Charles Dupree's Journal

In the episode 'How the other half lives', Michael finds out that Charles Dupree (Laurie Dupree's
grandfather, and Michael's DNA donor) kept a journal about his experiences during his
alien abduction and the aftermath.

Charles (aka grandpa Dupree) drew pictures of the aliens and the ship or ships.
(Hard to tell if he was showing multiple views of the ship or more than one ship.)
Strange that the aliens he drew don't look like we know Ed Harding looked.
Were there more than one type of aliens on the ship, or did Charles not remember them clearly?

Also, the ship(s) he drew don't look like the ship we see in season 3.
So it makes you wonder if more than one type of ship came to Earth.

Here is the transcript of what I could read.

. . . or weeks and are mostly physical, such as irritated eyes, unusual thirst, scooplike cuts, nausea, nosebleed or sunburn. Intermediate aftereffects set in weeks or months later and are largely psychological, with nightmares and flashbacks common, as is an obsession to the abduction site or anxiety when passing such a spot. Specific situations like a doctor�s office or the sight of a large eyed animal may provoke a panic attack incomprehensible to the subject before recalling the examination room of the UFO of the large eyes of the being. Long term consequences begin only after months or years have passed. Abductees may change their outlook or lifestyle, often acquiring new interests, developing new skills, giving up bad habits, becoming more humane and spiritual in interactions with others. Some abductees report apparitions. MEN IN BLACK, and the development of psychic powers, while more than half of all abductees claim repeated alien encounters. Recurrent abductees may last a lifetime, beginning at infancy and continuing into old age. The activities of these serial abductees seem geared to the life cycle, with the beings carrying on a friendly, even playful relationship with young children. Examinations are mild at this time, and encounters . . .

Constant use of repeated instruction

They � the �beings� control abductees with mind control and hypnotic eyes

. . . may proceed signs of impending CAPTURE.

. . . the being has complete control

. . . physical effects are cluster around the experience. Illusory scenes may appear to abductees while on board � and the encounter seems to take place inside a vacuum � with all natural and manmade sounds ceasing, and no one takes notice! A fixed sequence of events recurs from one report to anther � capture, examination, conference, tour of the ship, journey, return and aftermath.

(interesting that some of these same lines also appear in the destiny book translation that Tess left for Liz, Maria and Michael to find. Do we smell a conspiracy?)

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