Maria has a language all her own. She often makes up words and uses colorful names to fit the situation.
Below is a list of Maria-isms listed by episode

All the information is from season 1 & 2
Season 3 is such a piece of crap, I'm not motivated to reference it,
and I prefer to pretend it doesn't exist

The Morning After

Czechoslovakians -
The word Maria coins to say instead of aliens.


Queen Amidala -
The name Maria calls Isabel because she finds her intimidating. Of course the name 'Queen Amidala' originally comes from Star Wars.

Roswellian -
The term Maria coins to describe something strange or weird.

The Balance

Alien Abyss -
The term Maria coined that refers to being intrigued by the aliens and drawn into their lives and problems.

I'm Teflon, babe -
Maria tells Liz that she can get involved with Michael but still stay detached because 'I'm Teflon, babe.'

Prince Charming -
The name Maria sarcastically calls Max because she is mad at Michael, and Max seems to be the perfect boyfriend to Liz.

Quasimodo -
The name Maria calls Michael because in the previous episode 'Heat Wave' he told her he didn't want to get intense.

Of course, Quasimodo is the 'monster' in the book 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame' by Victor Hugo.


Gidget & Moondoggie -
Maria uses these names to refer to Max and Liz.

The names are originally from the show Gidget. Moondoggie was Gidget's boyfriend.

Ask Not

Roswell Missle Crisis -
In the episode �Ask Not�, Max, Michael and Isabel believe that the new owner of the UFO Center, Brody Davis, is an enemy alien, and Max, as the leader, has to decide what to do about him.

Max asks Maria�s advice, comparing his situation to Kennedy and the Cuban Missle Crisis. Maria calls Max�s situation the Roswell Missle Crisis, and gives him the advice to �Follow his heart.�


Michael Worshipper -
The term that Maria coins to refer to Courtney, and her obsession with Michael.

This is what Courtney says.

I'm not obsessed with him, ok? I follow him in the political sense.

We're not with the other skins. We're renegades who believe that if you (Michael) were in charge instead of Max in the first place, that none of this would have ever happened.

The short version, is that our planet was on the brink of a golden age, and then it all fell apart. You were the one who could have united our planet, pulled together the warring factions, brought peace. But you weren't on the throne.

You wouldn't betray him. That loyalty cost your lives and those of everyone you loved. Please, just don't let history repeat itself. You're the one we need. You're our leader, our salvation.

To Serve & Protect

Max-oholic -
Liz tells Maria she is obsessed with Max, and Maria says she is a Max-oholic

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