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Character Appearances
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Character appearences -

Below are the episodes when some key characters first appeared in the show, their last appearance, and what happened to them.
For a complete list of all episodes a character was in, see the Character Guide.

Ava - Meet the Dupes, last appearance Max in the City - unknown

Courtney Banks - Skin & Bones, last appearance Wipeout - deceased

Owen Blackwood - Pilot, last appearance River Dog - unknown

Nicholas Crawford - Harvest, last appearance Max in the City - unknown

Brody Davis - Ask Not, last appearance Off the Menu - unknown

Deputy Hansen - Morning After

Tess Harding - Crazy

Everett & Shelia Hubble - The Convention

Khivar - He is mentioned in season 2 in the episode 'Surprise' by Vanessa Whitaker, but not by name. She tells Isabel that she had a great love, and for him she betrayed her brother and her race.

Khivar's name is first introduced in season 2 in the episode 'Harvest' by Nicholas, when he tells Isabel that Khivar is waiting for her to come back.

Larek - In the episode 'Max in the City', Max discovers that Larek periodically uses Brody's body to 'visit' Earth. In the episode 'Disturbing Behavior', Isabel attempts to contact Larek, through Brody., last appearance DB - unknown

Lonnie - Meet the Dupes, last appearance Max in the City - unknown

Nadeso/Tic Tac/Shapeshifters - Some people believe there were more than one shapeshifter running around Roswell, so I am listing several different 'first' appearances.

1. A shapeshifter sends a signal for Max, Michael & Isabel in the episode 'Into the Woods', but no one sees him.

2. In the episode 'Blind Date' a shapeshifter burns a photo of Max, Isabel & Michael at the Roswell Library. This is the first time he is partially seen on screen, but none of the characters see him.

3. In 'Independence Day' Hank Whitmore, Michael's foster father, is killed and buried by a shapeshifter (Tic Tac). The shapeshifter then takes Hank's appearance and tells the Sheriff he is leaving town, and doesn't want Michael any more.

4. 'Sexual Healing' is the first time a shapeshifter is seen by the main characters, but they don't realize who he is. Tic Tac talks to Max and Liz near the pod chamber where they dug up the orb.

5. 'Tess, Lies & Videotape' the Sheriff figures out that the man posing as Dr. Margolin was a shapeshifter and tells Max.

6. In 'Max to the Max', the shapeshifter, Nasedo, poses as Max and convinces Liz to go with him, but she figures out he is not Max. And Max finally come in contact with the shapeshifter in the mirror maze.

last appearance Ask Not - deceased

Agent Daniel Pierce - First mentioned by Kathleen Topolsky in the episode 'Crazy'. Pierce then speaks to Alex out a car window, but isn't seen. In the episode 'Max to the Max' he joins the Roswell Sheriff's department as Deputy Dave Fisher, and at the end of the episode it is revealed that he is Agent Pierce.

last appearance Destiny - deceased

Rath - Meet the Dupes, last appearance Max in the City - unknown

Milton Ross - the owner of the UFO Center in season 1 is first introduced to Max in the episode 'Monsters', last appearance The Convention - unknown

Kathleen Topolsky - Morning After, last appearance Crazy - deceased

Vanessa Whitaker - aka Congresswoman Vanessa Crawford Whitaker is first seen in 'Skin & Bones', last appearance Surprise - deceased

Hank Whitmore (Michael's foster father) - Morning After, last appearance Independence Day - deceased

Zan - Meet the Dupes, last appearance flashback in Max in the City - deceased in Meet the Dupes

Relationship Firsts -

Isabel/Alex - First kiss, on Alex's front doorstep in 'Sexual Healing'
- First flash, in 'Sexual Healing' when Isabel is trying to get a flash aboutt Max and Liz. We don't see the flash, but Isabel does say she didn't see anything relevant, meaning she saw something

Kyle/Vicki Delaney - First kiss, in the bed of a pickup truck, outside the rave at the Old Soap Factory, in the episode 'Heat Wave'. (this is likely not their first kiss, but it is the first kiss seen.)

