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(these were short promotional interviews for season 1)

Well Isabel actually is getting more and more complex, I think, as the stories go along.  But she's basically this girl who puts out an air of being very confident, very strong, almost untouchable and cold in a way, but in reality she's very...she has a lot of vulnerabilities, obviously about being an alien and being different and she just really wants to lead a normal life, be a normal person and feel like she has a place in the world.

I think she gets more of a kick out of it than the guys do.  I think she likes the fact that she has these powers that she can apply makeup with a touch of her hand, that she can change her nail colour, that she, you know, she uses it very frivolously, she's not like saving the world here.  Max, of course, saves human beings and I'm changing my lipcolour but it's more of this like...I think it's just this, you know, feeling of...I used to compare her to...people all have this, have powers inside of them, you know, have confidence, things inside them that they don't show, that they don't let out, have things that make them unique and special and wonderful that they're constantly hiding in high school especially.  And with Isabel I think that she knows that there's something special about her and she wants it to show, you know?  Of course, she can't go around opening doors and stuff in front of, you know, people that shouldn't know about it.  In a way I think she really likes that Liz and Maria know that she can do this in front of them and she can kind of prove her uniqueness.

The show starts with Max saving Liz - that was the first episode.  And where it's gone from there is that it's become...obviously a lot more problems have evolved since then - we used to lead a very nice, normal existence with our little secret but now there's just total chaos, all the time something's happening.  And basically we're slowly letting more people into our circle - with Liz and Liz's best friend Maria knowing and then their best friend Alex knowing - and it's becoming this group of people who are sort of fighting for the truth, you know?  I think that Liz and Maria and Alex care about our secret too and care that we find the truth.  That's sort of where it's going, I think.  Plus we deal with all the, you know, human sort of side of it, which is the love stories and the friendships forming and the respect.

B i o g r a p h y Katherine Heigl Actor
People Magazine

December 2, 1999 -- Katherine Heigl is really into her character. Heigl plays Isabel, an extraterrestrial high schooler with magical powers, on Roswell,an X-Files-meets-Dawson's Creekdrama on The WB. "In a recent episode, Isabel waved her hand over a spot on her clothes and made it disappear," says Heigl. "I mean, how cool would that be? I totally wouldn't mind being able to wave my hand head to toe and have, like, a whole new outfit."

Having, like, a whole new job on television is pretty cool too. After appearing in eight films, including Under Siege 2and Bride of Chucky,Heigl, 21, beat out a hundred young actresses at a Roswellaudition last year. "She's my best friend," says costar Majandra Delfino. "We hang out on weekends, watch Grease 2and make homemade face masks. We're just like little girls."

As a real little girl, Heigl grew up in New Canaan, Conn., where she modeled before segueing into movies. She dated Blossomactor Joey Lawrence, then 18, for three months in 1994. "I was on the East Coast. He was in L.A. It was mostly over the phone," she says. Nowadays she lives in her four-bedroom L.A. home with her manager-mom, Nancy, 56 (who was divorced from her dad, banker Paul, 58, in '96). Do aliens live on Earth? "I don't know,"she says. "But Dennis Rodman does make me wonder."

Katherine Heigl Chat Transcript (AOL 10/19 1999)

Tvgchat: Welcome, Katherine! Thanks for joining us!
Katherine Heigl: Hello, everybody!
Question: Hi, Katherine. I have followed your career since "My Father, the Hero" and think you are a stunningly beautiful and talented actress. What first drew you to acting?
Katherine Heigl: Actually it was kind of a strange turn of events. My aunt had come to take some pictures of my sister and I for a hair care product she had invented, and asked my mother if she could [send] some photos to some modeling agencies. My mother agreed, and so I started children's modeling at age nine. One thing led to another, and I started doing commercials. Then I did my first film at age 11 and just knew that that was the thing for me. It became my passion.
Question: What was it like auditioning for "Roswell"?
Katherine Heigl: It was actually a very stressful and sort of waiting expectantly experience. I started by auditioning for producers, then for producers and directors, then for the studio, then for the studio again, and then for the networks. You really have to impress them for this stuff. It's hard. You have to be inspired on that day.
Question: What intrigues you most about your character in "Roswell"?
Katherine Heigl: First of all, I really like Isabel. I don't know how likable she appears to everybody else, because she appears so tough. But she has so many facets, she's interesting. She appears very tough on people, but in reality, she is very down-to-earth and just wants to be a normal teenage girl and live a normal teenage girl's life. And she has a lot of fear about people finding out about her extraterrestrial heritage.
Question: Hey, Katherine, I have been a fan of yours since you were in the movie "That Night," and I want to know, when you are not acting, what do you do for fun?
Katherine Heigl: Let's see. I love to cook. Last night I made an extensive dinner for my mom... which took hours to make. I find it relaxing. I love to go to the movies, I'm a huge movie fan. I love to go to the movies myself and kind of hang out. I hang out with Majandra Delfino on my Saturday nights occasionally, the two of us will go get sushi or something or try to find boys! LOL! I read a lot, I love to read, write, and I love to draw. And on set I needlepoint. It's the only thing you can really pick up and put down a lot. A book is hard, you get into it, and then you're interrupted every five minutes.
Question: What kind of projects do you plan to do in the future?
Katherine Heigl: I don't have anything going on at the moment. But I'm definitely hoping to find the perfect project for my hiatus. I'd love to work like a madwoman for a while, but it has to be the right stuff.
Question: Are you going to be making any talk show appearances anytime soon?
Katherine Heigl: Not scheduled any at the moment. But hopefully in the future. There's not a lot of time right now.
Question: What has been your favorite of all your roles so far?
Katherine Heigl: Favorite role? I'd have to say to date Isabel, just because she has so many sides to her. She has such a cool wardrobe. And she has cool powers. How can you go wrong with that?
Question: Do you believe the rumors about Area 51... and the UFOs at Roswell? Katherine Heigl: I do believe in aliens, because I just think that the universe is too big to house just us. It's endless. And my father, when the pilot was picked up, my father bought me the official government records on Roswell. And it's these thick books, they basically go into detail about what happened. They speak to people off the record, and it's all supposed to be official. But they still claim it was just a weather balloon. It's very fishy to me. I like the mystery. Time magazine says seventy percent of Americans believe there was a crash.
Question: Will Max and Liz eventually end up a couple?
Katherine Heigl: You know, I don't think that true love can ever really be kept apart, so we'll have to see. I'm not positive, but I feel that interspecies relationships will happen in the near future.
Question: What's the best and worst thing you like about your job?
Katherine Heigl: Best thing is the acting. The worst thing is the waiting. I hate waiting around on set. It's so tedious.
Question: What was it like working with Depardieu in "My Father, the Hero"? Would he make a cool father in real life?
Katherine Heigl: I don't know about making a cool father in real life, but he was a wonderful father to me in the Bahamas for those three months. He was such a jovial, exuberant man, full of life and humor, a really good person on set. I loved him. He was wonderful.
Question: What is it like to work with the cast?
Katherine Heigl: The rest of the cast and I, we have a great time. We are so childish on set. I feel so badly for the crew. They make fart jokes, I laugh. It's fun; we have a great time. We're always in the corner so far cracking up, holding up production. So far -- in a year we'll probably hate each other.
Question: If you could play any character in film, literature or theater, who would you play and why?
Katherine Heigl: You know, I have this all thought out and then I can't remember. Probably Rita Hayworth in Gilda. That was such a great role. Or the girl in "All About Eve." The evil one.
Question: Are there any hints you can give about upcoming episodes?
Katherine Heigl: I don't want to give too much away, but we find more clues to the aliens' past. Liz and Max continue to fight their burgeoning love affair. And Michael and Maria form an interesting bond. And that's about it! LOL! A couple of FBI agents thrown in.
Tvgchat: Thanks, Katherine, for coming and talking with us. Please come back and chat again soon!
Katherine Heigl: Thank you! Thanks for joining in the chat and for the great questions. And I hope you all watch Roswell!


February 13th 2000
By James Brady

REMEMBER THAT famous "alien spaceship" some people still believe actually landed in 1947 near Roswell, NM, about 90 miles from the Texas line? The feds deny all. That hasn't stopped Roswell, the WB network's drama series, from exploring the possibility of aliens among us.

Which is why I was interviewing Katherine Heigl, who plays one of the three teenage aliens-the beautiful female one, of course-and comes not from outer space but from the moneyed suburb of New Canaan, Cann. How is the series doing?

"It seems to be going well with the critics and audience," said Katherine. "They bought a full season of 22 episodes. But I don't track the ratings closely." How is the schedule? "We have some long days that start at 6am and go until 9pm," she said. "And each episode has a new director. I'm from film, so I'm used to one director for the entire film." Had she ever visited Roswell? "We actually film at Paramount and at desert-looking locations near L.A.," Katherine said.

Ms. Heigl just turned 21 but has been working since 9, starting with modeling, then commercials, which led to films. At 16, she played Gerard Depardieu's daughter in My Father, the Hero. The following year, she played Steven Seagal's niece in Under Siege 2. And then came to the TV role of Peter Fonda's daughter in Shakespeare's The Tempest. Somehow she managed to graduate from high school. No college?

"Initially, my dream was to go to college," says Katherine. "Then my career was going so well, and it was time to move to L.A. I'd like to take nonmatriculating courses. My mom got me a Shakespeare course on tape, so I'm studying that."

Ms. Heigl is a pretty savvy kid who seems to learn as she goes along. "On the Steven Seagal movie, I learned about martial arts from his proteges," she said. "I've even done some kick-boxing. I love the poise required."

"My dream is to live in Paris for a year," Katherine added. "My excuse will be that I really wanted to learn French." She doesn't need any excuses. What Frenchman would object?

Katherine Heigl
TV Guide Online Chat
May 12, 2000

TV Guide Online: Tonight we are chatting with Katherine Heigl from the WB series Roswell. Hi Katherine! Thanks for coming!

Heigl: Hello. Thanks for having me.

Question: Hey Kat, I love watching you and the others every week on the show.... That said, I was wondering if you've ever read any of the Melinda Metz novels that the series is based on.

