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(these were short promotional interviews for season 1)

"The alien backdrop serving as, you know, the metaphor for being an outcast and not fitting in, it's kinda good because week to week you see the characters interact, just as high schoolers would - you know, like me with Maria, and me dealing with Max's relationship with Liz and Katherine dealing with me and Max kinda butting heads once in a while - or Isabel.  So you got all these, you got all the personal interactions, which I think is very interesting, and then you add to that us on our own little journey, trying to find out where we come from along with their help.  I think it makes for very exciting television 'cause you've got those two aspects and they're done in such a way where they're separate but at the same time they kinda mesh into each other."

"He's the one that got the raw end of the deal...coming down, his family life was kinda terrible and he doesn't deal with it in a very constructive way.  He's the malcontent of the group, he's the brooding one.  He's got authority, he really doesn't follow so much - he's got his own set of rules and he follows those."

"He started off very black and white - 'do this, don't do that', 'say that, but don't say that'.  And now with Maria - Majandra's character - Maria, coming to the forefront, he's kinda fallen for her, and he deals with it in a...he's very hot and cold about it, sometimes he's full on into it, and sometimes he realises what he's doing is what he's been telling Max not to do, and he pulls back and so he's hitting this grey area which he doesn't really know how to handle and he handles it to one extreme to the other, he doesn't really know how to handle it.  You know, he doesn't ride the fence.  It makes for very exciting scenes 'cause you never knew from one scene to the next when he sees Majandra, sorry, Maria's character, how he's gonna interact with her.  He's either going to be very standoffish and wanna go, or, you know, he's gonna try and go in for the kill."

"When we were filming 285 SOUTH, we just...every time we were filming it...when I got to turn the key and the trap door pops open, we were fiddling with rocks and we go into this dome, we just felt like we were filming THE GOONIES.  You know, like these kids on a treasure hunt, searching for all this stuff and it was was really a lot of fun and I think if it was fun filming, I think it's gonna be even a lot more fun to watch it.  Because the lives we're leading as aliens and going on our little investigations and our hunts for all this stuff, kids don't get to live that out obviously because they're not aliens and they gotta go to school and stuff like that."

Brendan Fehr
By Jessica Wallenfels
special to UltimateTV
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As you're drawn into the twisted, surreal web of "Roswell" (9 pm ET Wednesdays on The WB), bear this in mind: we're talking all black clothing in 105 degree heat.

The heat has Canadian Brendan Fehr begging for mercy. "I can't handle it. We don't have this stuff there. Gimme minus 40, I'll be alright. Don't give me 105," the 21-year-old actor pleads. Fehr plays Michael, the best friend of Max, (Jason Behr). Part of Fehr's job is play the heavy against Max's sensitive yen for earthgirl Liz Parker (newcomer Shiri Appleby). And for that emotional counterpoint, a trenchcoat is often required. For a guy raised in New Westminster, Mission, Winnipeg, and Vancouver, having to wear a trenchcoat while filming scenes in the desert outside L.A. is not considered a perk.

A week before the show debuts, Fehr is cooling out in the West Los Angeles pad he shares with two roommates. Clad in sweatpants, he gulps milk from a Spiderman cup in between bursts of enthusiasm for the show. And yes, he wears his hair spiky in real life, too. If you haven't already jumped aboard "Roswell"'s hype train, prepare to be abducted. The sci-fi drama, set in Roswell, New Mexico, crosses "Buffy The Vampire Slayer," and "The X-Files," with a dash of "Twin Peaks" and "Dawson's Creek."

Michael plays the heavy, constantly reminding Max that both they and Max's sis (Katherine Heigl) could be captured, tested, and eventually killed by government officials. "He's very serious," the actor agrees. "He's the guy who wants to keep it very hush-hush...To him everything is very black and white, almost: 'Don't do this, you can do that,'" he says forcefully.

Behr and Heigl's characters know they were found roadside and adopted by a nice normal couple, Michael's backstory is a little more mysterious. Even the writers don't know for sure. In the meantime, Fehr says he approaches the role of an alien not so much as an extra-terrestrial but "an outcast."

And a darn serious outcast at that. Witness Fehr's reaction to watching aliens burned in effigy in the pilot's Crash Festival scene. As goofy as this might sound, Fehr and castmates play the reality of their otherness to the hilt.

"We all realize...that we have to believe the things we say," Fehr explains delicately. That simple acting truth isn't quite as easy as it sounds when you have to say things about wanting to get beamed up. "[It's] a copout," protests Fehr, to want to change a line that's hard to say. "It's part of the challenge and the fun to take a cheesy line and make it seem real, to make it believable." Fehr's "number one worry," he admits, was that "Roswell" would be campy. "And that's been just, like, eliminated," he testifies with relief.

Fehr has already forged strong connections with the castmates he'll be looking at for the next year of his life - particularly Behr. "We're like the little boys in sex-ed class laughing every time the teacher says 'penis,'" Fehr explains of their on-set camaraderie. Between-take chatter "...usually ends up being kind of perverted. Not in a really gross sense. But I mean...our sense of humor is so immature, we find absolutely anything funny."

Fehr, Behr, and Heigl like to goad each other into friendly competition by imitating each other and mocking each other's mistakes. Recently, after one of Heigl's takes, Fehr took the liberty of informing the young actress, "'That was the most horrific line reading I've ever seen in my life,'" but quickly explains that "you can say that because...I know she can do it great, and she knows that I know that."

Then, director and exec producer Jonathan Frakes ("Star Trek: The Next Generation,") "comes over and sniffs around, saying, 'It smells like dog poo in here. What was that?' And I was like, 'That was her line.'" Fehr isn't immune to barbs either, especially when his Canadian accent slips out. "They break into the 'Gimme a beer, you hoser, eh,'" Fehr reports ruefully. "It's kind of amazing that they take...people from all corners of North America, and they stick 'em together, and they all get along so well," Fehr marvels. He also notes that a "Roswell" cast and crew poll would surely vote Nick Wechsler, who plays Kyle Valente on "Roswell," the funniest man ever. "He's got these little things where I honestly think he's mentally handicapped," Fehr jokes good-naturedly. "You're like, from what part of the brain does this come from?"

Fehr, who calls himself as "black and white" as his character on "Roswell," saw his clear-cut thinking pay off when he decided to take up acting. At 19, while peddling his good looks as a model, an agent asked him if he'd like to be on television instead. Fehr was dubious. "I said, 'You're crazy,' type deal, whatever," Fehr shrugs. But after a quick counsel with Mom and rethinking his registration at University, (he had planned to go into math education) Fehr agreed to give it a shot. "It was going to be a good ride," he remarks in hindsight, "and I could afford to get bucked off."

But Fehr rode the wild industry bronco like a pro, landing a guest starring role in "Breaker High" before going on to star in the TV movies "Our Guys," (co-starring Eric Stoltz and Ally Sheedy) "Perfect Little Angels," and "Every Mother's Worst Fear." Fehr also guest-starred on "Millennium," and appeared in the feature "Flight 180" before taking on what he calls his least favorite acting experience, a "glorified extra" role in this year's "Disturbing Behavior." "Acting's not fun when you don't speak," Fehr states simply. His dues paid off when 'Behavior'-turned-"Roswell" exec producer David Nutter convinced Fox to cast from Vancouver's talent pool for "Roswell."

After shooting the pilot in January of this year, "Roswell" got the green light and Fehr crossed the American border in June. Since then, he's been spending his days and nights in Los Angeles' surrounding desert areas. Watch for cracks in Michael's tough exterior as the season progresses: "That's the only place for the character to go," Fehr deduces. And what could soften the edges on this hard-boiled character? Perhaps a love interest? "Perhaps..." Fehr grants, jokingly jumping on the defensive.

Could Fehr really be as cut and dried as Michael? "I like to think that there's a right and there's a wrong," Fehr speculates, but "...Sometimes you got that grey area and it's a little confusing." Yeah. Then what? "You phone Mom," Fehr answers quickly, his Canadian accent coming strong. "Actually I don't even have to phone her anymore...I can just go 'What would Mom do?' And I know what she would do...I am a mama's boy," Fehr laughs, chugging more milk. And the best part is, he's okay with that.

"Roswell" airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on The WB.

Chat with Brendan Fehr, Nov 1999

Brendan Fehr, plays Michael, an impulsive teen alien on the show Roswell. After a busy day at a photo shoot he took time to answer all your questions about Roswell, his high school days in Canada and his monster-sized dog. Is it just us or does it seem like he's got a crush on co-star Majandra Delfino (Maria)? Read on for the evidence.

Brendan: Hey everybody out there in web land, thanks for logging on and hope I can answer all your questions. And yes, this is Brendan Fehr!

surferdawl_2k asks: Happy belated b-day! I hope you had a fun one! How do you spend your latest b-day?

Brendan: My roommates were going to throw a Halloween party, which we did, but they also, without my knowing, turned it into a surprise birthday party as well. The cast of Roswell showed-up along with some other friends of mine from here. It was a nice surprise and fun!

brendan_n_jasonslittlealiengrl asks: Hey Brendan, my name is Deana, I am a HUGE fan of the show!! I was just wondering if you think that the Roswell. crash really happened in 1947?

Brendan: I believe that there is a possibility that it crashed in '47. But I'm always very wary about making decisions on things when I wasn't born yet. I don't like to be wrong! But I think something did crash. Whether it was a UFO or a government top secret project that went awry, it was probably something fairly suspicious.

surferdawl_2k asks: Do you relate to the character, Michael, you portray on the show Roswell?

Brendan: In certain ways, yes. I don't think he minds being alone all the time. Obviously, it gets to him because he's alone all the time. But for the most part he doesn't mind doing things on his own, which I can relate to. I never liked group work in school. He's also very black and white, he's got his own set of rules. And he tries to adhere to them very closely. You can do this, you shouldn't do that....that's kind of the same as me. Me and him don't like grey areas where you're not sure what to do. Other than that, I probably smile a lot more, even though my co-star Majandra would probably disagree. She says I catch myself smiling and turn it off. But I do smile a lot more and I'm probably more talkative.

react_host asks: How about that Maria relationship?

Brendan: Very rocky. Very hot and cold. You'll never know from one scene to the next whether they're going to be friendly with each other or not. That's one of those grey areas that Michael isn't dealing with in a very constructive way.

roswellrealm asks: I heard you were hot for your costar Majandra Delfino...any chance we'll be hearing about a relationship soon?

Brendan: In real life? No, in terms of boyfriend-girlfriend there is nothing going on. But I have grown fairly close to her as a friend. For some odd reason. Because our personalities clash. And where are you getting your information?

fehr_gurl asks: if you were stranded on a desert island what 3 things would you not being one of them!

Brendan: I'd probably take a Metallica CD, the new one, S & M. And my buddies Greg and Bryan.

dravencrow00 asks: Do you get asked if you are an alien in public?

