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Roswell - Jason Behr and Shiri Appleby on alien love at Roswell High. (Xpose Magazine - January 2000)

Xpose managed to grab some time with Shiri Appleby and Jason Behr, the stars of the WB's hot new show, to talk about Max and Liz, their alien love - and some special powers.

Alien visitors don�t have to always be evil. As we enter the year 2000, after a decade of series based around paranoia and alien conspiracies, that Close Encounters-like theme has re-emerged in Roswell, a stunning new drama set in the infamous New Mexico town.

The mystery of Roswell has baffled UFO experts for years. It is said that in 1947 a flying saucer crashed in the area and locals found debris that seemed indestructible. The WB�s new series presents an interesting spin on the idea. Based on Melinda Metz�s popular book Roswell High, the show assumes that the crash did actually happen � and that there were survivors.

That fact is revealed in the pilot episode�s opening scenes, in a smalltown diner. After a skirmish between two heavies, a gunshot rips through 16-year-old student waitress Liz (Shiri Appleby). She should have died. A tragedy is prevented by Max (Jason Behr), one of three aliens living in Roswell in the guise of normal humans. Max looks like us and sounds like us. Yet he has some incredible powers, and chooses to use these to save Liz�s life � running the risk of exposing himself and his friends to the authorities.

Broadcast on Wednesday nights following Dawson�s Creek, the show is one of the WB�s hottest new properties of the season and a massive publicity campaign has ensured that Appleby�s face has been seen across the nation. Appleby, who has in reality just turned 22, has been acting since she was four, but has never before starred in a project of the scale of Roswell. How is she coping with fame now? �It�s not something that I�m trying to prepare for,� she sighs. �You just wanna make sure that you are safe. It�s not something I�m really thinking about. It�s not my goal: I�m not hoping to be noticed on the street.�

�Liz is very interested in learning� says Appleby, when asked to describe her character, who must deal with her growing romantic feelings for the dark, enigmatic alien� �She is very innocent, somewhat naive, but with the ability to read what is right or wrong. She has a big crush on this guy but she knows they can�t be together because of the circumstances, but she still hopes. She�s experiencing a whole lot of new things in her life, so it�s exciting to see how she deals with that.�

For his part, Jason Behr has guest shots on Profiler and Buffy the Vampire Slayer (as Buffy's vampire-fixated old friend Ford in Season Two's Lie To Me) behind him, plus a six-week recurring role on Dawson's Creek itself Behr describes Max as, �kind of an outsider in the city of Roswell. Just the very fact of his existence limits his personal relationship with just about anybody. He has a very big secret: he is an alien and he is quietly searching for the truth of the Roswell crash in 1947. He�s just looking for some sort of absolute truth. Looking for his origin.�

In the diner, as the wound in her stomach closes up, the still-groggy Liz must come to terms with what she has just seen. She must also hide the strange, silver handprint embossed on her stomach...

�He can manipulate molecular structure,� Behr explains. �[When Max saved Liz�s life] he kind of regenerated the cells and formed the tissue around the bullet. There are an infinite amount of possibilities of what he can do with that power. They are giving us bits of information as they go along. I think like any teenagers we are discovering our potential as the days go by.�

�The story begins with two different groups of friends in Roswell who are brought together by an unexpected turn of events,� defines Behr. � It�s the beginning of a new life for Max... You will see a story where two people from different worlds come together accidentally and how they and their own small group of friends deal with that.�

The two young actors share plenty of screen time together as the young wannabe couple and their incredible chemistry is evident on screen. �He is absolutely wonderful,� raves Appleby. �A very gracious gentleman. We have become very good friends and I really admire him. He really holds my hand through a lot of this stuff. He�s a very down-to-Earth and great guy.�

Unlike many shows in the same genre, Roswell is not an action extravaganza. There are minimal effects, as yet no spaceships, no laser guns� Despite the wild premise, at its core this is a series about people, and the fact tha tMax and others are aliens serves as a wonderful allegory for the alienation that everybody can feel within our own society. �I was always an outsider as a small kid,� offers Behr.

�I was four feet eleven in the eighth grade and all my friends were twice my size. I didn�t grow until high school anyway. But I think that we all feel like we don�t fit in from time to time.�

When asked to explain the appeal of shows like Buffy,and Roswell, Behr responds that, �It�s another way to tell a story and deal with relationships. Buffy is very metaphorical. The characters represent something else in high school experiences. With Roswell, we do have somewhat of a metaphorical aspect to it. I think that the WB just has a great knack for good storytelling: cutting edge, cool, hip, stylistic ways of telling stories and it reaches a very large younger audience.�

Thanks to its record-breaking ratings debut it seems almost definite that Roswell will grace the WB�s schedules for some time to come. Already there are signs of a massive fan movement building for the show. In a couple of years time, one might imagine that Roswell could be a phenomenon of The X-Files or Buffy proportions�

16 Magazine
February 2000

Nick Wechsler and Majandra Delfino Talk About The Show

"My character, Kyle is great to play," says Roswell cast member Nick Wechsler. "I can kind of relate to him and the stuff that happens to him." Wechsler says the whole cast enjoys one another. However, he feels William Sadler, who plays his father on the show, is the easiest to get along with. "I really admire his acting ability. He is always in control and I try to live up to him." Wechesler says he is never quite satisfied with his own performances and always strives to do better. Is it any wonder one of his favorite TV shows is X-Files?

The young actor, who was born Albuquerque, New Mexico, says Hollywood has taught him not to be too trusting. "I have to be careful that someone is not just out for a piece of me, or has some hidden agenda," comments Nick. But he was most influenced by a former girlfriend. "She taught me what life is really about, how to be fair, and how to be a better person."

The 21-year-old has no current girlfriend because he is so busy with Roswell. He can't remember too many funny moments on the set, but his co-star, Majandra Delfino, who plays Maria De Luca had no trouble recalling one. "There was this hilarios scene when Michael throws Kyle, but he threw him so hard, Kyle went over the couch," recalled Delfino. "All the cast was standing there laughing, but Nick just kept on acting until they called 'cut'."

Majandra has lots of fun with the show and her character. "Maria has many colors, and I like that. She's light and doesn't take things too seriously." This is somewhat Delfino's philosophy, too. "I don't fall for all the star stuff. It's not as glamorous as it seems." She claims she would be as happy just painting, writing songs, and playing the piano and guitar.

Majandra doesn't have a current steady but is content living in L.A. with her mom, stepdad, sister, poodle Gertrude and Pekinese, Tattoo. Her favorite TV show is Charmed and her favorite movie is the Last Unicorn. Her best advice to teens, "Be happy with being you."