Heigl: Actually, I have. When the series first started I read a few of the books and actually liked them. They can be very interesting. Melinda gets some very Carl Jung thinking into it. I haven't gotten past The Outsider or The Wild One. One of those two.

Question: Hi Katherine, I'm a big fan of you and your show, Can you tell me, are you anything like your character" Isabel"?

Heigl: Hmm. In some respects I am. I think there is no real way to divorce yourself from your character. Obviously, she has this burden she's carried around her whole existence. She's trying to be young, but also thoughtful and levelheaded. I think I can be more irresponsible than Isabel. I had to sort of grow up fast too, so I think we have that in common. We have the same hair.

Question: First of all Katherine, you are my favorite actress. I love Wish Upon A Star and I have never missed an episode of Roswell. My question is, out of all the characters you've played, which has been your favorite?

Heigl: First of all, thank you very much for your support. Probably Isabel actually, just because she is the most complex character I've played so far. It's the first opportunity I've had to spend 9 months getting to know the character. My heart is with her.

Question: Hey Katherine! Can you tell us anything about your upcoming role in 100 Girls? Do you know when the movie will hit theatres, and do you have any current plans for future projects?

Heigl: First of all 100 Girls, I'm not sure if or when it will be released in theatres. My part is actually sort of this tomboy girl who is into sports. It's a cameo, but I had fun with it. There are no future plans at the moment. I'm still just taking a vacation as of now.

Question: How do you feel about the tobasco campaign??

Heigl: I love the tabasco campaign. That was the coolest thing that everybody got together to show their support. We know that people are watching and we're in closer contact with them. It was very cool and I'm very grateful. The whole cast and crew are grateful, cause I think everybody made a difference.

Question: Hey Katherine! What's up? I was wondering how Howie Dorough (from the Backstreet Boys) ended up guest starring on Roswell. Was he offered the part or did he ask you guys for it?

Heigl: I actually have no idea. I remember when we first heard about it on set. We were in shock. We went to Jason Katims, the writer to get the scoop.

Question: Do you enjoy acting like you have magic powers? What's it like having to pretend that something is happening when it's not because the effects are added after?

Heigl: I actually love that Isabel has these powers, cause it makes her more interesting. As far as the special effects part of it, I don't know how to explain it, but I believe it. I've seen what is happening. The first couple of times was weird, but now I have it in my head, so to me, I do have alien powers.

Question: My question is when your not working what do you like to do for fun?

Heigl: I actually love to go back East where I'm from. My sister, nephew and dad are out there. I love to hang out at home. My mom has these amazing gardens and I love to sit on the patio and read and write. I watch a lot of movies in my free time. What else do I do? I do whatever is at hand. If I'm feeling creative I'll draw. If I'm feeling lazy, I'll write. Oh and I love to cook.

Question: What's one thing about you that people would be surprised to know?

Heigl: I actually thought of this the other day, but I'm sure it's too embarrassing to tell. I actually still have a baby blanket. I think it's a good think cause I think it mellows me out or something. If everybody kept their baby blankets or sucked their thumb, there would be less war. That's my philosophy. To hell with Nietsche.

Question: There are many sites on the Internet dedicated to you. Any plans on creating an official site?

Heigl: Actually, I think my father and manager are in the process of putting something together. You want to have it just right and tell the people what they want to know. I think so far, the unofficial ones have been done quite well.

Question: What scene or episode of Roswell have you been particularly proud of?

Heigl: The last scene in "Toy House" where I (Isabel) cry because I can't tell my mom the truth about them. I had so much support from Jason that day. He was available and I was nervous that I would mess it up. He was 100% there and I think that's the only reason it came out the way it did.

Question: Hey Katherine! I want to know, what would be your ultimate dream role? Either one that has already been played, or just one you would really love to do. :)

Heigl: My ultimate dream role. I have probably several but I'd certainly love to play, I actually just heard that they are doing Tender Is the Night. I'd love the role of the young girl. As far as dramatically, I'd just love to play a piece where whatever I'm portraying is somebody that people can relate to or dealt with some life struggle. I would have loved to play Juliet but I think it's been done now.

Question: Do you hang out a lot with the cast?

Heigl: Yeah. Not a lot, because we all have busy lives. Especially, now that we've wrapped for the summer. Brendan and Majandra and I have hung out. We usually have a real good time, both on and off set.

Question: How is it working with Tom Hanks' son?, Does Tom ever stop by?

Heigl: Actually, Tom never stops by, but I think that's because Colin is his own person. I don't ever think of him as Tom Hanks son. I though I would, but he is this really cool individual person. He is a great actor and I adore him.

Question: What's your favorite movie?

Heigl: I have a couple actually, Good Will Hunting is a recent one. A classic one I've seen is called Stealing Home, Steel Magnolias. Recently, The Green Mile was pretty damn good. Ordinary People I loved to.

Question: Hey Katherine! What's up? I was wondering what kind of music/artists do you like?

Heigl: I'm actually really into rock and roll. Most guys I listen to are Bob Seger, Bruce Springsteen. I'm a teeny bit into Metallica. Only cause Brendan played it all the time. His trailer was next to mine. I love Dave Matthews, Sarah McLachlan.

Question: I read somewhere your interested in producing, how long do you think until you'll undertake that in the business?

Heigl: Well, it difficult to know, but hopefully in the near future, anywhere from 2 to 5 years. I'm hoping to do that soon. Whenever I'm watching previews for movies in the theatres. These inspirational trailers make me want to make greatness. They reach people and I want to be part of developing projects not just be in them. I'd like to be in them too though.

Question: Who are the people that have influenced you the most in your life?

Heigl: Personally, my mother I think, has been a huge influence in my life. We still live together and work together, and we're good friends. She is probably my strongest influence. Professionally, I think Ed Norton, and Anthony Hopkins. They have influenced me in my craft and my passion for acting and being an actor.

Question: Hi Katherine. Let me just say that I love the show. Has it been signed for a new season yet?

Heigl: We don't know officially yet what is going on, but I'm fairly optimistic. We'll know for sure Tuesday.

Question: Are you happy with the way your character is going?

Heigl: I am now. I think initially I was a little disappointed cause Isabel was a turning into a wet blanket. Now they have delved more into what motivates Isabel and I'm proud of who she is becoming. I'm glad they're showing that.

Question: HI! I love the show! I'm planning to begin acting any tips to where to start?

Heigl: My advice would be to sort of try to find an agent or someone to get you out there. Also try to find open calls. Casting Directors are looking for fresh new faces. I started children's modeling to commercials to film. It takes a lot of commitment and faith and belief in yourself. You can't let anybody tell you that you can't.

Question: Can you give us any hints on the season finale?

Heigl: The season finale is just really exciting. It comes to some major conclusion about Max and Liz, Michael and Alex. We make decisions about our lives. We find out what we are doing and who we are in Roswell. It's really exciting.

TV Guide Online: Thanks Katherine! We'll be watching!

Heigl: Thank you all so much for joining me today. It's been fun and keep watching cause it's getting better and better. Thanks for all your support.

Katherine Heigl's Dangerous Curves
TV Guide Online
Wednesday, May 24, 2000

Katherine Heigl of WB's Roswell says she has the power of prayer to thank for her curvaceous body.

"When I was 13, I was flat as a board and totally unhappy about it," the 21-year-old actress tells Maxim. "I would write in my diary every day, 'Oh, if I could just have a B cup by summer!' I actually prayed for big boobs. So I developed at about 14, and then I was 15, 16, 17, and they kept going."

Ironically, the top-heavy Heigl is now expressing regrets about agreeing to wear only a bra and jeans for a scene in the upcoming movie 100 Girls. "I'm leaning over this guy and shaking him, and I didn't realize exactly what they do when you're moving around a lot," she says. "If they were fake it'd probably look better."

Hard as it is to imagine, the blond bombshell has yet to find the man of her dreams. She says she'd ideally like an older man who dresses in khaki pants, T-shirts and baseball caps. (David Letterman, perhaps?)

"Guys are kind of retarded until they're about 30," Heigl explains. "I've been interested in a man who was 35, but he didn't act 35, you know? Like, I don't think I could really be interested in a 35-year-old Wall Street type. But I do relate to older men better, because it's easier to connect with someone who's a little older and wiser." -Rich Brown

Maxim Interview With Katherine Heigl

Maxim, June 2000
By Robert Abele

Katherine Heigl, the va-va-voom blonde member of a teenagers-from-space trio on the WB series Roswell, is the kind of woman who makes alien colonization of Earth seem like a damn fine idea. Of course, it helps that when she shows up for lunch at a San Fernando Valley cantina, she has accessorized her curvaceous 5'8" frame with formfitting white jeans and a sleeveless pink sweater instead of tentacles and antennae. Katherine's actual home planet is a green, clean place called New Canaan, Connecticut, where she was a child model before turning to acting in her teens, starring in movies with fellow suspected space aliens Gerard Depardieu (My Father the Hero) and Steven Seagal (Under Siege 2). More recently she was the umpteenth person to attempt to kill off a certain satanic doll in the 1998 horror hit Bride of Chucky. Today the 21-year-old beauty absently munches on a tostado salad while the discussion bounces from alien conspiracies to dating plumbers to the dangers of asking God for bigger boobs. It's enough to make us hope for close encounters of the fourth, fifth, and sixth kind. Maxim: Do you believe in aliens?
Katherine Heigl: I don't think there could possibly be only us here in the whole universe. Human beings are great. Most of them. And Earth is amazing. But it's much more fun to think that there are other worlds and beings, whether we ever contact them or not.

M: Who are the aliens among us?
KH: Hmmm. Well, I seriously wonder about Dennis Rodman. I mean, you have to, right? He's a little sketchy. And possibly Carmen Electra too.

M: Do you think the government is really hiding some alien evidence at Roswell, New Mexico?
KH: Yeah, because I don't know how a rumor like that could perpetuate for so long. My father gave me this book, the official government records on Roswell, and they're trying to blame all the UFO sightings on weather balloons and a dummy found out in the desert, blah, blah. That sounds really fishy.

M: As one of the alien teens on Roswell, you aren't supposed to get it on with humans. What'll happen?
KH: Nobody really knows! And I'm shocked the cast hasn't come up with some theories, because we have the most vulgar set ever. Most of the time I'm cringing, because I'm sort of a priss.

