James Atherton's Geodesic Dome

This is the thing that Michael keeps seeing in his visions after he touches the
key he stole in Sheriff Valenti's office, in episodes 'Morning After'. He thinks
it might be something alien, and obsesses about it, making drawings, and eventually a painting.

It is in his art class where his art teacher, Mr. Cowan sees the drawing and
tells Michael it is a Geodesic Dome.

Michael doesn't know what that is, and Mr. Cowan explains, "A geodesic dome.
Perhaps before your time. It's a type of house, architecturally postmodern."

It turns out to be the house where James Atherton lived. In the episode 'Missing' Max
is reading the book that Atherton wrote, and Isabel discovers a pic of him on the inside back
flap that shows him standing in front of the dome, where he lives.

In the episode '285 South' Michael breaks into the UFO Center to use the database
to get more info about Atherton, and discovers the dome is in Marathon, TX.

He attempt to steal Maria's car to go there, but she jumps in with him and
insists on going. Worried, Maria calls Liz and tells where they are going.
Isabel, Max and Liz follow them in the Jeep and catch up to them.

The next morning, they go to the dome and see that it has been gutted.
They think they are too late, but discover a secret basement that is full of
research and files on aliens.

Above them, they hear someone walking around, and quickly gathers the papers
into a box. Liz and Maria find an alternative way out, and they escape before
being caught. As they are leaving, Isabel sees a pendant with a symbol she
recognizes and takes it.

In the episode 'River Dog', River Dog tells Max and Liz that Nasedo gave the
pendant to Atherton. He says that Atherton was one of the only people Nasedo trusted.
But something must have happened, because Nasedo later killed him, in Nov 1959.

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