Since has been open for nearly ten years!!!!!, I thought I would include a screen shot of how the site first looked. (added 12/28/2011)

Over the years has gone through a lot of upgrades and additions as I've learned more about websites and web graphics, as technology has improved, and as I've decided to include more and more Roswell content. But as you can see, the blue color for the index page has remained the same. It's just a great color! ;)

Below is how the site originally appeared when I opened it waaaaay back in October of 2002.

The site had a lot less content back then because I first opened it just to have a place to post my Roswell fanfic and fanart. Over the years I've added more and more until it is the monster Roswell fansite and archive it is today!!

This site is dedicated to

Gone but never forgotten.





This is a fan site for entertainment purposes only. No rights infringement intended.
Roswell, the characters, the story and the images are owned by Melinda Metz, Jason Katims and Fox Studios.

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