M: What goes on?
KH: Mostly it's just well-timed farting. But that's gotten to the point where nobody cares anymore. Everybody just rolls their eyes. And, oh, this is terrible. I shouldn't be saying this.

M: Oh, c'mon.
KH: [laughs] OK. Majandra Delfino, who plays Maria on the show, will jokingly do what she calls the fanning-the-pussy dance. See, I hate that word. At first I'd just cover my ears and walk away. Now I can say it freely. But not often.

M: Before our brains short-circuit, can you demonstrate?
KH: [shimmies a little in her seat, then makes flapping hand gestures just below the waist] It's mostly just waving, but it's all done in the vicinity. That's my stupid East Coast cheerleader version of it. She's Latin, so she can do it really well. I do mine more like Marcia Brady.

M: Roswell revolves around trying to keep your identities secret. When was the last time you couldn't keep a secret?
KH: Probably when I sat down and told Maxim about the fanning-the-pussy dance. Are you kidding? I can never keep a secret!

M: In that case, tell us about the sordid side of growing up in suburban Connecticut.
KH: Actually, I was a good girl in high school. There wasn't a lot to do for fun. There were kids who hung out at the Mobil station on weekend nights, and that was about it. We weren't out partying and drinking late into the night. Maybe we'd throw water balloons at passing cars.

M: You never did anything crazy back then?
KH: Well, I went skinny-dipping with a boyfriend when I was about 16. We were just fooling around, and then we decided to go skinny-dipping. Actually, I think that was the first time I ever really saw a man naked. It was at night. Then the light hit just right and I was, like, "Whoa! OK! Let's pretend that didn't happen." I was not prepared.

M: By then you had starred in My Father the Hero. Did Gerard Depardieu teach you to say anything dirty in French?
KH: No, but I had a friend in high school who was French and she did. It was that "Voulez-vous couchez avec moi, ce soir?" thing. Then I realized that was from a disco song. I went, "Everybody knows this" you didn't teach me anything original!

M: Did Seagal teach you martial arts moves for Under Siege 2?
KH: When you're an aikido master, like he was, you have these followers, and they taught me. I only learned one move, for when I flipped a guy down a hall. I was really excited about it, but for some reason I completely forgot how to do it the next day.

M: You were also in Bride of Chucky. Were you allowed on the set when the dolls were doing the nasty?
KH: [laughs] People either love that scene or hate that scene. I can't decide. That's where my romanticism kicks in and I go, "This is just disgusting." I don't know why I have such grand ideals in my head about men and romance and all that stuff.

M: What attracts you to a guy?
KH: The first thing I look at is the way he dresses, which is really shallow. There are lots of different styles. There's the L.A. style, which is pretty much all black. Then there's my favorite style, which is very East Coast: a guy in a nice pair of khakis, a T-shirt, and baseball cap. That's like [sighs], "Give me your number!"

M: So you don't mind making the first move?
KH: I'm really bad at it, which is probably why I'm not dating anybody right now. Normally I just wait for something to happen, and then nothing ever happens. If I go to a bar, that's not the kind of environment where I want to meet somebody. And nobody talks at auditions. Everybody just stares at the wall and goes over their lines and looks insane, like people on the subway talking to themselves. I've been thinking that I should take a kayaking class or a rock-climbing class, and maybe I'll meet some guys that way.

M: Do guys act flustered around you? At a loss for words?
KH: That'd be nice. There's this one guy I keep seeing at premieres and things like that, and he always comes up to me: "Hey! Are you back in town again? How's it going?" And I have no idea who he is. Apparently I should know him. And I'm dumb enough to keep giving him my phone number because I get embarrassed. Then he calls my machine and says, "Hey, Kat, this is me!" Who says that? "It's me?" Pretty weird. I've got to figure out a way to gently say, "Look, I'm sorry, but I don't give out my number to people I don't know, and I don't know you." It's hard for me to just be blatantly mean. I don't want to be a bitch.

M: What was your worst date?
KH: Oh, I cringe when I think about it. When I first moved here, my trainer at the gym asked me out. And this guy had seen me really sweating too, which is always a bad thing. But that wasn"t the problem. We went to this steakhouse, and he spent the entire time talking about his acting aspirations and showing me his portfolio. He knew I was in the business and just wanted to see what I could do for him. I was completely mortified and stopped going to that gym.

M: Maybe you should just date a regular guy.
KH: Well, I'd love to find a really great plumber. But that's just not gonna happen.

M: How do you feel about older guys?
KH: I actually prefer older men. Guys are kind of retarded until they're about 30. I've been interested in a man who was 35, but he didn't act 35, you know? Like, I don't think I could really be interested in a 35-year-old Wall Street type. But I do relate to older men better, because it's easier to connect with someone who's a little older and wiser.

M: Where would you go on a date with this older, regular guy?
KH: We don't have to go to the Four Seasons or anything fancy like that. My favorite kind of date is something really casual, like burgers and milk shakes at a cool diner, just talking and getting to know each other. Of course, those dates can really suck if you have nothing to talk about.

M: What leaves you breathless?
KH: One of those kisses that is so much more than just having somebody's tongue in your mouth. It catches you by surprise, and it's so perfect at that exact moment that it makes you forget everything around you. And then it's over, and later you're in your bed at home, and all of a sudden you remember it and it leaves you breathless.

M: Speaking of kissing, describe your lips.
KH: In high school a girl said that my lips looked like somebody had taken a spoonful of strawberry yogurt and pressed it up against my face. So that's what I've been going with ever since.

M: What are your thoughts on the possibility of a female-prescribed version of Viagra?
KH: Never felt like I needed it, but for those who feel they do, by all means! We should all feel horny all the time. [laughs]

M: You've got a movie coming up called 100 Girls. Good title.
KH: It's a cute movie. I just wish I wasn't wearing only jeans and a bra in this one scene.

M: Why?
KH: Because I'm leaning over this guy and shaking him, and I didn't realize exactly what they do when you're moving around a lot. If they were fake it'd probably look better.

M: Don't you think natural is good?
KH: Most guys think whether they're real or fake doesn't really matter, as long as they're big. When I was 13, I was flat as a board and totally unhappy about it. I would write in my diary every day, Oh, if I could just have a B cup by summer! I actually prayed for big boobs. So I developed at about 14, and then I was 15, 16, 17, and they kept going.

M: Now that you mention it.

KH: Yeah, obviously prayer works.

KATHERINE HEIGL Maxim Transcript-Jun 2000

Rating: Strong PG-13
To read original article click here
maximonline.com: Hey guys, thanks for waiting. Introducing Miss Katherine Heigl!
katherine heigl: Hi Boys!!!
maximonline.com: What is the best part about Roswell?
katherine heigl: Probably having a steady job that goes for 9 months and working with really exciting people. Also they're really funny.
maximonline.com: What's going to happen next on Roswell?
katherine heigl: I think we're gonna spend most of next season fighting the bad aliens that are on earth. I'm not exactly sure, but that's what I feel.
maximonline.com: Do all aliens have pretty skin?
katherine heigl: According to our DP we all have pretty skin!
maximonline.com: Do you believe in life on other planets?
katherine heigl: Yeah, absolutely!
maximonline.com: Independence Day life or like cuddly ET's?
katherine heigl: I have no idea, I think it's up to the individual and their imagination.

maximonline.com: What did you think of the Maxim cover shoot?
katherine heigl: I actually loved it!!!! I'm so happy with it I've never done anything like Maxim.
maximonline.com: It looks awesome!
katherine heigl: I was so nervous.
maximonline.com: Do you have a subscription?
katherine heigl: Nope, not yet.

maximonline.com: How old is your sister?
katherine heigl: She's 24, three years older.

maximonline.com: Hello Boys! We're back! technology sucks!
katherine heigl: Yes we are, and yes it does.
maximonline.com: Welcome back Katherine!
katherine heigl: Thanks.
maximonline.com: We're actually a pair of highly trained monkeys

maximonline.com: Why did you get into acting?
katherine heigl: I started as a child model at 9 and did my first film at 12.
maximonline.com: What was the film?
katherine heigl: It was called That Night.
maximonline.com: We saw that
katherine heigl: REALLY!
maximonline.com: Can you watch yourself on screen without going "Oh My God!"
katherine heigl: NO! I'm always picking on something. I'm a critical female.

pinballwizard: Hey, Katherine! Do people call you Kat?
katherine heigl: Most everybody calls me Katie, but I'd rather people call me Katherine now that I'm older.

kattart: Miss Heigl, you're a pretty woman, a pretty, pretty woman, Tell me, Miss Heigl, do you exfoliate?
katherine heigl: I SURE DO!
maximonline.com: Us too!
katherine heigl: I have regular facials and all types of exfoliating gels.

nicole4eva: What's it like to kiss the real Joey Lawrence?
katherine heigl: Again, I'm a typical female.
maximonline.com: Whoa!
katherine heigl: I was like 15 years old, so I don't remember much.
maximonline.com: Who is squeaking in the background?
katherine heigl: That's my mom!

jeff20: I think you are quite beautiful, so what would be the best way to approach you if I saw you in public? (just outta curiosity)
maximonline.com: Run and scream!
katherine heigl: First of all, thanks for the compliment. The best way to approach me is to just approach me. Just talk and be cool, that's all I can ask for.

pinballwizard: We loves us some sexy Katherine, when do we get to see you on the big screen again?
katherine heigl: Soon, I hope I wanna be doing the movies. It's all about doing the big projects.

