Dupe's Home

This is where the Dupes live in New York

I made these floorplans by closely watching the episodes. I may have gotten some proportions a bit wrong, but it is a good representation.

Some parts or rooms just are not visible, so there is no way of knowing what is there or how big the space is.

***These floorplans are my own creation. DO NOT repost without permission***
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Canal Street Station at Lafayette Street (in Manhattan) is where the dupes come out of the subway in the episode 'Meet the Dupes'. It appears to be near their home. And you can clearly see a sign for track 2 on their living room wall.

Why, we will probably never know, but the dupes made the subway tunnel their home. They funrished it and has electricity and probably running water.

It is unclear how many rooms they have since on the show we only see the 'living room' area. For some reason, the floor is dirt, with all kinds of rubble laying around, and the walls are bare concrete (I am guessing this is because it was filmed on a set for something else, and they didn't take the time to spiff the place up), but presumably with their powers, they could have made any number of items and rooms and perhaps even have bathroom facilities. Indeed, most fans like to picture them living in a sort of underground house complete with bedrooms, a kitchen, bathrooms, etc, which is certainly possible.

In the pics below we can see an old terminal or ticket booth, perhaps they are using that for another room, and the tunnel goes off into the darkness behind the sofa, so there could be other rooms back there.

Also in the pics, you can see sunlight coming from windows, so we know at least part of the structure is above ground.

They have a basket ball hoop, tv, vhs or possibly a playstation, computer, books, lamps, sofa, etc, all the comforts of home.

We don't know if they have a door. but surely they do or their stuff would be stolen. Possibly the shapeshifter made something similar to the opening of the pod chamber so only aliens can open it.

Dupe's Home Floorplans

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