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"Roswell's a cross between My So-Called Life and The X Files.  It's a story of kids in high school who are all trying to discover themselves and who they are and it's a little difficult for three of them because they just happen to be aliens."

"All of this was so new to her, everything that was happening, and so the second, third, fourth episode, she was having to make a lot of decisions.  Like what she found to be important in her life, what she wanted to invest time in and...she decided she wanted to focus more on her relationship with Max versus her relationship with Kyle and she was really having to stand up for herself in a way and saying like, 'I can't take this anymore.  I need to do what's best for me.'  So it's really been wonderful to see her evolve into someone who's a lot more confident, is a lot more self assured and is able to stand up for what she wants and feels is going to make her happy in the end.

"And, you know, she's having a little bit more fun in these past few episodes.  You know, now that some of the drama has cooled down a little bit, she's see a lot more of her relationship with Maria - Majandra Delfino's character - and they're playing a lot with more each other [sic].  So you're seeing also more of the girl-ful side of her."

"When I read it, what definitely attracted to me, was the writing.  Jason Katims has a way of writing things in such a realistic and honest voice, something's that not trying to sound sixteen but really is.  It was really that age, and that period in adolescent life, that it wasn't difficult at the audition to feel what he was writing for these characters because he was writing it so honestly that it was able to play it so honestly.  So I think, you know, it's hard to act out a story unless the story's out there down there on paper and it was.  So I think it definitely was that and then once we shot the pilot, I mean, David Netter taught me so much in that 12 days.  I'm working with a great cast that are all extremely talented so I feel I got really lucky, everyone here...really likes going to work and likes working so it's really positive.  It's positive experience."

"It's dealing more with the theme of being alienated in high school, not knowing who you are or where you belong and believing in yourself.  Those are the issues that it's dealing with and I could probably say that most of my friends and even myself growing up, you think those things all the time, because you're at the point where you question everything instead of just saying 'let's just talk about everyone's problems.'  It's giving it this roundabout way of discussing the issues everyone - I think - feels growing up."

"Well, I think after working on the show, you really have no choice but to believe in it somewhat, you know?  Who knows?  It's kind of a great fantasy to have - does it exist, doesn't it?  Lets the imagination run wild a little bit."

Roswell Press Tour Transcript

on July 1st, 1999
QUESTION: Shiri, can you explain a little bit about where your name comes from? And also, are you a full-time student at USC or is that now over forever?

SHIRI APPLEBY: Well, not over forever. I�m taking a leave of absence and, hopefully, I�m going to be able to go back and definitely want to finish my education. And my name is Israeli.

QUESTION: I�d like to go back real quickly, if I could, of the idea that there was so much about young performers this year. What was it that drew you to �Roswell� specifically? And when you read for it, was it the role of Liz that you were going after?

APPLEBY: Well, I actually auditioned for all three of the girl parts numerous times [panel laughter] I think what really drew me was the writing, It really spoke to me and it is written in a really realistic way, so for people my age,, it�s easy to understand. And I got really lucky in working with a really good group of talented young people and so we�re able to work together and bounce ideas off of each other. I think that�s what really appealed me to the entire show.

QUESTION: Now that you�re cast as Liz, do you think you�ll be happier as human than an alien?

APPLEBY: Pardon me?

QUESTION: Now that you�re cast as Liz, are you happier doing that than playing an alien person?

ABBLEBY: Oh yeah, definitely.

July 1999


on October 16th, 1999
The 20-year-old actress from Calabasas stars in her first television series, WB�s sci-fi drama �Roswell,� which airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m.

Life�s a Beach: I love to drive up to Santa Barbara and go shopping on State Street. It�s really, really beautiful and there�s a lot to do there. Start with breakfast in Malibu and then just spend the day driving up the coast and hanging out in Santa Barbara. And if you�re in Santa Barbara, then you have to spend part of the day at the beach.

Shop Talk: I�m not really a shopaholic, but I do like to browse with my friends. There�s a huge shopping center now in Calabasas, where my parents still live, called the Calabasas Commons. On Saturday, we might go there to eat lunch. And to shop, of course. Or maybe we�ll go and see a movie. They have a really nice Barnes & Noble there. I love bookstores. I�m studying English at USC�Calthough I�m taking a break now�Cand I read a wide variety of things. In fact, I just recently finished �Angela�s Ashes� by Frank McCourt and before that, I read the classic �Catcher in the Rye� for the first time.

Party Hardly: I�m really not much of a partyer. Well, for one, I�m only 20 years old, so there�s a lot of places I can�t even get into yet. But I actually had a really good weekend a couple of months ago when I went to the Derby, the old restaurant. It�s a swing club now, so we went swing dancing. It�s really fun. Someone told me the other day that there�s a karaoke opening down the street from my home on the Westside, so I�ll have to check that out. But I really don�t go out all that much to clubs; I�d rather just hang out with my friends. If you want to know the truth, on Saturday nights I usually hang out and watch television at home.

Flower Child: On Sundays, well, you�ve got to sleep in until noon or 1 o�clock. No, really, I wake up early and go to the Hollywood Farmers Market and get some fresh flowers. And cheese. Then maybe take a hike. Or I�ve gone bike riding in Santa Monica, right on the beach. I do that once in a while, but I�m really not that athletic. Then I�ll make dinner at home and go to bed early to get ready for the week ahead.

October 16, 1999
by Kevin Baxter
LA Times

Shiri Appleby: One-on-one
Interview Magazine by M. Must
on December 1st, 1999
Michael Musto: Don�t you think that if your new TV show Roswell had been done a few decades ago, it would have been a sitcom, like My Favorite Martian?
Shiri Appleby: I never watched that show. So I don�t know.

Michael Musto: Do you buy the premise of the show �� a waitress having a crush on a being from another planet?
Shiri Appleby: I think it�s kind of feasible. The boys are not like green Martians. They look and act like normal people, except they have these powers that enable them to look into my soul.

Michael Musto: What kind of advice are you getting from people around you? �Don�t Get a swollen head�?
Shiri Appleby: I�ve been lucky. I�ve been doing this for a long time, so I�ve been able to know what I like and don�t like about certain aspects of it. That way you can basically take it for what it�s worth.

Michael Musto: A long time? What are you, fourteen or something?
Shiri Appleby: No, I�m twenty. [laughs]

Michael Musto: You�re not exactly George Burns. You did start acting at four, however. So many child actors end up suffering a horrible fate, like practically everyone on Diff�rent Strokes. How did you avoid that?
Shiri Appleby: My parents. I never went to any of the Hollywood child parties. I had a really normal childhood, except I acted. It was like, my brother played soccer, and I was on television sometimes.

Michael Musto: The mood of Roswell seems very X-Files. It�s very somber, and people talk very quietly. It�s not slow, but very deliberately placed.
Shiri Appleby: Most of the times we�re talking slow and whispering because we�re discussing things that have to do with the fact that they�re aliens, and we don�t want people to hear.

Michael Musto: And it doesn�t throw the relationships off-balance that you happen to have your own series, and they work in the mines?
Shiri Appleby: Well, they�re all going to college. So no, it doesn�t. They�ve known me for so long and they�ve seen me do like really ridiculous television and all kinds of crazy things. So this is kind of just Shiri being a little silly.

Michael Musto: Do you personally have a dark side, or is it all sweetness and light?
Shiri Appleby: There�re a lot of different sides to me. I don�t know if I�m always peaches-and-cream.

Michael Musto: Well, that�s good to hear.

December 1999
by Michael Musto
Interview Magazine

Babe of the Day: Shiri Appleby

December 16, 1999

You've seen this cutie on Roswell, now see her as BOTD.

Babe: Shiri Appleby
Age: 21
Current Project: Roswell
Past Projects: The Thirteenth Floor, The Other Sister
Reader Testimonial: "I was watching Rosewell last night and Shiri Appleby really caught my eye (of course Katherine Heigl did too, but she has rightfully earned her spot already). She is a little cutie!!! Those lips are way sexy (the ones on her face for those of us whose mind is in the gutter)!!! Help me out here, if for any other reason than we share the same name." --Adam

Adam Says: I resisted running Shiri as BOTD because, juding by the pictures, I thought she was like 15. Well, I finally got around to checking and it turns out she's old enough to drink! Boy, do I have egg on my face. (Actually I'd rather have Shiri on my face, but that's something else entirely.) So Shiri, welcome to BOTD!

Article taken from

Rolling Stone Coming Up Next: Shiri Appleby

on December 30th, 1999
Playing a high school girl who falls in love with an alien would be stretch for most young actresses, but Roswell�s Shiri Appleby, 20, has had her share of Twilight Zone acting moments.

A former child actress who grew up near Los Angeles, she has twice appeared in Xena: Warrior Princess, was in the pilot of the recent WB comedy Movie Stars, with Joey Travolta and Frank Stallone, and was a regular on Norman Lear�s 1991 Sunday Dinner, which was based on the mistaken belief that Americans wanted a sitcom that addressed religious issues.

Somehow, she has emerged unscathed. Her real-life high school experiences sound anything but alienated: She cheerleaded, edited the yearbook and was part of the student government. �And I actually had normal jobs,� she says. �One summer I worked as a hostess, and I was a camp counselor.� But it wasn�t for the money: �I wanted to have those experiences because all of my friends were having them.� But how many of them have worked with Frank Stallone?

Month xx, 1999
by Tom Conroy
Rolling Stone Magazine

Shiri�s Best Valentine

on February 14th, 2000
Shiri Appleby
Liz on �Roswell�

�I think in like 3rd grade a guy asked me to be his Valentine and he got me some flowers and a little teddy bear but it was really sweet because it was the 3rd grade and everybody wants to have a valentine and the cute boy asked me to be his! That was my favorite.�

February 14, 2000


Introduction by Heather Muse

In the March seventeen, Roswell beauty Shiri Appleby tells you how she got the role of Liz Parker and shares some of her European vacation pix.  Here at seventeen online, you can get more glimpses of Shiri's personality - like what her favourite frozen candy is, why she scored sickingly flawless skin (but we're not bitter), and how she goofs around on the Roswell set.  Meanwhile, Shiri does double duty modelling two prom dresses by DeLaru and Collette Dinnigan.  When she's a huge star, just remember where you saw her very first cover shoot!

Interview by Amanda Rudolph

"I live with a friend of mine that I've known since junior high.  I moved out when I went to college, USC.  It's great.  It was definitely frightening at the beginning, but you learn a lot about other people and about yourself...You kind of have to trust your instincts a lot more than you probably want to, and then it teaches you a lot of responsbility.  I hate dishes and I have a big problem with taking out the trash and my roommate hates me.  The trash and me, we just don't get along.  The trash and dishes."

"I was really involved in high school.  I was on all sorts of committees and I was yearbook editor for two years and into leadership.  I was just, like, really involved in being involved in high school...I won Most Spirited."

"I just got a cat.  It's my first animal I've ever had.  I got her from the pound.  It's a she.  I named her Abby.  I was sitting in my parents' house and my brother was over from school when we brought her home.  We didn't know what to name her, so my brother just started looking through the dictionary and he saw 'Abby', but not A-B-B-E-Y, like an abbey.  For some reason, it's kind of stuck."

"I bought myself a really nice, new digital camera.  I just take it to the set and all the camera guys and I just site around taking pictures.  That's the only thing I've really bought.   I always take pictures of my friends, kind of when they're not paying attention - like doing the laundry or sitting around, just hanging out.

"I take a lot of random, goofing around pictures on the set.  Well, Majandra [Delfino] really plays it up for me.  She gives me what I need.  Her and Brendan [Fehr] are really great with the camera.  And the crew is so hysterical and so funny.  They'll do anything."

"I barely wash my face.  My mom has beautiful skin.  Both my parents never really had acne.   But I've never had, like, a pimple right in the middle of my cheek.  I was really lucky."

"I kind of just hang out.  I'm one of those.  I freeze Reese's Pieces.  I'm a frozen Reese's Pieces kind of girl."

"At the mall, these two little girls came up to me and said, 'You look a lot like the girl from Roswell,' because my hair was different.  It didn't have the part.  So I parted my hair for them because they were like, I was like, 'Look, it's okay'.  Anyone who's come up to me has been really, really great."

Blue dress by Collette Dinnigan.  Purple and black dress by DeLaru.

Photos by Patricia De La Rosa.










Shiri Bliss
Seventeen Magazine - March 2000
By Amanda Rudolph

In real life, Roswell costar Shiri Appleby is far from an alienated teen.

Fans of the teen-alienation saga Roswell might be surprised to learn that Shiri Appleby almost didn't land the role of Liz Parker, the soft-spoken heroine of the WB hit series. "I actually couldn't get an audition for the part. The casting director didn't want to see me," reveals the 21-year-old, who's made lots of female viewers jealous this season because she gets to cozy up to her hot male costar Jason Behr-even though his extraterrestrial nature makes their relationship a little, um, difficult at times. Fortunately, Appleby was hanging with the right crowd. "A friend of mine knew the executive producer and gave him my picture and resume. I was really embarassed because I felt like I was cheating," she says, shifting in her seat as a makeup artist carefully plucks her delicately arched brows. It's Appleby's first cover shoot and she has brought her mother along for moral support. Mom sits quietly as her daughter basks in the spotlight.

"I auditioned for three of the female roles, including that of Liz," recalls Shiri (which means "my song" in Hebrew). At her seventh callback, the producers asked her to read for the part of Liz opposite the already-cast Behr. "I had never met him before," Appleby says, "though I'd seen him on Dawson's Creek." Despite their offscreen unfamiliarity, the on-screen chemistry was there, and Appleby, then a sophomore at the University of Southern California, got the call of a lifetime while driving home from the final audition. "I just hung up and called my parents right away. Had to call the parents," she says. Appleby describes her mom and dad (Dena, a school-teacher; Jerry, a telecommunications executive) and 19-year-old brother; Evan, as being very supportive of her career; which began at the age of four with a Raisin Bran com-mercial. But don't expect Rosie O'Donnell or any other talk show host to be pulling that tape from the archives. "It never actually aired," Appleby says.

However; those two scoops of raisins were not in vain. Appleby went on to make numerous commercials, but she thought of acting more as a hobby than as an eventual career. "The audition process was kind of like a game to me. If I got a job, that was an extra bonus," she recalls. "Growing up, I wasn't at all athletic, so my brother had soccer and acting was my thing." It wasn't until Appleby was 11 that she realized actors got paid. Her first big acting payday came in junior high when she landed a guest spot on Tv's Doogie Howser, M.D. "I played this girl in the hospital who had a big crush on Doogie," she says, blushing at the memory. Appleby never did get to smooch the pubescent doc. But that was fine by her because growing up, she was actually more of a Fred Savage fan. "I kind of looked like Winnie Cooper; because I had the long hair and the bangs. I just loved The Wonder Years," she says.

During her own wonder years, Appleby decided to ditch Hollywood~temporarily. "I just wanted to experience high school. I knew it was the one time in my life I wouldn't want to miss, so I didn't work at all for those four years," she says. Instead, the girl who was voted Most Spirited by her classmates at Calabasas High in Los Angeles' West San Fernando Valley stayed busy with the yearbook committee, school leadership and, though she keeps it off her resume these days, cheerleading for one year.

Once high school ended, so did Appleby's rah-rah enthusiasm for academia. "When I got to college, I thought, I don't want to do this. I know what I want to do," she says. And like that, she was back in the auditioning game. Of course, Appleby would never trade what she's doing now for the life of a coed. But every so often she gets the urge to head back to school. So she does. "I visit some of my friends who go to college about an hour and a half from Los Angeles. I like the idea that there's this little community with other people my age," she says. Looks like Appleby hasn't lost that school spirit after all.

Shiri Appleby is Liz Parker

on May, 2000

Puppies, wallabies, snakes, and geckos... no, not the new aliens on Monday nights. Just a day as a veterinary assistant for Roswell's Shiri Appleby.

When Shiri Appleby decided to pose for the cover of TEEN earlier this year, she also decided that she wanted to do something really cool for the accompanying cover story.

Her choice? To become a veterinary assistant for a day (while the camera's rolled) on the totally great Animal Planet show Emergency Vets.

Here's the low down on the cool time Shiri spent in the ER: She flew from L.A. to Denver, donned blue scrubs, mustered her courage (and love of animals) and assisted Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald.

While playing doctor, Shiri cuddled creatures like wallabies and snakes, met pups with ear infections and one that had to be put down, brought a beloved pet gecko back to life and agreed to write a diary about her entire emotional experience just for you! (Not typical star stuff, huh?)

To read all about Shiri's awesome day as a vet-in-training check out Teen Magazine.

Shiri as a Vet

on May 1st, 2000
As Liz Parker on the out-of-this-world TV show �Roswell,� Shiri Appleby spends her spare moments helping cute creatures from other planets. So when we heard she was an animal lover as well as an alien admirer, we proposed a challenge: Teen asked Shiri to spend the day as a veterinarian�s assistant in the animal ER while being filmed by the show Emergency Vets. Then, she had to report back about the experience. Shiri jumped at the chance. Read on as her adventure unfolds.

10:22 a.m.
In the car

Hi, this is Shiri Appleby for Teen magazine. It�s 10:22 a.m. and we�ve finally made it to Denver from Los Angeles after bad weather caused major delays. We�re driving to the Alameda East Veterinary Hospital right now where I�ll be a vet�s assistant for the day. From what I can see, Denver is really beautiful, rustic and real feeling-totally unpretentious.

I�m excited about this opportunity because I�m desperately trying to get over my fear of animals. It all started when I was 6 years old and my neighbor�s puppy bit me over the left eye. Since then I�ve been completely terrified. Now all of my castmates on Roswell are bringing their dogs to work every day. When I realized how much love they get from their pets, I decided it was time to overcome my fear. This past September, I went to the pound and brought home a tabby kitten. Her name is Abby. That was the first step. With this experience, I hope to feel completely comfortable around animals.

11:11 a.m.
Alameda East

The staff at Alameda East just gave me an orientation on the hospital that serves as the setting for Emergency Vets. Alameda East has treated 250,000 patients since they opened their doors 28 years ago. It really is an amazing place. To be honest with you though, I don�t know what to expect of the whole situation-whether an animal is going to die on me or if we�re just going to fix birds� wings. It sort of feels like that MTV show Road Rules, where the people on the show have no idea what is going to happen and their responses are all captured on TV. But I think it should be fun.

11:20 a.m.

I just met Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald, the vet who I�ll be helping all day. He seems like a gentle guy-a good person. Not only has he been a vet for the past 17 years, but he�s a stand-up comic and used to do security work for the Rolling Stones! Dr. Fitzgerald gave me a white coat and blue doctor�s scrubs to wear. It sounds like I�m going to be right in there with the patients while the camera rolls the whole time. I�m starting to get a little nervous.