ConCepT: If you were to fight Christina Aguilera would you kick her ass?
katherine heigl: Hell yeah! I'm 5' 9".
maximonline.com: Your buff!
katherine heigl: She's like 5' 2". But, I'd never do that cause I'm a lady

Orangeneedle: What is it like working w/ the rest of the cast of Roswell?
katherine heigl: We have a great time lots of fun joke around. We support each other and we fight since it's such a young cast we're like a family and get along great.
maximonline.com: Any pranks on set?
katherine heigl: No, we just try to gross each other out as much as possible.Lots of mooning and farting, they usually gross me out.
maximonline.com: What's the grossest thing they did?
katherine heigl: For me one day we were hanging out on the set and there's the symbol for the alien it was supposed to be burning the grass and they were treating it like a breast.
maximonline.com: But you're not a prude?
katherine heigl: Not any more not on that set, no way!

kattart: Miss Heigl, since you are on a show about aliens, um, do geeky boys hit on you a lot? Do you hit back?
katherine heigl: No, no one ever hits on me it's so sad no one ever approaches to hit on me.
maximonline.com: Uhhh, we feel the same way.

jimmy carter: Have you ever fired a large caliber weapon?
katherine heigl: That's a good question, does a potato gun count?
maximonline.com: Yes, Katherine, yes it does. Who did you shoot?
katherine heigl: We were just shooting out into the grass because I'm really good with one of those. My dad's family lives in upstate NY and that's what you do there. I've also shot a rifle I was pretty good.
maximonline.com: Embrace your hick-ness, we do.
katherine heigl: Not that I advocate firearms though.
maximonline.com: No, we're not saying that. But if given the chance to shoot a bazooka

TashasDevotedMonk: Are you interested in doing more Sci-fi/Fantasy shows? You'd make a really cute elf maiden.
katherine heigl: That's weird.
maximonline.com: Can we be trolls?
katherine heigl: I'm willing to explore that.
maximonline.com: Dirty little trolls!

jeff20: Will you come to my air force base and provide us inspiration to defend our country?
katherine heigl: No.

djseec: What do you like most in men?
maximonline.com: Other than the right genitals?
katherine heigl: I just LOVE men!!! I love their sense of humor, their bodies.
maximonline.com: Their stinky socks?
katherine heigl: YEP, I LOVE IT ALL!!!!

Creedfan: How do you feel about the fans sending bottles of Tabasco to the people of the WB?
katherine heigl: I loved it, they were fantastic.
maximonline.com: Did it piss off stuffy executives
katherine heigl: No, but it annoyed them and thrilled them. It was great to have all of that support and the people at the WB took note of it. It's so good to know that what we're doing is being appreciated. WE LOVED IT!

the lover: Katherine you're so incredibly beautiful. Do you ever think you're from another planet, planted here to improve the quality of humanity?
katherine heigl: I wouldn't say that but thanks for the compliment.

the lover: Katherine, what characters were you in your high school plays?
katherine heigl: I never did high school plays cause they were all musicals and I can't sing at all.
maximonline.com: You don't like show tunes?
katherine heigl: I try, but my mom gives me so much grief. I just sing along in the car.
maximonline.com: You know Katherine, real MEN sing show tunes?
katherine heigl: OH HO!

ConCepT: What types of music are you into?
katherine heigl: I'm into rock and roll! I like Bob Seger, John Mellencamp, Van Halen, Dave Matthews and Sarah M. for the recent ones.

chrisp23: New Cannan huh? Did you ever party in New Haven much? That's where I'm from. Actually Branford.
katherine heigl: I've been to New Haven a few times, but I haven't been there much.
maximonline.com: We eat Yalies for breakfast

BEELZEBUB: Are you ticklish?
katherine heigl: EVERYWHERE. Mostly on my knees and thighs.

Woodman: Do you spend much time on the Net checking out your fan sites etc?
katherine heigl: No, but my mom does. If she sees something really cool she calls me and tells me, it's so cool and fun.
maximonline.com: Geeks are kinda creepy
katherine heigl: No, not that! I appreciate all the support I get from fans.

the lover: Katherine, what is your favorite thing to eat?
katherine heigl: Big butter noodles and creamed spinach.
maximonline.com: Do you like cheese?
katherine heigl: Yeah!!!
maximonline.com: What kind?
katherine heigl: Mac and Cheese. Kraft's the best.
maximonline.com: Do you have a secret way of preparing Mac N Cheese
katherine heigl: We always put milk and butter in it, but I don't eat it that much any more.
maximonline.com: Interesting. we forgo the milk and go for the butter

djseec: What do you sleep in?
katherine heigl: I don't sleep in anything! It may sound fake, but it's true. Everything gets so bunched up underneath you when you sleep in clothes.

Creedfan: What are you favorite shows to watch?
katherine heigl: I used to like Ally, but it's on the same night as us. I love Buffy, but I don't have much time for TV. I should be watching adult shows, but I don't really have the time; by adult I mean The Practice and such shows.

boo38109: Are there any special men in your life?
katherine heigl: Kinda, but not really, it's so hard! Everything is so hard to deal with, as people get older they've got such issues. I mean if you like me, let's get together but everyone gets mixed up with all these issues.
maximonline.com: Your like a philosopher
katherine heigl: Oh, sweet, so now I'm brilliant! Not only do I have big boobs, I'm also brilliant too! I know you guys were thinking that and that's why I love men.

Orangeneedle: What kind of sports do you like to watch?
katherine heigl: I love hockey, but I don't know much about it. I like going to the games, I'm not as much for TV sports.

jeff20: What is your favorite thing to do on the weekend?
katherine heigl: Just hang out with good friends and do my little things, I still live with my mom and we'll hang and talk. I just like to be mellow.I love to dance but I can't find any cool places in LA to go.

supastar: What should I do if my boyfriend breaks out into showtunes when we're making out?
katherine heigl: I'd sing along!

djseec: Have you ever had an experience with a crazed fan?
katherine heigl: No I haven't.I've been lucky so far.
maximonline.com: Wow, very Love and Rockets
katherine heigl: Except for the guy who used to send me purple roses in High School, knock on wood.

Jackyl Off: Do you like guys with long hair, or should I-er, my friend get it cut?
maximonline.com: She gives a shit dude
katherine heigl: I think it depends. I'm not into really long hair but I don't like crew cuts. I'm in between.

regis filbin: If you were on Who Wants to be a Millionaire who would your phone a friend be?
katherine heigl: My brother or father because they're brilliant.
maximonline.com: You can call Maxim editors
katherine heigl: Or I'd call you guys I would so call you guys it'd be awesome, you'd know the answer.
maximonline.com: No you'd lose
katherine heigl: Oh well

JoBu: Ms. Heigl, you are prettier than the fjords in June. Do you ever have to deal with temperamental co-stars?
katherine heigl: Yep, all the time.
maximonline.com: Well Hmmmm. Can we make up names to protect the innocent
katherine heigl: I'll leave that for you guys to figure out no name calling.
maximonline.com: Let's call a certain diva Chuck What is the worst thing Chuck ever did on set?
katherine heigl: It's just little temper tantrums and crap like that.
maximonline.com: L.A. bullshit?
katherine heigl: They're not bad, they're just young.
maximonline.com: Do you live in LA?
katherine heigl: I do now.
maximonline.com: But you miss your East Coast peeps?
katherine heigl: Oh, without a doubt I'm an East Coaster at heart.
maximonline.com: And you miss Jersey too
katherine heigl: Oh, I so miss Jersey.
maximonline.com: YOU LIE! YOU LIE!

Casper101: Do you have any tattoos?
katherine heigl: I don't I think there was a time when I wanted one, but I knew I'd get sick of it really fast, then I'd have a nasty mark on my body and it would really suck.

ymogen: Ms. Heigl, what's your greatest virtue?
maximonline.com: Yer pretty and funny
katherine heigl: Oh, I don't know you'd have to ask someone who likes me.

oberempt: What is your attitude on nude scenes?
katherine heigl: I'm not a big fan unless they're done tastefully you won't see me in the next Poison Ivy. It makes you focus on the wrong thing sounds cliched but you know.
maximonline.com: Poison Ivy III: Revenge of the Muff.

SpecialY2K: Want my number?
katherine heigl: No, but thank you.

john blood: Please keep up the good work it means a lot to us in England.
katherine heigl: Well, thank you very much.

maximonline.com: What did you do to celebrate your 21st birthday?
katherine heigl: My mom threw me a big party but I don't really drink
maximonline.com: Did you and Mum drink a brew?
katherine heigl: No, but we had some champagne.
maximonline.com: LA is full of posers right?
katherine heigl: Hey go easy I don't want to get stoned when I go back.
maximonline.com: But you sound pretty grounded
katherine heigl: Thanks, I try.
maximonline.com: That's why we like you on the cover
katherine heigl: Good, thanks. I hope everyone likes me on the cover.

maximonline.com: What's your favorite novel, Katherine?
katherine heigl: Beach Music by Pat Conroy.
maximonline.com: Ever read X-Men.
katherine heigl: Nope.

Creedfan: If you could choose a game show to go on what would it be and why?
katherine heigl: Hollywood Squares so I could sit there and laugh my ass off. I love Whoopie.

glenl: Katherine what do you think of your body?
katherine heigl: It's hard to say I've never been really happy with it
maximonline.com: There are bad things?
katherine heigl: I just have to let go of the bad and start liking it.

anna02: Have you seen Gladiator?
katherine heigl: I haven't seen it yet but I'm dying to, I'm a huge fan of Russel Crowe.
maximonline.com: Do you think he's hot?
katherine heigl: Oh, YEAH! I think any man with passion and ability is attractive.

menudo: What celebrity would you like to meet?
katherine heigl: Edward Norton or Robin Williams.

anna02: If you could write an episode of the show, what would you have happen?
katherine heigl: I really don't know. I'd love to write an episode, but since I'm so insecure I wouldn't know what to say. I'd love to visit the home planet, take a little trip in space.

hambone: Miss Heigl, if you could have a special alien power, what would it be and why? I personally would like to make everything, even carpets and lampposts, taste like bacon.
katherine heigl: That's a weird one, but if it works for you. I like the dream walking thing. The biggest problem we have these days is communications this way we'd know what people were thinking.

dbmns982: Is that really Katherine Heigl there?
maximonline.com: No it's Marlon Brando-Sexy, curvy Marlon Brando
katherine heigl: Yep, it's Marlon here pretending he's a 21 year old woman on the cover of Maxim.

el L: Have you ever been to Europe, and if so, where did you go?
katherine heigl: I've been to London, Berlin, Paris, Whales and Spain.

djseec: Is it too personal to ask for measurements?
katherine heigl: 36-26-36.

