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"Basically what happened is that she was just on the outside.  She was let in with the secret, and the truth and all of that and then she basically - I think - did a really good job of getting herself in there despite everyone's low opinion of her being, you know, a target and someone who's going to mess up and tell the truth.  She becomes closer with Isabel.  She, you know, starts having a romance with Michael and, I don't know, sexwise, I don't know how that happened, I don't think that was just me, you know, just exudes.  No, no, I don't know that, it was just in general I think for all of the cast members something started happening there, that high school thing, but she definitely has changed in the sense that I think that all of the characters have acknowledged that she is a little crazy but when it comes to serious moments, she can be serious."

"My situation with Michael Guerin, it's just trying to understand this kid.  I mean he's, you know, mind the phrase, it's like, really alien to me.  I mean, it's so weird, the way he thinks, it's so not, he's not very complicated, he's very like fundamental and she's very, you know, all different shades of colours, so it's - the storyline for us - is that, the exploration of all that."

"There's a lot of kids though that don't...I mean that I find get very bored with something that's all about high school and dating and whether this one and who did this and that.  This show covers all that but it also has this whole other world of the FBI, you know, the running away, making life or death decisions and it's very, it's just filled with a lot in one week.  It's like a little movie."

Interview With Majandra Delfino From Popstar! Magazine

Most likely to succeed: Majandra Delfino
Of all the new shows debuting this September, the one we're most curious about has *got* to be Roswell (WB). After all, the show takes place at a fictional high school situated near Roswell, New Mexico, the site of the infamous Area 51, where a UFO was alleged to have crashed in the '50s. In the show, the teens who attend Roswell High have always rolled their eyes at the weirdoes who show up in their town to pow-wow about aliens--the kids think these groupies are the *real* aliens! But the characters end up experiencing things that are not so easy to laugh off.

We spoke with series star Majandra Delfino about her role on the show. She gave us some answers that we think are (you saw this coming) out of this world. You can also look for Majandra as the star of the spoof flick I Know What You Screamed Last Summer.

Popstar!: Your name is beautiful.
Majandra: My real name is Maria Alejandra. My sister couldn't say it when I was young, so she created Majandra [Muh-HAHN-druh].

You're Venezuelan. Do you still go back to visit?
Yes. I stay with my dad and he lives on the beach. The most beautiful thing about it is the environment. We get to just sit there on the beach and see the waves and swim. That's what I love about it.

When you were blonde, did you ever get to play specifically Latin characters? It's interesting because my character on Roswell was supposed to be Latin and they didn't think I was Latin, so it was a big stretch for them to consider me. [Laughs] No one ever thinks I'm Latin. I guess producers have a pre-conceived notion of what "Latin" looks like. They're also thinking that everyone watching will have a pre-conceived notion. Now they're considering whether or not to publicize the fact that I'm Latin. [Laughs] And whether it will tick people off. I keep telling them, "Don't worry. We're not crazy people like you think!" [Laughs] When I was little, I had the best time in Venezuela because I was blonde.

How did you start acting?
I was 14. It was in Miami. My mother said I could only act for six months and I had to book something really big. Three months later, I booked the lead in Zeus and Roxanne and then she kind of became supportive after that. [Laughs] And then I went to L.A. for some auditions and I got The Tony Danza Show, and that's what started it all.

I heard you've got some more movies coming up.
Yeah. One is The Learning Curve, which was an independent film all about the Mafia-like situation involved in the singing industry. Two of the events in the movie actually happened in real life, one where this label signed some guy's daughter just to get them on his good side. I play her and she is sucha a brat, which is really cool! [Laughs]

And your other movie?
The other one is called Unglued. It's all about a family in the 1970s. It's about this little girl and how she deals with her whole family. I went into the audition with black hair and hot red roots and they somehow cast me as this mousy, 15-year-old teenager with glasses and a waify body. They just transformed me and I just love that. I love it when people don't recognize me from anything because it's just so different.

How would you describe Roswell?
Sort of like The X-Files for the teenagers. It's going to be so cool. These kids are living totally normal lives, living in this place that is so tourist-attracted. We work in this cafe in these alien outfits--one Sigourney Weaver, one Will Smith. It's such a joke to us. And then things occur where we think, "Maybe..."

What do you think about UFOs and Area 51?
I think that it's really strange how the government is so into covering it up, like they really have something up their sleeve. Like for Independence Day, the costume people asked for soldier uniforms and the government said, "Fine, as long as you don't mention Area 51 in the movie." I don't understand why they try to make such a mystery about it.

Do you think there's life on other planets?
I don't know. I like to think that when we go to other planets, we don't see anything because it's there but it's all in another dimension. And maybe they come here and see stark land--nothing. [Laughs]

Does acting ever make it hard to have a normal life in this dimension?
It is definitely the most abnormal life--I hate to hear these kids that say, "I live a normal life," all these actor kids. It's weird. You have all this responsibility for a kid, but it's understood and expected of you. You are basically asked to become a lot older than you really are, the way that you are supposed to handle these thing, so I definitely think it gets in the way of being "normal."

Do you get a chance to date?
My social life consists of my three best friends and that is always what I like to keep it to, for now. I think there's plenty of time to date! [Laughs]

Majandra Delfino Chat Transcript (AOL, December 13, 1999)

OnlineHost: Join us as actress Majandra Delfino, from the TV show "Roswell", appears on AOL Live tonight at 8pmET! To interact with those onstage, click the "Participate in Event" button. Select either "Ask a Question" or "Send a Comment." Please be aware that it may not be possible to address all items sent to the stage due to time constraints. Questions or comments not relevant to the event will not be used. AOLiveMC1: Let's give a big and warm welcome to Majandra Delfino!
MajandraD: Hi, everybody!
MajandraD: Welcome!
AOLiveMC1: Are you ready to field some questions from your fans out there?
MajandraD: I'm ready!
Question: Hey Majandra! My name is Deana, and about 3 weeks ago I sent you a letter. I was just wondering if you get fanmail, and ever write back?
MajandraD: Yes, I get my fan mail and yes, I always write back!
Question: What is the atmosphere on the set of Roswell?
MajandraD: It's just like high school.
MajandraD: Actually more fun than work!
AOLiveMC1: For those who aren't completely familiar with the TV show, can you give us a brief synopsis of what the show is about?
MajandraD: It's about high school students in Roswell, New Mexico who are confronted with something that might be linked to the 1947 crash.
Question: What was it like to open for the BeeGee's? Are your albums, or album available?
MajandraD: When I opened for the BeeGees, I was singing with my friend, and it was a lot of fun. Keep in mind that one of the girls who sang with me was a friend of mine. My boyfriend is the son of one of the lead singers in the BeeGees. So it wasn't that exciting, since I see them every day. No, I don't have an album out yet.
Question: Do any of the cast members treat you weird because you are the youngest on the show?
MajandraD: No.
Question: Who do you hang out with the most off the set?
MajandraD: Brendan and Katy. Question: I love your name! Is it true that your sister couldn;t say your real name, so you changed it to Majandra?
MajandraD: She called me Majandra, so that's what I go by.
Question: how should someone who is just 17 get started in the business if they don't live near LA or New York?
MajandraD: They audition in Miami, too.
AOLiveMC1: Majandra, how did you get your big break?
MajandraD: I landed a lead part in a feature film, Zeus and Roxanne.
MajandraD: It was my first job ever, and it got me out to LA.
Question: Are you going to be singing on the show?
MajandraD: Yes, but not my material.
Question: Tell us what a day in your life is like?
MajandraD: Work! Working hours on the set.
Question: Who is the practical joker on the set?
MajandraD: Me!
AOLiveMC1: What kind of practical jokes have you done? :)
MajandraD: Oh, millions!
MajandraD: I'm just downright obnoxious!
Question: If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?
MajandraD: Nothing! I don't like to think about the impossible!
MajandraD: Personality-wise, I guess, I would change my amount of giggles!
Question: Majandra, do you see all the Roswell related websites on the net? I myself am on a mailing list that loves you!!
MajandraD: I try to, but I haven't seen any ones that love me!
Question: Does your family still live in Miami? Do they visit you a lot? Or do you go to Miami any chance you get?
MajandraD: My family moved to LA with me, but I visit my grandparents and aunt and uncle in Miami a lot.
AOLiveMC1: What kind of differences have you noticed between LA and Miami?
MajandraD: LA is a lot more suburban.
MajandraD: Miami is a lot more urban and cultural.
MajandraD: LA is much more segregated culturally.
Question: Do you believe that the crash really happened in 1947??
MajandraD: Yes, I do.
AOLiveMC1: Have you done a lot of research into that famous crash?
MajandraD: No, not really. My character isn't really into the UFO scene, so there was really no need.
Question: Please tell me that Maria & Michael get back together!! You and Brendan have such awesome on-screen chemistry!
MajandraD: Yes, we do, but it's a secret!
Question: What do you think of all the awesome reviews Roswell has been getting?
MajandraD: I love it!
MajandraD: I couldln't be more happy!
Question: Did you know that Roswell was going to be an awesome show?
MajandraD: Yes, that's why I took the part!
Question: Is there any actor you would want to work with in the future? -Mel
MajandraD: Actually, Johnny Depp and Michelle Pfeiffer.
MajandraD: Also Mike Meyers
Question: Do you have on-line? If you do, do you come on a lot?
MajandraD: Yes, I do, but I never go on.
Question: Hey Majandra!, Alright so straight up who do you think is better looking, Max or Michael?
MajandraD: Michael!
Question: What are your thoughts on the Michael/Maria relationship?
MajandraD: I think it's fabulous!
Question: Was it difficult to do those make out scenes with Brendan? -Mel
MajandraD: It was not difficult when we'd actually be doing the scene, just before and afterwards. It was a little uncomfortable. One of the days his mom was in from out of town.
Question: Do you want to act your whole life? What are your plans for after "Roswell"?
MajandraD: I try not to look that far ahead in the future, but college sounds nice.
Question: What makes you laugh, and do you have any ticklish spots?
MajandraD: A good sense of humor makes me laugh, though I can't really explain what kind. It's definitely a particular one, though. And I'm ticklish everywhere!
Question: Majandra, When did you first become intrested in acting?
MajandraD: I was 15, and I thought Wow, that would be cool to be in a movie and act. I went out then and tried getting myself a movie!
Question: Brendan mentioned in an earlier chat that you gave him some pointers on the kissing scenes, How would you rate him as a student?
MajandraD: I'd say he learns well!
Question: Hi Majandra, I'm Erin and I'm a *HUGE* Roswell fan. I wanted to ask you, what was the funniest/most embarrassing thing that ever happened on the set?
MajandraD: I'd have to say when in the future episodes, there's an instance regarding Maria's bra. That was embarrasing, but eventually you learn not to be embarrassed by anything.
Question: Who or what are you a fanatic of?
MajandraD: I'm a food fanatic!
MajandraD: And I love chocolate!
Question: Hey, Majandra. What High School did you attend in Miami?
MajandraD: New World School of the Arts.
Question: Being that Latinos are making a mark in Hollywood (through music and acting) What mark would you like to make as a young latina? Viva Mi Gente Latina!!!!!
MajandraD: I'd just like to be established as a Latin, because a lot of times people want to hide that fact. I'm light-skinned and light-haired, so people don't always know. They think my look will anger some Latins out there.
AOLiveMC1: We have time for one last question for Majandra.
Question: What are you doing for Christmas?
MajandraD: Going home to Miami!
AOLiveMC1: Majandra, thank you for taking time out of your day to be here with us on AOL.
AOLiveMC1: Any final remarks for your fans out there?
MajandraD: Thank you! It's always my pleasure!
MajandraD: And thank you everyone who showed up!
AOLiveMC1: Thank you again, Majandra. And thanks to audience for attending.
AOLiveMC1: Until next time, AOL. Goodnight.
OnlineHost: Thank you for joining us! Remember to check keyword: LIVE often for upcoming news and political events, celebrities and renowned personalities.
OnlineHost: Copyright 1999 America Online, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Roswell Beauty Lies About Age

Actress Majandra Delfino lied about her age to get on hit sci-fi TV series Roswell. The beauty who plays Maria Deluca on the program was just 17-years-old when she auditioned for the role but told the director she was 18. She says, "I had just done a movie where I was treated as an adult - there's this legal thing that if you're six months away from your 18th birthday and it's the summer, you can work as an adult or something." Majandra's deception only came to light when she asked for a studio tutor in her contract.

Roswell's Majandra Delfino is out of this world in answering this edition of The WB Questionnaire.

Describe where you are right now.

In my bedroom of purple and green velvet.

Where do you find paradise?

In the water of a placid warm bay.

Which living person do you admire most?

My mom.

What quality about yourself would you like [to] improve?

My bad judgement of personality.

If you could only eat one type of food for the rest of your life what would it be?

Whole milk or Filet Mignon I can't decide which though.

What is your biggest complaint in life?

Malevolent people who pose as something different.

If you could be any fictional character who would it be?

"Rose" of Sleeping Beauty.

Name your greatest achievement.

Writing my favourite songs.

Name your greatest failure.

Dating ALL the wrong people somehow - quite a knack really!

What quality do you value most in the opposite sex?

The respect they automatically get and how imperious they are. Being amused by throwing a ball back in forth sounds so simple minded. Yet when you ask a man how it much be having such basic and vapid thoughts he'll answer you, with a straight face, that it's what comes along with being a genius. I value that.

If you could write your own epitaph what would it say?

Here lies Majandra Delfino. Ahead of the game, and not too happy about it. Pray for her or else kindly step off her patio, you're just blocking the sun now... tell all our friends and thank you for coming.

Majandra Delfino: One on One E-online chat

The toughest thing for 19-year-old Delfino about becoming famous wasn't catching a big break, it was just getting to Hollywood.

Because while the future Roswell star knew she had the chops to make it as an actress, she had a tough time convincing her parents. Finally, after plenty of pleading, they let their little girl leave her Miami home for a six-month shot at Tinseltown, figuring she'd be back in short order.

But Majandra had other ideas. Within 60 days, she had an agent and her first film role, in Zeus and Roxanne. Then came a role on Tony Danza's eponymous short-lived sitcom and the part of Maria on Roswell. Now, she's got several movies under her belt--and more in the works.

While she has overcome real-life obstacles, her Roswell character still hits lots of bumps in the road. Her on and and offscreen love Brendan Fehr plays Michael, an alien being chased by the FBI and evil aliens. And now, a new girl, Courtney, has eyes for her guy. Whew!

Majandra, the nickname given to her by her sister (she won't reveal her real name), was born in Caracas, Venezuela, and moved to Miami as a toddler. She is best friends with Samantha Gibb (the daughter of Bee Gee Maurice Gibb), and together they formed the band China Doll. They still perform on special occasions.

Q: How has your family reacted to your fame? Have they been super supportive, or do you see any jealousy forming between you and your siblings?

My family is really cool--especially my older sister, who is so happy to see me finally doing something productive.

Q: What is it like working with your boyfriend all day? Does this ever cause any problems? And what do you think of his tattoo?

Brendan is my very best friend, and naturally, working with your best friend is great. I love his new tattoo--though I may have been the bad influence. I would like to apologize to his mother.

Q: Michael and Maria are my favorite Roswell couple. Please tell me they get back together in season two--he said he loves her, how can they not?!

I ain't giving anything up.

Q: What's a storyline you'd like to see happen? What has been your favorite episode?

I'd like to find out that Maria is a vampire and her dad is really Lestat.

Q: You have such a cute smile and laugh. Where are you ticklish the most, and do you like being tickled?

I am ticklish everywhere. Sometimes I like to be tickled, sometimes I don't. It depends on who's doing the tickling.

Q: Do you believe in aliens?


Q: Who do you think is your cutest male costar?

It would be a tie between Desmond Askew (Brody) and Brendan.

Q: I love your hair. After seeing the season premiere with your long hair, I had to do a double take. Who's that gorgeous actress? Wow, it's Majandra. Who picks your wardrobe? Do you have any input? You seem to have great taste.

The lovely Mimi Melgaard picks all of our fabulous wardrobes. Working with such a talented (and beautiful) broad leaves no need for any of the cast's input.

Q: I've heard a few of your songs online, and I think they're quite brilliant. Are you releasing anything soon? Your lyrics are inspiring!

Yes, I will be releasing a CD online very soon.

Q: Do you have any advice for aspiring actresses such as myself?

Find a good support group and strengthen your self-worth, because it's all pretty much a fight against constant rejection.

Q: How far ahead do you get the scripts?

Three or four days in advance, and that's when I study.

Q: If you could visit one time period in history, what would it be and why?

The late '60s and all of the '70s. The peace, the love, the happiness and the Beatles.

Q: Hi, Majandra! I love your work. You are one of my role models! How has being in Roswell changed your life?

Roswell has changed my life because of all the amazing people I now know and can't get enough of.

Q: What do you think about Brendan's statement that he still wants to be virgin?

I love being a virgin, too. My thoughts are: It is harder for a girl to keep her virginity, because men put so much pressure on you, while boys get patted on the back for waiting.

Q: Three months ago, I cut off all my hair. Big mistake. Now, I'm in the process of growing it out. I saw your hair grow during this season, and was wondering how you got through the in-between stages? My hair is driving me crazy!

Whatever you may be feeling, don't cut it!! That's my advice on growing it out. Work with what you've gotten yourself into.

Q: Has Brendan's statement that he's waiting until marriage to have sex affected your relationship? Do you both appreciate and trust each other more, and are you more comfortable with each other because of sex not being an issue?

I'm only 19! Sex is not an issue.

Q: How fun is it making Roswell?


Q: How's the recording going? Will all the tracks be as hauntingly beautiful, yet admittedly dark, as "Siren," "Bruised" and "Tattoo"?

I promise beautiful things.

Q: What films are you doing? Any dramas? Comedies?

I finished Traffic about two months ago. It's definitely a drama. The subject is drug trafficking.

Q: I just wanted to tell you, your hair looks gorgeous long and curly. I don't know how your hair could have grown so fast, though--are you wearing extensions?

The powers of the little green people were on my side.

Q: What brands of cosmetics are used on the show? Everyone always looks so polished. The lip colors are always fabulous.

