Kyle Fans

There were tons of Kyle fans, and they celebrated him in all kinds of ways.

Buddha Boy Shrine

(This was originally posted on the now closed Antarian Love site)

This part of the site is for Buddha Boy aka Kyle Valenti, He and Maria are the only two left with any sense on the show. I believe that he or Maria will put an end to this mess. Here you will find Buddha Boys Words of Wisdom (Kyle Buddha Lines) and information on Buddhism.

Kyle's Buddhist Quotes

Praise Buddha

"To know and not to do is really not yet to know."
-- Buddhist teacher


Buddha Boys Shrine
Kyle hasn't used this but he so would

Kyle Valenti Estrogen Brigade

The Kyle Valenti Estrogen Brigade was a group of female Kyle fans.

N.I.C.K Fans

N.I.C.K stands for Notably Interested in the Character Kyle
#1-You have to like Nick (that's a given ;)
#2-You have to watch or be fairly familiar with Roswell
#3-You have to be willing to openly call yourself a N.I.C.K. fan
#4-You have to be friendly, no bickering allowed because all N.I.C.K. fans MUST get along.
After that, you make your own rules! Everyone's different and you're allowed to express it in your own manner!
During January 2000, just after the original airing of "The Toy House," I (Riki, site creator) realized that Nick was about to pick up a huge fan following. It seemed like all the other cast members had their fans. Jason already had his "Dreamgirls" and even even William Sadler had his "Valentines". Nick had recently been at a party where he was very willing to take pictures, especially with Fan Forum members. He told them, "Make the other Nick fans jealous." Well Nick deserved a following as well, so that night Courtney Lynn and I created N.I.C.K. fans.

The "Cheerleaders" are a perfectly respectable group of fans, and we in no way mean to compete with them. But we felt that there's a few more things to be desired then they offer, so we created our own, with webpage and everything. Please feel free to be a member of both! We welcome both causes.

Funny Kyle Quotes
Humorous Kyle quotes from season 1

Kyle/Buddah Boy Banners

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