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The Crashdown Cafe features themed food with 'alien' names.

The outside of the menu is seen many times, but we never see the actual menu items inside.
However from the show's dialogue in the epi 'Monsters, we know that the menu has some
information about aliens and/or the '47 crash.

We also know many menu items from several sources, the dialogue, the specials board,
and the menu signs on the wall of the restaurant.

Menu items that were mentioned in episodes I've marked with the episode abbreviations in ().

Wall Menus

These menus are on the back wall of the Crashdown, near the cooks window.
Some items were ordered in the episodes

Lunar Lunch Specials - See Space Board $1.00
Sigourney Weaver Kick Alien Burger (P) $3.00
Will Smith Innocent Bystander Burger (P,LN) $3.00
Grilled Mooncheese Sandwich & Orbit Rings $2.50
Spaced Out Soup

Tossed Alien Salad $2.00
Unidentified French Frying Object $1.00
Interplanetary Pickles $  .75

Cosmic Cola $1.00
UFO/H2O $1.00
Abduct-Tea $1.00
Crash Site Shake $2.00
Meteor Shower Malt $2.00
Blood of Martian Smoothie $2.00
Green Martian Shake (P) $1.00

Specials Board

The specials board (or space board) is a white board on the Crashdown side wall,
in the back, above the waitress' station

There are different specials on the board all the time
Here are the ones I could read.

Some of the items on the specials board don't have 'alien-themed' names. I didn't bother referencing those.

1/2 Pound Heavenly Hamburger $4.99
Alien Apple Pie (C, HOM) $3.00
Beam Me Up Burger (BB) ?
Comet Chili (RD) $2.25
Denial Dinner (C) ?
Exterrestial Tacos (B) ?
Heavenly Hamburger (TH) ?
Heavenly Hash (M) $4.25
Intergalactic Gumbo (HOM)

Lunar Lunch Special (B) ?
Milky Way Milkshake (MIS) ?
Morphing Meatloaf (C) ?
Out of this World Soup (BB) ?
Roswell Roast Beef Sandwich (C) ?
Saucer Sandwich (MIS) $3.25
Solar Special (HW) ?
Stellar Smoothie (B) ?
Vulcan Vanilla Ice Cream (HOM) $1.00

This specials board is not from the show. It was drawn-up this way to be sold in the Roswell props
auction on ebay. I thought I would include it just for curiosity sake.

Crashsite Burritos $4.95
Alien Scramble $2.75
Fish & Ships $5.25
Interplanetary Pizza $6.95
UFO Burger (Unidentified Fried Object) $4.75
Omega Chili $2.95
Solar Salad $3.75
Saturn Rings (BB) $1.75
Lunar Latte $1.95

Other Menu Items

Many other items were mentioned on the show, or ordered by the characters.

Asteroid Salad (Sndtrk)
Blue Moon Burger (BB)
Chili Rocket Dog (C)
Convention Special (TC)
Eclipse Burger (C)
Galaxy Melt (4S)
Galaxy Sub (MITC)
Greek God Salad (EOTW)
Green Eggs & Moonrock Hash (TC)
Intergalactic Gumbo (HOM)
Nebula Salad (Sndtrk)
Plutonium Platter (EOTW)
Redskin Basket (RD)
Take Off Tacos (EOTW)
Tommy Lee Jones Bacon Basket (LN)
Trekkie Special (LN)
Venus Meatloaf Platter (LN)
Warp Wrap (TS&P)
Chili Orbit Rings (WAF)
Space Fries (LN)

Alien Blast (LN)
Alien Green Lime Pie (Sndtrk)
Asteroid Pie (WAF)
Hot Fudge Blast-Off (MA)
Men in Blackberry Pie (B)

Alien Encounter Shake (TC)
Blood of Alien Smoothie (P)
Mercury Milkshake (BB)
Cherry Coke (B)
Christmas Turkey Dinner All-you-can-eat         $7.95      

Season 1 Episodes
P - Pilot
MA - Morning After
M - Monsters
LN - Leaving Normal
MIS - Missing
285S - 285 South
RD - River Dog
BB - Blood Brothers
HW - Heat Wave
B - Balance
TH - Toy House
ITW - Into the Woods
TC - The Convention
BD - Blind Date
ID - Independence Day
SH - Sexual Healing
C - Crazy
TL&V - Tess, Lies & Videotape
4S - Four Square
MTTM - Max to the Max
TWR - The White Room
D - Destiny
Season 2 Episodes
S&B - Skin & Bones
AN - Ask Not
S - Surprise
Sof47 - Summer of '47
EOTW - The End of the World
H - Harvest
W - Wipeout
MTD - Meet the Dupes
MITC - Max in the City
ARCC - A Roswell Christmas Carol
TS&P - To Serve & Protect
WAF - We Are Family
DB - Disturbing Behavior
HTOHL - How the Other Half Lives
VLV - Viva Las Vegas
HOM - Heart of Mine
CYN - Cry Your Name
ITL&ITB - It's Too Late & It's Too Bad
BIY - Baby, It's You
OTM - Off the Menu
TD - The Departure
Sndtrk - Roswell Soundtrack

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