hava Nagila
Played: Isabel discovers that Michael and Max have tested Jesse's blood.

Stanley Holloway - Get Me To the Church On Time
Played: The beginning of Jesse's bachelor party.

William Sadler - All Points In Between
Played: At Jesse�s bachelor party, Max interrogates Mark; Kyle is beaten at pool

William Sadler - T-Shirt Man
Played: At Jesse�s bachelor party, Max talks to Louis about Jesse working for the FBI; Michael and Kyle beat Richie at pool; Jesse asks Max if Max is investigating him; bar fight

William Sadler - T-Shirt Man
Played: At Jesse�s bachelor party, Max talks to Louis about Jesse working for the FBI; Michael and Kyle beat Richie at pool; Jesse asks Max if Max is investigating him; bar fight

Richard Wagner - Bridal Chorus" (Here Comes The Bride)
Played: As Liz and Maria start down the aisle and Mr. Evans steps in to walk Isabel.

Alana Davis - God Of Love
Played: Isabel and Jesse�s wedding, as they exchange vows.

Ivy - Edge of the Ocean
Played: Isabel and Jessie�s wedding dance



Frou Frou - Breathe In
Played: Maria tells Liz her dad and Mr. Evans are up to something; Liz asks her dad, who says it was a discussion about accountant rates.

Fonda - Round And Square
Played: Mr. Evans comes into the Crashdown to ask Jeff Parker some questions about Max..

Heather Nova � If I Saw You in a Movie
Played: On Jessie & Isabel�s honeymoon and she tells him Kevin bugs her

Toploader � Dancing in the Moonlight
Played: At the end of the episode after Jessie & Isabel�s first time


Behind the Music

Charlatans UK � Love is the Key
Played: at the Crashdown when Maria tells Liz that Billy is coming

54-40 � Lies to Me
Played: At the Crashdown when Maria tells Michael about her plans with Billy

Sparklehorse � Apple Bed
Played: At the Crashdown when Liz and Michael are talking about Maria and Billy

Majandra Delfino � Only When You Go
Played: At Maria�s house when Michael sees her sitting with Billy, who is playing Alex�s guitar

Majandra Delfino � Hell and Bliss
Played: When Michael and Maria argue in the back room about Billy

Majandra Delfino � Breathing on My Own
Played: At the end of the episode


Samuel Rising

Old 97�s � Holly Jolly Christmas
Played: At the beginning of the episode when Michael & Max are discussing his breakup

Brad Hatfield � Swingle Bells
Played: Jesse hangs his stocking and Isabel moves it

Dido � Christmas Day
Played: In the Crashdown where Liz and Max are talking about Samuel

The Honeydippers - Jingle Bells
Played: Santa (Michael) arrives at the park as the children boo the elves (Liz and Maria).

Hangnail � O Little Town of Bethlehem
Played: Kyle complains to Isabel about his dad's date.

Gypsy Soul � Silent Night
Played: In Samuel�s bedroom when Max tries to heal him

Gypsy Soul � The First Noel
Played: While Max watches Samuel and his parents on Christmas

Tori Amos � Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Played: At the end of the episode when Max and Liz skate together


A Tale of Two Parties

The John Doe Thing � Totally Yours
Played: The song Liz� father sing at the beginnig of the episode

William Sadler and The Kit Shickers - I�ve Been Lookin� for a Heartache Like You
Played: At the Crashdown New Year's Eve party

Artist Unknown, originally recorded by Frankie Laine � You Wanted Someone To Play With (I Wanted Someone To Love)
Played: Isabel gets the apartment ready for New Year's dinner with Jesse as he calls to say he is stuck in Houston and won't be making it home.

FM Static � All The Days
Played: At the Crashdown, Maria discusses her plan to find Enigma, as Liz tries to get out of working on New Year's Eve. Maria and Michael talk after their shift about finding Enigma together.

Beston � On The On And Up
Played: Kyle and Isabel arrive at party and Isabel introduces Kyle to Bitsy.

Blueberry - Twilight
Played: Michael comes to tell Maria to go on to Enigma after overhearing her and Liz talk; Mr. Parker tells Liz she can leave with Max.

People at the Crashdown New Year�s Eve party � Auld Lang Syne
Played: Crashdown party�Max, Liz, Liz�s dad, Maria, Valenti, and others sing at 10:30 �midnight�

60 Cycle Hum � East of Eden
Played: Kyle talks with girls in the parking lot, their boyfriends walk up and then he and Isabel sit talking on the hood of the car.

