Funny Screen Caps

For those of you unfamiliar with the term - Funny Screen Caps -
it is a game where you find screen captures and make up funny dialogue
or a funny story to go with them, kind of like a comic book or comic strip.

The caps don't have to be from the same episode and the story or joke
doesn't have to have anything to do with Roswell.


Follow this link to see some great caps made by Nicole Anell.
Nichole's Caps


Follow this link for some caps I made.
RoswellOracle's Caps

I don't know who made the following caps. I saved them off the FanForum
board because I thought they were too cute to lose.
If anyone knows who made them, please send in the info.

Nicholas: Where is the Graniolth?

Nicholas: until you tell me, I will fill everyone's mind with your twisted fantasies

Michael: Is anyone slightly disturbed by the image of Max in Liz's crashdown uniform?

Hi. My name is Kyle. I am a Capricorn who loves long walks in the desert and football. If you are in truly in touch with your inner self and have a great love for the power of Budda, chinese proverbs, and the occasional drunken stupor with an alien king, then I am the man for you! Just give me a call and remember, Man who fart in church, sit in own pew!

Michael: "Okay, this 'Santa and his Elf' fantasy just isn't working for me."

Maria: "Yeah, the fat suit definitely isn't doing anything for me either."

Michael: "How about Princess Leah and ...."

Maria: "Don't even go there."

Riverdog: Try these magic and sniff it

Micahel: Okay,whatever

(Micahel sniffs it)

Micahel: Dude, that was awesome

Max: Who are you people?

Rath: We are the mighty morphin' power rangers!!!!!!!

Kyle: "This is ridiculous! Why are we gathering all of this stuff when we came in here for one thing?"

Tess: "To kill time until the line was empty, remember?"

Kyle: "Okay, no one is in line now. Go on up there and get them."

Tess: "I'm not going up there! You go!"

Kyle: "The clerk knows my Dad! I can't go ask!"

Tess: "Well I'm not asking!"

Kyle: "Look, we can't keep picking out junk food. Go up there and get them and lets go."

Tess: "No! You go get them!"

(Both turn as they hear voices)

Woman: "Hey, Sarah, heard any good gossip lately?"

Tess: "Soooo 'um, should we try another store?"

Kyle: "No. My uh.... equipment no longer seems to be ready."

Maria: Yo Luke Skywalker, you may trust the force but us humans prefer it when you drive with your eyes open.

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