Brendan: No, I get a lot of alien questions in general. But they are more like, have I had any alien encounters? Do I think I've met anyone who's an alien? Would you want to meet an alien? But I've never been asked if I'm an alien. I've been asked if I'm stupid, but never an alien?!?

irelandcp asks: Are you surprised by the popularity of Roswell.?

Brendan: To a certain extent, yes. If you had asked me that question before I had seen the pilot, even while we were filming it, I probably wouldn't have given the show a very good chance. But after seeing the pilot, I saw how well it was done, and I thought then that the chances were very good that people would tune in, stick with it and enjoy it.

bfehrfan asks: What has been your favorite episode so far? Fave moment?

Brendan: Favorite one that has been televised was "285 South." That's when I kidnapped Majandra and stole her car. It was one of the first times actually where you saw a different side to Michael. That's kind of the beginning of this other side that will develop this new relationship with a girl. And one episode that is upcoming which hopefully will turn out, it was really hard filming it, it's called "The Balance." I don't want to give anything away, but I got to do a lot of stuff I had never done before. For Michael and all the other characters and the audience, it will be a very telling episode. It reveals a lot about the background.

marilynmonroenyc asks: So, Brendan, what's your next movie Flight 180 about?

Brendan: The name has actually been changed, it's called Final Destination. It's about one kid who has a premonition of the airplane he's about to board crashing. And he creates a fuss about it, and about five of us end up getting off with him. My character stays on the plane which subsequently goes down in a heap of flames. And the story is about how those people cheated death and death then comes after them in various ways trying to finish what it started.

ashton1977 asks: Do you guys travel to New Mexico to tape the show?

Brendan: No, we tape it in Los Angeles on the Paramount lot. And in surrounding areas.

ariehl_2000 asks: Do you have a Canadian accent that you are having to cover up on the show?

Brendan: Yes, I still once in a while will have a Canadian accent. But living down here and being around the Americans I don't have to so much cover it up anymore as it's not there. But I do slip up and get teased.

mariadguerin asks: Michael is such a soulful character. I was wondering if you've ever created any art in real life.

Brendan: LOL! I am the last person to create art, I think. I'm a terrible drawer. I want to teach myself to play guitar, and probably, if I go about creating any art, it'll just be strumming together a few notes.

steffsie_81 asks: What was the last movie you've seen?

Brendan: The Insider with Al Pacino and Russell Crowe and Christopher Plummer. One of those three is going to win an Oscar, it was absolutely amazing. Christopher Plummer plays Mike Wallace. It's about a tobacco scandal that 60 Minutes wanted to cover and how they kind of backed down from covering it and wanted to give a censored version of it for legal reasons. And Pacino's character, the producer of the piece, fights for it to be aired in its entirety. It's long but amazing. Happy, Texas is also a must see. Steve Zahn is hilarious.

scottyboy555 asks: Do you hang out with cast members after work?

Brendan: Generally after work it's about 1 AM. So no! But when we have free time or on weekends, yeah, we'll hang out together. But sometimes on the days I have off, everybody else is working, so it's a little hard. But we have so much fun on set that it's like going out and having a good time.

miristar asks: I would like to know about the 2 silver rings you wear. Are they for your character, or are they your own? What do they mean to you?

Brendan: They are my own. The thick one on my right hand I bought in Vancouver when I was living up there, I bought it on the street. It's kind of the prototype of the type I would want for my wedding ring. It's very thick and plain. But if I tried passing it off to my wife, she'd probably want platinum gold instead of sterling silver. And the one on the index finger of my left hand is a ring my best friend gave me before I left Winnipeg. And I thought it would be a nice gesture. I hate to take it off, no one had any problems with my wearing it on the show. It's a reminder of home and him.

me02837 asks: mets or yankees?

Brendan: Mets!

brendan_n_jasonslittlealiengrl asks: HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! What are you doing for dinner on Thanksgiving? You can come over my house!!

Brendan: Being from Canada, our Thanksgiving was in October. And in Canada it's not really a big holiday. It's basically just an excuse for a turkey dinner. I've been kind of shocked how big it is down here. Everybody's been asking me what I'm doing for Thanksgiving, and I've said nothing and everyone feels sorry for me. So I've been invited to several places.

Equus1300 asks: hey, do you have a favorite hockey player?

Brendan: Yes. Trevor Linden. I lived in Vancouver for 13 years and I grew attached to Linden and stuff and followed him even when I moved to Winnipeg. But he doesn't hit or play as aggressive as I'd like him to. He did in the '94 Stanley Cup finals. And if he'd play like that all the time, he'd probably be one of the better players in the league. But if I could watch anyone play right now, I'd have to ask for Wayne to come out of retirement. Or go to New York and watch Theo Fleury play.

RebeccaJ2 asks: how do you plan on celebrating the end of the '90s come New Year's Eve?

Brendan: I will be in Winnpeg, Manitoba. And it will be about minus 25. And I don't know what activities are planned, but me and my friends and family will probably be on the corner of Portage and Main howling at the stars. Or having some crazy winter barbecue in our backyard.

peepers250_99 asks: Is it hard eating all that hot sauce?

Brendan: It's actually V8 Berry Splash, and I hate V8, but this stuff just kind of tastes like fruit punch, so it's not so bad.

justyzmickee asks: What do you look for in a girlfriend?

Brendan: Obviously you've got to be physically attracted to them. But the best looking girls can turn out to be very ugly if you've got a terrible personality. And a lot of times someone you didn't find the most attractive turns out to be very beautiful once you get to know them. So it's personality, sense of humour, and religious and morals are probably the most important. The values they hold and upkeep.

babybluejess asks: Did you go to your prom?

Brendan: We don't have proms in Canada. We have what you call graduation. I went to a private school, so we went to a church and had the valedictorian and all the speeches. Our ceremony was held there. And then afterwards we had a dinner with all the parents at a big old fancy hotel. And because the school I went to condones dancing, that's the policy of the school not necessarily what the teachers or students believe, the teachers and students had independently of the school planned a dance at one of the student's houses which we then went to afterwards.

mariadguerin asks: Does your hair look like that when you wake up in the morning?

Brendan: Yes it looks like that. In some places it's flatter and in other places it's higher. I usually wash it in the morning, and I'll put my hair goop in it, and stand it up as high as it will go. Drive to work. Then go and sleep on my couch in my trailer for about 20 minutes. Wake up. And then usually go into the chair and let the hairdresser make sure it's not flat in the back where I can't really see. Then a little bit of hairspray is put on. And that is the process. So sometimes I have to do that twice before it turns out.

starcollector_77 asks: What's your favorite cereal?

Brendan: Right now I am absolutely, 100 percent addicted, to Fruity Pebbles.

smappypeapod asks: What's the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you?

Brendan: Hmm. It takes so much to embarrass me...

roswellg2 asks: Do you have any pets?

Brendan: Yes, I have a 8 1/2 month Rottweiller named Opa. Who I named after my grandpa. That's grandpa in German. Even though it's a girl dog. She weighs about 85 or 90 pounds now.

chase_trinity asks: What is your new years resolution for the year 2000

Brendan: It's just a general one, be a better person. And to learn how to play guitar.

mariadguerin asks: What's your favorite Ice Cream flavor (from 285 South, Isabel and Liz)

Brendan: Michael Guerin's is pistachio. But mine is this Baskin Robbin's one, chocolate with chunks of darker chocolate in it, I forget what it's called.

CanadianSpice21 asks: What kind of music are you into?? Favorite band??!!

Brendan: Right now I'm actually listening to the new Metallica. So definitely them, Aerosmith, the Tragically Hip, which you should know very well. The Rolling Stones. Filter. Just good old loud rock 'n roll basically.

S_M_A_R_T_I_E_S asks: What song would you pick that best describes you?

Brendan: I would say - hmm - as a joke I'd pick Kid Rock's new song, "Cowboy," to be my theme song. It talks about moving to LA and making it big and things like that, it's kind of funny.

pixie_98362 asks: What is it like wearing all that black in the middle of the desert

Brendan: Hotter than all get out.... It was funny because I generally choose my clothes. And the clothes that Michael wears, a lot of it is very me, just tee shirts and plain jeans. I figured his character would do that considering that he is from a fairly low income family.

brandif666 asks: Hey Brendan... I heard that you were previously in training to be an accountant, nice... I take that you're stoked with the way that that things have turned out for you presently. do you have any movies planned for the next hiatus yet?

Brendan: For a while I was planning on being on accountant, and then I geared all my education towards being a teacher in grades 11 and 12. I wanted to teach math. Then I kind of fell into this. And yes, I have been very excited about what has been laid before me in the whole scheme of things. In terms of movies, there are a couple that I've been looking at. I haven't really found one that I've gone after full bore yet. I just want to make sure I do something really good, not necessarily big budget or mainstream or anything like that.

S_M_A_R_T_I_E_S asks: Do you like to do stuff like pull pranks on people on the set?

Brendan: We're just in general rowdy, not so much prankish, but more just out and out annoying! We constantly make fun of each other, fart jokes are always funny. It's like high school all over again, like a bunch of pre-pubescent kids having fun.

eorann2000 asks: How do you spend your free time Brendan?

Brendan: Sleep. Generally a lot of sleeping and a lot of catching up on errands you couldn't do during the week because you were working. Oil change on the truck. Pay your bills, return fan mail. Walk the dog. Probably a dinner here or there with some of the friends outside of the show.

purekismet asks: Do you keep in contact with your friends back in Canada?

Brendan: Yes. We're as close as we've ever been, but being boys and the kind of boys we are, we're not big on phone calls. So I'll talk to them about once every three weeks.

Xtacy3 asks: Do you ever watch the show when it airs on the WB?

Brendan: Yes, if I'm not working and I happen to be home, I'll watch it cause I want to see what everybody else is seeing. I mean, I can a get a co


Brendan Fehr
"Sizzlin' Sixteen 2000"
By Amanda Rudolph
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It happens every television season: Little-known sidekicks steal the show from overhyped leads. Last year, it was Jack on Will & Grace. Before that, it was Pacey on Dawson's Creek. And this year, the honor goes to Brendan Fehr, who plays Michael, the brooding alien bad boy of the WB's Roswell.

"I like that Michael's got a certain mystery to him," the 22-year-old explains. "He only says what he has to. So, when he does have something to say, it generally means a lot to the story." In fact, Fehr always had his eye on the role of Michael, even when producers had him audition for the lead of Max. "I wanted Michael from the beginning. I just liked his character better for myself. I thought it was more appropriate," he says. It's not that the young Canadian is authority-challenged in real life. Quite the contrary. "I'm a mama's boy, the type of guy that would rather go to a diner than a bar. I'm more mischievous than troublesome. I follow the rules," he says. Maybe, but he's breaking Hollywood rules left and right. Fehr has one of those too-good-to-be-true discovery tales that just so happens to be nonfiction. "I walked into an agency in Vancouver hoping to get some modeling gigs, and they basically just asked me to be on television. I was never supposed to be doing this. I was supposed to be a teacher," he insists. But with his undeniable James Dean vibe, it's hard to believe Fehr isn't supposed to be acting. ("I think it's disrespectful to James to put me in the same category," he says of frequent comparisons to the '50s movie star.) In addition to Roswell, Fehr has what he calls his "first cameo" in the thriller Flight 180, due out in early 2000. And he's awaiting distribution on Christina's House, a small, independent "Hitchcockian thriller done on a shoestring budget." As for his hiatus plans, Fehr isn't sure. "If I don't find a movie to do, I'll be content going home to Winnipeg and spending time with friends and family." Ah, a rebel with a cause.

