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DIDO AOL Transcript-Oct 2nd 2000

TVGLive2: We have Dido joining us.
TVG Dido: Hello everybody.

Question: I love your music so much. It's such an inspiration and the lyrics
Question: actually are true cases. I know you are British and I was wondering
Question: what does your name mean? And what backgrounds are your parents
Question: from?

TVG Dido: My name is from Dido, my parents gave me.
TVG Dido: She was an African Queen who killed herself over a guy.
TVG Dido: I was brought up 1/2 in London and 1/2 in Ireland.
TVG Dido: I was brought up in Ireland, really.

Question: hi miss armstrong! i've been listening to you since Sliding Doors,
Question: and i love your music..i was just wondering what has been your
Question: inspiration?

TVG Dido: All sorts of things really.
TVG Dido: Sort of everyday things.
TVG Dido: Friends, what I see when I drive around in London.
TVG Dido: I sing about personal things that mean something to me.
TVG Dido: I'm not very big about writing about big grand things.

Question: Hey Dido...I love your music, it ROCKS! I just was going to ask
Question: you when you first got your big break and if you are getting
Question: ready to do a tour.

TVG Dido: How I got my first big break...
TVG Dido: It was more of a natural thing.
TVG Dido: I used to make a lot of cups of tea at a studio where my brother works.
TVG Dido: When the musicians didn't show up, I got to sing.
TVG Dido: I got very lucky.
TVG Dido: It was word of mouth.
TVG Dido: I got very lucky about 6 years ago.
TVG Dido: I've been touring in American for the last 6 months.
TVG Dido: I've just had the last month off.
TVG Dido: I'm going to do a few more shows in the US,
TVG Dido: then back to the UK, in Europe.

Question: what is the best and worst thing a fan has done for you
Question: lot and lots of love,
Question: nina

TVG Dido: The best thing I ever got was quite recently, a show in San Francisco.
TVG Dido: A 5 or 6 year old gave me a photo and she made a
TVG Dido: recording on the back that said hello and the band loved it.
TVG Dido: We kept it on stage.
TVG Dido: The worst thing, was in Florida, a lunatic fan just jumped on me and tried to kiss me.
TVG Dido: It was absolutely horrible.

Question: Do you watch Roswell?

TVG Dido: I do now cause it's on in England.
TVG Dido: I got the stage where I never got to see it, cause I was out here.
TVG Dido: Now it's on in England, it used to be on cable, but no I can see it.
TVG Dido: My mom's been watching it avidly.
TVG Dido: Now I'm watching it. I'm glad it's going to have another series.

Question: When you made "Here With Me," did you know it would become such a
Question: smash hit?

TVG Dido: No.
TVG Dido: I mean you don't think you ever know what's going to happen.
TVG Dido: I loved it, cause I wanted to make a record I'd love and listen to.
TVG Dido: When I wrote it I wanted it to be part of film.
TVG Dido: I wrote it kind of Star Trekkie, which is why it's quite atmospheric.
TVG Dido: I was pleased when it got picked up for Roswell.

Question: What made you want to use "Here with me" for Roswell?

TVG Dido: Fox did. I think they make the show.

Question: What are you saying at the very end of Don't Think of Me?

TVG Dido: AH HA!
TVG Dido: I can't remember.
TVG Dido: I say some stuff that you can decifer in the beggining, then it's complete rubbish.
TVG Dido: Something about wanting to be a kangaroo.
TVG Dido: It's turned down cause it's embarressing.
TVG Dido: At the time it was funny, but now I'm like Oh God, what was I saying?

Question: Dido, I absolutly love your music. I first bought your cd about a year
Question: ago when I heard "Here with Me" on Roswell and I still love to listen
Question: to it. What are some of the things that have inspired you to write
Question: music and who was your biggest influence??

TVG Dido: Probably the biggest influence, when I was doing an album were the people
TVG Dido: around me, and the album coming out at the time,
TVG Dido: Portishead, Orbit.
TVG Dido: What inspires me is the same as before, everyday things, and people I like.

Question: If you wanted to break into singing...how woudl you do it? And
Question: was it hard for you?
TVG Dido: My whole thing is do what you believe in. Do what you think you like.
TVG Dido: If it does well, you have to live with it, and if it doesn't work,
TVG Dido: at least you did what you wanted to do.
TVG Dido: As a singer, it helps if you can write,
TVG Dido: It speeds up the process.

Question: Congrats on your CD going gold. I was wondering if a 2nd CD is in
Question: the works.

