Roswell Fanzine - Late for the Sky

Late for the Sky was a Roswell Fanzine that was put out by Roswell fans in November of 2000. It included Roswell fanfiction, poetry and art created by Roswell fans.

(A fanzine is a fan produced magazine or newsletter that typically contains information and fanfiction. Before the internet made the distribution of fanfiction so easy and available, fanzines were the only way to get fanfiction.)

Late for the Sky #1 sold out, but unfortunately there was never a #2.

I don't have a copy of Late for the Sky, but I did save some of the info from the website before it was eaten by geocities.

***If anyone has a copy, please let me know!***

Here is the info from the site -

LATE FOR THE SKY is the first fanzine for fan fiction, poetry, and artwork based on the hit WB TV series, ROSWELL. LFTS-1 is two hundred pages of never-before-seen fiction, poetry and art that will take your breath away! See the Table of Contents for LFTS-1

The premiere issue of LATE FOR THE SKY was released in November, 2000.


Irene Shafer had a vision. With the successful first season of ROSWELL almost at a close, and the outpouring of fan support which helped get the novice show renewed for a second season, she envisioned the creation of an old-fashioned fan fiction publication (nicknamed a 'fanzine') dedicated solely to ROSWELL. Fan fiction has become an Internet phenomenon over the past 10 years, but Irene recalled the days when fanzines were the only way fans were able to go beyond the television and movie worlds of Star Trek and Star Wars and look into their favorites characters futures and pasts.

Irene felt the printed word was somehow more special and solid, and that the care taken in the writing and presentation would make the end product of �zine fiction, versus net fiction, that much more weighty and beautiful. She believed that there was a certain romance to fanzine writing that would distinguish it from the fiction available on-line, an artistry that would not be lost on the truly devoted fan.

At the same time, she also began to realize how strongly the music of ROSWELL identified the emotions and experiences of its people and set them irrevocably in our hearts and minds. Listening to the radio became an adventure in which she saw and heard the characters play out their lives against this soundtrack.

In the back of her mind, LATE FOR THE SKY was starting to take shape.

In May, 2000, Irene crossed paths with Bella Richards, who shared Irene's love of ROSWELL, fan fiction, and music.

A relative newcomer to fan fic, Bella�insightful and ever-energetic�was very quickly making a name for herself. (Her �Wizard of Roz� is destined to become a ROSWELL fic classic.) It was also clear that she shared a similar musical passion with Irene. . .

Flipping through the Crashdown�s fiction archives one day (�trolling for writers whom I could beg for fiction� -- IBS), Irene stumbled upon a compelling fic, the inspiration for which was yet another Jackson Browne song. (LATE FOR THE SKY gets its title from the Jackson Browne album of the same name, the themes of which will be echoed in the �zine.) Jackson Browne? ROSWELL? Great fan fic? It was too serendipitous! The two became fast friends. With talents that complement one another, Bella�s logic, drive and creativity are the perfect foil for Irene�s dreamy inspiration, tenacity and devotion. (No surprise that Bella is the Candy and Irene, the Dreamer. . .)

What also became clear was that they both shared a dream�a dream to create a collection of ROSWELL fiction with the highest of standards and quality.

Together, they set out to make the dream a reality.

Knowing there had to be others who saw, heard and felt things as they did, they set out to gather the very best of ROSWELL fan fiction writers and artists to create a collection of stories, poems, artwork, and humor that represented the finest ROSWELL fandom had to offer.

And LATE FOR THE SKY was born.

With a tight-knit group of writers, and a special environment of encouragement and editorial feedback, the material for the first edition of LATE FOR THE SKY is slowly coming together. As we painstakingly edit the fan fiction, and the artists lovingly illustrate the stories and poetry, we move closer and closer to publication!

The months of preparation, creation, and design for the first ROSWELL fanzine are almost at an end . . .


IRENE SHAFER has several Roswell fics, such as Double Fantasy, Cold Relief, and State of Grace, archived at the Crashdown, Unquestionably a Dreamgirl through and through, Irene is the original inspiration behind LATE FOR THE SKY. As the fanzine's Editor in Chief, Irene has the tough job of accepting and editing all the fan fic you'll find in LATE, but we know you'll agree she's done an exceptional job!