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These breakout stars of song and screen are about to make a major splash.
Brendan Fehr: alien among us By: Heather Duffy-Stone
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Brendan Fehr may bear an eerie resemblance to David Duchovny, but he never expected to land a lead role on the WB's Roswell. In fact, the 22-year-old Canadian wasn't too crazy about entering the sci-fi dimension. "I was dead-set against it at first," he says. "Sci-fi can be done two ways--very good or very bad. I didn't want my first experience to be a slimy, green alien."

Fortunately, Brendan was able to keep his own natural skin tone as rebel alien Michael--and now he's glad he took the gig. "It turned out to be a great choice," he says. Plus, he's getting plenty of off-screen training for the part: This small town native's move to ritzy-glitzy Los Angeles has left him pretty disoriented. "Ask a person from the country what his impression [of L.A.] is and it's usually not good," Brendan says. "But I'll learn to like it--definitely."

Thanks to the critical success of Roswell, and an upcoming role in the psychic thriller Final Destination, Brendan has proven his gift for conquering the unknown world. How does he feel about his nearly overnight success? "You couldn't ask for much better than this," he says.

I Come in Peace
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Brendan Fehr is sitting indian style on the floor of a dressing room, having just offered us the only chair in the room. "I've been all over the place today," he says of his first-ever trip to New York City. "And all these shows I taped are airing at different times, so I'm gonna be wearing the same thing. People are gonna be like, 'This guy doesn't change!'" He grins at us and we wonder if he knows his T-shirt is on inside out. "It's been crazy," says the 22 year-old star who plays Michael, a teen aliens on the hit show Roswell. The rumpled, but adorable, Canadian-born actor took time to gab with react before his Levi's appearance in Macy's, New York.

"I'm doing a movie called The Forsaken, I'm a Vampire hunter, so I get to kick butt," says Brendan about his plans for the summer. "I'm working with Kerr Smith, from Dawson's. Kerr and I got along well on the set of Final Destination, so its gonna be fun to work with him again." He recounts, "I didn't work much with anyone on that movie--I died."

That we knew, what about his new movie? "I don't wanna give anything away," Brendan says carefully.

Despite sharing details of his new film, Brendan has none of the attitude his instant fame might bestow (there are, after all, hundreds of fans waiting in line to meet him at this very moment). In fact, he's totally honest when asked about Roswell's recent plot twists linking him to fellow human/alien Isabel.

"I hated the whole pregnancy thing. It was lame. I have no problems with the fact that we're destined to be together, I just thought it could have been done more subtly, less sticking our tongues down each other's throats, you know?"

Although, Roswell has allowed Brendan to stretch other acting muscles, so to speak. "I think Independence Day was my favorite episode so far," he says. "It wasn't the most exciting, but I got to do stuff I've never done as an actor before--crying, and the whole situation with my dad [Michael's foster father was abusive], I think some kids relate to that."

--reporting by Heather Duffy-Stone and Jana Petrosini

Brendan Fehr Interview with MXG - Feb 2000

[MXG] So, what's it like playing an extraterrestrial? And we gotta ask, do you believe in aliens?
[BF] I believe there's a possibility. But I don't play Michael as an extraterrestrial, the dialogue does that for me. I play him as an outsider who's got a secret he dosen't want anybody to know.
[MXG] What do you think of the chemistry they've set up between you and actress Majandra Delfino?
[BF] I like it. We get along so well. I hang out with her more than anyone on the show. We hate to love each other, and love to hate each other. She's very, very cool. At first I didn't want Michael to go through this, but I like the way they've gone about it.
[MXG] What do you look for in a girl?
[BF] The first thing you obviously see in a girl is looks. I'm not very particular: just maturity to a certain amount, not being too politically correct, not so stuck-up, and a sense of humor.
[MXG] Do you have a girlfriend now?
[BF] No.
[MXG] Have you ever had your heart broken?
[BF] Yes. I saw this girl at an Atlanis Morrisette concert in Winnipeg. I watched her the whole show. And we went out for about a month. I thought I was going to marry her, but I'm not sure she was thinking the same thing. She said she wanted to go out with me, but she wanted to date other people. And I was like, that's not right. You can't do that. So I said, "Go nuts and date other people. But bye." That was hard. It broke my heart for a long time.
[MXG] What's long?
[BF] About a month.
[MXG]What were you like in high school?
[BF] I went to a private Christian school. And I was a smartass more than anything, making jokes and speaking out of turn.
[MXG] So you were a troublemaker!
[BF] I basically followed the rules. But there was one time when my friends and I had to clean out the art room. They had a large paper-mache man in there, and we pretended we were wrestling him. We tore his arms off, hit him with bats, and body-slammed him. The next day the art teacher asked us what happened. Originally, we thought she didn't need it anymore. So we told her it was all busted up when we got there. She said she had been working on it for close to a year. And we just lied. But we never got caught.
[MXG] What do you want for your future?
[BF] To do movies. But I'd like to think that acting dosen't make me the person I am, that whatever I'm doing, I'd still be Brendan. More than anything, I want to just improve as a human being.

Guy We Love - Brendan Fehr
Jump Magazine - Feb/Mar 2000
By Leesa Coble

For Roswell star Brendan Fehr, playing the edgy, alienated character Michael isn't just an act, "When I moved to L.A. last year, there was such a negative vibe," the Canadian natve admits. "Being in Hollywood kind of sucked the life out of me. It took time to meet nice, normal people." Turns out the 22-year-old ex-model is one of the most refreshingly unassuming, hot young stars in Hollywood. As in, the ego has not landed. And it doesn't look like it ever will. After all, this is a guy who had absolutely no intention of becoming an actor until he was approached by his now manager at a wedding two years ago. "He asked if I wanted to be in television," Brendan recalls. "I laughed and said, 'Whatever, do your thing.'" And - no surprises - be's been working ever since. But if some natural disaster stripped him of his stardom tomarrow, Brendan says he wouldn't be devasted. "It's not the job taht makes the man," he says. "It's where he stands with his family and friends."

It's that kind of motivating mantra that makes our hearts melt. And even though the suprisingly single guy insists he's not romantic, we beg to differ. How many guys do you know admit to getting choked up while watching Meet Joe Black when Anthony Hopkins askes Claire Forlani if her fiance makes her heart flutter? "That's exactly what I want to feel," says Brendan, who scored a small part in this month's Final Destination. For now, the only leading lady in Brendan's life Opa, his black-and-tan rottweiler. He says laughing, "I love her, but she doesn't count." Lucky dog!

"Gabbing with brendan fehr" (Teen People Magazine - march 2000)

Teen People: You play an E.T. on "Roswell", but you can't phone home. You must be the only actor in L.A. without a cellular!
Brendan Fehr: I don't have a pager either. I get a lot of flak about it from my agent, who's always like, "I can never get ahold of you." But that's the way I like it.
TP: So people have to leave important messages for you at home?
BF: I don't have an answering machine either. But I know I'll have to buy one sometime.
TP: What will your message say?
BF: It will probably be boring. One time on my family's machine I said, "The Fehrs are not home right now. If you would like to leave a message, great. If you don't, and you just wasted all this tape, I will hunt you down!" That lasted about two days, and my mom said, "We've go to take that off." Then it was back to the boring, "The Fehrs aren't home. Leave a message."

"Man Of The Hour" (US Magazine - March 2000)

Age: 22

Hometown: Winnipeg, Manitoba, where he and his two older sisters were raised by their mom, a case manager at a correctional facility. (His parents divorced when he was G, but he remains close to his dad, a yacht manufacturer. Current residence: A rented Los Angeles house that he shares with his Rottweiler, Opa (grandpa in German.)

Alien resurrection: He plays one of three extraterrestrials living in Roswell, N.M., site of the fabled 1947 UFO crash, on the WB's sci- hit Roswell. This month, he also co-stars in the thriller Final Destination. Numbers game: After graduating from high school in 1995, Fehr took a few years off and began modeling part-time in order to save money for college, where he planned to be a math major. "I like math," he says, "because there's only one right answer."

Camera-ready: In 1997, eight days before Fehr was to start at the University of Manitoba, a talent scout discovered him at a modeling agency. He immediately landed a small role on the Canadian teen show Breaker High and put off plans for college.

The truth is out there: "Lots of people say I look like David Duchovny, but I'm not gonna freak out over it."

Exfiles: Fehr just came out of a one-year relationship with a girl from back home but says he's open to meeting someone new "She doesn't have to be a blonde or brunette, or tall or short. But it's important that she share the same religious values as me." (Fehr is a Mennonite.

Slap shot: "I went to a hockey game [in L.A.], and the fans were so polite. The slightest hit and they're yelling at the ref to call a penalty. It's the Canadian in me - I don't mind playing a little dirty."

Brendan Fehr Article (MovieLine Magazine - March 2000)

Brendan Fehr definitely has a look: clothes that seem slept in, hair that appears never to have had contact with a comb. And then there's the striking resemblance to David Duchovny. "A lot of people see that," he says. "But," he adds, "I don't get it in terms of acting style." Nevertheless, the resemblance could hardly have been an accident: Duchovny pursues aliens on "The X-Files", and Fehr was chosen to play one on "Roswell".

The 22-year-old Fehr was plucked from a pool of struggling Canadian actors by a casting agent barely a year ago to star in "Roswell". "Everything's falling into place and I don't know what I did to deserve it," he declares. "I'm waiting for the guillotine to fall." For now, though, his head remains intact- complete with hair that owes its radical style to Drew Barrymore, circa 1995. "I'd seen her on a late-night talk show and she had this cute little haircut, kinda spiky. I wanted a cross between that and Keanu Reeves in "Speed"." His cool coif has caught so much attention that he worries, "If I ever go bald I wonder if I'm gonna be out of a job."

Fehr makes the leap to the big screen this month, portraying a doomed airline passenger in the supernatural thriller "Final Destination" (aka "Flight 180"), which stars Devon Sawa and Ali Larter as teens investigating psychic phenomena. According to Fehr, it's sheer coincidence that his two current projects are supernaturally tinged. "I'm the guy who says I don't want to do anything supernatural, but I thought the script for "Final Destination" was brilliant." He has no such confidence in the scripts for "Roswell": "You've got all this teen stuff coming out and you throw in aliens, which is hardly ever done well. I thought it was a recipe for disaster." That, Fehr would be the first to admit, shows you what he knows about Hollywood. Then again, as far as Hollywood goes, Fehr walks to his own drummer. "I've never been drunk, never done drugs, and I'm still the big V," he says. "I believe sex should wait till marriage." It that's the truth, in the world of Hollywood, it's definitely out there...