Creedfan: What is the best use for Tabasco sauce?
katherine heigl: Scrambled eggs!
maximonline.com: Cornbeef hash?
katherine heigl: Yeah, mmm-mmmm!
maximonline.com: Thats good eats
hambone: Miss Heigl, what is the largest amount of meat you've ever consumed in one sitting. Did you get a tummy ache?
katherine heigl: 12 ounces of steak and a rack of baby-back ribs!

Lis: Do you have any movie star crushes?
katherine heigl: Not really I have a few, I usually like their characters.
maximonline.com: You ever checked out Maxim's Editor-in-Chief?
katherine heigl: I haven't.
maximonline.com: The hunky dreamy Keith Blanchard
katherine heigl: No, send me a picture.
maximonline.com: Oh there's a website.
katherine heigl: ALRIGHT!!!!!
maximonline.com: www.hothornymaximeditor.com

TashasDevotedMonk: Would you consider playing Sailor Moon in a live action remake?
katherine heigl: Is that the Ninja Scroll thing? No, I would never play that part.

anna02: Are you going to appear on any talk shows?
katherine heigl: No, none that I know of. I'd love to, but my schedule's a little too crazy.

jeff20: What can a guy do to impress you?
katherine heigl: Not talk about the business.

the lover: Katherine, are you a good kisser? I find that saucy
katherine heigl: I've been told I am but I don't really know.
maximonline.com: Good answer Katherine thanks for an amusing chat. Say goodbye boys
katherine heigl: Thank you guys it's been so much fun. I've learned so much about myself today. Bye guys thanks a lot.

Roswell Star's New Love
TV Guide Online
Friday, August 04, 2000

Katherine Heigl says she's developed a newfound love of sci-fi TV ever since landing a starring role on the WB space-alien drama Roswell.

The actress, who plays high school student Isabel Evans on the show, confesses to the TV Guide Channel that she had never before been the type to sit around watching shows with otherworldly themes. "I always thought that The X-Files was something that if you didn't watch from the beginning you could never watch," she admits, "because you would never get it."

"I never really was a big fan until I started doing Roswell and realized the fascinating mythology and the stories that they have to come up with," she explains. "They create these other planets and lives and all this stuff that I really find fascinating."

Heigl, 21, says that her Roswell experience has impacted her life in other ways. For instance, she's had a tough time reminding herself that she's not the high school student she plays on the series. "I sometimes bring home my 16-year-old side from the set my selfish sort of irresponsible side," she admits. "I was terribly self-absorbed when I was 16. I think everybody is when you're that age. It's all about what you're gonna do for the weekend and what fun you're gonna have and who's gonna entertain you."

Looking ahead to Roswell's second season, Heigl says viewers should expect to see more love triangles, more mythology and, of course, an evil alien or two. "There's gonna be some action, some emotional stuff," she reveals. "We'll run the gamut." - Rich Brown

The October 2000 issue of FHM features this interview with Roswell's Katherine Heigl.


Roswell High's mind-reading alien Katherine Heigl paid FHM a visit in her sauciest photoshoot yet...

If our congenial one-eyed friend Mr Television is telling the truth - and we've never had reason to doubt his hypnotic, chanting pantomime - one thing is becoming clear: the aliens of our galaxy are getting younger. This is a new development: we'd always been told only the most senior of alien lifeforms would invade Fortress Earth. Just as we'd defeated the centuries-old tripods of War of the Worlds, the pensioner-like ripply forehead of Davros, master of the Daleks, wheeled into view. Then - almost to keep us on our toes - they metamorphosed from the ponderous middle-agers of Blake's 7 to the busy intergalactic trollops waiting for Captain Kirk to explain what "kissing" was.

And now, just as The X Files sees plucky FBI G-men Mulder and Scully tackling adolescent rednecks with superpowers and telepathic ten-year-olds, along comes hit new Yank sci-fi series Roswell High. Here - in what must surely be television's final step before "Alien Babies: The Animated Series" - the aliens take the form of a group of American teenagers at a small-town high school.

Of course, if our puny human way of life is being threatened, it helps that our conquerors will be as trouser-threateningly stunning as Katherine Heigl. We should also be grateful that, like the feisty Isabel Evans who she plays, she only has the power to look into other people's minds. "Not as cool as bursting out of John Hurt's stomach, I admit," says the 21-year-old, "but you take what you can get in the alien world."

If you're not one of the select few to have Sky, Roswell High might have passed you by. In which case you'll perhaps know her better from her film career - which is where FHM began its chat...

You played Sarah Ryback in the 1995 clunker Under Siege 2: Dark Territory. You'll have to spill the beans now - how weird is Steven Seagal?

Well, he was really nice to me - though he did go everywhere surrounded by these five bodyguards. And he never stuck to the script - I was constantly having to improvise. Eventually, the director took me aside and said, "Look - don't worry. If I have to, I'll edit it word for word." I believe Steven's now a reincarnation of Buddha, or something. No, we don't do lunch anymore...

FHM readers may also remember you as a young temptress in My Father The Hero...

Oh God - I look back at that now, and it seems so gross. At just 14 years old, I had to wear a thong bikini. And then they used that scene in the trailer so my entire high school saw it! There are still men who come up to me today and say, "You were really hot in that film!" I was 14, for God's sake!

Strewth - you wouldn't think you're a shy and retiring wallflower from our photoshoot...

You're right. I used to be so modest - I'd make everyone leave the room if I was changing for a film. But doing the photoshoot for FHM was the first time I really felt like, "I have this body, and I'm going to work it." I felt very in the moment, really sexy - as well as having a lot of fun.

So FHM marks a turning point for Katherine Heigl?

I did think, "Wow - if I can feel this sexy here, why can't I be like this when I'm going to premieres or awards ceremonies?" I spent my teenage years wanting a more womanly body, with hips and bigger boobs. Then when I got them, I missed my waifish days. After this, I thinking, "Katherine, it's time to just shut up and get on with it." I mean, recently someone asked me if I had a preferred side to be photographed on. I never even considered it before. Then I started thinking, "What are you trying to say? Do I have an abnormal ear or something?"

You did start life as a child model - what monstrosities were you forced to parade around in?

Oh God - I recently uncovered these pictures of me dressed in atrocious Cabbage Patch Kids pyjamas. But underwear was the most humiliating, especially when your friends see you in a lacy thong. God, I'm now actually cringing at the thought.

Still, it got you to the dizzy heights of where you are today. Does your home town have a large sign saying, "Welcome to the home of Katherine Heigl, that one off Roswell High!"

Are you kidding? I think they'd rather kill someone than do anything like that. I live in a town called New Canaan, which is just outside of Connecticut, where they are far too snobby to even mention celebrities. Many American towns are famous for things like, "See the World's Largest Ball of String!" I think my town's would probably have to be "Most Pretentious People".

Now that you are getting recognised more, have you received any weird fan mail?

Right after Under Siege 2, when I was still in high school, a guy sent me bunches of purple roses for weeks. He'd found out where I lived, and sent them to my house - with a note attached: "Just trying to get your attention." I wrote it off as being kind of creepy, but then I went to Arizona for a book signing, and he followed me there. When he revealed he was the man who'd been sending them, that was when my mother decided it was getting a little too scary, and got his name down.

Did you get yourself tooled up for protection? We all know every American schoolkid is packing heat...

That is so unfair! That's like saying all Europeans have bad teeth. But I grew up in a fairly safe upper class town. A lot of my friends were driving brand new Beemers to class, which isn't always the best way to grow up.

FHM often celebrates timeless bullying techniques such as the Smudgie in our Reporter section. Did you encounter a richer form of intimidation?

I remember one specific bullying method called dipping. A lot of the older guys used to chew great wads of tobacco in their lips, and then spit the juice into Snapple bottles. They fooled this new girl that it was her Snapple, and she took a huge swig. She drank most of it before she realised.

So you didn't get involved in any teenage shenanigans yourself?

Not really - but as there is categorically nothing to do in New Canaan, everyone got up to something. The worst thing I did was to my high school boyfriend's house. We toilet-papered the trees, and then we got these bags of plastic forks, and stuck them in the ground. As it was winter, the ground froze over by morning, and the forks were stuck; if you tried to pull them out, they broke. We really went for it - so my boyfriend woke up to find his entire front lawn covered in a tiny white forest of forks. He threatened to call the police, actually - but he had no proof.

So that was the end of that relationship, then?

Oh yeah - he thought he could get me to confess. But that wasn't going to happen.

Katherine Heigl Chat
Date: Oct 2, 2000

She is out of this world. TV Guide on AOL presented a chat with "Roswell" star Katherine Heigl. The hot young star answered your questions about the series premiere, her character's future with Alex and more. See what she had to say below.

TV Guide Online: Tonight we are chatting with Katherine Heigl, star of the WB series "Roswell." Welcome, Katherine!

Katherine Heigl: Hey, and thanks for joining us.

Question: What was your favorite episode of "Roswell," and why?
Katherine Heigl: Let me see... my favorite is from last season. Either The White Room or Toy House started to take a more mature turn and make it sci-fi and a little deeper than the everyday high school stuff. Also The Toy House cause it's real issues about identity and loving parents and people and friends. It was a really strong episode about relationships and love and what determines who you are and all that kind of stuff.

Question: Do you like Tabasco sauce?
Katherine Heigl: I do. I'm a big fan of Tabasco sauce on scrambled eggs. It makes every dish better.

Question: Hi, Katherine! I love your acting. I was wondering, of all the movies you have been in, which is your favorite? Also how do you feel about the show "Roswell"? How is the last season of "Roswell" different from this season?
Katherine Heigl: To answer the first part, my favorite film I've ever been in probably... oh boy, probably "My Father the Hero," cause it was the first lead I had in a big feature film. It was really exciting and funny and new. We were filming in the Bahamas for three months, which never hurts. It was really exciting in a good way, and not in an overwhelming way.
Katherine Heigl: And the second part of the question would be... last season was far more relationship driven. It was about the kids figuring out who they are, just dealing with teachers and parents. This year it's far more sci-fi driven. There is always a lot of relationships and a lot of heart, but it's definitely got a lot of mythology, and it's more suspenseful, which I like.

Question: Katherine, how old were you when you first started acting?
Katherine Heigl: I was 11 years old when I did my first film.