Liz/Doug Shellow - First kiss, inside Chez Pierre, in the episode 'Blind Date'.

Liz/Kyle - First kiss isn't seen on screen, but mentioned in the episode 'River Dog' by Kyle when he is talking to Liz. It was the last day of Freshman year in the Janitor's closet at West Roswell High School.

Liz/Rath - First kiss, in the hall of West Roswell High School in front of Liz's locker, Rath 'stole' a kiss in the episode 'Meet the Dupes'

Liz/Sean - First kiss, in Sean's Volkswagon Bug in front of the Crashdown Cafe, in the episode 'Heart of Mine', Sean kisses Liz.

Maria/Doug Sohn - First kiss in eighth grade

Max/Liz - First kiss, on Liz's balcony, outside her room in the episode 'Heat Wave'.
- First date, Senior Chow's dinner, dancing, playing pool, in the episode 'The Balance'.
- First flash, in the episode 'Sexual Healing' when they are in the back room of the Crashdown getting more strawberries
- First time they say 'I love you', in the epi Destiny when they are in the overturned van.

Max/Tess - First kiss, across the street from the Crashdown in the rain in the episode 'Tess, Lies & Videotape'. (Although Max said he had no control over his actions, so Tess basically forced him.) The first supposedly uncoerced kiss was at the Senior Prom at West Roswell High School, in 'Heart of Mine'.
- First Flash, when they kiss in the rain, Max gets a flash from her - First time they say 'I love you' - umm that would be NEVER
- They slept together in the Roswell Observatory in the episode 'It's too Late, and it's too Bad', (although I still say the whole thing was a mindwarp, lol).

Michael/Maria - First kiss, in the Crashdown Cafe in the episode 'River Dog'.
- First time Michael says 'I love you', in Destiny, just before they leave to go and get Nasedo's body.
- First flash, Michael gets them from Maria in 'Sexual Healing', but Michael blocks flashes to Maria until the epi 'Departure'
- They slept together in Michael's apartment in the episode 'Departure'

Michael/Courtney - First kiss, outside Courtney's apartment, when Michael was investigating her, in the episode 'End of the World'.

Michael/Isabel - First kiss, in their dream in 'Four Square', also their first time was in the dream in the same episode causing Isabel to think she is pregnant. They are never together outside the dream that we see, although they are ready to be together for the baby.

Sheriff Valenty/Amy Deluca - First kiss, at the Deluca house in the episode 'Independence Day'.

Police Involvement -

Alex - arrested in 'Heat Wave' for underage alcohol possession

Isabel - questioned in 'We are Family' about helping to find Laurie Dupree

Liz - questioned in the Pilot about the Crashdown shooting, and shown the picture of a corpse with a silver handprint on it, then she is arrested in 'Heat Wave' for underage alcohol possession

Max - in the Pilot, Max is handcuffed and questioned by Valenti about the Crashdown shooting, and questioned in 'We are Family' about helping to find Laurie Dupree. Max was arested in 'Viva Las Vegas' along with Michael for fighting in the casino. Max is also taken by the Special Unit of the FBI in the episode 'Max to the Max' and held and tortured until the end of the episode 'The White Room' when his friends, the Sheriff and Ed Harding break him out.

Michael - arrested in '285 South' for breaking into the UFO Center, he was questioned in 'Independence Day' for Hanks disappearance, he was arrested in 'Skin & Bones' for murder. Michael was also arested in 'Viva Las Vegas' along with Max for fighting in the casino.

