Max & Liz Obstacles

One website, sorry I don't remember which one, posted a list of the obstacles between Max and Liz's relationship

The difference
Because he is an alien and she is a human.

The protection
Max tells Liz that they cannot be involved because she will be in danger. He tries to protect her acting the way he does, but they only hurt each other's feelings.

The control
Because Max believes that he loses control when he is with Liz, he takes a 'step back' in their relationship leaving them as friends again, at the end of 'Balance'.

Tess & destiny
She is the fourth alien and is supposed to be Max's infatuated mate. He is attracted to her even if he loves Liz. Unfortunately, the message of their mother confirms that he should be with Tess.

Consequences of destiny
Liz refused to let herself be with Max again in the first episodes of season 2, scared of the consequences and thinking of the benefits for others.

End of the World
Max from the future comes to see Liz and tells her that in the future they are married and Tess leaves Roswell. Therefore, the aliens are not as strong and the Skins invade Earth, killing Isabel and Michael in the future.

Sean: Maria's cousin
Is Sean another obstacle for their relationship? Maria's cousin comes to Roswell at the beginning of the Hybrid Chronicles and Liz seems interested in him for a while...

His Memories
Max remembers his past life and his love for his bride, Tess, after healing Brody.

The pregnancy
After a deception, Max finds comfort in Tess's arms and later makes love to her. She becomes pregnant and the baby cannot survive the atmosphere of the Earth.

The consequences
As season 2 ends, Tess is sent home carrying Max's baby. But will it leave consequences? Will Max and Liz find each other again, after all this time?

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