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There were tons of Michael fans, and the celebrated him in all kinds of ways.


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The man behind the mask:

Michael Guerin, like most of the characters on Roswell, strives to have a complicated personality. Max Evans (Maxwell!) lives under a rock, yet is over-emotional. Liz Parker is the perfect daughter who wants to rebel against her parents. Isabel appears to be shallow and super-ficial, yet is just the opposite. Maria is... well... I'm not quite sure what's up with this chick. And now to Michael. He's very brooding and keeps to himself. He has no manners. He skips school, and is in danger of flunking out, despite his hidden brilliance. And he has trust issues: he finds it very hard to trusts people. Even Isabel and Maxwell. But he does have his reasons.

Unlike them, Michael was bounced from foster home to foster home, and was never treated very well by any of them. His last family consisted of an old drunk who lived in a trailer park, and kept Michael around only for the monthly state check. His (foster) father Hank was abusive and controlling, and Michael had been too afraid to do anything, for fear of hurting the guy. Unlike Isabel and Max, he isn't able to control his abilities. That's why he hardly ever uses them. It's very sparatic. When Maria made him fix the engine in her car, he fried it. And when he had a bruised eye (given to him by Hank), he had Max heal it. Michael does, however, have one power that the others do not -- he can kill people. Maybe it's because he's so careless with his abilities, but if he gets angry enough, he can be driven to killing. Oops.

Michael is the most independent of the four. Everything he owns he can fit into a small suitcase. He knows the danger of being discovered by the government, alien hunters, and the likes, and he doesn't want to stick around if something does happen. And he doesn't want to get attached, or feel for anyone, because he knows this would make it hard when the time came to jet. Once he did leave, but he couldn't go through with it. He soon came back. Because he had, unknowingly, become attached to Isabel, Max, and maybe even Maria, Liz and Alex. Michael didn't consider his current foster father as family and he did everything in his power to make it clear to him. The man always made Michael do house work, so he can sit in front of the tv and drink. When Michael didn't obey, he was usually hit or verbally abused. One day it went too far. Michael came home that evening and went straight to his room. Hank demanded that he do the laundry, but Michael replied that he'd do it later.

Hank got angry and was about to hit him when Max and Isabel made their entrance at the trailer. Hank was momentarily distracted by the sight of Isabel, and proceeded to hit on her like a drunken fool. Michael had had enough. He finally used his powers to try and scare Hank away. If Isabel and Max hadn't been there, and helped, Michael may have killed him.

Finding anything about their original home is the most important thing to Michael. He is the most inclined to get flashbacks and remembrances of their past than the other two are (I'm not too sure about Tess). He waits every day for the chance to go home, in hopes that it might be better than here. Earth. That, I think, is what drives him on.

Goofy Michael

When you just gotta blame the camera man... or something:

note: this is more humor. don't take it as anything else...

Recently I've noticed the huge amount of awkward-moment Brendan pics out there. Like, a bug flies into his eye and the camera man decides this is the best time to snap the pic. I have nothing against Brendan, of course. But it's a little hard to convince my friends that he's the sexiest man on earth with crap pictures out there. And see, I'd like to share. Here's just a few stupid Brendan pics. Poor Brendan. We all love Brendan.

"Wait... hold up... I feel a belch comin' on.."

Dude, what is his problem? He's like.. DEFORMED in this pic. I really don't get it. Makes me want to hate him..

And HERE! wtf?! He looks so ditzy. Maybe he forgot his lines...

Nooo... he doesn't look gay AT ALL... MMmmm... NOPE. Its completely NORMAL to wear banana shirts w/ bell sleeves.

Michael's Spot

Here, SPOT!:

note: this is humor. don't take it as anything else...

Yes, we all know Michael Guerin is the hunkiest (hah! ;P) stud on Roswell. No, Maxwell is a bit girlish for my taste. But there's ONE THING that marrs his perfection. That darn spot between his eyes, off-set a bit to the right. All my friends know that blemishes on actors and actresses drive me insane. If it's not the awful scar under Freddie P. JR's mouth, then it's the little dots on Hamlet's chin (the new version w/ Robin Williams and Kate Winslet), or the fact that he has NO lips at ALL.

Just look at that pic of Michael above. *points* He has fine lips :D But back to the POINT.