Grant Sorenson - questioned by Valenti and Max when Tess goes missing in 'Surprise', and questioned by Valenti about Laurie Dupree's disappearance

Jim Valenti - questioned in 'We are Family' about helping to find Laurie Dupree

Employment -

Liz - is working as a waitress at Crashdown Cafe from the begining of the 'Pilot'. In the episode 'The Balance' Maria mentions that Liz is the Manager.
In the episode 'Skin & Bones' Liz takes a job as an assistant for Congresswoman Vanessa Whitaker, and quits the Crashdown.
After Whitaker's death, Liz returns to her job at the Crashdown in the episode 'Wipeout'.

Max - Milton offers Max a job at the UFO Center in the episode 'Monsters', but we don't actually see Max working there until the episode 'Missing'.

Maria - is working as a waitress at Crashdown Cafe from the begining of the 'Pilot', and works there throughout the series
In the episode '285 South' Maria is delivering orders for her mother's business. (this may have just been a favor, but she could help her in her spare time.)

Michael - takes a job as a cook at the Crashdown in the episode 'Crazy', and works there throughout the series.

Isabel - doesn't have a steady job, but fills in for Liz as a waitress at the Crashdown Cafe, when Liz's Grandmother is in the hospital, in the episode 'Leaving Normal'.

Courtney Banks - works at the Crashdown Cafe as a waitress starting in the episode 'Skin & Bones', and presumably works there until she is discover as being a Skin in 'End of the World'.

Owen Blackwood - Deputy in the Roswell Sheriff's Department from the 'Pilot' through 'River Dog' and is never seen on the show afterward.

Brody Davis - introduced in the episode 'Ask Not' as the new owner of the UFO Center, who bought it from Milton. His last episode is 'Off the Menu'.

Diane Evans - although it is never mentioned what she does, in the epi 'River Dog', she comes home from work on her lunch hour and finds that the house has been broken into.

Philip Evans - it is mentioned in the episode 'Independence Day' for the first time that he is a lawyer.

Deputy Hansen - Deputy in the Roswell Sheriff's Department from the 'Morning After'.

Jeff Parker - owner of the Crashdown Cafe from the 'Pilot'

Nancy Parker - we never actually see Nancy working, but some people assume that she must help with the Crashdown in some way that doesn't involve serving in the restaurant. Maybe bookkeeping or ordering inventory or something.

Milton Ross - introduced in the episode 'Monsters' as the owner of the UFO Center.

Kathleen Topolsky - she starts at West Roswell High School in the episode 'Morning After' as a substitute Geometry teacher, but tells Liz at the end of the episode that she is the Guidance Counselor.
In the episode 'Missing', Topolsky is revealed to the audience as being an FBI agent. But the characters don't know she is FBI until the episode 'Blood Brothers'.

Jim Valenti Jr. - Sheriff of Roswell from the 'Pilot'. In the episode 'We are Family' he is fired from the Sheriff job.

Jim Valenti Sr. - in the epi 'Monsters', Jim Valenti Jr. mentions that his father used to be the Sheriff in Roswell. In 'Summer of '47' it is revealed that Jim Valenti Sr. was a Deputy when the crash happened.

Character Death -

Courtney Banks - commits suicide in the epi 'Wipeout' to stop Nicholas from getting info about the Royal Four and the Granolith out of her head

Ed Harding/Nasedo - given a fatal wound by Vanessa Whitaker and died in Max's arms in his room in the Evans' house in the episode 'Skin & Bones'

Claudia Parker - died of complications from a stroke at Roswell Memorial Hopital in the episode 'Leaving Normal'

Agent Daniel Pierce - killed by Michael in self defense as Pierce tried to shoot him, Max and Sheriff Valenti, in the UFO Center, in the episode 'Destiny'.

Agent John Stephens - killed by Agent Pierce, location unknown, but possibly the White Room. Kathleen Topolsky tells this to Sheriff Valenti in the episode 'Crazy'.

Agent Kathleen Topolsky - died in a suspicious fire at Bethesdia Psychiatric Institute in Bethesdia, MD, in the episode 'Tess, Lies & Videotape'. (although it is possible she was already dead and the fire was set to cover up her death)

Congresswoman Vanessa Whitaker - killed by Isabel at the Chavez county power plant, when she redirected her power back at her, causing her Husk to burst, in the episode 'Surprise'.

