Evans' House

I've done extensive research trying to figure out the layout of the Evans' house,
but I've had a lot of trouble with it. I've looked at all the episodes in season
1 & 2 that take place inside and outside the house, and studied it carefully, and
I've come to the conclusion that it can't possible be the way it appears. lol
Rather like Michael's 'morphing' apartment.

Some furniture and items changed around in various episodes, and I may have
gotten some proportions a bit wrong, but these are good representations.

Some parts of the house or rooms just are not visible, so there is no way of knowing what is there or how big the space is.

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Here is a top-down view of the whole house and yard. There are neighbors on
the north and west, and the street runs along the south and curves up the
eastside to the north.

The layout of the interior of the house, where the rooms are is a bit of a
mystery, but here is what I could tell for sure. The outcropping on the
west side, seems to be a small covered porch.

This the layout of the kitchen. Where it is in the house, I'm not positive,
but it is probably on the northwest corner and runs almost the length of the house.

Both Max and Isabel's rooms are on the ground floor, because people are always
climbing in their windows, and the rooms are on outside walls.

You can clearly see the back fence out Max's window, and in one episode, Liz
runs into the back yard to get to his room. So his room is clearly in the back
of the house. I'm not sure where Isabel's room is.

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