Question: I loved the movie "Wish Upon a Star." I loved the music. Who was the band in the scene at the end, at the dance?
Katherine Heigl: The band was called Moonpools and Caterpillars. They are a band based out of Utah, where we did the film. I got a CD from them, and I still listen to it. I really loved them, and they're really fun.

Question: Does your character develop any new or unusual powers during this new season?
Katherine Heigl: Actually, she does. We just all actually find ourselves growing more powerful and learning about ourselves and our abilities as alien/human hybrids. Very exciting season.

Question: Do you think Michael and Isabel with be having a relationship in Season 2, or are you staying with Alex?
Katherine Heigl: At this point, I don't think she's going to be with either. I have a question for the fans... I heard you weren't happy with the Michael/Isabel relationship cause it was kind of incestuous. I was wondering how you all felt out there about it?

Question: Hi, Katherine! What do you find most intriguing about your Roswell character?
Katherine Heigl: I love to play Isabel as sort of -- last season I played her vulnerability. She started off as mean and cold. Now she has to deal with situations more as an adult. I'm going from someone who does her toenails with her powers -- now I'm finding her perspective very unique.

Question: Who are you closest to on the set?
Katherine Heigl: I would probably say Jason Behr.

Question: How old were you when you did "My Father the Hero"?
Katherine Heigl: I was 14.

Question: What was the funniest thing a fan has done to meet you?
Katherine Heigl: I once got purple flowers at my high school, which was a little strange.

Question: Did you ever think "Roswell" would be as big as it is?
Katherine Heigl: I think what we've seen in the past is that WB shows become phenomenons. "Dawson" and "7th Heaven" and "Charmed" [sought] a select audience and then became popular. We had high hopes for the show. We always thought it would appeal to a certain audience cause of the sci-fi. We were surprised when it became a show that people could enjoy for a lot of different reasons. The best way to succeed is word of mouth.

Question: The Tess situation... many people dislike Tess, many people love her... what are your feelings?
Katherine Heigl: As Isabel, I think Isabel is very drawn to Tess cause she feels like a kindred spirit. So she feels like Tess is a sister, but she's fighting that, cause she's very suspicious. She was raised differently. As Katherine goes, I think it's an interesting turn of events. And Emily deRavin is a great addition to the show.

Question: When is "100 Girls" supposed to show in the States?
Katherine Heigl: I don't know if it will. I don't know when or if it will. Terribly sorry.

Question: What's your favorite TV show?
Katherine Heigl: Probably "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" or "West Wing." I know they're both pretty varied. I'm also a big fan of "7th Heaven," I've got to admit.

Question: Do you believe in aliens?
Katherine Heigl: I do.

Question: Hey, Katherine! I won one of the silent auctions at the Crashdown Party. It was for a red, beaded tank top that Isabel wore on the show. I was wondering if you could tell me what episode that was from.
Katherine Heigl: I wore it during the episode where I was dreamwalking, and Alex found out I was an alien. I think it was called Sexual Healing.

Question: Are there any current characters that may turn out to also be alien/human hybrids?
Katherine Heigl: Not that I know of.

Question: Do more people notice you now on the street since "Roswell" has become a big success?
Katherine Heigl: It depends where you are. In LA, not so much. People are low-key. When I'm out of town or go home to Connecticut, or maybe New York, a little bit more. But we're not Elvis yet.

Question: Were you relieved to find out that "Roswell" got renewed for a second season, or did you believe in it all the way?
Katherine Heigl: It was pretty shaky there. I was pretty relieved. I didn't know it was a sure thing until two weeks before they picked it up. I was pretty relieved.

Question: What has been the funniest thing to happen on set?
Katherine Heigl: There's a lot. We're laughing all the time. If I go to work, I have a really hearty laugh at least once a day. Brendan is funny in a gross way. Jason does a lot of funny imitations of people. When people fall of the golf carts on the way to sets, I get a good laugh out of that. We really crack each other up, though. Nobody else finds us funny. We crack each other up.

Question: Did you like the quilt that we all made for you?
Katherine Heigl: Yes, I do. I love the quilt and have it on display in my bedroom.

Question: Did you work on any features over the summer?
Katherine Heigl: I didn't over the summer, but about a month ago, I went up to Vancouver for five days and did "Valentine." That's with David Boreanaz and Denise Richards.

Question: Katherine, what do you like to do in your spare time?
Katherine Heigl: I read a lot. I like to write. When I'm really feeling inspired, I'll draw. I like to see good movies or rent movies and hang out with friends.

Question: Do you sing any? Could there be a singing future in store for you?
Katherine Heigl: No. You don't want me to sing. That's never been one of my true talents. I love to sing, but I'm not a singer. No Britney Spears here. I went and saw Duets, and Gwyneth Paltrow had a beautiful voice. I was singing all weekend and a friend said, "Fancying yourself as Gwyneth now?"

Question: If you could be any other character on "Roswell," who would it be?
Katherine Heigl: There are a few. I think Tess is a really interesting character. A lot of complexity there. I think Maria is a lot of fun. I can always dream. I guess that's it.

Question: How long do you think "Roswell" will air?
Katherine Heigl: I don't know. We hope it gets picked up for the back nine, but we don't know.

Question: Ever been to Roswell?
Katherine Heigl: No, I haven't. We haven't taken that trip yet. We're planning to one day.

Question: What's it like working with everyone on the show? Do you know anything that's going to happen at all on the show tonight?
Katherine Heigl: Okay. Most of our cast is really a fun, supportive group of people. We're very passionate about the show. Like I said before, we laugh a lot. It keeps us alive 16 hours a day there. So I really have a great time working with most everybody on the show. As far as tonight goes, you get a basic recap, for those who haven't seen it before or in order, of everything crucial. Somebody dies. And we're introducing new characters and new plot lines. That's about it. Yep.

TV Guide Online: Thank you so much for talking with us tonight, Katherine! Good luck, and we're looking forward to the season premiere and the rest of the season!
Katherine Heigl: Thank you guys for coming out to chat. And keep watching, cause the show is going to get more and more interesting as the show goes along. Keep letting us know what you think, cause we're always interested in how the show is going over in the public. And thanks for all your support.

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Katherine Heigl - Teen Mag - Chart your Stars
Date: Nov, 2000

It's not her fault, but Katherine Heigl can make a girl feel so doggy and butt-ugly. The Connecticut native is beautiful, but so modest about it that you're forced to like her because she's undeniably down-to-earth (her most prized prossession is her dog), good natured and real. Here's an example: When we told her she was gorgeous, she said, "You need glasses." Welcome to the high-profile world of a fiery Sagittarius, Katherine is a textbook Sag: hard-working, sharp tongued and a believer in the power of the stars.

Susan: "As beautiful as Katherine is, she is so much more than a pretty face. This girl is a thinker. She's very detail-oriented, and can tackle any crisis knowing she can figure things out. She's very responsible."

Teen: "Is she describing you, Katherine?"

Katherine: "Depends. I'm definitely detail-oriented, and remembering my lines has always been very easy for me. I have to be organized for any kind of sanity and peace in my life. If I'm not, I feel very chaotic, like I'm not even touching the ground, like my world is spinning. Right now my room is a mess and it's driving me insane. I have this dresser that has a little drawer on it, and I thought 'Oh, this so cute, I'm going to use this as my secret drawer where I put all my special things like old love letters from boyfriends.' But right now I've thrown crap in there and just shut it, so every time I open it things slide out. It's killing me."

Teen: "That's not very Sagittaruis of you, you know."

Katherine: "I know."

Susan: "Katherine is also a very public person. She'll always be in the spotlight."

Katherine: "That's true. I don't hide myself. I'm not very mysterious."

Susan: "Then there's Mars, hanging out in her house of creativity. This means her creative life dominates everything else."

Katherine: "I'm very focused on working. I'm doing this sort of horror film with David Boreanaz (Angel) called 'Valentine'. I'm just going to really let loose and be terrified and scream at the top of my lungs."

Susan: "Her mother is a very strong persence on her charts. There's something here - it's big - something her mother sacrificed or carried on her shoulders so that Katherine could be where she is today."

Katherine: (looking at mom) "Are you crying?"

K's mom: "No."

Katherine: "Don't cry."

K's mom: "I'm not crying."

Katherine: "Yes, you are."

K's mom: (misty-eyed) "Katherine's older brother was killed when he was 15 and she was 7. It shifted everything. If the astrologer saw that shift, then this is legitimate."

Katherine: "It created a bigger prespective in my life and I think I see things differently than other people my age. My career and living my life with passion are very important to me because I saw life is precious. It drove my mother to be a part of my career - it gave her sort of an escape from her reality for a while because life at home was pretty difficult after Jason died. It was so heavy all the time. But we connected on it - we wanted to work on my career together and let it take us away from the heaviness."

Susan: "That connection is very prominent in your chart! Now, in money matters, she's a saver, cautious. She also likes precious stones."

Katherine: "Hmmm...Actually, I am a saver... until I see something I like! I just bought this cashmere cape, and it's the dumbest thing I could have bought because I like in California! But I had to have it. I slept on it and everything."

Teen: "You slept on the cape? You really were in love with it."

Katherine: "I slept on the decision to buy it! I didn't sleep on the thing. But she's right about the jewelry - it's my new thing. Two years ago I bought this really beautiful ring with my birthstone, topaz. Any my watch! See? It's got diamonds all around it."

Teen: "Glamorous! OK, let's end your reading by describing what superpower you'd have if you really were an alien."

Katherine: "I'd fly. I love the sky I love the stars, I love the clouds. It would be awesome to be up there. Maybe I'd fly all the way to Paris. Just hang out, eat the food and watch the people. I don't do the tourist thing. I'd fly to France and just BE in Paris."

Katherine's appearance on Craig Kilborn
Date: Dec 2000

Craig: From the TV show Roswell, beautiful, young actress, Katherine Heigl.

Craig: Katherine Heigl. Katherine Heigl. There she is. That's the girl. (shows magazine cover of her on Maxim and audience cheers!)

Craig: We got word our second guest also going to take off her shirt. (shows Maxim again.)

Bill: Yeah Baby!

Craig: Do ya know Katherine Heigl, Bill?

Bill: Yeah, I'll fasten my seat belt. Where is it?

Craig: Do ya like her? Did ya meet her?

