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Below is a list of Flashes or Visions that various characters have or recieve
throughout the series, by episode.

The flashes are from season 1 & 2. Season 3 is such a piece of crap, that I am not motivated to reference it.

In various episodes Max and Liz gets flashes or visions when they touch or kiss.
They form a connection and are able to see images and feel emotions
from inside each others heads.

Max also explains that when things get intense or heightened he can sometimes
get flashes from objects. In the episode 'Missing' Max gets a flash when he
touches a CD. He sees that Kyle left the CD in Liz's room.


When Max heals Liz they get flashes of each others' childhoods.
- Max sees Liz as a child before he knew her wearing a dress that her mother made with cupcakes on it. He says he could tell it was the most embarrassing moment of her life.
- Liz sees Max as he saw her on his first day of school

Max connects with Liz and 'reverses' the connection so she can see that he is still who she thought he was.
- Liz sees Max when he was found on the side of the road, and she sees how he sees her, and how he had always felt lonely

Morning After

- Michael touches the key that he found in Sheriff Valenti's office, and gets a blurry vision of something that resembles a space ship.


- Max touches a CD in Liz's room and gets a flash showing him that Kyle brought the CD and put it in her room.

285 South

- When they are in Atherton's house, Michael touches the key that he found in Sheriff Valenti's office, and gets a vision of a secret room in the basement.

The Balance

- When Michael is 'sick' and out of balance he has a vision that he is in the desert near the pod chamber and there are alien symbols on the ground

Blind Date

- Liz gets a flash when Max kisses her at the Blind Date concert. She sees images of them together, and finally she sees the 'V' formation of the healing stones in when Michael put them in the wall of Nasedo's cave, and then she sees the same formation in the stars.

Sexual Healing

- Max and Liz kiss at the Crashdown and she sees the stars.
- When Max touches Liz's hand in class, she sees a galaxy where they believe the aliens' planet is located.
- Then when Max and Liz are making out in the Eraser Room, he sees Liz playing dress up as a child, and she sees what seems to be the crash.
- Later when Max and Liz are making out at Michael's house, she sees the orb being buried in the desert.
- Michael mentions that when he kissed Maria that he saw her as a child wearing red sneakers with a Kermit patch and she was with her Dalmatian
- Isabel mentions that she saw something when she kissed Alex, but doesn't mention what

Tess, Lies & Videotape
(it is possible that some if not all of these are Tess' mindwarps and not real flashes)

- Max has a flash of himself and Tess together in the desert holding hands when he looks at her (probably a mindwarp)
- When Max is kissing Liz, he has a flash of kissing Tess (probably also a mindwarp)
- In chem class, Max has a vision of grabbing Tess and kissing her on a table (probably also a mindwarp)

Four Square
(it is possible that some if not all of these are Tess' mindwarps and not real flashes. Tess claims the dreams are to awakening them, but she could be sending them.)

- Isabel's dream of Alex turns into herself and Michael standing in the desert surrounded by alien symbols (possibly a mindwarp)
- When Isabel is with Tess in her kitchen, Isabel has a flash of her and Michael and then she losses a few minutes and there are sugar cubes in a four square pattern on the counter. (probably a mindwarp)
- Michael and Isabel both have dreams of being in the desert together, making out. (possibly a mindwarp)
- Isabel dreams that she and Michael make love and she is pregnant. (possibly a mindwarp)
- Tess comes to Michael's window and he has a flash of running across the desert on Polhman Ranch the night he was 'hatched'. (probably a mindwarp)
- Isabel and Michael dream they are parents and happy together. (possibly a mindwarp)
- Max dreams that he and Tess are holding hands in the desert, surrounded by alien symbols. (possibly a mindwarp)
- When Tess takes Max to the pod chamber, he has a flash of himself, Isabel and Michael leaving there the night they 'hatched' - When Max is trying to force Tess to reveal her true self, he gets a flash of 'hatching' and seeing Tess still in her pod. Michael and Isabel are already out of their pods, and convince him to go with them and leave Tess. (possibly a mindwarp, since this is different than what Max remembered before)

Max to the Max
(it is possible that some if not all of these are Tess' mindwarps and not real flashes.)

- When they go into the pod chamber, Isabel has a flash of the night she 'hatched'
- When Max is talking with Tess about alien sex, he gets a flash of them making out and he has no shirt on. (probably a mindwarp)


- Liz gets a flash when she kisses Max and sees some of what happened to him in the White Room.

Skin and Bones

- Liz gets a flash when Max touches her, and somehow sends her a vision of all their time together.


- Isabel gets repeated visions of Tess beaten and bloody (these are some form of mindwarp or other method of Tess trying to contact Isabel for help)

End of the World

- When Max kisses Liz in Congresswoman Whitaker's office, she gets flashes of their time together

Off the Menu

- When Max heals Brody, he gets a flash of his galaxy and his home world, and later says he remembers Tess from their other life. (there has also been speculation that this was a mindwarp too, and Tess took advantage of the situation to plant images in Max's mind that would be favorable to her)


- When Max kisses Tess before they are about to leave, Tess gets a flash that Max had just kissed Liz.
- Michael allows Maria to 'see' him and she gets a flash of the stars, his childhood and about her

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