We use pretty normal stuff, ranging from Mac and Stilla to Bobbi Brown and Shiseido. I use a lot of Shiseido products.

Q: What do you like to do when you're not taping?

I like to sing, paint and make music.

Q: Your name is very different. Where does it come from, and what does it mean--if anything at all?

My name was made up by my sister from my given name; it kind of stuck.

Q: What type of music do you listen to?

Bj�rk, Nine Inch Nails, Fiona Apple, the Beatles, the Beastie Boys, Poe, Pantera and Black Sabbath.

Q: Okay, everyone wants to know: What kind of boyfriend is Brendan? Sweet? Spontaneous? Romantic? What is the nicest, sweetest or most romantic thing he has done for you?

Brendan is a great person to be friends with. He's fun like a sleepover party.

Q: Do you ever tease each other about who is the magazine-cover sex symbol of the week?

No. It's obvious that it's me! I mean, hello?! No, I'm totally kidding--I'm definitely not the "pretty" girl on this show, so if there is ever any argument, I head to craft services to get me some food.

Majandra Delfino Chat-February 14,2000
E Online-Wanda Live

Maria Mouths Off: Roswell's Majandra Delfino Came to Chat--and Dish!
This week, Wanda has Majandra Delfino as her special chat guest. Check out what the sassy star has to say about malling around with Brendan Fehr, groovin' with her band and an upcoming death on Roswell. Plus, Wanda has all the scoop on Buffy, Ally and The Practice.
Hey, guys. Happy Valentine's Day! Majandra's here--let's chat!
From Shelly: What is your favorite book and movie?
I'd have to say Prozac Nation is my favorite book. As for the movie, I'd say The Last Unicorn. It's one of those very profound cartoons that you wouldn't expect to have a message, but it does.
From Tori: Do you have any input on your wardrobe?
The woman who does all of our wardrobes, Laura Goldsmith, is really good. But yeah, I get to have a say in it. We work together.
From Lvergirl: What is your favorite sci-fi movie?
You're going to laugh, but I'd have to say Tron, and then Hackers, and then The Matrix. I truly believe in the theory of The Matrix.
From Henrie: Which character on Roswell do you like the most? And which one do you relate to most?
I absolutely love it whenever Kyle Valenti comes on the set. He's so humorous. He really cracks me up. A lot of people don't get it, but I think he's really funny. I relate most to Valenti, the dad, because I can really feel his pain. He believed in something for so long, but everything changed.
From Karen Jones: What's going to happen in the "Crazy" ep?
Me, Michael, Max and Liz go on a double date, and the results are kind of disastrous.
From Snuggle bear: Do you know if Kyle's going to get a honey?
Yes. In a very sort of conflicting, Roswell way, he does.
From Steph: Do you have an official Website?
No, I don't think I do. But I'm sure eventually I'll have one.
From Maurin: How much of your life has changed since the beginning of the show?
Actually, not that much. I did The Tony Danza Show, and that was a bigger network where more people were watching. So, this feels like the same kind of thing. I'd actually have to say my life was more interesting when I was living in Miami.
From Lupe: Do you speak Spanish?
Yeah, I do. My mom is Cuban, and my dad is Venezuelan.
From Jo: Do a lot of people recognize you when you're in public?
No. Nobody recognizes me. It's really funny, because I hang out with Brendan [Fehr] a lot, and people will go up to him and say, "I love your show!" But they have no clue who I am.
From Meredith White: Of all the actors you have worked with, who did you like best? And who would you like to work with in the future?
I'd have to say it's a tie between Kathleen Quinlan and Linda Hamilton. I would love to work with them again. I'd also want to work with Jack Nicholson and Johnny Depp, baby.
From Johnson: Who played in the band when you sang on the show?
Colin Hanks really plays the bass. All the rest were actors they hired to play. This one guy, Ben, played the guitar, and he was really good.
From Mara: Is Roswell a fun show to work on?
Yeah, it totally is. It's so much fun. All the kids hang out, and we all get along so well.
From Georgie: When are your next movies coming out?
The last movie I worked on is a Scream spoof called I Know What You Screamed Last Summer. I made fun of the Neve Campbell character. I dyed my hair and everything. It was really fun. And Simon Rex is in it, who is a hottie.
From Red: Who is your favorite musician?
I love Portishead right now.
From arjs: Who were your teen idols growing up?
Debbie Gibson. Hey, listen, I was born in '81, so Debbie Gibson and Madonna were my two idols.
From chacha: What is the one thing in your closet that you can't live without?
My Doc Martens. If they are not in my life, I might not be able to go on.
From Roswellianchica: Please give us any spoilers...
Well, someone might die, and there's some really scary FBI situation coming, like "trust no one." Oh, and Julie Benz will be back.
From socal: What do you do when you're not working?
Play guitar and write songs or hang out with my sister or Brendan. We just hang at each other's house. You know, just go eat at a low-key diner by Brendan's house that he's obsessed with. Or I take him on the Majandra tour, which means we go to a shopping mall. We're mall rats.
From Catty: Is there anything romantic between you two?
No. It's more of a love-hate, love-to-hate kind of thing.
From bluebear: Do you have any pets?
Yeah. I have a royal standard poodle named Gertrude who is really huge--like, three feet high--and then I have a white Pekingese named Tattoo.
From alienhunter: Where is the coolest place you've ever traveled?
I'd have to say Venice, Italy, because I was so amazed with the gondolas--the concept of having a home with a garage on the water. It was the coolest thing. I was all about that.
From roswelgirl2000: What is your favorite show?
Charmed. I don't know. I like the witch stuff.
From spacecamper: Was it true you were in American Pie?
No. I have a movie coming out called Life of the Girls, which was originally called American Pie and had Eugene Levy in it, but then he went to do American Pie, and they changed the name of the movie.
From angellver: What is your favorite word?
Probably "you know"? That's always my thing.
From tangi2 asks: Did you originally audition for the role of Maria?
No. I originally auditioned for the role of Liz, but I had an age problem, and they wanted someone over 18. So it was Maria or nothing, and I thought Maria was so damn funny.
From jerjer: Do you believe in aliens?
Yes. I just do. I have a feeling that exactly what goes on in their planet goes on in ours, so they probably look like people.
From Majandraaddict: Will you be exercising your vocal cords in any future episodes of Roswell?
I hope so, but I don't know myself. They just made me do it last week.
From shatty74: Majandra, Roswell is such a well-done show. Were you surprised by how well it's turned out?
No. I'm not suprised at all. I'm actually surprised that it hasn't been more successful, because it's so well written.
From Majandraaddict: How do you feel about Maria DeLuca action figures?
Sounds damn exciting to me. Nothing I've ever heard about, but it sounds great.
From shelby: What's Brendan Fehr really like?
He's a big dork. He never wears his hair like that. He's a dork with glasses. He's a homebody who plays with his dog, and I harass him on occasion.
From callie: Will there be more of Michael and Maria anytime soon?
Oh, yeah. Get ready for plenty. Let's just say the "Sexual Healing" ep is about what it sounds--lots of making out and just lots of sexual healing.
From nowheremegurl: Are you going to have a CD coming out, Majandra? You have the best voice!
Yes. I'm working on a record now, which I'm coproducing. I write my own songs. But I don't have a name yet for the group.
From Lillia: Majandra, what is your favorite color? Favorite food? Favorite place to relax?
Color: purple. Food: I love so much food, so that's really hard. I love whole milk. And place to relax? That would be my bed. I love my bed.
From shelly: What's it like to kiss Brendan Fehr? He's so hot!
I get to do it every day, so it's really no big deal.
From kee87: Hi, Majandra! Who is the prankster on the set?
Me. I don't know why. I'm just real sassy with people. I put tape on people's backs, and we take these crazy pictures, and I'm always up for the weird stuff. From rockybeach: Hi, Majandra! I am so addicted to your show. Do you know if it has been renewed for next season yet?
We don't know. Nobody knows, but they don't tell us until April, so I'd love to answer, but I don't know.
From roswellianroue: I heard a supporting character on Roswell dies. Is this true?
Yeah, it's kinda true, kinda maybe in the supernatural world. Death is not always a bad thing in our world--doesn't have to be permanent.
From c_johnson: Majandra, do you know anything about the new character Tess? Can you give anything away about her character...please?!
She's going to be a real cute girl--kind of mischievous--and you might not like her at first. She's more of an Isabel, the popular type who doesn't let anyone in.
From aliennumber5: Can you give us any info on the fourth alien?
The fourth alien is a shape-shifter, so you never know who is being themselves or who is the shape-shifter. He can be Valenti. He can be me. He can be anyone.
From ssv: What is your favorite episode so far? "285 South," the one where I was kidnapped by Michael. It dealt with a lot of sci-fi, and they put everyone in funny situations.
From majandra_love: Majandra, would you ever do a nude scene? Listen, if I look good, sure, but so far, no.
From ageoldtuna: What inspired you to cut your beautiful long hair? Angelina Jolie--biggest mistake of my life, though. You have to have a face like hers, though, or you look like a little boy.
From michaelnmaria: What is Colin really like? He's really fun. He's never stressed out, like a chill sort of guy--different from his character in that sense.
From steph4913: What is Shiri like? Some people have said she's conceited (can't be true)... No, she's not conceited. She's actually a lot like her character.
From tina: Did you watch a lot of TV growing up?
No. Well, I watched a lot of Nick at Nite. I love Rhoda and Bob Newhart.
From nowhereme_gurl: Is there going to be a Michael-Isabel relationship?
It has been talked about, but they're not going to go there. It's a pretty gross concept because they're like brother and sister. I think that would gross people out.

Majandra Delfino
Date: February 29, 2000

TV Guide Online: Tonight we are chatting with Majandra Delfino from the TV series Roswell.

Hi Majandra! Thanks for coming!

Delfino: Hello everybody. Thank you for coming.

Question: You play a very interesting character on the show. Are you in any way like your character. If so, how?

Delfino: No. In the sense that I'm a little more relaxed. But, yes, in the sense that we're big fans of sarcasm.

Question: Hey Majandra! I heard about the Roswell Party was it fun to meet all of your fans? I'm going to go to the other one this summer do you think you might show?

Delfino: Yes. I had a lot of fun. And yes, I'll show.

Question: Did you think Roswell would ever have this much success?

Delfino: I actually expected more success rating wise.

Question: Which was your favorite episode of Roswell to film?

Delfino: "The Balance" where Michael almost dies. Cause it dealt with a lot of desert stuff. That was a lot of fun.

Question: Majandra, how long have you been singing for? Did you take lessons or did your voice come naturally?

Delfino: I've been singing seriously since I was 11. It started off natural, but I helped build my muscles with singing lessons at first.

Question: What's your favorite TV show (other than Roswell...hehe!)

Delfino: I would say Charmed.

Question: What kind of music will be on your CD?

Delfino: Just music I write and produce. If I could group it with another artist that would be a bad thing. I can't really describe it. They'll just have to wait and see.

Question: What do you do in your free time?

Delfino: I like to basically just do nothing. It's a big problem I have. I basically just like to sit around and read and waste time. I'm really random with what I read.

Question: Have you ever had a weird encounter with a fan Majandra?

Delfino: Not yet. Just one guy in The Tony Danza Show days. He managed to show up everywhere I was at. He didn't act weird when I saw him. But he was always there.

Question: Do you always plan on being an actress?

Delfino: Not at all. When I was around 15 I thought it would be cool to say I was in a movie. I did that in Miami. It was a chain reaction. I've lately decided that I do like it.

Question: Do you have any pets?

Delfino: Yes. I have two dogs. One is a royal standard poodle. The other is Pekinese.

Question: Who do you hang out with most from the set?

Delfino: Brendan Fehr.

Question: Do the directors surprise you guys with the storylines or do u know them all from the start?

Delfino: We'll get a script a week before we shoot it. That's as much as we know. Although I sneak into the writers office and look at the board to see what the writers have in store for me.

Question: Has Roswell been renewed for a second season?

Delfino: Nobody knows. I have no clue.

Question: What's coming up with Maria's and Michael's relationship?

Delfino: It's a long and bumpy road ahead. We will persevere. Michael breaks Maria's heart in a very bad way. Bastard.

Question: what has been your favorite role so far?

Delfino: I would say probably Maria. She's the most comic one I've done.

Question: Majandra, can you tell us anything about the season finale of Roswell?

Delfino: I don't even know myself. We haven't filmed it. We're on 17 of 21 episodes right now.

Question: Are you gonna be in any upcoming movies??

Delfino: During the hiatus I'm hoping to work on my record. I have a movie that's now out at Blockbuster. It's called the Secret Life of Girls. I would definitely recommend it. It's a sweet story about parents getting divorced in 1983. It's nice.

Question: Are there going to be any Maria centered episodes like the one with Michael in "Independence Day"?

Delfino: I don't know. I know as much as you do. I'm not that far ahead.

Question: Do you need a great bass player?

Delfino: I do all the instruments on my record. But thank you.

Question: Is there anything going on with you and Brendan?

Delfino: Yeah. We hang out every day. And that's what's going on. Sometimes, sometimes, we'll go see a movie. If we have a day off, we'll go eat somewhere. It's a really exciting life. :)

Question: Does the whole cast get along well?

Delfino: Really well actually. If we were all in high school, we all would have found each other and been a big clique.

Question: How has your life changed since Roswell started?

Delfino: Because the WB isn't such a huge network, there are less people watching me, than there were when The Tony Danza Show was on NBC. So it's not as bad as it used to be.

Question: Who is the biggest influence in your life? In acting?

Delfino: In life I would say, unfortunately, my mom. I have to admit that as much as I don't want to. Well acting, I would say, Jack Nicholson.

Question: Michael and Isabel don't get together do they? I heard a rumor that they do and I love Michael and Maria.

Delfino: If that were to happen, it would be more of a mistake than something for the long run. But, I think the writers know how much people like Michael and Maria together.

Question: Which one of the guys do you like better?

Delfino: My favorite guy, because he is hilarious is Nick Wechsler. He plays Kyle. In real life he is hilarious.

Question: What's your favorite movie?

Delfino: The Last Unicorn.

Question: How would you describe the real life personalities your castmates and yourself?

Delfino: I would say that Brendan is kind of a dork. He's just a real homebody. He might as well be into computers and make them. He's very nerdy in a good way. Sheri is kind of kind of like a real high school sort of girl. She has the surfer boyfriend, real normal. Katie is proper and polite. Jason is real kooky and fun. Nick is hilarious. He's a genius. Colin is not like his character at all. He's like real casual and calm and not the least bit dorky. I really don't know about me. You'll have to ask my mom about that one. William is like the most kiddish one on set. He makes fart noises and is really out of hand. TV

Guide Online: Thanks Majandra! We had a great time and please come back soon!

Delfino: Thank you for coming. I hopefully, will see you soon. Best wishes. Keep watching.


The toughest thing for 19-year-old Delfino about becoming famous wasn't catching a big break, it was just getting to Hollywood.

Because while the future Roswell star knew she had the chops to make it as an actress, she had a tough time convincing her parents. Finally, after plenty of pleading, they let their little girl leave her Miami home for a six-month shot at Tinseltown, figuring she'd be back in short order.

But Majandra had other ideas. Within 60 days, she had an agent and her first film role, in Zeus and Roxanne. Then came a role on Tony Danza's eponymous short-lived sitcom and the part of Maria on Roswell. Now, she's got several movies under her belt - and more in the works.

While she has overcome real-life obstacles, her Roswell character still hits lots of bumps in the road. Her on and offscreen love Brendan Fehr plays Michael, an alien being chased by the FBI and evil aliens. And now, a new girl, Courtney, has eyes for her guy. Whew!

Majandra, the nickname given to her by her sister (she won't reveal her real name), was born in Caracas, Venezuela, and moved to Miami as a toddler. She is best friends with Samantha Gibb (the daughter of Bee Gee Maurice Gibb), and together they formed the band China Doll. They still perform on special occasions.

Read on to find out more about Majandra's music, her relationship with Brendan and her feelings on... virginity.

From spacey92: How has your family reacted to your fame? Have they been super supportive, or do you see any jealousy forming between you and your siblings?

My family is really cool - especially my older sister, who is so happy to see me finally doing something productive.

From jeezu: What is it like working with your boyfriend all day? Does this ever cause any problems? And what do you think of his tattoo?

Brendan is my very best friend, and naturally, working with your best friend is great. I love his new tattoo - though I may have been the bad influence. I would like to apologise to his mother.

From ginna1123: Michael and Maria are my favourite Roswell couple. Please tell me they get back together in season two - he said he loves her, how can they not?!

I ain't giving anything up.

From kelrose: What's a storyline you'd like to see happen? What has been your favourite episode?

I'd like to find out that Maria is a vampire and her dad is really Lestat.

From roar56: You have such a cute smile and laugh. Where are you ticklish the most, and do you like being tickled?

I am ticklish everywhere. Sometimes I like to be tickled, sometimes I don't. It depends on who's doing the tickling.

From jaysfan: Do you believe in aliens?


From pictureperfect: Who do you think is your cutest male costar?

It would be a tie between Desmond Askew (Brody) and Brendan.

From rpooka: I love your hair. After seeing the season premiere with your long hair, I had to do a double take. Who's that gorgeous actress? Wow, it's Majandra. Who picks your wardrobe? Do you have any input? You seem to have great taste.

The lovely Mimi Melgaard picks all of our fabulous wardrobes. Working with such a talented (and beautiful) broad leaves no need for any of the cast's input.

From diasyb: I've heard a few of your songs online, and I think they're quite brilliant. Are you releasing anything soon? Your lyrics are inspiring!

Yes, I will be releasing a CD online very soon.

From isabel_vasquez: Do you have any advice for aspiring actresses such as myself?

Find a good support group and strengthen your self-worth, because it's all pretty much a fight against constant rejection.

From casey815: How far ahead do you get the scripts?

Three or four days in advance, and that's when I study.

From roswellian12: If you could visit one time period in history, what would it be and why?

The late '60s and all of the '70s. The peace, the love, the happiness and the Beatles.

From kee87: Hi, Majandra! I love your work. You are one of my role models! How has being in Roswell changed your life?

