Roswell Tattoos

Many fans of Roswell decided to get their favorite show permanatly inked on them.
***If anyone has pics of their Roswell tattoo they are willing to share, please send them in!!***

There was one group of friends who decided to get the silver handprint
tattooed on them that Max left on Liz when he healed her.
They called themselves the Mark of the Behr, or MOB.

Sorry, I don't have any pics of MOBs tattoos.
If anyone has a Roswell tattoo, please send in a pic.


These are rialovescake and her friend.
They symbols underneath the first one say Ria, and the other is her friend's name.


These are RoswellGirls1234's tattoos. She got the one of the alien while she was in Roswell.

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