11:43 a.m.
Patient 1: Kelly the greyhound

I just finished meeting with my first patient-a 4-year-old greyhound named Kelly who used to run around the tracks. He had run about 160 races, so Tedd Perry, his owner, wanted the doctor to make sure he was OK. Kelly was really beautiful and in good shape. That one was just a checkup-pretty easy.

12:07 p.m.
Patient 2: Gordon the wallaby

I just saw my second patient, a 10-month-old wallaby named Gordon. Wallabies come from Australia and they look like baby kangaroos. Dr. Fitzgerald explained that they actually are a kangaroo cousin but wallabies never grow very large. Gordon was dressed in a little T-shirt. He had been to the hospital twice already for treatment after being bitten on the head by the Thompson family�s dog. I distracted Gordon by playing with him while Dr. Fitzgerald made sure his scar was healing properly and not infected. The Thompsons have 15 wallabies in their house. They take really good care of them, and they know all about how they should be raised. At the same time, I�m not exactly sure if it�s right to have an exotic animal as a pet. Animals should have the opportunity to run free like they�re meant to. Otherwise, they really don�t have any chance of survival if they do get out in the world.

12:42 p.m.
Patient 3: Gex the gecko

I�m about to go inside a room where this little boy named Kyle is crying because his baby gecko-this small lizard that he calls Gex-is dying. He and his mother took the gecko to another vet for treatment, but it got really sick and now it might pass away. It�s sort of an upsetting situation because we�re dealing with people�s emotions and the possibility of death.

12:52 p.m.

So far I�ve seen a few different kinds of animals, but I think Kyle�s story got to me the most. Kyle had been asking for a lizard for the past few months and he finally got it from his mom for his eighth birthday. He had the gecko for exactly 22 days (he could probably tell you how long he had it to the hour) when his mom noticed it had stopped moving. They brought it into the hospital in this little Tupperware case and it looked like the gecko wasn�t moving at all. Dr. Fitzgerald picked it up and it was completely stiff. The worst part though, was seeing the pain on the mother�s face-knowing that her son�s little pet, that he�s been wanting for so long, will probably die. Dr. Fitzgerald assured me that Gex was not dead yet so we gave him an injection of fluids because he was completely dehydrated. Now he�s in an incubator warming up. As we took care of Gex, Dr. Fitzgerald explained why he was trying so hard to save a little lizard. �Did you see that boy�s face? Life is precious-even if it is a gecko. We can�t always help them but we can be kind.� I really hope the gecko will be OK.

1:35 p.m.
Patient 4: Rusty the German shepherd

We just saw Rusty, an 8-year-old German shepherd with an ear infection. I looked inside the ear and all you could see was this gross green stuff. Dr. Fitzgerald cleaned him up and gave his owner some anti-fungal medication to put in Rusty�s ears. I guess I never realized how similar humans and animals actually are-that they get the same kinds of sicknesses and the same kinds of injuries. The only difference is that animals can�t vocalize their pain.

Lunchtime: 2:20 p.m.
The Sunset Lounge

It�s lunchtime now and we�re all eating at the restaurant next door. A really funny thing just happened. I was sitting here eating my plate of chicken salad and suddenly I looked down and saw all the meat on my plate and just wasn�t hungry for it anymore. So, I�ve decided: I�m not going to eat it. It�s kind of weird because this is the first time in my life that I�ve actually second-guessed eating a piece of meat.

3:07 p.m.
Patient 5: Pup the dachshund

While we were getting ready to see the next patient an older man walked in with a dachshund named Pup in a carrier. He went over to the lady at the front desk and told her that Pup bit one of his grandchildren and he wants the 5-year-old dog to be put to sleep. The hospital said they don�t put completely healthy dogs to sleep just because they bite humans, but for $78 they could take the dog to a hospital which could find her a place to live. The man didn�t want to pay for it so he said, �That�s fine. I�ll just go back and shoot her.� Just as that happened, Dr. Fitzgerald came in and took the man to another room. About two minutes later, the man walked out and you could see tears in his eyes. He left the dog with Alameda East and now they�re going to try to find her a home. But everyone in the waiting room was pretty shocked to hear a man say that he was just going to shoot a poor dog because she had bit a person. It�s just something that you never expect to see and it�s hard to know how to respond.

3:51 p.m. Patient 6: Champag
ne the golden retriever

A lady just came in with her 11-year-old dog Champagne, who we think had a stroke. After looking at X-rays, Dr. Fitzgerald has determined that it�s not a stroke, but a ruptured tumor. Champagne is internally bleeding to death, so Dr. Fitzgerald is telling Kim, the owner, that he can operate on her, but because Champagne is so old, the surgery might not work at all. Kim has to decide right now, within the next few minutes, if she�s willing to put her to sleep. Now Kim is sitting in a waiting room crying her heart out to a friend. She doesn�t want to put the dog to sleep, but she knows it�s the right thing to do. It�s really traumatic and everyone in the room is touched by the situation. The more time you spend with these people, the more you realize that animals are like children to them. It�s a lot more painful for them to see their pets suffer than I ever imagined.

4:30 p.m.
The Waiting Room

It�s been quiet all day since the doctor put Champagne to sleep. It was really weird. The minute we saw Kim start crying again, all the dogs started barking like crazy. In some ways, without sounding ridiculous, it seems like they knew another dog was dying.

Seeing this, I don�t know if I necessarily could be a vet, but the amount of respect I have for this profession has just increased by 1000 percent. Not only are these vets saving lives, they�re trying to keep the owners happy. Dr. Fitzgerald saved one dog today from being shot, he�s trying to save a reptile and he just had to make another decision. He�s dealing with life and death on a daily basis, hourly, and I think that takes a pretty heroic human being.

5:03 PM
Patient 7: Ranier the snake

A schoolteacher named Pam Schmidt just came in with a striped Pacific gopher snake named Ranier. He is one of 30 snakes she has in her classroom. The 10-year-old snake has been tired and refuses to eat. He�s so skinny that Dr. Fitzgerald called him a Kate Moss snake. He thinks Ranier might have roundworms and flatworms from a mouse he ate so Dr. Fitzgerald is going to give Ranier an anti-wormer injection while I hold him!

5:12 p.m.

I can�t believe I am holding a snake right now! I don�t know if snakes have personalities, but this one seems like a calm, sweet snake. It�s kind of weird because you can see bumps in the skin that the fluids create as they are injected into the body. And you can tell Ranier is better because he�s much more active immediately after the shots. Still, Dr. Fitzgerald asked Pam to bring the snake back again in a week for more treatment.

5:30 p.m.

I just found out that Gex died. I sat beside Dr. Fitzgerald as he called Kyle to tell him. This was an incredibly sad moment. The good news is that an intern at Alameda East has adopted Pup. It�s been an emotional day.

7:00 p.m.
In the Car

We�re heading back to the airport and I can�t believe everything I�ve experienced in just one day. I�m still blown away. We put a dog to sleep, we saved another dog from being shot by its owner, I held a snake-that was something I never thought I�d do, but I was really pushing myself. There�s a lot of death here, but the main message is that there�s a lot of love for the animals. Watching the compassion of the staff or a mother cry because her son�s little lizard wasn�t going to make it was sad but somewhat beautiful. It�s a nice thing, because often people are afraid to show how much they care. Seeing a living creature die also makes you reflect on your own life. Sometimes, growing up, we tend to think that life�s a lot more difficult than it is. This makes you realize that it�s important to appreciate what you�ve got. The love that any living thing can bring you, an animal, a human being-it really changes who you are.

ROSWELL Rundown:

In the series Roswell, Shiri's character Liz Parker falls for a guy who isn't exactly the boy next door... In fact, he's not even from this planet. Max (Jason Behr) is one of three alien teens including Isabel (Katherine Heigl) and Michael (Brendan Fehr) who, judging from their looks, come from the Planet Hottie! While the space-teens try to uncover the truth behind how they got here, they must hide their extraterrestrial roots from government agents and a local sheriff with a chip on his shoulder. Meanwhile, Liz and her best bud Maria (Majandra Delfino) learn that their favorite Martians aren't that different from the rest of us.

As Shiri mentioned, the Roswell cast is crazy for cuddly creatures.

Here's the scoop on their precious pets:

-Shiri Appleby - tabby - Abby

- Jason Behr - Akita - Ronin

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May 2000

Hollywood Minute
Originally Aired 5/20/2000
Shown on KPLR WB 11 St Louis
Interviewer: Patrick Clark
Transcribed by Tara

Patrick: (VO) We're in Covina, California on location with Roswell talking to Shiri Appleby.

Patrick: What's the most surprising thing about you that people don't know?

Shiri: Wow. Um, I'm addicted to Girl Scout cookies. Samoas.

Patrick: Samoas are the best.

Shiri: Yeah, they are.

Patrick: (VO) Shiri cut her teeth when she was younger doing commercials. Nowadays when she's not busy on the set she crochets.

Patrick: It's a soothing, relaxing thing?

Shiri: Yeah, it's really calming. And I think the repetition that your hands go through is really really relaxing. I dunno. I love it. So, I'm almost finished. Do you want to see it?

(She gets her crochet blanket)

Shiri: This is what I've been making at work.

Patrick: This has a Roswell look to it.

Shiri: Do you think?

Patrick: Yeah. It's got little glittery kind of...what color is that?

Shiri: It's like green with blues and pinks and yellows and some iridescent white. So, that's what I've been working on at work.

Patrick: (VO) What do her costars think?

Colin: She sits there like an old woman and crochets all day long.

Jason: If we're not shooting Shiri is knitting sweaters, blankets and I think she has a closet full of them by now.

Patrick: (VO) So, see? The girl from outer space is really down to Earth.

Shiri: I mean I eat Girl Scout cookies and I have a cat...I'm like trapped in a little girl's body!


Fandemonium Q & A

on July 1st, 2000
Q: Do you believe in Aliens?
A: I�m not really sure if I believe in aliens. I think there might be another life form out there, but I have no idea who or what they are.

Q: If you had the ability (as the aliens on Roswell do) to shapeshift into another form, would you use it, who would you shapeshift into, and why?
A: If I had the ability to shapeshift into another life form, I would shapeshift into my cat Abby. I am always curious about what she is thinking and feeling when she does certain things. I think it would be interesting to get into the mind of an animal.

Q: Did you have a comfort item that you used when you were little? Like a blanket or some such thing?
A: I had a blanket that my grandmother made me when I was born that I would say is my comfort item. It had a big picture of Strawberry Shortcake on it that always made me happy.

Q: How did you get discovered to act in a TV show?
A: I started acting when I was almost 4 years old. At that age it was all about having fun. I heard about Roswell from a friend of mine. I asked my agent to get me an audition, but for some reason the casting director didn�t see me as one of the three girls. The friend who told me about the show knew David Nutter, one of the Executive Producers, and gave him my picture and resume. After eight long, hard auditions I became one of the members of the show.

Q: Hey Shiri. Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you weren�t a star and what would you be doing with your life?
A: If I weren�t on the show, I would be finishing my education at USC, majoring in either English or Psychology.

Q: Some people believe in soul connections (I myself do.) Do you?
A: I believe in soul connections. There are many people in my life that I can just sit with and not have to explain anything to because they know exactly how I am feeling. I really treasure and value those friendships because they are so pure.

Q: How, does it feel to kiss Jason Behr?
A: Jason Behr is a true gentleman. When our characters have to kiss on the show, he is always double-checking to see if I am comfortable. In a situation that could be very weird, he makes it very pleasant.

Q: Ok, first off, I think you are an amazing actress and I absolutely love Roswell. I also wanted to say as a Jewish teen, I think you are a great role model. How do you stay close to your Jewish roots while working?
A: My family is religious, so I talk to them as much as possible to help keep me grounded. I also go to temple for the high holidays. I just try to be a good person to all the people I meet.

Q: Shiri��wow you are an AMAZING actress and my fave person on Roswell. My question is..What do you think will happen with Max and Liz next season?
A: I really have no idea what is going to happen between Max and Liz next season. I think that Liz will have a hard time staying away from him, but I also think that she needs some time to be on her own. That might be her own battle.

Q: What were your first impressions of the other cast members? And, do you feel there is a real bond among the cast now?
A: Majandra and I hit it off right away. I thought Jason was a very gentle person. Katie seemed very poised and intelligent. I knew Brendan and Nick would be fun guys. I just thought the world of Colin when we first me. He is such a good, loyal friend. After nine months of working together it feels like we have formed our own family.

Q: Did you have any embarrassing moments while filming �A Time for Dancing�?
A: I have one embarrassing moment from the shoot. I had to do this scene driving in a car with Shane West. I didn�t really know Shane that well, yet we had to sing this song together. Shane can sing really well because he is in a band, so I was really nervous because I am completely tone deaf. When we were rehearsing, he was just laughing because I was so off key. We decided I would just sing really loud and play up how funny I sound. I ended up turning �Wind on the Water� into a country song.

Q: You have the most healthy and shiny hair! What products do you use on your hair?
A: Thank you for commenting on my hair. When we first started the show it wasn�t so healthy, so I worked with the hairdresser to get it in good shape. While I am shooting, I shampoo with Redken Extreme shampoo, Nexus Humectress Conditioner and Tigi Spray Shine.

Q: Are you much like your character Liz?
A: There are some qualities that Liz and I share. we are both responsible, hard-working, and sensitive, but I think she is more reserved than I tend to be.

Q: My question is about the amazing looks you give Max (Jason) during your scenes together. What are you thinking or what experiences do you draw from for those steamy eyes you have?
A: While Jason and I are looking into each other�s eyes I just think about the most pure love possible because their relationship is based strictly on the heart. What they share is what I someday hope to find.

Q: One of the main reasons people love to see the relationship between Max and Liz is because of the chemistry between you and Jason. Do you see that chemistry yourself?
A: A lot of people comment on the chemistry that Jason and I share. When we shot the pilot, I couldn�t see it at all. I think I had a hard time looking at us as characters instead of the two of us just goofing off. But as the year went on, I was able to completely detach and just watch the show.

Q: My friend said she read an article about you and she said that your mother is Israeli! Is that true?
A: My mother is Israeli and my father was raised in Southern California. They raised both me and my brother in Los Angeles.

Q: I read on in your bio, that you�re majoring in English. What made you want to be an English major and what kind of job did you plan on having with it? Is it a backup in case something happens with Roswell?
A: I was planning on studying English at USC because I wanted to read a lot of the literary classics with help from a professor. I loved the experience of reading a novel and picking it apart with the other students while the professor would explain what the author was going through in his/her life. I wasn�t sure if I wanted to do anything specific with the major because I knew that my passion was in acting. Yet studying all those fictional characters is so helpful because you can read how that character�s mind works and how they process information. As an actress, that is exactly what you do when you create your own characters.

Q: I�m a big fan��.as well as aspiring actress. What advice would you give to someone my age (I�m 16) about breaking into acting professionally? Also, what do you think about USC?
A: If you are looking to break into acting, my advice is this: Don�t give up. You have to know inside that you will succeed because you are told so often that you are not right for a certain part. You have to believe in yourself because once you do, others will follow.

Q: Was it embarrassing to have to fake an orgasm in Sexual Healing in the classroom scene knowing your parents would be watching the episode?
A: Faking the orgasm in Sexual Healing was so difficult for me. It was one of the hardest things I�ve ever had to do because I was not comfortable with having a lot of people watch me do something so personal. My parents were really great when I told them what I had to do. They said that it is my job, that I should stay confident and that they would love me no matter what. Yet, my parents and brother had a hard time watching me do something like that even though it was kind of funny.

Q: I was wondering how a normal day goes on the set of Roswell? From when you start until you wrap up and end.
A: A normal day on Roswell is typically rather long. We arrive around 5 or 6 AM and go through hair, make-up, and wardrobe for about an hour and a half. Then we shoot for about six hours. We get 42 minutes for lunch, then we have to go back to work for another eight hours. Once we wrap, we get twelve hours until we have to go back to work again. The days go by slowly but the weeks pass rather quickly.

Q: In Roswell you play such a strong character who has to deal with many different emotions and situations in her life. Have you ever been overwhelmed by a scene or found it difficult to conjure up the emotions needed for a particular scene?
A: Liz is a rather strong character and sometimes I am surprised by how much she deals with and is still able to contain herself. The scene I had a hard time with was when I had to watch Max and Tess kissing. I just wasn�t sure if Liz would cry right away or if she would be in shock first. I tried combining those two ideas and it really screwed me up. It was just difficult to be put in that situation because that was Liz�s nightmare and I had to do justice to her feelings for Max and how much that would have hurt her.

Q: How and when did you decide you wanted to be an actress?
A: I have been acting since I was little. I loved it all growing up, but when I got into school I wanted to give it a rest so I could grow up normal with the rest of my friends. Not until I got into college and started taking acting classes three times a week did I want to pursue it seriously.

Q: What is the biggest sacrifice being a celebrity has brought upon you?
A: I haven�t really sacrificed too much since I started working on Roswell. My life has stayed the same except for the obvious differences. I haven�t been able to hang out with my friends and family as much as I would have liked, but a lot of them come to visit on the set.

Q: What actors have inspired you in your work and your life?
A: If I had to choose one actor that has influenced me the most, I would have to say it is Lucille Ball. She is the Queen of Comedy. I must have seen every episode of I Love Lucy about 10 or 15 times each. When she acts she expresses herself with everything-her body, her eyes, her voice, her heart. As the audience, you know every single thing she is feeling and thinking.

Q: Have you ever had a weird encounter with a fan? If so, will you tell us about it?
A: I have never had any weird experiences with a fan. Anyone that has ever come over to say hello has always been really nice and friendly.

Q: What is your ultimate goal in life? Realistically speaking, what do you want to have achieved?
A: My ultimate goal in life is to do things I am proud of, both with work and personally. I can�t wait to be a mother. I see how much love and excitement my parents get from me and my brother and I want to experience it with my own family.

Q: In high school, what were you categorized as? Were you popular, an outcast, a nerd, the smart one, shy, class clown, rebel?
A: In high school I had a group of girls that I hung out with. There were about eleven of us and we were really good friends. I guess you could say we were popular, but we didn�t think about that too much.

Q: What was your favorite episode to work on?
A: My favorite episode to work on would be Sexual Healing because it was my biggest challenge. I had to do a lot of things that I am not comfortable with and am not used to performing. The episode made me nervous at the beginning, but I really threw myself into it. It is my favorite episode because I know how much harder I had to work on it.

Q: What�s the name of the best book you have ever read?
A: I can�t really say what the best book is that I have ever read. I have had lots of favorites at different points in my life. Charlotte�s Web was the first book I read on my own. Matilda was another favorite of mine growing up. This Summer I have read The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison. The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath, and I am on the second Harry Potter book right now.

July 1, 2000


on December 1st, 2000
You may think she has it all, but Roswell star Shiri Appleby was once embarrassed by the fact that she didn�t finish college. Instead of feeling sorry for herself, the beautiful actress decided to tackle her problem head-on!