Roswell has changed my life because of all the amazing people I now know and can't get enough of.

From sauvan: What do you think about Brendan's statement that he still wants to be a virgin?

I love being a virgin, too. My thoughts are: It is harder for a girl to keep her virginity, because men put so much pressure on you, while boys get patted on the back for waiting.

From angel_cgg: Three months ago, I cut off all my hair. Big mistake. Now, I'm in the process of growing it out. I saw your hair grow during this season, and was wondering how you got through the in-between stages? My hair is driving me crazy!

Whatever you may be feeling, don't cut it! That's my advice on growing it out. Work with what you've gotten yourself into.

From liliacgirl: Has Brendan's statement that he's waiting until marriage to have sex affected your relationship? Do you both appreciate and trust each other more, and are you more comfortable with each other because of sex not being an issue?

I'm only 19! Sex is not an issue.

From kinetix99: How fun is it making Roswell?


From starpriestess: How's the recording going? Will all the tracks be as hauntingly beautiful, yet admittedly dark, as Siren, Bruised and Tattoo?

I promise beautiful things.

From riophoenix: What films are you doing? Any dramas? Comedies?

I finished Traffic about two months ago. It's definitely a drama. The subject is drug trafficking.

From dfreespirit83: I just wanted to tell you, your hair looks gorgeous long and curly. I don't know how your hair could have grown so fast, though - are you wearing extensions?

The powers of the little green people were on my side.

From vesta: What brands of cosmetics are used on the show? Everyone always looks so polished. The lip colours are always fabulous.

We use pretty normal stuff, ranging from Mac and Stilla to Bobbi Brown and Shiseido. I use a lot of Shiseido products.

From babyvulpix107: What do you like to do when you're not taping?

I like to sing, paint and make music.

From rain_5_2000: Your name is very different. Where does it come from, and what does it mean - if anything at all?

My name was made up by my sister from my given name; it kind of stuck.

From ilovesalma: What type of music do you listen to?

Bj�rk, Nine Inch Nails, Fiona Apple, the Beatles, the Beastie Boys, Poe, Pantera and Black Sabbath.

From bren_maja_no1fan: Okay, everyone wants to know: What kind of boyfriend is Brendan? Sweet? Spontaneous? Romantic? What is the nicest, sweetest or most romantic thing he has done for you?

Brendan is a great person to be friends with. He's fun like a sleepover party.

From rufustee: Do you ever tease each other about who is the magazine-cover sex symbol of the week?

No. It's obvious that it's me! I mean, hello?! No, I'm totally kidding - I'm definitely not the "pretty" girl on this show, so if there is ever any argument, I head to craft services to get me some food.

Five Questions With... Roswell's Majandra Delfino
By Christine Champagn
original article may be seen here.

So, how will Roswell star Majandra Delfino spend her summer vacation? For at least part of it, the 19-year-old Miami native will be on the set of Traffic, which stars Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones and centers on the drug trade. (Delfino will play the friend of Douglas' onscreen daughter.) While Delfino is excited about working with high-profile movie stars, she is also eager to continue working with Brendan Fehr and her other castmates on Roswell. At the time of this interview, however, the fate of the show, which wraps up its first season on Monday, May 15 (WB, 9 to 10 p.m. ET), was still up in the air.

You play an ordinary human on the show. Do you ever wish you'd been cast as one of the aliens?
"No. It's cool to play an alien because they get to have powers. But I kind of like playing a human because we're kind of seen as the enemy, and we have to explain to them that they can trust us. I like having that role � that walking on thin ice, in a sense."

Everybody is always commenting on how your co-star Brendan Fehr looks like David Duchovny of The X-Files. Do people ever say that you resemble a famous person?
"Not now. But when I was little, I had this long blond hair and really big lips, and everybody used to say I was going to grow up and look just like Bridget Bardot. I had no idea who this woman was, and my mother was this French model-actress and very beautiful. And then two years ago, I still didn't know what she looked like, and I was in a bookstore, and I was like, 'Mom, will you show me [a picture of Bridget Bardot]?' And my mom gets this book and whips this picture out of Bridget Bardot lying in the sand half-naked, and I started crying in the middle of the store. To me, she looked like Pamela Anderson.... Then, I finally got to see normal pictures of Bridget Bardot, and I was like, 'Oh, that is a compliment.' But at first I was like, 'Oh no!' "

Have you had any weird encounters with fans of your show?
"I attract a lot of adults: I'm talking about people in their 60s, and you're like, 'This is kind of weird.' And I also get boys that are really overt about their fantasies. And I just went to a Fiona Apple concert, and there was this girl who was like, 'Can I take your picture?' It was very strange. Fiona was onstage singing. And I was like, 'Do you mind if we wait?' And she just followed me around."

What is the best perk of fame?
"The free stuff. Puma and Adidas give us stuff because we use their stuff all the time on the show. There is so much Puma and Adidas action on the show it's not even funny. So sometimes they'll give us shoes. I love that. It happens to be that I love Puma and Adidas both."

It's still up in the air whether Roswell will be renewed for a second season. What have Roswell fans been doing to save the show?

"They sent 3,000 bottles of Tabasco sauce to the network. And then these kids in New York got these tiny little bottles of Tabasco sauce, printed [on them] that Roswell was moving to Monday nights, and handed them out on the streets of New York. It's the coolest thing in the world, just to think they got up in the morning and stood out there the whole day passing out these bottles to help the show."

Majandra Delfino
Author: Jenni Lumpkin & Kathy Wyman
Date: May 7, 2000

At 19 years of age, Majandra Delfino is no stranger to the limelight. As a teenager in Miami, she began her career by singing with her all girl group, China Doll. From there, she made her acting debut in the 1997 film Zeus and Roxanne. During that same year, she landed the role of Tina on the Tony Danza Show.

When the Tony Danza Show concluded, Majandra took a short break, returning to acting in 1999. She made a string of movies including "The Secret Life of Girls" (1999), "I know what you Screamed Last Summer" (1999), and "Unglued" (1999). She was recently signed to play a dysfunctional, drug-addicted teenager in the upcoming movie, Traffic, with Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Her latest TV series is the WB alien drama, Roswell, where she plays a normal, human, earth girl (Maria Deluca) whose world is turned upside down by her discovery that aliens are among us. Specifically, that her boyfriend (Brendan Fehr) is an alien as is the boyfriend of her best friend, Liz (Shiri Appleby), and the girlfriend (Katherine Heigl) of her other best friend, Alex (Colin Hanks).

At this writing, the WB still has not announced the series has been renewed, but it is the hope of all the dedicated Roswell fans that the news of the renewal will come with the WB announcement of the new fall lineup on the 16th of May. For Majandra fans, this will indeed be great news.

Recently, The WB and Levi's came together on a campaign for Levi's Lot 53 clothing line. Levi's used the core cast of Roswell as the models for the line and feature ads have been appearing in publications such as Rolling Stone, Spin, and Seventeen. Levi's also provides many of the Lot 53 items to the Roswell wardrobe.

In order to promote the Lot 53 line and indirectly, Roswell, Majandra, along with Brendan Fehr (Michael) and Katherine Heigl (Isabel), have been doing public appearances in stores that feature the Levi's clothing line. Fans in the selected areas such as New York, Atlanta, and Seattle were treated to an up close and personal glimpse of their favorite stars.

On Sunday, May 7th, Majandra appeared at the Burdines store at the Miami Dadeland Mall for Lot 53. Prior to this appearance, eFanGuide was granted an opportunity to interview Majandra. It was for us, an honor, because of our recent focus on beginning a network of fan sites dedicated to the cast of Roswell.

The interview was to have started at 12:15, but Majandra was running late. When she arrived, she said her driver got lost trying to find the Will Call entrance at Burdines.

She laughingly told her publicity agent she got lost in the store and as she tried to find her way, she was approached by one of the Levi's associates handing out the announcement cards of her appearance. The young girl proceeds to tell Majandra that, "Majandra Delfino, from Roswell will be appearing today at the Levi's area on the first floor men's department." Majandra laughed and said, "tell me about it." She found the whole thing pretty amusing.

The first interview was conducted by the local Miami WB affiliate, Channel 39. Once the WB interview ended, we were ushered into the conference room where the petite actress was sipping on an iced coffee. After the formal introductions and few minutes of chatting to break the ice, we began the interview.

eFanGuide_Jenni: Okay, first question. Are you ready?

Majandra: Yes.

eFanGuide_Jenni: Can you describe your role in the upcoming movie, Traffic?

Majandra: Okay. Well, it's this girl named Vanessa and she basically deals with {sigh} she's kind of an uncomfortable, you know, sort of teenager and she deals with that by being high 24 hours a day.

eFanGuide_Jenni: Right�

Majandra: Yeah, she's serious about the drugs. What can I say?

eFanGuide_Jenni: What can you tell us about "I Know What You Screamed Last Summer?

Majandra: Hmm� It's a parody of all things trendy. All those scary movies, all prophecies, everything teenage trendy, poppy that makes fun of it all. I know�{Laugh}

eFanGuide_Jenni: "If I looked in your VCR/DVD player now, what movie might I see?"

Majandra: I would have to go with, um, Dracula�. {Laugh}

eFanGuide_Jenni: Oh cool! {Laugh} Majandra: Yeah, {Laugh}

eFanGuide_Jenni: Do you have a DVD or a VCR ?

Majandra: A DVD Player. I have a DVD and a VCR too, obviously, but I just received the DVD player.

eFanGuide_Jenni: To date, what has been your most difficult character to portray?

Majandra: I would say Tina from the Tony Danza show. It is actually a lot easier for me to be dramatic than light, bubbly, and loud and funny.

eFanGuide_Jenni: But, you do it so well..

Majandra: Well, In TV, Drama-wise, light and bubbly is a different story from a sitcom. On a sitcom, its so overdone you just can't tell because I was shot from like really far away, but in order for anything to translate onto the tiny little TV in the little shots that sitcoms give you, you have to be really huge.

eFanGuide: Hmmmm�..

Majandra: And, that was really hard for me because it was going against all my acting. You know - all the understanding that I had of acting, which was all the subtleties and showing what you were thinking and stuff like that. It went against that completely. {Laugh} So it was very hard for me.

eFanGuide_Jenni: Do you write music often?

Majandra: Yes, I write.. a lot. I'm always writing. It's my therapy.

eFanGuide_Jenni: What is your music writing process?

Majandra: Well what I have is� I have many books that I write down poetry and lyrics like 24 hours a day, whatever comes to mind, random times, so I always have something with me. Whether I am writing it on a random piece of paper, back of a matchbook, or like a napkin, and then I transfer it over to sorta like these poetry books that I have. I guess it's poetry. And, um, {Laugh} I then later on, sit myself down and put it to music with the guitar.

eFanGuide_Jenni: I downloaded your MP3 music and I thought it was so cool!

Majandra: Oh, {Laugh} Thank you!

eFanGuide_Jenni: Yes, I loved it and I just had to tell you.

Majandra: Oh, Thank you! {Laugh}

eFanGuide_Jenni: Okay. When you write a song, what instrument do you play most often?

Majandra: Oh, Guitar because it's the one that you can, you know, travel with so I can always have it on the set or whatever.

eFanGuide_Jenni: If I looked in your CD player now, what kind of music might I see?

Majandra: Hmmm�.You might see Nine Inch Nails. {Laugh}. Let me see� probably�hmm, let me think. Right now? Fiona Apple, the new album. I'm now going back to Portishead Dummy after I have been through Portishead Dummy, Normal Portishead, and Portishead Live. Now I am back to like the first one. You know what I mean? When you don't know what to do with yourself? And, I have you know like a Pretty Hate Machine Nine Inch Nails

eFanGuide_Jenni: Where do you see yourself ten years from now?

Majandra: Probably married and with doggies and not leaving the house because I just want to spend time with my husband and dogs. {Laugh} Probably. Well, 10 years from now, that's not bad. {Laugh}

eFanGuide_Kathy: Majandra. I have to interrupt. Are you sure this constant picture taking isn't bothering you?

Majandra: Oh, no, no, no! Go crazy! {Laugh}

eFanGuide_Jenni: Yeah, go crazy {Laugh}Majandra: {Laugh}

eFanGuide_Kathy: Okay! {Laugh} I'll go crazy!

Majandra: Yeah, {Laugh}

eFanGuide_Jenni: What is your worst habit?

Majandra: Oh my god! My worst habit is procrastination and like just lack of discipline in general. Yeah, {Laugh}

eFanGuide_Jenni: What is the one thing you couldn't live without?

Majandra: "The one thing I couldn't live without would probably be�.a pen.

eFanGuide_Jenni: Okay. And Paper? {Laugh}

Majandra: "Yeah, You know I guess I you don't really need paper because that's 2 things. Right? {Laugh}

eFanGuide_Jenni: Yeah�you're right. {Laugh}

Majandra: Yeah, I guess I would have the pen and I would just write on whatever. Yeah, I need to write things down.

eFanGuide_Jenni: Who would you consider to be the biggest influence on you?

Majandra: Ah, I'd say my mother and not because I'm like "oh, she's such a hero in my life." It's all that but, I just realize that I think like my mom. So many of the things that I believe in, I know come from come from her. You know what I mean?

eFanGuide_Jenni: Yeah, I do.

Majandra: So that's definitely the biggest influence.

eFanGuide_Jenni: Out of your whole life, what do you consider the highlight, the moment you are most proud of?

Majandra: Oh. This is probably the dumbest thing in the world. Um, I'd have to say in Calculus�. In the 10th grade, I was in Calculus and I had missed so much school because of acting. I had to come back to school and take six tests. Six calculus tests in like one day and I was "I'll do it, I'll do it!" So, I studied. It was basically like studying from midterm, right after we just had our midterms, and so there was so much, so much stress. I got A's on all six of the tests and that was like my most proud moment.. Just getting it like that {snaps fingers} one two, three, four�.like right in front of your nose!

eFanGuide_Kathy: I have to say that was quite an accomplishment.

Majandra: Right! Isn't that so cool? {Laughs}

eFanGuide_Jenni: It is!

eFanGuide_Kathy: Yes, it is!

eFanGuide_Jenni: If you never got into show business, what kind of career would you have chosen?

Majandra: I'd probably be a scientist of some sort. That's probably what I'd be. I would have aimed to be in genetic analysis. You know? I love that kind of stuff, because I love Doctor stuff, anything medical. I swear I would make up appointments to go and visit my doctor or dentist for no reason. I have always had a doctor or dentist, because I love the status thing and I usually love the surroundings and all the stuff. It's the weirdest thing. The whole mood of it I love. And then I also love the mathematical aspect of DNA simply because it is so perfect� know?

eFanGuide_Jenni: Do you find yourself acting different towards people in the limelight as opposed to outside of it?

Majandra: Well I have a little more faith, this is terrible to say, because it 's very, very, very, stereo typical. It's very prejudiced. But, I have little more faith in the people outside of the limelight. I 'm very nice to people in the limelight. I'm very polite, as you would be with someone, that you know, you are introduced to . You know, polite - manners, but I do not put very much trust in them. And it's very easy to dismiss them because they are in the limelight and you're like "Oh, they're an actor." You know?

eFanGuide_Jenni: Uh-huh.

Majandra: I had a boyfriend that was an actor and I broke up with him. It was a while ago and I had dated this actor-boy. We would go to a party and he would work the room. Oh, he's like huge now. {Laugh} That's probably why he's huge because he would definitely work the room and would make everyone his best friend and somehow pretend it was all a coincidence. You know? And I can't deal with that kind of thing. You know what I mean?

eFanGuide_Jenni: Oh, yes I do know what you mean.

Majandra: It just�I separate business from pleasure.

eFanGuide_Jenni: How would you describe yourself?

Majandra: I would describe myself as {Laugh}. It's so funny because whenever someone asks me this, I always think of how would you describe your friend, like she's tall, has dark hair. To describe myself , personally� personality wise I would say I am kind of like a recluse. Is that the right word?

eFanGuide_Jenni: Yes

Majandra: In the sense that I would love�. like I'm a lone wolf, you know I love to like sit at home, and do�.

eFanGuide_Kathy: It's your by yourself time.

Majandra: Yes!

eFanGuide_Kathy: Your me time.

Majandra: Yes - the quiet time. And, my room its� anyone would have so much fun in my room because there's so many things to do, because it's my world..this room. You know? You can paint with any acrylic you could ever think of and there is music and instruments and recording devices. It's pretty cool .

eFanGuide_Jenni: Is there any other question you wish I asked you that I haven't yet?

Majandra: What's my favorite color? {Laugh}

eFanGuide_Jenni: Okay, What's your favorite color?

Majandra: {Laugh} Dark purple and moss green. Yeah, My room is actually those two together. I like anything dark purple and moss green.

eFanGuide_Jenni: If you could lunch with any person from history (living or dead), who would it be?

Majandra: Oh, I would say John Lennon.

The interview was officially over as all the questions had been asked, but no one was ready to leave. Majandra's publicity agent had not come to take her to the public appearance, so we took the time to chat informally, offline.

Majandra is very open, sweet, and seems unaffected by her growing celebrity. She has a bubbly personality and tells it like it is. When she speaks, she is very animated and it's clear she has a passion for life. We laughed and giggled over her amazement with Internet and the fan sites that have been devoted to her. When asked if it blows her away, she responded that it does. And, that in some ways she feels silly because she can't make a website.

Our time was up too soon as her publicity agent finally came to get her. Before leaving, he put a Levi's jacket on her and announced they (the fans) were going to fall in love with her. It's too late. We already have. . .

Majandra Delfino
Co-star of �Roswell� and "Traffic"
Date: May 12, 2000
Source: presents actress Majandra Delfino, star of �Roswell.� Delfino discusses working on the set of her hit WB TV show, and her role in the film, �Traffic,� starring Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas. Welcome to a chat with actress, Majandra Delfino, star of one of this season's most talked about television series, the WB hit "Roswell." Send in your questions for Majandra about the success of the first season and what to expect from the final episode that airs on Monday, May 15th!, The Entertainment Network, is the online connection to the worlds of music, movies and games. Shop here for all of your favorites! Welcome, Majandra Delfino!

