Roswell Fantasy Game

Kinda like fantasy football or baseball
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Fantasy Roswell Rules

Select three "main" characters (i.e. characters in the opening credits) and one recurring character for your team. (No, Valenti and Kyle don't count as recurring characters, although they might as well).

People are allowed to pick the same characters, so don't worry if "Michael" is already taken. He's a generous guy, he'll play on your team too.

Each week, by the Monday night before "game time" you have to have selected the two players from your "team" who will be playing that week. You can use information from the promo for the show in making your selection, but not information from spoiler pages.

If you haven't selected a team by Monday night, whoever you chose the week before will be your default team.

The goal is to score as many points as possible. Points are cumulative. The person with the most points by the end of the SERIES FINALE (I can't type that enough times) wins. What do you win? The end of the show, and that should be reward enough, don't ya think?

Scoring: Each week after the show, I'll post how many points each character scored. To figure out your personal score, just add up the points that each of your two players from that week earned.
(If your characters kill Max and or Liz, you automatically win the game. lol)

Here is the point system (you get points each time any of the following happens):

5 points

  • Crys
  • Says something totally self-pitying
  • Slaps or Punches another character
  • Screams at another main character
  • Is screamed at by another main character
  • Talks loudly about the existence of aliens in a public place
  • Shown at work in uniform
  • Orders "alien-themed" food at the Crashdown
  • Drives in the Jetta (Jetta passengers count)
  • Says the word "soulmates"
  • Refers to the spawn of Max and Tess
  • Talks on a cell phone


10 points

  • While listening to someone share a problem, changes the subject to make it All About Themselves
  • Uses powers in public for a non-important reason
  • Describes something as complicated
  • Refers to an alien artifact that we've seen in the past (i.e. DB, Chevron orb, Granolith)
  • Shown eating at place other than Crashdown
  • Drinks, holds, or refers to Snapple
  • Holds an alien orb (make this 20 points if the orb is "glowing")
  • Character gets caught in timewarp, so that they either a) appear somewhere when there was no time for them to have gotten there without teleporting (i.e. Michael showing up at the end of The Convention); or b) appears in a scene that was clearly inserted out of order (this can be shown by the fact that it should be night now, but the sun is shining in a window; or the characters are wearing x outfits in one scene, y outfits in the next, and then are back to x outfits later on; or someone says the dance is tonight, but then we see three separate nightfalls before we get to the dance)
  • Refers to the Crashdown shooting, and/or Max healing Liz
  • Makes a completely unfounded leap of logic (Liz Parker, we're looking at you) *Double points if that leap of logic turns out to be right*

20 points

  • Is the recipient of a lecture from Max
  • Gets a totally new power
  • Finds a totally new alien artifact
  • Talks to Jessie (Isabel doesn't count)
  • Creates a new CHAD
  • Makes fun of Max
  • Makes fun of Liz
  • Makes fun of "soulmate love"
  • Uses an alien artifact
  • Commits an illegal breaking and entering
  • Uses a horrendous euphemism for sex
  • Lies to another main character, or keeps a secret from another main character
  • Uses a cheesy PSAWNianism (e.g., Vilandra, Granolith, A****)
  • Asks, "What do we do now?" (10 extra points if they say, "What do we do now, Max?")
  • Has a significant change in hairstyle
  • Makes a pop culture reference to a non-UPN show
  • Tells Jim that he sucks at singing, needs to get a life, etc.


50 points

  • Tells Max that he's not the king, not the boss of them, or basically to shove off because's an incompetent ass
  • Refers to Alex
  • Refers to Tess
  • Refers to destiny
  • Goes to the "destiny cave" (aka pod chamber)
  • Refers to any season one event, other than Max saving Liz
  • Has their on-screen parent make an appearance (except Kyle's father)
  • Kisses someone other than their significant other
  • Initiates another person into IKAAC
  • Has scene in the school
  • Gives a character a much-needed verbal bitch slapping
  • Is shown interacting with a friend who is not an established character (Michael interacting with "the guys" counts, as does Valenti with his band)
  • Sings
  • Appears topless in a completely gratuitous shot
  • Is shown gazing through a window at someone (50 bonus points if the cameraman does that patented Roswell trick of changing the camera focus, so that first we see the view through the window, and then we see the character's face reflected in the window)
  • Blames or accuses another character for something that is completely not their fault (i.e., Maria blaming Michael for keeping her from her singing; "You. Are. Responsible."; Michael blaming Liz for trusting Topolsky)
  • Wears a piece of clothing (besides uniforms) that we recognize from another episode
  • Calls another character by both his first and last name
  • Says "I love you," but obviously means "I can't stand to be around you"
  • Makes-out or engages in sexual behavior in a completely inappropriate place (i.e. the CD, in Michael's apartment with the door wide open, etc.)


100 points

  • Has sex
  • Is Featured in a flashback
  • Shares screen time with on-screen parent (includes Kyle)
  • Refers to any past character other than Alex, Tess, or a parent (i.e. Brody, Riverdog, Milton, Courtney, the Sean, Amy, Eddie, Dupes, Pierce, Sean, Morgan HoChild, GirlinaBox, etc.)
  • Mentions a CHAD as a CHAD (in other words, consciously talking about how ridiculous the jellyfish queen is)
  • Resolves listed CHAD
  • Gives character much-needed physical bitch slapping
  • Kills someone
  • Has a conversation with a ghost
  • Is on the side that loses in a group vote
  • Appears in scene with Jonathan Frakes
  • Has a flashback to an event he or she was not present to see
  • Character appears in a promo shot that is not actually included in the episode
  • Character appears "dead" on-screen. Brain dead obviously does not count, cause otherwise Max and Liz would clean up.


1000 points

  • Kills Max
  • Kills Liz
  • Refers to Maria as a skanky ho
  • Refers to Jason Katims as a skanky ho
  • Pisses in their pants on screen
  • Has sex with someone of the same sex (mmmm, Michael and Kyle!)
  • Finally notices Michael's morphing apartment
  • Gives someone a much-needed ass-kicking



  • For our bonus points, pick one CHAD from the CHAD list each week. If your CHAD is mentioned on the episode, you get a 100 point bonus.


And them are the rules.

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