Shiri Appleby on Overcoming Insecurities

�I had to leave college to start working on Roswell. But I didn�t want to feel like I wasn�t up to par with my friends intellectually. That�s why I�m a big supporter of reading. I haven�t been in school for three years. I haven�t been in lectures, listening to teachers feed me information. I�ve had to figure out what it is I�m interested in so I could have conversations with people and have facts to back up my opinions.

In high school, I always felt like when a teacher told me to read something, it was almost like a chore. But now, when I read those same books, I appreciate them. I finished reading The Great Gatsby, and everyone I talked to read it in high school, but I never did. Maybe I was assigned it and I just read the Cliff Notes or maybe I felt like I didn�t have to read it. Now, four years later, I feel so left out because I haven�t read all of these books that everyone says they read in high school.

It�s not only a matter of feeling left out. you start to see reading as a gift because you�re not worried about what questions will be on the test. Instead, you�re just reading fantastic pieces of literature.

Every book I read teaches me something about life and helps me get a better understanding of who I am as a person. I remember reading I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings growing up. I really identified with that book, because it was about a young girl going through so much pain and it helped to put my life into perspective. And then there are times in my life when I�m yearning to fall in love, and all I have to do is pick up a book. Reading gets you to see life in different ways and helps you learn more about things you actually care about.�

The first book Shiri read cover to cover was Charlotte�s Web which seemed like a 700-page novel at the time, but now is one of her favorite classics. �It�s the only way to better yourself and get knowledge from other people without being in a school setting.�

December 2000

Chat with Shiri Appleby for

on December 1st, 2000
Moderator: We�re really lucky to have Shiri Appleby also known as Liz from the hit show Roswell here to chat with us and answer all your questions.

Shiri_Appleby: Hi everyone!

SPEAKER_nickyapper: That is an awfully adorable outfit you are wearing!

Moderator: Shiri, our first question of the night come from genie23 =)

genie23: I love the character Liz Parker, strong yet feminine. Does Shiri have anything in common with her?

Shiri_Appleby: Yes, we are both really sensitive and strong.

SPEAKER_nickyapper: Well, you both look alike!

Shiri_Appleby: This year she�s becoming a lot more independent and I�m really happy with that.

SPEAKER_nickyapper: :-)

Moderator: peegilita is sending this question by ESP

peegilita: What are your thoughts on the character Tess? Do you think her intentions are really bad?

Shiri_Appleby: No, I think �� I don�t think her intentions are bad at all. I think her character�s very lonely and she�s looking to fit in with the people who are just like her.

Shiri_Appleby: just like Max, she didn�t choose her destiny.

Moderator: pjaysam is anxiously awaiting your answer for this one!

pjaysam: When will the movie Shiri filmed over the summer �A Time for Dancing� be released in movie theatres?

Shiri_Appleby: I think they are saying by next summer.

Moderator: angelgrl04 is wondering about your inspirations

angelgrl04: Who inspired you?

Shiri_Appleby: My parents, angelgrl04 �� my mom started taking me to auditions when I was young and she made it a fun activity, more than being a job.

Moderator: We received a lot of fan mail in the mailbag �� this is a question from someone who couldn�t make it to the chat tonight

NICKMare: Have you ever had any weird fan encounters?

SPEAKER_nickyapper: Like alien fans?????

Shiri_Appleby: I think it was the beginning of last year right before the show was coming out �� Majandra Delfino, she plays me best friend Maria on the show. We were shopping together in Melrose, right when the show had just come out and no one had noticed me yet �� and this girl came up to Majandra �� she was really excited �� I ran out of the store in a panic. I didn�t know how to deal with it, and then Majandra went running after me!

SPEAKER_nickyapper: Well, that is more of avoiding a weird fan encounter!!

Moderator: bigbadbear has a question about the show ��

bigbadbear: What do you think of the new direction of the show?

Shiri_Appleby: Good question, bigbadbear!

Shiri_Appleby: I think that the science fiction part of the show drives the stories along a lot quicker �� I think that part is interesting. I think it�s pretty good that there�s not so much relationship parts there. But when it is there, you can really appreciate it. It�s not overwhelming, it adds depth to the show.

Moderator: punchbug has headphones on while asking this question ��

punchbug: What kind of music do you listen to?

Shiri_Appleby: Well, punchbug, right now I am listening to a lot of Ben Harper and Tracy Chapman, Elliot Smith, Dave Mathews, Ani DeFranco, and Smashing Pumpkins ��

Moderator: Lzprkr is wondering ��

lzprkr: Can you explain the love triangle between Liz, Tess and Max without giving away any big secrets?

Shiri_Appleby: I�m having a hard time talking about it because I don�t want to give away the story, lzprkr, but it�s juicy!

Moderator: I Gabby is worried

I Gabby: Are you worried since the show has only been renewed for 13 episodes?? What can we do to make sure that it gets renewed for the other 9 episodes it so desperately deserves?

Shiri_Appleby: Tell everyone who has a Nielson rating to watch it, I Gabby! Even those with Nielson Rating, too! I�m not worried because whatever�s meant to be is meant to be. I think the show is good quality televisons and I�m hoping it will get picked up. But I�m not worrying about it.

Moderator: violet2911 is asking this from the Blab Library

Violet2911: what have you read recently?

Shiri_Appleby: Ooh, good question, violet. Today I just finished �The Notebook� by Nicholas Sparks �� And then before that I read �The Bridges of Madison County� for the first time and I cried a lot! And I just read �Summer Sisters� by Judy Blume. And today I just started the second Harry Potter.

SPEAKER_nickyapper: WHOO HOO!

Moderator: Yeah for Harry! This is another question from the mailbag for ya

NickMyst: (from the mail bag) Do you get to see a final print of an episode before it airs, or do you see it for the �first� time like the viewers do? If so, are you ever surprised by any of the editing cuts that are made?

Shiri_Appleby: We get a copy of the tape between a week and five days before it airs. Sometimes I am a bit surprised by what they cut. But they always tend to cut the secondary storylines, in favor of the main story �� Because the main story is pretty in depth.

SPEAKER_nickyapper: You gotta trust that they know what they are doing ��

Moderator: sararules saw you in the video!!

sararules: I think you looked great in the Bon Jovi video, any other videos in the works?

Shiri_Appleby: I just made my cousin�s video with all of his friends in college but I don�t think it�ll be on MTV any time soon, sararules. But other than that, no.

Moderator: elliebee wonders about the filming location

elliebee: What do you think of the town you film in?

Shiri_Appleby: Covina �� they are really nice people, really great. They are always out on the street watching the shoot. Friendly, elliebee.

Moderator: noggin08 is a sports fan!

noggin08: Do you like sports?

Shiri_Appleby: I like watching gymnastics and football and hocky of television. And I went to the first Laker playoffs this year, noggin. When they played the Pacers.

Moderator: liz2themax has a human question (grin)

liz2themax: With the shift to sci-fi do you think the humans will have interesting storylines? or are they just there as �sidekicks�?

Shiri_Appleby: The humans seem to take part in the alien drama a lot.

Moderator: here is a scary question from the mailbag

NickFrog: Do you ever get scared during a scary scene? Have any of the story lines ever freaked you out?

Shiri_Appleby: Well, when you read them for the first time, its scary. But when you shoot it, it�s not scary because you break it up and do it so many times �� It definitely takes the fear out.

Moderator: babygirlie worries that you never have time for yourself

babygurlie: I know your schedule must be busy. What is your favorite past time off the set?

Shiri_Appleby: I hang out with my friends a lot. I knit and I crochet and I read a lot of books. Do a lot of photography.

Moderator: from teddybehr

teddybehr: I love Roswell. I hear you�re very close with the rest of the cast. What are they like?

Shiri_Appleby: Majandra is one of my closest friends. It�s weird �� I�ve known them for a long time, we�ve been working together for 3 years �� But I only know them at work �� at work they are all really nice people, but because we work together so much we don�t hang out to much. You spend so much time together at work you need your little breaks on the weekend, teddybehr.

Moderator: lzprkr misses the voiceovers from Liz

lzprkr: Do you know if we will ever hear Liz�s voiceovers from her diary on the show again?

Shiri_Appleby: I don�t know, I sure hope so. I thought they were fun.

Moderator: Oh! Emsters has a great question!

Emsters: What has been your favorite episode to shoot so far?

Shiri_Appleby: The Pilot�s by far my favorite. Well, it was just so exciting because it was a new group of people�� We shot the pilot for 12 days and I had that very nervous and exciting feeling, driving to work each day �� Every day was exciting for me. I was doing a lot of things I didn�t think I was capable of �� It was the first thing I did as an adult. And it was the most exciting thing for me because I learned a lot.

Moderator: shiriluvr sounds like a huge fan of yours!

shiriluvr: Do you like Rosie O�Donnell? You should go on her show sometimes. How do you like Japanese food? Boston loves you!

Shiri_Appleby: I love Rosie O�Donnell. When her show first premiered I went to her show and sat in the audience. I would love to do the show, shiriluvr. I really like Chinese food �� and I love sushi but I just got into it a year and a half ago.

Moderator: jbehr is excited about the upcoming episodes

jbehr: Can you tell us anything about the upcoming episode called �end of the world�? it looks to be one of the best! and have you or any of the other members of the set ever pulled any pranks?

Shiri_Appleby: �The End of the World� �� I really like it a lot, it�s a really good, sweet episode �� There�s a lot of Liz and Max in it. We joke around a lot but we don�t have time to pull pranks.

SPEAKER_nickyapper: Wow!! That busy, huh?!?

Shiri_Appleby: I think we just joke around a lot with each other but I can�t really remember anyone pulling a prank.

Moderator: bree72809 loves Nickelodeon!

bree72808: What is your favorite NickToon show?

Shiri_Appleby: My favorite Nick show is �The Secret World of Alex Mack�, and I was on �the Amanda Show� too.

SPEAKER_nickyapper: OOh, how was that??

Shiri_Appleby: It was so fun! Tangi Miller from �Felicity� did that with me, and I played a big nerd they all made fun of, and I got my head stuck in the toilet!

SPEAKER_nickyapper: Oh, �The Girls� Room!!�.

Moderator: roswella has a comment and a question

roswella: I just wanted to let Shiri know that her work on the show is much appreciated and that we are all pulling for a full season! What type of character, if any, would you like to play in the future?

Shiri_Appleby: Thank you very much, Roswella�Cthat�s really nice. I hope we get the full season, as well. I want to do a comedy, play someone who�s fun and really spontaneous, off the wall and eccentric.

Moderator: since it is so close to Halloween, I am not surprised we received this question from the mailbag

NICKFrog: Do you still go trick or treating & what are you going to dress up as for Halloween?

Shiri_Appleby: I haven�t gone �� I think last year we working on Halloween. Last year I went to a party and dressed up as a Harley Davidson chick. This year I don�t know yet, I usually pull it together at the last minute.

Moderator: eponymous loves your acting!!

eponymous1: One of the things I love about your portrayal of Liz are your facial expressions, when you roll your eyes (like you did in the Pilot) or bite your lip. Who comes up with those, you or the director?

Shiri_Appleby: I come up with them while I�m doing it �� but I�m not really aware of the fact I�m doing them.

Moderator: crescendo would love your advice

crescendo: What advice do you have for aspiring actors and actresses?

Shiri_Appleby: If you want to get into the business, make sure you�re doing it because you want it. You have to enjoy the experience of auditioning, because that�s the hardest part. You have to put yourself out there. and if you�re rejected, remember they are not rejecting you, it�s just that you don�t fit something specific they have in their head ��

SPEAKER_nickyapper: oh definitely!!

Shiri_Appleby: Basically just go out there and have fun.

Moderator: trababa is hoping for some inside scoop as a reward for coming to your chat

trababa: This season has begun with a bang��well several. Are we in store for more surprises in the season?

Shiri_Appleby: You sure are, trababa! I can�t tell you what they are because then they wouldn�t be surprises!

SPEAKER_nickyapper: So you better keep watching!!!!

Moderator: pipernsalt is trying to work up some tears while asking this one

pipernsalt: How do you prepare for the emotional scenes i.e. crying in �Leaving Normal and �Destiny�?

SPEAKER_nickyapper: oooh, that is a hard one!!

Shiri_Appleby: I just think of what she�s going through �� in �Leaving Normal� it was her grandmother passing away and I had just experienced that soon before. In Destiny, she was walking away from something and that was really hard. I just put myself in her shoes. Because I�m so sensitive I�m easily brought to tears.

Moderator: hbrand269 is brightening up the Blab with a smile and a question!

hbrand269: This season it seems like the characters smile a lot more �� Is there a reason for this?

Shiri_Appleby: I haven�t been aware of that, hbrand ��

Moderator: 1cooldude has an interesting question!

1cooldude: If you weren�t a actor what do you think you would be doing right now?

Shiri_Appleby: If I wasn�t, I�d be in college, studying I don�t know what �� maybe English or psychology. I�d love to take an Art History class.

Moderator: ::drum roll while opening envelope::: another one from the mailbag at

NICKMare: Question: What movie do you really want to see? And why?

Shiri_Appleby: �Charlie�s Angels ���

SPEAKER_nickyapper: An of course you want to see �Rugrats in Paris�!!!

Shiri_Appleby: oh, of course!!

Moderator: :::handing maxliz4eva some tissues just in case:::

maxliz4eva: I saw a pic today from �The End Of The world�, I know u r not allowed to give information away, but should us max and liz dreamgirls grab our tissues?

Shiri_Appleby: definitely.

SPEAKER_nickyapper: nuff said!!!

Moderator: chapooh has a mythological question

chapooh: Many of us fans believe that Liz is the key to the alien�s mythology. Do you believe that this could be true?

Shiri_Appleby: I have no idea! I�ve talked about story points but I don�t really get into the mythology with the writers.

Moderator: missa0303 is an adoring fan

missa0303: 1st I just want to say that u are a great role model and an awesome actress also have ur parents supported ur acting career? how did u hear about roswell like before u got ur part and all?

Shiri_Appleby: That�s an interesting question, missa �� thank you! My parents are really supportive of my career �� so incredibly supportive of it and of me and the choices I�m making. Even if they don�t agree with what I decide to do, they help me through it. They respect me as an adult. My friends told me about the audition �� the casting director wasn�t interested in me, my friend told me that there was a show being cast with three girl parts and I should audition. So I asked my agent and she had a hard time getting me an audition �� so my friend gave David Nutter my picture and that�s how I got an audition.

Moderator: Oh I love this question from dempsgurl! It is a different twist on the Halloween questions!

dempsgurl: How do you feel that that some people want to dress up like YOU this Halloween?

SPEAKER_nickyapper: Hey there Blabbers!!! We have about 10 minutes left with Shiri Appleby, also known as Liz Parker from Roswell!

Shiri_Appleby: Are you kidding?? I don�t know �� that�s just �Wow� �� it�s so weird.

Moderator: roswell11 is wondering how you feel about this

roswell11: Do you believe that there really was a crash in 1947 in Roswell, NM?

Shiri_Appleby: Anything is possible, Roswell.

Moderator: melgan has an off-the-wall question for you (grin)

melgan: Ok I need your expert opinion on this. What would you name a female chocolate lab that you found on the side of the road?

SPEAKER_nickyapper: Send us your questions for Shiri NOW!! While she is still blabbing ��

Shiri_Appleby: Lucky?

SPEAKER_nickyapper: Hershey?

Shiri_Appleby: And then you could sing the Britney Spears� song!

SPEAKER_nickyapper: Toblerone?

Moderator: from disregular

disregular: I�m writing a paper for my college class at UCR about the popularity of Roswell. Roswell is both a teen drama and a sci-fi show. Which of those aspects make is so popular, or is it both aspects? What do you think? A quote from you would be great for my paper, I think my professor loves your show.

Shiri_Appleby: I think it�s the combination of the two.

SPEAKER_nickyapper: You will have to include Blab-a-torium in your footnotes!!!!

Shiri_Appleby: I don�t think the show would be quite as interesting if it was only based on one aspect ��

SPEAKER_nickyapper: She is trying to polish her comments for your paper ��

Shiri_Appleby: I think the science fiction aspect helps the relationships because there�s always something at risk.

SPEAKER_nickyapper: Be sure to send her a copy c/o THE WB!

Moderator: dwbhe has a weird question for ya!

dwbhe: is it weird playing a teenager on the show? would you want to go back to your high school days?

disregular: right on, thanks man

Shiri_Appleby: It�s not weird playing a teenager, I enjoyed every minute of high school, I really loved it. I would do it again, because I had so much fun, but I wouldn�t change anything, not even the bad parts.

Moderator: krnjester is wondering about your tv family

krnjester: Does the acting family that you work with make you feel as if they really are your real family?

Shiri_Appleby: The people who play my parents only come in every few episodes but I really enjoy working with them.

Moderator: :::::pulling staples out of this envelope:::: and now another question from the mailbag

NICKMyst: ( mailbag:) How many hours do you work on �Roswell� a day?

Shiri_Appleby: between 12 and 18.

Moderator: samros has our crystal ball handy

samros: where do you think that you will be in 25 years?

Shiri_Appleby: I hope I�m married with lots of kids, samros. I hope everyone in my family is healthy and doing well.

Moderator: our last question for the night comes from teddybehr and then we would love to hear about some of your plans

teddybehr: I love liz�s wardrobe this season. Do you have a say in the clothes you wear for the episodes?

Shiri_Appleby: Yes, I do! I wanted Liz to be a little more fun this year but still girly.

SPEAKER_nickyapper: WOW!! The time flies when you are having fun!!! Thanks for Blabbing with us, Shiri!!

SPEAKER_nickyapper: You have been a wonderful Blab-a-torium guest!!

Moderator: Thanks for being with us Shiri!!!

SPEAKER_nickyapper: Anything to tell us about before you go?

Shiri_Appleby: Keep watching �Roswell� Monday nights on the WB.

SPEAKER_nickyapper: I can�t wait!!!

Shiri_Appleby: and look for my film �A Time for Dancing.� It should be coming out next summer.

krnjester: SHIRI!! You�re wonderful!! Keep up the great and hard work! Love ya!

jmagrocks: your show is the best and i hope it never gets cancelled

SPEAKER_nickyapper: Also, you can see Shiri, this Saturday night on SNICK in �The Amanda Show�

Shiri_Appleby: Thanks for chatting!

SPEAKER_nickyapper: Bye Shiri!!!

Shiri_Appleby: Bye!

lovingbehr: Keep up the good work! You have a brilliant future ahead of you!

shiriguy:: we love you shiri!

December 2000

Down-to-Earth Shiri Appleby educates �Roswell�s� alienated Liz Parker

on December 1st, 2000

There�s a new Liz Parker in town. The teenager left her home town of Roswell, New Mexico for the summer to get away from the alien situation and reclaim her life. Now she�s back, and she has certainly changed.