Hollywood Minute
Originally Aired 5/13/2000
Shown on KPLR WB 11 St Louis
Interviewer: Patrick Clark
Transcribed by Tara

Patrick: (VO) We're on location with the cast of Roswell talking aliens with an alien.

Katherine: I do believe in aliens. I think there has definitely got to be some sort of life out there that we're not aware of cause it's just a huge amount of space.

Patrick: Do you think something happened in Roswell...the "real" Roswell?

Katherine: Yeah, you know what, I do. I think that it's very hard to believe that something like that, if it were a myth, could have lasted so long & interested so many people.

Patrick: (VO) I decided to ask Katherine Heigl's alien brother, Jason Behr, but he was busy with our camcorder.

(Shot of Jason playing the camcorder and then a shot of Jason's video where everything is out of focus.)

Jason: I can't focus! I don't know what kind of makeup you guys are wearing but it's not focusing on any one of you.

(Another shot from the out of focus video)

Jason: Oh, I hope you don't use anything I shot.

Patrick: (VO) No, but what about aliens?

Jason: I heard that rumor once that there were aliens up there...uh...I dunno. We're not going to know unless we have tangible truth. (my remark: could be proof but it sounded like truth)

Patrick: (VO) What is evident is the cast draw in tiny Covina, California where they shoot. Everywhere you look cast members are signing autographs in between takes.

Colin: In Covina we always have a group of kids that sit around all day long and they're waiting and it's the least I could do is spend 15 minutes of my time talking and signing stuff from index cards to magazines.

Brendan: I mean I wanted an autograph before from guys or, you know, some girls and it's disappointing when you go home and don't get one.

Jason: They're the whole reason why we're doing this. If it weren't for them we wouldn't be on the air. To go over there and say hi to a few people is kind of part of the job description.

Patrick: (VO) Hmmm...there's a concept that isn't too farfetched.

Jason: It would be nice to think there was something else out there.

(Shot of Jason crossing his fingers and grinning)

Patrick: (VO) Nah...that's pretty out there.


8-16-00: Jason Behr and Brendan Fehr On Roswell

Brendan and Jason from Roswell:

Both Brendan Fehr and Jason Behr were completely unknown when they came to Hollywood. Now they are playing Michael Guerin and Max Evans, two of the three aliens in the TV-Show "Roswell" and that has changed everything. But they still don't really believe that they have fans.

- I remember, I was driving home from work and I had to stop at a red light. Right beside me was a bus with my picture plastered all over one of the sides. That was a really bizarre experience. Totally surreal. The words are Jason Behr's and neither he or Brendan Fehr, with the characteristic spiky hair, have gotten used to the fame. They both come from towns far away from the celebrity-worshipness-lifestyle of Hollywood.

Jason is from Richfield, which is a suburb of Minneapolis, while Brendan is from Winnipeg, Canada.

-After High School I began doing a little bit of modeling, says Brendan, who in reality also looks like Michael from "Roswell". With worn-out jeans, tee-shirts and spiky hair.

-Once I was at a wedding and this guy asked why I didn�t do TV and asked if I wanted to. And I just laughed and said "Yeah, right"... But from that day it went quickly. Several small parts appeared until Brendan one day was offered one of the main roles in a new TV-show. The show was gonna be called "Roswell".


Jason has, unlike Brendan, been into acting since he was very small.

-I had my debut on stage when I was five, where I was playing a flower and weren't allowed to say anything, he says. But he was allowed to speak when he debuted on TV at age six.

- I was a part of a nativity play where I was going to sing "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" with three other kids, while we were standing on a sleigh. But I had got it all wrong. i thought the guy with the beard was Abraham Lincoln. Later on Jason landed the part of Max Evans, the sensitive alien. And that was where he met Brendan.

- We have a great time together, says Brendan about his new friend Jason.

- The minute we're together, we act like two little boys in sex ed. You know, the ones who always giggle at the word "penis".

- Everything is turned into something lame. It's not meant in a bad way, but our humor is just so immature that we find that sort of thing extremely funny. And the there's farts, they are always funny... Nonetheless Brendan and Jason have to admit that they're actually not even the funniest guys on set. Nick Wechsler, who plays Kyle Valenti, can beat them at any time.

- He is simply the funniest guy in the world, Brendan laughs.

- He can turn everything around so that you can't do anything else but laugh. And several times a day you just stand and look at him and think that he has to mentally disturbed. Normal people can't make the kind of comments he can. Even if Brendan is 22 and Jason is 26, they don't think that they have any problems playing teenagers.

- But once again it's the immature humor that helps us, Jason smiles.

- Maybe it's ten years since I've been to High School, but I still run around doing wedgies on everybody.

- But it's also because we resemblance the characters that we play, Brendan says thoughtfully.

- Michael sees things in a very black and white way, and the minute he enters a gray-zone, where there is no concrete right or wrong, then he gets confused.

- That's also why he doesn't know what to do about Maria, he explains and admits at the same time that he also look at things that way himself. Actually Brendan originally wanted to be a math teacher, because as he says, it's the only subject where there's only one answer.

- Max is also very confused, says Jason about his character.

- He is deeply in love with Liz, but on one hand he knows that it can never be them. But on the other hand there might be a chance for them. He doesn't know his own powers yet, and doesn't really know how he is different from her.

- He just has this feeling that it won't be able to happen, and that just confuses him even more.


- The real big challenge with "Roswell" is to be convincing when we are reading lines. It's really hard to appear liable when you have to say stuff about being from space, Brendan says. Jason nods in consent and continues:

- I don't really know if I believe UFOs. But on the other hand, the universe is huge. If you believe too firmly in what is considered normal, we won't ever get anywhere.

- Try to imagine what people thought the first time they were introduced to the phone or the internet. They thought it was completely out of this world, but if there hadn't been anyone who believed it, it would have never happened. If not, you have to believe in the possibility. Brendan nods. He also believes in the possibility of life on other planets. But that's not all the show "Roswell" is about.

- When I first saw the script to "Roswell" I thought, that was the most lame story that I had ever heard, Brendan says.

- I mean teenage aliens...Come on, that could really end up with something bad.

- I felt the same way, until I read the script, Jason agrees.

- But then I fell for it. What I really like is that, it's about being young. Not knowing who you are and where you're going. Of course the whole alien-thing adds extra spice, but it doesn't go out of hand. It's working. "Roswell" has become popular very quickly, and here in Denmark the ratings go up week by week. But the two guys still have a hard time believing that they are famous. They are just being themselves.

- Just when we started out, I kept getting letters from this one girl, Brendan laughs.

- I remember she always began her letters by saying; " now you are probably getting thousands of letters like this". But I actually only got letters from her.

