Roswell Keepers

Keepers are basically fans claiming 'ownership' on things, places, events, etc, that they love about Roswell. Sometimes they had banners made that were similar to adoptions, and sometimes they would just have a statement on a keepers site that would say something like, "I am the keeper of Max's sexy arms", or Max's jeep, or Maria and Liz's friendship.

Depending on the keepers site, you could 'keep' your favorite character, actor, couple, item, emotion,
body part, scene, etc, and display it on your website or in your posts on forums.
If anyone has additional ones, please send them in!


Some sites let multiple people 'keep' the same body part, emotion, object or whatever, and other sites worked on a first-come-first-served basis and only handed out a keepership to one person.

Some sites had very specific rules, others had pretty much no rules.
Here is a list of rules from a keepers site.
(sorry I have no idea which one)

1.You can not keep a person or place.
2.You can keep something that belongs to a person.
3.You can not keep an emotion of someone (ie. love, hate)
4.You can keep small events (ie. first kiss)
5.You can keep an item often seen in a place.
6.You can keep large items (ie. car, bed)
7.You must list the first episode that item appeared in.
8.You can not keep parts of a person (ie. heart, hair)
9.You can keep specifics (ie. a certain hair-do or outfit)
10.You can not keep someones entire wardrobe.

There was even an entire website dedicated to keepers - The Roswell Keeper Site - which was the very first Roswell Keepers site

Here are a few keepers I remembered or saved from various sites

The healing stones
The crashed alien ship
The alien necklace from Atherton's house
Max's shy, innocent eye contact
Max's Jeep
Max's smile
Max's MIB costume
Max's leather jacket
Max's shirt he heald Liz in
Max's arms
Liz's waitress uniform
Liz's black leather jacket
Liz's journal
Liz's heartbroken look in Destiny
Liz's Vegas red dress
Liz's smarts
Liz's innocence
Liz's Vegas wedding dress
Max and Liz's friendship
Max and Liz's first kiss on her balcony
The hug Max and Liz share in Leaving Normal
Max's broken heart
Maria's wacky reputation
Maria's Jetta
Maria coforting Michael
Michael's haircut
Michael's couch
Michael's rings
Michael's dancing abilities
Michael's hair
Isabel's red silk pajamas
Isabel's keen fashion sense
Isabel's Crash Festival costume
Isabel's Christmas nazi status
Isabel's dreamwalk power
Isabel's birthday dress
Letter and red rose Isabel put on Alex's coffin
Kyle's football jersey
Kyle's Mustang
Kyle's flask
Kyle's Calvins
Kyle's Buddhism for Beginners book
Kyle's six pack
Kyle's porno obsession
Tess' mindwarp power
Tess' hussy reputation
Tess' suicidal thoughts
Jim's untucked shirt
Zan's tattoos
Ava's lip ring
Prosecutor in Grant's statutory rape case
Alex and Kyle's first record deal
Hal and Richie's uniforms

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