Majandra: Hi, everyone!

Mimidean: Does your first name have a special meaning?
Majandra: I found out after I was named, and different from what my parents believe, that my name means Blue Moon, I believe, in Hindu. But that was not done on purpose.

Heehee02: What role did you originally try out for?
Majandra: The role of Liz Parker.

Jackson: Are you a science fiction film fan?
Majandra: In a sense. They always, like, astound me, but I'm not a big film fan in general. But if I had to pick a category, I would definitely say it was Science Fiction.

Dilbert: What project have you enjoyed the most and why?
Majandra: I would say the very, very most was, "The Secret Life of Girls," simply because I made a lot of friends in that and I just had a lot of fun 'cause all I did was work, and that's my favorite thing to do.

Nancy: Where do you film "Roswell"?
Majandra: Los Angeles, at the Paramount lot.

CO-Vince: Do you believe in extra-terrestrials?
Majandra: Yes, I do. I have some sort of a belief in it.

Chalupa02: What do you like most about "Roswell"?
Majandra: I guess I would say just having the job is a lot of fun. Just having the job. Getting to do that every day. In acting, work is when you are trying to get a job, and the payback is when you actually have a job. That's what is pleasing about it.

Butterfly 12: How is it like working with Jason Behr and Shiri Appleby?
Majandra: It's a lot of fun. I get along with Shiri really well, and Jason is really funny.

Sylvia: Did you ever expect the show to be such a success and develop such a following?
Majandra: I expected it to be more of a success, but I am really glad to see the following that developed. But rating-wise, and just considering how critically acclaimed it was, I expected it to do much better in the ratings.

Kayross: Do you have any funny stories from the set of "Roswell?"
Majandra: There are so many! This is really difficult. Let's say Jason is doing a scene, and at the end of the scene, he is written to walk into a classroom and the scene stops there. Collin and I will go into the classroom and do something really stupid so when he walks in, he is thrown off. It's really stupid, actually, but this is what we do to each other.

Liz-n-Max-luvr: If there is another season of "Roswell," are they thinking about pursuing the Michael-Isabel relationship?
Majandra: I have no clue. They just write the stuff and we have to do it. I have a feeling they are not going to, because the whole moral of the story is do you choose your destiny or is your destiny what is in your heart.

CO-Vince: I see that you have your own website. Do you get a chance to read all your e-mails, or are they filtered?
Majandra: I guess they are filtered, because I don't have an official web site and have never been told that I even get email.

Kit300: Has the WB made a final decision whether or not "Roswell" will get picked up for next season yet?
Majandra: I have no clue.

Butterfly 12: What inspired you to become an actress?
Majandra: I just thought it would be something interesting to do. I kind of got thrown into it, more than dreaming about it, although I tried to do it. My goal only consisted of doing a movie. But once I did that movie, it threw me into a lot of other stuff. And through working, I realized that I enjoyed acting.

TrippyKitty: Does everybody get along with each other from the show?
Majandra: Yes--a little too well. Like we can't concentrate sometimes, ya know?

Sexychic913: What is gonna happen to Max? Is your boy gonna hook up with his sister?
Majandra: Max isn't my boy. Michael is my boy, and all that happened was that they discovered why they were put on earth. But whether they are going to carry through with their destiny is up to them. Basically, Michael's feelings are in too deep to carry through with this destiny, and so is Max's feelings for Liz.

Simon: What are you doing this summer?
Majandra: I'm going to be filming this movie called "Traffic," starring Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas. And then, hopefully, going back to do another season.

Sarahslight: If there was any film that you could be in or story you could remake, what would it be?
Majandra: "The Princess Bride."

Specularity: What was it like working with Tony Danza?
Majandra: It was the coolest! I have never enjoyed an adult more than Tony Danza. He was the sweetest, funniest, just coolest man I have ever met, let alone worked with.

CO-Rachel: Maria, what advice do you have for teenagers who want to embark on a career in acting?
Majandra: Just have very supportive parents, because there's a lot a lot of rejection involved in acting. If you don't have a stable family situation or a stable mentality, in general, it is very easy to get down and take it all personally, take it out on yourself, and become an insecure person and take the rejection personally. I was told by this really great woman who was an actress in theatre that it is like a vacuum cleaner. You have to view it like you are selling vacuum cleaners door to door. It's not necessarily that they don't like you, but you don't have the vacuum cleaner for their needs. That's the best way to put it.

Kya 01: I really like the show. I watch it every week. I was wondering if you know how long it's scheduled to go on for?
Majandra: Well, we are done with our season, and we are waiting to see if we will be picked up.

Michael-N-Maria: Can you give us any spoilers for the season finale of "Roswell"?
Majandra: There are more out there. Go get it! Unfortunately, we've come to the end of our chat. Thank You, Majandra. It's been a pleasure having you here. Any final thoughts you'd like to leave with us?
Majandra: Believe. Thank you, Majandra, for joining

In the stars
By Johnny Diaz, KRT
original article may be seen here.

Majandra Delfino is a little late.

She was serving Unidentified Fried Objects and Alien Blast Shakes at the Crashdown Cafe. And, oh yeah, on top of that, she had to help a trio of teen aliens keep police from knowing their out-of-this-world secret.

Now the 19-year-old can catch her breath on some down time -- a rarity these days for the rising star on the Hollywood horizon. Delfino stars in the WB's sci-fi drama "Roswell," a show that has found critics' praise as well as a cult following.

But what "Roswell" hasn't found is its desired ratings niche. To bolster tepid numbers, the WB network moved the show -- based on the "Roswell High" book series by Melinda Metz regarding the fabled 1947 spaceship crash near the town of Roswell, N.M. -- from its Wednesday night slot to Mondays, where it will remain next season. But among the teen sci-fi set, the show is as hot as Tabasco sauce.

To keep "Roswell" from slipping into a ratings black hole, fans recently shipped the WB network more than 3,000 bottles of the condiment -- a food fetish among the show's teen alien characters, Isabel, Max and Michael.

Diehard viewers have launched dozens of Web sites to chat about the characters' out-of-this-world good looks and the program's alien mythology and conspiracy.

"The show attracts a different sort of fan base, the real science fiction fan, the REAL devotees," said Delfino from the set in Los Angeles where "Roswell" recently wrapped up the season. With its mix of teens and aliens, the drama has been dubbed by critics as a cross among "X-Files," "My So Called Life" and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." "Roswell" uses teen aliens as a metaphor for youthful alienation the same way "Buffy" uses vampires as stand-ins for the horrors of adolescence.

"It's more about the characters evolving and finding who they are than more dramatic things like prom," Delfino says.

The show's appeal is the aliens' fear of being discovered by authorities, the teen-agers' search for their roots and their relationship with human friends.

Delfino plays one of these friends -- Maria DeLuca, the spacey, nervous and hyper Crashdown Cafe waitress and best friend of Liz Parker, another human character on the show.

As DeLuca, Delfino brightens the brooding show about orphaned aliens.

She provides the show's comic relief with wisecracks and pouts.

It's all in a day's work of helping friends cloak their inner selves from the FBI.

"She is so into Liz and that is her whole life," says Delfino of her character, before delineating the differences between herself and her character. "I'm more of a flighty person and I didn't come from a small town."

Hardly. In fact, she was born in Caracas, Venezuela, and moved to Miami when she was 3.

From a young age, the girl, whose first name is pronounced ma-han-dra, had stars in her eyes.

She spent three years of ballet in productions like "The Nutcracker." Then there were the 10 years of playing the piano and singing in a band with best friend Samantha Gibb and brother Adam (children of Bee Gee Maurice Gibb).

Then came acting -- a discovery Delfino made during her musical theater audition for the New World School of the Arts school in Miami.

"I was really against it. It's not an easy thing to get into," says her mom Mary Hellmund. "But people always told us she would make a wonderful actress because she has a lot of personality and that comes through in the acting. She wanted to try it."

So mom gave Delfino six months to get the theatrical bug out of her system.

She didn't.

Within 60 days, Delfino secured an agent and got her first movie role opposite Kathleen Quinlan in "Zeus and Roxanne." A few months later, she landed her first TV gig -- playing Tony Danza's daughter in his short-lived 1997 NBC sitcom, "The Tony Danza Show."

To support her career, the family moved to Los Angeles where she finished high school last year.

"We were bicoastal for a while," Delfino recalls of her every-three-weeks visits to Florida to see her grandmother, aunts and friends.

But her trips have been rare these days.

Delfino put in 12- to 16-hour days on the "Roswell" set at Paramount Studios during tapings. Even if "Roswell" disappears someday into deep space, Delfino has found steady work.

She starred in "The Secret Life of Girls" with Linda Hamilton ("The Terminator"). And she will star this summer in the spoof, "I Know What You Screamed Last Summer." According to her mom, Delfino was recently cast in the movie "Traffic" with Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas. All that aside, does Delfino believe in, you know, aliens?

Her response, as if from her character Maria DeLuca, is deadpan. "They ARE out there."

Majandra Delfino
TV Guide Online Chat
June 15, 2000

TV Guide Online: Tonight we are talking with Majandra Delfino about the upcoming ALMA awards and her popular series Roswell. Hi Majandra! Thanks for coming!

Delfino: Hi! Thank YOU for coming. :)

Question: You have incredible music and I can totally relate! When is your album coming out?

Delfino: I have no set date. But soon. :)

Question: Sci fi or Relationships.... or both? Which do you prefer? the Cyber community seems to be quite split on what they want to watch.

Delfino: I think there's a happy medium. And that's what I would prefer.

Question: Majandra, will you be singing on Roswell again?

Delfino: I don't know.

Question: What are the ALMA awards,if you don't mind me asking?

Delfino: The ALMA awards are Latin media awards. They are going to be ABC, June 17th at 9PM. They're basically awards for Latin artists in the entertainment industries.

Question: How did you feel about the fans campaign to keep the show on the air?

Delfino: I was sooo honored, and everybody was so excited. Nobody realizes how much control the fans have over the destiny of Roswell. Like, if you have certain things about the show, storylines that you like, if you just voice that as fans to the WB, you'd be surprised how much our producers pay attention to that.

Question: Majandra, What award did you present?

Delfino: Oh, I presented an award to Los Lobos.

Question: What was the weirdest thing that a fan has ever done?

Delfino: Well, weird? Pretty much nothing. But, cool... someone sent me a leather collector's edition of J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings.

Question: Who's your favorite actor & actress? You are definitely mine!! :)

Delfino: Okay, actor would be Johnny Depp and Edward Norton. And then actress would be... wow, there are so many... I guess Helena Bonham Carter. So, basically Fight Club was the best situation for me!

Question: If you could be on another show besides Roswell, what would it be and why?

Delfino: It would probably be Sex in the City, because I think it's brilliant!

Question: What was your favorite episode of Roswell?

Delfino: My favorite scene on Roswell was probably when Max sees Liz in the pilot with the fireworks, and they played Dave Matthews "Crash," and all of his problems go away he sees her. That would be it.

Question: What is the writers' plans for Howie D? Rumor has it that he will be your interest? Does that carry any weight at all?

Delfino: I don't think so at all. :)

Question: Do you think you will be at the August 5th FanForum Party?

Delfino: Just maybe. :)

Question: Hey Majandra. All of us Michael and Maria lovers are wondering will they be together next season?

Delfino: If you guys want that, you can write in and let them know. But, I have NO control over the story. But, let's hope so. :)

Question: What are some of your future plans?

Delfino: I just finished a film called Traffic, directed by Steve Soddenberg, and it's the new Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta Jones, Dennis Quaid, and Topher Grace picture.

Question: What inspired you to write "Bruises"?

Delfino: "Bruises" is all the things you're feeling in the state of desperation involving a relationship, and how no matter what you do. It's one of those "sticks and stones may break my bones" kind of songs.

Question: Do you check out the sites devoted to you and Roswell?

Delfino: A couple of times. But, a lot of times I've clicked on to them and the person has written that they want to follow one of the guys on the show. It's hard when you're a female actress on the show, when you don't have the same kind of screaming fans that all the boys do. So, it's hard to know exactly how many fans you really do have.

Question: Will you be having an official Majandra site up soon?

Delfino: Yes. I'm gonna try. :)

Question: What's your favorite movie?

Delfino: The Last Unicorn, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Legend

Question: You were born in Argentina, how did you get to or end up in the states?

Delfino: I was born in Caracas, Venezuela. I am NOT Argentinean And I moved the US when I was 3 with my mother and sister.

Question: Can you name some of the people that you look up to, inspired you?

Delfino: Inspire me? I would say... my mom. That's really the only one.

Question: If you could write one episode what would you have happen?

Delfino: I would have Jordan Catalano fall madly in love with Maria and hold her hand walking down the hallway of West Roswell High.

Question: Are there any charities you donate to?

Delfino: No. There is the Kidney Foundation in Miami. But nothing locally here in LA.

Question: Can you give a little hint on what's gonna happen next season? (purty please with sugar and sprinkles and chocolate and all the other sweet toppings on top....) =)

Delfino: I have no idea. I haven't even started working yet. I don't even know who is and isn't coming back. We haven't done anything yet.

TV Guide Online: Thanks Majandra! See you Saturday night on the ALMA Awards!

Delfino: Thank you! It was a lovely, lovely, lovely conversation. :) BIG KISS

Majandra Revealed
MXG June/July 2000

To her role on 'Roswell' as enlightened earthling, she adds perfect comic timing. But make no mistake, Majandra's more than just down to Earth.

As Maria on the hit WB show 'Roswell', Majandra Delfino has been entrusted to keep a big secret. Three of her fellow students are aliens and are hiding that fact from the FBI, among others. But the real-life Majandra insists she's got no deep dark secrets to hide when the cameras stop rolling.

As partial proof, she offers us a glimpse inside her underwear drawer, of all places. "It's the only thing in my room that's perfect. Every pair is folded just right." Like at Victoria's Secret? "Even better," she boasts, "Whenever anyone comes to my house I show them my underwear drawer because I'm so proud of it." Freakish? Not exactly. But definitely quirky and unique, traits that make this small screen star sparkle among a slew of new TV teens.

Nonetheless, Majandra isn't so convinced she's a standout actress. "I'm not a real actress," she insists. "I don't find it my passion. I just thought it would be a really cool experience to be in a movie." So at age 15, while attending a performing arts high school to focus on her singing, Majandra started sneaking behind her parents' backs to audition for a local Miami talent agency.

"They would send me out on anything," she says. "Sometimes I'd go out for a role as a 40-year-old!" She eventually scored a callback on what became her first movie, 'Zeus and Roxanne', forcing her to tell her parents about her furtive auditioning. To her surprise, her parents were supportive of her wanting to act. They'd always suspected their daughter had a flair for the dramatic, something Majandra attributes to watching her favorite childhood movie - 'The Last Unicorn' - no fewer than 80 times. Before long, she was quoting some of the movie's dialogue regularly. "If there was a mean kid at school, I'd be like, 'He's cruel. He's not kind.' And I'd recite it like it was poetry." You might say she was training for her impending career.

Believe it or not, though, Majandra actually dreams of crunching numbers for a living. "I love math. I'm so left-brained, it's scary." Her cell phone rings an odd, electronic, Latin-music-inspired beep. "The ring is called the Samba, and I love it!" she says enthusiastically about her new phone that features more than 40 different types of rings. "I wanted mine to be really obnoxious. Brendan (Fehr) wants me to use the rodeo one, and Jason (Behr) wants me to put it on this Charleston thing."

From the way she talks about her costars, it's obvious that the 'Roswell' cast is a close-knit crew. What will she do when they break for summer hiatus? "I want to take up scuba diving lessons and horseback riding lessons and learn how to drum, but I can see myself just watching TV every day." And maybe wasting time with someone special? Motormouth Majandra falls silent. We know what her underwear drawer is like, sure, but perhaps we just stumbled on that deep, dark secret she says doesn't exist.

The photoshoot crew engages in a game of 20 questions to reveal Majandra's love interest. Is it someone in the business? Yes. Would we know who the person is? Maybe. From TV or the movies? Kind of both. Despite the prodding, she keeps mum about the identity, but she's happy to talk about love in general. A self-confessed romantic, Majandra says she's attracted to guys with the right combination of machismo and shy soulfulness - think a Johnny Depp type. "I like a guy who's a real guy, but not too much that he expects me to make him a hoagie while he watches TV," she says, and then asserts that she doesn't want to get married. Ever.

Something else that turns her off is when a guy she's been hanging out with for a few weeks suddenly declares his undying love. Majandra's advice - even if she's feeling the same way - is to stay silent. "True love takes time to develop and grown from friendship."

Speaking of friends, a disheveled Brendan Fehr ('Roswell's' Michael), clad in a Metallica concert tee and a black knit cap, stops by to hang out and wait for Majandra to finish her interview. Before she departs, she lets us in on a particular wish for her career. "My dream is to be in a Got Milk? ad," she says, sipping a glass of whole milk. "I drink about four to five glasses a day. I must have the healthiest bones." It seems a bit of an offbeat goal, just the kind of thing to punctuate Majandra's unique personality.

When Majandra's friend and costar Brendan Fehr unexpectedly showed up at her interview, we jumped at the chance to hear the inside scoop.

MXG: Describe Majandra.
BF: She's difficult and confrontational. She picks fights with me about everything, but we have fun fighting just as much as we do getting along.

MXG: Do you think you're a lot alike?
BF: We're both pretty stubborn, and we both think we're wiser beyond our years.

MXG: Tell us something about her that she won't.
BF: She always has the director yelling at her to be quiet because she's always yapping.