BELLA RICHARDS has written several Roswell fics, including Arrive Alive, Abducted, and Bound To Go, which can be found at the Crashdown and Roswell Underground at Currently nominated for a Golden Tabasco Award for Funniest Fanfic for Wizard of Roz, Bella has put her writing on hold for the past few months to concentrate on her duties as Co-Editor of LATE FOR THE SKY.

KATHRYN BOGNAR, better known as Cotti, has written several Roswell fics, among them Confessions, Etymology of a Heartbreak, and Fallen Angels. All of her fics can be found at her site, Fallen Angels, at

ELIZABETH has written many Roswell fan fics, including Within, Testify, and Strange Attractors, and has also won several Roswellian Choice Awards. Winner of the Best Writer Award in the Golden Tabasco Awards, she also won Best Michael/Maria Portrayal for her fic Persephone's Footfalls. Other GTA nominated fics are Rearview Mirror and Apparent Failure. Her stories can be found at her website,

FEHRKITTEN'S Roswell fic can be found at Some of her best-known fan fics are Connections (6 become 8), Black, The Sketch, and Woman as Salvation. Choklit Cake has won Shipwreck Awards for both Best Humor and Best Slash Smut, and has also been nominated for the Golden Tabasco Award for Best Unconventional Couple Fanfic.

JOY ELIZABETH WATSON has written What Remains Behind, Haunted, and Total Eclipse of the Heart, all of which are currently nominated for Orb Awards. She has also written The Princess of Roswell, which made it to Mr. Raddish's desk at Roswell Underground. She is a diehard Candygirl, and most of her fiction is of the Michael and Maria persuasion, although she has also written several Kyle fics and some unconventional fics as well. Her fics can be found at her website, Human Nature, at

JENNIFER LILES has written Cupcakes and Inability. Although she mostly writes Michael and Maria fic, she's been known to write the occasional Maria/Isabel or Alex/Tess fic. Her fan fic can be found at her website,

ASHLEY LANE has currently been nominated for a Golden Tabasco Award and has won a Roswellian Award for Captivated by Darkness. Her other well-known Roswell fics include Torn, Jagged Little Pill, and Fight the Break of Dawn. You also can't miss the hysterical fic Then the Morning Comes, which explores the alien hormones coursing through our favorite E.T. men, and the sweet and uplifting Bikini Sunshine. Visit the Max & Liz Project

STEPHANIE COOKE, better known as Stephie Penguin (and writing under the psuedonym, Persnef) is the author of mostly Michael and Maria fics. She has written Anybody With A Heart, Going Like Elsie, and King of the Forest, all nominated for Orb Awards. She has also written many other Roswell fics, which can be found at Joy's website, Human Nature, at

BROOKE RYAN is a dedicated Dreamgirl, in her own words, "a diehard, psychotic Dreamgirl" which sounds scary and stalkerish, but really, Brooke is quite harmless. She has written Let it Go and Denial, Admittance and Reconciliation, both of which are at the Roswell Underground at

MNEMOSYNE, AKA Melissa R., has been nominated for several Orb Awards, and Roswellian's Choice awards. She is the winner of a Golden Tabasco Award for Best Character Representation for Whisper Scream. She is the author of many well-known Roswell fan fics, such as Who Needs Space, Spaceboy?, Endgame, Hideaway, and How Deep is That? Her many Roswell fics can be enjoyed at her website, Triple M, at

KARA LARSON, co-mistress of the Roswell Underground at . One half of the talent behind the Roswell Elementary series, she is contributing some heart wrenching poetry, and an RE fic. Kara has won Roswellian People's Choice Awards of August for Eye of the Storm, and Kara and Emily together have won Golden Tabasco Awards for RE for Best Overall Fanfic and Most Innovative Fanfic.

EMILY COGAN is the other co-mistress of Roswell Underground. She and Kara co-write the popular Roswell Elementary series, which can be found at Emily and Kara together have won Golden Tabasco Awards for RE for Best Overall Fanfic and Most Innovative Fanfic. Emily has also been nominated individually in the Golden Tabasco Awards for His Guardian Angel Fairy Girl, and is a two-time Roswellian Choice Award winner for her fics Childhood Nostalgia and Table Manners. For more of this Candygirl's M&M fic, visit Cheesecurl Girls & Spikeheads, at

CAROLYN ANN SAWYERS has contributed an M/M poem to our fanzine collection, Love in Distress, even though at heart she's a total Dreamer. Carolyn is proud to announce that like Liz, she's found her own Max (who also happens to be a Jason--but NOT a Behr) and they are happily expecting their first baby, Josiah, in February. When she's not planning her fall wedding, Carolyn keeps busy singing, writing poems, and watching the new season of Roswell.

