Roswell Original Music

This is music composed for Roswell episodes and can be heard in the background at various times.

It is all credited to John Ernst as the composer on IMDB, but I'm pretty sure it was a mistake. He may have written some of the music, but Joseph (Joe) Stanley Williams was the main composer for Roswell since the Pilot.

You can find an article about him - here

I also know that Max and Liz's theme (that can be heard on the DVD menu as well as in various episodes), was written by Joe Williams and Snuffy Walden and played by Greg Arreguin.

Below are clips of the original music saved by two amazing fans Kel163 and Andrew.

Andrew Neis

Andrew did a ton of work to get these clips as perfect as possible, and he labeled them really well so you can easily tell the episode and scene they are from. It is an incredible achievement.
He has completed season 1 (262 files!) and has done a few from season 2 and 3.

Here is Andrew explaining how he was inspired by Kel's work and the process he used.

This is the most complete and clean Roswell score available. Countless hours spent watching the DVD's, logging the music, then ripping, mixing, equalizing volume, and cleaning up footsteps, thuds, etc. I hope you enjoy it.

Lots of work went into this, but to be able to listen to Snuffy Walden & Joseph William's score in the (currently) cleanest form is worth the effort.

The song names aren't official, but I named them based off what was happening in the scene, either through a quote from a character or scene action.

How I did it:
After watching through the Series and logging the episode, scene and description for the music tracks, I had an entire list of music and their scenes I wanted to rip. First I started with DVD Audio Extractor 7.6.0 (, using it to rip the audio from the DVD's (or VOB files) into the form of 6-channel .OGG files. This was helpful in that it had a feature to automatically label the filename for you, which I did by Season, Episode, and then it automatically did the chapters for me. I then labelled the song names that we heard in each chapter for separating later.

Then, using Audacity, I turned off the individual channels for dialogue, room tone, background reverb, until all that remained was music. In some cases, I had to even separate the two music channels as one would sometimes have a sound effect like a car door shutting, etc. that would need to be chopped just in that section and blending with the other channel, noting it in my filename.

This was even further complicated by the fact that sometimes, the DVD chapter would switch right as the music was coming to a close. So I would have to check the next DVD chapter for the tail end fadeout of music to ensure I had the most music possible, and tack that on to the end of the track and note, "S1E18 Chapter 9 - song_How Could You Kiss Her?, song_Heartbroken Liz" and "S1E18 Chapter 10 - END song_Heartbroken Liz".

After that, I exported those channels to an .mp3 which I then took into Adobe Premiere to equalize the volume of the music (music would lower when dialogue would start so I'd have to raise that part to normal levels, then lower again once the dialogue stopped, etc), separate the songs, and then exported an .mp3 Then, lastly, I took that file into Nero Wave Editor to find the footsteps, car doors etc that I couldn't take out of the 2 music channels, and zoomed into the timeline sometimes up to 2000% to find the audio spike, and chopped out only that spike to rid the footsteps.

A long process, no doubt. But worth it for the music. Don't get me wrong, Kel's rip was good, and inspired me to do this one, but since his was missing a lot of tracks, was poorly organized etc I decided to do this one myself.

You can grab the themes Andrew has created. Be sure to save them to your computer.

Season 1 - Season 2 - Season 3


All of the clips on this page were taken from the DVDs, edited together and saved by the amazing kel163. It is by his hard work that we have these themes.

I'm not going to post all of the themes here, there are TONS of them he has saved. I'm just going to put up some of the more recognizable ones.

If you'd like all of the Roswell themes kel has saved, you can download these zipped files.
Be sure to save them to your computer.
Only Max & Liz themes - 25 files 50MB
All music files - 94 files 190MB

An additional extended version of the Max & Lix theme here - here

I am not sure if the music has official names, the names given below were assigned by kel as far as I know. The songs are named with the episode code, so a song with 1x1 is from season 1, episode 1.

He took the songs from season 1, but a lot were played all three seasons.
Most of the songs are pretty short, less than a minute, a few run 2 - 2.5 mins.

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