Bill: What's not to like, Craig?

Craig: That's a good answer.

Bill: What's not to like?

Craig: Right back with Katherine Heigl!


Craig: Our next guest is a successful actress and she's only 22 years old. She plays teen alien Isabelle Evans on the semi-sci-fi WB show 'Roswell'.

(clip of her as "Christmas Nazi" and Brendan from ARCC with her ranting about having a normal Christmas)

Craig: Please welcome Katherine Heigl! (Applause!!!)

She comes out and shakes Craig's hand.)

Katherine: (sits down) No Wait! I wanted to take my shirt off, too, so. (takes off her shirt to reveal a sequined black tank top that has some texture to it.) If I didn't take my shirt off, too. Sorry guys.

Craig: WOW!

Katherine: I'm sorry. I was going to say, "I'm not going to take my shirt off", but then I was like, "What's the fun in that?"

Craig: Yeah. You did it.

Katherine: Gotta take it off.

Craig: That was... certainly fun.

Katherine: Yeah.

Craig: I apologize for Paxton. What did you think? Did you almost walk? Did you almost say I'm out of here?

Katherine: (laughs) No, I actually just asked someone to go ask if he'd give me his autograph on one of those Chet pictures because my sister and I used to always watch the movie all the time when I was younger. I didn't remember that that was him. I was... I was pretty excited. (laughs)

Craig: Yeah, yeah. What about Opus? Your thoughts on Opus? Sorry. Now Roswell. Year two. Right?

Katherine: Yeah.

Craig: And last year it struggled and then they had some, uh, it turned out well, they had a writing campaign. The fans came to your rescue.

Katherine: The Fans were awesome because they actually sent in thousands of bottles of Tabasco Sauce to the WB, which you might not understand because Tabasco Sauce was, is something that the aliens put on our foold because...

Craig: Yeah, if it was that easy just to every, a lot of shows would stay on the air if you could just throw Tabasco, it's connected with your...

Katherine: I don't think it was just the Tabasco Sauce, but it made a difference. It was really cool.

Craig: So your fan base, their loyal.

Katherine: Yeah, very loyal. (laughs a bit)

Craig: And, and they threw you a party?

Katherine: They threw us a party last year at, I think it was a martini bar, or one of those bars on Sunset I don't frequent.

Craig: Wouldn't know which one?

Katherine: Don't know exactly.

Craig: I don't know a lot of them.

Katherine: Me neither. But whatever, but anyway. It was really cool because it was...

Craig: So, they say, "We like Roswell. Let's throw them a party," and you guys said, "We'll show up,"?

Katherine: Yeah! We went! It was awesome! We were like the Beatles. I'm telling you, we were HUGE!

Craig: Yeah.

Katherine: Then I had to go home and do the dishes and like walk the dog and...

Craig: I would only show up if the fans did that and I didn't have to talk to them.

Katherine: (laughs) you would just walk through the crowd. (acts snotty)

Craig: Little jokey-joke. By the way, Brody is coming up later.

Katherine: Who is Brody?

Craig: I don't know.

Katherine: You just keep mentioning the name?

Craig: I think it's his TV debut. I think they're all pretty nervous about it. We're actually going to run out of time. We're probably going to bump him.

Katherine: (simultaneously with the audience) AWWWWWWWW!

Craig: (pulls out Maxim and holds it up. Katherine giggles) This is still one of your favorite moments of all time?

Katherine: Yeah, I'm so glad you brought that out. I am.

Craig: You know what's weird? The stage hand keeps it here. Doesn't have my sweatshirt, but he keeps this here.

Katherine: (laughs)

Craig: How's your mom?

Katherine: She's great.

Craig: She's your manager...

Katherine: She's my manager, she's my mother...

Craig: She's your mom. Your mom's your mom.

Katherine: She's my best friend.

Craig: And you live with mommy?

Katherine: I do. You know...

Craig: Is that part of cramping your style? Does that hurt a little bit with the guys? How do you handle that?

Katherine: God. Well... (looks up as if thinking) I don't know. I think that my mother and I just have a basic term of respect for each other and get out of each other's way when needs be.

Craig: Do, do you date? Do you bring a young boy home?

Katherine: I do. Yeah.

Craig: And what happens? How does that work?

(Audience laughs)

Craig: I mean do you say, "Mom, go drive around the block?" (laughter)

Katherine: Yeah, I'm like "Mom, it'll be (looks at fake watch) ten minutes. Go driving." No....

Craig: Ten minutes?

Katherine: (laughs) No!

(Audience hoots and hollers)

Katherine: (laughs)

Craig: You are dating young boys.

Katherine: (laughs) No! I do not bring boys home to, to do anything that would be disrespectful to my mother in the home that we share together, but I have dates over. We watch movies. We hang out. She goes and does her thing. She goes out.

Craig: So she leaves the room?

Katherine: No, she joins us and she usually brings popcorn, so. It's fun. (laughs)

Craig: Well, I mean, you come home with your, your, your date, and "this is my mom", and you guys sit and watch TV and she says "ok, I'm going to be in the other room", and is that how it works?

Katherine: (laughs) Generally yes.

Craig: That's nice!

Katherine: It's great. I'm telling you. It works out just fine.

Craig: Do you think... You're 22.

Katherine: I am.

Craig: And you think when you're 30 you may... be living on your own or...

Katherine: No. No, I'm, I'm betting good money I'll still be living with my mother.

Craig: That's sweet.

Katherine: Yeah... She still does my laundry. Ya know... I just can't leave.

Craig: That's a good thing.

Katherine: I'm telling ya...

Craig: Now it all makes sense.

Katherine: Doesn't it? I'm telling ya.

Craig: If she's doing your laundry.

Katherine: (laughs)

Craig: Good to see ya again.

Katherine: You too. (shakes Craig's hand)

Craig: Can you stick around? Brody's coming up later.

Katherine: Yeah, absolutely... (inaudible)

Craig: We'll be back, right back after this.


(She hangs out to watch comedian Brody Stevens.)


The WB Questionnaire with Katherine Heigl
Source: thewb.com
Roswell's Katherine Heigl has acted in Hollywood for almost ten years. She thought she saw it all until she answered The WB Questionnaire.

What word best describes you?

What aspect of your character would you like to have?
Her ability to take control of a situation.

If you could play any other role on The WB, who would it be?

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
The ability to fly.

Define the perfect day.
Wake up around 7 and go for a brisk walk in the hills (or a walk-jog if I can manage to pick up the speed of it). Then breakfast with either my mom, or my boyfriend, or both, and come home and either write, read, or watch a great movie. Take a nap around 4, getting up and going out for dinner, and then going to a movie. I love going to movies. Then going to bed around 9.

Who do you most admire?
My mother.

What quality in yourself would you like to improve?
My insatiable nature.

What book or movie best describes your life so far?
The Road Less Traveled.

If you could eat only one type of food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Buttered noodles or fettuccini alfredo.

What are your favorite movies of all-time?
Steel Magnolias, Ordinary People, and Good Will Hunting.

What's your biggest complaint in life?
People's lack of compassion and understanding.

Who are your favorite actors?
Jessica Lange, Marlon Brando - there's something very charming about Marlon Brando, Robin Williams...Edward Norton is my favorite young actor of all time.

Name your greatest achievement.
Confronting a fear and going through it.

Name your greatest regret.
Never really getting to know my brother.

What do you like most about Hollywood?
That's a tough one! It's a town full of really passionately creative people.

What do you deplore most in Hollywood?
That the town is lacking passionately creative people.

If you weren't in show business, you would be?
In Greenpeace.

What's something in the world you'd like to see outlawed?

What do you like most about the holidays?
Everything! There isn't a single thing I don't like about the holidays. I'm a real holiday buff.

What quality do you envy in the opposite sex?
Their ability to be strong without having to apologize for it.

Copyright 2001 The WB Television Network

Original Date: Thu, May 03, 2001
Katherine Heigl, Hollywoods Rising Star
Interview and Article by Alanna M. DuBiago

Katherine (Katie) Heigl's striking looks had her modeling at a young age and as she's gotten older her list of accomplishments has grown tremendously. You've seen her in quite a few films such as My Father the Hero, Wish Upon a Star and Valentine but you probably know her best as Isabel on the WB's Roswell. I had the opportunity to catch up with Katie on the set of Roswell to find out more about her life as an actress, what it's like to be on a hit show and what she does in her "spare" time.

This part will focus on life as an actress for Katie.

Teen.com: Do you have anything in the works for your time off from Roswell?

Katie: There are a couple of things we are working on but nothing is definite yet. It's ard because we end work in April and many films are starting before then so they can be out before the strike. It's a difficult time for actors right now.

Teen.com: Does the WB have cast parties for you guys so you can meet the actors and actresses from the other shows?

Katie: Sometimes, it's kind of strange at first. It's like you have these different cliques from different shows and it's just like high school. The shows that have been around the longest are the seniors and they know the most people and the shows that are just starting are the freshman. It is so much fun though. We all got together in NY last summer for a WB party and we got to meet all of the people who are on the same network as us. It was strange because you felt like you should know all of these people but you don't. There are a lot of really cool people on some of these shows.

Teen.com: What was making Valentine like?

Katie: It was really crazy. I had three days to do it. My part was only at the beginning so we didn't need much more than that. We were also working on the show [Roswell] at that time and I wasn't on break. I had four days off to fly up to Vancouver, film everything and then return to work on Roswell. Movies take much longer to film than TV so we had to work very long hours and cram everything into a short amount of time. While you are doing it you wonder how you are going to make it through it and aren't really enjoying yourself. When you're done though, you are like wow, that was huge, I can't believe I did that. It was really tiring but I was proud of myself for getting through it.

Teen.com: Do you feel like that's what you need to be doing right now? Both movies and TV?

Katie: Especially at this point in my career. It's important for me to continuously get myself out there and keep screaming that I'm here.

Teen.com: Where do you want to be in your career in five years?

Katie: I'd love to be at a place where it's easier. When a script comes along with a role that I absolutely adore I can get it without having to kill myself or be really disappointed if I don't get it. A place where I have more choices and less instability. I'd also love to be producing. I have such definitive ideas about what I'd like to see out there and I'd like to be able to just do it.

