27 Reasons to Love Jason Behr

27 reasons to love JB
(I'm sure I could think of even more reasons than that - lol)
Sorry, I don't remember where this list was from.

1. His beautiful abs
2. His nice teeth
3. His loyalty to his fans
4. The way he walks
5. The way his ears stick out just right!!
6. His fabulous eyes ( dark and mysterious)
7. The cute way he's always shy when its not on the "Roswell set"
8. The way he kisses (believe I have studied it very very well!!)
9. His hands ( they look big and warm and holdable)
10. His smile and laugh
11. The way his bangs fall just right on his forehead (by the way its a very nice forehead)
12. The way, sometimes, he says his lines a little to fast on the show
13. The dreams hes in (you all have them, admit it, you know what I'm talking about)
14. He has a pretty good singing voice
15. The way every picture hes in has something different about him (hot, sad, goofy, sexy, etc.
16. The way he looks with piercings (like as Zan)
17. The way he always leaves the two top buttons unbuttoned on button-up shirts
18. The way he always scratches his chin when hes nervousor can't think of anything to say.
19. The funny way he runs
20. His deep, sexy voice
21. That perfectly unbroken nose
22. He is just the right hieght
23. His square jaw, very manly
24. The way hes always thankful to his family
25. He looks really great in sunglasses
26. His muscley (is that even a word?) arms (ahhh in EOTW ahhhh)
27. The beautifulness of him in a tuxedo

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