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These are different fun/cool fan creations based on Roswell.

Roswell is Full of Fruits

Now, don't go calling the ACLU on us! Instead, take a stroll down the asile of the grocery store and note the odd similarities between fruits and our favorite Roswellians, as originally observed by Mala, Sunnibehr, Camryn, Betty and black widow

Max & Isabel - Coconuts - tough to crack but tender on the inside

Michael - pineapple - prickly, exotic-looking, tart, juicy, and spiky on top

Michael - Kiwi - spiky hair, sweet and green on the inside

Liz - peach - fuzzy and thin-skinned, and kinda mushy and sweet on the inside

Maria - orange - somewhat exotic, tart and sweet at the same time. It also takes a little work to get below the skin

Alex - apple - prone to brusing, thin-skinned but sweet and seemingly average

Kyle - grapes - thin-skinned, with seeds (no doubt) and it makes w(h)ine

Kyle - grapefruit - bitter at first taste but gets sweeter as you go along

Valenti - raisin - (if Kyle is a grape, then Jim is a raisin) been left in the sun too long but still tastes sweet

River Dog - prune - aged and wrinkly from too much exposure to the elements

Larry - banana (no further explanation should be necessary)

Milton - pomegranate - complicated and quirky, but really sweet

Roswell Anagrams

An anagram is a word or phrase made by rearranging the letters of another word or phrase. For example: "Dormitory" = "dirty room". Here are some rather appropriate Roswell anagrams some posters came up with - bet these guys would be fantastic at Scrabble

Valenti = alien tv
Kyle Valenti = I'll take envy
Michael Guerin = Hi, I man cure leg
Max Evans = Am van sex
It's our destiny = Eros isn't I duty
Tess Harding = Trash design
Michael + Maria = Ha, I'm a miracle
Alien + Human + Love = a heavan I'll mull on
Agent Pierce = a creep gets in
Max Evans and Liz Parker = a darn sneak vamp rex (wrecks) Liz
Max Evans and Liz Parker = a dark van, primal zen sex
Max Evans and Tess Harding = add a hag. vixen stress mann
Max Evans and Tess Harding = a standard mag vex men. Hiss
Isabel Evans = enviable ass
Michael and Maria = I charm a mad alien
Michael and Maria = Maria can lead him
Michael and Maria = He: a calm amid rain
Tess + Max + Destiny = Ax missy, end test
The White Room = there to �ow� him

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