24 hours with Majandra Delfino
teenStyle June/July 2000
By Shaynee Snider
Majandra Delfino
Kicking Back
A day away from the set means time to sleep in for Majandra- When she can she'll snooze for 12-13 hours a night, and does she ever deserve it! This 19-year-old rising star has been working both the big and small screens recently, as Maria De Luca in the hit TV show Roswell and in the movies I Know What You Screamed Last Summer, The Learning Curve and Unglued. Ok, before we get into this dazzling diva's dat to day life, we bet you're wondering about her name. Well, when Majandra was born in Caracas, Venezuela, her older sister couldn't get the hang of pronouncing her name. So big sis dubbed the baby Majandra, and the name stuck. Family's still a big part of Majandra's life in Beverly Hills, where she lives with her mom, stepdad, sister & pet pekingese, Tattoo. We dropped in on the actress, spent some time just hanging out and got the scoop on her real-life beauty basics. And now we're sharing it. (Too see the full article about her beauty basics you'll need the magazine)

Denver Post
July 3,2000

They said that "Roswell" was hanging by a thread, that the powers that be at the WB network had the show "on the bubble" between renewal and cancellation. Millions of fans worried, but somehow-call it intuition, gut instinct or simply wishful thinking-Majandra Delfino wasn't one of them. The actress, who stars in the show, says she wasn't all that surprised when creator/producer/writer Jason Katims called with the news that the network had renewed "Roswell" for a second season.

"I hoped. I knew," says Delfino, who plays Maria DeLuca on the low-rated but critically lauded sci-fi series. "I felt the WB was saying 'Yeah, it might not' just to get us scared, to motivate us."

"I just felt that we did so well once they changed our night," she adds, speaking of the show's shift from Wednesdays to Mondays. "I thought, 'How could they not pick us up?' "

Suspicions are the lifeblood of "Roswell" of course. Who are the benevolent aliens? Who are the rotten ones? Can our hero aliens-Max (Jason Behr), Isabel (Katherine Heigl) and Michael (Brendan Fehr), who grew up on Earth in human form-trust their human pals Liz (Shiri Appleby), Maria and Alex (Colin Hanks), to keep their secret?

As the first season unfolded, Maria evolved from a jittery ditz into a formidable young woman. She stood up to her mother, devised impromptu action plans to help her alien friends dodge the FBI and threw herself hard into a relationship with the often emotionally remote Michael.

"I liked that they explored all of that and didn't just make her the dumb blond," Delfino says. "They made Maria a free spirit with a brain." No dumb bunny herself, Delfino-who plays piano, writes music and is something of a mathematics wiz- spent part of the "Roswell" hiatus in Cincinnati, acting in director Steven Soderbergh's buzzed-about drama, "Traffic." She plays a drug-abusing high schooler, who's a bad influence on Michael Douglas' daughter.

In only a couple of weeks, however, Delfino will be back on the "Roswell" set. The WB greenlit 13 new episodes, and the network will decide whether or not to produce another nine soon after the first few shows air.

Delfino reveals that the second season will continue the sci-fi emphasis that dominated last year's latter episodes. And, despite unmistakable intimations that Isabel and Michael were meant to be together, the actress believes fans will see more of Maria and Michael.

"Listen, that's all my fan mail is about," the actress says of the fiery Maria-Michael relationship, which contrasts sharply with the love-dovey, Romeo-and-Juliet bond between Liz and Max. "Everyone was dying because Michael kissed Isabel. They were so afraid that meant Michael and Isabel had to be together."

"It was all, 'Let's please keep Maria and Michael together,' " she says, laughing. "As if I write the stories. So there are some really diehard fans of Michael and Maria. But I'm sure they won't be separating us," she says. "The fans need to relax."

Out of this world
Majandra Delfino in Alloy:
Sept 2000

Roswell's Majandra Delfino dishes on fashion, the new TV season, and hooking up with an alien.

So your character, Maria, seems so real. Is Maria based on Majandra?
They're the same in the sense that we're both kinda spicy -- but otherwise, they're different. She's not very strong. I'm a lot different in that sense. I don't hyperventilate or get hysterical -- and I wouldn't take a lot of the crap she takes from Michael.

Maria's also one of the best-dressed ladies on the WB. Are you as into fashion as she is?
Yes I am. I'm the machine behind Maria's look. I'm a fashion victim, I'd say. I'll wear something and people will be like, "What is that?" And I'm just like, "Whatever...I like it!" My look ranges from punk to really preppy.

OK, we know you can't really give us any serious details, but can you give us a hint of what's going to happen on Roswell this season?
Well, besides the fact that my hair is now to my shoulders, and it's really sexy, Maria's got an even cooler wardrobe. It's outta hand. And we're doing this kinda X-Files thing, where all sorts of different species of aliens are living around the world. So that'll be really cool.

So we gotta ask, is Brendan Fehr as foxy as Michael is?
He's actually a lot cooler. He's my boyfriend in real life, and he's so different from Michael that it's funny to me. He's not moody. But yeah, he's an actor, what can I say?

What do you do when you're not working?
I paint, I like to play guitar and write songs, and you know really be in La La Land in my room. You know...just that kind of stuff.

You also have roles coming up in Traffic and I Know What You Screamed Last Summer. Should we expect to see you in more films?
I'm definitely going to keep doing movies. I just don't like a script where it's about the guy and he gets the girl at the end, and blah, blah, blah. Or any of those, like, teenage party movies. That kind of stuff drives me nuts.

So, we're not going to see you in She's All That: Part Two?
Not if I can help it.


Birth Name: Maria Alejandra Delfino. (She picked up Majandra, 'cause her sis, Marieh, couldn't say her name when they were kids.)

B-day: February 20, 1981. She's a Pisces!

Place of Birth: Caracas, Venezuela.

Homebase: Los Angeles.

First Seen In: The 1997 family comedy Zeus and Roxanne. Shortly after that she starred as Tony Danza's daughter in NBC's Tony Danza Show.

Tuneage: Portishead, Tricky, Bjork, and The Beatles.

Really Randoms: She likes to eat spaghetti for breakfast and she has a Pekingese puppy called Tattoo.

Contact Her:
c/o The Warner Brothers Television Network,
4000 Warner Blvd.,
Burbank, CA 91522.

Or e-mail her at:

People, Places and Things in the Spotlight
Movieline (September 2000)

You wouldn't necessarily know from watching Majandra Delfino play Maria, the teen friend-of-aliens on the WB series, "Roswell," that this actress is 100-percent Latina. In terms of casting opportunities that obviously works in her favor - sometimes. "I went in for the part of a Mexican girl in a big film," remembers the blonde, pale-skinned Delfino, who's part Venezuelan, part Cuban. "I even put on dark makeup. I had to pray in Spanish, and I did it perfectly with a Latin accent. And they said, "She was so good, but we're going to go with a more authentic Latin." Delfino shudders, and then reveals that the actress ultimately hired was the dark-haired, but decidedly un-Hispanic, Rachael Leigh Cook. "She's like, Irish or something! It's insane."

Still, the fact that Delfino's looks can't be easily pegged has helped her to take on a range of parts. In the upcoming horror spoof 'I Know What You Screamed Last Summer', she plays a girl whom everyone thinks is a lesbian because "her name's Martina Navratilova, she has really short hair and wears cleats all the time. The movie makes fun of everything." And in Steven Sonderbergh's upcoming 'Traffic' she plays the ne'er-do-well best friend of Michael Douglas's drug-addict daughter. "These kids go to a really nice private school and make straight A's by day, then get wasted on coke and pot every night," Delfino says. "It shows you that it's not only the sketchy types who do drugs." Delfino didn't need a lesson to convince her that things are not always what they seem - she works in Hollywood, after all. After a recent party at the Playboy Mansion, she comments, "What a mistake. Everyone you thought was so normal and nice and moral was taking part in these terrible things. There were naked chicks on the stage dancing, and I looked up and got this money shot. I had to go sit down."

Delfino is still able to be surprised by experiences like that because, she says, her Latin roots keep her grounded. She still lives at home in Beverley Hills with her mother, stepfather and the older sister she's extremely close to, Marieh, an aspiring actress. "In America, it's weird if you go back home after you go to college," she points out. "But for [my family], until you get married, it's really normal." Which means she may not be leaving the nest anytime soon. Although she's been romantically linked with her 'Roswell' love interest Brendan Fehr, she insists they're not an item. "We always go to events together," she says. "And we hold hands. But then I'll show up somewhere else with my friend Wilmer Valderrama from 'That '70s Show'." She laughs,. "People must think, 'What a tramp!'"

Majandra Delfino Alloy Chat
November 22, 2000
Chat with Roswell's Majandra Delfino
October 26, 2000 6 p.m. (EST)Majandra Delfino

Moderator: Welcome, Majandra! Thanks for chatting tonight.
Majandra: Hi!

WilleSmith: Majandra, I have heard bad news about the future of Roswell. What is going on?
Majandra: Nothing bad. That's for sure. But no news really -- and no news is good news.

jrklover: Hey! Majandra, I'm your biggest fan. I love both you and Brendan. Tell me -- how is he as a boyfriend?
Majandra: He's not my boyfriend. But he's a good kid. We're not dating. Everybody just thinks so.

arielle: What has been your best experience while making Roswell?
Majandra: I think the experience as a whole. You could sum it up as one big great experience! Working with Jason Katims, because he's pretty damn genius. He's the creator and the writer of the show.

twinz215: What's in store for Maria on this season of Roswell?
Majandra: A new love interest. Maybe someone you've met before.

moose: Is it fun being on the show? If u could, would u be on a different one instead?
Majandra: No. I definitely wouldn't be on a different show. It's lots of fun.

Roswelllover: Who are you closest with on the set?
Majandra: Brendan. And Kimmy and Rebekah -- they're the hair and makeup ladies.

angel: Do you have any other plans besides Roswell?
Majandra: Not right now. Just to see if it gets picked up. And I'm going to Miami for Thanksgiving.

roswellchik: So, how are you liking the new hair? I definitely love it!
Majandra: I LOVE it! It was my idea. So I definitely love it.

roswellgoddess1: Ok, question: You are so awesome! I live for Roswell:) How do you handle this and your music career? U rock babe.
Majandra: I take it one step at a time. I try not to think about it. I definitely play more music on my hiatus.

mdelfino: What do you do in your spare time?
Majandra: I play music. I play the guitar, write songs, and play the piano. I like to paint. Acrylics on canvas. I'm pretty boring -- I'm trying to think. I like to read.

Brandmar: What kind of music do you listen to?
Majandra: Portishead, Bjork, and The Beatles.

chriskaoh2: Yay! Your new movie, "Traffic," is going to be out soon. What was it like filming it?
Majandra: It was exciting because I got to play a druggie. It was very nerve-wracking, I'd say. Because it was with huge people and stuff. So I kind of just kept to myself -- I was a quiet little mouse. Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta Jones, Dennis Quaid, Benicio Del Torro are some of the big names. Benjamin Bratt. Topher Grace. Erica Christensen. It's a huge film. Steven Soderbergh directed it.

hetal: Hey Majandra -- just wanted to let u know u r the best! I wanted to know, do u read the Roswell books??
Majandra: No. I try not to. It's not really what our show is based on that much. And I try to do things that aren't work related as much as possible.

mdelfino: Would you be an alien if you could?
Majandra: No, 'cause it's a wonderful thing to be human.

alicia: Hi Majandra! Are there any pranksters on the set (out of you and the cast)? If so, who's the best one for pranks? Any funny stories?
Majandra: Nobody plays pranks. However, I do harass people. I really like to tease everybody. Make fun of 'em in a funny way -- make people blush. No one takes it badly. The one I like to mess around with the most is Katie because she gets so giggly. She laughs so much! She's the best!

roswellchik: How do you feel about the show's strategy to go more sci-fi? Are you liking the final product?
Majandra: I LOVE the final product! I'm not a mushy romance type.

m@nic_r@inbo: What's your biggest ambition right now?
Majandra: To finish my CD. I'm quite close to being done. Not close enough though. It'll be buyable via the Internet. I don't know when.

glitterpixie: What's your favorite part of being a celebrity? What's your least favorite?
Majandra: My favorite part is that it makes up for being a kid. Because usually people don't treat you with respect when they see that you're young. The part I don't like about it is the type of celebrity you have to be when you're an actor, which is always smiley and sweet. And a lot of people who go onto my website about my music are always so let down that the way I write is nothing like my character, and it's not cheery. When you're an actor you can't just walk the paparazzi line and be pissed off the way rock stars can.

EmilyFairy: Do you ever visit Roswell sites online just to see what people are saying about the show?
Majandra: Yeah. I visited it recently and it was interesting to see the response to the 1947 episode. A lot of the kids didn't seem to be very cultured in how people behaved in the 40s, and that amazed me. Because that's part of most people's schools. It's part of the education that you get to see old films or something like that.

elina: Do you know what is most likely going to happen on Roswell? Any hints? (please!!)
Majandra: Michael breaks Maria's heart. And she just might find someone who finally treats her the way she should be treated.

pjsam: Hi Majandra. Speaking of Katie, I saw on a talk show she did where there is a dance that you do on the set. Can you tell us about it?
Majandra: Yeah. I come from Miami and everybody there booty dances, so having the Latin "spice" in me, I love to imitate how these hoochie mamas shake their booties on the dance floor. So in trying to mock the profanity of it all, I made up a dance which makes fun of how, you know, sexually disgusting their dances are, and how ridiculous they look.

marsminis: Does Maria get to kick Courtney's butt?
Majandra: Luckily, no. Never hate the mistress. It's your boyfriend who's supposed to be faithful to you, not the other girl.

Candygirl-13: I LOVE your music Majandra. (My favorite song that I've heard so far is "Siren".) What is your inspiration for the lyrics in your songs?
Majandra: My life. Just, you know, situations in life. It's a cheaper way to go to therapy. Hi Majandra! You have a music CD coming out soon. Does the rest of the album continue in the same fashion as "Bruises", "Siren", and "Tattoo"?
Majandra: I'll let you decide. It's at such a personal level for me that it's hard for me to label these things -- or generalize on them.

Rachel: Do you really believe in aliens?
Majandra: Yes. There's gotta be something.

Maxzgirl: Hey Mojo! Who is your biggest role model?
Majandra: John Lennon, because he's a genius, man.

��l�f�r����i��: Do you have a crush on any celebrities?
Majandra: Johnny Depp, and that's it. And Kurt Cobain, but he's dead -- so that's wrong.

WilleSmith: Majandra, you are so awesome! That is all I have to say!

EmilyFairy: What are you going to do for Halloween this year? I think you should be Tinkerbell... ;)
Majandra: Thanks! Tell your friends. I'm actually going to be a fallen fairy who got her wings ripped off in the process.

EmilyFairy: How did everybody in your family feel about you posing in FHM recently? I think my mom would probably kill me if I did anything like that... ;)
Majandra: They totally didn't care. They've lived with me the past 19 years, so they know what to expect.

roswellfan19: Majandra, will you ever include the song "In the air tonight" which you sang on the episode Blind Date in one of your CD's? By the way, I love Roswell, and you!
Majandra: No. The stuff I do on the show is all decided by the producers. I'm not peppy and into Michael Garron or Phil Collins.

candygirl285: Hey! Do you find it strange to have so many people who you don't know totally interested in everything you do?
Majandra: No. I like it. I just would feel much more comfortable if they TRULY knew what I was about, and not decided on their own how I am, just to be disappointed by the reality.

roswellchik: Speaking of your song called "Tattoo", do you have any tattoos of your own? And where might they be?
Majandra: I have four tattoos. And that's for me to know!

hug_a_tree15: Has becoming famous changed you in any way? What do you do to stay grounded?
Majandra: I still live with my parents. They are what I do to stay grounded.

Jess: Hi Majandra. This is my first time in a celeb chat, so bear with me! You are my biggest influence in music and acting, and I'd just like to say what a great inspiration you are for me and many other teenage girls.

Principessa: Do you ever have second thoughts about become an actress? And, what advice would you give to people who want to act? (My best friend and I specifically).
Majandra: Second thoughts that I have about acting is that it makes you always -- people. Somebody as cheery as Jennifer Love Hewitt -- people think she's so peppy and whatnot, and that would only happen in the acting world, because they really want that sort of squeaky clean thing, and it's a little ridiculous. And it's so ridiculous that lots of people lie to come off like that. And I don't want to ever have to lie to make the fans happy. My advice to actors is to make sure you have a good support group because it's all about rejection.

roswell_luv: Majandra, you have an insane luvable personality on the show. Are you anything like your character?
Majandra: Well, I am as humorous, obviously, but not as pathetic. A guy like Michael would never stand a chance with me.

Freda: What did you do to prepare for your role as Betty in the last episode?
Majandra: Not as much as I should have.

dollhouse: Do you think of yourself as a role model for others? I mean, when you come into a chat like this and see all these people asking you questions and giving you their support do you find yourself wondering how you got here? By the way, I *love* Roswell. Thanks.
Majandra: I think that I'd like to be but it's hard when you keep disappointing people when you're not what they want you to be.

JULIE C.: Hello, Majandra! Does your character Maria Play Latin on the show? Also, do you speak Spanish? I love the show!
Majandra: I am fully Latin, and speak fluent Spanish. However, the producers on our show were afraid to keep Maria Latin because they felt that claiming a blonde with green eyes was Latin would offend the Latin community. So they toned it down basically.

silvershadow: What is the craziest thing you've seen since moving to Hollywood?
Majandra: People that lie about being good. People that use their personal things as ways of proving that they're so not Hollywood and so spiritual and then turn around and throw it down the toilet when a big opportunity comes their way.

rozy527: What is the craziest thing a fan has ever done to meet you?
Majandra: Nothing really. Not that I know of, at least.

bfehr: What's gonna happen between Michael & Maria in this season?
Majandra: Scroll up to the beginning of this conversation. Or check out the transcript tomorrow. The moral of the story of Romeo and Juliet is that they should have quit and probably would have ended up living, getting over each other, and having happy lives.

silvershadow: What was the last dream you had that you remember?
Majandra: Last night I was in a concentration camp and they put gas pellets in our room and I was trying to take me, my best friend Paul, and my sister out of the room in time. It was really scary.

jjt: Love your music! Where do you get your inspiration?
Majandra: From all the bad stuff. It's the free therapy thing.

SHINEADE: if you could play any other character on the show who would it be and why?
Majandra: It would be Max. I would transform myself into a boy and bask in the dorky silent persona that lies beneath. You know -- the V-neck sweaters.

