What Makes You a . . .

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--You've read mass doses of happy M/L fics since Destiny aired
-Strawberries have a whole new meaning
-You refuse to give up hope that M/L will live happily ever after
You watched Sexual healing, Blind date, Heatwave and Departure so many times that tapes are broken
-You've hated Tess from the beginning
-No body can say a movie got bad reviews around you because you'll burst in to giggles for a good 5 minutes
-You've downloaded every dreamer song imaginable even the song Max sang to Liz in EoTW
-EoTW makes you cry. no, wait. The mention of EoTW makes you cry.
-You were screaming at the TV during Viva Las Vagas when Liz was so close to telling Max the truth and didn't
-Your dream wedding is now eloping to the Elvis chapel.
-You can't listen to Sheryl Crow any more
-You knew Tess was the cevil incarnte before she killed Alex.
-After 4 Aliens and a Baby aired you spend all night rewinding the tape, watching Tess blow up, all while going 'he he he Tess Go Boom' and then giggling like a small child.
-When Max and Liz got married you felt a strange sense on satifaction
-After Who died and made you king you had to go mini golfing
-You felt jipped at the lack of a cementing scene
-You've read more post-graduation fics then you thought was humanly (no pun intended) possible

Candy Girl:
-You have an obsession with M&M's even thought you didn't really like them before
-You've seen Independance Day, Heatwave, 285 South, the Hybrid cronicles, Departure and Behind the music more times then you'd ever thing possible
-You intensely dislike anyone named Courtney, no matter how nice they are
-You've become dependant on fan fic to keep you alive since behind the music aired
-You defend Michael's hair
-You'll never at look at italian food the same way again.
-You cried from the moment when Michael said goodbye to Maria (when he thought he was leaving) until he came back.
-You got all Warm and fuzzy when Maria decided to go with them at the end of Graduation,
-You were pissed off cause the dreamers got a wedding and you didn't

Star Gazer:
-You refuse to believe that Alex is dead and Isabel married Jesse because she loved him
-You can't look at the night sky without crying
-Remy Zero is your favourite band
-Beth Orton makes you cry
-Robert Frost has a whole new meaning to you and stopping by the woods on a snowy evening is your favourite poem now
-You've watched In to the Woods and Heart of mine more then any other episode. -You hate Tess more then the dreamers do
-You were so happy whe Tess blew up cause she finally paid for what she did
-You were happy that Jesse didnt come. Isabel doesn't belong with him!

-You downloaded the song Max sang to Liz in EoTW
-You have very strong opinions about Max's tee shirts
-You know Max must have been mindwapred because he's too honest and and sweet and careful to sleep with Tess without aid of superpowers
-More then half your bookmarked sites are Jason Behr/Max sites.
-You have more Jason Behr/Max pictures then you have pictures of your friends and family
-You thought Max from the beginnig of season 3 was sexy, bag under the eyes and all
-You bought all the episodes of Dawsons creek that Jason was on
-You taped the episode of Buffy Jason was on even though you have never watched an episode of Buffy in your life
-You were first in line to see 'Shipping News'

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