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Here is where you can get info about and download fonts used on Roswell.

Roswell Font

If you have watched the show Roswell, you may have noticed the unique font used in the credits.

Some enterprising fan recreated the Roswell font and posted it on the internet.
The font has been available on several websites over the years, but I have no idea who created it, or where it was originally posted.
If anyone has additional info, please let me know.

If you look closely, you can see that the internet font is a bit different than the one used on the show credits.

That is probably because whoever copied the font thought it might be
copyrighted, and wanted to make it a bit different to avoid legal issues.

The Roswell font is only uppercase, and includes numbers and some symbols.
It is usable in bold, italic, and bold-italic.

Roswell Font
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Cholla Font

This is the font used only in Season 3 for the actors' names in the opening credits.
***A big thanks to Josh for sending this in!***

The font is called Cholla Sans. It is just a regular font, with upper and
lowercase, with a full set of numbers symbols. It is usable in bold, italic, and bold-italic.

I would include it for download, but I don't want to run into legal issues.
If anyone would like to get the font just contact me and I can point you in the right direction.

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