Michael has this awful dot on his forehead that reminds me of a pimple, or a beauty mark gone horribly wrong. I have one of those in the same place right now.. but it's just a PIMPLE. It goes away from time to time *g*. Now, let's look at some pictures of this disaster, shall we?

Now, let's see what our Michael would look like w/out these unslightly flaws.

See? See what I'm saying? I think we should all save up for his plastic surgery. Or perhaps he could just ask Max. ;)

Michael's Hair

Love it or hate it, there were several websites dedicated to his locks.

There used to be a website that had a list of theories to explain Michael's hair.

The Conspiracy of Michael's hair
Top 5 theories to explain the mystery of Michael's hair... Scroll down to explore the biggest unsolved mystery of our time!

Number 5: Like Samson, Michael gets his strength from his hair...maybe this is why he has problems controlling his powers. Perhaps if his hair weren't so out of control, his powers wouldn't be either...hmmmmmm...

Number 4: Michael's hair (not that evil Tess) is the 4th alien! Obviously, it's got a mind of it's own - so its gotta be an entity unto itself. Hey, it's got personality, it definitely has power, so why not?

Number 3: What mystery? Michael looks just like his Uncle Beaker...

Number 2: It's an evil plot by that WB frog!! He lures us in with Michael's beautiful mane of hair...

then season 2...and he pulls a devious switcharoo! No more fabulous spikey locks, we're destined to see flat hair all season!

Number 1: Mulder plus one night of passion with a...

crazy haired alien...

equals Michael! The first alien hybrid! This explains everything! the outrageous hair, how much he looks like Mulder... mystery solved!

Trying to tame the wild beast...
that we call Michael's hair...

"Wait, what is this strange foreign object coming towards me?"

"My god, are you insane? You can't actually expect me to put that thing in my...hair!?!

"Dear lord! Not only do I have FBI agent hair, but look at this tie!"

The Church of Michael

(This was a Michael fan group who when a 'religious' route)

When the apocalypse comes, there will be two groups. Those who love Michael. And those who don't.

And it doesn't take a wiseman to know who's gonna come out on top! But really, join. It's fun! We have a mailing list!

So continue on your pilgrimage, my son (daughter) for it will be a long journey, full of tribulations and the occasional smut starring out favorite alien.

as a member, you can proclaim your membership, and your title on any number of things: your website, email, graffitied on a school wall, etc.

(Members were given titles such as:)
- High Priestess and Gate Keeper of Mecca (Otherwise known as Michael's apartment)
- Keeper of the Tabasco Sauce and Chocolate Cake
- Official Mud Keeper
- Head Sorceress and Keeper of the Hair Product
- Warden of Michael's Puzzled Frown
- Guardian of Micheal's laid back attitude and his impatience
- Keeper of Michael's Squishy Brown Couch, and the Bag of M&Ms on his Kitchen Counter
- Guardian of Michael's soulful eyes and delicious mouth
- Holy Nun in the Court of Michael, who abstains from all company of men except that of her Lord and *heh* Annointer, Michael.

Here are the Principles from the Church of Michael

6 not-so-deadly sins

1. Prudence
2. Self-restraint
3. Trust
4. Self-discovery
5. Past-ignorance
6. killing (in Self-defense)

14 Commandments

1. Thou shalt suspect everyone, for everyone is out to get thou.
2. Thou shalt steal, vandalize, and commit general acts of thievery if it helps find your past.
3. Thou shalt not be indebted to anyone, unless they are a certain blonde named Maria.
4. Thou shalt be good with your hands.
5. Thou shalt not be intense...unless you are.
6. Thou shalt tabasco everything, especially chocolate and milkshakes. (And Maria, right? *grin* - Jen) (thanks to Laura!)
7. Thou shalt act without thought as to the consequences, and be damned what Maximilian says.
8. Thou shalt scorn all attempts at integration into society as a 'normal teenager', including the thwarting of academic ventures.
9. Thou shalt lurk at windows and stare inside with naked longing, then disappear into the night without explanation.
10. Thou shalt isolate thyself in order to hone thy abilities and then needle 'The King', about his nonexistent leadership.
11. Thou shalt handle thy problems without any assistance; unless there is absolutely no other option.
12. Thou shalt be ruthless in the pursuit of: the truth, tabasco sauce, and Maria.
13. Thou shalt consider Christmas to be a fascist attempt at planetary mind control.
14. Thou shalt be sullen. For any or no reason at all. (thanks to the wonderful Scynneh for 7-14. You ROCK!)

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