Character Interviews

Character Interviews are interviews that the cast did in character. An
interviewer asks them questions about what they are thinking and what is going
on in their world, and they answer spontaneously as if they were the character.

Silver Handprint interviews

I have Character Interviews from the Silver Handprint site that feature Kyle,
Liz, Max, Alex, Tess, Michael and Maria. You can find those - here

Liz and Kyle interviews
These interviews were done during the time EOTW was being shot

These were saved by the amazing Softie, and sent in to post in the archives.
So a big Thank You goes to him that we have these.

Click on the title to see the video
(These are huge files, so give them a few minutes to load)

Liz Interview

Liz 1

Liz 2

Liz 3

Liz 4

Liz 5

Liz 6
Kyle Interview

Kyle 1

Kyle 2

Kyle 3

Kyle 4

Kyle 5

Kyle 6

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