- Of course I know that there are fans out there, but I don't think it's what's matters to me as a person. I'm happy that people like my work, but I don't measure my success as a person on the numbers of fan letters. It doesn't go to my head.

- It's hard to relate to the success, because even though we enjoy doing it, "Roswell" is just a job to us. We are almost always in the studio, so we don't really get the fact that we have fans. We can still get surprised when we receive a fan letter.

Out of this World - Tasty Twosome
Sugar #73 November 2000

Name: Jason Behr
Plays: Max

Character Credentials:
Max is space's softest sweetie. Quiet and sensitive, he's perfect boyfriend material and soon has Liz lusting after his big brown eyes and beefy bod.

Where you've seen him before:
As Jen's old boyfriend, Chris, in Dawson's Creek. He's also starred in an amazing 75 telly ads back home in the US.

You've gone from Dawson's Creek to Roswell High - which one d'you like best?

Dawson's was such a great show to work on! They have such a great crew and I guess I do kind of miss them all. But I have this show now and I love it.

What did you like most about Dawson's?
It gave me great exposure and the whole experience was a lot of fun. My character, Chris, wasn't the nicest guy in Capeside, but Wilmington, where the show's filmed, is a beautiful place to work and the people there were so friendly.

What's brilliant about your Roswell High character, Max?
He's caring, thoughtful and is just trying to get to grips with the changes in his life. Everyone goes through that, so he's kind of like me, but an alien!

What's the vibe with your Roswell co-stars?
The whole cast is just fantastic. We all really bonded and got along great right from the start.

Roswell's actually a real life town in New Mexico, where aliens have supposedly been sighted - have you been to the real Roswell?

No, but we were all just talking about goin' there the other day! We all want to do a big field trip down there and check it out. It'd be a bit like doing some research, y'know! We could go and check out the actual crash site and talk to people who really live there. That would be so cool.

So Jase, d'you think aliens really exist?
I don't know! I do believe that there's something out there, but I'm not sure that they're little green men. Who really knows for sure? I don't, but I guess I do believe we can't be the only intelligent life form that ever existed in the universe.

Were you always a big sci-fi fan?
Yes! The film ET had a profound impact on me when I was a child. I really enjoyed movies like that. I think everyone likes the fantasy of it all, wondering whether there could be other intelligent life forms out there. It's fascinating.

Have you ever had a close encounter with any extraterrestrial types?
Not lately, but if I do ever see any aliens, I promise you'll be the first ones to know.

Name: Brendan Fehr
Plays: Michael

Character Credentials:
Michael's the revel of the show and his wild ways are a constant source of worry for the other aliens. He could learn a thing or two from Max about emotions - this boy's about as sensitive as an asteroid!

Where you've seen him before:
Brendan's had bit-parts in fab flicks Final Destination and Disturbing Behaviour.

So Brendan, is Roswell High just a teen version of The X-Files?
No! There are some obvious comparisons, 'cause both shows deal with alien issues, but I think Roswell High is unique.

Yeah, but don't both shows deal with the unexplained?
In The X-Files, Fox Mulder was searching for the truth about aliens and the unexplained, but in Roswell you have me, Isabel and Max on a search of our own. We're the unexplained! Roswell has a very different twist on it.

Do you get a lot of fan mail?
During the first series, one girl wrote to me all the time! She'd say, 'I know you must get lots of fan mail', but I didn't - she was the only one! I do get loads now the show's successful, though.

Michael isn't exactly a model student. What were you like at high school?
I always wanted to take charge! If we had a group project, I'd say, 'Give it to me, I'll do it!' I didn't want anyone else to do my work and I had to have the final say.

Were you ever alienated at high school?
No. I could pretty much sit with anyone at lunch and my friends wouldn't think twice about it. And I was an outgoing kind of guy, so I was never short of attention!

There's loads of saucy love stuff on Roswell! D'you think the show helps people deal with their relationships?

I hope it helps people not to feel alienated and encourages them to talk to their friends about stuff, but I'd hate to think that kids were tuning into a show to solve their problems. That should be done at home or with friends.



Roswell's Shiri Appleby and Majandra Delfino, friends on and off the set, put their downtime to good use, by Holly Richmond.

You know them best as Liz Parker and Maria DeLuca, the two earthbound students/diner waitresses on the alien-invaded WB drama Roswell. But in real life, Shiri Appleby, 22, and Majandra Delfino, 20, are - surprise! - as close as they appear each week on the small screen. Recently, seventeen challenged both girls to reveal a side of themselves to the other (and to us) that may not have surfaced during those long days of filming the sci-fi series, which is now in its second season. The girl don't have to think for long: Delfino, an aspiring singer who spends her Sundays at a recording studio in Whittier, California, invites Appleby to come along. Meanwhile, Appleby, an ardent volunteer for many social causes, takes the opportunity to read to children at a local library.

On one of their rare days off, the stars have a tough time getting out of bed and driving the 15 miles from Los Angeles to Whittier - it's even harder for Appleby since she was up till 4.30am, celebrating her birthday. But once the two scarf down a seriously un-PC breakfast of chocolate cake, tortilla chips and soda, they're reading to roll.

Appleby's good reads

It's far from a sleepy Sunday at the Whittier Public Library. Word is out that California native Shiri Appleby has stopped in to read to some of the local school-age children. But as the seven kids form a semicircle at Appleby's feet, they seem unaware that they're a celebrity in their midst. This group is just happy to have someone as animated, vivacious and pretty as Appleby read to them.

Delfino looks on as Appleby tears into the first book, The Enormous Potato, about a farmer who relies on teamwork to get a big job done. As she reads, the actress adopts dozens of silly voices. Appleby asks her Roswell costar to join in. "No thanks," says Delfino. "I like it when you read."

Why would a successful TV star choose to spend a weekend morning with a bunch of schoolkids? "I love to volunteer with children. They get enjoyment out of seeing me, and I make them feel good," Appleby says. However, she's not attached to one particular charity: she has, in the past, crocheted caps for young cancer patients. Not too long ago, she also participated in a Los Angeles-based program called Young Storytellers, in which volunteers help elementary schoolkids write their first screenplays.

After signing a few autographs for the children's parents, Appleby and Delfino head outside. "I had a good time," Delfino says. Appleby agrees: "It's fun to be with kids that age. Their ideas come out of nowhere, and everything's so exciting for them." We bet this isn't the last time these kids will hear from Shiri Appleby.