�Liz has decided to be much stronger than she was last year; she wants to be very independent,� says Shiri Appleby, the actress who plays Parker on the WB�s teen-alien adventure Roswell. �She wants to separate herself from that world, because she wants to live in a world that�s safe and productive for her.� Roswell fared well enough in last year�s debut season to earn a 13-episode renewal, so Appleby finds herself back on the set for more teen angst and alien intrigue. �We worked for 18 hours yesterday,� she sighs. �That was pretty intense. Today I only had to work in the morning, which was nice.�

Human Elements

As for this season�s stronger, more independent Parker, Appleby says producer Jason Katims is responsible. �One of the things he stressed with me was not to let Liz become so vulnerable. He wants me to let her feel things, but also to have her stand up for herself more. Liz is dealing with all this alien stuff, though, and her life and her friends� lives are always in jeopardy. Those were really huge situations. The only way I could translate those to a 16-year-old girl�s feelings was to be scared scared for my life and other peoples� lives. This place [Roswell] is not safe territory. I think that�s why Liz became so vulnerable.�

Now Parker is 17, and a junior at Roswell High. After spending the summer with her aunt in Florida, she has taken a job working for a congresswoman who comes to Roswell. �We find out she�s not necessarily a congresswoman,� says Appleby. �In the season�s first few episodes, Liz is pushing Max away. He�s ready to jump into the relationship again, and Liz needs time to adjust to being back in town and being her own person.. She went away and decided this [relationship] wasn�t the best thing for her. So she�s fighting off the love of her life and going in this new direction with a new job. Meanwhile, they�re all back at school, too.�

The safe and normal life that Parker tries to create for herself won�t endure, of course. �No, but it lasts a few episodes,� says Appleby, who�s currently working on the sixth episode (due to air this month).

�I�m happy with the way Liz is growing up,� adds the 21-year-old Appleby. �I�ve never been a part of something for such a long period of time, so it�s wonderful to see how this other person is evolving. She�s still very young and girlie, but now she�s interning with a congresswoman. It�s nice to see her doing something else, becoming rather professional. She�s making stronger choices in her life.�

Appleby admits she occasionally chafes at her character�s naivet��. �I�m a little more spunky than Liz. She is just very sweet and innocent, and that�s sometimes a problem because I want to make her more outgoing. I can be shy and vulnerable at times, but those are not the dominant characteristics of my personality. I want to put a little more of me into her. It has been nine months; it�s not like a film where you only do the character for three months. So that has been challenging for me. I�m a different person than she is. The things Liz says, I would never say. She�s from a small town, and she has only been exposed to so much. I was raised in Los Angeles. So Liz is a little more sheltered than I am. She�s outgoing and funny when she needs to be, but because her life is always in jeopardy, Liz isn�t the normal 17-year-old kid.�

Parker finds herself in a situation that is completely, no pun intended, alien to Appleby. But that�s just another challenge for the actress. �Nobody that I know has ever been in Liz�s situation, so I can�t relate it to anything in my own life. That�s difficult. But at the same time, I can try to translate it into typical high school feelings of being left out and alone.�

Appleby originally auditioned for all three of Roswell�s main female characters the other two being Isabel Evans (now realized by Katherine Heigl) and Maria de Luca (Majandra Delfino). �When I first got the script for the pilot, I was reading all the roles to myself in my apartment. I really liked [the part of Liz], but I didn�t want to push. As an actor, you convince yourself that you can do any of them. That�s your job. So I found different parts of my own personality for each character. But in the back of my mind, I had to admit��it�s fun to be the lead.�

Interestingly, the show�s casting director wasn�t too keen on Appleby for any of the roles. �She didn�t want to bring me to the producers, but a friend of mine is friends with David Nutter [who directed the pilot], and he gave him my picture and resume. So that�s how I got in the door. I�ve never done that before; it felt really weird. I didn�t want to push anymore and ask to read for the lead.�

Instead, Appleby read for Isabel and Maria. �They didn�t want me to read for Liz until the fifth time I came in,� Appleby explains, �because I wasn�t what they envisioned for the part. They kept bringing me back and finally, they said,�Why don�t we just have her read Liz?� So I did, and they brought me back a few more times. Eventually, when they realized I wasn�t right for Isabel, it was down to Maria and Liz. The last two times I went in, I was still reading both parts. When I found out I was going to test for the show, I asked,�Am I testing for Maria or am I testing for Liz?� They said it would be Liz; I was a little shocked.�

Katims and Nutter invited Appleby to their office on the Fox lot to rehearse with Jason Behr, who had been cast as Parker�s alien boy friend Max Evans. �We did it, and they didn�t have too much to say [as far as changes],� the actress recalls. �It happened instantly, which was great. They saw chemistry between Jason and me. Thereafter, when I tested for the network people, I had to read with Jason and when I tested for the studio people, I had to read with Jason. It was pretty cool.�

Cosmic Issues

Now, Appleby has her first season of network television under her belt. She never had such a demanding job in show business before this in fact, before landing Roswell, she was a student at the University of Southern California, studying English literature in addition to theater arts. So it�s not surprising that the most rewarding part of Season One for Appleby was simply getting through it. �It was long and I was in [practically] every scene,� she says. �I had never made a commitment like that to anything in my life. School never felt like a commitment. Taking this job was my first big adult decision. Suddenly, I was having to do press, and I was only 20 years old. Getting through the season proved to me that I�m a stronger person than I thought I was.�

�Don�t get me wrong,� Appleby adds. �I enjoyed every minute of it. But it�s very trying, and you have to grow up quickly. You have to realize you can�t go out to dinner on Sunday nights because you have to get up at 6 a.m. on Monday. It was like,�I know I�m a child, but I have to act like an adult.� You have to maintain all the relationships in your life, but still do good work on set. Balancing this new world that I wasn�t accustomed to was hard. All these people were expecting so much from me, and I want to please them, and I want to please myself, too. But now that I�ve done it once, this season is so much more enjoyable. I�m having a fantastic time.�

Roswell is increasing its quotient of science fiction and action elements this season, a move that Appleby describes as an effort by the writers to focus the series� format. �The SF drives the series now,� she says. �The relationships are still dominant as the heart of the show, but they don�t necessarily make up every scene. That has made it really nice, because I�ve had days off this season. When I�m at work, I appreciate it more.�

Although she has no interest in SF herself, Appleby believes the new direction is good for the series. �Last year was difficult for the writers, because they didn�t know what was supposed to drive the stories along. Are we an SF show? A love story? Do we have a younger audience or an older one? It was hard to find a happy medium. This year they�ve come up with some really wonderful scripts. The SF helps keep the stories moving, but the relationships are still there, now being tried through the SF problems. I think it�s terrific, because the audience won�t get sick of one thing or another. There are so many different dynamics on the show. This year Roswell has evolved and come into its own, and we all know what we�re doing.�

Does Appleby think Roswell is hottest among teens, or are older adults beginning to embrace the show? �Our audience is definitely a little older,� she opines. �This past summer, our major website threw a huge party and people from all over the world came. All the cast was there, too. Many of the people who attended were adults. It was surprising because you would think that being on the WB, [viewers would be younger]. But it seems like our audience is more mature. They�re attracted to the show because they see those couples who are willing to risk so much for each other, and put their lives on the line for each other. That�s what draws them to Roswell.�

What draws Parker to Max is a little more enigmatic. Sure, he saved her life in the pilot, but according to Appleby, there�s even more to the connection. �It�s the way he looks at her, and the way Liz feels when she�s with him,� she reflects. �Liz feels really safe with Max. It�s a feeling she doesn�t get from anyone else. The just fit.�

Given the number of intimate scenes between Appleby and Behr in the first season, it�s a good thing the two young actors enjoy working together. �Jason is a really wonderful person to work with, very professional and prepared,� Appleby notes. �We�ve become really good friends. Of course, it can be hard, because we spend so many hours a day playing this intense couple. But we�re able to communicate and figure it all out. I like working with him because he�s there for me. When we do scenes that are uncomfortable, like scenes where we�re making out, Jason makes it very comfortable to shoot. I feel lucky to be working with him every day. But no matter who you�re working with, it�s difficult to do that kind of stuff because it�s so personal. I may be playing a character, someone who is not me, but that is still my body, you know? That�s my mouth he�s kissing! Jason is wonderful. He�ll say,�Is this comfortable for you? Do you want me to put my hand somewhere else?� And I don�t feel uncomfortable saying certain things. So I think we�re both lucky.�

Besides Behr, another of Appleby�s closest friends in the cast is Delfino. �She�s fantastic, and she has the best comic timing,� Appleby enthuses. �I love working with her.� Colin Hanks, who plays Alex, is also revered by Appleby. �Colin is a dear friend of mine. He is a wonderful person, down to Earth and fun. He�s really positive and full of energy.� Heigl impresses Appleby with �smart choices. She�s very intelligent. I�m also impressed by how much she reads on set.� Of Nick Wechsler, who plays Parker�s unlucky former boyfriend Kyle, Appleby says,�He�s hysterical! Nick is witty and very personable, and so giving. I know he hates his performances and doesn�t watch them. Isn�t that crazy? He�s so good. It has been great to work with him, because he�s always pushing the scene further and pushing himself harder. He won�t accept anything as it is.�

The introduction of the new teen alien Tess (Emilie de Ravin) in the latter half of last season injected some welcome friction into the Parker/Evans relationship. �It�s nice to have that,� Appleby says. �In fact,�Tess. Lies, and Videotape� is probably my favorite episode, along with the pilot. Tess added conflict for Liz and Max. She complicated their relationship. Not that it was easy to begin with, but Tess is an interesting twist thrown in there. Emilie is a really sweet girl and she works hard.�

Unearthly Parts

Roswell is not Appleby�s first foray into the science fiction universe. She had a small role as Brigid Manilla in �The 13th Floor,� the film adaptation of Daniel Galouye�s novel �Simulacron-3�� about a virtual reality computer simulation that calls into question the authenticity of our own reality. Appleby played a 1930s burlesque dancer with a secret. �That was one of the first times I was in a film and had something to do,� she says. �It was fun. I only worked on it about five days, but it was wonderful. I enjoyed all the dancing.�

She also appeared as sidekick wannabe Tara in two �Xena: Warrior Princess� episodes: �Forgiven� and �A Tale of Two Muses.�

�Those were great experiences! I had just turned 19, and it was the first time I had ever left the country by myself [Xena shoots in New Zealand]. It was also the first time I had been given a part that big a huge milestone in my career. The people over there were superb. Lucy Lawless is so giving; she talked to me all the time about following what I believed in and not giving in to other people. She did �Grease� on Broadway, and I like singing show tunes, so I would make her sit outside with me and sing all the time.�

If Roswell were to enjoy a run of several years on the WB, Appleby would be glad to be part of it. At the same time, her ultimate goal is to one day segue into features. �The bottom line is, I want to work,� she says. �I love acting, whatever the outlet. But in films, I can play a person for three or four months and really commit to that, and be part of the process of developing the film. I would like to have input and be part of the artistic development. On TV, there�s not enough time for you to get involved beyond your own character. I would like to be involved in the whole process.�

In the meantime, Shiri Appleby will keep breathing life into Liz Parker, small-town girl with intergalactic problems. And one day soon, she will finally visit the real-life town of Roswell, New Mexico. �I haven�t been there yet,� she chuckles, �but I�m definitely interested in going. I�ve just got to check it out.�

December 2000
by Bill Florence

All�s Well That�s Roswell

on February 1st, 2001
Shiri Appleby is anything but an alienated teen��she only plays one on TV.

In her first major TV role, Shiri Appleby stars as high school student Liz Parker on the WB surprise hit series Roswell, a show that�s taken the theme of teenage alienation to out-of-this-world heights. In the first few episodes alone, Liz found herself accidentally shot, miraculously healed and falling in love with the only alien at school, all while dealing with the tribulations of more earth-bound high school dramas. But while 21-year-old Shiri makes playing Liz look all too easy, her real high school experiences were anything but alienated.

A cheerleader, yearbook editor and member of student council, �Shiri was one of the happy people in class,� says her yearbook advisor, Susan Dupuy. �She was just a very talented, bright girl and very optimistic. I was so delighted when she made it. I know she�s worked very hard to get where she is.�


Credits: sophomore cheerleader at Calabasas HS, Woodland Hills, CA
Major Appearances: football and basketball games
Mascot Moniker: Coyotes
School Colors: brown and gold
On The Side: As if acting and cheering weren�t enough to fill the days of this over-achieving teen, Shiri was also a member of Leadership council and editor of the yearbook. �And I actually had normal jobs,� says Shiri. �One summer I worked as a hostess and I was a camp counselor.�
Shiri Says: �A cheerleader today is someone who is confident in themselves, their school and their peers.�

Shiri got her first acting gig at the age of four, starring in Taco Bell and Cheerios commercials. But by high school, with heaps of experience performing in front of the camera, a live audience was still anything but inviting. �The one thing that stands out most in my mind when I was a cheerleader was going to camp,� says Shiri. �We were really nervous and excited and had rehearsed our routine over and over. We were just praying we wouldn�t screw up,� she continues. �I was in the front and had to do a toe touch, something I had never successfully completed. I just couldn�t stop thinking that everyone was going to laugh at me because I was sure I was going to fall on my face,� she adds. �Our squad was called, we did the routine and I landed my first, last and only toe touch.� It was also her first, last and only year as a CHS cheerleader.

�I cheered only my sophomore year because I wanted to get involved in different activities on campus,� says Shiri. �It wasn�t a hard decision (to leave cheering) because I was always excited to try new things.� But, Shiri says her time on the squad taught her many lessons still with her today. �I learned how to work with all different types of people while I was a cheerleader,� she says. �Everyone loved what they were doing but they also had different opinions on how they should be done. I learned how to compromise and communicate.�


Star-Studded School: Shiri isn�t the only small screen star to attend CHS. Boy Meets World�s Danielle Fishel and former child star and current NYPD Blue cutie Ricky Shroeder both graced the halls at Calabasas High.

Alien Encounter: The CIA officially closed a 20-year-long investigation into three �alien crash sites� the U.S. Army found near Roswell, NM on July 4, 1947, saying they were determined to be nothing more than a military experiment. UFOlogists still call Roswell the biggest military cover-up ever.

Role Call: While many actors are hand-picked for television shows, Shiri landed her part on Roswell the old-fashioned way-an audition.

Now in her second season on Roswell, Shiri is making her way back to the big screen with the soon-to-be-released flick, A Time For Dancing, about two high school girls whose love for dancing is challenged when one of them is diagnosed with cancer. A dancer most of her life, Shiri says her years of ballet, jazz and gymnastics training helped her land the role. �She danced so very well,� says the movie�s choreographer, Marguerite Derricks, whose r��sum�� boasts titles like Austin Powers 2: The Spy Who Shagged Me, Striptease and the Gap �� Go-Go commercials. �She is just extremely talented,� adds the three-time Emmy winner. �She has such a fiery attitude and she brought that to her character in the film. She definitely has the ability to go further as a dancer or an actress.� Liz Parker fans rest assured; Shiri has no plans to trade her alien encounters for a Broadway career any time soon.


TV Triumph: Starring in her first TV series, Roswell; recurring role on Xena: Warrior Princess; Sunday Dinner (1991); Knight & Daye (1989); guest appearances on Doogie Howser and ER.

Film Flashes: A Time For Dancing (soon to be released); The Thirteenth Floor (1999); Family Prayers (1993); Perfect Family (1992); I Love You To Death (1990); Go To The Light (1998); Curse II: The Bite (1988); The Killing Time (1987); Blood Vows: The Story Of A Mafia Wife (1987).

A Face To Remember: In only her first year as a recognizable TV star, Shiri found herself on the covers of Teen, Seventeen and Teen People, in the Bon Jovi video It�s My Life and as a Teen Choice Awards nominee for best actress.


Music group: Dave Matthews Band
Movie: Beaches
Vintage TV show: I Love Lucy
Cereal: Lucky Charms
Cartoon: Care Bears
Song that energizes you: Oops��I Did It Again
Thing to collect: photographs
Holiday: Hanukah
Part of fame: Getting to answer questions like this
Time of year: summer
Book to curl up with: Summer Sisters, by Judy Blume
Rainy day activity: Rent a movie

February, 2001
Alyssa Roegnik
American Cheerleader

Roswell Returns to Earth

July 7, 2001

Shiri Appleby, star of the teen alien series Roswell, told SCI FI Wire that she's looking forward to a return to the central romance between alien Max and human Liz in the upcoming third season, when the show moves to UPN from The WB. In an interview, Appleby added that she agreed that the series' harder science-fiction edge last season may have alienated some of the show's core fans.

"I think one of the great aspects about the show was the love and the feelings and the fact that these characters felt so deeply over this science fiction aspect," Appleby said during UPN's fall preview for reporters in Pasadena, Calif. "And when you went too science fiction, you lost a lot of the emotion. So hopefully this year, with the UPN support, we'll be able to combine the two strengths, and the show will actually be able to blossom this year. The first season was great, but it was a lot of work, because it was only love story, which means it was me and Jason [Behr] working so many hours per day. And then second season, it was just the science fiction. So you were, like, wanting the emotion, versus in first season you were wanting more of a break from it, because it was so emotional and it took so much out of you. And so I think this year [executive producer] Jason [Katims] is really focusing on, like, giving the audience both of it, so they can get involved in the craziness of it, but still feel for the characters."

Appleby said that it troubled her that the show shifted its focus from Liz and Max, played by Behr. "It bothered me to some degree, but at the same time, you acknowledge the fact that you're part of an ensemble show, and ... there's so many great characters and so many great actors, that it was wonderful for the audience to get a little bit of a taste of everything. And the show started off that way. And it came and went. ... It was sort of nice to have a break. But ... I think this season is going to be focused on Max and Liz getting back together, and their trials and tribulations, and the Isabel romance. I think there will be a lot of things going on, but I think the focal point will be the love between the two of them, finally." Roswell premieres on UPN at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Oct. 16.

Appleby Happy Roswell's Back

**This article may be spoilerish in content**
From Sci-Fi, Sept 14th/2001

Roswell star Shiri Appleby (Liz) told SCI FI Wire that--despite the fact co-star Brendan Fehr made it clear he didn't want to return to the SF series by not attending UPN's press preview and from statements by his representatives--there's been no resulting tension on the set. "Now that he's here, we're all friends, so it's still fun," she said in an interview. "I think everyone is entitled to their opinion."

But did Appleby want to return, or was she eager to get on with the rest of her career? "The show has given me so much that I sort of prepared myself either way," said the 22-year-old actress, who did attend the press preview for the Television Critics Association and who has been actively promoting Roswell in the build-up to its third-season premiere on Oct. 9. "To me, the show is my first big, adult job. So if the show was going to stick around, I was definitely happy to be continuing with it. And if Roswell was going to go away, I was also prepared."