ROSWELL: Brendan Fehr
An interview with the show's teen alien Michael Guerin.
Author: Edward Gross
Date: 5/30/2000

How often do you hear from an actor or creator from a television series who has anything but the kindest things to say about his or her show? From that point of view, actor Brendan Fehr, who plays alien Michael Guerin on ROSWELL, is a breath of fresh air. "I expected the show to be a piece of garbage," he admits, and it`s important to note that he is not joking. "I was hoping that it wouldn`t be, but I figured the chances of it being really cheesy and bad were pretty high, just because of the concept. It`s not a great concept in terms of pitching it. If I was the head of the studio and somebody came up to me and said, `I want to do a TV show about aliens in high school,` I probably would have fired him on the spot. But everyone, from the writers to the crew to the producers and the actors, have pulled together and made it work."

The brutally honest Fehr was born in New Westminster, B.C., and grew up wanting to play sports and become an accountant. In 1990, he moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba and he eventually decided that rather than be an accountant, he would become a teacher. He didn`t stick with this goal for very long, for while pursuing his education, he decided to take a crack at modeling. Securing management, he was steered, instead, toward acting and shortly thereafter landed a guest starring role on UPN`s BREAKER HIGH. Following on the heels of this appearance were guest starring roles on such shows as MILLENNIUM, NIGHT MAN and THE NEW ADDAMS FAMILY, and he has appeared in the feature films DISTURBING BEHAVIOR, CHRISTINA`S HOUSE and FINAL DESTINATION.

ROSWELL. The role of Michael, represents his first regular series gig. "I signed with ROSWELL with the hopes it would be something," he says. "I figured if it was terrible, it never would have gotten picked up, and it would have nonetheless gotten me a little bit of exposure and I could build up from there. And if it did get picked up, I was hoping they wouldn`t pick up a crappy show. So it was a no lose situation in terms of that. If it was going to be bad, it was going to be really bad. If it was going to be good, it was going to be really good. Now I think the show is really good, especially in terms of all of the shows out there regarding teenagers and stuff like that. And even beyond that, especially with the last batch of [episodes] for the season-this show has taken quite a drastic turn and I think it`s a lot better." That drastic turn, naturally, has to do with the fact that ROSWELL has shifted away from teen angst and embraced a harder science fiction approach.

When the show began, much of the focus was on the unrequited relationship between alien Max Evans and human teenage girl Liz Parker, with fellow aliens Michael Guerin and Isabel Evans, as well as Liz`s human friends, taking a back seat for the most part. The threat came from Sheriff Valenti, who was out to prove the aliens' existence, in the hopes of clearing the name of his father, who was deemed a madman for believing that aliens were among them. Then, during the last six episodes of the first season, the aliens` mythology began to be explored in myriad ways. That change, combined with a new timeslot, immediately resulted in a significant boost in ratings, which led the WB to renew it for at least the first 13 weeks of a second season.

Offers Fehr, "The science fiction approach is a good thing. I`m not a huge fan of lovey-dovey high school stuff, but I know that has to be in there and some of it`s great, but that`s what every show does. It`s when we bring in the sci-fi aspect and drive the relationship stuff via the sci-fi aspect that the show gets really good. I`m totally all for that. There couldn`t be enough sci-fi stuff in there for me, personally. It`s not that I`m such a big sci-fi fan, I`m just a fan of anything that`s good, and I think that`s what going to make our show good. In terms of that, I`m a fan of the genre. Definitely."

In a strange way, Michael, even though he`s only one of three aliens featured as regulars on the show, is the most sci-fi oriented character on ROSWELL in that he has spent all of the first season in pursuit of information concerning the aliens` past. It`s been an obsession that has, in many ways, driven the character, though, ironically, he is beginning to tap into his own humanity (read: teen angst) via his growing relationship with the human teenager, Maria De Luca. "Even though he doesn`t want it to happen," Fehr explains, "Michael is kind of becoming a little more human in terms of dealing with relationships. It might not be during the conversation itself; it might be once the conversation is concluded where he kind of realizes that he blew it. In a way, that kind of shows that he knows he should have dealt with it differently and he grows from that. Before, he would have walked away from a situation and just not cared. Now he`s showing a little bit of emotion that he knows he screwed up and all that. It`s kind of nice, but you can only go so far without being schizophrenic. But you try to do as much as you can with changing the character around and expanding it within the context of the script. I`m still learning, and I may not always do a good job week in and week out, but I try and, hopefully, the chances I take will pay off and the audience will enjoy it.

"The character`s evolution over the season hasn`t really surprised me," he continues. "I`ve been excited about what the writers have written for him, but it wasn`t really surprising. I figured that was the only way he could go, which was to become a little bit lighter. Once in a while I kind of like it that he thinks he`s got a place in life, that this is his journey and he`s going to follow that journey, no questions asked. He`s going to question everything else and defy all authority. I kind of like that, because even when he doesn`t want to do something, I figured he would go against his heart and do what he felt he was meant to do. In one sense it`s admirable, but in another it`s kind of ignorant and stupid. I kind of like that loyalty on his part, but that`s slowly going to be broken down with the relationship with Maria and Max and Isabel, which will force him to kind of embrace the human side of life more. That`s going to be the real ultimate struggle for him. I don`t think you can ride the fence on that one; you`re going to have to fully embrace your alienhood or kind of go the other way, and I don`t think, mentally for the health of the character, that he can just stay with his alienhood. Overall, I think a choice will have to be made and that`s what he`ll struggle with."

While actors such as STAR TREK`s Leonard Nimoy and ALIEN NATION`s Eric Pierpoint have said in print that they as human beings have been informed by their on-screen alter egos (respectively the Vulcan Mr. Spock and the Tenctonese George Francisco), Fehr insists that the only exchange that`s been going on is from actor to character. "There are a couple of similarities there in the sense that I like to take the initiative on things I want to do," he says. "I don`t want to wait. I`m impatient in that sense. I also don`t mind being alone all the time. I can deal with wandering around and doing the type of vagabond thing. But Michael`s got a certain spontaneity that I would probably take the time to think through. I`d want to do it as quickly as possible, but I would devise a plan first, whereas he`s kind of a do-first and get out of the situation later kind of guy, which isn't like me."

The actor admits that he`s looking forward to season two, and the continuing development of the show`s science fiction themes. "ROSWELL has a mature spin on it right now," he explains, "and I`d like to see that continue. I think we can get away with being a very mature show while still holding the fourteen year olds. And at the same time, we can attract that older crowd. I`d like to see it go more the X-FILES route than the DAWSON`S CREEK route. That`s what we`ve done, and I just hope that they continue to do that. Other than that, I kind of just leave it up to the writers and kind of like to be surprised by the whole thing."

Brendan Fehr, NZ Girlfriend - May 2000

Brendan Fehr likes to dabble in the creepy stuff, or so it seems if you look at his acting credentials. After a small part in DisturbingBehaviour, he guest-starred on Millennium, and next up is the thriller Final Destination with Devon Sawa. But's it's thanks toRoswell that Brendan, 22, has been thrust into the spotlight. Brendan initially wanted to be a teacher, but during a visit to Vancouver he droped in on a talent agency to inquire about modelling. A week later he was offered a guest role on the TV series Breaker High and things rolled on from there. On theRoswell set he jokes around all day with co-star Jason Behr. "We're like the little boys in sex-ed class laughing every time the teacher says penis!" Uh-huh?

This is a Transcript of Brendan Fehr on the Steve and Vikki Morning Show (Star 94, 9:00, 2 October 2000)

S: On the phone, we have Brendan Fehr (pronounced it fear) of Roswell, who plays Michael on the show and welcome to the show, Brendan.
B: Thank you very much.

S: Nice to meet you.
B: Nice to meet you as well.

V: So, I understand you and Max are kinda gonna go at it tonight.
V: Is that true?

B: Mmm?

V: No?

B: Mmm? Yeah, we're not getting along too well these days.

V: Why? You should be good buds; you should be, you know, a good support system for one another.

B: Yeah, but you know, I'm a hard-headed character and...

V: Yes, you are

B: Well, you know, we differ on the way we think things should be handled, so...

S: Yeah, for aliens, you two get a little pissy with each


B: I know, we're like a bunch of little girls.

S: Yeah.


V: But you have great hair

B: Thanks.

S: Yeah, ET never had hair like that. Hey, you gotta be excited about the fan base for this show. You know, even here in Atlanta, we got a fax from a bunch of Roswell people who had a Roswell party her, was it Friday or Saturday night, Vikki?

V: It was Saturday night; it was huge and yeah, I mean, at first there was word that Roswell was gonna be canceled and then I guess there was just this deluge of people saying no you can't possible do this, so you're back again.

B: Yeah, yeah we had a bunch of fans, you know, with their support, sending in letters and Tabasco Sauce was a big thing and stuff like that. And, uh, you know, we got half a season, so you know, we will see if we get picked up for a full one.

V: Are you really big into sci-fi yourself?

B: No, no

V: Not at all?

B: No, I'm not into anything. I don't know I don't know what my interests are anymore. I just work and sleep.

V: How did you get into acting?

B: Um I just, my manager just my now-manager just came up to me (I happened to be in his building) and he asked me if I wanted to be on TV.

S: (Laughs) So you weren't doing acting; you never thought about it and some guy just saw you

V: What were you doing?

B: Yeah, I was enrolled in a university.

S: Going where?

B: The University of Manitoba, up in Canada, doing I was gonna go into education

S: Oh, okay, are you Canadian?

B: Yeah.

S: Oh, all right, where you from?

B: Vancouver and Winnipeg.

S: Oh, what a beautiful city Vancouver is.

B: Yeah.

V: That's pretty incredible.

B: Yeah, so, you know, it's that whole Cinderella-type story and, yeah, things are going well.

V: So, are you anything like Michael, you character on Roswell?

B: Uh not really. You know, I can get a little pissy like him, but that's about it.


V: Can you tell us anything else? What's gonna happen tonight?

B: Umm there's, I mean, the whole season picks starts off after the summer, you know, we all come back or whatever, or, Liz comes back from vacation and, you know, we've kind of all gone our separate ways over the summer, waiting for things to you know, hit the fan. And in this episode, I get framed for murder.

V: (gasp) Oh, no!!

B: And I get put in jail and we gotta kinda cover up.

S: Yeah. But can't you just beam right outta jail. Isn't that wait, that's a different show.

V: That's not his thing, no.

S: You guys can't beam anywhere.


S: Do you get into the storylines at all, Brendan? Are you kind of excited to get the next script or...?

B: Yeah, you're always excited to see what they're conjuring up next. This season seems to be going pretty well. It's gonna be a lot more exciting than last season in terms of the action and stuff like that so yeah, you/re always interested in how they're developing your character and stuff like that, so yeah, it's always fun. I don't watch the episodes really.

V: You don't?