EmilyFairy: What's your favorite decade? You seem like you might be a closet 60s fan.
Majandra: Yup. I'm definitely a late '60s early '70s type of girl, but I think body wise -- lookwise - the '20s was my calling.

hug_a_tree15: I love the new hair! It looks great! On the show it seems like the aliens are blowing off you and Liz, what's gonna happen with that?
Majandra: I don't know and it's not my place to say what I might know. But it's damn complicated. We're talking about the king of another planet, here.

roswell_luv: do you pick your wardrobe or does costume? Are you into the clothes they give you because you have a hippe thing going and I was wondering about it?
Majandra: I don't really have a hippie thing going. Memi Melgaard is the wardrobe lady and she has an amazing talent at picking stuff that I ALWAYS just love. So while I'd like to say that I have input, Memi makes it that I don't have to worry or say a thing.

Saphron: I've heard you write poetry too. Are your poems what you use for your songs or are they two different arts for you? I write both also, and they are separate for me.
Majandra: Some poems don't turn into songs but most of them are written to be sung.

kiwijello: Being Latina do you encounter a lot of racism in the Hollywood scene?
Majandra: Yes. People telling me that I can't play a Latin role because I'm blond, yet I speak better Spanish than the girls they end up casting, and I am Latin while they, most of the time, are not.

Sqgly: Majandra, Is there anything you wish they would change about the show and on the other side is there anything you absolutely love about it?
Majandra: I wish they would put a lot less emphasis on the cheating and the terrible things these kids do to each other with no consequences. And I wish they'd put more morals regarding friendships. More bonding between these kids.

elina:do Do you own any pets?
Majandra: Two dogs: Gertrude and my little dog is named Tattoo.

sarai1486: If you could get to go anywhere in the world where would you go and who would you go with?
Majandra: I'd probably go back to Venice, Italy. And I'd go with the love of my life. They'd appear for the trip to venice because I don't have one yet.

angelface16: Out of all the episodes of Roswell which one is your favorite one?
Majandra: My favorite episode would have to be -- wow, I need to think about this -- I'd have to say the 1947 one, "Summer of '47". 'Cause it was like being on another job for a little while.

RoswellianLover: Majandra, what is your biggest fear and why?
Majandra: My biggest fear the is the concentration camps in the Holocaust. And sharks and Amelia Earhart because she disappeared and I don't want to be the one to find her. It's just always scared me.

EmilyFairy: If Roswell works out, what would you want to do next?Movies? TV? And what kind of TV do you like better -- comedies or dramas?
Majandra: I'd like to stick to movies because I'm too much of a whimsical person. I do everything on a whim and movies are short enough to BE that type of person. I like to watch comedies mroe than dramas. But I'd rather be in a drama over a comedy, because a drama is a different type of acting, which is the type I like to do.

stefanee17: Majandra, I think you are beautiful, but do you feel you have any flaws?
Majandra: Um, yeah. But the ones that stress me out are the personality flaws. Those drive me crazy.

Brigitte: I love your hair. What is your next hairstyle?
Majandra: Same thing. Just bunch of different things you can do.

carpe_diem3: Is there an actress or actor who you really want to work with in a movie?
Majandra: I would love to work with Tim Burton, the director.

Majandra: Thank you so much for coming. Keep watching! Don't worry. Don't stress. If it's as good as you believe, we'll be on for a while.
Moderator: Thanks for coming everyone! We hope you learned something about Majandra.

Majandra Session Transcript
November, 2000
posted by gabby

ok hot off the presses! this is the majandra transcript from session! my sn is max_evans_girl and she answered 4 of my questions!!! check it out!

thewbandrew says, "we'll be starting in about 10 minutes..."
thewbandrew says, "Majandra has arrived and is choosing the first questions to answer"
thewbandrew says, "we'll be starting in about 5 minutes"
thewbandrew says, "we'll be starting very shortly..."
thewbandrew says, "ok..."
thewbrachelle says, "hello everyone"
thewbandrew says, "Welcome to The WB Session for Monday November 27, our special guest is Majandra Delfino of Roswell. It's a busy day for Majandra on the set so we'll try and quickly answer as many questions as possible."
thewbandrew says, "To submit a question to The WB if you're a Windows IE or Netscape user, you MUST go under the first menu which looks like a triangle pointing down, and select "Submit Question" under the "Commands" choice."
thewbandrew says, "For Mac users, click on the Red Question Mark in the row of icons. At the bottom of the screen, the prompt will change to "Ask a question"."
thewbandrew says, "Everything else you type in at the bottom will be seen by everyone in the room EXCEPT the moderators and the speakers."
thewbandrew says, "You can view the chat from any room that's listed. If you want to view the chat and see only the comments of the speaker and the moderator, switch the pulldown menu to "The Listening Room"."
thewbandrew says, "As a programming reminder, The WB Monday features all new episodes of 7th Heaven and Roswell tonight beginning at 8/7c."
thewbandrew says, "On to the first question..."

thewbandrew presents the speaker with question #33 from forever5x5: Are your planning to be in any upcoming movies?
majandra says, "Traffic is coming out in December and right now I'm working on the show until April."

thewbandrew says, " asks If you get a script that calls for Maria to act out of character, do you get to tell the writers. "hey this is not Maria, can we do this a different way"?"
majandra says, "Well it's the writer's job to determine what the character is like. What's on paper is what's Maria..=)"

thewbandrew presents the speaker with question #28 from sparklez: Majandra, I loved your short hair in the 285 South episode.. but I can't figure out how to make it work. Any help?
majandra says, "That was a pixie cut and you just curl the bottom."

thewbandrew presents the speaker with question #37 from jenb: we were chatting on line before you came on and someone asked if you could get brendan to comb his hair?!?
majandra says, "...=) I don't want Brendan to comb his hair!"

thewbandrew presents the speaker with question #43 from kyliej: My daughter is a Latina just starting out in the business. Is it tough for Latinas?
majandra says, "'s tough if you look too latin and no one won't believe you if you don't look latin so it's a double edge sword,."

thewbandrew presents the speaker with question #48 from julianasv: I wanna tell ya that everyone in Brasil LOVES YA!! And we wanna know if you are ever gonna visit us!!! Love ya! Juliana
majandra says, "Quite possibly...I would love to...just have to find the time!"

thewbandrew presents the speaker with question #47 from lauralai: Who are you the closest with from the cast?
majandra says, "I would say Brendan - I guess that's why people think we're dating (but we're not)."

thewbandrew presents the speaker with question #56 from lauralai: what's ur favourite tv show?
majandra says, "I would say...The Street (right now)"

thewbandrew says, " asks: Hey I was wondering about your new cd. Any information on when, where and how we can get it?"
majandra says, "You can get it online and it's coming soon but I don't have an exact date."

thewbandrew presents the speaker with question #65 from angelgirl15: What is one thing you would change about Maria?
majandra says, "I would make her more tough with Michael."

thewbandrew presents the speaker with question #61 from lauralai: Which do u prefer acting or singing?
majandra says, "singing."

thewbandrew says, " asks: I was wondering which episode of Roswell is your favorite?"
majandra says,"I would say..would be hmmm..this is tough. I would probably say The End of the World."

majandra presents the speaker with question #99 from green: What are 2 things that you have to have before you set a foot out of your house?
majandra says, "my cd booklet...and I always forget my I have to be conscious of that"

thewbandrew says, " asks: My question is if you were Maria, what will you do about Michael, about how is treating you??"
majandra says, "I would have been gone a long time ago." majandra says, "=)"

thewbandrew says, " asks: The show has really changed its focus from the alien/human relationships to sci-fi. Are you happy with the way the new season is going? Are you happy with your character's role this season?"
majandra says, "I'm happy with both with the sci-fi and definitely with my character's role."

thewbandrew presents the speaker with question #67 from luv the roz: I saw thw painting of Spiderman you gave Brendan in one of his interviews, did you paint it yourself freehand? If so, is painting one of you passions? If not what are your passions?
majandra says, "Painting is definitely one of my passions (the painting was over 6' tall)...singing and playing the piano are other passions..."

thewbrachelle presents the speaker with question #80 from forever5x5: Whats it like to kiss Brendan?
majandra says, "you should ask him..."what's it like to kiss me."..=)"

Here's the 1st question of mine that she answered:

thewbandrew presents the speaker with question #69 from max_evans_girl: hey majandra! i just wanted to say i looove ur new hair look! was it your choice or did the directors tell u too?
majandra says, "It was my choice...=)"

thewbandrew says, " asks: Maria has some of the most memorable lines on the show. Do you ever ad lib during filming?"
majandra says, "Always..all the time ? I'm the only one who's allowed so I take full advantage."

thewbandrew says, " asks: There have been some rumors that one of the humans will turn out to be half-alien. Can you give us any hints on who it is, and what episode that it will be shown in?"

thewbrachelle presents the speaker with question #92 from roscoet: Who are the real owners of your Jetta and Max's Jeep?
majandra says, "Anybody who's been ?healed? has a little alien in them and that's all I say for now."
majandra says, "the second question....Paramount and Fox, I think"

thewbrachelle presents the speaker with question #100 from lalalandgrl: Can you speak fluent spanish?
majandra says, "Yes I"

thewbrachelle presents the speaker with question #93 from green: Who do you must admire and why?
majandra says, "I would say I most admire my Grandfather on my father's side because he was so much the genius"
majandra says, "...and he made a lot out of nothing"

thewbrachelle presents the speaker with question #104 from luv the roz: Will we get to hear you sing in any upcoming episodes?
majandra says, "You will hear me Xmas caroling in December"

thewbrachelle presents the speaker with question #83 from cru: Who is you favorite person on Roswell to work with?
majandra says, "I would say Brendan again...I like a new character on the show played by Gavin Gummersaul..but I can't tell you who he plays...=)"

thewbrachelle presents the speaker with question #82 from adrianlane: is there anything you reveal about the rest of the season?
majandra says, "I feel bad...there's nothing I can tell you except we run around like a bunch of crazy people..."
majandra says, "we will see some new aliens..."
majandra says, "you'll have to ask Jason Katims...=)"

Here's the 2nd question of mine she answered!

thewbrachelle presents the speaker with question #103 from max_evans_girl: hey majandra! what's it like to work with such an amazing director as Jason Katims?
majandra says, "Jason Katims is a writer and he's Great...he's a brilliant man"

thewbrachelle presents the speaker with question #111 from innuendo: Liz/Shiri got to kiss Michael/Brendan in last weeks episode (The Dupes). . .any plans for Maria kissing Jason/Max?
majandra says,"Well that was a fake Michael as for me kissing Jason/'ll just have to tune in to find out...=)"

Here's the 3rd question of mine she answered!

thewbrachelle presents the speaker with question #112 from max_evans_girl: hey majandra! as you know roswell is on 2night! and i was wondering, do you ever sit down on monday nights and watch roswell with the rest of us?
majandra says, "ummm..usually I'm at work filming the next episode but when I can - I definitely do."

thewbrachelle presents the speaker with question #108 from chrysalide: Majandra, how did you decide to become an actress?
majandra says, "I thought when I was young it would be fun to be in a movie..."
majandra says, "I got to be in one...and it just led to this whole crazy thing"

thewbandrew says, "okay a few more questions..."

thewbrachelle presents the speaker with question #114 from green: What cd is in your cd player nowadays?
majandra says, "My CD ...=) and Portishead"

thewbandrew says, " asks: As a famous star how can you keep your life private?"
majandra says, "It's really not that hard..we're really not that famous ? except when people think I'm dating Brendan."

thewbrachelle presents the speaker with question #90 from adrianlane: Can you tell us if there will be another planned season?
majandra says, "we just got picked up for the rest of this for season 3...right now I have no idea...hopefully yes."

thewbandrew says, " asks: Hey I was wondering about your new cd. Any information on when, where and how we can get it?"

Here's the 4th question of mine she answered!

thewbrachelle presents the speaker with question #110 from max_evans_girl: hey majandra! how did the addition of Ron Moore to the show affect the show? is he as great as he is supposed to be?
majandra says, "You can get it online and it's coming soon but I don't have an exact date."
majandra says, "Yes, he's very good...hence all the sci-fi stuff"

thewbandrew says, "ok..majandra can stay on for a few more minutes...we're going to take some questions from the e-mail bag"

thewbandrew says, " asks: I just wanted to know what it's like being on Roswell. Is it fun to work with the people you work with, and do you like"
majandra says,"It's a lot of fun but a job is always a job?just like your peers around the same age, this is the same thing. I like the role a lot and it's really fun."

thewbandrew says, " asks: Majandra, if you could pick any role to act in either TV, movie, classic cinema, or stage what would it be and why?"
majandra says, "That's a tough one. Acting is not my true passion so it would be hard for me to say wow, I wish I could be in that role."

thewbandrew says, " asks: How has your life changed since working on the show? And would you change anything about your life, since being on the show?"
majandra says, "It hasn't really changed since the show..and I don't think or hope I'll change a thing."

thewbrachelle presents the speaker with question #44 from shelly459: are you going to be the one who tells max what really happened about liz and kyle thing
majandra says, "I don't know...maybe, maybe not."

thewbandrew says, " asks: Do you believe in aliens?"
majandra says, "Ummm..yeah, I would say I do. I don't believe they are little green men. It would be ridiculous to think we're the only ones."

thewbandrew says, " asks: Who do you think should be president?"
majandra says, "I have no idea. I'm just happy to be in the country."

thewbandrew says, " asks: Working on the movie TRAFFIC to come out in December, is your part in the movie interesting and how did you prepare for it?"
majandra says, "I think it's interesting. I don't really prepare..I just go in there and pretend I'm on drugs ? just one big game of pretend."

thewbandrew says, "ok...a few more questions"

thewbandrew says, " asks: Do you believe in writing your own lyrics so they reflect on your passions or do you think other people writing for a singer is all right?"
majandra says, "I totally stand against just being a singer..I think the real talented people are those who write their own lyrics and top it off by singing them."

thewbandrew says, "ok Majandra, here's an interesting one..."
thewbandrew says, " asks: I just want to know if anyone has actually tried drinking soda after the Tabasco sauce is in it. And if anyone tried it what does it taste like?"
majandra says, "haha...I'm sorry I have no idea."

thewbandrew says, "and final question...a lot of people have been asking what's your favorite episode of Roswell?"
majandra says, "I would say..would be hmmm..this is tough. I would probably say The End of the World."

thewbandrew says, "ok...thanks again everyone for coming to today's a reminder, a new episode of Roswell airs tonight in about 45 minutes on the east coast"
thewbandrew says, "and 9pm PT"
majandra says, "yes, please watch"

thewbandrew says, "tomorrow, our guest here will be Holly Robinson Peete of For Your Love at 7:30pm ET - 6:30 CT - 4:30pm PT"
thewbandrew says,"Thanks again everyone"
thewbandrew says, "Thanks Majandra"

majandra says, "You're welcome and thanks to everyone out there for supporting the show!"
thewbandrew says, "bye"
thewbrachelle says, "goodbye"
majandra says, "bye!

Who is she?

Born and raised in Miami, the daughter of Venezuelan and Cuban parents, Majandra Delfino, 19, began playing piano at the age of five and by the time she was 11 was singing in the all-girl quarter China Doll.  After leaving the group, she paired with her best friend and began writing songs and performing as a duet.  Before coming out to LA to pursue acting, she appeared in stage productions of Grease, Peter Pan and The Nutcracker.  She currently lives in LA with her sister.

What has she done?

Plays the sexy and stylish Maria DeLuca on the WB's hit show Roswell; will star in the upcoming horror spoof I Know What You Screamed Last Summer with Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, Tom Arnold and Julie Benz; will appear in the indie film The Learning Curve and the coming-of-age drama Unglued, written and directed by Holly Goldberg Sloan.

Why do we care?

Because the lusciously lipped Majandra is next in line to roll off the WB's babe-maker and become a big-screen heartbreaker. Roswell is about aliens.  Have you ever encountered one?

Majandra Delfino: No.  But I definitely believe they are out there.  We can't be the only ones that exist.  That would just be too egotistical to think that.  They are up there looking down on us right now.

PB: You must get tons of freaky letters from your fans.

MD: Not too much.  I get lots of letters from girls who love the show and love my character, but then there are the ones that come from the boys telling me what they'd do to me in bed and all.  I had this one guy send me a condom with a note that said, "Save this because it's for us when we meet."  I also get lots of gifts and stuff like that.  Usually really sweet stuff.  I try to send a head shot of myself and a note, too.  But for security reasons I try not to get too personal.  We're advised not to disclose too much info.

PB: What's one gift someone could send you that would make him or her stand out from the pack?

MD: Anything that has to do with Tim Burton.  I love his movies.  They are so cool, dark, quirky.  I love all of them.  Well, maybe that has something to do with the fact taht I also love Johnny Depp.

PB: Does Roswell have a big cult following?

MD: Yeah.  It doesn't really surprise me, though.  People get really attached to TV shows, especially when they deal with subject matter like ours.  They begin to feel like they know you and that leads to some bizarre behaviour.  I remember me and my friends cried when My So-Called Life went off the air.

PB: Scary Movie was a huge hit this summer, and you are in the next big spoof movie I Know What You Screamed Last Summer.  Are you ready for all the attention this could get you?

MD: That's funny, because we shot that so long ago, before even Scary Movie, but they came out first.  I don't know when Screamed will be coming out.  When I first read the script I thought it was so funny.  But after we shot it we had to take out a lot of the jokes for legal reasons.  We take potshots at all things, not just horror movies.  I play the Jennifer Love Hewitt/Neve Campbell role.  There were lots of scenes with lesbian insinuations and stuff like that which will probably get cut out, so we'll have to see what kind of movie it becomes.

PB: What's the one thing you can't leave home without?

MD: My lip balm.  I have big lips and they get dry a lot so I need my lip balm.

PB: I bet you had some wicked nicknames in high school because of your lips.

MD: Yeah, they called me "fish lips" and would make fish faces at me.  But my mom always used to tell me that when I got older, people would be envious of my lips.  And she was right.

PB: What's the best piece of advice you've gotten?

MD: When my publicist told me to always keep my shirt on at photo shoots.  I'm so free and don't mind being nude that it can get me in trouble.  I did a shoot (for FHM) where I was on all fours, with no shirt on and little silver stars on my nipples with these really short shorts and people were like, "Wow, Majandra!"  I think it's really cool and all my friends from Miami were calling me and saying how great it was but I have to remember that I can't always do that.