CATHERINE S. played Maria to Irene Shafer's Liz in high school . . . or was that the other way around? While her current enthusiasms are Buffy the Vampire Slayer and La Femme Nikita, she has progressed in her Roswell fandom beyond the initial "Hey, that kid looks just like David Duchovny!" stage.


ROSMARIE TRIBUZI was born in Todlau, Czechoslovakia, and has been painting with oils and watercolors for over thirty years. When her daughter, Bella Richards, became involved in the Roswell fandom and then the publication of LATE FOR THE SKY, it was just natural to ask Rosmarie to contribute the cover art for the premiere issue. She graciously agreed to create a watercolor styled after the Jackson Browne album cover for Late for the Sky, while evoking several key Roswell themes. What could be more appropriate than a true Czechoslovakian providing the banner under which all the Roswell fanzine contributors gather their favorite Czechoslovokian fan fics, fan art, and poetry? We think you'll be pleased with her labor of love. (Thanks mom! ~Love Bella)

DAWNIE VAUGHAN maintains the Fan Art and Computer Art galleries at The Crashdown, which can be found at and Dawnie is a Dreamgirl whose favorite subjects to sketch are, of course, Max and Liz (who else?) but also enjoys sketching Michael since she helps maintain Brendan Fehr's authorized website at Dawnie will be providing the gorgeous illustrations for Ashley Lane's Colorblind, and Irene Shafer's Late for the Sky. Dawnie's portraits can be seen on the Fan Art pages of both websites.

KATHRYN BOGNAR, better known as Cotti, is not only contributing fan fiction to the fanzine, but is illustrating one of her own fics, The Night Will Never Stay. Her fan fiction and fan art can be found at her site, Fallen Angels, at

CONNIE SHOEMAKER is the newest artist to join our fanzine crew. With no formal art training, she used to occasionally draw animals, friends and family for fun. Then she put her pencil down for fifteen years. It wasn't until she saw Roswell (and particularly Jason Behr) that she was inspired to draw the cast. Bella met Connie at the Fan Forum Crashdown Party in LA in August, 2000, and saw the incredible portraits Connie had brought to show the cast. Bella begged her to join the fanzine crew, and Connie graciously agreed, illustrating Fehrkitten's Sanctuary, and Elizabeth's The Long Walk Into His Arms. Connie's cast portraits can be seen at

ALMASSY, whose stunning and poetic image collages display a talent beyond her 17 years, began studying fine arts at the tender age of five. While her preferred style is a surrealism-realism, the majority of her more recent digital creations are from "The X-Files" and "Roswell." Look closely and you will see image layered upon image, all elements blended seamlessly. Her collages are intricate and sometimes highly conceptual, but always visually stunning. Almassy's work can be found at



THE WIZARD OF ROZ - by Golden Tabasco Award nominee, Bella Richards. You all know the story of Dorothy's adventures in Oz, right? Well, try to imagine our Maria as the reluctant Dorothy, Michael as the Tin Woodsman, Max as the Scarecrow, Alex as the Cowardly Lion, and Isabel as Glinda the Good Witch. Humor ensues. Take a sneak peek here

CRASH AND BURN - by Kathryn Bognar, better known as Cotti. A deeply moving tale set to Sheryl Crow's intense lyrics. We won't spoil the conclusion by revealing the point of view, we'll just warn you to keep some tissues handy as you read. Take a sneak peek here

LATE FOR THE SKY - by Irene Shafer. This future fic, which echoes the title of the fanzine, is set after the battles on Earth have ended. Max readies himself and his family to finally return to their home, but he just can't go without seeing Liz one more time. Take a sneak peek here

COLORBLIND - by Ashley Lane, a GTA nominee and Roswwellian Choice Award Winner. Hands down the Roswell ficdom's Mistress of Suspense! It's been two years since Destiny and Liz is a different person, in a different town, with a different life. But she's never stopped loving Max or wishing things could be the way they used to be. If only Max could step out of her dreams and back into her life. If only it weren't so dangerous for all of them. Take a sneak peek here