Delfino's sound studio

Majandra Delfino seems as at home in the recording studio as she is on the Roswell set. The actress, who played guitar and wrote songs while growing up in Florida, just put the finishing touches on her first demo album, which is available on her web site. As if she were performing a private concert for Appleby, Delfino strums away and quietly sings one of her own tunes. Her style, which is somewhere between Portishead and Air, is difficult to categorize. "Lyrically, it's very personal," observes one of Delfino's record producers, Anthony Rodriguez. "Majandra has no reservations about exposing every aspect of herself."

Over lunch (grilled cheese and an ice cream sundae for Delfino; a tuna melt for Appleby), talk turns to guys. It's rumoured that Delfino is dating her Roswell costar Brendan Fehr, and we think we may have found out why: "I'm obsessed with Harry Potter," she confesses. "If a boy reminds me of Harry, I'll like him just for that reason. I'm crazy." But when asked about her ideal prom date, Delfino blurts out, "John Lennon, baby!" Appleby, on the other hand, mulls over the question before responding indirectly. "I've been a 'girlfriend' for a long time, and now I'm just enjoying not being one. I never thought I'd say that, but it's nice to go out and interact with people. I'm feeling like a free spirit."

The girls seem united in their free spiritedness. They get along so well, we're surprised when they admit they didn't speak for four months during Roswell's first season. "We weren't really in a fight," says Appleby. "We were just dealing with a lot of stress. Rumours were flying and feelings were getting hurt. For a while it was awful to come to work," she adds. "Majandra was my friend, and we weren't speaking."

Delfino says there was a lot of attention focused on Appleby during that first season and some people were not happy about it. "It's bizarre to me, because I believe every dog has his day," she says. Eventually Delfino broke the ice by calling Appleby and laying her cards on the table. "We talked for more than two hours," Appleby recalls. "I had been scared to deal with the whole situation. Thank God Majandra called me, because I was really hurt and didn't want to call her and be rejected."

"It took us a while to trust each other again and rebuild our friendship, but now we're good," Delfino says. When the girls are ready to head out, Delfino pauses for a moment to observe the empty Studio. "It was fun showing Shiri my other life," she says. "I think when I tell her that I come to Whittier every Sunday, she thinks I'm really off in the Carribean."

grill, gossip & gripe November 12, 2001
Roswell's Maria and Liz Come to Chat!
E! online � watch with wanda

Heavenly earthlings, Shiri Appleby and Majandra Delfino beamed in to answer your most pressing Qs--everything from upcoming Roswell-ian plot twists and on-set happenings to what's going on aside from the show.

Hey, boob-tubers! Hope you have your Roswell Qs rarin' to go, because Shiri and Majandra are here and ready to take 'em. So, let's get started!

From katy: Thank you for taking the time to answer your fans' questions. Here is an easy one: Who are you a fan of?
Shiri: Majandra Delfino. I'm her number one fan.

From yiota: This season, will Maria get a boyfriend she's satisfied with? She seems unhappy with Michael.
Majandra: I don't know if she gets a boyfriend she's satisfied with, but she starts to realize life is more than just having a boyfriend.

From Johnny_from_San: What's better or worse about the move to UPN?
Majandra: It's better, because they're excited to have us. They're promoting us. And there's nothing worse I can think of.

From noghri: Roswell won't be on forever (unfortunately ;(. Do you ever think about what you're gonna do afterward?
Majandra: I'll probably continue to do the music thing.

From Jula: Looking from the outside in, how do you see the season so far, and do you like the direction the show is headed?
Shiri: I think the show has gone back to being based on the relationships and the characters. I think it's working a lot better than it was last season.

From julie: Your show is one of the bright spots during this tough time. Has the September 11 attack affected any of the storylines?
Shiri: Not that I've noticed.
Majandra: Not really.

From scerwee: How does the cast get along?
Shiri: We all get along really well. It's like a family at this point.

From Jasmin from Germany: How does it feel with your private life being the center of most of your fans' interest?
Majandra: I didn't know that! But I guess it's cool. I'd rather they be interested in something than not be interested. But they don't know much about my private life, because I don't have one!

From daphne: I read that you cried when Colin left. How did you feel when Emilie left?
Shiri: It's always sad to lose a cast member. It was a little more dramatic when Colin left, because his character died.

From lyly: Majandra, are you going to tour sometime soon? I love your songs!
Majandra: I'll tour during my hiatus, or if the show gets canceled.

From lulu12: How different is filming the show now compared to filming the pilot?
Shiri: It has totally changed. It's just a different experience altogether. When you're doing the pilot, there's this thrill of: Will it be picked up or not? Now things are more stable.

From Shelby: Hey, Shiri! I love the show. Obviously, all of us Max and Liz fans out there are wondering what's ahead for the two of you. Jason Katims mentioned a twist in February. Any hints?
Shiri: I think Liz starts to realize the consequences of being so committed to Max.

From wendie: Do you have any input when it comes to your character (writing, clothes, etc.), or do the writers and producers have total control?
Shiri: The writers have total control. You get to have input on the clothing, but writers have final say. We get to keep some of the clothes we really like.

From Rodrigo from Rio de Janeiro: Who would you like to guest star on Roswell?
Majandra: Jack Nicholson. He could play my dad.

From julia: What do you think about the cycle of breaking up the couples for more creativity?
Majandra: I think that sounds like a great idea. I also think that's what teens do. They're kind of flighty.

From Jan Taborsky: How do you think Liz would accept Max's son if he were around?
Shiri: Well, at this point, she's so in love with him she would accept it. But, at the same time, it would be a constant reminder that he's with someone else. So it would cause some drama.

From noelia: Is it difficult as a Hispanic actress in an Industry where diversity is sometimes frowned upon?
Majandra: It's only difficult when I try out for Latin roles, because my blond hair and fair skin make casting directors believe I'm not Latin, which seems quite stereotypical.

From nicole: If you could be any character on TV, who would you be?
Majandra: Probably Dick Van Dyke on The Dick Van Dyke Show.

From Riscado: I live in Brazil, and I'd like so much to know if there are any plans for your CD to come out in countries besides the USA.
Majandra: My CD is available at and can be purchased over the Internet, so it's available to anybody.

From kelyann11: Any chance of Maria speaking or singing in Spanish?
Majandra: Speaking has been talked about, but the other has been tossed around, and she definitely won't be singing in Spanish.

From tayloredmax: What would you say to someone just starting out in acting?
Shiri: You just have to be very driven within yourself and not take anything personally. They're not rejecting you; they're just looking for something more specific.

From Mandy from Plano, TX: You're absolutely fabulous as Liz! Tell us about a day in the life of Shiri.
Shiri: Um, well, a normal work day is like this: We get there at 6 a.m., have lunch at 1 p.m. and shoot until 6 p.m. Then I go home and get some sushi...and that's me.