Alex Whitman - killed by Tess, in Kyle's room at the Valenti house, she claims accidentally, when she tried to fix damage she had done to his mind with too many mind warps. The killing happened in the episode 'Cry Your Name', but we don't discover the truth until the episode 'The Departure'.

Hank Whitmore - killed by a shapeshifter at his trailer located in the Old Chisholm Trail Trailer Park, in the episode 'Independence Day'.

Zan - killed by Rath when he pushed him into the street in New York City, and caused a truck to run him over, in the episode 'Meet the Dupes', but it isn't revealed until the episode 'Max in the City', when Ava tells Liz.

Attempted Murder -

There were a few instances of characters trying to kill people, that didn't work out for various reasons

Lonnie - attempts to kill Max in 'Max in the City', but Liz saved his life by appearing to him in a vision

Max - attempts to kill Leanna in 'Departure', but Liz stopped him

The Skins - tried to kill Max, Tess & Liz in 'Harvest', but Max's shield held them off until Courtney smashed the machines for the Husks.

The Special Unit - attempts to kill Nasedo in 'Destiny' but he is revived by Max, Michael, Isabel and Tess with the healing stones

Other First Occurances -

Misc first occurances.

Antar - the first time that the name of the planet is mentioned.
This is a tricky one, with several answers.

For so long, we didn't have the name of the planet where the aliens are from. Some fans online (the CHADS) were so frustrated that they gave it other names, Twilo (from the Dick Van Dyke Show) and PSWAN (Planet Still Without a Name)

1. The name Antar was first leaked in spoilers for the episode 'Meet the Dupes', but then was cut out of the show that aired.
2. The name Antar was mentioned in Ava's artwork on the Silver Handprint website, after the episode 'Meet the Dupes' aired.
3. The name Antar is seen on screen in the episode 'BIY' in the 'Destiny Book' translation that Liz, Michael & Maria find.
4. Antar is first mentioned by a character in the series in season 3, by Liz in the episode 'Busted.'


The Cave Map - The map on the cave wall at the Mesaliko reservation is revealed to Max and Liz by River Dog in the episode 'River Dog'.

Michael believes he has figured out how to read the map in 'Blind Date', and he and Isabel go to the library and light a signal.


The Destiny Book - It is first seen in the episode 'Four Square' when Max and Liz see Tess take it out of the wall in the library. Later in the episode she tries to show it to him, but he pushes it away.

In the episode 'Max to the Max' Max, Michael and Isabel look through the book and see their supposed destiny.

The Destiny Book Translation - The translation is discovered by Liz, Michael and Maria, in the episode 'Baby it's You.'

Only part of it is ever said aloud, in a flashback that Kyle has of Alex in the episode 'The Departure.'


Evil Aliens - We are first made aware of evil aliens in season 1 in the episode 'Destiny'. Nasedo mentions that Max, Michael, Isabel & Tess shouldn't use the orbs because they don't know who they may be leading to them.

Then in season 2 we get a name for the evil aliens in the episode 'Skin & Bones'. Nasedo comes to Max, dying and says, the Skins are among you now.


The Fourth Alien - is discovered in the Pilot episode. Sheriff Valenti shows Liz a photo of a corpse with silver handprint, from 1959. This is the first proof Max, Michael and Isabel have that there were any others that survived the crash.

In the episode 'River Dog' Max and Liz learn that the alien left a message in a cave. In the episode 'The Balance' River Dog tells them the name of the alien, Nasedo.

Max believes that Tess is Nasedo in the episode 'Four Square', but finds out that she is indeed the fourth alien that they didn't even know existed. It turns out that Nasedo is not part of their family as they thought, but a protector.


Future Max - appears in the episode 'End of the World'.