B: No, you know, you spend 120 hours filming t you're kind of done. I fast-forward to all my scenes and watch those and that's it.


V: But you miss all that great music then.

B: Yes well, they don't got any, they don't got too much heavy metal in there, so...

[Vikki laughs]

S: So, Brendan, do I read you correctly? It kinds sounds like, with the story that you told of this guy seeing you and saying "Hey , you wanna be on TV", are you just kinda riding this out and, you know, if it goes further from here in acting, you'll take it, but if it doesn't you'll maybe go back to school or something?

B: Oh, yeah, I could survive, I mean, you know, I'm gonna ride that as long as possible. You bust your balls and you try and do it right , you try and do it good, and I would definitely, this would something, you know, I'd wanna do for the for as long as I could, but no, if it never worked out, people thought I sucked and, you know thought I wasn't cool enough to be on TV or movies, then, you know, I'd say "Screw you" and go back up to Canada and go to school.

V: And the love interests on the show, are they gonna be different this season? The same?

B: Umm everyone's kinda got the same person, but the dynamics between them have changed a little bit. Between Max and Liz and me and Maria. A couple other wrenches have been thrown in and some other girls come in and vice versa and stuff like that. And with everything, with us trying to develop the sci-fi ,that in itself in kind of a distraction to both me and him. So, the dynamics have changed, but, you know, in terms of who likes who and all that, it's kinda remained the same, so you got those already-existing relationships, but we're trying to put a new, you know, you got a little different twist to it.

V: A new twist...

S: So, Brendan, you think you and Max and the guys from Roswell could take Dawson and his buddies from the Creek?


B: Yeah. I think we'd kick their asses.

S: Yeah. I just wondered.

V: Brendan Fehr with us, who plays Michael on Roswell tonight the season premiere at 9:00 on the WB.

S: Take care, man.

B: Thanks a lot, guys. Have a good one.

S: All right. See ya.

Brendan Fehr
Teen Movieline Winter 2000
"He's been accused of being accused of being standoffish, but here Brendan couldn't be more forthcoming. Not only does he discuss his much-gossiped-about relationship with Roswell co-star Majandra Delfino, but he also talks about his reason for getting a tattoo, his connection to his rottweiler Opa and his high hopes for his next flick,Forsaken."

Read Brendan's exclusive interview with Teen Movieline Magazine.

Teen Movieline: How is the second season ofRoswell going?

Brendan: We're over each other in the sense that when we're done with our scenes, we go home. We don't hang around. At the same time, we also get along a lot better when we are together.

Teen Movieline: You don't hang out at all with many of your costars off the set? Brendan: Majandra is the only person I hang out with on a regular basis. On the set, Jason and Katie and I have a significant amount of scenes together, and we all get along great. Shiri and I get along a lot better this season than last season. When we're pissed at each other I'm like, 'Shiri, don't be a witch.' And she'll say, 'Brendan, don't be a jerk.' It's like a brother-sister thing and 10 minutes later we get it off our chest. You can't always do that with your costars, so it's really cool.

Teen Movieline: There have been rumors about you and Majandra being an on-again, off-again couple. Are you dating or what?

Brendan: You know what? At this point I don't even know what's going on with Majandra. That's not a lie. I'm a very confused individual when it comes to that. But we're getting along wonderfully.

Teen Movieline: People working in the industry say you're just like your character on Roswell. Are you?

Brendan: He's a straight-to-the-point guy, which I am as well. On the whole he's very bitter and he's rude. I'm more diplomatic the majority of the time. I definitely have moods where you see me and go, 'That's the guy.' But most of the time I'm just fooling around.

Teen Movieline: If you could write an episode ofRoswell, what would you have your character do?

Brendan: I've got a new motorcycle on the show, and I wish Michael would take a road trip by himself. Say good-bye to Max and Isabel and take off for a while. He'd come back and realize that he needed them, obviously.

Teen Movieline: You're very convincing playing an outsider with attitude on Roswell. Did you ever feel like an outsider while growing up in Winnipeg?
Brendan: Definitely not. Everyone in the school knew who I was. I wasn't an outsider.

Teen Movieline: Let's talk about your new films. What's your character in Forsaken like?
Brendan: He's been bitten by a vampire, and he'll turn into one himself unless he kills another vampire.

Teen Movieline: Why did you take a much smaller part in Kill Me Later, which costars Selma Blair and Max Beesley?
Brendan: It was a character I'd never played before, a follower.

Teen Movieline: What are your big plans for the future?
Brendan: I want to take over the world.

Teen Movieline: Well, after you're done with that?
Brendan: I think that will be a full-time job. No, it depends how good I get at acting. One day I just might bail and go be a teacher.

Copyright 2000 & 2001 Teen Movieline & The WB Television Network

Brendan Fehr - Teen Mag (Nov 2000) - Read his Star Chart

Brendan Fehr is the kind of guy that scares shy girls. His looks don't hurt, he doesn't have a problem saying what's on his mind and his reclined interview posture says he's not at all worried what anyone is thinking about him. He's also used to getting what he wants: a hot TV gig, movie roles (he just finished filming the vamp flick, 'The Forsaken') and our bet is that the ladies don't ignore him, either. Hyper-confident, sometimes even a bit arrogant, Brendan was "willing" to see what future glamour the stars predicted for him.

Susan: "Brendan is a Scorpio, which explains the tremendous sex appeal. He also has his moon, Gemini, in publicity. People are literally beating down his door, but it's only the beginning."

Brendan: "You can keep going."

Susan: "Brendan also has so many planets in the second house, the house of money. He's going to be a very wealthy man."

Brendan: "I don't think it's the stars and the planet that give me my money. And of course she's going to say I'm getting tons of publicity, since I'm on the cover on Teen Magazine."

Teen: "Excuse you, but we didn't give Susan any details of your lives before she did these astrocharts."

Brendan: "If the magazine takes the time to do a story on me, that's a pretty good assumption."

Teen: "Susan's just saying there's all this planetary action in your money and fame houses."

Brendan: "So I have no choice but to be successful? Every kid has the opportunity to do OK."

Teen: "Well, of course. But before this turns really salty, tell us what your most prized possession is."

Brendan: "Are we talking material possession? I don't know. There's stuff I'd be pissed if I lost, but not one thing in particular."

Teen: "Try it this way: Your house is on fire and you have to put some stuff in a backpack and get out fast. What are you going to throw in your pack?"

Brendan: "My Metallica CD. (Grinning - he's messing with us!) All the important stuff I've got in my head - that's good enough. I think I could get rid of pretty much anything and not be upset."

Susan: "Brendan has Uranus conjunct to the sun almost exactly, which means he's a brilliant thinker. He's someone who's not going to follow society's rules. And with Virgo rising, he can get things done."

Brendan: "That's true. Nothing feels out of reach. Acting was nver something I strived for, so it's not a dream come true for me. It's a totally kick-butt job and it's great and fun and the money's there, but there are a whole bunch of other problems that come with it. People can get things done but they're lazy. And it's not because of their moon is in the wrong house. That's funny; I'd love to meet someone who blamed their apathy on the fact that they don't have a moon in the house of Virgo."

Teen: "Your moon is in Gemini as a matter of fact."

Brendan: "Which means what? Whatever, blame it on the stars."

Susan: "This is Brendan's year! He's going to be offered some really significant roles and make a lot of money. Over the next 12 months, he gets all the right roles."

Brendan: "Rad."

Susan: "Brendan doesn't have any time for love for a couple of years. There are some sexy, lovely flirtations and sparks, but in terms of the really serious romance, it's a bit off until summer 2003. But the girl he meets is going to knock his socks off."

Brendan: "So she's saying in 2003 I'll meet some girl who's going to rip my heart out? I don't have time for a girlfriend? If you happen to be in love with someone then you make time, regardless of whether you have it or not." Teen: "So are you making time now?"

Brendan: "Let's go back to the rich, great-thinker part."

Teen: "Let's just find out what superpower you'd want to have if you really were an alien."

Brendan: "The strength of a spider, like Spiderman, because he's my favorite. He's witty, he's funny, he's very sinewy and muscular, and he's a regular guy."

Teen: "But he can't fly and he doesn't really have a power. He can just shoot webs from his hands."

Brendan: "No, actually, he's got a strap-on mechanism thing that he's got to put web capsules in. He makes them - that's why he runs out sometimes. He's got to dig into his belt and put another one in there."

Teen: "That explains the big buckle."

Brendan: "I just figured 'belt buckle, man'. I bought it doing 'The Forsaken' in Arizona. Now I'm addicted to it."

What monopolizes Brendan Fehr
Monday, October 16, 2000
Toronto Sun
Click Here for the original article.

Warning: Don't read this if you are a Brendan Fehr fan.

I'm warning you, you won't want to learn the horrible truth about this supposedly cool Canuck.

The fact is that Brendan Fehr, Roswell's sullen standout as mysterious alien Michael Guerin, has this uncontrollable addiction to ...

Monopoly. The board game.

"It's pretty hard-core," says Fehr, who made this confession to The Sun last month inside a limo on the way to the MuchMusic Video Awards, where he was a presenter. (Roswell airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on Much's sister station CITY-TV and on Space: The Imagination Station Friday nights at 9 p.m.)

The 22-year-old actor, who lives in L.A., locks himself into six-hour games with three fellow addicts whenever he can. "I know it's lame, but we're cool with that," says Fehr, a native of New Westminster, B.C., who grew up in Winnipeg.

Fehr admits he has at least 10 versions of the ever-popular board game. "I bought regular, Millennium Edition, D.C. Comics, Marvel, X-Men, Pokemon, NHL, NFL, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, Harley Davidson ..."

Man, I thought. Think of all the drugs, booze or illicit sex this kid could buy in Hollywood with all that money. What went wrong?

Maybe it has something to do with his upbringing. Fehr, who has two older sisters, was raised a strict Mennonite.

Still, Monopoly? "In the NHL version, you go to the penalty box instead of to jail," he says in his matter-of-fact monotone. "You land on different teams and put up boxes.

"You can even get 3-D Monopoly," he adds as I start eyeing the door locks. "They even have make your own Monopoly."

Fehr senses my concern. "We are lame," he admits.

His fans don't think so. When he stepped out of the limo onto the red carpet at Much, hundreds screamed his name. Maybe it's that David Duchovny pout, or the black leather pants with the huge silver belt buckle.

Four years ago he was about to enroll at the University of Manitoba when a chance modelling gig led to a guest shot on Breaker High. Fehr decided to give up school and give acting a shot, working shows like Millennium in Vancouver.

He enjoys Roswell, but hopes season two will be more sci-fi than soap. "I always wanted to see it go more X-Files," he says. "Right now we're more Dawson's Creek. I don't like all the fluffy stuff." He mentions Ed Norton as an actor he'd like to emulate. "Each character he does is different," he says. Then there's Anthony Hopkins. "He could say the alphabet on film," says Fehr. "Are you serious? S comes before T? That's what I want to be able to do. That guy can do no wrong in my eyes."