From jennifehr: Majandra, will you do any shows around L.A. to promote your CD?
Majandra: Definitely. I haven't tried to fit it into my schedule yet, but I'm sure we'll do that.

From maura: Last season touched on the Liz and Kyle develop any powers?
Shiri: Yes. And that's all I can say.

From merlinda: How was it working with Clayton Crane? (He's really hot.)
Majandra: It was fun. He's a cool guy...a very fun actor to work with. He and I got along well.

From Augusto in Argentina: What do you think of the success of the show in other countries?
Majandra: It's great! It makes me happy to see that other countries get it. I can just imagine what we sound like dubbed and stuff, so I apologize for the bad acting--but it's not us.

From wolverine687: For Shiri: What is your plan after Roswell?
Shiri: To probably audition for other things and maybe go back to school. I was a sophomore when the show got picked up. All of my friends have graduated by now, so it's kinda weird.

From katy: While Max and Liz may be a couple, we rarely see them in the same scenes. Is this going to change in upcoming episodes?
Shiri: Yes, I think so.

From jolene: What TV shows, past and present, do you enjoy?
Majandra: The Bob Newhart Show. The Dick Van Dyke Show. Dobie Gillis and The Donna Reed Show. I just thought she was so cool. And Rhoda. I love the old stuff.

From starbright: Is it really true you are best friends on and off the set?
Both: Yup.

From Candy_gurl: Kudos to Maria for finally getting her shining star in music! But does she have to give up Michael for that? Please tell me they get back together.
Majandra: Well, as most of you could tell, Michael was a very bad boyfriend. And I think he gave a really bad message to teenage girls about what they're expected to deal with. What he put Maria through is not something any girl should go through. Unless he does a complete 180, she stays away from him.

From kellyann: Are you, like your character on Roswell, a romantic fool?
Shiri: No. I hope not.
Majandra: Definitely not.

From mandy: When will we see you in more films?
Shiri: I have a movie coming out called Swimfan85. It's a fatal-attraction story set in high school. It stars Erika Christenson, Jesse Bradford and Clayton Crane.

From jillian: What's in your CD player right now?
Shiri: Pete Yorn. Dashboard Confessional. Majandra Delfino. The Sicks. Coldplay. Dave Matthews. Dashboard Confessional is so good.

From anonymous: What's gonna happen in the next few episodes?
Majandra: Let's just say it gets better. We've got Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up, so there are a lot of holiday-based shows that are really good.

From Carolina from Mexico: Can you tell me something about the diary you're doing?
Majandra: Basically, it's a day-by-day journal entry that I type from home. Whether it's interesting or not--that's up to who is reading it. Sometimes I have art and pictures. It's pretty personal. I update it pretty much every day.

From patricia: How do you like Maria's role this season?
Majandra: It's starting to get juicier.

From TheWaves: Does the online community ever freak you out in their intensity/obsession? Do you ever not like going online (for Roswell) because of the reaction to certain things and certain actors/characters?
Majandra: They totally freak me out! At the same time, they totally make me laugh, especially the bashers who come up with things that don't exist.

From ginamaria1981: What do you think you have in common with your character?
Shiri: We're both best friends with Majandra. Besides that, not much. But she's a pretty loyal person, and I'm loyal. And sensitive.

From ginamaria1981: Majandra, what do you think you have in common with your character?
Majandra: Nothing. We both can sing.

From jill: Is Brendan Fehr taken? If not, can you ask him to marry me?
Majandra: [Laughs.] You'll have to ask him yourself.

From riina23: Sometimes I think I'm too old (21) to obsess over a TV show, but I love Roswell nevertheless. Do you two have any shows you're addicted to?
Shiri: I could watch I Love Lucy for the rest of my life. I like to get the Sex and the City box sets and watch them over and over.

From ismail79: Shiri, what was Xena like?
Shiri: It was pretty cool. I got to go to New Zealand for a couple weeks. And Lucy Lawless was so fun.

From aliasrules: Would you want to do a Buffy-type musical episode if you could?
Majandra: No, I hate to sing on the show. I don't like being fed the kind of music I have to do. But if it were just Appleby singing for an hour, I'd be behind it all the way.

From lizzyp177: Majandra, have you ever considered going to other parts of the world with your music?
Majandra: I hope I have the opportunity to. I hope and pray I can. Acting is a money thing, but singing is my priority.

Okay, peeps. Sorry, but Shiri and Majandra had to jet, so you're stuck with me for the next fifteen minutes. On to other non-Roswell-ian scoop!

The Critics Association Transcript
Charles Barile: Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for attending the session for "Roswell". Since it premiered in October 1999, "Roswell" has set the standard for intelligent and heartfelt, young adult drama. That, combined with its distinctive and gripping science fiction subtext, has resulted in a genuine and popular and cult success. UPN is very proud and pleased to welcome the principals from "Roswell". Let's go to a clip and then we'll bring them out.

Charles Barile: Please welcome on my immediate left, the Executive Producer of "Roswell," Mr. Jason Katims, on his left: Shiri Appleby, Katherine Heigl, and Majandra Delfino. Your questions, please.

Question: I have a question for the three actresses. Is this the first time you've all seen each other since the cancellation and resuscitation of "Roswell"?

Majandra Delfino: No

Question: During that whole period where it seemed that it was uncertain what would happen as far as WB was concerned and there were lots of rumors that UPN might pick it up, when the cancellation notice came down from the WB, were you pretty confident that you would still be continuing on at that point on UPN?

Shiri Appleby: I don't think any of us really had an idea of what was going to happen, but I think we were all really hopeful that UPN would pick it up, and when it happened we were all just really happy to have a job and be on a network that supported us.

Majandra Delfino: Yeah. I try not to think about it.

Question: At the point you filmed last season's finale, was this stuff still a ways off from the future as far as what the WB might do, what UPN might do? Were there a couple of months between the time you finished the season finale and when all this stuff happened, or did you feel like that might be the end, I guess, is what I'm getting at, when you did the season finale?

Katherine Heigl: I think it was definitely up in the air. There was no, "yeah, we're definitely coming back next season on the WB." I think everyone had a real strong sense that it was very precarious.

Majandra Delfino: As bizarre as it is, I had, like, hundred-dollar bets going on with everybody that we'd for sure come back, so it's time guys.

Katherine Heigl: She didn't actually specify on what network, so. . .

Majandra Delfino: Yeah. But, you know, I said we were coming back, so I was pretty confident.

Question: Katherine, over here on your right, I think. Is it easier to cut your hair on UPN than it would have been on The WB?

Katherine Heigl: Yeah, I think so.

Majandra Delfino: Hair is quite simple.

