Roswell Legos

Of course, one of my favorite things is Roswell, but another of my favorites is legos. It occured to me one day, 'Why not combine them?' So I decided to make the characters from Roswell using lego mini-figures.

With all the different heads and bodies out there, I was pretty sure I could find parts to assemble that had expressions that would match the personalities of the characters, and hairstyles and outfits that would be recognizable or at least match what they would normally look like. I dug through the legos I had laying around, and bought some extra parts to make the figs below.

I also customized some of them to get outfits and hairstyles I wanted.

I thought it would be fun to see if people could guess who the figures were just based on the appearance, so I didn't put the names next to the pics below. I think some of the identies are pretty obvious, especially since I photographed a lot of them in ship pairs, other work together, but others were just left over so they maybe are not so easy to identify.

If you get stuck, the answers are at the bottom of the page.

Then I went even more crazy and made a Crashdown out of legos. Yup. But you have to have somewhere to display your minifigs. Right? :)









This is an unaltered lego mini figure.
It is perfect for a shapeshifter in it's natural form.

Here is the Crashdown that I made from legos.
Yes, it is red instead of orange, but I had the red legos, and orange ones cost a fortune!

  1. Courtney & Nicholas
  2. Jeff & Nancy Parker
  3. Lonnie & Rath
  4. Milton & Max
  5. Jim & Amy
  6. Alex & Isabel
  7. Diane & Philip Evans
  8. Michael & Maria
  1. River Dog & Brody
  2. Kyle & Tess
  3. Zan & Ava
  4. Max & Liz
  5. Ed Harding & Agent Pierce
  6. Future Max
  7. Kathleen Topolsky & Vanessa Whitaker
  8. Liz & Maria

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