This past summer, Fehr shot The Forsaken, a "Lethal Weapon-slash-vampire movie" co-starring Dawson's Chris Smith. It's scheduled for next January.

He also tried out for the role of Peter Parker in the upcoming Spider Man movie. However, Cider House Rules star Tobey Maguire got the part.

That was a big disappointment for Fehr, a huge Spider Man fan. Does he have any comic books, I gingerly ask. "Just five or six," says Fehr. Whew.

"Actually, I collect Spider Man toys," he says. "Especially the 12-inch action figures. Plus I just bought two Spider Man rings for $200 apiece. They're pretty cool. I'm hoarding all this stuff before the movie comes out.

"It kinda bums me out that Tobey's gonna get all the kick-ass stuff for free. He's probably not even that big of a fan," says Fehr.

Hey -- I told you not to read any further.

Contains spoilers upto DESTINY

Once a part-time model and aspiring math teacher Brendan Fehr is now a teen heartthrob playing a high school alien on TV's ROSWELL. A show he believes stands apart from the glut of teen programmes.

"There's definitely a lot of teen stuff out there and a lot of it is not very good. Hopefully ours will be on the other side of the line though. Which I think it is."

Already registered at the University of Manitoba, Brendan was looking for a way to make some extra cash modelling when he walked into a BC talent agency. Agent Jim Sheasgreen describes his first impression of Fehr. "I took one look at the kid and went whoa!"

Despite having no ambition to act Brendan took an agent's advice and gave acting a shot.

"I never wanted to be one. There was always the pipedream. Go down to Hollywood, star in an action flick, you know, get the cash. Get the ladies and earn all the money and be on the cover of magazines. Every kid thinks of that."

At this point Brendan figures that it is anybody's guess how the whole acting thing will affect the rest of his life.

"It's gonna change radically I suppose. I don't know exactly how. Depends how the public, you know, how much they like me."

Last year on ROSWELL, Brendan Fehr's character (Michael) went through a few changes. He was forced to kill an FBI agent, which is enough to throw off the equilibrium of any average alien. But the real Brendan Fehr has his feet more firmly planted on the ground than ever. Roswell has just begun its second season - now making its home on Citytv - and Fehr is settling in.

"I think I've gotten better," he says, modestly. "I mean I still suck at times, but doing Roswell, you work nearly everyday so if you are paying attention and doing your job, you can't help it, you have to learn."

That's the natural progression. According to Fehr, the entire cast has done some growing up.

"Everyone's got a better attitude," he confides. "They are more mature about it, but we're all kind of over the excitement of having your own series."

That may be the atmosphere on the set, but the fans are FAR from "over the excitement". Fehr is mobbed wherever he goes. Take, for example, the recent MuchMusic Video Awards. The high-pitched screams practically shattered the windows!

Fehr remains humble. Actually, he knows what it's like to be a "fan". He's a devotee of Metallica and has quite a large collection of SPIDER-MAN paraphernalia. A quick tour through the house reveals a red and blue costume hidden in the closet...

"That's my secret identity," he laughs conspiratorially. "So we just keep that all locked up."

Transcript from the WB Meet the Dupes Interview

"Well first thing was the er physical appearance, that kind of sets the mood depending on what you look like. If you feel you look mean, if you feel others will perceive you to be mean then its a lot easier to play. If you're a geek in glasses and you know, your pants hiked up to your tits you will not feel particularly mean. So the mohaw and the tattoes and the chains and the leather and the big boots that kind of sets the stage so you can walk out of the trailer just really feeling it. The second part would be the dialogue. You combine the look with the dialogue and after that you basically just make little decisions yourself here and there. I don't even know what i was trying.

The first *laugh* the first episode I didn't think I was good in at all. I thought, I thought I really sucked and it was because i was trying to do a New York accent. I'm terrible at accents number one so I didn't know what I was doing. I'm still inhibited in some ways in terms of playing the character to its fullest. Cause you really put yourself out there and if you put yourself out completely and it sucks you feel really awful cause you gave it the most you had and you still sucked. So sometimes its a lot easier - not that I went half assed on it - but its a lot easier to go 70 percent and go "Err I wasn't that great but i had 30% more to give - it would have been great if I did". It's almost like not wanting to do something cause you don't want to fail so for the first episode it was half that and it was half just not having the time to prepare a proper New York accent which for anyone not living outside of New York, any actor and stuff like that unless they got a gift at accents and an ear for it - you know, it takes a little time"

So then by the second episode of the Dupes we were told through talks with the producers and the speech coach that we did have on set and just through seeing the first episode it wasn't so much of the accent it was just an attitude you had to give off that you were cool, that you were punk and it didn't matter what kind of accent you really threw out there. Because I've been to New York and not everyone speaks like you know "New Yawk bblah blah blah" you know some people just spoke like I did - I don't know what accent that is - I don't want to say English because people in the South are going "No we speak English down here" - no i'm not going to do a southern accent - i need a speaking coach!

But yeah you - you just - i just realize it was more about attitude and you just automatically become more comfortable with the role and I figured if I was going to look stupid I might as well look stupid going the whole way because I might pull something I didn't know out of me so I gave it a shot. I think I did a lot better in the second episode, I thought I was almost good - so that's how I prepared for it - just er - sometimes it takes a little while to try to find the character. So I had an enjoyable time doing it. I mean I always knew I had limitations. You know it gave me a chance to play a completely different character and see if I could pull it off. I think for beyond playing the boyfriend or the cool guy or anything playing an actual character character that's really not Brendan Fehr was the first time I'd done it. I'm happy with the job I did you know on the overall. I didn't expect to win my Golden Globe for it or anything like that but I'll walk away happy and just do a better job next time!"


The Art of Being...Brendan Fehr
Aw shucks:
"If you put a person on TV, even the ugliest person-and I don't think very many people are ugly at all-it's going to increase their sex appeal by 100 percent. It's all a bit sketchy."

When I have spare time:
"I like to sleep, play Monopoly, golf and walk my dog."

My Monopoly addiction:
"It's pretty hard-core. I bought regular, Millennium Edition, Marvel Comics, X-Men, NHL and NFL versions."

What flips my burger:
"I'm not into eating in some fancy restaurant in Beverly Hills. I'd be content, you know, to just go into some greasy little hamburger shop and grab a burger."

My secret obsession:
"I collect Spider-Man toys. Especially the 12-inch action figures. Plus I just bought two Spider-Man rings for $200 apiece."

Brendan Fehr, Feb 2001 - Aus Dolly Magazine

Cute Roswell babe Brendan Fehr got so hooked on playing the brand-spanking-new PlayStation 2 system recently, he nearly got himself into big trouble. When asked which was more fun- PlayStation 2 or kissing scenes with co-star and real-life girlfriend Majandra Delfino - he joked, "PlayStation!"

Bliss February 2001
Boy of the Month
The Road To Roswell

Roswell High's Michael, aka Brendan Fehr, tells us about his spooky transformation into a TV high school alien.

Bliss: Did you always want to be an actor?
Brendan: I had no intention of becoming one. I started training to become a high school math teacher, but when I approached the management company I'm with now, in the hope of landing some part-time modelling work, they told me I could get into TV and films.

Bliss: So, how did you find yourself in Roswell High?
Brendan: I was living in Vancouver (Canada) trying to get acting work when the woman who was casting Roswell High told my agent that I should come in for this TV show. I was like, 'Not a chance! I know I'm not famous or anything like that, but I'm not going in for a TV show about aliens in high school!' But then I read the script and it was actually really great.

Bliss: So what was the audition like?
Brendan: I totally didn't know what to expect. It was a terrible audition, but they liked the way I looked enough to think I could slide through.

Bliss: Do you ever worry about what you'll do next?
Brendan: Some days you wake up and think you could go and clean up at the Oscars. Other days you wake up and think you'll never land another gig. I may be flavour of the month, and my month might already be up. I'm looking forward to giving it a shot.

Bliss: What about doing another movie? (Brendan was in last year's Final Destination)
Brendan: If I don't get anything I'd be content to just relax. I don't want to rush into anything and make a film just for the sake of it. I'd rather deliver newspapers or pick berries than do a movie I'm not going to be proud of.

Bliss: do you get lots of fan mail?
Brendan: Yeah, I do. It's amazing! It's really nice when people do give you a pat on the back. My fans are great.

Bliss: Do you still keep in touch with your friends back in Canada now you're famous?
Brendan: Yes, we're as close as we've ever been, but being boys we're not big on phone calls. I'll talk to them about once every three weeks.

Brendan Fehr, July 10, 2001

Brendan Fehr interview
We had an opportunity to speak with Brendan Fehr at Six Flags in Massachusetts. You can read the transcript of our interview below!

Q: Do you believe in aliens?
A: (Laughing) I don't answer that question anymore!

Q: If you have any spare time, what do you like to do?
A: huh if I have spare time, I would like to sleep play monopoly, golf and walk my dog.

Q: Do you surf the Web? What is your favorite site?
A: I don't have a computer, so I don't surf the Web that often.

Q: How does it feel to be one of the top 25 hot young stars under 25? Is that something that limits you or moves you forward?
A: It's flattering to be named one of the top 25 under 25. I don't think it will limit you at all. I think in terms of the superficial stuff, that's what the studio executives look at ... I don't think it's not gonna land you a job. You know, if someone is on the fence about casting you, sure you got the certain benefits of popularity. It kind of turns the tide. It is very cool.

Q: Has there been any downside to your rise to stardom?
A: I don't have time for my porn any more (laugh) Come on! This is funny!

Q: You worked with Kerr Smith, of Dawson's Creek, in a new Vampire movie. Tell us a little about that?
A: This vampire movie is not your typical vampire movie. I have been bitten by a vampire, and through drugs I haven't turned into a vampire yet. For this I am hunting the one that I think maybe by kill him then I am cured. And I meet Kerr alone the way. At first we helped and eventually begins through you know hunting the vampires and kind of travel and across the United States. I mean it takes place within one sate but we're prepared to travel. It's kind of a road movie as much it is a vampire movie. It's got a lot of different it's got a little bit of horror, it's got a little bit of western, so it's kind of cool.

Q: You have worked with Selma Blair?
A: Yeah with the Summer Players, this summer in Vancouver on the small movie called Take My Life Please. I didn't have a scene with her, but she was good in the movie.

Q: Are there any possibilities of you or the other aliens crossing over into other WB shows?
A: ha I don't know. That's totally up to the WB. But if I was given the opportunity to work on Angel, I definitely think that would be cool.

Q: I know you studied accounting. Do you do your own taxes?
A: I've done my own taxes twice, but there is too much to know about with how much money I am making... all the loopholes. And Canada has been different from the United States. I am totally not qualified to do that any more, so I've got to hire someone.