Katherine Heigl: Yeah, cutting hair is a simple thing; it's just, you know, what people have to say that makes it difficult. WB was very - what's the right word? -- very clear, I think, about how they felt about it, and I actually cut my hair for a part thinking the show was canceled and, you know, it wasn't, but everybody's been really great about it and it actually ends up working for the season. So here I am.

Question: But they weren't upset at UPN when they saw the hair?

Katherine Heigl: No, not that I know of. At least not that anybody said to me. I hope not.

Question: Jason, on your left. Hi. Can you tell us what sort of is the theme going to be of the show now? The first season it was more relationship/teen-angst oriented. The second season a mix of that and the sci-fi. What direction is it going in and is that direction different than if the show had remained on the WB?

Jason Katims: Well, I think that the direction that we want to go in started with the final episodes of last season, which were all built on, you know, stories with universal themes and that were easily relatable, and that's something - that's where I feel the show is at its best, and so that's sort of how we're building the episodes forthcoming season. We're really sort of basing them on - from character arcs, and the theme for me of next year is change. You know, at the final episode of last year, Tess is left with her only way home and, you know, the alien characters all thought this was temporary situation being here and now it's permanent, and now they have to kind of build lives for themselves here. And that's a lot of what we sort of want to explore in this coming season.

Question: Tess is gone for good now?

Jason Katims: Tess is somewhere out there in the cosmos and she may return at some later date, but for now, she's gone.

Question: Is Max building a ship to go after his son or something?

Jason Katims: Max is trying to get to his son, yeah.

Question: Back here to the right. The show has engendered a lot of love from its fans, and I was wondering from Jason and also from the ladies what it is, the reaction that you see that people love about the show? What are they saying? Why are they hooked on "Roswell?" It's got a definite core audience that loves this thing and I' m wondering why. Not that I don't agree, but. . .

Jason Katims: From the beginning, I - you know, when somebody looked at the pilot, I remember a lot of people's responses were about all the characters being outsiders and they said even in the pilot the sheriff character, who at that time was just an antagonist, was - he himself was outsider on the outside of society. And I think that somehow that sort of feeling of, you know, these characters all sort of being underdogs and all being outsiders and outside of the mainstream has somehow just really found this way in for our audience. I mean, we have had this - I mean it was in complete surprise to me in the first season when I found out about, you know, this fan base and this core group of fans who just are so dedicated to the show. And I think that, you know, they're just - what they really want to know more than anything is Max getting back together with Liz? Is Katie going to get a boyfriend? What's going to happen with that Majandra and Brendan and -

Majandra Delfino: Michael and Maria. Jesus Christ.

Jason Katims: I mean Michael and Maria. Not Majandra and Brendan. I didn't mean that. (laugher)

Question: And ladies, what do fans say to you when you meet them?

Majandra Delfino: Oh, God.

Shiri Appleby: Well, for me they're always asking whether or not Max and Liz are going to finally get back together because for two years they've seen these characters go through so much to actually experience what is real love. And the audience that I've talked to is just waiting for the day when they can see the two of them actually embrace each other and become a couple. And hopefully that will happen.

Question: Do you ever want to see her happy?

Shiri Appleby: I would love to see her not cry in a whole episode. Personally, I'm ready for her to smile and run around and be a fun kid, so hopefully this year will lend to that.

Question: Jason, down here. Over here. In not this season's cliffhanger but the season before, you had it where there were other people that were sending a signal off that knew that they were aliens. Howie Dorough, I think, played that part. So there are people that know that there are aliens in Roswell, that they are there, so there's maybe others like them. Is that storyline maybe going to be picked up and continued?

Jason Katims: You know, I think that we will definitely play with the idea of other aliens out there, but this year we want to do that in a very specific way with the characters that we choose to introduce as other aliens be very - we're going to be very selective with that and have them play sort of roles on a more ongoing basis that will stay sort of consistent throughout the season. And like I said before, what I'm most interested in is watching these characters - not only the alien characters, but the human characters - in the show try to get along here and try to, sort of, live their lives with the twist that "Roswell" offers, you know, being the thing that sort of lifts of show to the level of metaphor. So I think I'm more sort of interested in the loves of these characters and I think that the alien characters that we introduce, again, will be just very selective.

Question: And the man that ran the museum?

Jason Katims: Brody.

Question: Brody, yeah. Will he be back on this season?

Jason Katims: He may be. Desmond Askew is the actor. He's a wonderful actor, and pending this availability, we'd love to bring him back.

Question: Jason, on your right. Just following on that, are all the other principals following the show to UPN and are the you adding any other people to the show?

Jason Katims: We are adding one new character from the beginning of the season, a character who is going to be a love interest for Isabel's character. I sort of feel like in the show so far in the last two years, we've seen - we've had the opportunity to see Liz and Max and Michael and Maria, and those relationships really sort of flourish and fall apart, and I want - you know, I think it's sort of time for Isabel to have a similar situation. So we're introducing somebody from the first episode who we plan to keep around as part of the show.

Question: And are the guys back next year?

Jason Katims: Yes.

Question: Shiri?

Shiri Appleby: Yes.

Question: It seems last season, even though you talk about crying in every episode, she kind of became a tiger in certain ways as the investigation into Alex's death went on. What do you think we're going to see from Liz this season? Because she did go through some big changes last year, it seems.

Shiri Appleby: Well, I think through that whole experience Liz was able to become more of her own person versus standing so by Max. She was able to fight something that she believed in, and so I think it sort of gave her an independence. And this season, I think within the beginning of this season you're going to see the two of them come together and it will finally give her the opportunity to get what she's wanted for the past two years and in turn sort of open her eyes and realize that there's more out there and realize the choices that she's making are affecting other people. And so you're going to - I think you'll see her actually become more of a young woman and more of an independent person versus just chasing after a boy. She's actually going to form more of her own opinions.

Question: Also I'd like to ask about the 'death of Alex' episode because obviously you lost a core member of your cast. What was the atmosphere like on the set when you were shooting that episode?

Shiri Appleby: It was really intense.

Majandra Delfino: Terrible, yeah.

Shiri Appleby: As actors, we spent like two years together every single day for so many hours and we became such a family and to sort of lose a member of the family, is difficult.

Majandra Delfino: It was bizarre and it felt real. Like when Colin would come on the set I'd be like, "Colin," like he was really dead in my mind.

Katherine Heigl: Reading the script, too, it was really hard, sobbing in my trailer reading the script.

Shiri Appleby: So I think when we were shooting it, everyone had to go to an emotional place and we were all very supportive of each other and allowing each other to go there. And shooting it was just sad because it was toward the end of the second season, we didn't know where we were going, and we were losing one of our best friends on the show. Colin's a great guy and we were all sad to see him go.

