Roswell Drinking Games

These are the Roswell Drinking Games to be played with your favorite adult beverage if you are of age, or another appropriate drink of you are under-age.

Sorry, I didn't save who posted them.

1 sip if:

Isabel shows cleavage
Max and Liz stare at one an other
Michael and Maria fight
Max does the 'leader thing'
Someone mentions the alien's home or their enemies
Alex has more than 4 lines in a scene
Michael is specious
Michael, Isabel or Maria complain
Someone cries
Liz says something scientific
You see Max's Chevelle, Maria's Jetta or Michael's Motorcycle
Valenti pulls someone over
Tess agrees with Max
You see any body who is an enemy
3 or more people from 'the group' are at the Crashdown
Kyle mentions Buddha
Jesse acts clueless
Philip Evans supects something weird
Jeffery Parker does something out of charcter
Liz or Maria are in their uniforms
A parent gets more lines than Kyle
Another plot hole opens
Dreamers get jipped out of an M/L moment
Michael says something asshole-ish
You see anything with an alien on it
Max goes another episode without going to work
Liz and Maria are at work


Chug if:

Michael shows his emotions
Isabel drops the ice princess attitude in public
Max has fun
Alex has a major role
you see a parent other then Phil or Jeff
Kyle plays a major role
A plot hole is filled
Micheal and Maria can go a whole month without fighting

Crawl in the bottle if:

Max dumps Liz and declares his undying love for Michael
Maria or Michael get straight A's
Liz fails something
Isabel actually tells Jesse instead of just whining about it
Tess returns (Cause when she does we'll all need to hit the bottle just to make it though the episode)

The object of this television-themed drinking game is to poke fun at some of the cliches adn rarities that happen (or don't) on your favorite show. Taken from a thread on the Roswell fanfourm board.

As you know, alcohol can be dangerous to your health when abused. You are strongly urged to play this game responsibly by choosing your favorite non-alcholic beverage - blood of alien smoothie, anyone?

Take 1 sip whenever...

- Michael clenches his jaw
- Isabel complain about Max not letting her make up her mind
- Nicholas makes a smart-ass comment
- Maria and Michael fight
- One of the dupes says 'Yo', 'dude' or 'tight'
- A new UC couple situation arises, sparking a new shipper thread on the boards
- Alex does something for Isabel
- A bumbling cop or FBI agent is shown - two if it is Hansen
- One of the aliens uses Tabasco sauce
- Kyle insults Max
- Isabel is 'so NOT going to do' something
- Kyle mentions Buddhism
- Max or Kyle appears shirtless
- Someone mentions destiny - two if it is Tess
- Someone has a new hairstyle - two if it is Michael
- Max and Liz share an awkward moment - two if she says, "We've been through this before..."
- A parent should be present in a situation, but isn't
- Michael does something stupid - two if you predict it or it has something to do with his relationsip with Maria
- Someone lies or covers up a secret
- Max is controling - two if Max pulls rank on Michael
- Max and Michael have a fight - two if they pull Isabel into the middle
- One of the pod squad uses his or her powers - two if it is a new power
- Maria, Liz or Michael is shown working at the Crashdown
- Liz's balcony is shown
- A couple is shown making out in the Eraser Room
- Someone asks Max what they should do now
- Michael breaks into a building or steals something - two if he gets caught or someone shows up and scares him away - three if Max does something to bail him out or cover his tracks
- Isabel uses her looks or wardrobe to manipulate a police officer, security guard, etc
- Maria mentions the word relationship to Michael
- Max and Liz shar a tortured glance
- The Jeep or Jetta makes an appearance
- Take a swig, curl your lip and say 'A thank you very much! whenever Elvis is mentioned

Take 2 sips whenever...

- Alex has more than a few line of dialogue in a scene
- Amy Deluca appears in an episode
- Michael shows any sign of sensivity toward Maria
- One of the characters signs or plays an instrument
- Someone leaves for a road trip without explanation or thought about school the next day - let alone parents
- Michael calls Max 'Maxwell', 'Maximillian', 'Fearless Leader' or something along those lines
- You hear the word 'Soulmate'
- You hear the words 'I'm Liz Parker...'
- Alex is out of the loop about whatever situation is going on
- One of the gang orders everyone else to 'act normal'
- Michael yells at Max for being so passive about all things alien
- Liz and Maria talk about Max and Michael
- A comment is made about Michael's hair
- Michael goes off 'investigating' - three if he brings Maria
- Isabel tells off Max
- Isabel gets quasi-involved with someone out of her age range
- Whenever the pod chamber or granolith is shown
- a reference to an event or situation from the past messes up on the details (dates and/or occurances)

Take 3 sips whenever...

- The Parker or Evans parents in the episode - four if they are involved in the actual plot
- Alex has an epiphany about the way Isabel treats him
- Alex and Isabel kiss
- Someone punches Michael
- Tess mindwarps someone
- Liz and Maria actually behave like best friend
- Maria sniffs some kind of herbal or essential oil
- Someone make a deogatory comment about the Jetta's performance
- Someone new joins the ever-burgeoning 'I know-an-alien' club
- Whenever Max and Tess bond
- Maria says something in a cute Latina accent
- A real-life musician makes a cameo appearance in an episode
- Maria calls Michael 'Spaceboy'
- Michael acts paranoid
- Tess and Kyle argue or flirt
- Any of the gang is shown in class (or the bathroom) at school
- Any significant plot point from season 1 is mentioned or reappars (i.e. Topolsky, the orbs, the alien pendant, the destiny book)
- Kyle is shown wearing some sort of cowboy-style clothing
- Max uses his powers to heal someone
- One of the characters tells another 'everything is going to be okay'

Take 4 sips whenever...

- Maria's skirt actually goes past her knees
- Valenti and Amy Deluca flirt or kiss
- Any of Amy Deluca's alien-themed souvenirs are shown or mentioned
- Max or Isabel come close to telling their parents about being an alien
- One of the Native American from teh Mesaliko reservation is shown
- Alex mentions playing dodgeball
- Kyle is actually shown playing a sport of some kind
- There is a murder or justifible homicide, but no investigation / it is swept under the rug / it is ignored in the plot
- Khivar is mentioned
- Michael is shown riding his motorcycle
- Jose, Agnes or a random member of the Crashdown staff is shown working
- A different incarnation of Max is shown (ie, Future Max, Zan, Nasedo Max, etc)
- Liz and Tess show any signs of bonding
- Max or Michael genuinely smiles or laughs

Smash glass against television if...

- Agents Scully and/or Mulder show up in Roswell
- Luke Perry or Tori Spelling guest stars
- The characters perform an all-musical episode
- Liz steps out of the shower and realizes the past two years were a dream

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