The dupes use some terms and phrases you may not be familiar with.
Here are the definitions.

4-1-1 - (the number you dial for information) information, happening or going on

Beast with two Backs - (from Shakespeare's Othello) having sex

Buggin - freaked out

Chill - calm down

Cornball - corny, cheesy

Crib - your home

Duke - dude

Epic - cool

Five-O - (refers to Hawaii Five-0) police

Flexin - showing off, standing up to

His bitch - his girlfriend

Hood - the neighborhood

Hook Up - get together (can mean sexually or just meeting up)

Kickin it to ya - can mean anything from hanging out, to making out, to having sex

Knobhead - dickhead

Linda Blair - (from the movie The Exorist - Linda Blair played a girl who was possessed) Rath uses the reference to explain how aliens take over humans

Little somethin' somethin - can refer to anything from kissing to sex

The Man - the leader, or a person superior in some way

Peeps - short for people or friends

Scrub - loser, someone who thinks they are cool but aren't

Tight - sexy

Trippin - freaked out

Word - I agree

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