Katherine Heigl: Yeah.

Shiri Appleby: Honestly, it was a little bit of a rough patch there.

Question: Katie, back here -

Jason Katims: One more thing to add to that is we are planning to bring Colin back for an episode.

Shiri Appleby: Oh.

Jason Katims: No, he's not -

Question: How specific can you be about that?

Jason Katims: He's going to come back as a ghost when Katie's character --when Isabel starts getting serious with her new boyfriend and the idea of marriage comes up, Colin comes back to remind Isabel that -

Katherine Heigl: That's what happens when Isabel gets involved with someone.

Jason Katims: That's right. Everybody that she's been involved with in her past is now dead, and so - (laughter)

Question: Have you cast the boyfriend? Has the boyfriend been cast yet?

Jason Katims: We are casting the boyfriend right now. We have not finalized the decision yet.

Question: Katie, were you at all lobbying for the character to have a romantic interest, or is this just a development and are you happy about it?

Katherine Heigl: Well, I'm extremely happy about it. I think it will be really fun. Just like Shiri was saying, that she'd like to see her character branch into a finer version of herself, it's the same thing for me and Isabel. I feel like it's time for Isabel to start appreciating the opportunity to live, you know, and to be a human being. And thus far she's been living a little bit on the edge, not sure what's going to happen. And so, yeah, I definitely was wanting a love interest. It was really up in the air what sexual orientation Isabel had, so I think this is a good way to clear that up. (laugher)

Question: How big of a part will she be in this season? You're going to be going off to college. Is it going to be difficult to work her into stories?

Jason Katims: As it turns out, she's not going to be going off to college. She's going to stay at a community college, largely maybe because of this relationship that she's formed over the summer. You know, the other thing I would want to say to the previous question, too, is that I think it's sort of - I think of it as a coming-of-age for Isabel as well as, I think, of it being a coming-of-age for a lot of the characters in the show. A lot of what we want to do this year is expand the canvas of the show and each of the characters are sort of going in different directions. The stories are getting a little bit out of high school. Isabel gets into a serious relationship and falls into a precipitous marriage. Max goes on a quest to find his child and Liz goes along with him, and that quest will take him out Roswell onto the road. And Michael starts - Michael, you know, realizes that he has spent no time investing himself in life on earth and realizes that, you know, he's supposed to be a high school senior, three years to graduate at this point because he never went to a class, and so Michael basically wants to build a life for himself and winds up getting a job. So I think, again, a lot of these - you know, Maria's character begins to pursue her musical career and that becomes a real thing. So a lot of these storylines are giving us the opportunity to really see another side of these characters and have these characters challenged in different ways than we've seen before.

Question: Jason, I'll bet that ever since the series started, you've heard from lots and lots of people with lots and lots of information to give you about what really has happened at Roswell over the years. I just wondered, has any of that ever been useful at all in any way during the course of this series?

Jason Katims: You're talking about the real events in Roswell?

Question: Yeah, yeah.

Jason Katims: It really has. Before I wrote the pilot, I went to Roswell, spent a couple days there, and sort of really got myself enmeshed in the myth and the history there of what happened. And it really does - it informs the show sometimes in us creating our own version of things that happened, but using - it's just any kind of research you would do as a writer. Using what really happened or what supposedly really happened really, you know, helps us build story. And also we did an episode last year where we went back - you know, the show went back to 1947 and in that episode, we sort of combined what was the real - the myth of what really happened in Roswell, New Mexico and combined that with our own mythology that we've created.

Question: Jason, and what about William Sadler and Nick's character, how much will they be doing this year and also the parents that you see every so many episodes? And one last part, will they ever tell - will Isabel and Max ever tell their parents? Because they were thinking about - that they were aliens - at the end of the last season.

Jason Katims: I think regarding, you know, Bill Sadler and Nick, I think we definitely - I think they're great assets to the show, and I love both of them as actors and characters, and we definitely want to continue to utilize them. And what we realize is that with Bill Sadler, he started as sort of like just a bad guy. And he sort of had so much more to offer and sort of became really a friend and surrogate father in certain ways to these kids, so we want to continue that and definitely continue to explore Kyle's character beyond Buddhism and sort of keep him going. In terms of the other parents, I think that's another really interesting point. One of the things I'm really interested in playing, starting with the beginning of the year, is the family drama that is here in the show and that we've never really explored. In the first episode, Max and Liz get arrested, and they get arrested in a different place, so they can't simply make a call to the sheriff or the deputy and fix it. And suddenly they're in real trouble, and their parents are called in. And they start to have questions about what their kids are involved in, and it's not so funny anymore, and it's not like they can go away for to days and say, "We went camping," and everything is okay with them. And by the end of that episode, Liz is forbidden by her parents to ever see Max. And I think that you know, what we are sort of building by starting off that way is playing stories about these kids in context of their parents, these kids starting to realize that their parents are human beings and are people and that what they do affects them. And I think there is just a lot to explore by sort of bringing them further - bringing them closer in and using them more in these episodes.

Question: Jason, are you going to be bringing in any new writers? Ron Moore, I guess, joined the staff. Is he still on, and will you be bringing on more?

Jason Katims: Yeah, Ron Moore is coming back. We kept a lot of our staff from last season and added a couple more writers, most notably Melinda Metz and her partner, Laura Byrnes. Melinda Metz wrote the original book, "Roswell High" and wrote that entire book series. Her partner, Laura Byrnes, was an editor, and in that field of publishing, I guess the editor and the writer are very, very closely involved, and they formed a real great collaboration. And they are joining the staff this year, which I'm very, very excited about. And in addition to that, we have another writer named David Simpkins, who is also a wonderful writer who has done a lot of work both in features and in television. So we have - you know, I'm very excited about the staff this year.

Question: This question is for each of you. What is your favorite episode so far?

Jason Katims: All right. Go ahead. I'm listening.

Shiri Appleby: Well, I would have to say the pilot is by far my favorite episode, just for the simple reason that, you know, it's the first time you see all of these random people come together and form this family for the first time. And you watch these two people that don't really know each other fall in love and all of the chaos starts, and I thought it was a really honest and sincere episode.

Katherine Heigl: I agree with that. I also loved - I loved "The White Room" from the first season. I thought it was a hugely intense episode for every character. And , you know, just for my own personal character's position, I loved "The Toy House," too. I really thought that was very poignant and one of Isabel and Max's more relationship-driven episodes.

Majandra Delfino: I liked "Summer of '47," the bizarre one, just because it was fun to - you get episode burn after a while, playing the same character, and it was really great to be someone from the '40s and just be in a sense your character, but reincarnated backwards, whatever that would be. And it was cool because they kept all of us in mind, but they made us something else. And it was really just a step outside of the whole thing for a little while. It was really fun.