Roswell's new season--its first on UPN--will begin with "Busted," which finds a rebellious Liz and Max (Jason Behr) getting arrested while attempting to rob a liquor store. It's an act they commit as part of Max's effort to find the son he sired with turncoat alien Tess (Emilie de Ravin). The episode will mark a return to the show's pivotal Liz-Max storyline, which--along with the character of Liz--became secondary for the better part of year two. "At the beginning it was a little bit frustrating, but then you just realize that you are part of an ensemble, and there are a lot of stories to be told," said Appleby, who shot the upcoming big-screen thriller Swimfan85 during her summer hiatus. "To be honest, it was nice to have a break for a little while. I found it interesting to watch Max with another person. And it was interesting for me to have Devon Gummersall come on the show [as Sean DeLuca], because it gave me the chance to work with someone else. But it was a little hard at the beginning."

Why�Roswell� Refuses to Die

on September 20th, 2001
It�s the show no one can kill.

�Roswell� barely made it onto the air three years ago. The WB network picked it up only after Fox, despite great pilot buzz, passed on the right to take the show to series. Then low first-season ratings doomed it to the scrap heap, but die-hard fans flooded WB executives with enough bottles of Tabasco sauce to ensure a second season.

Season two came and went, and once again �Roswell� sat precariously on the bubble. It seemed like the end of the road for the agonizing �Romeo and Juliet� relationship between the human Liz (Shiri Appleby) and the alien Max (Jason Behr), not to mention their human allies (Majandra Delfino, William Sadler and Nick Wechsler) and alien pals (Katherine Heigl and Brendan Fehr).

But then the rumors started: WB was canceling �Roswell,� but UPN would pick it up.

�I didn�t think we�d go away,� Appleby says with a laugh. �But I didn�t know where we�d go.�

In the end UPN raided WB not only for �Roswell� but also for �Buffy the Vampire Slayer.� Even better for �Roswell,� UPN will launch �Roswell� on Oct. 9 in the cushy post-�Buffy� time slot.

What gives? Why won�t people and we�re talking viewers and studio executives alike ever let �Roswell� die?

�It�s a really good question,� Appleby says by telephone from the �Roswell� wardrobe room at Paramount Pictures� Hollywood lot. �My guess is that people like Max and Liz, and for two years they�ve wanted to see them get together and be happy.

The audience, I think, also likes seeing characters who are willing to risk everything for one another, constantly, and there�s something very romantic about that,� she continues. �You�ve also got these friends who are willing to miss school, to put their lives in jeopardy to save these kids. I just think Roswell is a very positive show that people can watch every week.�

Viewers who watched the second-season finale, �The Departure,� witnessed Tess (Emilie de Ravin) the fourth alien and the murderer of the group�s friend Alex (Colin Hanks) ascend into the cosmos with the son she had conceived with Max. The other aliens, surprising even themselves, chose to remain in Roswell.

Season two will kick off with �Busted.�

�Max and Liz are going to be together,� Appleby says. �It�s exciting. The scenes are really sweet and romantic between them. It�s also very dangerous, because Max and Liz start rebelling together. They hold up a liquor store and get arrested. Liz�s parents forbid her from seeing Max, but Max and Liz are working together to contact Max�s son.

�What I�m most excited about is that you�ll get to see these two people that are so passionate about each other finally be with each other,� she says. �And you get into it in the very first scene. The whole first episode, you�ll see the past couple of months in flashbacks and see how they got to the place where the first episode starts. It catches you up, and you see how they�ve gotten to the place they are now.�

�They�ve completely rebelled against everything,� Appleby concludes. �They�re not as sweet and wholesome as they used to be.�

The same might be said of Appleby herself. Barely two years ago she stood before a phalanx of journalists at a WB event heralding the addition of �Roswell� to its fall schedule. The actress pretty much hid behind Behr and let him do the talking.

Back then, Appleby admits, she was the proverbial deer in the headlights. But no longer.

�I think the entire experience of working on the show has made me grow up really quickly,� says the 22-year-old actress, who shot the upcoming thriller �Swimfan85�� during her summer hiatus. �When I did that event I was totally frightened. I�d never done an interview before no one had ever wanted to take my picture before, at least not of me as an actor.�

�I just didn�t know how to react to any of it,� she recalls. �I didn�t necessarily know if I was ready to become `famous.�

�I had so many choices to make and so many opportunities,� she says. �I had to start making decisions for myself, and once I started realizing that I could make them and that I was actually capable of surviving in an adult world, I think it gave me a sense of confidence in myself.�

�Now I�ve found things I want to fight for and I�ve gone after them,� Appleby says. �I�ve realized that not every situation is worth a battle. I know how to choose now what�s important to me and what�s not important to me.

�And I think Roswell has given me all of that.�

September 20, 2001
by Ian Spelling
Entertainment News Daily

Cinescape: Shiri Talks About Season

on September 21st, 2001
ROSWELL�s third season is looming, and cast member Shiri Appleby is talking a little bit about what lies ahead.

Specifically, Appleby spoke to Ian Spelling�s syndicated Inside Trek & Sci Fi column about the season opener �Busted,� saying, �Max and Liz are going to be together. It�s exciting. The scenes are really sweet and romantic between them. It�s also very dangerous, because Max and Liz start rebelling together. They hold up a liquor store and get arrested. Liz�s parents forbid her from seeing Max, but Max and Liz are working together to contact Max�s son.

�What I�m most excited about is that you�ll get to see these two people that are so passionate about each other finally be with each other. And you get into it in the very first scene. The whole first episode, you�ll see the past couple of months in flashbacks and see how they got to the place where the first episode starts. It catches you up, and you see how they�ve gotten to the place they are now.

�They�ve completely rebelled against everything. They�re not as sweet and wholesome as they used to be.�

September 21, 2001
by Frank Kurtz
Ian Spelling/Inside Trek & Sci Fi

Shiri Appleby's Interview for Venice Magazine

- Oct 2001


Talks about acting, family, friends, and the joys of doing laundry

by David beebe
photography Jesse hill
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You know her as Liz Parker on the hit UPN show, "Roswell." Over the past two seasons you�ve seen her grow from a shy, love obsessed girl, to a powerful take-charge player, and she promises that this season you�ll see a whole lot more of her in other ways.

Like her character, actress Shiri Appleby has many sides to her personality. She is sometimes quiet and reserved, sometimes loud and outgoing, but mostly she�s just a normal girl who happens to be part of a great show that has a huge fan base.

Appleby has been in front of the camera since she was a kid, first doing commercials and then moving on to guest spots on television series. She took a break from acting during high school so she could enjoy what high school is all about : good friends, good times, and, of course, a good education. She returned to acting during college, when she landed her role on "Roswell."

Venice Magazine caught up with Appleby at a recent photo shoot in Hollywood. Even though she�s done a ton of interviews and has appeared on several magazine covers, she admits that she still feels weird talking about herself, even today. Sitting poolside in the shade, she manages to open up a bit, telling us about growing up, acting, "Roswell," the current affairs of the United States, and more.

I guess I should start off by asking you about the recent terrorist attacks. Do you remember what you were doing when it happened?
Yeah, I was sleeping. Someone called me and woke me up and told me to turn the television on, and it was just crazy. I sat in front of the television for like 14 hours that day, just watching.

How are you handling it so far?
I�m still absorbing it. I guess it�s one of the most profound things that has happened in my life and I don�t really know how to explain how I feel because of the fact that it�s just beginning and I�m just seeing images and I don�t yet have the whole story. It�s absolutely an enormous tragedy and it�s a [singular] event that I can say has changed the way I lead my life.

Speaking of leading your life, how has becoming a successful actress changed it?
I guess it changes your life, but, at the same time, it makes your life a little bit normal. Now, people just react a little differently when they meet me. It just makes me look at reality [more closely] and weed out things that aren�t true. And I get to do a lot of fun things and meet a lot of cool people. It�s a really fun job.
You�ve been in front of the camera since you were a little kid. How much acting did you do up until high school?

I was working quite a bit. I had done about 50 commercials, I was a regular on three television shows, and tons of guest spots. I was really working all the time. It was fun, especially when I was younger, because you would go to sets and there would be donuts and people would just want to play with you and do your hair, so you think it�s a magical place when you�re younger. Now I look at it and it�s like all the magic is gone. Just seeing how many hours I sit there now.

When you got to high school, you took a break from acting. Why?
I just thought that high school was going to be the greatest time of my life and I didn�t really want to go to auditions. I remember my freshman year I was sitting in the waiting room [at an audition] and they told me the producers were going to be an hour and a half late. I was like, I have to go, there�s a football game in half an hour and I have to be there, so I�m not going to sit here anymore. High school was just too important to me. It was this time when I was growing up and there were new people, and cute boys, and going to auditions seemed so mundane. Spending my high school on a set with a studio teacher just did not compare. So when high school came around, my motivation kind of slipped.

You must have been really involved in high school then.
Oh yeah. I was the yearbook editor two years in a row. I was a cheerleader my sophomore year; I was in leadership. I was just that girl who was always running around with a camera. Everyone thought it was really dorky to get involved in the yearbook, but I was just convinced that it was cool. I really loved photography. They had nice cameras you could borrow on the weekend and it was really great. I made a whole world around high school. There was never a dull moment. My mom called it a soap opera. It was fun!

Were you planning on returning to acting?
Well, I wasn�t. The time comes to fill out your college applications and all my friends were going to attend Santa Barbara State, and that was just too far for me. I decided I was going to go by myself without any of my friends to the University Of Southern California, and I was in theater for a while. It was fun, but it wasn�t like being with my friends, so I become much more motivated to get a job so I could get out of school.

Were you bored in college?
No. I really liked the education part of it, but socially I wasn�t [enjoying] it like I was in high school. Once I got to college, I [thought] I�ll just keep taking these classes and I�ll learn a lot and just keep going to auditions and hopefully something will happen. Then my second year, during Christmas break, I made the pilot for "Roswell," and then by the end of my second year, it got picked up. In August we were shooting.

I read that the casting director for "Roswell" didn�t want to see you the first time around.
Yeah, it was like, no way, she doesn�t want to see me! I just had to show her that she was wrong. So I figured out a way to get in the door myself. The whole time it was never really about getting the job, it was about showing somebody that I knew what I was doing, or at least thinking I knew what I was doing. [laughs]

Then you ended up auditioning for all three female roles, right?
Yeah, I auditioned for all three parts like eight times; it was crazy.

What are the differences between the new season and the past two?
Hmm, it will be better this year, I think. The first season was all about relationships, the second season revolved around science fiction, and this year they�re trying to combine the two. I think it�s so much better this way, because you don�t get an overdose of either one. I think it keeps the audience more entertained.

Your character (Liz Parker) is quite involved in relationships.
Oh yeah, she is quite involved, a little obsessed, I think. This season, she and Max start dating again and they rebel together and they hold up a liquor store and get arrested. Then she�s forbidden to see him, so they have to hide and do these romantic things. You sort of see how they get back together, but I really don�t know what will happen then.

The WB cancelled "Roswell" at the end of the last season and then UPN picked it up this season. How did the network change affect you?
Personally, from my end, it didn�t really change, because it�s all the same people I see everyday, I still go to the same set. Thankfully, UPN picked us up and they�ve been really supportive of the show. And, they�re allowing the writers to write what they actually want to write; so I think this will be the best season so far.

What was the fans� reaction to the uncertainty of "Roswell?"
Well, we have a very loyal fan base for the show. When they thought it was going to get cancelled after the first season, they sent in like 10,000 bottles of Tabasco to the network, because the aliens like hot sauce. So that got around to the news media, and it showed we really had loyal fans, so the show didn�t get cancelled. The second season, after it got cancelled, the fans heard that it might go over to UPN, so they started sending bottles of hot sauce again to UPN. They sent letters, overloaded their email systems, and they even took an ad out for me in Variety last year. They�re just very loyal fans. Their persistence is what keeps the show alive.

How did your relationships with your friends change when you got the role on "Roswell?"
It changed them all, because in the first season, I was really fighting everything, I was like,�This is not happening to me��I�m still in college.� I didn�t want it to be different from my friends, but that fight made it really worse, because I wasn�t expecting my life to change, but after a while, you start to resent yourself for not enjoying what is happening to you and you�re doing it because you want to make the people close to you feel comfortable with it. So it takes a little while to accept what is happening, and say,�Ok, I can�t be ashamed or embarrassed, or feel like I owe other people things because I�ve gotten lucky.� So, you sort of have to work at it, and certain people deal with it differently. Some people are comfortable watching people at their low points while other people like watching people at their high points. One has to react to the situations and people and it takes people a little bit of time to accept what is happening, as it does with anybody. I think it�s more like a life metaphor than just my situation. But, now at this point, I don�t see it as a big deal. It�s exciting, but you have to be like,�Ok, this is my job, this is what I love to do, and I shouldn�t be embarrassed because I�m an actor.�

I hear you just finished a new film.
Yes, I did a movie this summer, tentatively called SwimFan85. It�s a story of temptation set in high school. My character is going out with a boy played by Jesse Bradford (Speedway Junky, Bring It On) who is a swimmer and they have this great relationship. Then this new girl comes into town played by Erika Christensen (Traffic), and they have one night of lust and romance and it goes crazy from there.

How is working on television different from working on movies?
It�s totally different, because TV is so quick��they give you the script two days before and you just start going. There are no rehearsals, it�s like, ok, stand there, turn your head a little more towards the light, and go! With movies, it�s like you�ve got two weeks to sit around, get to know each other, talk about your characters, figure out the relationships, and then when you get to the set, it�s very quiet. On a TV set, everyone is friends; you�re there for nine months, everyone is playing games, and it�s just hectic. I feel like it�s grad school for acting.

Do you enjoy one more than the other?
No, it�s all fun. Personally, as an actor, I really like making a film, and I would also love to do theater. And, as an actor who really likes having a job, I love doing television. [laughs]

Is there a direction you want to go in?
Well, I�d really like to do film and theater, but I have a commitment to the show that I am definitely willing to ride with until it�s finished. I don�t need everything right now.

What are you doing when you�re not working?
I visit Santa Barbara a lot because that�s where a lot of my friends went to school. I go to the beach and paddle around out there. I�m learning how to play the guitar, I�m obsessed with backgammon, I knit, I crochet, and I read a lot. In fact, I�m reading The Great Gatsby now. I hate going to the grocery store, but I really like doing laundry.

You like doing laundry?
I love doing laundry! I find it to be so therapeutic; it�s like the greatest thing in the world. Not that I ever iron anything. No, I just take it out of the dryer, kind of mash it up a little, and then throw it in the drawer. Just the whole laundry aspect of it. It�s just fun to clean it and wash it out. It�s like my room��it will stay messy for five or six days, then I�ll clean it, then it will be dirty again in a few days.

What does your family think of your acting career so far?
Well, my parents are very proud of me and very protective. They want to make sure I do and say the right things. My brother thinks it�s pretty cool, too. He just wants me to be very wholesome. My brother is a very smart computer science major at UCLA, and when we sit down, it�s like, ok, you have a lot more to say than I do! Overall, they�re all very proud.

What keeps you going in this business?
Well, a lot of things. I really like acting and auditioning. I like being put under pressure and having to perform. I also like the fact that I�m in different situations, and I have to figure my way out of them. I am also in love with the expression part of it. That�s what really drives me.

Sounds like you really enjoy being an actor.
Yeah, well, this kind of stuff (interviews by the press) is fun when it comes to me, but I always feel awkward sitting here talking about myself, and saying,�Yes, I�d like to be famous���well, that�s just not me. I just feel so pretentious sitting here. It gives me a headache afterwards; then I sit in my car, thinking, did I say anything I shouldn�t have?

What�s next for you?
I�m working on "Roswell" until April, and then I don�t know. I�ll be 23 in December so I�m going to have a big birthday party!

Sensual Shiri Appleby: From shy student to actress
on October 1st, 2001

Scifi is far out of 22 years Shiri Appleby`s real life. At the side of �Roswell� she has maked her brake throught to movies. At her freetime she likes to rather read books than go to club parties.

What is your favorite thing that you do at your freetime ?
Shiri: When I am not at work the beach is my life. I also love to do shopping at Santa Barbara`s State Street. It is a really beautiful place and there is lot things to do. I start my free days with the breakfast at Malibu then I drive to Santa Barbara. When I visit Santa Barbara I must spent a half of the day at the beach!

Are you an party animal or couch potato?
Shiri: Couch potato is closer to truth I think. They can`t call me a party animal. I usually spend my freetime with my friends at some else places than clubs. Only place I thought I would go to check out is a karaoke bar that opens soon at my home street. I usually spend saturday nights watching TV.

How would you describe yourself ?
Shiri: Hmm.. At sundays I am like a new century flower child. I wake up early and I am going to market place to buy fresh flowers and cheese from farmers. I am not a lust sportler but some times I go to jogging or cycling. After a jog I go to home to make food, I get ready for next week and I go to sleep early.

People says that you have dependency on shopping is that true?
Shiri: No I am not dependency. Even that I enjoy shopping at mall. There is a big mall near of my parents home at Calabasas where we do go on saturdays to shop, eat and watch movies. There is also a good book store at there. I study english at the university and even that I am having a break from my studies I read a lot.

How long are you at your studies?
Shiri: Two years luckily over and two years ahead

Is it hard to connect work and studies?
Shiri: At the moment is impossible to connect them. I have a break on my studies because last year I did work nine months at �Roswell�. Then I started to film a movie. I just had two weeks holidays before we started to film �Roswell� again. This year it has been the same so I am very busy at the moment. I go back to studies at once when I have time to it.

What is your favorite school subject?
Shiri: Psychology

Do you have any time to hobbies at your free time?
Shiri: Of course. At summer I went to interrail to Europe. I photograph much and I am learning to play guitar. My favorite hobby is playing backgammon. I play it always when I have a change to do so.

Is it true that now days your are really love to animals?
Shiri: It is true. I have always liked to know what it is like to be a vet, but when cat bited me when I was young I have been avoiding animals. Then I went to vet`s office to help out. It was a great opportunity to me to face my fear. When I was at there I did anaesthetize three dogs. I really do appreciate the work that they are doing. The people are real heroes over there which save lifes. My work is just entertaiment.

You haven`t buyed a own dog?
Shiri: No but I have a cat. keeping dog would take too much time from me.

People talks lot about the romances at �Roswell� but do you have a time for your own romances?
Shiri: Unfortunately no.

Are you as happy about the return of �Roswell� that the fans are?
Shiri: Of course! I am a fan of lot of series myself. I haven`t do the same thing that our fans did to us myself to save different series. I am really grateful to our fans. It is really complimentary that someone likes to watch what we do all the days. Moreover my own work is a earning of our fans. Without their love the serie would be over.

Have you ever been in contact with your fans? They has own Roswell parties as well.
Shiri: They have fan parties all the time. I have visited some to thank them. We see our fans everywhere. Sometimes they are watching the filmings too.

Isn`t that scary sometimes?
Shiri: No because fans are normal people as we casts are too. We talk and thank them from they support and fans thank us. It is really fun.

