Roswell Heaven Other Themes

These are banners and themes I have created for Roswell Heaven. Unfortunately we can no longer use
the themes on Roswell Heaven because the host Tapatalk has decided to nickle and dime the users to
death and we have to pay through the nose to use custom themes. Go elsewhere if you are looking for a host.

Most graphics on this page were created by Roswell Oracle
I did not create most textures/background and some icons. The icons I did create I have shown separately.
Please ask permission before using.

RH Blue/Main Banner & Theme

RH Spring/Mother's Day/Girls of Roswell Banner & Theme

RH Halloween Banner & Theme

RH Christmas Banner & Theme

RH Thanksgiving Banner & Theme

West Roswell High Theme, Banner, Background & Icons

UFO Center Theme, Banner & Icons

RH April Fool's Banner
We used this banner for 1 year for April Fools

RH Dupes Banner & Theme

RH Summer/Father's Day/Boys of Roswell Banner & Theme

RH Alien Theme, Banner & Icons

RH UC Banner & Theme

RH Crashdown Theme, Banner, Background & Icons

RH Villains Banner & Icons
This banner was never used. I was creating a theme to go with it, but never finished it and now our host is charging to have custom themes.

RH Roswell Town Theme, Banner, Background & Icons
The following items on the banner were created by RO -
Philip Evans business card, Crashdown Specials, West Roswell High School pin, Cheese Factory sticker, UFO Center ticket,
Deluca Collectibles flyer, Tumbleweed Motel coupon, Roswell Observatory postcard, Roswell Dining Guide, Roswell Tourist Bureau flyer,
Vanessa Whitaker pin, Old Soap Factory sticker, (map from Google Maps, customized by RO)

RH 4th of July Theme & Banner

RH Brady Bunch Theme & Banner

RH National Comic Books Day Theme & Banner

RH St. Patrick's Theme & Banner

RH Easter Theme & Banner

RH Memorial Day Theme & Banner

RH Valentines Theme
I did not create the banner for the Valentines Day theme. Each year we ask for submissions from the members for the banner and select one to feature.

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