PB: What's the oldest thing in your refrigerator?

MD: Nutella chocolate.  I love the stuff, but I never through it away when it gets old.  I have some of it in my fridge that's four to five months old.  I put it all over strawberries and eat them constantly.  It's sooo good.

PB: What's something no one can do in your bed?

MD: Eat and put their shoes on it.  I don't mind watching TV and hanging out on my bed but definitely no shoes!

PB: What did you dream about last night?

MD: I dreamed that my boyfriend was yelling at me because he wanted me to cook American food for him.  Then I began running down the street with my sister and ran into a music store where it was filled with ballet shoes and guitars.  He's Canadian and there all the girls cook and the guys watch TV, but in Miami the guys and girls cook together and hang out, so that's what that dream was about.  And, well, the music store was my safe haven.

PB: Do you have any phobias?

MD: I hate germs: I can't share drinks with people; I don't like using public toilets.  I can't put my ass on a seat that thousands of others have sat on.  Don't people realise when they do that that they are getting all the germs from everyone who sat there before them?  Eeeew!  I also have phobias of sharks.  I saw one once when I was out on my WaveRunner and was freaked out.  Ever since I saw Jaws I've been that way.

PB: If you could hop into a time machine, who would you want to go visit?

MD: The Virgin Mary.  I need to know the truth about the Immaculate Conception.  What's going on there?  Always sounded kinda iffy to me.

PB: Anyone else?

MD: Adam and Eve.  I gotta know why they ate the apple and ruined it all for us.  I mean, I'd be happy running around naked playing with the lambs and lions.  Sounds good to me.

Majandra Delfino Roswell's Maria
BBC Online Cult

Majandra Delfino plays Maria, probably Roswell's nicest character. She talked to us about what it's like on the set, being a doll, and how she'd abuse alien powers.

Tell us about how you came onto Roswell. Is it true you were a ballet dancer before?

Yes, quite a bit of a ballet dancer.

I had been singing in a group with three girls when I was really young and we weren�t taken very seriously. People didn�t believe such young girls should write about personal experiences and all that kind of stuff. I did that when I was about 15, and I tried acting in Miami, where I�m from.

I got a job in a feature film and then basically had to spring that upon my parents and be like "Listen, I�m hired, are you going to let me do this?" And they said "Fine". That�s basically what happened, it took me to Los Angeles and I got a job here and now I�m here.

You still sing on the show - do you have much input as to what you�ll do in that line?

I do get input. There are certain guidelines we have to follow, for instance I tried to do a Police song, "Can�t Stand Losing You" and they felt, because he talks about suicide as a joke, [it wasn�t] friendly for the kids. But yeah, as much input as I can have, I have and enjoy it for what it�s worth.

Who�s the most fun on the set?

I would say Nick Weschler is the joker of the set. It�s really bizarre because everybody always assumes I�m the joker. Why? I�ve got to do something about that.

Yeah, it�s Nick. I�m not saying he�s the most fun to be around, that would still be me, but he�s the joker.

Do you think aliens would make good boyfriends?

Personally, I would love to have an alien boyfriend. I would request things such as a tan, you know, they can do all these things and maybe larger breasts, I�m just putting it out there, I�d ask for certain things and I think it would be a wonderful thing, but [Maria doesn't], she gets frustrated with it. What do you think about the way your character is described as "the spiritual glue and comic relief" of Roswell?

I don�t know. I mean the spiritual glue � that�s a lot to put on someone, that makes me nervous. Now I�m going to totally mess up the scene after this.

I definitely am given really great lines, but, I really think the funniest person is Nick�s character. To me it�s hilarious, the Jock that is into the Buddhism thing, and Michael is so funny like at times.

I�m given the obvious funny kind of stuff, the wacky stuff but I�m more appreciative of the tongue in cheek things.

Do you prefer working in film roles or other types of TV role?

I wouldn�t know, taking a job on TV, what I prefer because I�ve never really been on a drama. I�ve been on sitcoms but nothing that is this long running and such a long day and all of that.

But I would say that it�s a lot easier, especially if you have a bit of an attention deficit disorder, to be on a movie because you can give it your all and kill yourself for however many months and then let it go. If you try to kill yourself for a role on the TV show, you�ll succeed. It�s too long, it�s too much. So, it�s tough but the challenge is a good thing.

What is a typical day on a Roswell set?

It�s like a party. It�s bad because we�re all young, you know. It�s good bad, my kind of bad but it�s definitely loud and fun and it�s we bring out the kids in like the crew as well and pretty soon they�re making fart jokes. So it�s a lot of fun, and sometimes it gets in the way of work. But we�re getting better at that, we�re improving.

Is it difficult during filming, with the heat and the pressure?

No. It doesn�t get unbearable for me, I�m from Miami, I love it when we�re out in the heat. When it�s cold I�m like "I�m never acting again" because it�s too freezing.

It�s weird going out to [film]. There are so many fans, and it�s so hard because you�re there to work and you want to go and sign autographs but you�re at work. Sometimes they get mad because they see you like dressed up looking all normal, and you�re like "But I�ve got to go" and they�re just like "I used to like you".

There are some expectations that are [too high]. It�s hard to deliver from time to time but we try.

Do you have a lot of contact with fans through the web?

A lot of us do, I do. I definitely go on from time to time.

There�s like some specific sites that we post on, but I just had a terrible thing happen to me where I posted on a site and people had been posting saying that they were me. It was really crazy and then, I don�t know how, they got into my personal computer, the full on hacking thing.

So it�s starting to get a little scary but we definitely try to at least answer their questions and stuff like that over the internet.

What do you make of the merchandise? Do you see yourself as a doll?

I always have.

Would you like something like that?

I would. I think it would be really cool, yeah I think it�s a great thing. I have a friend who has a doll [made] after her and I was like "That�s not cool, where�s my doll?" So I definitely think it would be fun.

What film have you been working on?

Sticks and Stones. That was just a two day thing, really one scene, but this summer I worked on my music. I have a CD coming out in less than two months. It�s all online actually, I�m like the online chick.

The theme of this whole thing and is something I completely put together by myself with two musicians I work with. It�s like my little project. So that�s what I did over the summer and it�s very exciting because when you�re an actor they tell you what to say, they tell you what to wear, it�s very much like you�re not really in control in a sense and you�re not really there to be in control.

But with this it was great because it�s like my little project, my little baby, songs I wrote, songs we produced and everything. It�s like we�re our own label, which is a good thing.

Do you have much input into the character�s look and personality?

Yes, definitely, we get input, but it�s a character you know, it�s just a character.

I have so many problems with that, because, speaking of the music, I have so many situations where these Roswell fans go onto my site and they�re like "She�s not like the same, like bubbly Maria". They think that it�s the same person.

So you do have to go into it creatively like with wardrobe and all that going for the character, not me. It�s harder because people think it�s you so it gets into something else entirely.

Who decides on how you style your hair?

That is definitely the one place where everybody gets their way.

In the first season I had really short hair and they liked that, they cast me as this girl with the hair this long [indicated very short length] and I was like "I really don�t like my hair short, I�m going to start growing it out". With me it�s always like "Well she�s crazy, she can do whatever", that�s the great thing about my character.

But [with everybody else there�s been some, "I�m going to do my hair this way, that�s how I�m going to wear my hair". It�s the one thing everybody stands up for. So as for who does it, we have great hair people but the actual concepts come from the individual.

Being on the human side of things, do you wish you had some special powers?

In real life yes, I would love to have special powers. I think my power in real life would be to stop time, therefore being able to sleep more, stuff like that, study, whatever. Just like "Stop I�ve got to do something".

But for my character, no, because when they have to do their little special power things it�s more time. With the special effects, they�ve got to put their hand here, not there and there�s all these critical things that fall into place so I definitely wouldn�t want a power on the show.

I�m afraid because I know that Liz and Kyle, ever since they�ve been healed, are kind of like half alien. I�m like "Please don�t heal me, I don�t want to be an alien, please".

Is it fun playing the love hate relationship with Michael?

It is. We have a lot of fun, Brendon and I, playing the love-hate thing. People really enjoy it and it�s also given him an opportunity to be funny, because he was always the tough, brooding guy and it�s really given him an opportunity to be just so bad that it�s hilarious, a terrible boyfriend that�s really comical, so that�s a good thing.

Is there anything you can tell us about your character�s development in season three?

Rumour is, but they don�t really tell us these things as surprising as it seems, that she�s going to go out to look for her dad. For necessity not "I wonder where my dad is?" type of thing. Because I am like please don�t make it like that typical searching for the parent thing.

She has to find him to sign something that her mother won�t sign, which is a record deal. She basically goes after him and it�s funny because she has a really hard time narrowing it down as to who could be her dad, because her mam had a lot of fun during those times. So that should be interesting, and I love story lines with my mam, with Diane Far, I think they�re always hilarious.

I�d like to see my character be evil. I would love that. You know, the aliens can possess us. I�d love to be possessed by some evil god knows what.

Would you like to play your dupe counterpart, and what would they be like?

Maybe it should be like this really conservative librarian of a person, I don�t know.

We had that 1947 episode which was really cool, being in the 40s and putting on this thick southern accent and all that. It�s always fun to do different things but the actual dupe concept didn�t go very well with me so I�m okay without it. It would confuse me too much, so I�m good.

Do you prefer the romantic or science fiction angle of Roswell?

I like a blend of it. I get very tired with too much romance as an individual on TV, it drives me crazy. I like the idea in sci fi that sometimes everything�s tense and they�re running away from god knows what, I like that aspect thrown in with the romance of trying desperately to be with this person who�s completely unattainable.

Have you any ambitions to write or direct?

It�s so funny, actors usually have a directing ambition. I�ve got no ambition for directing.

With that music kind of mentality, my thing is I would love to write and then I�d direct something I wrote. I find it so strange to take someone�s work and then be the director of it and have their view and take it on as your own, it�s almost unfair. To me it�s the same thing as being a singer and only singing songs people write for you. As much as I think that�s sacrilege I kind of see it in the same way with scripts and directors. Clearly not as bad, but I would like to write and I think I�d only like to direct if it was something I wrote or I wrote with someone.

It�s not something that I really � it�s there with like I�d also like to be a horse whisperer. It�s there with many other things.

Is there anything you�d like to tell us about?

Just my CD will be out in 2 months. [It will be out by now]. And if anybody is a fan of good music, I�m kidding, but you should definitely check it out.

Majandra & Shiri Chat Snippets

Majanda and Shiri Appleby took part in an online chat with E! Online this week. Here's a few non-spoilerish Majandra comments:

What better or worse about the move to UPN?

Majandra: It's better, because they're excited to have us. They're promoting us. And there's nothing worse I can think of.

Roswell won't be on forever. Do you ever think about what you're gonna do afterward?

Majandra: I'll probably continue to do the music thing.

How does it feel with your private life being the centre of most of your fans' interest?

Majandra: I didn't know that! But I guess it's cool. I'd rather they be interested in something than not be interested. But they don't know much about my private life, because I don't have one!

Majandra, are you going to tour sometime soon? I love your song!

Majandra: I'll tour during my hiatus, or if the show gets cancelled.

Who would you like to guest star on Roswell?

Majandra: Jack Nicholson. He could play my dad.

Is it difficult as a Hispanic actress in an industry where diversity is sometimes frowned upon?

Majandra: It's only difficult when I try out for Latin roles, because my blond hair and fair skin make casting directors believe I'm not Latin, which seems quite stereotypical.

If you could be any character on TV, who would you be?

Majandra: Probably Dick Van Dyke on The Dick Van Dyke Show.

I live in Brazil, and I'd like so much to know if there are any plans for your CD to come out in countries besides the USA.

Majandra: My CD is available at and can be purchased over the Internet, so it's available to anybody.

Any chance of Maria speaking or singing in Spanish?

Majandra: Speaking has been talked about, but the other has been tossed around, and she definitely won't be singing in Spanish.

Majandra, will you do any shows around L.A. to promote your CD?

Majandra: Definitely. I haven't tried to fit it into my schedule yet, but I'm sure we'll do that.

How was it working with Clayton Crane? (He's really hot.)

Majandra: It was fun. He's a cool guy...a very fun actor to work with. He and I got along well.

What do you think of the success of the show in other countries?

Majandra: It's great! It makes me happy to see that other countries get it. I can just imagine what we sound like dubbed and stuff, so I apologise for the bad acting - but it's not us.

What TV shows, past and present, do you enjoy?

Majandra: The Bob Newhart Show. The Dick Van Dyke Show. Dobie Gills and The Donna Reed Show. I just thought she was so cool. And Rhoda. I love the old stuff.

Is it really true you and Shiri are best friends on and off the set?

Majandra: Yup.

Are you, like your character on Roswell, a romantic fool?

Majandra: Definitely not.

Can you tell me something about the diary you're doing?

Majandra: Basically, it's a day-by-day journal entry that I type from home. Whether it's interesting or not - that's up to who is reading it. Sometimes I have art and pictures. It's pretty personal. I update it pretty much every day.

Does the online community ever freak you out in their intensity/obsession? Do you ever not like going online (for Roswell) because of the reaction to certain things and certain actors/characters?

Majandra: They totally freak me out! At the same time, they totally make me laugh, especially the bashers who come up with thiings that don't exist.

Majandra, what do you think you have in common with your character?

Majandra: Nothing. We both can sing.

Is Brendan Fehr taken? If not, can you ask him to marry me?

Majandra: [Laughs.] You'll have to ask him yourself.

Would you want to do a Buffy-type musical episode if you could?

Majandra: No, I hate to sing on the show. I don't like being fed the kind of music I have to do. But if it were just Appleby singing for an hour, I'd be behind it all the way.

Majandra, have you ever considered going to other parts of the world with your music?

Majandra: I hope I have the opportunity to. I hope and pray I can. Acting is a money thing, but singing is my priority.

Majandra Delfino wants out of Roswell
Author: Michael Zitz
Date: Feb. 14, 2002
Majandra Delfino: "Roswell Is Holding Me Back"

She isn't Maria.

Majandra Delfino dearly wants you to know that.

No, she's nothing like the air-headed teen character on Roswell, the UPN show about adolescent aliens.

She doesn't even like the show that's landed her on the cover of Seventeen and gotten her a sexy layout in FHM men's entertainment magazine. As a matter of fact, she despises the TV program that's brought her fame.

The 20-year-old Delfino thinks of herself not as an actress, but a musician - and she wants to go back to music as soon as possible.

The problem is that just about everyone else thinks of her as a TV actress.

"Which makes me laugh," she said in a telephone interview with The Free Lance-Star from Los Angeles. "I've never taken an acting lesson or been in a play." Delfino, the daughter of Venezuelan and Cuban-American parents, was born in Caracas, began playing piano

at 5, and at 11 began to sing and perform.

She wants to go back to that and sees no redeeming social value in being on Roswell - not even as a vehicle to launch her music career.

"It could have been a vehicle, but if anything, I see it as kind of like a hindrance," Delfino said. "People think I'm my character. Unfortunately, I play this really peppy, ditzy character," she said.

Her music couldn't be less peppy.

She's self-released a debut six-song EP titled The Sicks on her own Dripfeed Records label. The music, which is dark, melodic electronica, is available through on the Web.

The darkness reflected in The Sicks comes from personal experience, she said. The EP and the song Bruises deals with struggling to handle emotional wounds.

"This is definitely not an album where we looked at it and thought, 'What would make me look cool? Let's go dark,'" Delfino said.

It's the real Majandra, she said.

She wants to go on tour to promote The Sicks but Roswell is holding her back, she said.

She's hoping the show, which has low ratings, is dropped by UPN.

"If Roswell gets canceled, I'll definitely go out on tour," Delfino said. "It's like the lowest-rated show on TV. It's kind of stifling to be working every day and have just about one person watch it."

Cancellation of the TV show is now on hold until Feb. 26. The show airs on Tuesday nights at 9 following Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Being allowed to go on tour would be "a huge relief," Majandra said.

"I don't even care if no one comes to the shows. I just don't want anyone to come and yell, 'Maria!' If they do, they'll be quietly escorted out by security," she said with a chuckle.

She doesn't plan to do television again in the foreseeable future.

"I took Roswell because I was interested in seeing how it would be," Delfino said. "I saw, so that's all I needed."

"I definitely find movies more interesting," she said.

Her film credits include: Zeus and Roxanne (1997), The Secret Life of Girls (1999), I Know What You Screamed Last Summer (1999) and Traffic (2001).

She read for Mena Suvari's part as the seductive cheerleader in American Beauty, but didn't get the role - perhaps in part because she decided to cut her hair short before the reading, and perhaps in part because of a faux pas.

"I didn't really mind when they said the character had an affair with an older man," Delfino said. "But when they said 'Kevin Spacey,' I made a face like that wouldn't have been my pick."

Majandra Delfino AOL Chat Transcript

Oct. 9, 2001

Question: Will anyone die or anyone new joining the cast this season?
Majandra: There's Adam Rodriguez joining and no deaths that I know of.

Question: Were you surprised to learn there would be a third season?
Majandra: I tried not to think about it.

Question: Majandra~ I was just wondering, do you think that the UPN atmosphere is different from the WB atmosphere? If so, why?
Majandra: The UPN is a lot more supportive of creativity. Especially more supportive of Jason Katims. The UPN has also welcomed us in a very fantastic sort of way without any complaints. Which in my opinion is a wonderful thing.

Question: How is this season different?
Majandra: This season it will be a lot more like season one because the WB wasn't on top of us during season one so with the UPN's support they're going to let us go back to that.

Question: Which is more important to you: acting or singing?
Majandra: Acting is a cool job, but singing is the most important. Not singing, but writing songs and getting to sing them.

Question: Will you get a chance to sing on the show this season?
Majandra: Unfortunately yes. I'm not a big fan of being just a voice to someone else's songs. And I'm also not a fan of lending a song that I wrote to a person other than myself. Which would be the character that I play. So I tend to feel a little too much like a puppet. But, God bless Mariah Carey.