What does your fans say to you when you meet them at streets?
Shiri: Usually they asks do Max and Liz go back together. Our characters has go trough every possible troubles and things at past two years and they have find out that there is real love between them. Viewers would like to see Max and Liz happy together.

Liz should be happy?
Shiri: Or at least not to cry anymore. I would like to play the smile and happy side of Liz myself. I really hope that is the way in the near future.

Do chemistry work between you and Jason?
Shiri: Yes. They has always worked. I would not want to analyse because then it could disappear. It`s like you started to analyse your first love and notice that feeling is gone. Everything started at that moment when we did get ready for our first filming and Jason arrived to place and watched me and said: �Hi! Nice to meet you!�. Then it happened. We did have the chemistry right from the beginning. It surely tells something about our chemistry that people still likes to watch it after a two years.

Do you have a favorite moment at filming some scene?
Shiri: It is a one from season 1 that episode where Liz and Max kissed at the first time. We were dancing and just started to giggle. Soon Jason started to laugh while we were dancing. He did inspire that. It was a one of those rare moments that it did feel like Max and Liz did really enjoy in company of each others. It is a real rare scene in this serie. It was a clue to me to think what kind of relationship they would have in the future.

What is your all time favorite episode?
Shiri: At this time it is Pilot. Then all different characters did form �Roswell family� at the first time. It was interesting to see all different people strangers to each others to fall in love and it is where everything started. The episode was sincere and genuine.

Did you wish that Roswell would return to Season 3?
Shiri: Of course! But as an actress I was ready for both ways. Serie has turned my career to up and if the script keeps that way that it has been I am happy to be in the serie.

Are you in the same lines with many casts and viewers that there were too much scifi at the last season?
Shiri: Absolutely. Love and feelings are really important and best sides of the serie. Elegance is in that the characters are totally in love with each others. Every time that they do more scifi the feeling side suffers. I really hope that they find the way to balance theese two things in the next season.

What would you like to see at Season 3?
Shiri: I would really like to see Max and Liz together. As an actress it would be interesting to know what kind they are when they are dating.

What side of your character you haven`t been able to show?
Shiri: Her independence. Liz is a slave of her love and runs after a one man. At the later episodes Liz has showed her strength and I wish that they are going to keep that way on.

Are you fighting for this?
Shiri: Yes�� (giggles)

It did feel that at the start of Roswell Liz was a central character when they did do more scifi Liz was more on the back side. Were you angry about it?
Shiri: At the first it did bother me. But it is the fact that I am in a part of the serie which has many great characters and good casts. It is more interesting to viewers to see how every characters life does develope. Moreover at the new episodes they are going to concentrate to Liz and Max again.

Did you work last summer?
Shiri: I did do a movie called Swimfan85. Besides of me in main parts are played by Jesse Bradford and Erika Christensen. It is a really great movie! The premier is at next fall.

I have heard that you did some dangerous scenes at Swimfan85 filming?
Shiri: I was 9 foot under water surface handcuffed on the chair. I have to teach myself to dive. I was at water half hours at a time after filming and I did get oxygen between the cuts. One cut taked ten to fifteen seconds. It was really scary but a lot of bunch of adrenalin. It was a great to do my stunds at the first time. It was calm to know that every time there was four diver near to me with oxygen tanks if something would go wrong.

Was the filming a movie a different experince thna filming �Roswell�?
Shiri: I did do a character that was possibly different than Liz. Because it we did film a movie instead of TV serie I did learn more about acting. We did have a good work relationship with Jesse Bradford. We did enjoy spending time with eact ohters and our chemistry did work find.

When they did introduce �Roswell� first time to world you was little scared where you?
Shiri: I asked Jason to answer in every question. I did literaly say: �Answer to everyone, I don`t know what to say�. I were just finishing my exams and at the moment you should have been able to answer to questions that you did ont know your points of view! Now I know that I am a professional. You have to grow fast at this career. Mistakes happens to everyone and you can learn from them. At this point everyone ha been really supportive and I have growed fast.

October 2001
by Kenneth Hubbart
Suosikki Magazine

Shiri Appleby on AOL Live!

Date: Oct. 16, 2001

AOL Live and TV Guide Online welcomed 'Roswell' star Shiri Appleby to the stage. Shiri chatted and answered member questions about the show, Liz, Max and the rest of the cast. See what she had to say below!

TV Guide Online: Tonight we are chatting live with Shiri Appleby from 'Roswell.' Welcome, Shiri! Thanks for joining us.
Shiri Appleby: Hello! How are you? :)

Question: How did you feel about the premiere of 'Roswell'?
Shiri Appleby: I really liked the episode, and I think it went over pretty well.

Question: Do you like the new direction that 'Roswell' is going in?
Shiri Appleby: I like the show. It's the best it's ever been. It's a good combination of romance and science fiction.

Question: The fans were very upset that Liz took Max back so easily after his affair with Tess. Why would an intelligent girl like Liz Parker take Max back with all the baggage he now carries around with him?
Shiri Appleby: She truly believes that Max is her soulmate.

Question: What are the differences between UPN and The WB? What do you like better or worse?
Shiri Appleby: I'm really happy to be on the UPN. They're very supportive of the show and doing everything they can to make sure that people know where it is. I think moving to the UPN is the best thing that could've happened to 'Roswell.'

Question: When us fans put in an ad in Variety to thank you for your efforts as the lead actress on 'Roswell,' we were told The WB gave you a gold bracelet for getting the ad. Is this true? Is there a story behind it?
Shiri Appleby: Well, yes, the fans took out an ad. I was incredibly touched and shocked. It made me feel very wonderful and appreciated. But no, The WB did not give me a gift. :)

Question: Shiri, you are an amazing actress, and I just wanted to know what your favorite episode was and which season you thought was the best.
Shiri Appleby: The pilot was my favorite episode. And I guess the first season would've been my favorite, if I was comparing the first and second season, because everything was so new and exciting.

Question: Hey, Shiri! :) I heard that you just finished filming a movie called 'A Time for Dancing.' I loved the book, and I know you'll be wonderful in it! What was it like filming it? And do you have any idea when it will be released?
Shiri Appleby: I made that movie a year ago from this summer. I loved playing the part of Sam, because she was so different from the Liz Parker character. I don't know when the film is going to be released. It was really fun. It was my first major film experience. It was a really great opportunity for me to learn.

Question: What are some things you do when you are not working on 'Roswell'?
Shiri Appleby: I read. I'm learning to play the guitar. I play backgammon. I like to go to the farmers' markets on Sunday.

Question: How has Liz changed this season?
Shiri Appleby: Well, she's finally becoming the rebellious teenager. And I think she's becoming much more comfortable with herself, now that she and Max are together.

Question: Favorite snack food?
Shiri Appleby: Mint chocolate chip ice cream from Baskin Robbins. Not exactly a snack food, but... :)

Question: Shiri, can you give us any hints about whether [any] characters will be leaving the show, like regulars Alex and Tess last year?
Shiri Appleby: No. No one's planning on leaving, as far as I know.

Question: Are you still studying anything at USC? Will you be going back in the future?
Shiri Appleby: I'm on a leave of absence right now, but I plan to continue my education.

Question: How far into the filming of this season are you?
Shiri Appleby: We're at, I think, Episode 7.

Question: Hi, Shiri, love the show! If you weren't involved in acting, what career would you choose?
Shiri Appleby: I would love to go back to school and get a degree in either English, psychology or law. I don't think there's any plan, but I wouldn't be surprised.

Question: I have been to Covina over the summer -- do you guys still film there? I know you took the crash-down sign, but do you still film around the town?
Shiri Appleby: Yes.

Question: Do you have an official Web site? If not, are you in the process of making one?
Shiri Appleby: I don't have one, and I'm not in the process of making one. But it's not a bad idea. :)

Question: Hope you are having a great day. I was just wondering, who are some people you looked up to in your career or life in general?
Shiri Appleby: Well, I always admired Lucille Ball for being a strong woman and really taking charge and making the entertainment world more accessible to women. And I think she's a comic genius!

Question: Are any more of Liz's powers going to be discovered this season?
Shiri Appleby: Not that I know of.

Question: Can you give us a hint about tonight's show?
Shiri Appleby: Tonight's show is about Michael making new friends, and Liz and Max going on an adventure.

Question: What's next for you, careerwise?
Shiri Appleby: I made a movie this summer called 'Swim Fan '85' that should be coming out soon. Eric Christensen and Jesse Bradford are in it as well. And then I work on 'Roswell' until the end of April.

Question: If you could write one episode of 'Roswell' in which anything could happen, what would you have happen?
Shiri Appleby: I would like for all of them to go back to the alien world and check it out, see exactly what was happening up there, so that they could relax here on Earth.

Question: What actor or actress would you really like to work with in the future?
Shiri Appleby: John Cusack.

Question: Will there be new cast members brought in, besides the guy playing Jess?
Shiri Appleby: I don't think there are any plans for that right now.

Question: What is your favorite part of acting?
Shiri Appleby: The challenge to keep it interesting.

Question: Will there be any more danger, as in FBI agents, for the characters to be looking out for?
Shiri Appleby: We come across some more bad aliens.

Question: Will we ever see the aliens in their natural form?
Shiri Appleby: I don't know. I think that this is their natural form, but I'm not sure.

Question: What kind of music do you like?
Shiri Appleby: Right now I'm listening to Pete Yorn and Dashboard Confessional and Ben Harper and Incubus!

Question: What advice would you give those who want to become actresses?
Shiri Appleby: That if they're going to be getting into it, they should be doing it for themselves. They need to accept that when they go to auditions, that they aren't being rejected for being them; the people are just looking for something else. And you have to believe in yourself, because if you don't, no one else will.

Question: Do you ever want to do other things in the entertainment biz like direct, write or produce?
Shiri Appleby: I would love to produce. I would love to do all three.

Question: Shiri, do you think of your self as a role model? And if so, do you feel pressured about it?
Shiri Appleby: I don't feel that I'm a role model, but I do know that in some way I'm in the public eye. So I just try to make smart choices, but I don't put any more pressure on myself than if I were in any other job.

Question: How do you manage to keep yourself grounded when everyone seems to want a piece of you or some of your time?
Shiri Appleby: Well, it's not hard to decide who wants to hang out with you for what reason. It's very easy to see through any facade. I have a really good group of people around me that I trust.

TV Guide Online: Thanks, Shiri! Looking forward to tonight's ep! Please come back and talk with us again soon.
Shiri Appleby: Thanks for talking with me today. I had a lot of fun, and hopefully I'll be back soon.

Maxim Girlfriend Of The Day

on November 1st, 2001
Shiri Appleby

Date of birth: December 7, 1978
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Vital stats: 5�3"
We know what you mean:
�I hate dishes, and I have a big problem with taking out the trash, and my roommate hates me. The trash and me, we just don�t get along. The trash and dishes.�

Where you�ve seen her:
Starring in the cult hit Roswell and in the movies Deal of a Lifetime, The Thirteenth Floor, and I Love You to Death. She�s the Levi�s jeans girl and has also guest starred on episodes of ER, Beverly Hills 90210, Xena, and Baywatch. She stars next in the indie film Swimfan85.

All-American, capitalist girl:
She started hawking Raisin Bran, Taco Bell, Cheerios, and M&Ms in commercials at age 4.

We�ll help overcome her fear of idiots:
A neighbor�s dog bit her when she was 6, prompting a lifelong fear of animals. To overcome her fear, she volunteered at the pound earlier this year and ended up adopting a tabby named Abby.

A star in training:
Many of her early roles were young versions of famous actresses, including a young Mary Tyler Moore, Sally Field, and Lucy Lawless.

It�s who you know:
At first, Roswell�s casting directors refused to look at her resum��, but she knew the director of the show�s pilot, and he convinced them to give her a chance.

November 2001
Maxim Online

Alien Love Story

Entertainment Tonight
November 08, 2001

Season three of "Roswell" doesn't take place on another planet, but it does take place on a new network -- UPN. Tune in to watch as SHIRI APPLEBY's Liz experiences another season of sci-fi teenage angst over JASON BEHR's Max.

ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT: So what will happen this season?

SHIRI APPLEBY: Max and Liz are going to get together and rebel against everything that's happening. Liz has focused so much of her energy on one boy these past two years -- on what it would be like to be with him. When she finally gets what she wants, her eyes open up. She sees that her choices in life affect other people. So, for the first time, she becomes more of a woman and takes responsibility for her actions. This season, they're also going to be searching for Max's son who Tess has taken back to the other world.

ET: Would you like to see Liz and Max get together?

SHIRI: Definitely! I've been playing the yearning for two years. I'd like to know what it would be like to work with Jason as a couple versus anger, yearning and lusting.

ET: But isn't there a fear that if she's with him, the world might end?

SHIRI: In that episode, she got him to change, so it's a different world now. Now that Tess has gone back to the home planet, I think that the whole craziness of the triangle no longer exists.

ET: Weren't you going to college?

SHIRI: I'm on a leave of absence. I was in my sophomore year of college when the show got picked up, so I've been on a leave of absence for the last two years. I was going to the University of Southern California.

ET: What was your major?

SHIRI: I was accepted for acting, but I changed to English in my second semester freshman year. I think I'd probably want to study psychology.

ET: What appeals to you about psychology?

SHIRI: Well, it's very similar to acting. It's the breaking down of someone's psyche, how the human mind works and what makes people feel certain things, so it's very interesting to me.

ET: Any other projects in the works?

SHIRI: Last summer I made a film called 'Swimfan85' -- that's the working title -- starring ERIKA CHRISTENSEN, JESSE BRADFORD and myself. It's a story of temptation, and the consequences of what happens if you actually fall into it. Jesse and I play boyfriend and girlfriend who've been together for two years. This new girl comes into town and things get a little crazy.

ET: Do you have a boyfriend now?


ET: Are you auditioning for one?

SHIRI: Yeah, I'm scoping the territory, seeing what's available. I'm quite happy being an independent young girl right now. If someone great came along, I'd be really happy, but if not, then I'm okay.

ET: People always think that young actresses have their choice of anyone they want. But don't you feel sheltered being on a set all day, and that men are afraid to ask you out?

SHIRI: Oh God, that's such a good question. You don't really meet that many people because you're so busy working. And I think young, independent females could be a tad threatening to men if you're not dependent on them. You can't just be the girl on their arm.

ET: So what do you do for fun?

SHIRI: I just went backpacking through Europe for the past two weeks with a girlfriend of mine. We brought a video camera and we shot everything. Everyone says, "God Europe, how was the shopping?" I have no idea. I didn't walk into a store. We just kind of traveled, met and talked to a lot of people. I'm learning to play the guitar, I'm a compulsive backgammon player, I knit, I crochet, go to the beach, hang out with my friends.

ET: So what countries did you go to?

SHIRI: Well I went to London, Amsterdam, Paris, drove through the entire south of France, Santa Margarita, and Florence. Then I rented a car in Monaco, drove from Monaco to Barcelona in eight hours, and then got on a flight. It was the most positively profound experience of my entire life.

ET: So did people recognize you?

SHIRI: Yes, the show is definitely seen around the world. I think it airs in 22 countries. Being recognized pulled me out of being just another tourist. It made me realize that so many people see what I do, and it's not just this thing in this box.

Life Beyond Roswell

on November 30th, 2001
Shiri Appleby, who plays Liz on UPN�s �Roswell,� knows what it�s like to be out of the limelight.

�I was in that position for so long,� she says, �being unemployed for periods of time, just being a college student. It�s fun, there�s nothing wrong with that. But now, I also have to accept that people are talking to me for being on TV, not because of me, because I haven�t changed.�

The Los Angeles native says she was in her sophomore year at USC when she got hired to play the high-school student/waitress who falls in love with teen-age alien Max (Jason Behr), one of three human-alien hybrids (with Brendan Fehr and Katherine Heigl) stranded in Roswell, N.M.

Aired for two seasons on The WB �� and in perpetual danger of cancellation �� �Roswell� has managed to survive, if not exactly thrive. Picked up last spring by UPN, it now airs Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. ET, right after fellow WB expatriate �Buffy the Vampire Slayer.�

�It�s the show that doesn�t want to go away,� says Appleby. �It�s like�The Little Engine That Could.��

Asked if she has a theory on why the show has endured, Appleby says, �We�ve been on small networks. I don�t think our show would have survived on an NBC, but I also think we have a really strong fan base that doesn�t want to let the show go away. The only reason we are still on the air is because of the fans.�

While Appleby has yet to appear at a science-fiction convention, she has had a chance to meet her fans. �The very first season, we had a big party that all of the fans on the Internet threw, and we all went. It was great. We walked around and got to talk to everybody, meet everyone. They were really nice.�

�There were people of all ages, really young kids, much older people. I think their only common thing is that they all like the show.�

For the show�s first two seasons, Max and Liz were the ultimate star-crossed lovers, ducking the authorities and their parents to be together, breaking up, reuniting, dealing with romantic rivals (including a now-departed fourth alien, Tess) and supernatural threats. This season, the conflicts have risen to a new level, with both lovers estranged from their parents and clinging to each other, as Max seeks mysteries from his past.

That doesn�t mean it�s all angst. �I don�t think the show is taking itself quite so seriously,� says Appleby. �It�s a little more campy. Following�Buffy,� which has that great sort of quirkiness about it, I think the writers of our show are trying to blend a little bit of that in. Humor is good, especially when you�re dealing with aliens in high school.�

Just because Max and Liz are ever closer, don�t assume they�ve gone all the way. �I know she�s still a virgin,� says Appleby. �He�s not, he slept with Tess, so Liz is the last virgin on the TV show. I was talking about it the other day in front of the writers �� time to make some changes.�

Last season, Liz�s best friend, Maria (Majandra Delfino), slept with her alien boyfriend Michael (Fehr); this season, Max�s sister, Isabel (Heigl), is involved with human lawyer Jesse (Adam Rodriguez).

Considering that Liz has always been the show�s �good girl,� there might be a risk in taking her to the next level. �She�s definitely young,� says Appleby, �but she�s gone through so much stuff, that I could see how she mentally could be ready to sleep with Max. I know there are going to be some big surprises coming in the middle of the season for her, so we�ll see what happens.�

So far, though, Appleby is proud that Liz has stood by her convictions. �A lot of younger girls, I feel like they look to Liz for guidance, because she�s able to say no to a lot of things. That�s a really uncommon thing for younger girls.�

�The fact that she can take charge, stand up and voice an opinion, and not be insecure about other people�s opinions, it�s great. She�s a fictional character that�s standing up to a boy at points, and there�s something to be said for that.�

�That�s probably one of the things I�m most proud of. When the show is finished, I�ll be feeling good that that character had that stance. She doesn�t like being taken advantage of.�

For now, while Appleby plans to return to college one day, doing �Roswell� has given her many opportunities �� along with a best friend. �You don�t mess with Majandra,� she says, �on-camera or off-camera. She�s probably my best friend, one of the closest friends in my life. When we�re not at work, we eat a lot, we go to Color Me Mine a lot. It�s where you buy these ceramic vases and paint them. We do those things. We�re just very good friends.�

�We�ve gone through such a lot, being on a TV show for three years and having it change things in your personal life. Then having one person that you don�t have to explain to, because they understand the battles that you�ve fought at work. So there�s such an understanding there.�

Appleby enjoys acting, but she�s not consumed by it. �The first season and a half, I�d go to Santa Barbara every weekend. I needed a break. I needed to realize that I�m still a human being, that I�m not just this piece of property, that there�s so much more to life.�

�Yes, it�s my job. It�s a wonderful job. I love my job, but I�m still a person with other thoughts and feelings.�

November 30, 2001

Star Crossed Lover
on December 1st, 2001
Perhaps it was a savage flame from long ago that left Shiri Appleby rather indifferent to alien kisses. At best, she finds extraterrestrial romance funny. Sorry Jason.