Katherine Heigl: Yeah, it was really cool.

Question: Jason, during the whole thing with the "Buffy" situation, did you feel like "Roswell" was kind of a hostage or a pawn in that whole negotiation thing? What was your take on that?

Jason Katims: You know, I didn't know what to think. I didn't know what to think. I knew that we were in a position at the WB of being on the bubble, but we were always on the bubble, so it didn't really affect us necessarily that much. I think that at the end of the day, I feel what happened - with what happened is I feel really, really lucky. I think we got really lucky. I think - that's the honest truth. I think "Roswell" really scored here because we have an incredible lead-in. We have a better lead-in than we've ever had. We have a network that's really excited about the show and has just been totally supporting it. And I feel that - you know, it's sort of hard to know or hard to weigh, you know, what influenced what and how we wound up here, but I feel we landed in a really great place.

Question: How closely were you monitoring things while all of that was going on, or were you monitoring it all?

Jason Katims: My standard joke is if I want to know what's going on with the show, I go on the Internet and go to the CrashDown site and find out. And they seem to always know things before I do. Yeah, you monitor it, and - because I have a responsibility to try to do whatever I can to make sure we wind up in a good space. And I knew there was a possibility at UPN, somewhat ahead of the game, that there was interest there, so I went in and met with Dean and met with everybody at UPN and just kind of expressed that I would - if the WB didn't pick up the show, that it would be something that I would be really excited about.

Question: Majandra, speaking of doing something different in your role and your work on the show, doing those intros, how did they think of you for doing those? And is that the character? Is that almost you? What is that all about?

Majandra Delfino: You're asking me what they thought, so what did they think?

Jason Katims: Well, the way I thought of her doing the intros was if I want to know what's going on the set, I go to Majandra, and she tells me what's going on -

Majandra Delfino: Great.

Jason Katims: In a very entertaining way. And what was happening was we found that there was certain level of confusion for some of the audience that weren't catching all of the episodes because we got into some sort of mythology arcs and we wanted to sort of turn that into a positive. And I think that Majandra has just a great sense of humor and a great voice, and it was a great way to kind of make sense of some of the stuff that wasn't making sense to the audience.

Question: Will you be doing them in the new season?

Jason Katims: Honestly, I'm hoping not to do them - we haven't decided yet - not because I wouldn't love Majandra to do them, because I would. But one of our big goals this year for the storylines is to keep these episodes more close-ended, to sort of do episodes - I mean, in moving to a new network, obviously one of the big goals is to not only bring our audience but to bring a new audience into the show. And the last thing we want to do is to have somebody watch the show, either from watching after "Buffy" or somebody - or somebody who turns in because they're watching some other show at UPN and have them feel like they missed the boat on the show. So one of the things that we're really concentrating on is being able to sort of tell stories that are complete in and of themselves and satisfying and entertaining.

Majandra Delfino: Yeah, please. I don't need to ramble any more than I did last year, so I'm kind of happy about that.

Question: Jason, just as a follow up that last statement, is there going to be any kind of built-in recap of the past couple of seasons for new viewers? That's the first part of my question. The second part, I was just curious, a lot of the cast had an opportunity to play different but similar characters with these twins that went off to New York. Are we going to see that again?

Jason Katims: The dupes, we don't have plans right now to bring them back. One of the things that, you know, I sort of feel - when you move to a new network, it's a great thing because you can sort of like bring - continue doing the things that you love about the show, and it gives you an opportunity with the things you're not so sure about to change a little bit. And one of things I felt is that some of the sort of sci-fi arcs became so complicated that it was very hard to follow. And that while I really loved those episodes, it's like you have to know so much in order to enjoy them. And I felt actually from the end of the season, the last arc of last season beginning with episode where Alex dies, I felt like the show itself got to a new level. I think it sort of was more based in character. You know, when Alex died, suddenly it wasn't so easy for everybody, one of our own has been killed. And it's not so - you know what I mean? It's not so funny anymore. We can't just get out of any jam because we have some aliens on the show. And I really like that. I feel like those are - and I think that those are really good stories for the cast to play because it gives them something to sink their teeth into. So those are more of the storylines - more of the direction I want to take the show in.

Majandra Delfino: And you ask about our following, and our following was based on what we had the first season. And it kind of was such an emphasis that we go in a sci-fi direction, which basically lost everyone, and that wasn't what our show was necessarily about, you know. So that's the great thing. I think we can go back to that this year, thank God.

Question: Katherine, how did you enjoy playing that character when you played the dual role?

Katherine Heigl: It as probably one of the more exhilarating acting experiences that I've had as an adult. It was the first time in my life that I had been given the opportunity to play a character like that. I tend to be cast a lot as the cheerleader, so it was an opportunity to completely go in a different direction. And I was a little afraid because I didn't know if I could do it. And I worked really hard to make that a believable character and to make her live and breathe separately from Isabel and separately from me as a person. And I had an amazingly great time. I had a great time with and was really grateful for that opportunity because it proved to myself that, you know, I have more range, I suppose, than I thought I did and I have more courage than I thought I did.

Question: Jason, last night at The WB party, there was lots of little bottles of Tabasco sauce available. I was wondering, with the whole campaign over the last two years, did you actually see any of those bottle that were sent, or did they just go to The WB executives?

Jason Katims: I never got any Tabasco, and I'm depressed because I'm a huge fan of Tabasco. No. I just heard about it. But apparently there was - this year they very early on, again, knowing something that I didn't know, very early on stopped the shipments to WB and went to UPN. And apparently they sent - I don't know how many, but thousands of bottles UPN.

Question: Majandra, are you going to be singing a lot more in this season? You sang a little bit last season, and I know you have a recording career at home.

Majandra Delfino: It's a touchy subject. I'm like a music snob. Yeah, I have to somehow straddle the fine line of having my own side music career and then being this character with a music career and not confusing fans that to on my web site looking for my cover of Phil Collins "In the Air Tonight." So it is hard for me because it's -- you know, there's a goal I have, yet I have this commitment to my character. Buy yeah, I am going to be singing. And yeah, I'm just going to have to be careful, I guess.

Charles Barile: One last question, please.

Majandra Delfino: Please.

Question: If you had a choice of being able to write how your character would go - you already said you would stop crying. Do you want to get back with Max seriously, like you want a relationship?

Shiri Appleby: I think Liz has been fawning over him for the past two years. It would be wonderful to finally see her with him and be happy. And I love the way Jason and Ron and the rest of the writers write for the show and write for my character, so I think this year will be really great for Liz.

Charles Barile: Thank you. Thank you very much.

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