Question: When are you coming out with a CD of your music? I just love your songs, I listen to them all the time.
Majandra: They're coming on Halloween. You can buy them at

Question: From what I've heard of your music (which I love and am waiting for the CD), it is very personal. How do you feel about letting out so much of yourself become public and up for criticism?
Majandra: I think it is worst to be put to the public as another character in someone else's clothing as another role model than putting yourself out there as you are.

Question: Hi I'm Luke from England. Do you plans to release songs in England and the rest of Europe? I know you will be successful here because Roswell is so popular in Britain.
Majandra: Everyone around the world will be able to buy my CD online.

Question: What is the CD called?
Majandra: So far it is untitled, but I think it will be called 'the sicks'

Question: What kind of music do u like? do like rock and which bands?
Majandra: I like portis head and nine inch nails and Bjork and the Beatles... and the list goes on!

Question: How would you describe your music?
Majandra: I would describe it as influenced by the people I mentioned, but I'll leave it up to everyone else to categorize it.

Question: What is your favorites quote from any episode of Roswell, either one you've said or someone else..? -Jessica-TN
Majandra: 'Topolsky's a plant' Because it is funny to me and it always sounded like they meant that she was an actual plant in a planter.

Question: Are we going to see more of Maria and Michael's relationship?
Majandra: There's not a lot of Maria and Michael period. This has been more of a Isabelle season.

Question: What do you want to do with yourself next? If you singing career flourishes will you leave acting?
Majandra: Yes. Yes, I would focus on singing as much as possible and would still love to take roles that, in my opinion, are great.

Question: Hey Majandra! I love all your songs and your voice is awesome. I just wanted to ask you what you do when your not filing Roswell?
Majandra: I got to wittier and work on my CD.

Question: Were you more of the geek or of the popular group in school?
Majandra: I went to really great school that being popular just meant you were But I was definitely on the popular side but rarely ever attended school. I had a family that believed that sleep in the most important thing so that's what I was doing.

Question: Majandra, I was wondering if you had any pets? Cats, dogs?
Majandra: I have a pet, but it's a human being.

Question: Hi Majandra, do you get recognized a Lot in public? And if so, then have you had any weird encounters?
Majandra: I have weird internet encounters. But, in person nobody ever recognizes me. I will be out with a co-star and they will get asked for their autograph and they will start talking about my character right in front of me not even realizing.

Question: How did you happen upon the role for the Learning Curve?
Majandra: I was 16 and auditioned for it. I thought it was a funny role because the character was a sell out. The kind of singer that I myself despise.

Question: That's sad- but if I were there, I would recognize you, I swear! I was wondering, do you get to keep the clothes from the Roswell set? They're cool!
Majandra: I could but I don't necessarily want to.

Question: Hi Majandra--what do you admire most about your character?
Majandra: I would say I admire her persistence and anybody who can put up with Michael has some sort of amazing tolerance!

Question: So, having both a musical and acting caret.. if you had to give advice for any "fame" hopefuls, what would you say?
Majandra: Don't get into it for the fame and if it is the craft you are interested in, you better be a person who handles rejection well. Because after you get a job, you'll start to see how kids get on the internet and talk bad about you. So rejection is the reoccurring theme.

Question: Anything you can tell us about tonight's ep that won't give too much away? ;)
Majandra: It is very dangerous, there's a lot of changes and people are really starting to become the fickle teenagers we all were once upon a time.

TVGLive2: Thanks Majandra! Had a great time and can't wait for tonight's episode (and your CD!) Please come back and talk again SOON!

Majandra: Thank you guys so much for coming! And being patient with my B.S.!

TVGLIVE2: Bye! Don't miss tonight's season premiere at 9PMET on UPN! And for Majandra's CD, go to

Delfino Raps Roswell

01.01.2002 - Majandra Delfino told Sci-Fi Wire that she doesn't concern herself with Roswell's fate or how it bounces back and forth between SF and romance. "I try not to think about it," the actress said in an interview. "I don't have enough invested in it - I don't think any of us do - to let it frustrate us. The people it must frustrate are the fans."

Roswell kicked off its third season, its first on UPN, in October, but Smallville has consistently won the ratings war. And that's despite the fact that Roswell has returned to its earlier romantic storyline, which initially attracted passionate fans and elicited excellent reviews. Delfino, however, can't offer much of an opinion about the show's quality. "For us, [the episodes] are our job," she said. "Rarely do we end up seeing the finished products, because we're working that day, or we've been doing this so much we really don't watch it. And I can definitely speak for all of us. For me, the reason I like an episode [now] is because we had a lot of fun doing it, or we had a great location, [or because of] what we all had personally going on."

Delfino - currently celebrating the release of her CD, The Sicks, available only at her official website - can point to one such episode: "Samuel Rising," the Christmas-themed episode which aired in the US on 18 December. "[It] was really hilarious, because we were all in these costumes, and we were just ragging on each other the whole time," she said. "It was funny because we were doing the Christmas episode on Halloween day. That was just really comical to us. We were in Santa Claus and elf costumes, that kind of thing."

Majandra's Music
Date: Feb 6, 2002
Author: Sarah Tomczak

Majandra Delfino plays kooky Maria � one of the non-aliens from the hit TV show Roswell. We caught up with her to find out about the show and get the news on her brand new album The Sicks. It's a dark and funky CD, which might come as a surprise to some Maria fans...

Which do you enjoy more, acting or singing? I would definitely say singing. Acting came a lot later in my life. I've been singing professionally since I was like 11, when I was in a band in Miami, with three of my friends, called China Dolls. Our managers had this great image of us being like Spice Girls or something, but we just didn't get to do what we wanted, so we split up. Now two of the girls have a deal with Sony and the other has a deal with BMG, so everybody's got it together.

How did you feel when you eventually got the part of Maria in Roswell? Well, logic said it was a great opportunity, but I always knew that I wanted to be a singer. I figured it would just buy me more time to get everything perfect. I'm really happy with my CD The Sicks and I think had I rushed it, it would have been different. I have been working on it the entire time I've been on Roswell. Now it's finally done and I'm 100% pleased.

And how would you describe the album? I don't know. It's hard to describe your own sound. I've heard it be described in many different ways. I guess I would say, it's like dark electronic, very melody based, and a strong vocal.

Do you think your Roswell fans would be surprised by your music? Yeah, unfortunately they think that I'm like Maria. At first they are really shocked when they read about me in interviews and they're like, "That's so not Maria. This girl is so dark and like too tough." But now other kids have come out of the woodwork that are not fans of Roswell, just fans of the music, so that's great.

What's the coolest thing about working on the show? I would say just getting to know everybody. We've been there three years straight, and there are people that I don't think I'll ever stop being friends with. Brendan Fehr, Shiri Appleby, and Nick Wexler, we'll go out, eat, hang out at each other's houses.

And there have always been these rumors about you and Brendan Fehr. Can you give us the latest scoop on you two? Brendan and I dated and then we broke up and became really good friends. He's like my son and I'm like his daughter, it's one of those things. But people see us out together and they assume that that means we're still together, but we're not.

How did it feel to be going out with the same person on-screen and off? It was weird. It was very intrusive and so annoying. The thing is, I couldn't be more different than Maria. And he couldn't be more different than Michael. Brendan's like a very serious Christian. He wears glasses, he's not like this tough guy � I mean, he can be tough, but he's not. He's the most well-behaved boy � he's never been drunk, he's never touched a drug, and then I'm the girl from Miami with all the tattoos.

So are you way wilder than Maria? Not wilder, just not a high school cheeseball. I would have thrown stuff at Maria if we went to high school together. We wouldn't have talked.

It's weird that you and Brendan were so attracted to each other in the first place. I think that what attracted us is we both have a very strong religious thing. Mine isn't so much by the book, but I believe certain things. It's really weird, but we have a lot of things in common that you wouldn't see. He's from Canada; I'm from Venezuela. I mean, go figure. But there are just certain things there that mean we really get along.

Is there life for you after Roswell? I definitely think so. Not in TV, 'cause I've done the TV thing, but definitely movies and singing.

Are you worried that Roswell won't get picked up for another season? It's kind of crazy. Whenever people are saying our show's not going to come back it always does, so we don't really let it affect us. We're young, you know, we can look on the bright side of everything. If it doesn't go on, it's not the end of the world; if it does, then great.

Is it tough when you work so hard on something, not to know if it will succeed? I think for everybody else it does. For me, that would be devastating if that happened with my CD. But as for the acting, it's like, well, I'll just go on to another job where they'll put me in their clothes and tell me what to say.

Popzine online
present: Majandra Delfino
conducted on: April 2002
interview done by: Natalie Kuchik

PZO: Throughout your acting and singing career, what has your 'muse' been to keep you going?
Majandra: Wow, I think it is basically I have no other choice, like I would be sitting on my ass all day. If nothing else, the world has to offer me is that it excites me, I guess the way it does.

PZO: Have you ever tried to change yourself to impress somebody?
Majandra: Maybe when I was like 10, I tried to stuff my bra. But then I realized that I would take the bra off, and I was still flat. I stopped doing that.

PZO: Is your CD only available through the Internet or will it be coming out in stores soon?
Majandra: Right now it is only available through the Internet, and it also sells at Ameba music in LA. We are hoping to get it independently distributed throughout other places as well.

PZO: Do you plan on recording a full-length album?
Majandra: Yeah, definitely. This is all done with me and my producer, and the poor producer lives in a skyscraper office. It is literally me and these 2 boys from Whittier that put this whole thing together. Just the fact that we got this whole thing accomplished is like huge. A full record is a whole other feat.

PZO: Which do you prefer- movies, television, or singing?
Majandra: I�d say, well not singing, but singing songwriting first, and then movies, and I think television is kind of going to disappear. It�s done more out of curiosity, like I did a sitcom, so I�d never do a sitcom again. I did like a guest spot on another sitcome. Then I was like, okay, I don�t like the sitcom thing, let me try out the TV drama thing, then I tried that out. Not that I didn�t like it, but it was definitely just not the job for a girl like me. So now I am just going to go back to movies like I started off.

PZO: What type of movies do you prefer doing?
Majandra: You know what? Right now I am just concerned with working with like quality writers and directors. I do not want to go for the next surfer movie or whatever. I am not interested so much in the category, just in the people behind it.

PZO: I thought you were really good in Traffic.
Majandra: Oh, thank you.

PZO: What are the best and worst things about working on Roswell?
Majandra: The best and worst things. The best things I would say is the people we meet. That we work with ever day, the behind the scene�s stuff and the drama and the happiness and all the crazy stuff that goes on behind the scenes. And I would say the worst part is, I don�t know, it�s hard to say. There is not really a worst part, that is kind of a difficult one. I guess it would be how crazy some fans get. The ones that really make fun of people on our show and go all out to ruin their lives and they don�t even know them. Stuff like that is really bizarre, and it�s never happened to me, but I have seen it happen to other cast members on our show. It is just like, please man. You can tell for instance Katie, they call her all these terrible things clearly because she is beautiful. So transparent with what it is about, but it is just so crazy.

PZO: Any embarrassing moments on the set of anything that you've worked on?
Majandra: You know what on Roswell there is none because everyone is so at ease, but I know there has to be. Oh you know there was one on Roswell, fifth season it was really embarrassing, well it is like a duel story. At first me and Brandon had been dating for a season, and his mother came into town, and Brandon comes from this very strict religion. Very crazy, very Christian their like into simplified living. His mother came onto the set, she�s only going to be 2 days in LA and it�s like surreal her son is like this TV actor and this all happened overnight. I am like this girl he is like interested in and blah, and first thing she has to see is him and I making out on the floor. I am like straddling him and it is awful. Then like a couple of months later his sister comes into town and has to see him and I making out. In the episode where aliens kiss the humans and give the humans orgasms. So I had to fake this orgasm in front of his sister and the director kept saying to me (I had to also say "oh my god") and the director kept saying to me, �Bigger on the oh, bigger on the oh, bigger on the oh my god.� So I kept saying oh really big like, �Oh my god.� I kept saying I don�t know how much bigger I can get on the oh, and I did the example for hi. And the director was like, �No sweetheart bigger on the orgasm.� Everybody around me started laughing, and they knew all the time, but I was like the idiot who was like, �Bigger on the what?� It was very humiliating.

PZO: What makes you smile?
Majandra: Right now, a lot of things make me smile. I would say my puppy.

PZO: If you could hang out with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?
Majandra: Anyone in the world. I would have to say like half of me would say John Lennon for obvious reasons. Then the other half would say, even though I have hung out with him before my grandfather. Just because I have a different perspective now, so I think I would learn much more.

PZO: When Roswell comes to an end, will you want to focus on just your singing career?
Majandra: That first and foremost to write songs and get to sing them. Then probably some movies, things that I like.

PZO: Who is your mentor and why?
Majandra: My mentor, you know I hate it when people ask me this question because I don�t have like anybody.

PZO: Do you look up to anybody?
Majandra: I look up to certain parts of certain people, but there is nobody I entirely look up too. I am too much of a pessimist. I know that the people have faults. So I do not think anybody should be that looked up too. Let me think I know there has to be somebody. It�s like I don�t know them, but I look up to them. I don�t know, it�s really hard to say. It�s terrible that I don�t have anyone.

PZO: What is your favorite possession, and why do you love it so much?
Majandra: My favorite possession. Wow, I would have to say Boo Boo. Boo Boo is my stuffed animal that has been mine since I was a little girl and I am really still convinced that he is alive. So he�s not even a possession, he�s like my favorite person. I know that in the world he is a possession, so I would have to go with Boo Boo.

PZO: If you could travel back in time and change something that happened in your life, what would it be?
Majandra: I would say if I could travel back in time to change something, I would be too afraid to change anything. It is so everything depends on it and it is so plays a part in all the good things too. But I would say it would have been to be a little more disciplined in school and not just make straight A�s because I pulled it off, but to be actually be smart in something.

PZO: What song do you find yourself listening to a lot lately?
Majandra: I would say this song it is on the new Ani Difranco CD, the thing is I don�t know what it�s called. It is number four on the CD called Revelling/Reckoning and I believe it is on the rebelling CD and it�s the fourth song and it is so damn good.

PZO: What is your biggest pet peeve?
Majandra: I would say when people use the word sweetheart or honey in a condescending way. Nobody really is going to call you sweetheart or honey or darling, dear unless you are extremely close or comfortable that way. I feel like a lot of times people are like, �Sweetheart, turn the light off.� Or something like that and I so want to kick them in the teeth I hate it so much.

PZO: What do you think makes you different from everybody else?
Majandra: I don�t know, but I am sure everybody is so different from everybody else, not only myself. The different things they have seen and learned at different times. Nothing is too much of a thumbprint.

PZO: What do you think is the most important thing in any kind of a relationship?
Majandra: I would say number one is trust. If you don�t trust someone there is no reason to be around them.

PZO: Where do you go to get away from things?
Majandra: Miami, and that�s where I am right now.

PZO: People would be surprised to know what about you?
Majandra: People would be surprised to know what about me. I have no idea. That I had a boat. Oh, I know that I am not a real blonde.

PZO: What is one of your favorite lines in one of your songs?
Majandra: God I don�t know. What would my favorite line be in my favorite song? Let me think. Sorry if I am taking such a long pause. I�m thinking, I�m thinking. I am literally going through all the songs I have written in my head. That is a really tough question, but I will come up with one. I guess it would be, �How do I� . Can I say the whole thing?

PZO: Yeah
Majandra: �How do I begin to speak when actions measure true feelings, though your words may leave me weak your movements always leave me kneeling.�

Majandra says goodbye to Roswell
Author: Lauren Weedon
Date: April 2002

I spoke with Roswell's Majandra Delfino a few days before last week's announcement from UPN that the cult-drama show would air its final episode this spring. Die-hard fans of the hot alien show may be devastated, but Majandra seemed ready to move on even before it was official.

"It's so funny because nobody wants to come back," says Majandra, calling me from her cell phone in Miami, where she grew up. "Everybody's already gotten so emotionally and mentally prepared to not come back, and then we keep coming back, and everyone's like, 'Woah, I was actually ready to not come back -- and now my whole world has turned upside down.' People make plans. At first, it was sad, and now, it's like, 'Okay, stop jerking us around.'"

Don't think Majandra hasn't enjoyed her time on Roswell and with her fellow cast members. She describes the cast as "like brothers and sisters." They fight and tease each other, "like, 'I had it first' type of stuff." Majandra says that everyone plays a certain role in the family. "Jason [Behr] and Katie [Heigl] are dating, so they're very much together a lot. They're like the adults -- focused and well-spoken. Me, Shiri [Appleby] and Brendan [Fehr] are like the 14-year olds. It's like loud and throwing things and Brendan pinches Shiri, she gets mad and slaps him. And Nick [Wechsler] is just the one that everyone loves. He's so much fun to be around; everybody wants a piece of him. He can just sit there and everybody goes and, like, kisses the ring."

As for dating Brendan, Majandra insists they broke up almost two years ago. "Everybody wants to hold on to that, since the characters are together. They want to believe it so bad. Michael and Maria forever!"

"It just goes to show how juvenile the whole relationship is," she laughs. "Only in, like, middle school could you be friends in that way with a boy you just dated. You're like, 'I broke up with him because he spit in my sandwich.'"

Without a TV show sucking all of her time, Majandra's ready to "branch out" in acting and also focus on her music. The 21-year-old recently released a six-song CD called The Sicks, which she wrote entirely herself. Her sound is dark, pensive and features guitar layered with electronica.

"I wouldn't consider myself a brooding person, but I don't really think in sunshiney terms enough to be poetic about it," she says. Majandra describes her songs, with titles such as "Bruises" and "Oil + Water," as "diary entries." She never sets out to write a song -- rather, "it's a mistake every time."

As for her acting career, Majandra looks forward to doing more movies. (She previously appeared in Traffic and some other titles available at your local video store.) "I'm not necessarily looking for a steady income as much as I'd like to do something that involves creativity," she says. "I'd like to do good parts with good writers and good directors. Not something that's simply to put your face out there, which is kind of what Roswell is. TV is so about that."

Roswell resumes April 23 for its final four episodes. Check back then to for your chance to score the show's soundtrack -- signed by the entire cast! The season finale is May 14.

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