Once upon a time, Shiri Appleby had a huge crush on Fred Savage.

"He was the best!� gushes Appleby of the former Wonder Years star. �I was in love with him. I had posters and everything!�

Her enthusiasm fades when she describes actually meeting the object of her desire though. �It was the most embarassing moment of my life,� she says. �I went to a party when I was in fifth grade and I was convinced that he was going to think I was cute because I looked like Winnie Cooper (Savage�s TV love interest, Danica McKellar). I had the long hair and everything.

�Then my dad went over to him and asked him to take a picture with me. I was just so embarassed. I went into the bathroom and ended up crying.�

Long since recovered from the Savage incident, Appleby, who plays Liz Parker, the soft-spoken heroine on TV drama Roswell , is hoping for a bit of romance for her upcoming 23rd birthday. �Hopefully, I�ll be in some romantic location with someone fantastic, but I don�t know about that!� she says. And truth be told, it may be tough to top her last birthday.

�I really like Rosie O�Donnell a lot,� she begins. �So, for my birthday last year, a guy gave me a dozen Rosie O�Donnell dolls, instead of a dozen roses.�

Although she doesn�t have a special guy in her life at the moment, Appleby admits to having been in love �less than a handful� of times. But she insists the despite the chemistry you see on screen, she and Jason Behr, who plays her love interest, Max, on Roswell , are truly just friends.

�It�s kind of weird because we�ve been making out for three years now,� she laughs. �It�s like kissing someone you�ve been married to for a really long time. It becomes second nature.

�You�ve got, like, 40 crew members standing around and microphones over your head,� she continues. �People are telling you not to move because your jackets are rustling. It�s funny, but not really romantic.�

The Opposite of Shy

Of all of her co-stars, Appleby says she�s closest to Majandra Delfino, who plays her human friend, Maria, on the show. And, in fact, the entire cast spends quite a bit of time together off the set. But you won�t ever catch them having a private screening of the show.

�If we�re going to hang out, you kind of just want to talk with everyone and be normal. We�re not like,�Let�s watch us on TV together!�� She laughs at the notion, admitting that, in fact, she a bit uncomfortable watching herself on TV to begin with. �It�s kind of funny when I sit back and watch myself. I�m like�What am I doing?� Sometimes I can become a bit critical, so that�s when I stop.�

Self-critical maybe, but fans seem to find her acting quite convincing. In fact, Appleby believes the public has a misconception about her personality. �People think I�m a shy, really sensitive, quiet girl,� she says, clearly describing her TV persona, �but I�m a lot more outgoing than that.� In fact, Appleby was vote �most spirited� back in high school because she was involved in so many activities, including cheerleading, yearbook, and leadership.

On the other hand, the extroverted actress says she can be introspective at times. Her biggest pet peeve is when someone tells her to smile when she�s deep in thought. �Sometimes I�m thinking about something and someone thinks I�m really sad. It�s like,�No! I�m thinking right now!��

Modest, On the Other Hand

Appleby began her acting career at age four. After appearing in a slew of commercials, she was cast in two TV movies and the feature film I Love You to Death , starring Kevin Kline and the late River Phoenix. She also guest-starred on shows like Doogie Howser, MD and Xena: Warrior Princess . She landed the role of Liz on Roswell at the end of her second year at the University of Southern California.

During the grueling audition process, Appleby was sure she wouldn�t get the part even when she was called back for a fifth audition. �I thought that I was coming in just to make the network want to choose somebody else. That�s what I was told. I had my schoolbooks with me because I had a final the next day. I was studying in the waiting room and I didn�t think I was going to be a part of the show at all.� She auditioned for the parts of Maria and Isabel before being cast as Liz, the first human to know the secret of her three teenage alien friends.

Appleby admits she finds herself in awe of famous people (although she arguably shoulders the label herself). �Anytime I meet a celebrity, I�m star-struck. There�s just this whole aura about them,� she muses. But oddly, she doesn�t put herself in the same category. �I don�t consider myself famous,� she insists. �Not, like really famous. It�s so weird to think of yourself like that!�

Whatever. Clearly, the refreshingly modest actress and her castmates have a certain cult following so much so that two years ago, when Roswell was in danger of being canceled, die-hard fans sent in bottles of Tabasco sauce (the Roswell aliens� favourite food on Earth) to the network to show their support and loyalty. Whether it was something in the sauce or something in the stars, Roswell was picked up for a third season.

Though modest about her own fame, occasionally, Appleby is reminded of the impact Roswell has on the rest of the world. �Once, I was in a pool in Las Vegas and some guy told me that he�d sent in Tabasco bottles. I was being, like, a crazy kid in Vegas, with a Speedo bathing suit on and I was just making a scene with all my friends. And the guy said that to me and I was like,�Whoa, there are people that are actually watching the show!� It totally blows me out of my reality.�

Love in the Stars

Next for Appleby is an eerie big-screen thriller called Swimfan85, in which she plays a girl whose cheating boyfriend has a fling with the dangerous new girl in school (played by Traffic�s Erika Christensen). Appleby says her own character, an art student, is �very free and the only thing that keeps her stable is her relationship with her boyfriend.� The movie is scheduled for release sometime in 2002.

For the future, Appleby dreams of starring in a love story. �I would love to make a film watching two people really fall in love and chronicling how it really happens. Not like a big commercial movie,� she insists, �but something very realistic. The real struggles and the weight that�s carried inside people when they actually fall in love.

�I like watching two people�dissect� each other,� she adds.

What We Couldn�t Fit Into the Article

Shiri Appleby is a bit skeptical about the existence of real aliens.

�If I met one, I�d believe in them, but I�ve never met one.�

Her guilty pleasure is TV.

A self-proclaimed TV junkie, Appleby actually banned herself from the tube for a few months last year. The ban is apparently over though�� �I live with a friend who�s still in college,� she says. �We split everything 50-5- and cable just wasn�t in the budget. Now it is. I was like,�Can we get HBO?!��

Fido�s not her best friend.

�I got bit by a Chow [at about age nine] because I was petting her puppies. I have a scar on the left side of my face right over my eyebrow. So, I�ve always been really scared of dogs and of any kind of animal. Then, I got a cat, which is kind of taking away my fear.�

December 2001
by Sharon Schatz Rosenthal
�What� Magazine (Canada)

'Roswell' teen aliens ready to move on
Scripps Howard News Service

HOLLYWOOD - Shiri Appleby, who stars as Liz Parker on the alien series "Roswell," is ready for her character's own independence day. "I'm glad the writers have made her stronger," Appleby said. "You see her growing up."

In fact, it would be good for Liz to learn she can be happy without Max Evans (Jason Behr), the alien teen-ager she has loved since he saved her life in the "Roswell" pilot, Appleby said.

"I really want her to move on in her life, rather than be in a relationship with him," Appleby said. "She's a little bit possessed. She's not discovering who she is without him."

But Appleby said she's glad "Roswell" has returned to focusing on relationships instead of purely science fiction. She didn't say what the writers have planned for Liz and Max in future episodes but noted she knows fans like that relationship.

Appleby talked about the show with a reporter as she and other stars mingled with fans during a "Roswell" party at the "Soul Train" set at Paramount Pictures. "Roswell" is produced at another sound stage on the same lot. A trip to Hollywood, the party and a tour of the "Roswell" sets made up the grand prize for winners in a national radio contest.

Most of the young fans there were dedicated viewers, bringing photos for Appleby and others to sign. Some of the folks said they hadn't seen "Roswell" but entered the contest for the trip to Hollywood.

Getting everyone to see "Roswell" remains a problem for the show, but the series is getting adequate ratings for the network it's on. "Roswell," which recently was No. 108 in the ratings, airs at 9 p.m. most Tuesdays on UPN. During that week, it was the network's sixth-highest rated show and wasn't that far behind reruns of "Enterprise" or "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." ("Roswell" is preempted this week (Jan. 8); the network is airing the half-hour sitcoms "The Hughleys" and "One On One" instead.)

UPN picked up the series, based on Melinda Metz's "Roswell High" book series, after The WB canceled the show last year.

Moving on with their lives is a theme for Appeby's Liz and the rest of the "Roswell" characters this season.

"Now that they are on Earth to stay, they have so many choices to make," Metz said. Metz, who joined the series as a staff writer, co-wrote last Tuesday's episode, which showed how the characters celebrated New Year's Eve.

For the most part, the "Roswell" characters "are still in high school; they're on Earth permanently," Metz said, adding, "I think 'Roswell' is a parallel for kids who feel alienated, who feel they're complete outsiders."

Ronald D. Moore, the former "Star Trek" producer and writer who is now the co-executive producer of "Roswell," explained further. "Ultimately, it's a show about growing up," said Moore, who with Brannon Braga co-wrote the scripts of "Star Trek: Generations" and "Star Trek: First Contact."

Majandra Delfino, who stars as the human Maria DeLuca on the series, said it's time for her character to move beyond her boyfriend, the alien Michael (Michael Fehr). "He's not a very good boyfriend," she said.

Arguably, neither is Max at times. He led Liz into trouble by getting her to help him to pretend to rob a convenience store so he could get a look at a spaceship. Later, Max found out the ship couldn't be flown, but don't expect him to give up on trying to leave Earth. The son he had with not-to-be-trusted alien Tess is elsewhere in the galaxy.

There's room for smiles amid all the gloom on "Roswell." This season, Max's alien sister Isabel Evans (Katherine Heigl) got married, showing the characters can have their own lives.

And you can expect more humor.

(There's a plot spoiler in the next paragraph.)

An upcoming episode, "I Married An Alien," is a spoof of "Bewitched" and includes something you've never heard on "Roswell" - a laugh track.

When Isabel starts dreaming of a simpler life, she begins to see everything in terms of a 1960s sitcom, Moore said.

Appleby's life, meanwhile, is a world apart from Liz's.

For one thing, "I've never had a serious boyfriend," Appleby said. Appleby is continuing her studies at the University of Southern California, and she recently starred in the upcoming independent movie, "Swimfan85." In it, "I'm the girlfriend of a boy who has a fatal attractio

n," she said, comparing the plot to the Michael Douglas-Glenn Close movie. (Coincidentally, "Swimfan85" is produced by Douglas' Further Films. Jesse Bradford and Erika Christensen also star.)

"It's a serious psychological thriller," Appleby said. "It was fun and really sexy and very interesting."

"Roswell," meanwhile, is making time for music. William Sadler, who plays former Sheriff Jim Valenti on "Roswell," said he's enjoying Jim's new career as a country band leader. In fact, Sadler wrote the songs the band played at Isabel's wedding.

Sadler joked he was ready for a "Roswell" episode to end with an announcement, "Tonight's episode included music by William Sadler."

"I'm having fun with the band," Sadler said, "and I would like to see him (Valenti) have a romance and solve a mystery.

"When I was sheriff, I was the biggest problem these kids had. Then I became their friend, and I was still the sheriff."

Valenti's involvement with the alien teenagers led him to lose his job as sheriff, and his new country band is the first sign of him moving on with his life. Yes, that's the theme for everyone this season on Roswell.

Shiri on Rosie O'Donnell

on May 28th, 2002
Rosie: You know her as the character on Roswell. Take a look.
Roswell Clip
Rosie: I think he's lying. Please welcome back, Shiri Appleby!
Rosie: So it's actually Shiri?

Shiri: Shiri.
Rosie: S-H-I-R-I, Shiri.
Shiri: Yes, Shiri.
Rosie: What authenticity is that?
Shiri: Hebrew.
Rosie: It's a Hebrew name? Shiri. It's pretty.

Shiri: I just have to tell you, I'm so excited to be here.
Rosie: Really?
Shiri: I have been obsessed with your show when you first came on the air. I was a freshman-uh, senior in high school-
Rosie: I was gonna say, you were little then.
Shiri: I was a senior in high school and I sent away for tickets when you were coming to Los Angeles cause I really wanted to see you with Barbara.
Rosie: gasp

Shiri: So I sent away for tickets, and I slept with them under my bed, and I snuck into the VIP section, and I caught a Koosh, and then I found out that you were coming and you were going to do a second taping, I snuck in-and I'm just obsessed with your show.
Rosie: And you didn't even say hello?
Shiri: Well, I was sitting back there doing this! waves arms around Whenever they shoot to me, so they only shot to me once.
Rosie: Oh, you were doing that? waves arms around
Shiri: Cause I just wanted to��

Rosie: Well, did you say, "Hey, I'm on TV, maybe I can be a guest?" Shiri: I was a senior in high school.
Rosie: Well, I'm glad you could be here before the show's over then.
Shiri: Thank you so much.
Rosie: Well you're more than welcome. Is Roswell your first show?
Shiri: It was my first big show, yeah, I've been working since I was a little girl, but it was the first time I got to be like, the leading lady.

Rosie: You were doing like, modeling stuff?
Shiri: Um, no. I actually played just about everybody as a little girl. I played Hope on "30 Something" as a little girl and little Gidget.
Rosie: Oh, really?
Shiri: Yeah.
Rosie: Whenever they needed somebody to play a little kid version, it was you.
Shiri: Pretty much.

Rosie: Any one with dark hair.
Shiri: Yeah, exactly.
Rosie: And this was your first big break, Roswell?
Shiri: Uh huh.
Rosie: Now it's gone away?
Shiri: Uh yeah. We just ended.

Rosie: But the kids love that show.
Shiri: Yeah!
Rosie: Yeah, I'll be walking down the street and people will say to me that's the show they want Colin Hanks was on there, people ask me to have all of you on here because the kids love you.
Shiri: Oh, how sweet! Yeah, we just aired our last episode. And in the last episode, Liz Parker, my character, lost her virginity and she got married, in one episode, 42 minutes.
Rosie: Well, ya know, if you're gonna do one, do the other.
Shiri: Bam! She's done!

Rosie: A little young to be married
Shiri: Uh, I think so; she was a senior in high school.
Rosie: Well, Swimfan is what? What that movie about?
Shiri: Swimfan is a story of, well, I have a boyfriend in high school and this new girl come to town, Madison Bell, Erica Christianson, very sexy. And she kind of steels him away for the nigh, afterwards, he's not really into it, and she just turns psycho on him.
Rosie: Really? And you have to like
Shiri: Well, I don't know for a while, so I'm the innocent girl. And then I know, and she runs me over in her car, I'm on a motorcycle, puts me into the hospital, then she strangles me and puts me in a chair at the end of a pool and then you think I'm dead, but I�m not dead.

Rosie: You're not dead?!
Shiri: And I'm giving away the whole movie!
Rosie: Normally when you're on a talk show
Shiri: I shouldn't do that!
Rosie: Don't tell the ending! OK? Cause that's not good!

Shiri: This is my first time, I'm learning.
Rosie: You're doing well, Shiri. Shiri?
Shiri: Shiri.
Rosie: I'm gonna get that name before this is over.
Shiri: Ok, so something happens but I'm not going to tell you because I want you to go see the movie.
Rosie: Exactly, something happens! Swimfan in August, check out this flick.

Swimfan Clip
Rosie: That looks good.
Shiri: Thank you.
Rosie: Now, what did you bring? Some crafty yarn?
Shiri: I learned how to knit, and I'm a moj podger.
Rosie: You learned how to knit?

Shiri: Yes, and I've made two scarves.
Rosie: Oh, let me see.
Shiri: Ok, this one is the first thing I ever knit which is just crazy, it's just so complicated.
Rosie: That's so good. How did you get it to be so fuzzy like Elmo?
Shiri: It's the yarn.
Rosie: The yarn?

Shiri: Exactly. And this one is more fancy, a little more fabulous.
Rosie: Yeah. How long did it take for you to learn?
Shiri: I learned how to crochet first, and I did that for about 6 or 7 months, and someone taught me how to knit. It's kind of hard to go in between the two, and then I started to get into it.
Rosie: Did you ever do Hook-A-Rug?
Shiri: No, what's that?
Rosie: It's a great thing at a craft store. It's for people who are too stupid to knit. You put a hook in this canvas with holes in it, loop the string around the hook and pull the hook back through the hole and you can make a pillow. If you like moj podge, you would like Hook-A-Rug.

Shiri: Really? I moj podged my entire cast chair this season because I'm so bored and needed to do something.
Rosie: It's fun.
Shiri: Pattern post stickers and then moj podge all over it.
Rosie: And ya know that will be there when they dig that up at an archeological site in 3040.
Shiri: Right, my entire chair.
Rosie: Yeah, I moj podge everything.

Shiri: And notebook covers, I did an entire Britney collage.
Rosie: You love Britney?
Shiri: How can you not?
Rosie: How can you not! See her in concert?
Shiri: Twice.
Rosie: Me too!

Shiri: Fabulous.
Rosie: She was good.
Shiri: Well, she puts on a show.
Rosie: What about when the glitter came down?
Shiri: And the water and she's dancing?
Rosie: She's defiantly Madonna for the new kids.

Shiri: Thank you.
Rosie: Did she know you were there?
Shiri: No-I was so far back.
Rosie: Did you try the�� waving arms around
Shiri: I did that, it was so embarrassing.
Rosie: Is Britney on again?

Shiri: You gotta have her.
Rosie: Oh, but I wanna invite you back to introduce her.
Shiri: Oh! Oh! I would love to!
Rosie: Who else do you enjoy besides Britney?
Shiri: Oh gosh! I like Justin too, but it's a little crazy.
Rosie: Yeah, they broke up.

Shiri: Yeah, don't wanna go there! Well, you're friends with Madonna
Rosie: Madonna-enjoyable?
Shiri: Yeah, she's the best.
Rosie: Ok, so you like her and Britney.
Shiri: I'll take those two.
Rosie: Ok, I'll see what I can do. If either of them shows up, I'm flying you back.

Shiri: Oh!
Rosie: Just so you can announce them.
Shiri: Oh my gosh!
Rosie: You can say, "Whose next? Britney Spears!"
Shiri: Ok, I'm gonna gold you on that.
Rosie: Ok, it's been lovely to meet you.

