Max & Liz in Season 3

Since I have loudly and publically bashed season 3 for a long time, some people have asked what I would have liked to see instead of what happened.

Let me give you a little background for those of you who don't know my views on season 3.
Here is an excerpt from my explanation of why I hate season 3 that focuses on Max and Liz.
Or you can read the whole rant here - Season 3 is a piece of crap

The whole reason why dreamers loved the show of course is because of the magical relationship between Max and Liz. They were special, different, fated to love each other even though they were from different worlds.

The end of season 2 completely ruined that when Max slept with Tess, but some of us stuck in there, really hoping it would turn out not to be true. We knew that Max loved Liz and he would never just hop into bed with the first available girl. For all he cared about Tess, it could have been some random chick he met at the mall. The Max we knew wasn't like that.

Sure, he had reasons to do it, maybe we could even understand that a regular guy could sleep with Tess, but Max wasn't a regular guy. He should have kept his faith in Liz, he should have saved himself. The Max we knew and loved would have saved himself. The Max we knew and loved wouldn't have thrown away his virginity to someone he didn't love.

With that stupid act, Max and Liz's relationship was reduced to ordinary, or worse. He was just another cheating jerk in a soap opera.

And even worse than that, the show made it look like Max was just waiting to try things out with Tess. He certainly kissed her quickly enough after he and Liz called it quits at the prom. He was gutted a minute before to finally think it was over with Liz, but that didn't stop him from making out with Tess. How is that romantic for anyone?

It was like he said, "Well, Liz is out of the picture, so I guess I'll follow my destiny." The Max we knew and loved would never have done that. Max wasn't interested in Tess. He didn't think about her like that at all, but suddenly he is making out with her and sleeping with her.

I can't even imagine that any Rebels were really happy about how Max and Tess got together. Tess turned out to be a substitute for who Max really wanted. She was just a way to scratch his itch. He certainly never said he loved her, even when he found out she was pregnant.

And the fact that a child was created made things even worse. Max would have to choose his son over Liz at some point, he'd be a bastard if he didn't, but how is that romantic? It just made Max seem like a bigger ass because he was going to leave Earth to get his son without telling Liz anything about it.

Apparently TPTB didn't realize any of this, or they didn't care. They probably thought that Max and Liz needed to be tested so they could work their way back to each other, but really, they never showed that at all.

Some of the fans started to call Max the irredeemable ass, and as season 3 progressed, it seemed more and more impossible that he could be redeemed, and in the eyes of most dreamers, he never was.

So to make what happened at the end of season 2 more dreamer friendly I think there could have been several things they could have done in season 3 that would have been better.
They are listed below with the ones I like best on the top

There could even be several options

  1. Max and Tess� baby and the sex wasn�t real.
    • It was all a mindwarp. Max was only in the relationship because he was manipulated by Tess. No sex, no baby.
    • One of the spoilers for the finale said that someone, another alien, was manipulating both Max and Tess to think they slept together and she was pregnant but none of it was true.
  2. Max and Tess� sex was real but the baby wasn�t.
    • Not the ideal scenario, but at least they didn�t bring a poor child into the world and it would have been easier to get our couple back together.
      Max, the faithless irredeemable ass man-whore, is actually sorry for falling into Tess� trap and her ho-ha, and apologizes profusely to Liz (instead of the half-assed reason he gave her in the show), he does anything he can think of to woo Liz in many romantic ways over the course of many episodes, working to prove his worth and his love. We could watch them falling in love all over again. We would have forgiven him and fallen in love with him as Liz was doing it on the show. At last, in a long-anticipated reunion they finally reunite, the soul mates together as they should have been all along. (We dreamers would HATE that he was really with Tess, but it would be better than what happened in S3.)
  3. Max and Tess� baby and the sex was real.
    • Even if they kept all of it and it was all real, it could have been a lot better if they would have handled it differently. (see above for Max�s redemption)

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