Toby Mac � Get This Party Started
Played: When Max, Maria and Michael go to the frat party

Treble Charger � Wear Me Down
Played: When Max refills the beer keg with his powers

Jet Set Satellite � Baby Cool Your Jets
Played: When Michael is drinking

Mystic � The Life
Played: At the Crashdown when Liz�s dad tell her she and Max should be together

Turin Brakes � Underdog (Save Me)
Played: When Isabel and Kyle kiss

The Witch Hazel Sound - Music Becomes Vibration
Played: Outside Bud�s 24/7, Maria and Max figure out the clue for locating the Enigma concert

Boo Radleys � Smile Fades Fast
Played: When Max and Maria find Enigma

P.O.D. � Alive
Played: When Maria & Max walk into the Crashdown at the end of the episode


I Married an Alien

C & C Music Factory � Gonna Make Your Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)
Played: The song playing when Isabel goes to bed

The Divinyls � I Touch Myself
Played: While Jessie and Eric are drinking beer

Spiritualized � Do It All Ocer Again
Played: When Max and Isabel discuss telling Jessie the truth

Mercury Rev � Chains
Played: Isabel, Michael, Jessie and Eric talk about what happened on the golf course



Majandra Delfino & Bill Sadler � Paradise by the Dashboard Light
Played: The song Maria & Valenti are singing when Liz�s powers start to surface

Pete Yorn � Strange Condition
Played: When Maria and Liz are talking about Maria�s record deal in her room

Majandra Delfino � Behavior (Acoustic Version)
Played: The first song Maria sings in the studio

Astro Puppees � Long as U Love
Played: When Liz congratulates Maria and Valenti asks Maria to join the Kit Shickers

Jude � Everything I Own
Played: When Maria is talking to Michael and Valenti at the Crashdown

Turin Brakes � The Door
Played: Liz and Kyle talk in the car about trying to heal

Travis � More than Us
Played: When Liz tells her father she wants to go to boarding school



Mozart � Piano Concerto No. 21
Played: When Liz arrives at Winnaman Academy

Stereophonics - Have A Nice Day
Played: The Winnaman Academy, Liz meets and talks with her roommate; roommate begins smoking as they talk.

Delirium - Euphoria
Played: After Dean Hackett knocks on dorm door, Liz takes off blouse and lights a candle to cover for Eileen�s smoking)

The Donnas � Are You Gonna Move it for Me?
Played: Through the shots of New York City and Maria�s letter to Liz

Majandra Delfino - Behavior
Played: Recording Studio in New York, Maria, Billy and Dominique listen to the new version of Maria's song.


Chant Down Babylon

Sense Field � Save Yourself
Played: At the end of the episode when Max, Liz & Maria walk away

Bob Marley � Chant Down Babylon
Played: Maria puts a CD in and Max starts to strangle Liz


Unknown Song - instrumental
Played: Classical music with a choir. When Max asks Liz to kill him.

Who Died & Made You King?

Jimmy Eat World � The Middle
Played: in the Crashdown back room when Max asks Liz out

Tricky � Evolution Revolution Love
Played: in the Jetta when Michael is power-tripping and he kicks Maria out of the car

South � Paint the Silence
Played: In the junkyard when Jessie & Isabel dispose of agent Burns� body



Marshall Crenshaw � Someday, Someway
Played: in the Crashdown at the beginning of the episode when the gang is in the booth

Mel Torme � The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
Played: when Philip is interrogating Jessie

Alanis Morrisette � 21 Things I Want in a Lover
Played: when Maria waits for the army guys

Coldplay: Brothers & Sisters
Played: At the end of the episode when Isabel is swirling things around with her powers


Four Aliens and a Baby

Zero 7 � Destiny
Played: At the beginning of the episode when Max and Liz are making out

Elbow � Red
Played: Played in the Crashdown when Liz & Maria are talking about Tess� return

Kasey Chambers � Nullarbor Song
Played: At the end of the episode when Max says goodbye to the baby



Ryan Adams � Somehow, Someday
Played: When Liz had the premonition of the woman being mugged

The Riddlin� Kids � Here We Go Again
Played: At the Crashdown when Liz & Maria discuss her premonitions

Mandalay � Deep Love
Played: When Max & Liz kiss and she get the premonition of their deaths

Frou Frou � Breathe In
Played: In Liz�s room while Max & Liz explore getting more premonitions

Jimmy Eat World � My Sundown
Played: When the gang meets in the desert to leave

Ash � Shining Light
Played: At the end of the episode after Liz�s voiceover


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