Shiri: Thank you so much.
Rosie: Thank you for being here.
Shiri: I appreciate it.
Rosie: Shiri! I got it right! We'll be back right after this.

May 28, 2002

Radio Interview with Shiri Appleby

Austin, TX - KISS 96.7 - August 2002

TONY FLY (DJ): And were on the phone with Shiri Appleby. Star of the UPN series, Roswell.
TONY FLY (DJ): And down right hottie!
SHIRI: Oh, well thank you very much.
TONY FLY (DJ): I'm staring at you on the website right now.
SHIRI: Oh really?
TONY FLY (DJ): Yes, I kind of feel like we have a personal connection you and I, Shiri.
SHIRI: Oh really?
TONY FLY (DJ): Yes, just me and you.
SHIRI: Okay.
TONY FLY (DJ): And the entire city of Roswell.
SHANNON (DJ): Yes, unfortunately for you Shiri, you are actually Tony Fly's type.
SHIRI: Oh I am.
TONY FLY (DJ): Oh yes, you're totally my type.
SHIRI: The really exciting.
TONY FLY (DJ): You know something?
SHIRI: Hmmm?
TONY FLY (DJ): For me too! So Shiri, thanks for calling into The Tony Fly Show, we do appreciate it.
SHIRI: Oh sure, my pleasure.
TONY FLY (DJ): And so where are you right now?
SHIRI: I'm in Los Angeles.
TONY FLY (DJ): Are you liking the steady work?
SHIRI: Oh yeah, I love it.
TONY FLY (DJ): So tell us, for people who haven't seen the show, tell us about the show.
SHIRI: It's about a group of kids that live in Roswell, NM, 3 of them are aliens. I happen to be a human that's in love with an alien. And so now were covering up the conspiracy making sure they don't get caught. And at the same time were in these crazy relationships with these aliens. The normal chaos of a relationship is definitely heightened.
SHANNON (DJ): Yeah, this show makes you think all aliens are hot.
SHIRI: Exactly.
TONY FLY (DJ): Oh is that so?
SHANNON (DJ): Uh huh.
TONY FLY (DJ): Cause they are. I mean since the days of Captain Kirk. The aliens have always been the hot ones. Alien girls are always easy, you know what I'm saying?
SHIRI: That's what they say, our alien girl is getting married.
TONY FLY (DJ): You know, back in the day, aliens never wanted to commit.
SHIRI: So is that how it works?
SHANNON (DJ): So, aren't you and your little alien hottie kind of off again, on again? What's going on with that now.
SHIRI: Now were on again. Last season we were off, first season we were on.
TONY FLY (DJ): Were you into the whole science-fiction thing before you started working with Roswell?
SHIRI: No, that's just not my cup of tea.
TONY FLY (DJ): Your not a dork like we are.
SHIRI: Well, I just wasn't really exposed to science-fiction at all.
TONY FLY (DJ): So what's next? What else is Shiri Appleby doing?
SHIRI: I've got a movie coming out, probably shortly. Right now it's called Slim Fan and it's a fatal attraction story.
SHANNON (DJ): So, are you the attractor or the attractee?
SHIRI: I'm the one that gets her heart broken. And then Erin Christensen, the girl from Traffic, is our Glenn Close. And Jesse Bradford, from Bring it On, plays the Michael Douglas character.
SHANNON (DJ): Oh, okay.
TONY FLY (DJ): Yes, see you really are my type now. Well, Shiri, what day is Roswell on?
SHIRI: Tuesday's at 8:00.
TONY FLY (DJ): Tuesday's at 8:00. Make sure you guys are watching on UPN. Roswell, starring, and as far as I'm concerned, your the only person on the show.
SHIRI: Oh, thank you.
TONY FLY (DJ): Shiri Appleby.
SHIRI: Oh, thanks a lot.
TONY FLY (DJ): Hey, thanks a lot for calling in.
SHIRI: Thank you.

Shiri Appleby: Another Heart-of-Gold Girl - August 2002

Pretty, doe-eyed brunette Shiri Appleby won our hearts as Liz Parker, the human teen in love with an alien in the t.v. series "Roswell". Whether it's a t.v. movie or an indie film, the actress seems to perfectly fit the role of wholesome girlfriend. She plays Amy, another heart-of-gold gal, in the new teen thriller Swimfan. When we talked with Shiri we found her to be really appreciative of her fans and discovered that she has a feisty, frisky side that she can't wait to display.

AGW: Why are brunettes always persecuted in movies?

Shiri: I don't know. They think that brunettes are sweeter, nicer girls, but we have little dangerous sides as well, I guess. I would love to play something like that. It would be nice in contrast to the other characters I've played, which are definitely more sweet and innocent kinds of girls.

AGW: Are you looking forward to doing a role where you don't have to cry?

Shiri: Yeah, because I don't cry that much in my personal life, which is really nice, thankfully. I think it would be nice not to play a victim quite so much, but I'm not really complaining about that because there's something really great about being seen as the love interest also.

AGW: What's the hardest thing you've had to do for a role?

Shiri: I think the hardest part is just the endurance during the day. It's not hard to be a team player, but the endurance of just being awake and being alive and being up all the time is what gets tiring after awhile, like after 18 hours at 6 o'clock in the morning.

AGW: What would be your dark side? Like would you run with scissors?

Shiri: (Laughs) I go in the pool after I eat. Things of that nature, yeah.

AGW: If a girl came on to your boyfriend in real life, like Madison [Erika Christensen] does in this film, what would you do?

Shiri: I was actually in the position that Amy was, when I was in high school. I did get cheated on and the slap that happens in the movie is actually taken from real life events in my own life. When you're feeling the emotions of being in love for the very first time, and then you feel betrayal, you don't necessarily know what to think, and so that was the first thing I came up with. When John Polson [director] and Jesse [Bradford] and I were sitting around in rehearsals talking about it, I told him about that experience, and so John said, 'Well, in this moment, why don't you slap Jesse?', and he had no problem with it, so that's what happened.

AGW: Did Jesse expect it?

Shiri: Yeah, he expected it. We had to do it so many times. I felt so bad. The stunt guys were there, so I learned how to slap him but it wasn't looking as real, so I finally just had to let him have it once. They teach you, so that he could move with me because, God forbid, we should pop blood vessels and stuff. So, I learned how to slap somebody.

AGW: You have to stay underwater for a while in this film. How was that done?

Shiri: I learned how to scuba dive, so I was underwater for about half an hour at a time. I had scuba guys near me that would bring the air in to me. As soon as I started feeling like I was running out of air, I would just shake my shoulders and in they would fly. They had a loud speaker underwater so that the A.D. could say, 'They're pulling focus right now. The camera's moving to you. Jesse's swimming in', so I knew what was happening. The very first time I went down, I couldn't hear anything. I had no senses and I felt completely lost. I panicked and swam back up to the top.

AGW: Aside from the pool scene, what was the most challenging scene in this movie for you?

Shiri: I also had to learn how to ride a motorcycle. That was me the whole time. Yeah, I do all my own stunts. (Laughs) Yeah, me, Tom Cruise, Jackie Chan. It's very exciting. I'd never done it before, so it was really fun, especially when we finally got to shoot it. I had just practiced up and down the block, in front of the production office, and so I got miles of just being able to go and it was really fun.

AGW: Do you have one at home now?

Shiri: No. I want a Vespa. So, tell them I want one. A pink one.

AGW: Can you still relate to your teen characters?

Shiri: Sure. Like experiencing love for the first time and experiencing what it's like to be completely enamored with somebody and wanting to do everything to be in a relationship, or what it was like to have your heart broken for the first time. I don't necessarily know if you forget what those things feel like, so to call upon those emotions is rather easy, I think.

AGW: With "Roswell" over, what are you up to now?

Shiri: I've been taking some classes at UCLA, and I've kind of just been enjoying the summer. I think it's been my first three months off in three years, so it's been nice to remember what it's like to go out and pay attention to relationships and friends in my life. I haven't seen Erika and Jesse this much since we made the movie, and we became really good friends, so it's nice to hang out with them again. I'm really proud of the film and it's my first big movie that's coming out, so hopefully it will help me make the transition to film.

AGW: What were you studying at UCLA?

Shiri: I was taking a writing class and a photography class, and I'm also studying acting with Jeffrey Tambor. I'm kind of just taking classes of things that I've been interested in. I've been writing a little bit.

AGW: What sort of things do you write?

Shiri: I was taking this class called 'Find Your Unique Voice,' and I thought it was just going to be writing essays, and it actually turned out to be a class where you write scenes and then we would go to a theater and actors would get on a stage and act out your scenes. I didn't realize how connected you are to the words and, if somebody didn't say it exactly the way I had interpreted it when I wrote it, it stung a little bit, so then I felt bad for all the writers whose scenes I've ever butchered.

AGW: How many times since 'Roswell' started have you been asked whether or not you believe in aliens?

Shiri: Billions. And my answer is, basically, that I think that we would be ignorant to think there is not another life form out there, but yet, I haven't met them, so I don't really know. There's my stock answer. (Laughs)

AGW: Where did you like to hang out in New York?

Shiri: I loved spending a lot of time in the parks. I was a really big fan of Union Square Park, or just walking around or going out at night. New York is just so great for people watching. In the summertime, it was beautiful. There was so much stuff happening.

AGW: What in your life, besides acting, is a natural high for you?

Shiri: Hanging out with my friends because I haven't done much of that in the past three years. And, I'm a really big traveler. I've been traveling quite a bit. I went to China last month, and London. I just like to travel. I've been backpacking a few times.

AGW: Have you seen any of your fan supported websites?

Shiri: Oh, yeah. When you're working in a concrete box with people and you're hanging out and making friends, you never realize that people are affected or care about what you're doing. So then, you go on the Internet and you can see all these people that dedicate so much of their time to you. It's very flattering, but it's so overwhelming and definitely a little shocking. Sci Fi fans are really, really strong and very vocal about their commitment to the shows. In our case, if it wasn't for the fan support, I don't necessarily know if 'Roswell' would have made it as long as it did. I felt really fortunate that the people were so supportive.

AGW: Do you ever respond to anything on those websites?

Shiri: Yes. I've gone on a few times at Crashdown just to say, 'Thank you,' because I don't know a group of fans [who were that dedicated]. They kept the show on another year at The WB and then they got another network (UPN) to pick up the show. You want to just say, 'Thank you so much,' because without them, you wouldn't have a job and you wouldn't be doing what you love every day.

AGW: Are you musical at all?

Shiri: I bought a guitar while we were shooting Swimfan and I was like, 'Oh, Jesse can teach me how to play guitar'. He's really good and I just really suck. I've got it at home so when guys come over, they play it, otherwise it's like a hat rack. I'm not very musically talented.

AGW: Who would you really like to work with?

Shiri: Cameron Crowe. I think he's fantastic. I really love Mary Louise Parker and Billy Crudup.

AGW: How does Jesse Bradford compare to some of the other co-stars you've had?

Shiri: Kissing wise, he's great. They're all great. [laughs]. We got along really well. In the film, we've already been together for awhile, so we just wanted to be really comfortable together and he was really great. He's a really fun, nice guy, really outgoing.

AGW: Jesse's character cheats on you. Why?

Shiri: I think Ben cheats because I think the stability of being young and having a relationship so serious for so long has probably worn on him. Amy wants to go to college together and she's really looking at this for the long haul, so when something new and exciting comes along, I think it's kind of refreshing.

AGW: Do you think the strong support that you receive from your family helps keep you grounded?

Shiri: When you have a family who are watching what you're doing and letting you know when things are getting a little out of control or they're there to hold your hand through things, it's really nice. At the end of the day, you know it's going to end and you want to enjoy it while you can, but not allow it to really affect you.

Shiri Appleby - August 2002

Shiri is most famous for her most recent role as "Liz Parker" on WB's series "Roswell". The daughter of Jerry & Dina Appleby, Shiri Appleby has been acting since the age of 4, landing jobs in several commercials for Cheerios, M&Ms and Taco Bell. Her first television job was on the soap "Santa Barbara". Next came various roles on "thirtysomething", "Bronx Zoo" and "Doogie Howser, M.D.". She made her film-debut in the low budget sequel, Curse II: The Bite. I Love You to Death came next and Shiri finally started to get secure work as an actress. For the next four years she worked steadily in television movies and made various television appearances. When she entered high school she took a small break and took part in Yearbook, Student Council and was a cheerleader. In 1997 she graduated from Calabasas High School, where she was voted 'Most Spirited' by her class. Roles on "7th Heaven" and "City Guys" followed and then Shiri enrolled into the University of Southern California where she planned on taking a break from acting and studying English. However, her plans gave way when she landed the role as Liz Parker on the WB Hit "Roswell". It was then that she gave her education a break and decided to try acting full-time. With the success of Roswell, Shiri rose to fan-magazine fame and was seen everywhere through the show's success. With small roles in past films such as The Other Sister, in 2002, after Roswell ended, Shiri landed the lead role as Amy Miller, the trusting girlfriend of Jesse Bradford, in the suspenseful teen-film Swimfan. Shiri was born on December 7, 1978, in Los Angeles, California. Shiri lives in Calabasas near L.A and says that on the weekend she enjoys driving up to Santa Barbara to go shopping and hang out on the beach there. If you're at the Sunday Hollywood Farmers Market, keep an eye out for Shiri. She says that she likes to get up early on Sunday and go to the farmers market to buy flowers and cheese. Although she admits she is not athletic, in the past she says she has also enjoyed riding a bike along the beach at Santa Monica.

Shiri Appleby Talks About �Swimfan�

on August 28th, 2002

In director John Polson�s thriller �Swimfan,� Shiri Appleby plays Ben Cronin�s (played by Jesse Bradford) all-American girlfriend, Amy. Coming off three years of playing Liz Parker on the television series �Roswell,� Appleby says the character of Amy appealed to her because of her openness and incredible honesty. She also looked forward to the physical challenges the role required.

�We had admired Shiri�s work on �Roswell� and thought she�d be the perfect complement to Erika [Christensen] � and complete the story�s love triangle,� says director Polson, adding, �Shiri has the strength necessary to make us believe she could stand up to Madison, who�s a formidable force of nature.�


If a girl came on to your boyfriend in real life, like Madison does in this film, what would you do?

I was actually in the position that Amy was, when I was in high school. I did get cheated on and the slap that happens in the movie is actually taken from real life events in my own life. That�s kind of how I reacted to it because when you�re feeling the emotions of being in love for the very first time, and then you feel betrayal, you don�t necessarily know what to think, and so that was the first thing I came up with. When John Polson and Jesse [Bradford] and I were sitting around in rehearsals talking about it, I told him about that experience, and John said, �Well, in this moment, why don�t you slap Jesse?,� and he had no problem with it, so that�s what happened.

Did Jesse expect it?

Yeah, he expected it. We had to do it so many times. I felt so bad. The stunt guys were there, so I learned how to slap him, stunt wise, but it wasn�t looking as real, so I finally just had to let him have it once. They teach you, so your hand�s not really coming altogether at one force, and so that he could move with me because, God forbid, we should pop blood vessels and stuff. So, I learned how to slap somebody.

Why are brunettes always persecuted in movies?

I don�t know. They think that brunettes are sweeter, nicer girls, but we have little dangerous sides as well, I guess.

Are you likely to show yours?

Definitely. Not quite to the degree that Madison shows her, but at some point, yeah, to some degree.

Would you ever play a character like that?

I would love to play something like that, definitely. It would be nice in contrast to the other characters I�ve played, which are definitely more �sweet and innocent� kinds of girls.

Are you looking forward to doing a role where you don�t have to cry?

Yeah, because I don�t cry that much in my personal life, which is really nice, thankfully, except when I have to go shopping, and then I cry. (Laughs) I think it would be nice not to play a victim quite so much, but I�m not really complaining about that because there�s something really great about being seen as the love interest also.

Is it hard for you to cry for the camera?

No, I�ve really mastered it. I could cry right here, right now. I can cry at the drop of a hat. It�s so sick. But then, in my personal life, I�m like, �Don�t look at me crying!�

How did you do that scene underwater while you were tied to the chair?

I learned how to scuba dive, so I was underwater for about half an hour at a time, a couple of times. I had scuba guys near me that would bring the air in to me, as soon as I started feeling like I was running out of air. I would just shake my shoulders and in they would fly, and I would sit down there for about half an hour. I lost all of my senses except for hearing because they had a loud speaker underwater so that the A.D. could say, �They�re pulling focus right now. The camera�s moving to you. Jesse�s swimming in,� so that I knew what was happening. The very first time I went down, I couldn�t hear anything. I had no senses and I felt completely lost and I panicked and swam back up to the top. We decided this was the way I was going to feel safest underwater. It ended up working out.

How does Jesse Bradford compare to some of the other co-stars you�ve had?

Kissing-wise, he�s great. They�re all great (laughing). He�s a really nice guy. We got along really well and we were really comfortable with each other, which I think is important. It was just important because, in the film, we�ve already been together for a while, so we just wanted to be really comfortable together, and he was really great. He�s a really fun, nice guy. He�s really outgoing.

Why do you think Ben cheats?

I think Ben cheats because he�s stupid. I think Ben cheats because I think the stability of being young and having a relationship so serious for so long has probably worn on him. Amy wants to go to college together and she�s really looking at this for the long haul, so when something new and exciting comes along, I think it�s kind of refreshing.

Aside from drowning in the swimming pool, what was the most challenging scene in this movie for you, and why?

I also had to learn how to ride a motorcycle. That was me the whole time. Yeah, I do all my own stunts (laughing). Yeah, me, Tom Cruise, Jackie Chan� It�s very exciting. I had to learn how to ride a motorcycle. It was fun, but I�d never done it before, so it was really fun, especially when we finally got to shoot it. I had just practiced up and down the block, in front of the production office, and so I got miles of just being able to go and it was really fun.

How many times since �Roswell� started have you been asked whether or not you believe in aliens?

Billions. And my answer is, basically, that I think that we would be ignorant to think there is not another life form out there, but yet, I haven�t met them, so I don�t really know. There�s my stock answer (laughing).

After �Roswell,� are you going to try to avoid sci-fi roles now?

The sci-fi fans are really fantastic and very supportive, so I�m definitely not opposed to it. If a great script came my way, I would definitely be interested.

Sci-fi fans are especially devoted.

They�re really, really strong and very vocal about their commitment to the shows. In our case, if it wasn�t for the fan support, I don�t necessarily know if �Roswell� would have made it as long as it had. I felt really fortunate that the people were so supportive.

Do you ever respond to anything on fan Web sites?

Oh, yeah. I�ve gone on a few times at Crashdown just to say, �Thank you,� because I don�t know a group of fans [who were that dedicated]. They kept the show on another year at The WB and then they got another network (UPN) to pick up the show. They went so above and beyond the call of duty, that you want to just say, �Thank you so much,� because without them, you wouldn�t have a job and you wouldn�t be doing what you love every day.

August 28, 2002
by Rebecca Murray and Fred Topel
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