TVG Dido: I wish I had the time. It will be. I've written a lot of it.
TVG Dido: And will finish it next year.
TVG Dido: There definitely will be one.

Question: What do you find most challenging about songwriting?

TVG Dido: Definitely, I find the lyrics the hardest.
TVG Dido: The music I don't find too much of a problem with.
TVG Dido: The lyrics I want to be simple and not to struggle with.
TVG Dido: You have to open up quite a bit.
TVG Dido: And it's quite easy to sound like an idiot when you're writing lyrics.
TVG Dido: The hard thing is knowing whether it's cringy or not.
TVG Dido: We all go through phases where it's complete rubbish.
TVG Dido: You have to have the courage to play it for others to see if it strikes a chord.
TVG Dido: My brother is quite good, but he's so harsh.
TVG Dido: I remember him saying when I wrote Hunter, he said, I wouldn't put that on the album.
TVG Dido: It's not his favorite song.

Question: What will be your next single?

TVG Dido: Thank You.
Question: What song will you be singing for the Nettwerk Christmas CD?

TVG Dido: I've written one of my own. It's called Christmas Day.

Question: At your D.C. show you showcased several pieces that we were not
Question: on "No Angel" Do you have any plans to release them or a new CD
Question: soon?

TVG Dido: Yeah. They'll all be on my next album.

Question: How did you get approached about doing Eminem's song "Stan"?

TVG Dido: Basically, they just sampled it and they had to come and clear it from me.
TVG Dido: The producer had it on an advert from Sliding Doors
TVG Dido: and just sampled it off the tv.
Question: What is your favorite song you perform? - Patsy, Rhode Island

TVG Dido: Hmm. It all depends on my mood. Most nights it's Here with Me, or Thank You.
TVG Dido: Thank You always has a nice reaction and always goes down really well.

Question: I was just curious if you play any instruments?
TVG Dido: Yeah. I play lots of things badly.
TVG Dido: I play everything badly.
TVG Dido: I write on the piano and guitar.
TVG Dido: I used to play violin, and the recorder.
TVG Dido: That I play very well.
TVG Dido: I used to tour around the world playing that.
TVG Dido: We don't need to go into it.

Question: Where do you think you'll be in five years, and what goals have
Question: you set for yourself?

TVG Dido: I'll be in my house in Malibu. LOL

TVG Dido: I don't know.
TVG Dido: 5 years from now, I hope I'll be on my fourth album, if I'm still going.
TVG Dido: If I wasn't then I'd be writing for other people.
TVG Dido: Also I might be in Barbados.

Question: What is your song Isobel about?

TVG Dido: It's basically about abortion, but I never go into it really.
TVG Dido: It's not really about anyone I know.
TVG Dido: It's a lot of random stories.
TVG Dido: I don't like talking about it at shows, cause I don't like depressing people.


TVG Dido: Yeah. I have.
TVG Dido: I've met Brendon and Sheri and another one. I can't remember his name.
TVG Dido: They all came to a show in LA.
TVG Dido: It's was really nice of them
Question: Your song " Here with Me " Is an amazing song. I love it!! And now a
Question: question : One of my favorite shows is Roswell, do you have a fave show?

TVG Dido: I think my favorite show in tv is Fraiser.

TVG Dido: That and Storm Watch on the Weather Channel.

Question: Having been a performer at Lilith Fair, how did you feel about working
Question: with Eminem knowing that a lot of his songs have themes of misogony?

TVG Dido: I don't have a problem with it.
TVG Dido: It's not that I don't take him seriously, but I take it from
TVG Dido: the point of view that it's a character he's created.
TVG Dido: I'm not insulted personally.

Question: dido, do you feel that having "here with me" as the theme song for
Question: roswell might make you only known by that song?

TVG Dido: No, cause, the nice thing is people have gone out to buy the album.
TVG Dido: It's great to have as many openings to people having access to your whole album.
TVG Dido: I've very careful with what I'm associated with.

Question: whats your favorite song that you did with faithless?

TVG Dido: Probably Salva May.
TVG Dido: No, because I've always have this sort of slightly blind faith.
TVG Dido: I've never doubted it would take off.
TVG Dido: I probably should have stopped and thought this is never going to happen.
TVG Dido: I think you have to just to get through.

TVGLive2: Thank you for coming tonight!

TVG Dido: Thank's everybody and keep spreading my stuff by word of mouth.
TVG Dido: It's great.

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