Teen.com: Whom would you like to work with on a movie?

Katie: That's easy. I would love to work with Edward Norton. I think he is immensely talented and that he is the kind of actor that gives a lot so that you could do your best too. I think I could learn a lot from him. I love Cate Blanchett. I think she is another really talented woman. I just love her power and her presence in films and how she is like a chameleon that can do anything. It is very inspiring. I will do whatever it takes because I want to be that good. And then of course, Julia Roberts. She has it all. She has the most wonderful personality, the most striking looks and is a great actress.

Unknown Date

Roswell Rocks!
Source: teenmag.com

When you go to interview Roswell's Katherine Heigl, you can't help but be blown away by how beautiful she is...then she opens her mouth and you can't help but be blown away by how smart , well-spoken and sweet she is...even when she's got 10 quote-hungry reporters circling her. Here's what the lovely Ms. Heigl had to say when she very graciously afforded me a few minutes of her time...

Q: Congratulations! You guys are back for another season!
A: Yay! Thanks! (smiles) I think everybody has worked so hard, the cast and crew the writers the producers, everyone really wanted the show to come back and wanted it to be a success because it has so much potential! I think that this year is our year! We'll find our groove.

Q: What direction do you think the show will take now?
A: "I think it'll be a little more sci-fi driven but the relationships will remain prevalent...they're not going to want to lose the heart of the show - that's what makes it unique. So the relationships will stay but there will be a little more "X Filian" theme to the show."

Q: Are you much of a computer person? Do you spend hours online and that sort of thing?
A: "I don't go on that much but if my mother is around she'll log on to see what everyone's saying about the show and call me upstairs to check it out! But I'm bad, I don't know how to do anything - I'm terrible at it."

Q: There were a LOT of "SAVE ROSWELL" sites out there - she must've called you upstairs a whole bunch of times!
A: "There were and it was great Really great! They helped a lot and made a really big difference ! I so think that it was the fans who put our show in the minds of the producers and the WB network to keep us here.

Q: What can we expect from Isabel this season?
A: "I think that it's been so long that she's been trying to hide her feelings and her identity that now it's time for her to come in to her own."

Q: Agreed. What did you do this summer to come into your own?
A: "I've been doing publicity for the show. I wanted to take an art class and horse back ride but I never was able to get around to it."

Q: Yikes! You have to take some time off! What's your idea of a perfect Sunday?
A: "That would involve driving out to "Neptune's" in Malibu which is a fish dive out there. And eating a pound of shrimps and corn and butter and Cole slaw and beer and going to the beach afterwards and hanging out listening to waves and watching the sea gulls. Then going home, watching a DVD and going to bed early!"

Sounds heavenly...even for an alien!

Roswell's Isabel Transforms - Scifi wire

Katherine Heigl, who plays teen alien Isabel Evans on Roswell, told SCI FI Wire that her character will sport a new do and a new attitude in the show's upcoming third season, when it moves to UPN from The WB. Heigl cut her familiar long, blonde hair and dyed it brown--a change she made for an audition over the summer.

"I actually did it for a role that fell through ... [that] called for a more sophisticated look," Heigl said in an interview. She added that she had been lobbying The WB to let her shear her locks for a while, but that the network--possibly nervous after Felicity star Keri Russell's famous hair change--wouldn't have it. When word came of the move to UPN, she said, "I just went for it. I've been wanting to cut my hair forever! I just think it looks better. I'm a better brunette than blonde, I think."

Apart from her looks, Heigl said she's looking forward to the new season because of the changes planned for Isabel. Among other things, producers will give Isabel a new love interest that may lead to marriage. "It's been a tough couple of years, because I think there hasn't been a lot of development for her," Heigl said. "It's been sort of confusing what to do with her, because there wasn't that love interest, there wasn't that connection. It was hard to find where she fit in, because they had created her as this vulnerable, yet aloof, character, and it was hard to find her place. But hopefully, this season will be it."

Heigl also looks forward to moving Isabel away from the perfect daughter, sister and friend. "I think we're stepping away from that a little bit. I think she rebels a little bit. And she says, 'I'm living my life my way. You can't tell me what to do, no matter what you think. And I appreciate your love and support, but back off.' ...

This season is going to be a lot of fun for me. I'm really excited about it. The opportunity to develop a different side of Isabel, a more flirty and fun-loving and joyous side. She's been so afraid and so vulnerable and just not really truly living her life for all this time. And I think this season is the opportunity for her to branch out, to find her roots." Roswell debuts on UPN on Oct. 16.

Why Katherine Heigl Is A Hot Babe
What does a hot alien babe do on her days off? We ask Roswell star Katherine Heigl.

Although she has been called one of the sexiest people in the universe by major American magazines, Roswell star Katherine Heigl maintains a good sense of humour about these accolades. "I don't know how my family feels about me being called that (one of the universe's hot babes)," she joked, "But, I'll buy it! Why not? "On a more serious note," she says, "I definitely don't wake up in the morning and look in the mirror and think "I'm hot" or "I'm stunning". What's really on my mind is: "All right, it's another day and I'm just me," Katherine says earnestly during a recent Manhattan bash in celebration of her hit teenagers-from-space TV drama.

And great news, Roswell fans! the hit show will be back for a third season. When the second series finale was filmed, the show's fate was uncertain, but just as it was aired here last week, the news broke that the show had new owners and another reprieve from the axe. The show had also nearly been canned after its first series until outraged fans bombarded the network with thousands of [bottles of] Tabasco sauce (an alien favourite), and convinced the bosses to save it.

Katherine is level-headed about her celebrity. "The best way to approach me is to just come up and talk to me and be cool. That's all I can ask for." A child model who turned to acting in her teens, Katherine made her feature debut in That Night, starring Juliette Lewis. She instantly knew she had found her path in life. "My first film was an amazing experience, and I knew that's what I wanted to do." Between film projects, Katherine graduated high school early and moved from Connecticut to L.A., hoping to act full-time.

Her ever-growing CV includes movies with Gerard Depardieu (My Father the Hero), and Steven Seagal (Under Siege 2), plus Steven Soderbergh's King of the Hill, The Bride of Chucky, tele-film The Tempest, Prince Valiant, Stand-Ins, and Wish Upon A Star with Peter Fonda (sic). And she will soon be seen in the movies Valentine and 100 Girls. But her main love for now is playing Isabel on Roswell. "The show is just so much fun. The hours can be really long, but it's an opportunity to do what I love every day for nine months. For me, it's about having fun with it and always being challenged and learning your craft. I feel so lucky because I really love what I do."


Even before Katherine Heigl was cast as an alien on the WB's sci-fi series "Roswell," her destiny seemed written in the stars. When she was 9, her aunt sent pictures of her to a modeling agency, and soon Katherine was featured in several department-store catalogs.

Three years later, she made her film debut in "That Night," starring Juliette Lewis. And at 14, played Gerard Depardieu's beautiful but bratty daughter in "My Father the Hero." The New Canaan, Conn., native went on to star in "Under Siege 2" with Steven Seagal, appear on David Letterman and Jay Leno's talk shows, and grace the cover of Seventeen magazine - all before graduating from high school.

Once she did, she moved out West to concentrate on acting full time. She has since starred in films as varied as "The Tempest" (opposite Peter Fonda) and "The Bride of Chucky." In the spring, you can catch the 5-foot-8 blonde beauty on the big screen in "100 Girls."

The 21-year-old actress lives in Los Angeles, where she shares a four-bedroom house with her manager mom.

Style & Substance

Q: What do you do to relax?

A: If I'm really motivated, I'll do some yoga. Otherwise, I'll just veg out and watch movies.

Q: What can't you live without?

A: Prayer.

Q: What's your workout routine?

A: It depends on my mood. Last summer, I did kickboxing three times a week, but I burned out. Now I do less extreme sports like walking, hiking and yoga.

Q: How do you take care of yourself?

A: If I know I need to relax, instead of going out on the weekend, I'll do things like write in my journal and meditate.

Q: What are some of your favorite things?

A: My 2-year-old nephew's laugh. The wind blowing. Fall in Connecticut.

Q: Favorite clothes?

A: I'm a huge Abercrombie & Fitch fan. I like their comfort and style and how they make me feel sporty.

Q: Favorite food?

A: Buttered egg noodles - and I mean half a cup of butter.

Q: Do you follow a special diet?

A: I did all of them. But now I go for healthy and organic, while keeping away from refined sugars and flours. I like beet juice and carrot juice, but I still love a good steak once in a while.

Q: Describe your personal style.

A: Pretty classic with as much sex appeal as I can tastefully throw in.

Q: What gives you substance?

A: My mother gives me depth. We get along and know each other really well.

Q: If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?

A: My defensiveness.

Q: What do you wear when relaxing?

A: A pair of cotton knit drawstring pants and a big cable knit sweater.

Q: What do you wear for a big night out?

A: Dress slacks and cashmere with boots.

Q: Do you have any special health tips?

A: I believe in health from the inside out. What you put in yourself is going to affectthe outside - emotionally and physically.

Q: What do you use to accessorize?

A: A silver watch or a ring or two.

Q: Whose style do you most admire?

A: Carole Lombard's and Rita Hayworth's.

Q: My closet is full of . . .

A: Slacks and blouses and shoes. I love shoes.

Q: Some would say I have too many . . .

A: Bath products. I have this huge metal tub full of bath products.

Q: Some would say I have too few . . .

A: Pieces of jewelry. I want more. I just don't spend the time looking for any. People don't even know my ears are pierced.

Q: What aspect of your style do your friends tease you about?

A: The Abercrombie obsession.

Q: What was your biggest fashion faux pas?

A: When I was 16, I wore this really beautiful Victor Alfaro leopard dress on the Jon Stewart show and it was a little too revealing.

Q: What would you love to own but would never buy for yourself?

A: I would love a fur stole to wrap around my neck like those old glamorous movie stars.

Q: If you had more free time, what would you do with it?

A: Spend it back East with my sister, nephew and father.

Q: What tips have you learned over the years from stylists?

A: Stick to the classics and things that work for you. Don't try to be too funky and chill with the glitter.

Q: What don't you ever leave home without?

A: My American Express card.

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