RH Survivor Fanart Challenge

All graphics on this page were created by Roswell Oracle
Please ask permission before using.

The graphics on this page were created to be entered in
the Roswell Heaven Survivor Fanart Challenge #1.

Round #1:
Create a signature banner for the fanart survivor game.

- size limits are width 550 pixles x 150 pixles or smaller
- the words Fanart Survivor at RH somewhere on the image.

Round #2:
Create a movie poster.

- size limits are width 550 pixles x height 1100 pixles

- These are the movies you have to choose from: Matrix , Ever After,
Charlie's Angels , Princess Bride, and Pulp Fiction

- You must have at least one actor that isn't in the movie in the poster.

- If possible use screen caps to create a whole new poster, but use of some
elements from the original movie poster is ok. Not all, but some.

(You don't have to use actors or screen caps from the movie you chose, but you
can if you want to. The whole point is to try to make an original movie
poster. It's all imaginary, so get creative.)

(You can add the extra movie info to your poster or not, it not
requried that you have it)

And here is the manip I did for the poster

Round #3:
Slash Banners

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term slash - it is used to
refer to same sex couples, male/male or female/female.

In this round you will be making a banner depecting a slash couple, or group;
but it must be all men, or all women.

- size width 550 pixles x height 500 pixles
(if your banner is not this exact size you will be asked to redo it)

- 1 character must be from Roswell, and the other(s) can be whomever you want,
from Roswell or not. You may use any pics of the actor/chacter, they don't
have to be screencaps. You may also do manips.

- Either use an existing ship name, if there is one, or make up your own.
Beyond that, you may use whatever words, lyrics, poems, quotes, etc. that
you would like.

We shouldn't even have to say these last three - but . . .
- no nudity is allowed
- nothing derogatory is allowed
- no profanity is allowed
If you can't see it or say it on network TV, leave it out.

Round #4:
Design a Roswell Soundtrack

For this challenge you'll be designing the Roswell Soundtrack the way you
want it. You may make your soundtrack about the show, or focus on a character,
or group of characters, or a ship CC or UC. It is totally your choice.

You will design the CD packaging (font, back, and inside) and pick the songs.

You may use songs played on Roswell or not.

You may make your packaging as detailed or simple as you would like.
There are no requirements or restrictions on pics, fonts, etc.

- You are designing 3 components for your CD

Front & Insert size - 350 wide x 340 high
Back size - 400 wide x 340 high

These dimensions are required. You will be asked to resubmit if your entries
are not these exact sizes.

- You must choose 12-20 songs for your CD and include the song names and
artists somewhere on your design. You may choose where.

There is a list of songs from the real Roswell soundtrack, and all the songs
played in the episodes, in the next post.

- The word Roswell must appear somewhere on all there components, front,
insert, and back. You may choose where, choose the size, and the font.

You may choose to use any other words or not.

Round #5:
Fairy/Fantasy Banners

- size width 550 pixles x height 500 pixles

- Only one person is required to be in the picture, but they must have wings of some kind. (i.e. butterfly, feathers, bat, use your imagination). More people are allowed, but at least one of them must have wings

- you may use any other type of folk, such as humans, fairies, demons, whatever.

- you may use Roswell characters or not. It is your choice.

- words aren't required, but you can have them if you want.

- you must use some sort of fantasy background.

Winner's Banners
We are hoping we can convince all the exiles to make a winner's banner!


- banner size 550 wide, 200 high

- use any Roswell character or characters you want

- you must use one of the following phrases:
I won the Roswell Heaven Survivor Fanart Challenge
Roswell Heaven Survivor Fanart Challenge Winner
Winner Roswell Heaven Survivor Fanart Challenge
I Survived the Roswell Heaven Fanart Challenge

Voted Best Winner's Banner

Contest Graphics


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