Q: Cliff or Jason? If you had to go, would it be in a tour bus accident? How?
A: I don't know enough about Cliff to say. I mean it's regarding the bassist from Metallica. Cliff was one of the funding members of Metallica as Lars and James, but Cliff was the bassist. He was killed in their bus flipped over in the Sweden...and he was crushed by it after he was thrown out of the window and the bus rolled on top of them. I don't know. I don't know enough about Cliff, but the Metallica members seem to like him but I probably go for either one. If I had to go, I guess touring on the rock band would be all right but I don't think I wanted him to be crashed by a bus. I don't know. I don't know how to want to go. I am prepared to go anyway.

Q: You have a unique hairstyle that's garnered almost as much attention as Keri Russell's. Has it spawned any copycats or trends? Has the network forbidden you from changing it?
A: Well..I am growing out my hair, and I don't think it's gonna go up for another season. So I hope I don't disappoint fans. But I don't know if it spawned a lot of trends. A lot of people are wearing it up now. I am not taking any credit for that though. But I have been stopped in a mall by hairdressers, and they told me that guys come in and asked for hair cuts like the guy on Roswell. I thought that was fine.

Q: What is in store for Michael in the coming season?
A: I know what's in store for the show. But first for episodes, what we are doing this season is actually different from last season. We are going to do a story that is gonna take over three episodes. And then we are gonna have a show that stands on its own and then we are gonna get into another story that takes over three episodes till the show is done on its own. So you can miss some of the episodes and still kind of know what is going because there are clues all the time. But as for my character, I kind of know what happens, but I don't know actually specifically for my character. He is again looking for answers. He is skeptical and you know, the same guy but a little bit more materials. All I know is it takes place after the summer, and nothing happens and they are all waiting for the end of the fall.

Q: Any big surprises you could hint at?
A: No, I just wish I could play the guitar.
Q: Do you ever wish you had the powers of your character? When and what sort?
A: Well, I would want to be a spider man. He is witty and he is charming (laugh) You know, he is cool. He's got the strength of a spider. He is smart. He is cool. He is not so. I don't know. I would be a spider man. That's better. You just stand cool. The power as what I'll be? I don't know. Not to get my ass kicked. Whatever power (laugh) that may be that's what I would want. I don't wanna lean on all the time.

Q: Do you actually like Tabasco sauce?
A: I'll put it on the macaroni and cheese once in a while but yeah I eat it all the time. I put it in the meal as I cook.

Q: Any pranks on the set?
A: Any pranks yeah once in a while, you know the other people will get the mood. Once we had to go to ADR, which is looping. When the sound went wrong we go into a theater and we got to lips into our own voices. You have the microphones around working. After I finished mine, I told them to go to one of Jason's scenes that he had to loop and I looped it for him, saying that "Brendan is the greatest" and all the stuff. It was quite funny. So when he came in like one hour later, they showed him the scene that he had to reloop, and there was my voice over there and that was like a bad Japanese movie. It was pretty funny.

Q: Any other new project coming up?
A: Besides the Forsaken, which right now is due out in February or March. We are hoping to get it out in advance. And that's it.

Brendan from Suosikki Magazine Issue: 11/01

Roswell's Brendan Fehr lives a dream. 23 years old guy lives alone in one of worlds interesting metropolis, Los Angeles. Suosikki did make a dive to Brendan's world of living. Here you are!

Is making of Roswell still as fun as earlier?
Brendan: Definitely! Usually making a TV-role is just doing the same things all over again in your role but luckily it is different to us. This is the side of acting that I enjoy the most. I don't like to do same things all over again. I like to do new things and find new sides from my character. Michael surprises me and I enjoy it. Of course all of we casts have a moments when everything is boring but you get over those moments just like you do at school, work or in everything what you do at your life. They pay good money from it too so you should not complain about anything because all of us have a really wonderful job.

Have you been satisfied to your character during the development of the series?
Brendan: Mostly yes. Actually I like all others characters as well. One day I did watch pilot episode from a video and I noticed how lonely and dark kind Michael was then. First he did feel himself as a outsider but now he is a part of the group. It is really easy to notice the difference it is very surprising you got to watch it from the tape if you have a old episodes on video tapes. Of course Michael still is a rebel spirit, he got most fire in himself but he has little calmed down. Sometimes I miss that Michael when he was a outsider. At the moment Michael is in a crossroad with his old himself and current himself. He tries to get in balance with many kind of feelings and thoughts of him. Maybe I don't even know what kind of Michael he will turn to be at the end. Maybe writers will give me more freedom to development my role or then they will do something else. I don't know. This not knowing and try to make balance makes the role very interesting.

At first you weren't happy about your Roswell- role?
Brendan: That time I lived at Vancouver and woman who did choose casts to X-Files and Millennium did have order from Fox to choose Roswell casts as well. She had supported me in many things earlier and she did recommend the Roswell role for me. My manager did joked about it saying that series was about aliens at school. Then I did think that no way I am not going to be part in this. "What would be my chances to get a career if I turn to be a guy who is playing many years an alien that goes to school in nowhere? Then my career would never start" I did think then. I did get a script for a series and an advice that I would not say no before I have read it. It was worth of it and at the end I did really like it.

At first you should have been at role of Max but you ended up in a role of Michael what happened?
Brendan: That is true. Producer David Nutter was in a audition with Jason Katims. They asked me to do some parts of scenes of Max. Carly Pop (Popular) and I did act about a hour and half playing Max and Liz. Pieces did lock on mostly because that we were good friends and we did know each other feelings and other important things for making a scene. They did show a green light for us and we went to Los Angeles to next audition. After reading the script I was sure that role of Michael was best for me but producers of the series wanted me to be Max. Nutter did call me at night after the auditions and he did listen to other as well. At the end he was in a middle of the situation. Ans said to me that role for Max is fit for me but they have planned to give a role of Michael to me as well. I did a good job as Max but when Michael step on to me I did know that there is no turning back. I was twice as better as Michael and everyone sensed that.

Is that true that they selected you as first in the series? Did TV company have difficulties to find right cast for the series?
Brendan: That is true. I did take two months after they did have many actor and actress to make they audition for different roles. I did afraid that whole thing is going to end in my hands because month till they suppose to start filming they haven't found actor for Max and there were problems to select other cast to their roles as well. Then everything did happen fast and we did start filming on time.

Burn out is more than possible when you take a look at your filming schedule?
That's right. Five days a week. That is nothing at all yet, but longest of every day can be 14 hours. Schedule is that way strange, but I can tell it to you: Monday 6.00 - 20.00, Tuesday 8.00 -22.00, Wednesday 10.00 - 24.00, Thursday 12.00 - 02.00 and Friday 14.00 - 04.00. On the other hand we have easier periods as well. For example when filming that you are part in it scheduled to be later you can come to place later. We have 70 hours of working in a week. You don't party much at the weekends because there is lot of lack of sleep from a week and you have to practice your lines for a next week too.

What is a difference between Brendan and Michael?
Brendan: Michael has a goal and he is ready to do what ever it takes to achieve it. When I have a goal I try also get to it with shortest way and fast too. I am more, more, more friendlier that Michael and more social than him. In that case Michael has development lately. He has been very lonely but in that situation has also been fixed. On the other hand Michael likes to be alone if only he has some one who he can turn to at the end. I am little same kind as he. I like to be alone but in sometimes I miss good and safe company. Sometimes I can even go to party with myself but I have to know that I have friends and family whose company I can always return.

You did have to move from Winnipeg to Los Angeles. The change must be big one. How have you accustom to Los Angeles?
Brendan: Not a bad place but if I wasn't being a actor would I live here? No! I would move back to Canada. I have many good friends at Los Angels and we have fun together. There is must to do at here. We have beaches and temperature is enjoyable throughout the year. I would have lot things to complain about Los Angeles but then I will have lot of complains about many other places I have lived as well. It is awesome to be 23 years old, live alone and sometimes go out the popularity is not a problem. of course everyone could move away from home and get a 9 - 17 job. but it this work you meet new people everyday and no day is the same. I don't meet that work would be harder but differently it certainly is. I will enjoy my stay at here as long my best friends have energy to visit me here. It same to me even I would live at Timbuktu even when one on my best friends is with me.

How has Roswell increased number of your fans?
Brendan: People recognize me at the street, at the mall and in a night life... Before I was a actor I tried to recognize celebs in different places. Now it feels strange when you have switched a place and people recognize me. I haven't got use to it that someone come to talk to me as I was Michael. You can't like that guy so much. Television has a great power to people.

Rumor tells that you liked very much to be at school?
Brendan: There is nothing unusual about that. I know lot of people who have liked to be at school and miss those free and funny times. I did like my teachers and my school. I am still in touch with lot of my school timed friends. I a small time in Winnipeg there have been lot of changes. In a while ago I was a small boy and now a young man. Everything has happened so fast but luckily city still has a part for slow living rhyme. There I don't have to argue or negotiate over things like at work: " I don't like about this line, Why do we have to do this, Why does not this sixth take would not qualify". At holidays everything is different. silence takes over your soul but I don't want to keep in to silence for too long. I am restless guy, I will get bored soon and then I go on with my friends.

You did management Winnipeg Blizzards- Ice hockey team match?
Brendan: I was very nervous. I did have to sing a song before the game. It is a tradition before the game. I am an actor not a singer. Being with guest and management did not bother me but that singing thing did make me very nervous. My cheeks were red my heath did beat strong and my voice did shiver. Everything did go well at the end but that was that kind of experience that I would not like to be soon again.

You have also visited Miami and Las Vegas. Did you like the places? Do you gamble?
Brendan: Miami and South Beach were too hot for me. I did not like Florida and I could not think to move there. I did visit Universal Studios and because my VIP- card I did get a really good tour at there. Las Vegas did not do any kind of effect on me either. You can spend a one weekend at there and that's it. Seven Card Stud and Let It Ride are my gambling favorites. I still enjoy more playing somewhere else that Las Vegas.

Do you have a tattoo??
Brendan: I have spend three years thinking about one but I did not know to decide what kind of tattoo I would like to have or would I have any tattoos at all. Then I found one that I could not say no.

Roswell's Fehr Swears Off TV Acting
Author: Vanessa Sibbald
Date: Nov. 23, 2001

While the fate of most TV shows has been decided for the rest of the season, whether or not "Roswell" will live to see it through May is still up in the air. If the teen sci fi series isn't renewed, it will likely be the end of actor Brendan Fehr's TV career, the actor tells

"I'd never do TV again," Fehr says. "I'd do guest-stars; I'd do recurring -- three or four or maybe six episode arc deal. I would never say 'never' actually, but no, this would be my last stint in TV and after this I would either do movies or go poor."

It isn't that Fehr doesn't enjoy being on "Roswell," it's just that he got into acting because he likes playing different characters and working with a lot of different people, he says. And the sci fi drama, which moved to UPN this year after The WB canceled the series, is "a little too steady."

"In terms of the character and the people you work with, even though they're all really great, I kind of want something more nomadic -- which would be movies. After this show ends and three years of unemployment, I might be thinking differently."

"As of right now, because everything's just fine and dandy and I've got a steady paycheck and a steady gig ... you always want something else. The grass is always greener."