SANCTUARY - by Fehrkitten, yet another GTA nominee! A stirring, very possible alternate reality in which it's Michael that's drawn to Liz - and the sweetness and exploration of their relationship. UC at its very best. Take a sneak peek here

TOLD ME SO - by loki, another (you guessed it!) GTA nominee! A short gem from Maria's perspective, told as only loki can tell it. Take a sneak peek here

THE LONG WALK INTO HIS ARMS - by Elizabeth, onne of Roswell's best fan fiction writers, and the winner of several Roswellian Choice Awards. A poignant future fic, as Michael and Maria return to Roswell on a pilgrimage of sorts. Take a sneak peek here

ALL THIS AND HEAVEN TOO - by Joy Elizabeth Watson, an Orb Award Nominee. This future fic finds Isabel not quite ready to let go of the one boy who loved her for the beautiful girl inside. Take a sneak peek here

EVERYTHING'S ON FIRE & WHERE DO YOU GO - by Stephie Cooke. Two stirring post-Destiny POV pieces from the author of "Going Like Elsie." Again, we don't want to spoil the impact of these lovely stories by revealing too much, but they deal with destiny and desire and the acceptance (or denial) of each. Stephie has really outdone herself here! Take a sneak peek here

CLOSER STILL - by Jennifer Liles, whose well-known "Closer" is echoed in this new Michael and Maria story. Take a sneak peek here

WHEN IN ROSWELL - by Mnemosyne, aka Melissa R. Mistaken identities wreak havoc in the lives of our favorite Roswell residents. Take a sneak peek here

ABSENCE OF FEAR - by Ashley Lane. A very special moment between Michael and Maria.

SIREN SONG - by Joy Elizabeth Watson. A thought-provoking Maria POV. In the years following Destiny, Maria discovers both a talent and a curse.

UNLEARNING TESS - by Fehrkitten. Tess has a few things to learn about being human, and Kyle is just the person to teach her.

THE NIGHT WILL NEVER STAY - by Kathryn Bognar (our very own zebra, Cotti). A bittersweet future fic where Isabel returns to earth after many years to see Alex.

DESTINY-FREE. REALLY. - by Irene Shafer and Catherine S. A Buffy/Roswell crossover in which Buffy and Max discuss that pesky thing: destiny.

SHAVE AND A HAIRCUT - by Kara Larson. It's a rainy day in Roswell and 5th graders Maria, Liz and Alex are bored. Roswell Elementary at its best; sweet, funny, insightful and touching. Take a sneak peek here

JUST US GUYS - by Emily Cogan. Another fabulous Roswell Elementary, in which our three aliens are determined to spend a night camping out in the Evans's backyard. Isabel has different ideas, though. . . Take a sneak peek here

STICKY FINGER FOOTPRINTS - by Mnemosyne. Maria Deluca has always had a knack for getting herself into trouble. Lucky for her, there's always been a certain someone to look out for her.

(SCENARIO FOR A) PERFECT GOODBYE - by Elizabeth. A bittersweet Tess POV in which she ponders her past life with Nasedo.

SWEET SURRENDER - by Ashley Lane. From her summer retreat in Florida, Liz is confronted with her real purpose in Max's life.

THE DEVIL WENT DOWN TO ROSWELL - by Kris Blackwood, better known as Laneybug. An amusing parody where Alex proves, once and for all, that he is a god. . . with a bass, anyway!


WATCHING YOU - by Lezlee Brinkman (A/I)

THE BEACON - by Kara Larson (ALL) AMOR FATI - by Brooke Ryan (M/L)
WAITING ROOM - by Irene Shafer (M/L)
DESTINY'S CALLING - by Bella Richards (M/M)
STARS - by Kara Larson (M/M)


Late for the Sky cover art by Rosmarie Tribuzi
Illustrations to Colorblind and Late for the Sky by Dawnie Vaughan Illustrations to Sanctuary, The Long Walk Into His Arms, and All This and Heaven Too by Connie Shoemaker
Illustrations for The Night Will Never Stay by Kathryn Bognar
Computer Art and Poetry Illustrations by Almassy
Cartoons for Wizard of Roz by Lynn Morton

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