Liz doesn't tell anyone about him until the episode 'Max in the City' when she tells Maria in the middle of the night in front of a fountain. This is the epi when she calls him Future Max.

Liz never tells Max about him in the series, although it was supposed a cut scene from the epi 'Departure'.


Ganderium - In case anyone cares, lol, the blue crystal are first seen in the grave where Laurie Dupree was buried, in the episode 'We Are Family'. We don't learn the name until the episode 'How the Other Half Lives' when Larek tells Max, Isabel, Liz and Tess what they are.


The Granolith - It is first mentioned in the episode 'Surprise', by Vanessa Whitaker, when she demands that Isabel give it to her. Isabel has never heard of it, but later in the episode when she is in the pod chamber, she accidentally discovers it.


The Granolith Key - It is a crystal found by Liz, Michael and Maria at the rental house in Leanna's name, in the episode 'Baby It's You.'


Healing Stones - They are first introduced in the episode 'The Balance' when Michael gets sick and the others take him to River Dog to help. River Dog produces the stones and says they were given to him by Nasedo who told him how to use them.


Max is a King - this is first revealed by Nasedo in the epi S&B

In the episode 'Destiny' the message from the orb says he is a beloved leader of their people, but it isn't mentioned he is a King until the next season.


Max, Isabel and Michael are reunited - after they came out of the pods, Max and Isabel were found by the Evans, but Michael wasn't. He was found about a week later and put in the foster care system. They didn't see each other for three years.

Here is the account of the first time they found each other from an early script version of 'Independence Day'

Max: I just kept thinking how after we were separated in the desert, when we where kids, Isabel and I didn't see him for three years. I used to stand at the fence on the playground and every year, every class, every kid I met, I looked to see if it was him.

Then one day, I heard this shouting, it was a terrible fight, two boys going at it. The teachers had to pull them apart. And one them just wouldn't stop, just kept going... he was so angry. His eyes were full of fire and rage and somehow I knew--

And I always wondered, how a nine-year- old could that much anger. And it's still there. It's so much a part of who he is.


The past life names of the Royal Four -
Vilondra is first mentioned in season 2 in the episode 'Surprise' by Vanessa Whitaker. The other names, Zan, Rath and Ava are revealed in season 2 in the episode 'Meet the Dupes'.


The Pod Chamber - Max first mentions that he, Michael and Isabel were in incubation pods in the Pilot episode, but apparently they don't remember where the pod chamber is. He remembers coming out of the pods with Michael and Isabel, but doesn't remember there being another pod with Tess.

In the episode 'Four Square' Tess takes Max to the location of the Pod Chamber, but we don't see inside it until the next episode, 'Max to the Max.' It is not until Tess 'helps' Max that he remembers she was in a pod with them.


Royal Four - Nasedo first mentions the term in S&B, refering to Max, Michael, Isabel and Tess as a group.

Apparently they are known as the Royal Four on their planet


Trithium Amplification Generator - aka the Pentagram-shaped device that is first seen by Max in Brody's office at the UFO Center, in the episode 'Ask Not'. Also in that episode we see some of its power. It seems to be activated by Michael's presence and throws him across the room.

The first time we learn the name is in the episode 'Off the Menu', when Brody accidently acesses Larek's memories that are stored in his head. He remembers the name and how to use it to block Max and Tess' powers.


The 'V' Constellation - We first see the 'V' constellation in the episode 'Balance' in Michael's hallucination when he is sick. Then later Liz sees the constellation in the sky after Max takes a step back from her.


Who Max, Isabel, Michael & Tess used to be - In season 1 in the episode 'Destiny', we get a hint of who Max was, when Nasedo says he wasn't sent to lead them, and everyone looks at Max. Then it is revealed that the gang was cloned and sent to Earth to prepare to save their planet. Max is called the beloved leader, Michael his second in command, Isabel his sister, and Tess his young bride.

It isn't revealed until season 2 in the episode 'Skin & Bones' that Max was a King on his planet.

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