The series, which was picked up for 13 episodes on UPN, has yet to hear if it will be picked up for an additional season on the network, or for that matter, for the remainder of the current one. Following the fellow former-WB series "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," the show has averaged a 1.4 rating/3 share among adults 18-49 and 3.2 million total viewers, compared to "Buffy's" 2.7/7 and 5.6 million viewers for the same amount of weeks.

Currently shooting "Roswell's" third season, Fehr says he still enjoys the work, even if he does wish for more variety.

"You get a little of an episodic burn, you know," he says. "You kind of wish to do something different and play a different character and stuff like that, but it's like getting up and going to school -- you never want to, you don't like doing the work but you always end up having fun."

"We have great times in between takes," he adds. "Everyone's got a great sense of humor, you know, most of us. Pretty much all of us, we've passed that phase of getting on each other's nerves really and having big trouble. We pretty much all get along, everyone's cool."

As for his character, Fehr says Michael has some big changes ahead.

"He's becoming a little more mature, trying to find his place in the world, settle down, get a job, become average, every-day Joe. Which he kind of does and then around the middle of the season a big thing happens, which kind of changes his world," Fehr says, referring to the upcoming break-up of Michael and Maria (Majandra Delfino).

Fehr, who dated Delfino in real-life, recognizes that fans are attached to the relationship between the two on the show. However, he says, just because they're breaking up doesn't mean that the relationship will be less interesting.

"We'll always have our relationship on the show, whether we've together or not -- which is what I think the fans really like. Obviously, they want us together but it's intriguing if you do it right when you have a couple that's not together, like a Mulder and Scully."

Delfino recently stated in the press that Michael was not a good boyfriend. Fehr agrees, at least in part.

"He's got a good heart, but he's not a good boyfriend for Maria. He'd be a good boyfriend for someone I'm sure. Some independent, feminist chick. No, not a feminist, because he's such a chauvinist. He's not a great boyfriend, but he's not a bad one either -- he's a good-hearted kid on the overall," he says.

As for whether he thinks "Roswell" will remain on the air much longer, Fehr sounds uncertain.

"It has the potential to, [but] whether or not we reach that is a different question," he says.

If the show does come to an end, whenever that may be, Fehr says there is one thing he'd like to have happen to his character.

"I'd like him to die. Because if the show's going to end, I think it'd be a good way to go, to die."

"I want a character that somebody loves to die," Fehr explains. "I want his demise, I don't want ending without him dying."

Brendan Fehr - December SFX magazine
Posted on Friday, December 7, 2001

Some people say he looks like David Duchovny. Some say he lookd like Chesney Hawkes.

The Sleepy Town of Roswell is embarking upon its third year of teenage strife, love triangles and hooky alien arguments. The show survived a nail-biting few months with no home before UPN picked it up and revived it, allowing Michael Guerin-alien kid, moody boyfriend of Maria- no weave his magic for another year. With is great for the actor Brendan Fehr, because his character is still a work in progress.

"It's funny, I was looking back to the pilot and some of the early episodes and Michael was really lonely", he says wistfully. "You could really tell that the was on the outside, but he kind of fits in now. He's still the loose cannon in the sense that he's still got the temper and he's a little bit fiery, but the fits in a little more. He had to loosen up a little bit, but I miss the fact that he was really an outsider. I wanted to soften him up because I thought he was too hard and, now that I've softened him up just a tad, I want to go back to that hard edge"

Anyone who thinks that Fehr is anything like the character he plays may be pleased to know that there are a few differences.
" I'm a lot more friendly than he is-even though he is getting better-and I have more social skills," he laughs, which is relief, cause Michael (to put it mildly) can be a bit, well strappy. "He's been alone his whole life, so it's kind of nice to have company, but I think he's gotten used to it and he doesn't mind chilling by himself once in a while, as long as he knows he's got someone to go back to, and I'm kind of the same way. I don't mind hanging out by myself and doing my own thing, as long as I know than when I get bored of it, I've got my friends and family."

The fact that people do confuse him with his Roswell alter-ego is a source of amazement to Fehr. " When you really think about it, it's weird that some people recognise you because they think they love you. It's like, "You like Michael, you don't even know me". They hold you in a some level of importance just because you 're on a show."

He laughs about it now, but at the beginning Fehr really wasn't certain that life in the world of Roswell was for him. "I was living up in Vancouver and the woman up there-who cast x-files and Millennium when they were filming there- had been called on by Fox to cast Roswell. She had been a big supporter of mine and said, "Yeah, it's about aliens in high school", and I was like, No a chance! I know I'm not famous or working or anything like that, but I'm not going in for a TV show about aliens in high school. That's not where I want my career to start off"!

Fehr smiles, then adds sheepishly "I read the script and It was actually really good..."

Then of course, he auditioned for the part of Max, before deciding that the character of Michael was his kettle of fish. Luckily he "nailed it" and got the part. Although there was a bit of a delay afterwards.. "We waited for two months before the other roles were cast, and I was wondering if the show was going to get off the ground, because a month before they wanted to start filming, they still hadn't found the Max they wanted!. I was like, "The one time I get a part, it's going to all go up in smoke and they're not going to be able to cast it and they're going to push it and cancel it and I'm screwed!".

Taking a role also meant that Fehr had to move from his native Winnipeg to L.A. "Would I live here if I wasn't an actor. No," he declares, striking a pose for all Canadians in the world, before softening towards his adopted hometown. "I'd go back up to Canada somewhere and do something, but I like it here. I've got good friends down here and it's fun. There's stuff to do, you can hang out: you've got the beach, there's pretty good weather, and stuff like that. I've got my complaints, but I've got complaints about anywhere I live".

Fehr recently made the move from alien to vampire with road movie The Forsaken, but unfortunately the film didn't exactly set the world alight. "I felt it wasn't a great movie but entertaining, but after seeing what some of my peers did this summer I feel it was really kick ass, Man, were there crappy movies!"

So, how are things with Roswell?
"With the episodes we're doing right now, I work like 70 hours a week. On the weekends, I just sleep and run errands" Fehr shrugs, philosophically. Doesn't sound like he's enjoying himself much, but he's quick to disagree. "Yeah, It's still a lot of fun," he states. "Usually on TV show, you're stuck with doing one character, but the way the writing's been going, we get the chance to play other stuff, which is kind of why you get into acting. Sometimes you get episodic burn where you're like, "I wanna go home!" but your pull through that. You're getting paid and it's fun, so you've gotta gain a little perspective on exactly the position you're in and how blessed you are."

So there you go. Michael's a big old softy after all. Ahhh!.

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As he gets out of his Dodge 4x4 in front of Jan's Restaurant in West Hollywood, Brendan Fehr, 23, looks every bit as cool as his extra-terrestrial character, Michael, on the WB sci-fi drama 'Roswell'. His light brown hair is tousled, his clothes are baggy and his face is virtually expressionless. "Brendan is pure mystique", says his friend Carly Pope ('Popular'), choosing not to elaborate. "He's mystique, that's all."

Brendan, who is more protective of his private life than most young actors, says that better describes Michael. "I think I'm a lot more geeky than Michael", he says with a sly grin. Geek or not, the Winnipeg, Canada native has been getting all the breaks lately. After wrapping his rold opposite Katie Holmes and James Marsden in 'Disturbing Behavior', Brendan flew to Los Angeles to shoot the pilot for 'Roswell'. After moving to L.A. last year a taking a big part opposite Devon Sawa in 'Final Destination', the 'Roswell' pilot got picked up by the WB. When the series launched last year it was considered an iffy prospect because no one was sure if younger audiences would spark to the paranormal goings-on. Within months the answer was clear -- viewers were indeed picking up on the show, and, more specifically, on the two male leads, the one played by Brendan and the one played by Jason Behr.

He's been accused of being standoffish, but here Brendan couldn't be more forthcoming. Not only does he discuss his much-gossiped-about relationship with 'Roswell' co-star Majandra Delfino, but he also talks about his high hopes for his next flick, 'Forsaken'.

Teen Movieline: How is the second season of 'Roswell' coming?

Brendan: "We're over each other in the sense that when we're done with our scenes, we go home. We don't hang around. At the same time, we also get along a bit better when we are together."

Teen Movieline: You don't hang out at all with many of your costars off the set?

Brendan: "Majandra is the only person I hang out with on a regular basis. On the set, Jason and Katie and I have a significant amount of scenes together, and we all get along great. Shiri and I get along a lot better this season than last season. When we're pissed at each other I'm like, 'Shiri, don't be a witch.' And she'll say, 'Brendan, don't be a jerk.' It's like a brother-sister thing and 10 minutes later we get it off our chest. You can't always do that with our costars, so it's really cool."

Teen Movieline: There have been rumors about you and Majandra being an on-again, off-again couple. Are you dating or what?

Brendan: "You know what? At this point I don't even know what's going on with Majandra. That's not a lie. I'm a very confused individual when it comes to that. But we're getting along wonderfully."

Teen Movieline: People working in the industry say you're just like your character on 'Roswell'. Are you?

Brendan: "He's a straight-to-the-point guy, which I am as well. On the whole he's very bitter and he's rude. I'm more diplomatic the majority of the time. I definitely have moods where you see me and go, 'That's the guy'. But most of the time I'm just fooling around."

Teen Movieline: If you could write an episode of 'Roswell', what would you have your character do?

Brendan: "I've got a new motorcycle on the show, and I wish Michael would take a road trip by himself. Say good-bye to Max and Isabel and take off for a while. He'd come back and realize that he needed them, obviously."

Teen Movieline: You're very convincing playing an outsider with attitude on 'Roswell'. Did you ever feel like an outsider while growing up in Winnipeg?

Brendan: "Definitely not. Everyone in the school knew who I was. I wasn't an outsider."

Teen Movieline: Let's talk about your new films. What's your character in 'Forsaken' like?

Brendan: "He's been bitten by a vampire, and he'll turn into one himself unless he kills another vampire."

Teen Movieline: Why did you take a much smaller part in 'Kill Me Later', which costars Selma Blair and Max Beesley?

Brendan: "It was a character I'd never played before, a follower."

Teen Movieline: What are your big plans for the future?

Brendan: "I want to take over the world."

Teen Movieline: Well, after you're done with that?

Brendan: "I think that will be a full-time job. No, it depends how good I get at acting. One day I just might bail and go be a teacher."

Teen Movieline: Did you see a lot of movies while growing up in Winnipeg?

Brendan: "Yes. 'Stand By Me' was on of my favorites. That was one movie where I thought, 'Those are the friends I want to have.' It was sad that they split up at the end. You don't want that to happen. I have friends who have disappeared like that -- freinds who made a tremendous impact on me -- and I don't talk to them anymore. So I can relate."

Teen Movieline: Do you still consider Winnipeg home even though you now live in L.A.?

Brendan: "Home will always be Winnipeg. I wouldn't be in L.A. if I wasn't acting. But then again, when I go to Winnipeg, I miss L.A. This city's certainly grown on me."

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